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Poll: Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Episode 11 Discussion

Sep 11, 6:51 AM

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I see the holiday spirit. New Years brings together to celebrate and muscle flexing lmao

Also was not expecting an idol audition in the same episode. Wtf is with the mask
Sep 11, 7:35 AM

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Another talent show that had the honour of having the girls participate, and it turned into another funny event.
the shrine visit was also nice especially how Hibiki got motivated the climb that long stairs.
Sep 11, 8:26 AM
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Another episode, another Kengan Ashura reference!
Sep 11, 8:29 AM

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New Year's episode. I thought that would've been a good opportunity to make fun of all the new members or people who got back due to New Year's resolution xD
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Sep 11, 8:31 AM

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I got scared that i had to do the wrestler's bridge but luckily it's just the glute bridge. Next week is the final episode sadly, this show was a blast!
Sep 11, 8:50 AM

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Machio is a part-time priest during new years.

Nice new years episode. One more episode to go.

Sep 11, 9:34 AM

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Would have loved to see them join the macho cheers, but oh welp...
Sep 11, 10:08 AM

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Damn, Machio's got too much stuff going on in his life xD. Figured it'd be him when we say a Muscle Priest before the unveiling and I was right on the mark there. Jeez, those haunted stairs though, I'm definitely one of those who'd jump his way through to save time and effort.

Gina's idealism of Japansure took a hefty blow there after seeing the sorry states of park, lol. Loved that little "Are you even Japanese" bit at the start too! Lol @ the teachers meanwhile having a little singles party.

Grand (and cringe posing as ever) return for Toshio Ozu. Just how many scenarios did he think up of and then come up with ideas to workout?

Didn't think we'd get more the idol stuff this episode but it sure was great to have Director Kutaro and Machio-san as the explainer back at it again! Looks like he's made quite the fortune too, lol. Dat Wrestler's Bridge was bloody awesome though.

Looks like we've got ourselves quite the finale in store, can't wait and there better be a Season 2 of this soon!

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Sep 11, 10:17 AM

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Great, the audition thing again because it was so funny the first time. No motivation to watch the last episode but I guess I have to.
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Sep 11, 10:31 AM

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Next episode will probably be an epic blast to end this show (I'll regret it...)

Too bad this episode did not feature a sort of big dinner for the new year

Sep 11, 10:33 AM

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Why the airport though?
Sep 11, 11:12 AM
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Nefregar said:
Why the airport though?

Sep 11, 12:20 PM
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Another funny episode!

Machio being the priest of the shrine!

Another idol audiction, it was really amuzing, and the juri reactions were epic!

And also i learn more exercises there is no need equipment!
Sep 11, 1:04 PM

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NOOOO next week last epsiode already....the talent show was funny though but not that speical. Also a magician who can perform some tricks even with audition, Tejina Senpai has a lot to learn still from him
Sep 11, 1:43 PM

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How to get Hibiki motivated: Let her believe there's a chance for romance or food. Love it.
Shrine visit was pretty funny, when they were talking about a muscle god, it was to be expected that Machio was gonna be involved XD

Next week looks to be interesting for the final episode... There better be a S2 announced soon. I would be sad if it doesn't get a second season.
These girls are BEYOND precious!

Sep 11, 1:54 PM

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This show feels like it jumped the shark last few episodes. Strayed a lot from the workout in favor of repetitive comedy.
Sep 11, 3:39 PM

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So Machio-san has musclehood, priesthood and what's left is knighthood eh?
Aww next one's the last. Gonna miss the workouts.
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Sep 11, 3:56 PM
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Well i've found a new god to worship.

Sad next week is the last episode, it's been a fun show from start to finish.

I also have a desire to walk up a flight of stairs now...
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Sep 11, 5:50 PM

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AH...New Year's, and time for celebrations! Praying to a muscle god, that's new. But first, the Stair Climb! Ooh even though staircases are commonplace, it's a good routine workout, only if done correctly!

The macho god turns out to be Machio... looks like he's not only Silverman Gym's spokesperson, but the shrine too! Musclehood and priesthood go hand in hand :)

Heck yea, you don't need equipment to do exercise, though you should use one, but when OTG, it's good and satisfying!

Back to the talent show, the SAME director pops up yet again for another lackluster talent show, and they're back for another run! And of course, Tachibana-sensei having to cover herself. And of course, what to do better than the Wrestler's Bridge.

It's insanely funny at how the director FINALLY made it big, the 1st being a nipslip. Jason Stagham made his stand to the director, for a training camp organized by Silverman Gym!

What surprises will we be seeing next week, being the last episode? I can't wait to find out! This muscle extravaganza has been great, gonna miss it after next week!

Workout of the week: Glute bridges! And doing it in the airport tarmac is just...symbolism! Nice bulk!
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Sep 11, 8:26 PM
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New Year's episode
Well, Akemi and Ayaka decide to visit a shrine of a god of the muscles and the place where this shrine is, it is a huge mountain with stairs that just by seeing them you get tired, but the beautiful Ayaka and her section of the benefits of Going up and down the stairs was wonderful, I finally know that I do an exercise that has given me results, besides Satomi exhausted looks damn hot, the same with Ayaka that I loved seeing her wearing that yellow tracksuit.

Machio is the priest of the shrine that the girls visit, which made me laugh a lot, in the end the girls received the new year surrounded by Machos.
The street training of the girls was very interesting, exercising without equipment is very convenient.

Zina returns for the rematch with her group of muscular idols and they look adorable in their school uniforms.
Satomi performing the wrestler brigde was awesome and then when Ayaka sat on it it was even better.
Jason seems to have plans for the girls now that they are more popular, so he and Kutaro will give us a glorious show for the next episode.

Postcredits routine was great, the girls performing the glute brigde was damn hot.

And now the moment that depresses me the most has come, next week is the last episode, but I still know that I will enjoy it as much as possible.
Sep 11, 9:58 PM
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The stairs, the temple, the temple, the Priest of the muscles, the park and the television show, hahaha, great episode of the new year ๐Ÿ˜‚. Somehow the "wrestler bridger" seemed incredible and extreme! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ ... I wonder if the girls will have won the prize of the hidden talent contest xD.

I can't believe there is only one episode of this great anime left: '). How quickly time passes.
Sep 11, 10:16 PM

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Boy, that Wrestler's Bridge tho... such dexterity, Tachibana-sensei!

Entertaining episode as always. It's a bit sad there is only one episode left but on the other hand, I'm really excited to see how the studio will conclude such enjoyable series.
Sep 11, 11:56 PM

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another out of season holiday episode..y u do this?

That aside, I enjoyed the idol plot a lot

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Sep 12, 6:01 AM

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I'd have bet that Tachibana-sensei would've been on this muscle god/*romance* shrine too lol

That show was pretty spicy, would've liked to see all of what Hibiki & Co. did there ngl

Next, final episode is going to be spectacular it seems ^^ Looking forward to it

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Sep 12, 6:28 AM

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The park bit made me look it up and after reading a single article I can only say the way they're treating the parks is disgusting at best, any minor complaint gets made into a rule of that park to the point all you can you in it is just nothing in them and I bet even that isn't allowed(i.e. no loitering allowed), though someone pointed out that is just corrupt officials trying to make parks useless so that people don't use them and eventually sell the land.
Sep 12, 10:14 AM

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Imo, this has to be the weakest episode of the series, for the first time ever I felt bored.

It also started getting a bit repetitive, nevertheless I still love this series.
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Sep 12, 11:20 AM

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Yeah yeah Ayaka no need for us to know about the proper way of climbing stair as a work out in fact in New York there is that Empire State Building Run-Up.

So, them girls wanna work out, but the gym was close for the new year, and the parks were just vacant lot, but ya know what's stupid, was that them girls weren't dress for the occasion and they could have gone to Ayaka's boxing gym to do some exercise or they could have jaz change into track suit and just jog, man, the lack of common sense for them girls to improvise was just too annoying.

And that Wrestler Bridge thing was just pretty useless, even pro bodybuilder don't waste any time in doing it. and jaz letting Ayala sit on Sensei, was just too dangerous
Sep 12, 3:57 PM

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jason you madd lad
Sep 13, 2:40 AM
Phoenix Wrong

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And damn, only one more episode left. Definitely have enjoyed series a lot more than I initially anticipated.
Sep 13, 10:44 PM

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oh gosh! even Machio is like god of muscle and perfect for him a shinto priest and not only that, his family owns the shrine! oh kagayaki! (so much shine!)
too bad only 1 ep left for this NAISU BALKU!
Sep 14, 8:11 AM

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I am so jealous that they are in a cold climate, here in texas it is so hot, that even if you sleep in your underwear you still can't get cool.... anyway good episode. Bro did anyone else see one of the mothers covering the kid's eyes when the girls were working out? i laughed. Also that whole competition segment and the shrine part were hilarious
Sep 14, 9:42 AM

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This anime has actually motivated me to work out, surprisingly enough. I feel like I've learned a thing or two, which is super nice and I'm kinda sad to see it end soon!
Sep 14, 6:01 PM
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best anime of the season!
Sep 14, 10:25 PM

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Love how Muscle bro keeps popping out of nowhere lmao. Looks like there will be a huge event next episode and it's the last one :(

Sep 15, 3:18 AM

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Wow looks like this is gonna end with a bang next episode, really looking forward to it.
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Sep 17, 2:19 PM
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Man it's gonna be sad when this anime ends. It's so much fun. Definitely one of my favourites this season. It's even useful at that!
Oct 12, 5:38 AM

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It's been fun up til now, one last episode!
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