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Yesterday wo Utatte
Yesterday wo Utatte
May 28, 2:07 PM
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Ahiru no Sora
Ahiru no Sora
May 28, 1:41 PM
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Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!!
Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!!
May 1, 1:31 PM
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Mar 31, 2018 10:46 AM
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Mar 31, 2018 10:45 AM
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Hollweg May 28, 1:49 PM
Better make it "kill Haru and the rest of the gang" because of how lame all these characters are (but yeah, Haru is the worst one by a large margin). I can't believe they wasted a decent budget on this show. The dialogues ("What is love?", "I don't know who I am", "I'M DECLARING WAR ON YOU SENSEI!!!") makes think Yesterday was ghost-written by Mari Okada on Ritalin. Tfw the crow is the best character.
Hollweg May 8, 8:33 PM
"Kill Haru please" DUDE! She has a pet crow! How cool is that?!
But seriously, is it that bad? I was thinking of checking it out, but I'm still busy going through the previous season's highlights.
Hollweg May 2, 12:30 AM
You know the world is in a terrible state when the pure epicness of Futsal Boys!!!!!!! is delayed until god knows when. The PV and the official site for it are glorious. I need this in my life.
KLerrr Apr 28, 5:40 AM
5cm/s changed my life
GreylinRo Apr 23, 4:17 AM
You have really good opinions! :)
smo12345 Apr 22, 6:35 PM
You have really good opinions! :)
supermario4ever Apr 18, 12:17 PM
Hi! Thank you for your comment! :) Yes, sine I watch animes since 2006, it's not the same to watch back then, when I watched with "beginner's enthusiastic", than now, when I saw some masterpieces, which also "shaped" my viewing, as the time passed. So yes, I see the animes and japanese music different during this 14 years.

Oh, thank you for the Koimonogatari. :) I've never hard about that, but it really seems to be good. I will have a look for it. And I'm always pleased to talk to a guy, who also like BL, like Given or Hidamari ga Kikoeru. :)
flowstate Feb 23, 1:45 PM
Please, do yourself the favor. If you enjoyed the humanness within The Gods Lie, I don't think you'll be sorry with what is presented within such a short series. I ended up writing a review on it yesterday, so if you want to see exactly why I like it, check it out here. If you do read the series though, I'd love to know what you thought about it. I woke up thinking about this damn series and that never happens. It really impacted me and I hope it does the same for you.

The Gods Lie made it to my favorites because of how such real themes were brought to the reader. Rin-chan also conveyed emotion, or lack of so properly. She was a broken soul, and her character was done so well. I agree with what draws you to the medium. I am drawn to that as well. That's the reason I've wanted to get into Inio Asano over the past year, but I've still yet to really feel moved by any of his works. I do like well done tragedy, but Inio's work seems a bit too desperate and dark for my tastes. I've still never worked through Punpun yet though, so that will likely be where I find out.

Anyway, definitely looking forward to Orange. Cheers!
flowstate Feb 22, 6:19 PM
I just read your review of Orange, and you've convinced me to check it out! I also just so happened to order Satoshi Kon's Opus earlier this week and see that that's a favorite of yours as well as The Climber. Good taste!

I just finished this and I'm sure I'll be recommending it to everyone in the next couple months. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's short too, like 3 volumes.

Sh4de Feb 14, 2:25 AM
Sure, but it's not blind and unconditional. He just usually has that special extra in his works that gets me, though not always, if somewhat limited by doing an adaptation, like Eizouken.
I was amused during the first few episodes, and while I can appreciate how the concept of bringing animation to life is brought, with usually the character's fantasy springing forth some of that golden yuasa style animation, it's not a subject I can be interested in for the duration of an entire show, which does seem to be the case.
That doesn't really have anything to do with Yuasa, it just means it's an adaptation of a work I probably wouldn't have considered if it wasn't him directing it. Scratch that, definitely wouldn't have.
Aymaan143 Dec 30, 2019 11:29 PM
I wanted to finish it and ended up staying up just to do so even though I had work the next day LOL

Hoshiai no Sora is on my plan to watch but I’m gonna catch up to my currently watching first ^^;;
Hollweg Dec 28, 2019 12:14 AM
Gladly voted it up. Mods already took some of the worst reviews down, but I'll forever miss the "not helpful" button lol

Hollweg Dec 27, 2019 7:08 PM
Man, the Hoshiai no Sora finale fucked me up real bad. The OP being cut short is still haunting me. Why can't we have nice things?
TuyNOM Dec 6, 2019 1:16 PM
Same ^^
I can't wait to see the next season. I miss good sports anime...
TuyNOM Dec 6, 2019 12:56 PM
Thank you my friend. I guess you liked the profile picture. :D