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Jul 18, 2021
Look Back (Manga) add
What can I say without spoiling the whole thing? It's beautiful. Fujimoto's done it again. There are some fun little Chainsaw Man references within the story, too.

Fujimoto, as usual, does a great job with the characters. They're instantly lovable with great chemistry. They grow throughout the story and you can never really predict what they'll do next. They feel alive; they're written as humans, not as archetypes.

Their expressions convey their feelings well and can be kinda funny at times. For example, the teacher's slack-jawed, "another day, another dollar" face on the first page and Fujino's smug expressions in the beginning. Fujino's shocked face on ...
Jul 4, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (20/22 chp)
The story follows some underdogs trying to form a baseball team from scratch. They spend the majority of the story scouting highly skilled players who aren't committed to a team yet (for various reasons). Just as the team is finally assembled, they pretty much get to play one real game before the manga gets axed!

It takes 16 chapters to assemble a full baseball team - that's with rushing at the end and just recruiting a few generics. I can imagine the axe was probably already set in stone by that point. Too bad 'cause things were just starting to get interesting. A specific villain was ...
Jul 1, 2021
Ao no Flag (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
There are some spoilers here. The spoilers basically involve the premise of the story, but not the ending.

- - - STORY - - -
It's your average high school slice of life romance thing... except some of the characters are gay. So, we're basically here to see if a gay romance can be written well or to see what struggles gay people face in a straight society. Sure, I'll bite. What's it like to be a gay teenager trying to find their place in this world?

The story and drama is generally fine and moderately entertaining. The matchmaking stuff ...
Jun 14, 2021
There's a bit too much world building and crap getting explained for a one shot. Nothing very interesting. Some schoolgirls in London go to a secret underground world to grind dragons and escape from incels.

The old guy they call "director" has a nice design, it's a display of where Kubo's art shines. Everyone else is either plain or trying too hard to be generically unique. The guns look like really crappy toys, it's an embarrassing step down from the unique sword designs from Bleach.

Characters are cringey and unlikeable. Guy wants to see underwear, girl is bashful about underwear and breaks every bone in ...
Jun 14, 2021
Build King (Manga) add
It was pretty mediocre as a one-shot, so I was surprised when they introduced it as a new series. The concept of "building peace" by smacking bad guys with a hammer is really stupid. Terribly wasted potential. If they maintained a little more realism with construction, I feel this could've been interesting and somewhat educational. Instead, they opted for being able to do construction work by shooting energy beams. I guess when you get really good, you don't even have to touch tools or materials - or even be anywhere near the building you're working on.

Build King tried to incorporate a dumb rainbow of ...
Jun 14, 2021
Platinum End (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
With the philosophical themes involved, you read on, anticipating an ending that'll knock your socks off and leave you thinking about the character motivations and choices. Y'know, like Death Note. Because it's from the guys who made Death Note. That's probably the only reason anyone would go out of their way to read this.

The characters are a fairly dull lot. For the majority of the manga, they act like they're in a haze; devoid of emotion or ambition, they just kinda suffer along for the ride. The main characters always have this dead look in their eyes, too. They did kinda give up the ...
Jun 14, 2021
Mixed Feelings
It's a pretty mediocre Dr. Stone spin-off. It turns out Byakuya is such a genius, he invented sentient AI. He's also such a weeb that he was working on a prototype to put his AI into a waifu. You'd think he'd focus on the programming, but his priority was to build the robot's bust. Yet, for some reason, he decided to be an astronaut instead of a billionaire selling AI waifus to the masses. Think about that again for a moment: Byakuya is an actual inventor while Senku just builds stuff that humanity already invented. It's a mystery how Byakuya didn't accidentally invent the revival ...
Jun 14, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Some kid with a split personality plays shogi against himself. That's a pretty fun idea. One personality comes out at night, the other comes out at day. That being the case, only one of them got to go to school and make friends. Due to a freak accident, their night/day cycles get swapped, putting our goody-two-shoes Taisei on the night shift. The story mainly follows the uneducated Taisei as he chases his other half's shogi glory.

Anyway, so it's a decent idea for a story, though I don't know how to play shogi and don't care about it at all. The opponents are all heavily ...
Jun 14, 2021
Act-age (Manga) add
The artwork is rather amateurish at the start, but you can see the artist's abilities improve as the manga goes on. There's a little pointless nudity in an early chapter (not particularly sexual); maybe because it's Shounen Jump or maybe because the writer is a child predator. In any case, there's no fan service beyond that, which is good.

The character designs can be ugly at times (what is Takemitsu's hair?), but generally they're pleasant to look at. I like how the artist gives several characters little imperfections, like moles on their faces (and not just a single, typical "beauty mark").

Anyway, Act-age is all ...
Jun 14, 2021
Agravity Boys (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Earth's last survivors. Their continuing mission: to explore the strange world they're stranded on whilst establishing friendly relations with various alien races. Or something like that.

The premise of Agravity Boys is reminiscent of Star Trek: The Next Generation where our homeboys from Earth are being tested and harassed by an omnipotent being that is bored. This manga doesn't take itself very seriously; there's basically no story, it's just day-to-day tomfoolery and running gags. It has its funny moments, though it's kinda hit or miss. Running gags put a lot of focus on Chris being perceived ...

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