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Tonikaku Kawaii
Tonikaku Kawaii
Nov 28, 5:14 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored 8
Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei
Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei
Nov 28, 5:14 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Nov 28, 5:13 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Hakaishin Magu-chan
Hakaishin Magu-chan
Yesterday, 4:25 PM
Reading 22/? · Scored 7
Boku to Roboko
Boku to Roboko
Yesterday, 4:17 PM
Reading 20/? · Scored 7
Ayakashi Triangle
Ayakashi Triangle
Yesterday, 3:39 PM
Reading 23/? · Scored 8


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Trap_Traps_Traps Nov 16, 5:55 AM
Trap_Traps_Traps Nov 15, 4:22 PM
Hi, thanks for the friend request!
Phloup Oct 26, 8:49 AM
JK Haru wa Isekai de Shoufu ni Natta has been added to the database.
Yuri-Crusader Oct 5, 11:08 AM
No I wouldn't give it a chance

It have a ugly male on the cover =P No thanks its not for me . I only want pretty lesbians
ShiroiRyu Sep 27, 10:19 PM
Wow ...
Negative ? XD
They explained for which reason ? :D
Sadly, i have to say i never really put my "real" anime/manga list on MAL because that could take me a whole year hahaha !
But it's not a problem. :)
Marinate1016 Sep 27, 9:35 PM
Will keep it in mind
RobertBobert Sep 27, 2:30 PM
As I see, you are person of twin culture as well.
RobertBobert Sep 27, 2:25 PM
Hello! Thanks for friend request!
GodOfWolves Sep 12, 1:15 PM
No problem at all man, hope somethings decent, some were oddball recommendations lol, - and I dig it :) I'm the same way usually just adding the first only, but everyone's different i come across so i suppose i was just giving any info i could haha,

Also if this seems too quick a reply, - we just happened to be on at the same time - I just noticed the time stamp and it being in the last half hour
GodOfWolves Sep 11, 7:36 PM
Hey not to double comment ya, didn't think I'd really be back on for a day or two doing yard word, dude,,, so many spiders through the tall grass, i had to clean the fourwheeler and myself with the hose,, just too many bugs out still, cant stand it lol

but I have a spare minute so thought I'd message ya a few real quick! - was about to recommend spice and wolf seeing you hadnt watched a few realized you seen 1 and not the others lol - but seeings you like romance well im sorry to say they back peddled in season 2, its still worth a watch, but it didn't improve like it shoulda, - actually liked the first season and was so disappointed by the second i wrote a review lmao

But yeah, its good to see your into a lot of what I'm into as well, we have some similar scores and things in common, couple are even rated higher than mine, though its like the more i watch the more critical i get, - hopefully i can find somethen

My roommate is a cat I probably liked it because i write and lost a parent, but it was a nice slice of life, i hope a season 2 happens idk - eitherway even if i overrated it a bit, i think you could enjoy it,

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya you have the first season on your list, you should add this movie and the second as well Suzumiya 2

Right below here in the spoiler is a messge between me and my friend pluvia from like 2018 i keep around incase i talk about this show, he had recommended it to me and when i originally watched it the episodes 12,13,14 were actually #s 26-27-28 - so whereever i watched it at that time the ending of season 1 was suppose to be the ending of season 2, and i was missed those first 3 episodes of endless 8.

Btw if you watch endless 8, I'd say the first and the last #1 & #8 are the most important and if you want one that changes it more than the others #5 & #7 were also a bit different. - You don't have to watch them all its the same episode 8 times, each ep is a diff director and artists and company, but eitherway, its the same written story - - I will say, it gave you the feeling of deja vu, and did really really well to make you feel the main characters own feelings about being trapped in the same day over and over again, - it was like 400 times or something before it fixed itself - i know it sounds like a spoiler but the show is so weird and things happen so crazy and differently each episodes, its really not that bad lol. - The show was awesome though when he recommended it, i did not expect to enjoy it as much as i did, just the crazy shit she gets away with and the main dude whose just along for the damn ride lol

Disgaea - This is another one I probably was a bit overrating for giving it a 10, but i use to play the shit out of the game! It was difficult and too time consuming and seeings i didn't beat it as a kid i probably don't have the time now, but the show was nostalgic and it was actually funny, - like i said i did play the game, so i cannot say if it would still be funny for someone else who hasn't - it could be, but it might seem too wild lol

- Ghost of Amnesia - This was one of the first ten or so anime i ever watched after fullmetal alchemist got me into anime in like 2009ish then i quit in 2013ish till 2017 - and its a bit of a romance, and it has school life in it, but overall its probably one of the best romances ive watched and was on my life for a 10 till this year, i think i finally bumped it to a 9, - I had to thin my 10s, i don't like it even near 20 total lol

Patema Inverted - Just watched this a year or two ago, it was really good, kinda a love story of kids and a girl without gravity, but overall the movie was just plain good man, and a bit unique in some way, totally should check it out

Wolves rain - This is the first 26 episodes, its pretty good, it can be slow, its a hard thing for me to recommend but overall the ending actually made me feel a bit of emotion, a couple of the "wolves" sacrificed themselves it made me tear up a bit, - the only other thing that has ever really made me teary eyed was marley and me -- when the dog passed -- and the movie click, when adam sandler fast forwarded his life so much that he skipped to the end and ended up passing away, it was horribly terrible to watch, i couldnt handle it...

Wolves rain OVA - These are the final four episodes 27-30 - this is what made wolves rain from a 8-9 to a 10 - this is the part that had the wolves puttin their lives on the line - made the slow parts worth it honestly and really brought the characters some much needed and last depth to their stories, - was a unique idea to watch unfold in some ways

wolf children - Its not bad, but I had mixed feelings about the direction towards the ending, the entire movie was kinda saddening, i don't know what else to say, it was good but it was still, ehhh,,,, okward direction...

Kurozuka - This is a love tale told through time its super old so some parts are slow, but some of it is really good to watch, it was a unique story to check out, i can't say its worth a rewatch, but its worth that experience to watch it once probably

Shiki - This is a fucked up one sided love story and an messed up girl who wanted to go to the city, its also a savage bloody tale of sorts - you can honestly guess the creature at hand about 5 eps in though its not really told until like 10 or so eps in that its,, well,, a vampire lmao... But damn did it get ruthless, those ending seens were savage as hell,,, one of the other original 10-20 i watched, so i rated it higher than i would today, but it was still good in a good bit of ways

planet of the beast king - Planet of war, the first 2 eps are slow as shit, after that its good, the ending is mixed feeling but this was actually cool, it had unique fantasy, but the characters were a bit 2 dimensional, not 1 dimensional at least, and the love and romance was surely 1 sided, but still decent watch, action wasnt too shabby towards the end it actually improved compared to the start which is rare,

Shakugan No Shana - Another of the originals, - but its badass, season 1 was the best! - Season 2 was still good, season 3 was the worst thing I've ever witnessed in my life... At that point, ive seen much worse anime sense then lmao - But those first two seasons might have you hooked and the romance that was starting to happen was decent enough though its still a bit school of life sadly - its a bummer thats so damn popular with anime for some reason - but it has some fantasy elements as well,

Have you watched the american anime RWBY? Its really awesome! Its by rooster-teeth - and made by monty oum whose sense passed, but despite the okward animation the show really gets good, the anime gets better around season 3-4 and again around 5-6 it gets great! the story falls a bit in 3-4 though i think cause monty passed but after that it gets better again

Sankarea Lmfao omg, i forgot about this and i need to rewatch it, is it great no. is it bad no, but it is very good! its honestly just funny and weird, this dude brings the love of his life back as a zombie and shit hits the fan from there, i'm surprised it was made in 2012, the quality could of should of been better but its still worth checking out!

Campione - I actually rewatched some of this and its not as great as i remember this was like the first 10 anime i watched after discovering i could steam it online - and unlike the others, it wasn't as good as i remembered, you can still check it out, but i was surely overrating it due to the Italian blonde love interest and the fact I related cause I'm part italian XD - More than likely it was 8th grade and wishing i had an italian gf XD

Is This a Zombie? - Ive rewatched some of this and know i cannot sanely recommend it as good because my tolerance for perverted and wacky shit has reached near ZERO now a days,,, well the perverce part, the wacky off the wall shit was the funniest and greatest thing i remember of this show - and this death girl can kill people with words, it was epicly savage to witness it happen - and later on some dude wants to be reincarnated as a penguin and i died laughing -

Thats what i remember anyways, check it out, i might need to rewatch it idk XD there were good parts but sooooo many terrible ones i think, its been, what... 8-10 years now atleast... says 2011 release, so atleast 8 years.

You have toradora on your list it was a better school romance btw - -- and also Dream eater Merry - This one is about a girl fighting in dreams with this dude, and it wasn't too bad it just needed a season two to make more sense.

I'll stop there, I tried to give some decent recommendations but idk how many will peak your interest - hopefully a few, I may also of been able to give a few better, but i found myself looking for specifically romance, ... Turns out I havn't watched many - atleast that have some actual depth to them!

Actually Citrus This is already on your list I know - but it had a really messed up relationship develop, like it was a bit fucked up in some ways, but at the same time, It was so bizzaire with the drama the story and the girls issues - it really went left field to where i almost dropped it, but - I remember originally giving it an 8-9 before moving it to a 7. So it still was alright

I've seemed to have overwritten this and now you have like 20 recommendations instead of 5-10 like i was planning lol.
But you also have tengan toppa gurren lagaan on your list and i had to comment that, despite my hatred for mecha shows of any kind, that is the one mecha show i absolutely enjoyed the hell out of - totally watch it man, totally watch it, it was just uplifting, though i wish Kamina could of stuck around.
And Soul Eater is on your list, and seeings you like FMA brotherhood, btw the original FMA and the movies are cool to, you should see those to, - FMA original follow the same as brotherhood for like 20-30 eps but the rest they made up their own ending, and those 30 eps were condensed to like the first 20 of brotherhood so its a bit slower paced, but it was a cool twist and greed stayed around longer in that anime original ending they had.
- But yeah soul eater has similar vibes, similar good action, and although the story cannot compete and the ending definitely cannot compete that was my only complaint after those 50 eps was that damn ending... ... - but everyelse was cool, especially the characters, maka and her sycthes development was good i cant remember her companions name right now - and dr stein and his chair was sweet and so was death the kid will his dual pistol blondes, its worth checkin out to

---- Anyways dude thats it and take care for now - and I'm sorry I just overwrote this reply to you, but i kept seeing anime i havn't seen in a while that you hadn't and i couldn't help but mention it, - so next time ill try to hold back and write a good bit less lol, - anyways laters
GodOfWolves Sep 11, 2:56 PM
Lol thats funny as hell and crazy thats still going on, and wow i actually forgot about it for awhile, it seems a lot longer ago than just july in all honesty,

But yeah just looked that dude up and the other guy
Lmao at the dude who started it, he still hasn't messeged me back though he was back online just here at sept 6th, so i may have to message him again

Awesome though dude an no problem
And i dig that lol, you can only deal with school dramas so long once your so old lol - looking at your profile you can totally dig it cause your 3 years older than myself lol XD

But yeah being on mal for 3 years i finally clicked the share button on someones anime list and learned i could compare lists XD itll be alot easier to make a recommendation now im sure lol, - so ill get back to ya next time i have a some downtime again
GodOfWolves Sep 10, 10:59 AM
Sup dude, howd outta curiosity you find my profile lol? eitherway nice to meet ya! - You should check out an anime called death parade and another called rage of bahamut, ill give ya the links - -

- looking at what ya liked on your anime list for a quick minute it seemed up your style - ill try to recommend somethen else later if i find the time!
winddevil1 Sep 2, 12:42 PM
just cause the synopsis doesn't say it, doesn't mean i can ignore the title lol
just like Jeanne D'Arc (probably the only french person i respect , apart from a few soccer players) was literally the reason why france won those battles, and then she was burned by them lol

obviously canute ... next thing you say is i can't say askeladd is a guy :v
winddevil1 Sep 2, 9:31 AM
wait, wtf, they all look like males on the picture :v not that i would watch it anyway since i didn't watch inuyasha... maybe in the future, but it has way too many episodes, now a days i don't think i'll invest in any new anime with more than 70-100 total episodes, i still wanna watch Aikatsu which has 170+ episodes just for the 1st season

burn the witch just sounds so bad to me since i hate every human who burned witches before lol not to mention a recent anime (somali, you watched it) had a witch who lived with them for years, but when they found she was a witch (she used her power to save a girl who was falling down a mountain...) and they wanted to kill her, so she had to leave ... like fuck off you idiots... if i watch burn the witch and they actually try to kill her at some point, i'll rate the anime with a 1 lol

i didn't watch any of those 3, so...
fireforce slightly interests me solely for the fire cat girl, she's kinda badass and cute
i'm sorry but tbh ... fireforce and vinland saga design looks like ugly trash to me ... dr stone looks nice tho
not to mention, vinland saga blonde guy looks like a girl...dafuq lol

winddevil1 Sep 1, 2:28 PM
i didn't dislike cheat magicians, tbh for me it had one of the best character designs in the last year, specially the elf girl, she looked stunning <3

i saw gibiate on the list when i was choosing stuff to watch, but it didn't interest me by just the synopsis, and seems like the only girl isn't even one of the people who fight ... is she a good character?

yes, like i said, i only read manga from stuff i watched or because it has ecchi, sometimes i go and check the last 15 chapters released to the site, to see if any of them is ecchi enough, and preferably with more than 30 chapters released... hahaha

i don't really have any rules, i look next season, check all the synopsis/genres/pictures/characters/whatever, and pick like 15 (kinda based on cute girls or interesting/badass looking stories), then when the season starts and i see stuff being released i might check the 1st episode of a few others... if i dislike something i either give it one more episode or drop lol
like, i hated episode 2 of Natsume (like many others), but kept watching cause episode 1 was cool, and i guess after 7 episodes, i don't completely hate the cyborgs anymore lol

for example for next season, just based on what i read so far:
(edit: funny enough, you have many of them on your list)