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Jul 28, 2019
Have you ever wondered what 4 minutes of heaven would feel like? Well, fear no more my dear Anime fans, Miru Tights just put an end to this eternal question. Anime has always been a niche medium representing niche and obscure topics you would not be able to see or experience elsewhere. Japanese people have created a lot of wacky genres and experimented with a lot of obscure stuff such as giant robots, battle shonen transformations, nakama power and having many girls flock to your willy. As such, they have created the dear genres we all know of and love these days. So, what happens read more
Jul 27, 2019
Stories about anthropomorphic animals behaving like human beings have always been a form of storytelling that different types of authors, narrators and storytellers used to employ back in the old days to convey a message to their audience. This was done by using the animals as some sort of metaphor to represent human society and the flaws that show up within it’s systems. Perhaps the most famous example would be George Orwell's magnificent social commentary on Communism that is the timeless Animal Farm. From there, this form of storytelling would go on to get adopted by many other storytellers that came after the man. Fortunately read more
Apr 4, 2019
Ping Pong: The Animation is my one hundredth completed Anime up until this point in my Anime watching hobby/career, and I would feel bad about myself if I did not review this amazing Anime, and let this opportunity all go to waste. So why did I choose Ping Pong: The Animation, in particular, to be my one hundredth Anime to be completed? Why not choose any other Anime out of the thousands of Anime on the site? Why Ping Pong in particular? Well, there are many good reasons for that. First of all, I wanted my one hundredth Anime to be something of great quality, read more
Mar 18, 2019
Tired of all those Anime that try and take themselves seriously, yet are so stupid that it hurts?

Tired of all those Anime that have hundreds to thousands of episodes, yet have little to no lovable and well developed characters?

Tired of all those Anime that have bad, unfunny comedy?

Tired of all those Anime that are just too long for their own good?

Watch this. Just watch it. This Anime is only twenty minutes in length, but it does much more in those twenty minutes than most Anime could do in twenty seasons. Nice, lovable characters. Funny humor. Does not take itself seriously. Keeps you entertained all read more
Mar 17, 2019
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
Throughout the course of watching several Anime, not one has boggled my mind as much as FLCL. For an Anime that does so many things wrong, it gets a profusion of praise from many fans as a coming of age masterpiece. Why? Out of all the Anime that I have seen, not one is as badly directed and produced as FLCL. From the genuinely lackluster attempts at comedy, to it’s boneless and underdeveloped characters, this Anime is head over heels one of the worst that I have ever seen. The problem with FLCL is not the fact that it is an arthouse show, on the read more
Mar 15, 2019
Battle shonen has always been a genre that is mostly frowned upon by the Anime community. Many fans tend to disregard most of the shows in that particular genre as something that is both unrealistic and imitative of one another. Add in to the fact that samurai Anime in particular always miss the point when it comes to their narrative, from the unnecessary hip hop style found in Samurai Champloo, to the redundant, hit and miss comedy that is prevalent throughout Gintama’s long run – it fails to work most of the time and it’s not hard to see why it does so. That is read more
Mar 11, 2019
--- This review spoils the entirety of Kaguya Hime no Monogatari, and is advised to be read after completion of this film ---

"It is like a circle, when one ends, the other one begins. So you can always count on it to keep on moving."

If there ever was a quote to perfectly describe the surreal and metaphorical journey that is Kaguya Hime no Monogatari, then this quote would be it. Kaguya-hime no Monogatari, or The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, is a Studio Ghibli film that was created and directed by none other than the legendary Isao Takahata, and was released during the year of read more
Mar 10, 2019
Makoto Shinkai is one of the most talked about Anime directors in Japan, and he gets better and better with each new project of his. When Shinkai and his crew sit together to work on a project, the final product is nothing short of a beauty in directing. The fact that a human tries his hardest to learn from their mistakes and work on them to become better at their profession, that alone deserves colossal amounts of respect. This review is not meant to attack Makoto Shinkai or any of his fans, nor is it written to try and ruminate over what kind of art read more
Mar 8, 2019
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is a 1984 Japanese Animated movie, and it marks the very beginning of one of the most beloved film studios of all time, Studio Ghibli. The studio was not founded up until 1985, one year after the release of Nausicaa, with the studio's first official production being Castle in the Sky, which hit the theaters in 1986. Nausicaa is still often considered to be the first Ghibli film by many, and for good reasons. If you don't know the name Ghibli, then I do hope some of it's productions ring a bell to you. Studio Ghibli created some read more
Mar 6, 2019
Princess Mononoke was released in Japan on 1997. It is a Studio Ghibli film, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and it is his seventh feature film. Having seen some of Miyazaki's best works, I can safely say to you, without any hesitation, that this is his magnum opus.

If you own the Blu-ray DVD combo pack of Princess Mononoke, I can assure you that once you experience Princess Mononoke on Blu-ray, you will never want to go back to the DVD addition of Princess Mononoke. This is because the Miyazaki films that I have actually seen on Blu-ray have been remastered so well, and read more