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Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama
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Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger
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Hidamari ga Kikoeru
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Deku6339 Aug 8, 9:47 PM
you should really update your This Season box

And great Shikioriori review
kouhai-desu Aug 8, 1:20 PM
i luv u
Zerity Aug 7, 8:27 PM
whos ur profile pic of?
Maityoman Aug 6, 8:20 PM
Nice Shikioriori review man. Very insightful stuff. Happy it's at the top so many people can realize the points you're trying to communicate.
RedCloudNinja Aug 4, 6:14 PM
Hey man, been a while!

I just finished reading your review and I thought it was great! It got me interested in it for sure
I'll definitely share it around with some of my mates to help your review get out :)
Aymaan143 Aug 4, 11:53 AM
Aymaan143 Aug 4, 8:11 AM
fucking bless
someone finally agrees that he's best
Aymaan143 Jul 13, 1:57 AM
it's Kirik0h !
Aino_ Jul 4, 2:05 PM
;_; Who's on the pic though?
Aino_ Jul 1, 12:11 PM
Damn, I like your profile pic :D
Aymaan143 Jun 30, 6:22 AM
Thank you Kiriii!
Hollweg May 7, 6:27 PM
Hollweg May 7, 6:14 PM
Luckily, episode 5 was way better than the previous four. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.
I also prefer when the focus is on someone else other than Deku, although I'd prefer if things don't go full Sasuke with Bakugou, the story's been hinting that for a while now and it's getting on my nerves.
Here's hoping some other character has development as nice as Iida and Todoroki had in season two.
ZephSilver May 3, 3:36 PM
I've seen people make that claim and I beg the differ, there might be too much there. But that again requires the viewer to be adept at what's being implicated. It's the reason I even mentioned it. Things like Angel's Egg and Ergo Proxy can't be understood through collected buzzphrases and terms like "oh, it's philosophical" or "it has layered symbology." These are works where you actually have to know what you're talking about. And more often than not, instead of being humbled by the idea of something expressing a higher degree of knowledge of a particular subject, people after often intimidated by it "over their heads," so naturally, the easier solution is to dismiss it. Claiming to "know" when in actuality, deep down inside, they know the opposite is true. I've done similar things before, but after awhile, I realize how juvenile that thought process was. If someone doesn't comprehend something, then the better solution would be to seek answers. Pretending to know wouldn't get you anywhere. So unless I'm confident on something's agenda, I won't speak on it unless I know I can.

And as for Angel's Egg, if you would like to have an in-depth conversation about it, I'm sure I could lift that veil of "vagueness" that you may think is there and help recontextualize some things for you, that is if you're willing. You could always add me on discord, I could PM you my account if you like and we could always voice chat about it. Like Proxy, it's a topic I've grown tired of typing about. I'd much rather explain over voice chat where there's no miscommunication or delayed response time. I know Angel's Egg has been called ambiguous by many, but that's actually not the truth. The only thing vague about is is that Oshii refuse to give people a cheat, as he's often done with most of his works. Most directors and creators are like that.

But that's where the disconnect occurs, identifying the mirror reflection and the actual object with dimension. Ergo is the object with dimension, Franxx is nothing but a reflection; it's surface-level. Proxy actually incorporates philosophy, while Franxx merely quotes it. So the comparison is a dead end for me, personally. It's like saying Elfen Lied and Shinsekai Yori is of equal value because they're about subservience and using a humanoid species to make the "man vs man" parable. Just because something deploys the same methods doesn't make the comparisons worth anything. There are levels towards something's inherent value and substance. To further help with that point, give my rating philosophy a read sometime:

For now, I would just quote a passage in it:
"I could enjoy eating a Big Mac, Outback Steakburger and Chicago's Acadia burger with the same amount of vigor, but if asked to place them in accordance with the quality each hold, claiming that a Big Mac was made with the same amount of craftsmanship as the Michelin-Star-rated Acadia burger would be absurd. And the same would also be true if I said Outback Steakburgers and Big Macs were equally the same because "they're both pieces of meat on a bun."

For the three burgers listed, there's a clear line of separation when it comes to their quality in terms of craftsmanship and time spent creating them. "

So while I could see how Proxy showboating its know-how to be a bother to you, the point is, it actually knows what it's talking about. Understandably, that might come across as gaudy to some people, but I simply see that as self-confidence. FranXX is simply gaudy. It's hot air. If Proxy is a smarmy college professor then FranXX is a 13-year-old hipster kid that just learned a new term and think they're "smart" all of a sudden.

I have no manga to compare Orange too but I was impressed with the tv series, if only for how fully-realized the cast felt. It's been entirely too long since I've seen an anime where the teenagers actually act their age. It is disheartening to see it dismissed so harshly but I'm not surprised. The anime community is still young and sadly, most of the people that follow it have little to no real-life experience with relationships, so they favor bombastic theatrics over proper representation.

Yeah, that's true. The bigotry on the internet is pretty insane.
Well, if you're interested in carrying over this discussion on discord, just let me know.
Aymaan143 Apr 30, 11:46 AM
uwaaaah this is pretty crap tbh fam LOL
also what's up with the whole 9s team being reversed