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RedCloudNinja Yesterday, 3:54 AM
That was a pleasure to read. Truly outshines my attempt at one I made a few years back that's for sure haha.
I feel like you've pretty much covered everything that people who haven't read the manga before will need to know before deciding to read. I agree with all of your points.
The ending I do agree felt rushed, however the ending was more than satisfying. It ended much like it started, as an adventure that never stops :)
I have made sure to share it to everyone who I know would be interested in it, you have my word there man :)

RedCloudNinja Oct 18, 9:44 PM
Magi has been an incredible journey for me. One of the most important series in my youth and high school. You're 100% correct with it tackling many issues that were either poorly handled or only touched upon in others. That's why I loved it as much as I do.

And yes I do remember, it was because you had given it something like a 5 which I thought was too low regardless of anyone's standards haha. I'm really glad you changed your mind, I noticed you gave it a 9 overall, can definitely agree with that.

If you write a review I will share it to everyone I know who has read it btw. The top review for it is beyond bad. Ugh. Really would love to see your thoughts on it in a review format!
TuyNOM Oct 17, 4:08 PM
Thank you for your impressions, it reassures me a little. ^^
The end was really anticlicmatic and I didn't see the interest of Lou's existence in Kai's life, because they finally separate, nothing more.

-> Also, I was wondering (since it may be my theater had sound problems), did you find the echo of the loudspeaker absolutely unbearable? I understand the film explained the village didn't have the means to obtain quality material but at times it was very embarrassing.
Several times, I was a little deconcentrated... ><

What did you think about the songs since the film is tagged music? None held my attention... and the dances made me cringe. (Poppei is back ??)
Hollweg Oct 16, 7:41 PM
On going stuff is bad for the brain but I'll give it a shot once it ends, thanks for the rec
Hollweg Oct 1, 3:28 AM
That's the reason the author from Kiss Him, Not Me! should stick to shoujo... but to be honest her other BL works aren't as explicit if I recall correctly :')
Hollweg Sep 19, 7:53 PM
tfw still no fourth season announcement for Haikyuu ;-;
Hollweg Sep 18, 5:53 PM
Yeah man, it could've been soooo much more.
I just read the one-shot so most of the movie was entirely new to me and disappointed me greatly towards the end, I was very into Shouya's day by day struggles and then suddenly everything seemed so artificial, but I liked the first half so much (the perfect use of "My Generation" alone is enough for me to rate it a 6+) that I just settled for a 7. Kimi no Na wa left me wanting to re-watch the whole thing right after the credits ended, I doubt I'll be revisiting Koe very soon but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

oh, and did you catch up with Boku no Hero just recently? don't think I've seen it in your list before (my stalking may have gone rusty). "Another flawed shounen MC surrounded by a much better side cast that yearns for more screentime." DON'T BE MEAN TO DEKU!!!1
Seriously though, I think the only reason I can stomach Deku is 'cause his voice actor also voices of Onoda in YowaPeda so I'm immune to his most whiny moments.

Hollweg Sep 16, 9:00 PM
It was good while it lasted, but I can't wait for a show as hilariously bad as Makura to air so I can exact my revenge on these eViL MAL mods!!!

balagergo Sep 14, 1:21 AM
Some sanity would be great right about now.
balagergo Sep 13, 12:45 PM
You might be right, but if my review helps countering the show's premature burial even by a slight margin, then I think it wasn't wasted effort.
Nevertheless, I'm thankful that you've read the review and shared your opinion on the subject!
TuyNOM Sep 10, 5:52 AM
It is true that in terms of atypical scenario, Yuasa's animes don't impress me so much either. But for this last film I didn't feel the same satisfaction that I could have for Tatami Galaxy or Ping Pong.

Yes Durarara impresses me a lot too. Although I have read the novel and seen the anime once, I find the narrative structure absolutely brilliant and almost perfect. The mysteries are perfectly well introduced.

I speak mainly of the first season since I haven't seen the sequel. Besides, I have a preference for the anime. For the first season, the novel doesn't give so much more interesting information. Everything is perfectly well transcribed in the anime, even the narrative or descriptive parts. Have you read the novel?

I agree with you about Mushishi. The first season helped me get used to the unusual setting. Season 2 was definitely more profitable and personally I saw the second season in two days.
TuyNOM Sep 8, 10:40 AM
Hey ! It's been a while... o/

Yoake Tsugeru wasn't a bad movie, certainly. But I think the story was too dense to tell everything in just 2 hours. As a result, I found the conclusion unsatisfactory and almost anticlimatic. I recognized the burlesque style of Yuasa but the characters weren't particularly innovative. Only tropes that you have already seen in any ordinary anime.
I wish you enjoy this show. And perhaps you will find qualities that have not come to my mind?

As I like a lot of animes and I can't put all of them in the "favorites" section, I preferred to add only the animes seen recently. Anyway, the list of recommendations on my profile represents my favorite animes haha. Also this will encourage me to rewatch some fav' animes. (I have already done MadokaMagica and Drrr!! S1)

This manga was a pleasant surprise but you know, I especially appreciate these short stories (slice of life/drama) that tell something interesting, have a coherent beginning and ending, eg Omoide Emanon, Haruka na Machi e... are really a delight.

Otherwise I hope you are fine. I see that you greatly appreciate Mushishi's season 2. ^^
Sh4de Sep 7, 7:07 AM
Only the movie and you'll be left with nothing :(

Perhaps I'll rewatch my favorite eps soonish, my ptw is shrinking badly, and it's getting hard to find any shows that I feel are worth my time lately tbh. Focus went once again to movies and reading these days.
Sh4de Sep 7, 3:17 AM
I never understood why some people didn't like the continuation as much. I always said how happy I was that it still felt the exact same after all those years in between seasons when it started airing, and to me, (perhaps because there was quite some time between my watches of s1 & 2) there weren't actually very notable differences. That gloomy atmosphere is still the same, the accompanying OST is outstanding, and it has kept this talent to make each story so compelling with its slow pace. The art got an update, with more breathtaking sceneries of nature and picturesque small villages, yet perhaps in season 1 it was a bit more gritty, less colorful at times.

If I had to choose, I'd say I liked s2 better, but only because it contained more intriguing concepts for stories that really spoke to me, like the déjà vu episode. Production-wise I really couldn't say; it all felt like parts of a whole to me, honestly.

I'm glad you liked it as much as you did, though also curious now to hear what makes s2 such a big step up for you? Perhaps it just slowly grew on you, as it did me?
IceColdAcer Sep 2, 9:12 AM
Yeahh, I've more or less stopped talking to people on MAL. I just use it for keeping a list and checking up on stats and other anime friend's of mine are watching nowadays.

Glad to hear that pal. Hope the final season is even better :)