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Poll: Machikado Mazoku Episode 11 Discussion

Sep 19, 9:53 AM

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Well at least this episode shows that Yuko really does care about Momo as a friend.

I mean, why else would she go as far as into her dreams to help her. One more episode left but I expect the finale to have just as much as comedy as the other episodes.
Sep 19, 11:05 AM

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Wow they went dark in the second part, poor Shamiko & Momo. But man, i laughed hard when Momo yeeted Lilith!
Sep 19, 12:09 PM

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The father being sealed in the box is an amazing twist lmao.
Sep 19, 1:22 PM
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In the manga, Shamiko's mom shows a photo of her and her husband while explaining, I wonder why they didn't include it.
Sep 19, 4:00 PM

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That turned a little dark at the end. I’m assuming we’ll have a happy ending, but all things are possible.
Sep 19, 4:31 PM

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Lilith got launched into oblivion lol
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Sep 19, 5:34 PM

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One step to getting closer make (more) food for your enemy. That's a thing! Wow Shamiko, I'd expect no less from you xD

In order to know Momo better, time to indulge in her solemn dreams once more! The "time that hath come" cat transformed into a god to protect Momo, whew. Plus, summoning Lilith in the moment was just comedy gold, demoting her as a spider-like animal that Momo's cat ended up chasing it instead. Such a useless Ancestor HAHA.

So that dream ended up being real, as if talking face-to-face. And Momo plot twists Shamiko into figuring out more about her own parents.

However the moment that got me is when Momo RANDOMLY threw Ancestor Lilith into oblivion, like WTH HAHA!?

That's some insane plot twist if you ask me, about both Momo and Yuko's family history that is intertwined to keep the peace within both demons and magical girls. Ohho so now we understand why Shamiko's mum has to live on the $400/month budget, but sealing their dad in the midst of intentionous role-playing to maintain peace relations, that's some dark shit.

The final episode next week, hopefully we'll see some resolutions to Momo and Yuko in this whole issue of friends and not foes against one another.

Only 1 more week and I will miss this greatly...
Sep 19, 10:45 PM
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I thought, after what the cat said in the dream, that Shamiko was half demon and half magical girl, but it was because of the help Momo's teacher gave her family. And to think that Shamiko's father was close to her all the time and sealed in a simple box. Her mother did invent a great excuse to justify her husband's absence, I don't know if the funniest thing was that or that Shamiko and Ryoko believed her, hahaha 😂. Well, in the end, Momo's farewell was a sad thing. And it is sadder to know that there is only one episode left: c.
Sep 20, 3:02 AM

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Vavrick said:
In the manga, Shamiko's mom shows a photo of her and her husband while explaining, I wonder why they didn't include it.
No boys allowed in this cute girl show apparently.
Sep 20, 3:03 AM

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WTF. I don't know how to feel about that reveal. Thats pretty messed up
Sep 20, 5:24 AM

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unexpected reveals. Momo older sister have helped Shamiko family in the past. Also Yuko's dad is inside a box. Why did he have to be put there?

Funny when Shamiko summoned gosenzo as bait for muscle cat. xD
Sep 20, 7:04 AM
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The darkest plot have been revealed. But still, why I laughed so hard 😂

Hope this will be a Happy Ending show.
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Sep 20, 8:02 AM

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We got some pretty interesting clarifications with this episode. And the truth is more "dark" or rather hilarious than expected xD

This series is really offering so much in terms of comedy and has a rather unique plot that it's a shame that it doesn't get more recognition.
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Sep 20, 8:12 AM

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The start of the episode with Shamiko entering the dream and the muscular cat man was funny.

Then suddenly the plot happens and wow that was a lot more serious than I expected!

Can't wait for the next ep.
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Sep 20, 9:29 AM

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The dream world was just hilarious lmao
poor mikan, just wants to help xd

Best part was how Momo randomly smashed Lilith away haha xD
Well but those reveals at the end were pretty random too
Don't really know how to feel about them. Was just too sudden and pretty.. far fetched

Also why do I feel like the father just sidestepped with Momo's sister?

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Sep 20, 5:12 PM

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Quite the reveal at the end.

This entire episode was hilarious. Shamiko is for sure the character that gave me the most laughs this season. Momo is also great per usual, throwing away the ancestor due to the dream she had was too funny.
These girls are BEYOND precious!

Sep 20, 9:53 PM

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What a twist lol, so her father is sealed in the box. Also this goes really dark sometimes.
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Sep 20, 10:07 PM

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Hold on... that "grill" joke seems to have translated unexpectedly well to English. Is there really a series of phonemes in Japanese that carries the same dual meaning as the word "grill" in English?
Sep 21, 4:57 AM
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In the original, the words “退治” and “対峙” are used.
Both of these are pronounced “TAIJI”, the former meaning “Extermination / knock down” and the latter “Confrontation / Dialogue”. A joke that uses homonyms
Sep 21, 7:55 AM

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CeddyyBearr said:
throwing away the ancestor due to the dream she had was too funny.

gosenzo statue with those weird arms and legs is just creepy, Momo should throw it away. :p
Sep 21, 8:29 AM

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Wow, that was just... Their situation is even more messed up than it seemed.
Sep 21, 6:27 PM

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I really like this anime but sometimes, the dialogue is just TOO fast. It usually isnt bad but this episode pace with the dialogue was just insane. While I liked what happened, the show didn't take the proper time to let it sink in and just bombarded you with important info.

Really a shame that they didn't just keep the last part of this episode for the last episode. Looking forward to reading the manga if it ever get translated far enough so the pace won't bother me!
Sep 21, 11:54 PM

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e4rdoxj1 said:
In the original, the words “退治” and “対峙” are used.
Both of these are pronounced “TAIJI”, the former meaning “Extermination / knock down” and the latter “Confrontation / Dialogue”. A joke that uses homonyms
Hm... So [Taiji = exterminate / confront] becomes [grill = cook with fire / interrogate]. Momo's next line about "holding people's feet to the fire" fits strangely well with the rest of the joke too. xD
Sep 22, 6:59 AM

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the facts about shamiko father's sealed in the box make me laugh so hard LOL
Sep 22, 9:20 AM

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frankly the most serious episode...if course it has bit of fun moments, but we get to know the other family members of Shamiko and Momo as well...
Sep 23, 5:49 AM

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Damn, this family really is unfortunate, but it's funny so I can't bring myself to actually feel bad about it.
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Sep 24, 7:03 PM

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Amazing episode as always, Lot's of plot and development~

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Sep 26, 2:48 PM

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I find it so amusing how slice of life anime suddenly get serious out of nowhere for the last few episodes XD.
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Oct 1, 7:14 AM
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Is it intentional that they use the same transformation scenes for shameko or just lazyness as this is like the 2nd time where she wears her PJs but in the transformation she is wearing her school outfit
Oct 10, 5:07 AM

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The manga author knew how to make cute and charming characters and use them to make half decent jokes...but isn't at all skilled in doing anything more with them.