Hellsing Ultimate
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English: Hellsing Ultimate


Type: OVA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 10, 2006 to Dec 26, 2012
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, MilitaryMilitary, HorrorHorror, SupernaturalSupernatural, VampireVampire, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 50 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.451 (scored by 285273285,273 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1222
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #117
Members: 562,257
Favorites: 16,151


Firstly both are from the same creator, what makes them very similar just for that. - The main characters are very similar, both in talent and personality. - Same style of comedy but it's stronger on Drifters than Hellsing. - The animation/art style is very similar as well, expect the exact same style on both. I really recommend watching the other if you liked one of those! 
report Recommended by MrMushin
Badassery, gunfights and both are amoralistic. Also there're nazis in both animes.  
report Recommended by HooHiraiBunny
Blood and carnage galore. While the themes and motifs aren't alike, the unadulterated blood, gore, and violence is. The main difference in the overall flavor would be that while Hellsing Ultimate is very dark interspersed with Hirano's trademark quirky humor scenes, Elfen Lied has a lot more "cutesy" scenes and harem-esque motifs to fill in the gaps between carnage... 
report Recommended by melitza03
Both have lots of bloods and guts, as well as some excellent action. Berserk could be summed up as a Medieval Hellsing 
report Recommended by IAmZim
Both have badass main characters who are loners and are very cruel in enjoying their massacres. That's about the whole story right? 
report Recommended by Graygoose124
Both are in a Victorian-era setting with heavy paranormal activity. Plus, there's also the master/servant thing going on between Integra and Alucard. 
report Recommended by meow117
Both titles deal with an invasion of monsters that plans to wipe out the human race. They are both heavy focus on blood, gore and action with a similar dark and gritty tone. If you enjoyed one, you will enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
both bloody but yet VERY good anime!! 
report Recommended by ken127
Both don't have a serious story and is all about the badass characters and the gory action, both have zombies in them, both have bad ass weapon specialist. HOTD has ecchi and Hellsing Ultimate has those cartoon comedy moments. Both are high quality animation Madhouse production. 
report Recommended by supersayen
Both have the mains shooting up undead ghouls while having deeper stories. Both similar feels to them and would recommend watching one if you liked the other. 
report Recommended by pop69
The main protagonist in both anime are vampires that are fighting against various nightmarish creatures and are fighting on the side of all that is good. Both have a similar female character that helps fights vampires. They also have a similar dark and gritty tone with lots of action, blood and gore. If you like one, you will enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
First of all, Alucards voice actors in this series which I didn't know at first and boy there is irony and reminiscene when the character with Alucard's voice appeared. If youve watched Hellsing I reccomend this sooo much butjust for fun the reason why i made this reccomendation was because,which you shuld just skip to for a sneak, of a scene six minutes into EP 8 there was a forest fight scene with the char with Alucards voice that made me just think back at hellsing and fights(nd see such irony).... like using a holy bayonet to block a barrage of bullets...so priestly *hint hint* Episode 11  read more 
report Recommended by kUshPandA_ENJOi
Hellsing Ultimate and Tokyo Ghoul gives the same feels for supernatural phenomenon,gore,and horror. 
report Recommended by yakoo
I love Noblesse I'm up to date on the Manwhua and have to say it's my favourite. First of lets get things straight The Noblesse doesn't sleep in a coffin he awoke from one. He was injured where he needed time to heal but his body was practically dead it took him 820 years to be woken up but it still wasn't enough he awoke too soon. So He is still in his weakened State and Sealed state. Once his Ring and Earring are removed he'll be in his full powered weakened State. Raizel has a weakness which is if he uses too much power he'll  read more 
report Recommended by Madara22
Both are intensely bloody, using physical decapitations/trauma and psychological teasers that bring interest and diligence. Their story lines are similar in the aspects of immortality, violence, power, and interest. 
report Recommended by CiaoBella
Similar looking, eyes, hair etc. BL:RBT is a lot more cruel than first and second season, it's more like Hellsing, dunno why Revy reminds me of Alucard. 
report Recommended by Eriis
The protagonists of these shows would sadistically brutalize anybody who threatens their friends' well-being. They enjoy making a mess out of their enemies. They are also, overpowered. They also have very attractive and dependent servants. 
report Recommended by DieOrYouWillDie
Afro and Hellsing both have great action and lots of blood/gore and not to mention beautiful artwork. While Afro Samurai is a pretty good action anime, Hellsing Ultimate has a much better storyline. 
report Recommended by Reira_chan
Both anime have very similar plot elements involving a strong vampire as the main protagonist (Alucard/Father Abel) that kills other vampires and a female heroine (Seras/Esther) that happened to be entangled into this huge conflict. Other elements include royalty (monarch) , priests and nuns, secret organisations, etc.  
report Recommended by Estherella
Gratuitously gorey action. Beautiful & unique art/animation. Both thrillers but Kabeneri is a little more fast pace. 
report Recommended by YouniverSoul
Dark themed anime with lots of big guns, crazy gun fights, lots of blood splatter, and killing of monsters with a protagonist who protects a girl and loves to make chaos Plus, if you're a fan of Norio Wakamoto, you'll find him in both shows 
report Recommended by justice0
Vampires, Nazis and over the top action. both series are equally ludicrous. hellsing isn't as macho as jojo but it has ridiculous amounts of gore. 
report Recommended by Captain_Hawkes
these series are actually VERY different in style setting storyline and just about everything else the only similar thing is alucad and the and the count (the two main characters) they both ooze charisma are ruthless and no matter how evil they are you just love them, so for the alucard out there fans check out gankutsuou because the are both AWSOME!! 
report Recommended by kitsune77
The "Hero" of Hellsing Ultimate is clearly inspired by D, they are both bad ass vampire, and both show are gore. 
report Recommended by ExoticBankai
They thought at that time. About so-called tragedy is truly exist. Both are vampire shows what depicting bloody battles. Completely mature theme and uniqueness. Interesting character development. HU's art and animation are more splendid. Instead of that, Servamp has gorgeous voice actors. And so many handsome guys. Characters relationship also similar. Alucard and Integra, Kuro and Mahiru are each servant/master. Plus, Alucard and Kuro are vampire. They're not just vampire what seek blood. Alucard is Overpowered and prudent man. On the other hand, Kuro is so Laziness. Both are serious atmospheres and action-packed. Especially HU is remarkable them. Servamp is still a little bright mood. HU's setting is United Kingdom in  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both are Blood and Gore at their finest Some similarities between characters and both use blood as a plot device If you enjoyed one, you will enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by AlexanderT3HGR8
both are vampire animes, with blood and deep messages about the difference or lack of difference in humanity and monsters. 
report Recommended by CuteZombie
Okey, it's complitely different consept, but they both got a ultimate-powered guy who wields a really big gun. And both wear red. And both have yellow sunglasses. That has to count. 
report Recommended by Eltharrion
Both anime are about killing bloodsucking monsters to keep the world safe from those evil creatures. Both anime got the regularly dose of action, violence and bloodshed. Hellsing has more action while Blood+ has more drama. So if you like those vampire based action anime, I'd say watch this. 
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
In terms of plot there is no similarity. However if you like blood, violence, and crude humor, it's something both anime delivers. 
report Recommended by Obihiro
Made by the same author with the same painting and story-telling style and atmosphere. Both are filled with violence, hyper fights and bloody scenes.  
report Recommended by ys19931006
Both series deals with vampires. Vampires. Vampire hunters. Vampire hunter lead from royal-ish family. Set it earlier eras. The main characters are fight against the creatures that want to destroy humanity. They both have incredibly similar settings. Both series have very intense Actions scenes as well. Both series have a similar atmosphere and the MC of both anime are quite similar,they both have a dark past.And both aren't well quite normal human. Both heroes saw their family being killed by vampires. 
report Recommended by kiddie609
Koko from Jormungand and Integra from Hellsing are females able to scare men with their eyes and destroy them with their wit. Scary smiles come natural to them. They don't do the dirty work themselves: instead, they have badarse underlings that do as they command. They're both mentally strong enough to handle giving commands that will lead to slaughter without batting an eyelash. In short: FEMDOM! 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Just like HxH, HU is too loyal to the manga with dark and mature contents. Both have excellent quality animation which are adapted by Madhouse (for HU, its just 5-7) and it's worth it especially if you're big into it. Both have awesome characters who are developed and strong. HxH doesn't get deadly serious until CA arc which is something that HU has common with. Action paced is too in both shows and are great. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
If you like a good story with great action, dialogue, and a well drawn plot, CG and HU may be the shows for you to watch. After watching both, I began to see similarities as both are set in a modern setting with fictional elements mostly that has to do with myths and supernatural powers. Other than just mindless fighting and massive chaos, methodical fights and tactics come into play as well. The story starts off similar and ends in a twisted manner which goes the same for CG R2.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
... because Christian imagery and Nazis are exotic or something. Hellsing is heavier on the Nazis and VKC is more focused on Catholic esoterica but plenty of both in each. Both are gratuitously dark, with plenty of death but also plenty of black humour to lighten things up. Hellsing being the gorier of the two. 
report Recommended by Lemon
If you love dark anime with gorry scens then these two are for you. The stoies have a dark premies about them that youll love 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
both bloody with great action and animation style that madhouse is known for. yes, H:U is silly, but that shouldn't scare you off. 
report Recommended by TheGamingEngi
Both are very dark and mature seinen anime filled with ridiculous amounts of violence and gore. Although they are action driven, they both have interesting plots which feature a great cast of characters and an especially bad ass main character. 
report Recommended by DasKawaii
Both shows are extremely gorey and filled with blood. However, Mnemosyne has a lot more nudity and sex, whereas Hellsing Ultimate has vampires 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
If you want an extreme gore-fest with very little storyline, these two series both fit that bill. 
report Recommended by TakariFangirl
Brilliant story and characters & good action 
report Recommended by Itachi_Delta
Ultimate and Book of Circus are both re-adaptations that follow the original manga arcs with very little to no deviation. This is in contrast to both the series original anime adaptations which only covered a small percentage of the manga and the rest of the show is anime original. Only difference is that Book of Circus does not cover the whole manga but rather a specific arc of the manga. Outside of that, both shows are similar because of the following: 1) Both take place in England 2) Both have a protagonist (Ciel and Integra) who makes a deal with a demonic figure (a vampire and actual  read more 
report Recommended by MusicalKittens
Golden Kamuy has a serious atmosphere to it, similar to Hellsing's own atmosphere, as well as a good amount of imaginative bloodshed. If you like the type of action that's in Hellsing, you'll definitely like the action in this, though at some points there seems to be less (at some points, that is). The main characters are very likable and, just like in Hellsing, there are comedic or light hearted moments that take place within a plot that you originally wouldn't expect it from. The art and character designs are also somewhat reminiscent of Hellsing Ultimate; yet, where I would give Hellsing Ultimate 12/10 on  read more 
report Recommended by PhoenixA
Both anime try to understand human emotion and behaviour. Both dabble in seeking what is right and what is actually wrong. The character of Anderson and the major see humanity in a different light than the others, they see destruction as a duty. Similarly, even Decim tries to understand human emotion as to judge humans better and through various incidents finally realises what it is to live a complete life. Both also have aspects of reincarnation and also complex, abstract dialogues which amount to nothing 
report Recommended by MJROCKS05
Similar levels of edge in these two. 
report Recommended by GatesOfOblivion
These two anime are very similar for following reasons: -Both are extremely over-the-top, and indulge in insanity. -Both have very solid sound, visuals, and outlandish characters -Both have very strong emphasis on certain ideologies (for Hellsing the honor, and for Kakegurui the thrill of the gamble) -Both have an unstoppable main protagonist, who is at the very depths of madness. -Both could care less about plot -While Hellsing is very heavy on violence, Kakegurui has a very sexual nature to it, with a tinge more insanity than Hellsing. The turn off for most people is the plot, but if you are looking for an entertaining thriller, then this is for you.  
report Recommended by EnigmaLXXXVIII
Dark anime genre with gore and an immortal MC. 
report Recommended by vShaun
Both have fascist military carnage and an MC who is evil, psycho, and OP. 
report Recommended by ForsakenIcarus
Both are gory, visualistic, emotional, and action packed with amazing storytelling and development. Not to mention there are character similarities too: Kenshin-Alucard Saito-Alexander 
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
If they have extremely strong power, then it'll happen large conflict. Both are depicting about organization's opposition. In a word, search and destroy. To collide mutual beliefs are main theme. Sometimes both have deep Drama. Protagonist of Hellsing is Alucard. He has overpowered vampire, and hidden secret settings. Protagonist of K is Yashiro Isana. He hasn't special skill, but actually he is two faced. They similar to identity. Alucard is more fierce. Yashiro is more startle. Both action scenes are spectacular. Hellsing's Characters use guns and supernatural powers. K's Characters fight by unique super power. Hellsing is rather bloody and gore. Action scenes are so many, too. On the other hand, K  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both involve a war of extermination and involve military and secret organizations alike. Also both shows have a point of view between Villain Protaganist and Hero Antagonist and are dark and gritty to the point where warfare is brutal and insane. 
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
Casshern like Alucard is OP and can't help to compare between Dio and Alexander as well. Hellsing Ultimate on the other hand is a masterpiece but Casshern Sins as an underrated show deserves to be one as well. 
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
Short, but sweet OVAs released on a yearly basis with hour long episodes. While Giant Robo is a little shorter (minus the Ginrei special), it is no way or form less epic or amazing than what Hellsing has to offer. Also shares some seiyuus and soundtracks are both composed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. 
report Recommended by AshtonBlanchot
Hellsing and Bleach are two action packed animes that any action/shounen lover would love. Both have badass Prot with power out of world, plenty of fights to keep u glued and lots of blood to make it feel real. Both have supernatural element that is- Vampires in Hellsing and Shinigami in Bleach, and ofc there are big bad villians who must stand in their way. the main character is kurosaki ichigo who is quite similar to alucard in the hellsing series.. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both have supernatural aspect with vampire and a lot of killing. Also they both have aver the top action at times. 
report Recommended by Ace19
Both series feature Nazi's and Vampires. 
report Recommended by Hentai4theplot
The main thing that both anime got in common is the fact that they are both about vampires. Some vampires wish to do harm and have some sort of evil plan but the main character(s) tries/try to stop them of course. Hellsing Ultimate has more action than Vampire Knight Guilty. Vampire Knight Guilty on the other hand is about more than just action and bloodshed. It also involves romance and therefore Vampire Knight Guilty is a shoujo anime while Hellsing Ultimate is a shounen anime. 
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
Both anime are about vampires. Some vampires wish to do harm and have some sort of evil plan and, of course, the main characters try to stop them. Hellsing Ultimate definitely has more action than Vampire Knight. Besides that does it take a while for the action to start in Vampire Knight. Vampire Knight also involves romance and therefore Vampire Knight is more a shoujo while Hellsing Ultimate is more a shounen. 
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
Blood, humor and horror combined. While watching Princess Resurrection I noticed that both main characters have a strange similarity with one another. One being that they are master and servants and another being that one saved the other from death. Soon two of the main characters find themselves into a strange world that they didn't know about until after being brought back to life. Thus having to deal with vicious monsters and strange awkward moments with other characters. Though the stories are different with one another.. if you'd watch you'd notice the strange similarities.  
report Recommended by lovelyphantom
Powerful and virtually unbeatable protagonists kicking some ass while trying to maintain order in a world full of magical powers and occultism. 
report Recommended by BDL
Seras and Kasahara are very similar to one another. Both women are capable, upbeat, naive, and reliable. They become an important an irreplacable part of their military units. Though the series have a different atomosphere from one another, they both are excellent and highly recommended.  
report Recommended by _Hanamaru_
Both of these series are set in a post-war era, reminiscent of World War I & II. It shows the struggles of rebuilding after the war, and the horrors of ensuing conflict. In Hellsing and Pumpkin Scissors, Germany becomes a place where professional killers are created. Both Alucard and Oland have a similar way of dealing with violence and war. They both have a mental switch that gets turned on when they are facing danger. Alucard and Oland become crazed killing machines, that surpass the strength of normal humans. Hellsing is darker than Pumpkin Scissors, but they both have  read more 
report Recommended by _Hanamaru_
Both anime feature an organization designed to destroy evil powerful supernatural beings. Both focus on the main protagonist fighting evil monsters to save the world. Both are action-packed anime with violence, blood, and gore with a similar dark and gritty atmosphere. The biggest difference between the two is that Wicked City has demons while Hellsing Ultimate has vampires. If you liked one, you'd like the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Gore, horror, supernatural and demons, both have also a mysteric yet charismatic main character. Though Hellsing Ultimate is more action oriented while Mononoke is more mystery-oriented. But Mononoke have some awesome action sequence and there's a little touch of mystery in Hellsing Ultimate.  
report Recommended by HooHiraiBunny
Both have dark themes, and definitely not for children. Both feature great animation, and are gory in their own ways. The main story of both anime differ, but their 'auras' are similar 
report Recommended by teenoli
I think Gantz and Hellsing Ultimate are quite common in both the blood and gore department as well as with the dark comic element in both series. 
report Recommended by JackCox
Both MCs are overpowered and the villains they face are usually weaker and don't pose much threat to the MC. Alucard and Tatsuya are both also similar where their full strength is restricted. Tatsuya fight mainly for his sister Miyuki,while Alucard fight for his master,Integra Hellsing. 
report Recommended by Zapredon
Both have over-the-top stylized characters with a tough guy attitude, GAR, eye-candy animation, non-stop action, similar comic relief, and appeal to the same sort of people.  
report Recommended by eyerok
Both anime have a strong main character that like violence, blood, pain. The main characters seam as they are playing a game all the time. They both almost die most of the time. Dark anime style graphics. 
report Recommended by W8DontDie
Gun action with engaging plotlines. what more does one want? 
report Recommended by lordblackness88
In both u can find: gun action, undead, gore (though its much heavier in hellsing) and chicks killing undead with guns 
report Recommended by Selesnija
If you love the idea of of intense battle sequences, solid character development, and outstanding animation these two anime are extremely similar. You will find an intriguing plot with more than enough fighting and gore to satisfy you. The fighting however is very realistic and emotional as it is in Shingeki no Kyojin  
report Recommended by Nalyubuites
On the outside, these two series may not appear to share many similarities, but once you give them a chance, you'll see that they're more common than you think. Both series feature a bad-ass protagonist whom is their associated organization's "trump card." The first bit of each series starts with a variety of smaller missions, however near the end, they both expand into a larger arc. To top it off, both anime are seinen and have some of best action scenes in all of anime!  
report Recommended by CptCrouton
If you like Vampires this is your show, a more subtle and romantic version of Hellsing to say the least 
report Recommended by Khristophoroz
If you like your dark and tense dramas being broken up with light comedy sections that break all tension, then this is the anime for you! 
report Recommended by K1ngHoward
Similarities: - Insanity & complete madness - Blood thirsty beings - War (between humans and supernatural) - Mind-blowing fight scenes - Added humor (Soul Eater has a lot, Hellsing Ultimate with a little) - Masters and servants - Weapons (guns, swords, etc) Differences - SOUL EATER: SHOUNEN; HELLSING ULTIMATE: SEINEN - Soul Eater: demons vs humans; Hellsing Ultimate: vampires & zombies vs humans - Hellsing Ultimate has quite a lot of blood/gore. (: - Hellsing Ultimate: governments and secret organizations; Soul Eater: School - Soul Eater: quirky/funny art style; Hellsing Ultimate: more mature art style 
report Recommended by LittLeMiSsDeAtH
Unlike the original anime series, both anime are adapted in order to show a manga point of view than the anime's because the anime lacks the quality what the manga has. 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Both authors have similar styles of classy characters, gritty action, supernatural beings, cool visuals and sometimes a hint of random humor. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
They both have great battles. Saiyuki has character that fight demons, while Hellsing Ultimate has them fight with vampires. Both are fighting great evils. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
These two anime felt very similar to me, although at first glance they would appear complete opposites. Both had the theme of death and transformation (Vampire/cyborg), the heroins both had a dark past, fantastical settings (cyber-punk/supernatural fantasy), lots of blood n' gore (plus other disturbing sights), fight scenes had the same style and direction (both had big guns and superhuman abilities) and they both had top-notch animation and good sound. 
report Recommended by Mariks
Similarities: -Both involve the supernatural, and specifically—vampires—though Bake also involves many other supernatural creatures. Hellsing is pretty much only vampires, other than one werewolf who doesn't get much screen time. -Both have some action. Hellsing is much, much more focused on action than Bake though, and it's much gorier. Differences: Literally everything else. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Both series deal with WW2 related stuff, and both smears on thickly with supernatural creatures whether that's Nazi vampires or undead Ritterbrüders. 
report Recommended by Baman
Action, thriller, blood sucking and of course a presence of a vampire is the most common criteria of these anime. Both has lots of similarities. One should try them both. 
report Recommended by imranhasan
(As Sweat Punch is collection of stories indipendent on themselves, this recommendation concerns only Kigeki part) Both are action anime about a little girl that meets a mysterious vampire and becomes something like his employer. At the end, the vampire fighst whole army on his own. 
report Recommended by abystoma2