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Sep 29, 2017
Made in Abyss (Anime) add
“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”

Perhaps Nietzsche had something to say about this show as the longer I watches it, the more I’m consumed by its captivating landscapes and eldritch horror found within its depth.

[Contains Minor Spoilers]

Located on the island of Ōsu where its single defining feature is an one kilometer wide hole, that is speculated to be over twenty kilometers deep, Made in Abyss follows the pair of Riko and Reg as they progress on their one-way journey to the very bottom. The biggest strength is its immersion that Made in Abyss submerges its viewers with ...
Mar 31, 2017
Youjo Senki (Anime) add
It’s not very often that an anime comes out that has its main protagonist be the villain and does it so well. Overlord is a popular show that explores this idea and Youjo Senki would be a highly recommended for those who enjoy certain aspects of it. It follows Tanya Degurechaff, a Japanese salaryman reincarnated into a female child soldier, in a reality where magic coexists alongside an alternate timeline of World War One. The twist is that she fights for Germanian Empire and behaves far differently than a stereotypical heroine.


Youjo Senki is defined by the main female lead of Tanya as she ascends ...
Aug 26, 2015
After an agonizing eight months after its debut in Japanese theaters, the Blu-Rays and subs for Psycho-Pass: The Movie are finally released and I can move pass that abomination of that second season. I'm very happy to say that the movie has met my expectations and is a fantastic addition to the franchise.

Picking up after six months of the conclusion of the Psycho-Pass 2, a group of foreigners invade Japan with the intentions of committing an terrorist attack against the Sybil System. From that point on, Akane is sent off to a war-ravaged country, where the Sybil system is trialed, in order to find Kougami, ...
Dec 29, 2014
Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, by all accounts, should have been a completely forgettable and mediocre show having the pretense of being a teaser anime for Cygames and their mobile card game. The source material has the plot of a piece of cardboard and is little more than a collection of conceptual artwork. With all those things in mind, Studio MAPPA rises to the challenge and completely shatters my non-existent expectations as they set the standard for a promotional show.

Taking place within a fantasy setting where the combined efforts of mankind, gods and demons have successfully sealed away the world-destroying Bahamut, the world of ...
Dec 15, 2014
Produced by White Fox Studios as 24 episode series, Akame ga Kill! is the anime adaptation of an unfinished manga that follows the exploits of an assassination group looking to overthrow the corrupt empire. While it doesn't even have good writing or the proper foundations, there is no denying that this show takes its audience for a wild ride that is filled with bloodshed and explosions.

Set in a fantasy world, Akame ga Kill! begins with a talented but rather naive swordsman named Tatsumi, arriving in Empire's capital city and dreaming of making a name for himself. He quickly finds himself being stripped ...
Nov 10, 2014

--The review contains spoilers--

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion is to its original twelve episodes series as to End of Evangelion was to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both have an extensive and truly mind-blowing foundation to build upon as well as featuring an absolutely earth-shattering ending that leaves the audience feeling shell-shocked.

Veterans of the Madoka Magica TV series know that something is eerily off within moments of the movie's introduction. Given the fairly conclusive ending in the previous installment, the setting in the movie's beginning, is perfect to a fault. Characters, that should be dead, are back and everyone's is best friends with ...
Oct 31, 2014
Following my conflicted experience with Hellsing TV, I stumbled onto Studio Madhouse efforts into creating an anime that follows the source material of its manga to a much closer degree. Instead of a standard weekly airing schedule, Madhouse decided to go with releasing a total of ten OVAs over an agonizing long six years. In doing so, they have rectify most of the problems that marred the potential of Gonzo's effort.

While the first two OVAs are fairly straight-forward rehashed material from the original Hellsing, the remaining eight volumes goes off on a completely awesome and different tangent. Gone are the half-baked storylines ...
Oct 31, 2014
Hellsing (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Years ago, before I seriously got into anime and kept up with shows on a weekly basis, I had little knowledge of anime outside of Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing and whatever FOXKids decided to show. There was a program called WINAMP which served as the basis for my media needs and also had a neat little function for internet streaming. Among the various streams, was an anime channel that had, you guessed it, Hellsing playing on repeat and that's how I got into this little show. Produced by Studio Gonzo in 2001, Hellsing would be the darkest and edgiest show that I have watched ...
Sep 30, 2014
In a season filled with giant robots, teenage dramas and supernatural violence, Zankyou no Terror stands out from the usual crowd with its focus on the rarely explored subject matter of terrorism. Shinichirō Watanabe, renowned director of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Kids on the Slope, once again teams up with Yoko Kanno and the newly formed Studio MAPPA to delivers one of the highlights of the summer season 2014.

Zankyou no Terror or Terror in Resonance, opens up with two mysterious male teenagers named Nine and Twelve, carrying out a heist at a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility and ends up stealing ...
Sep 23, 2014
Captain Earth (Anime) add
"When I opened the door called Captain Earth, my ride on the hype train ended. It was an anime I could forget."

From Studio Bones and the same creative team that made Star Driver, comes a mecha anime that promises amazing action backed up by Shakespearean lore but instead, delivers a train wreck that is only worthy for the scrap yard.

The story starts off well enough, having a 17 year old high schooler named Daichi, through a set of extraordinary circumstances, coming to be the sole pilot of the Earth Engine, which was built to defend humanity from the invading Planetary Gears. However, it ...

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