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Aug 19, 2020
Karneval (TV) (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
One of the most annoying trends established over the last decade or two is how some studios will opt to adapt a publishing manga/novel partially. We've seen this happen with shows like Black Butler, Fruits Basket, and Attack on Titan, but they're the lucky ones in this regard. Their source material sells quite well, so there's always going to be a vested interest in making a continuation or indeed, a full-on reboot. Some shows, unfortunately, aren't so lucky. There's a whole host of shows that got one 13-episode season before fading away into obscurity because the BD sales were poor. For every Black Butler or ...
Jul 22, 2020
Black Butler II turned ten years old two weeks ago, which is quite surreal to think about considering how recent it feels. There's a rather peculiar phenomenon that happens in popular culture with time. It would seem that stuff that was popular ten years ago tends to age poorly, and yet 20 years later, we laud it as a retro classic. Given that, we must ask ourselves whether or not history will vindicate Black Butler II. Indeed, it wasn't the most critically acclaimed at the time of its release, and yet there was this rather notable subset of the fandom that tried to find the ...
Jun 6, 2020
10 years ago, I was a freshman in high school. Looking back at that point in my life as an adult is quite surreal to say the least. My own memories of the time have become hazier with each passing day and yet looking back at old social media accounts that almost completely archived that entire experience brings back so many memories that are both vividly clear and horribly fractured. What's worse is that my memories of college, a time that was so recent in my life, is starting to become fractured and hazy too as I become more wrapped up in the humdrum of ...
Jun 8, 2019
On a sleepless night in late 2004 just a week before my 9th birthday, I was watching the usual rotation of shows on [adult swim] - Futurama, followed by Family Guy and then if I was still awake, I'd be watching whatever anime came next. There was the usual rotation of InuYasha, Bebop, and whatever else was on at the time. Of course that night, I came across a show that I still hold near and dear to my heart as an adult - the original Fullmetal Alchemist TV series.

As a child (especially a sleep-deprived one), I never really understood most of the show but ...
Sep 17, 2018
Dragon Ball (Anime) add
Dragon Ball is the quintessential shonen tale about a weird kid and his exploits in the equally weird world surrounding him. It has a little bit of everything in it - a quirky and likeable cast of characters, fun action scenes, comedy that's funny 90% of the time, and plenty of moments thrown in here and there that can leave you shocked, in tears, or feeling all mushy inside because it's legitimately heartwarming.

No review of Dragon Ball is complete without mentioning its infinitely more famous sequel in DBZ, and this certainly remains true here. With that said, I'd like to establish that this is as ...
Jul 9, 2018
Adolescence, in no uncertain terms, fucking sucks. This is especially the case if you're introverted as fuck and don't get along well with others for whatever reason. Though the memories of my own adolescence are starting to get hazy, I do remember quite well just how much trouble I had interacting with others my age. Sometimes, I really just wanted nothing more than to just stand around with the guys from my class and actually be a part of the conversations they were having. Of course, social rejection and isolation ends up giving way to a LOT of nasty emotions and thoughts. I can't even ...
May 12, 2018
As someone who was bullied and abused quite a bit during his formative years, I generally don't care to think of my past tormentors as human beings. When you're going through the thick of it all, they don't really seem like people as much as they come off as monsters. Of course, one of life's painful truths is that people are capable of changing for better or worse. There have been countless times in my adult life where I'm confronted with my past tormentors and I had to accept the reality that they weren't the same person they were back then. Some of them actually ...
Jul 19, 2016
Haou♥Airen (Manga) add
I just wanna state that for the record, I have no problem with shojo smut in and of itself. Most of the time, it's analogous to shonen ecchi shit and isn't really offensive enough to be worth hating. With that said, there are aspects of shojo smut that REALLY piss me the fuck off (i.e. molestation being played for romance). Let's not forget that every so often, there comes a particular manga that just evokes all manner of visceral disgust out of me. Haou Airen is one such manga and to this day, I still maintain that it's the single most vile, reprehensible thing I've ...
Jul 6, 2016
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
I don't understand why it's so fucking hard to get an action show that's consistently entertaining. Of all the programmes I watched, Tokyo Ghoul is probably one of the few shows that actually made me feel like I was wasting my time watching it. "Oh, why didn't you drop it?" you might ask? Well for starters, I was actually following the programme as it was airing at the time (fun fact: I actually had the most upvoted preview at the time, but it got taken down because the show finished airing). But that isn't enough to truly explain why I so viscerally despise Tokyo Ghoul. ...
Mar 1, 2016
Mixed Feelings
This isn't Star Wars. George Lucas's franchise should NOT be renamed into anything else.

If any work of entertainment in our history deserves the title of 'Star Wars,' then it is the entirety of George Lucas's franchise and NOT this anime. Star Wars is more star wars than LOGH ever was, is, or will be. Constant spiels of exposition about various topics, a constant show of myopia in regards to its setting and subject matter, all the while consistently failing to act on the countless possibilities presented to us, this is 110 episodes of pure, unadulterated wasted potential in the most inexcusable ways possible.

In case you ...

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