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Jan 5, 2016
One Punch Man (Anime) add
In every single anime. great ones such as Fullmetal Alchemist all the way to shit ones likes SAO. We already know more-or-less the general ending. The hero prevails even under the most unlikely scenario...every...time.

Many are those who say that One Punch Man is too predictable. Well I say One Punch Man is just more direct than other anime. OPM does away with the tease of power struggles and focuses on more important and unpredictable immersions which we would not love OPM without. We know Saitama always wins, but what about the world around him? What goes on inside people's minds? His reactions to society's ...
Feb 16, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Of all the anime to air in 2014, I think Akame ga Kill was the most dissapointing. Not because it was the worst, but because unlike the other overhyped shows of 2014, Akame ga Kill was actually "good" up until the last couple episodes. It's yet another reminder, along with Claymore and Guilty Crown, of how a bad enough ending can ruin an entire anime. However I tend to be more forgiving than many here on MAL and look at the whole content. I don't feel the slew of reviews giving this anime a 3 are fair.

Let's begin with the bad

The worst thing about ...
Sep 24, 2014
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Remember when you were little and you tried to bake that really awesome cake following the instructions on a cooking-book and ended up forgetting half the ingredients or using the wrong ones and the cake looked like complete shit and shit was all over the kitchen and then your mother walked in and slapped you across the face? Whether or not you remember, if you can picture that scenario then you can picture how Studio Pierrot's attempt at adapting Tokyo Ghoul into an anime unfolded.

Lets actually start off with the "good" in Tokyo Ghoul. Why? Because it's one sentence long so lets get it ...
Aug 27, 2014
My friends,

It has often been said that I like Hellsing Ultimate. My friends, I like Hellsing Ultimate…NO. Friends, I LOVE!! HELLSING ULTIMATE! I love the dark animation, I love the gore, I love the action, I love the charismatic characters, the accents, I love the bombastic plot and dialogue! I love any like-minded quality anime that can exist upon this Earth!

I love watching ghouls, vampires and mercenaries clashing in an all-out VAR within the Victorian hallways of the Hellsing estate. My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier’s limps are blown off followed by screams of agonizing pain. And there is nothing like ...