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IS: Infinite Stratos
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Lapis Re:LiGHTs
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Slam Dunk
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Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Aug 8, 12:55 AM
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Adnash93 Jul 24, 2:04 PM
I read the manga is fine in general, but might feel very average for people who started their journey with Akira from watching its movie adaptation and enjoyed it a lot, since the movie took the best elements from its source material.

I am not planning to read the manga in the nearest future, although I might pick it up one day. The story from this movie interested me enough to do so. :)
Adnash93 Jul 24, 10:27 AM
Indeed, I managed to watch it at last. Phenomenal movie. It is a classic that even today can impress a lot of people. I was personally impressed. I gave it 10/10.
Adnash93 Jul 15, 2:12 PM
Ahh yes, you are right! It was so long ago I read this manga that I forgot that final scenes were like you wrote, while that panel with the wedding was in other place, like in the chapter cover. Sorry, my bad haha. I knew I saw somewhere that picture near the final chapter, but I couldn't remember where it was placed in that last chapter of the manga. ;pp
Adnash93 Jul 13, 6:34 PM
I remember that after finishing reading Season 2 of R+V manga, I felt somehow unsatisfied that the ending was quite definitive and it didn't leave any space for a continuation in a form of next season about that high school with monsters etc. Later I read there won't be any continuation for this manga anyway in any form. I don't know if the situation changed after years, but so far as I checked out several years after finishing Season 2, there have not been any announcements about another one and I can't see any announcement today as well, sadly. Dunno if I would read it after such break, though.

by the way:

And yeah, MAL apparently had some problems in the last days. I would reply faster, but every time I wanted to and I had time to do so, I couldn't log in; and when I eventually logged in, I didn't have much time and will to write a decent reply.
Adnash93 Jul 10, 12:47 PM
Thanks! I'm gonna check it out.

Yeah, I highly recommend watching it, but watch out for spoilers both in the comments section and on the recommendation list (titles of recommended videos).
Adnash93 Jul 10, 12:00 PM
Oh, really? Good to hear! What is this series name? I can't find it on MAL. I wonder about what will its plot be about.

About JoJo Part 1, while the anime adaptation of it was fine, I liked manga more. Sure, this Part is not only the first, but also the shortest one among all Parts, but many smaller or a little bit bigger details that appeared in the source material were not adapted into anime. While I really enjoyed Phantom Blood anime (it was my first contact with JoJo), after I finished watching it I had felt two things: that it was rushed and the second one - that it would feel better as a manga.

Some time later I checked out the source material and I found out my feelings about the anime adaptation were right. Manga feels less rushed, is more detailed and is generally better. So yeah, while anime is fine and has that JoJo bizarre spirit in it, the manga is simply better than just "fine".

You might check it out one day, and if you are not interested in reading it then there is a video on YouTube created by Hamon Beat that shows differences between manga and anime of Phantom Blood:
Adnash93 Jun 29, 6:07 PM
"Stand of the week" concept is not bad per se. It's just that it was poorly made in Part 3, at least in my opinion. I think it was simply because Stands were introduced in this Part for the first time. The concept was fresh and new, so it might've looked or felt like that for some people (like me), simply because it was a first attempt on implementing something called "Stand" in JoJo universe. That's why despite not liking Part 3 and Stands that were there (I consider it as the worst Part, to be honest ;p ), the next Part became my favorite one and it also had Stands and even "Stand of the week" theme, but unlike Part 3, I liked the way in which Stands and circumstances on which they appeared in Part 4.

Long story short, Part 3 introduced Stands in mediocre way (in my opinion), but later the concept was being improved and Stands became something really cool, without which I can't imagine JoJo now to be honest.

Don't worry about short reply, it's a normal thing. :-) You are still watching Part 3; lemme know when you finish both its seasons and tell me please your opinion on them and on Stands in general (like, do you agree nor not with what I wrote about Stands etc.).
RebelPanda Jun 27, 10:05 AM
Thanks for reading. I understand why people wouldn't be into the premise, which is why it confuses me that they've made it this far.
Adnash93 Jun 26, 1:58 PM
Ehh, unfortunately throughout the whole Part 3 there is "Stand of the week". It wouldn't be a problem if the plot was driven at least properly. Instead there is the same theme over and over again: they move to another place -> something weird happens -> "I-is that a w-work of an enemy Stand?!" -> Jotaro aka Gary Stu miraculously saves the day.

Egypt Arc is better and it doesn't feel that dumb, mostly because of the final boss fight and Stands that were simply better in Egypt Arc if you ask me.

Some people say that in my favorite Part there is also present "Stand of the week" theme. Yeah, I know it, but Stands and their users appear in various circumstances; I like Part 4's Stands way more; and the story, Stands' role included, is more complex than moving from one place to another only to meet a Stand user wanting to hunt down main characters, lol.
Adnash93 Jun 26, 1:28 PM
I really liked the first two Parts, so I must disagree that JoJo gets truly goode after Stands appear.

Stands are cool indeed, but the way they were introduced in Part 3 was quite weak and made me kinda worried that because I might not like the concept of Stands, especially when in really enjoyed seeing Hamon in action, Part 3 could've been last Part of JoJo I had watched.

Fortunately Stands were not the case, but Part 3 in general (especially poorly executed "Stand of the week" concept and quite boring way of how the plot was driven); I understood it while I was watching the last arc of Part 3 and right after starting Part 4 which eventually became my favorite Part. I wouldn't lie if I said that I consider "Stardust Crusaders" as the worst Part on my personal list, lol.

I apologise for minor mistakes. I am writing currently via my mobile phone and due to the difficulties with comfort in writing longer posts or comments I might've made some mistakes that I didn't notice earlier. Or autocorrect made them and I did not notice them as well. ;P
Adnash93 Jun 26, 1:06 PM
Yeah, and that's why many quality shows are being ignored simply because they are rightfully marked as shounens, but many people keeps on mistakenly relate ALL shounens to those particularly focused on fighting (battle shounens).

I see you started watching JoJo recently. :D How do you like it?
Adnash93 Jun 26, 12:20 PM
Dr. Stone was great. :) Right after I started watching the anime adaptation, I started reading its manga, which I highly recommend. Very good piece of original story that is entertaining to read.

Among shounens from the recent years I agree, Dr. Stone stands out positively in the world of shounens. This series was able to create something fresh and fun to watch with original, well-executed concepts that belong to shounen genre, which has way broader meaning as a genre than regular and popular concept of battle shounen. Sadly, many people seem to misinterpret the real meaning of shrunken genre and tend to relate it only to animes/mangas concentrated only on fighting.
Adnash93 Jun 26, 10:42 AM
Lately I've been not very active in watching shounens, but the last one of this genre that felt fresh and even encouraged me to pick up the manga was definitely Kimetsu no Yaiba. :-) As for.others, I can't think of any other shounen with the elements I mentioned earlier. To be honest, in the recent years I prefer watching shorter series (around 12-24 episodes), with several exceptions, instead of watching shounens long as a tapeworm with over 100+ generic episodes.
Adnash93 Jun 26, 10:08 AM
My taste changed throughout the years and while years ago I used to like repetetiveness among shounens, now I like shounens that try to introduce some new features without resigning from basic elements of shounen genre.
Adnash93 Jun 25, 4:55 PM
For me romcoms are just boring and repetitive. While i.e. many shounens are also repetitive and have many similar themes, they are pleasant (in most cases) pleasant to watch to me.