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Mar 14, 2010
Seto no Hanayome is by far one of the best rom-coms I have ever seen. Although my horizons in the rom-com genre are quite narrow, the previous statement is still saying alot. As a person who loves to laugh but rarely does due to lack of comedic material, I found SnH quite amusing. This is an anime that took the harem and rom-com genre and made It into something original and genuinely funny.

Unfortunately, the plot was the one aspect of this series that was generic. It was a forced marriage conflict and how the people react and develop from it. Every episode, save the read more
Feb 8, 2010
This review is going to be very biased. I have a hard-on for the modern day samurai thing so I couldn't help but give this anime a 9/10. Also, Samuel L Jackson is one of my favorite actors of all time. I am going to write this very biased review anyway because I fucking loved this show.

The story follows a young black man, I think he's 30 at the most, and his quest for vengeance against the man who killed his father. In this world, there are two headbands that "rank" a warrior's strength. The number one headband and the number two. Only the person read more
Feb 2, 2010
You ever cut your eyes out with a butter knife? Well, you will know the experience once you watch School Days. I was on the verge of just staying in my room for a couple days and not even feeding myself. Yes, this anime was THAT bad. Now by bad, I mean something other than the traditional "shitty" or "garbage" most people are familiar with. I mean, it's just so god awful that it left a sour taste in my mouth. I will expand more on this feeling and provide you with a somewhat accurate portaryal of this steaming piece of doodoo.

The story is very read more
Jan 30, 2010
I'm going to keep this review very short. No thorough analysis of each section, just my overall opinion and mood after finishing this series.
Now, before you start hating me for giving this popular series only a 7, hear me out. When I first heard this series was a psychological horror involving cute, little girls, I was pretty perplexed. So, I started watching it and the first story arc completely blew my mind. I had no idea someone could warp such a nice little group of people into a bunch of maniacal assholes. Then, as the series progressed, each story arc had a little less impact read more
Jan 12, 2010
Anime seems to be very tame these days. If it isn't about whiny high school kids living their boring ass lives, it's about overachieving, insane kids with magical notebooks (cough Deathnote). I like these kinds of animes as much as the next guy, but sometimes I feel like doing nothing more than bathe in my own testosterone and achieve a massive erection looking at either tits, guns, or cars. Enter, Black Lagoon. An anime with tits, guns, AND cars. Expect testosterone, and lot's of it.

The story is as generic as it can get. Some pussy ass bitch decides to change his life and he starts read more
Jan 12, 2010
Kaiji is an anime you would probably avoid at first glance. To be honest, I did too when I first saw it. It stayed in the back of my mind for a few months until a friend told me it was great and I found out that the artist and creator was Korean. So, with a bit of reluctance, I started viewing Kaiji and I was blown away. The artstyle quickly became very enjoyable and I didn't mind the pointy noses or weird eyes after the first episode. If you are avoiding this anime due to the odd artstyle, do yourself a favor and stop read more
Jan 5, 2010
There are just so many vampire themed animes nowadays. Blood+, Trinity Blood, Vampire Knight, the list goes on and on. Then, once in a long awaited while, you find a gem in the ocean of piss and whale excrement. Oh, this review is going to have alot of vulgarity because I feel that gives off the right vibe for this review. As I was saying, the gem that you find will be Hellsing Ultimate. No, not Hellsing the TV series, that series gave my dog AIDS. In two words I can sum this anime up; Fucking Awesome.


You already know the story. Its about a read more