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Nov 24, 2008
Preliminary (296/584 chp)
There is a kind of holistic quality to this on-going manga that makes it worth the read. I was surprised to see that no one had reviewed it yet. I'll keep this short and to the point without delving much into the story.

Perhaps this is your usual martial arts manga, but it is also so much more. The story is about a talentless, downtrodden boy who works towards developing his martial arts skills through sheer hard work and will - much like Naruto. Along his journey his enemies become his friends and together they wage war against a greater evil - ...
Nov 17, 2008
Bloody Monday (Manga) add
Preliminary (13/96 chp)
There is only one word that describes this manga - tension. If you liked "Death Note" and "Spiral", you will love "Bloody Monday", it exudes the same feeling of mental chess, intrigue, and continuous feeling of tension. Death lurks in every corner, there is no feeling of assurance that we get from other mangas where you are confident that the main characters typically do not die - not an assumption you can make with this one. The story twists, turns, thrills, and surprises.

The art work is very good too, the character expressions are well drawn, but I didn't pay a lot of ...
Oct 30, 2008
Gintama (Anime) add
Preliminary (90/201 eps)
Like most other parodies, one needs to be quite "culturally" aware (read: seen a lot of anime and read a lot of manga) to catch the hundreds of hilarious references, puns, and jokes that are embedded in Gintama. Watch and read a few of the popular animes and mangas before venturing onto Gintama - trust me it will just make the experience unabashedly funny!

Although there are always hints of a larger overarching plot, I don't think the mangaka really cares, and after 90 episodes of sheer laughs, I don't care either. Gintama is primarily episodic but there are a few multi-episode story arcs. ...
Mar 30, 2008
My first Gundam series was SEED, and then Destiny. Compared to both of these, Gundam 00 (pron: Double O, as in Double-O Seven), is exquisite, and a very welcome addition to the franchise. Of course, like all the Gundam series, and mecha anime in general, there are a few pitfalls like repetitive stories and whiny characters.

This anime also follows the "gundam vs. the rest" recipe but I got hooked on to the series early on because the plot seemed to rely more on suspense and political intrigue, a sort of Death Note mecha anime, if you will. However, like it's predecessors, the ...
Mar 27, 2008
Area 88 (TV) (Anime) add
I have been fascinated by fighter planes and dog fighting since I was a kid, and in that respect Area 88 was a treat! Top Gun fans will absolutely love this.

The plot revolves around a mercenary group of pilots fighting a war in a remote desert kingdom. In the midst of it all is an ace pilot Kazama Shin who was tricked into joining the squadron by his best friend - who also had eyes on Kazama's fiance. The only way to leave the war is to serve out three years or pay a $1.5 million fine - deserters are shot down ...
Nov 26, 2007
First you must remember that this a fairly old anime, and at first the art work and sound might seem lacking, but don't let that put you off. This is the anime that started it all... Flame of Recca, Naruto, Ninku and the rest, are in essence, imitations of HxH.

There's a riveting plot, a quest, if you will, that takes our group of protagonists all across the world in arbitrary adventures. Although it starts out a little slow, it is an interesting enough story to hold your attention, besides you're rooting too hard for the underdog protagonist to stop yourself from finding out ...
Nov 26, 2007
Last Exile (Anime) add
Since I was a kid I have always been a fan of aeroplanes and intrigued by the concept of flight. Like Area 88, Macross Zero, Last Exile pandered to the child in me in a way you watch an old Tom and Jerry cartoon that's playing on TV.

In terms of plot, yes there is something of a story, but you really have to pay attention to keep track of things. Besides, to be honest the story is quite inconsequentional. There is a bit of suspense and foreboding of impending disaster to keep you going from episode to episode.

The artwork was excellent, even ...
May 7, 2007
At first I was afraid this was going to be like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - a big let down, but I was pleasantly surprised by this high quality Korean animated feature.

Like both the Final Fantasy installments, which this is so reminiscent of, Wonderful Days takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a group of humans are fighting for a better tomorrow - their wonderful days. One can tell that the plot is not a major aspect of the movie; there is very little background on the present events and little or no clarification of what is what. But that's ...
May 6, 2007
The most prominent precursor to the ever popular Naruto, Flame of Recca is essentially, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, and Kaze no Stigma all rolled into one package. Of course, in terms of originality, it deserves a high commendation, but that's about all the praise I can muster for this series.

The story is lethargic. It follows a very formulaic approach. The main protagonist, Recca goes through a sequence of ordeals to realize his true strength and then manages to win over enemies with his never say die attitude. Banal. Seen that a million times. But that doesn't mean it's ...
May 1, 2007
I was a little skeptical at first about this anime. I usually avoid the comedy/slice-of-life genre, but this anime came highly recommended by an old friend and boy am I glad I listened to him. GTO has to be one of the most well made anime package of its time.

The story is somewhat cliche: troublesome high school students with peculiar skills or traits trying to rid a teacher who's trying hard to to teach them a lesson in life. However, there are some very clever surprises and plot devices to keep the viewer poised for more. My only complaint is the ...

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