Hellsing Ultimate

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English: Hellsing Ultimate
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Type: OVA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 10, 2006 to Dec 26, 2012
Licensors: Funimation
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, HorrorHorror, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: Adult CastAdult Cast, GoreGore, MilitaryMilitary, VampireVampire
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 49 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.351 (scored by 486614486,614 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2242
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Popularity: #176
Members: 936,263
Favorites: 22,065


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Preliminary Spoiler
Jan 5, 2010
Preliminary (7/10 eps)
There are just so many vampire themed animes nowadays. Blood+, Trinity Blood, Vampire Knight, the list goes on and on. Then, once in a long awaited while, you find a gem in the ocean of piss and whale excrement. Oh, this review is going to have alot of vulgarity because I feel that gives off the right vibe for this review. As I was saying, the gem that you find will be Hellsing Ultimate. No, not Hellsing the TV series, that series gave my dog AIDS. In two words I can sum this anime up; Fucking Awesome.


You already know the story. Its about a ...
Dec 26, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Fantastic vampire action and violence; but dull characters, erratic pacing with too much melodrama and an overpowered main character.


It has all the flash and gimmicks to trick you into thinking it’s good. It has vampires, action, blood, swearing, violence, gore, sexuality, darkness—everything that’s just “cooool” and “matuuure.”

Let’s not forget its “badass” hero Alucard—whose name is “Dracula” spelled backward, by the way. Goddamn that is so fucking cool I’m hurting. He’s so powerful no one can beat him. Except… that is the problem. Because none of his enemies can even touch him all his fights are boring filler. You’re actually left rooting for the villains.

The main ...
Aug 27, 2014
My friends,

It has often been said that I like Hellsing Ultimate. My friends, I like Hellsing Ultimate…NO. Friends, I LOVE!! HELLSING ULTIMATE! I love the dark animation, I love the gore, I love the action, I love the charismatic characters, the accents, I love the bombastic plot and dialogue! I love any like-minded quality anime that can exist upon this Earth!

I love watching ghouls, vampires and mercenaries clashing in an all-out VAR within the Victorian hallways of the Hellsing estate. My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier’s limps are blown off followed by screams of agonizing pain. And there is nothing like ...
Apr 21, 2007
Preliminary (3/10 eps)
I just finished watching the third installment of the long awaited Hellsing Ultimate OVA series. In a nutshell, Hellsing is about vampires. And if you're thinking, "Oh, this is going to be like Blood+, Vampire Hunter, Black Blood Brothers, etcetera"... you're very, very wrong.

This is exactly the kind of anime that can keep you panting for the next episode. A very well knit product it encompasses intrigue, betrayal, conspiracy, gore, sarcastic humor and plenty of ass-kicking action, John Woo vampire style.

If you enjoyed the mediocre 13 episode TV series, you're in for a glamorous treat with the OVAs. The OVA stays ...
Jan 6, 2015

I'm just going to come out and say it! Hellsing Ultimate is awesome! Count Dracula teams up with the granddaughter of Van Helsing in order to defend London from an army of Nazi vampires. Sound silly? Of course it is, and that's part of its charm! Hellsing is balls to the wall action that never takes itself too seriously and is extremely enjoyable to watch.


Plot 4/10

To say the plot of Hellsing Ultimate is stupid, would be an understatement. This plot absolutely revels in its own absurdity. A fat, over the top Nazi known only as Zee Major builds an army of Nazi vampires in South ...
Sep 15, 2019
Hellsing Ultimate is genuinely one of the dumbest Anime one would get the displeasure of watching. It boggles the mind how people think this Anime is good or even great by extension, and seeing the amount of praise it gets boggles the mind, as this one suffers from many major problems which cannot be overlooked. So, what are the problems that Hellsing Ultimate suffers from?

To start off with the characters, our hero Alucard feels like the epitome of what it means to be a mary sue. Does he have character traits which define him? Of course not, since he is nothing but an underdeveloped, ...
Nov 22, 2014
I get sick of shows that are supposedly brutal bloodbaths *very* easily. Why is that? Well I go into it thinking I'm gonna experience just that and instead all I get is a whole lot of bad pacing and tiny little splashes of blood that are heavily censored for no good reason whatsoever with a protagonist that can't shut the fuck up with his bitching. Of course, it's not surprising this is the case since I was spoiled ROTTEN by Hellsing Ultimate. Hellsing Ultimate is the epitome of senseless violence and sheer brutality. Fuck your Mirai Nikki, Deadman Wonderland, and Tokyo Ghoul! THIS is a ...
Mar 1, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/10 eps)

I say minor because: whether or not it's a spoiler is dependant on whether or not you've taken a moment to read the character bio's. Never the less i will try and keep the spoilers to a minimum.

If you want a basic idea of what hellsing ultimate (which i will refer to as HU from now onward) is all about then it's essentially Shakespeare meets Dracula meets Mien Kampf.


I consider myself something of a fan of the more Gothic horror stories and HU certainly doesn't skimp out on the Gothic pizazz; the grim and gritty melodrama is certainly there but alas I never thought ...
Apr 5, 2008
Preliminary (4/10 eps)
Short and Sweet Review:

Hellsing Ultimate is an breathtaking OVA that deserves a 10/10. There are no needless emotional parts, or extensive plot lead-ups, etc. It is all badass action! In each of the episodes there is a “Boss” battle and that’s all we Hellsing fans need, right?
Alucard taking millions of bullets, and scaring the shit out anybody who dares approach him. 10/10 – better than the TV series.

If you did in fact find this review helpful, I do take value in my “Helpful” rating, so please take a moment of your time to tell me how you liked this review.
Mar 30, 2015
Preliminary (6/10 eps)
Don't waste your time with this anime.

I gave this anime a shot because of the rating it received, a staggering 8.6. I started with the expectation that this had to be good because of the rating but I was sadly mistaken, this anime was an utter disappointment. I can't see how anyone can justify this anime as being anywhere near good or great.

Character development doesn't exist in this show, people appear and people disappear like nothing. The main character has no struggles or weaknesses, he's literally unkillable and he kills his foes with 1 swing. How does this seem anywhere near interesting if the ...
May 3, 2008
Preliminary (3/10 eps)
The Hellsing Ultimate OVA is the second anime adaptation of Kouta Hirano's manga, Hellsing. The first was done by Gonzo Studios and was widely panned by the fans, due in large part to huge deviations in story. The folks behind Hellsing Ultimate were likely critics of the older Hellsing series, as one of their main goals has been to stay as close to the source material's story as possible. However, it seems they forgot to have a look at what the Gonzo anime (and of course, the manga) did right - or perhaps, they did indeed look and see a wonderful cast ...
Feb 16, 2008
Preliminary (4/10 eps)
Hellsing Ultimate is not Hellsing TV. Better/worse is for the reader to decide, but the two series have completely different feels.

Hellsing Ultimate follows the interplay between the Vampire hunting Hellsing organization and the monsters that it pursues. Hellsing's primary tool of destruction is the vampire Alucard (Dracula backwards) and his servant the Draculina Seras Victoria. The story progresses throughout the 40 minute episodes at breakneck pace, moving right from one conflict to setting up the next. If you're the type who digs that kind of non-stop bad-ass action, you'll love the OVAs. That said, because it all moves so fast, ...
Jun 8, 2013
Mixed Feelings
I'll keep it sorta brief: this series was pretty shitty. When I started watching it years ago, I thought it was one of the coolest things I ever saw. That gradually shifted to "What's going on in this story?" and later "Why am I even watching this?"

- - - Story - - -
They made it seem like there's a story at first, but it's pretty much a lie. They start running out of ideas, so they throw in some necrophelia and boy rape. Really... just why? The ending is about as anti-climactic as possible, especially Alucard's final role. Did they really have to use such ...
Jan 20, 2013
Hellsing Ultimate is the definition of badass. From the over-the-top characters to the insane plot to the violent, blood-spewing fights, it is the disregard of all that is holy and possibly the most intense, balls-to-the-wall anime ever made. It’s also the epitome of style over substance, featuring some of the best animation of any series to date, superb voice acting, and a fine soundtrack, but little in terms of plot or character development. It’s Michael Bay doing an anime about Nazi vampires. It’s Japan’s answer to Hellboy. In short, it’s an exquisitely done pure action/horror, but not much else.

The story starts out with a lot ...
Apr 28, 2015
Mixed Feelings
If there's one word to sum up Hellsing Ultimate, it's 'Style'. The art is gorgeous. The animation is fluid. The fight scenes are well executed with with lots of gore and body parts (as you'd hope for in an adult series about vampires), trash talk, and cool poses, and the imagery is breathtaking.

What Hellsing doesn't have is much of is everything else that makes for a good anime, beginning with a plot that starts and ends in 5 words: 'Undead Nazis bent on world domination'.

While the character designs are super intriguing and make the viewers want to learn more about them, they are wasted ...
Mar 9, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/10 eps)
If you're looking for a full-fledged fast-paced non-stop adrenaline pumped action anime (comparable to action movies like Die Hard or Crank (not story wise or anything just pace-ish)). Then you can stop looking, this is it, the ultimate action anime. Badass protagonists, lots BIG guns, wannabe super-villains who get their asses kicked, zombies, vampires, nazis (possibly a Indiana Jones homage, lol?) and spice it up with a little humor between the action scenes (are there other kind of scenes in this anime?).

Great, if you're looking for an anime for entertainment and willing to overlook the fact that there is no character progression at all and ...
Oct 31, 2014
Following my conflicted experience with Hellsing TV, I stumbled onto Studio Madhouse efforts into creating an anime that follows the source material of its manga to a much closer degree. Instead of a standard weekly airing schedule, Madhouse decided to go with releasing a total of ten OVAs over an agonizing long six years. In doing so, they have rectify most of the problems that marred the potential of Gonzo's effort.

While the first two OVAs are fairly straight-forward rehashed material from the original Hellsing, the remaining eight volumes goes off on a completely awesome and different tangent. Gone are the half-baked storylines ...
Jan 26, 2015
Hellsing Ultimate has everything you want and expect from a vampire series revolving around the greatest vampire of them all: Dracula. Only in this series we know him under the name of Alucard. This show is rated R for a reason, a bloody good reason. It contains blood, gore, big breasted female leads and even more blood.

The story is about a secret organization within the British Government, named Hellsing, who takes care of any supernatural beings that is not supposed to roam this earth. It is run by Integra Wingate, whom has a butler with the nickname "Angel of Death". This should tell the viewers ...
Jun 26, 2008
Preliminary (4/10 eps)
Hellsing Ultimate is by far one of my favorite animes I've seen. It has so much to offer and keeps you on the edge of the seat. Hellsing Ultimate is the OVA based off the 13 episode tv series but you don't really need to see the tv series to understand this which is one thing I like about it.

The story is full of action with what seems like constant gun draws and fighting and I like that. Now if you have seen the tv series before this you will notice that this goes a bit faster than the tv series so ...
Jan 16, 2014
Have you ever read Bram Stokers Dracula? Have you ever wondered what happened afterwards? If the answer to both of these questions are yes then do I have a show for you, but first I recommend taking an assortment of drugs (much like the creators of this show) to receive the full effect. Do you have your cocaine lines ready? Alright before you make sweet love to that let me tell you my thoughts.

Story: 7

This might sound crazy, but this show can actually be tied directly to Stokers original work. In fact on the wiki page it's deemed a sequel, and boy what a ...