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Hollweg May 7, 6:27 PM
Hollweg May 7, 6:14 PM
Luckily, episode 5 was way better than the previous four. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.
I also prefer when the focus is on someone else other than Deku, although I'd prefer if things don't go full Sasuke with Bakugou, the story's been hinting that for a while now and it's getting on my nerves.
Here's hoping some other character has development as nice as Iida and Todoroki had in season two.
ZephSilver May 3, 3:36 PM
I've seen people make that claim and I beg the differ, there might be too much there. But that again requires the viewer to be adept at what's being implicated. It's the reason I even mentioned it. Things like Angel's Egg and Ergo Proxy can't be understood through collected buzzphrases and terms like "oh, it's philosophical" or "it has layered symbology." These are works where you actually have to know what you're talking about. And more often than not, instead of being humbled by the idea of something expressing a higher degree of knowledge of a particular subject, people after often intimidated by it "over their heads," so naturally, the easier solution is to dismiss it. Claiming to "know" when in actuality, deep down inside, they know the opposite is true. I've done similar things before, but after awhile, I realize how juvenile that thought process was. If someone doesn't comprehend something, then the better solution would be to seek answers. Pretending to know wouldn't get you anywhere. So unless I'm confident on something's agenda, I won't speak on it unless I know I can.

And as for Angel's Egg, if you would like to have an in-depth conversation about it, I'm sure I could lift that veil of "vagueness" that you may think is there and help recontextualize some things for you, that is if you're willing. You could always add me on discord, I could PM you my account if you like and we could always voice chat about it. Like Proxy, it's a topic I've grown tired of typing about. I'd much rather explain over voice chat where there's no miscommunication or delayed response time. I know Angel's Egg has been called ambiguous by many, but that's actually not the truth. The only thing vague about is is that Oshii refuse to give people a cheat, as he's often done with most of his works. Most directors and creators are like that.

But that's where the disconnect occurs, identifying the mirror reflection and the actual object with dimension. Ergo is the object with dimension, Franxx is nothing but a reflection; it's surface-level. Proxy actually incorporates philosophy, while Franxx merely quotes it. So the comparison is a dead end for me, personally. It's like saying Elfen Lied and Shinsekai Yori is of equal value because they're about subservience and using a humanoid species to make the "man vs man" parable. Just because something deploys the same methods doesn't make the comparisons worth anything. There are levels towards something's inherent value and substance. To further help with that point, give my rating philosophy a read sometime:

For now, I would just quote a passage in it:
"I could enjoy eating a Big Mac, Outback Steakburger and Chicago's Acadia burger with the same amount of vigor, but if asked to place them in accordance with the quality each hold, claiming that a Big Mac was made with the same amount of craftsmanship as the Michelin-Star-rated Acadia burger would be absurd. And the same would also be true if I said Outback Steakburgers and Big Macs were equally the same because "they're both pieces of meat on a bun."

For the three burgers listed, there's a clear line of separation when it comes to their quality in terms of craftsmanship and time spent creating them. "

So while I could see how Proxy showboating its know-how to be a bother to you, the point is, it actually knows what it's talking about. Understandably, that might come across as gaudy to some people, but I simply see that as self-confidence. FranXX is simply gaudy. It's hot air. If Proxy is a smarmy college professor then FranXX is a 13-year-old hipster kid that just learned a new term and think they're "smart" all of a sudden.

I have no manga to compare Orange too but I was impressed with the tv series, if only for how fully-realized the cast felt. It's been entirely too long since I've seen an anime where the teenagers actually act their age. It is disheartening to see it dismissed so harshly but I'm not surprised. The anime community is still young and sadly, most of the people that follow it have little to no real-life experience with relationships, so they favor bombastic theatrics over proper representation.

Yeah, that's true. The bigotry on the internet is pretty insane.
Well, if you're interested in carrying over this discussion on discord, just let me know.
Aymaan143 Apr 30, 11:46 AM
uwaaaah this is pretty crap tbh fam LOL
also what's up with the whole 9s team being reversed
Aymaan143 Apr 30, 8:05 AM
I'm still stuck in 11 and contemplating whether it's worth catching up or not
but the flame wars ..... y i k e s
Aymaan143 Apr 27, 1:03 PM
thank you!
Aymaan143 Apr 27, 2:37 AM
oh nice
I might actually watch it then
ZephSilver Apr 24, 7:03 PM
I think there's a misconception surrounding drama vs melodrama, and one being treated as "inherently good" and the latter "bad." When in actuality, any method of storytelling or any genre it may fall into always run a wide range of bad, decent and good iterations. So, in the same way, we could have a bad, decent or good action film, we could equally so have a bad, decent or good melodrama title. Citrus, as it stands, is a horrible example of drama. And since I've had this conversation several times this week, I'll just copy and paste something I had mocked up to someone else:

Drama for anime would be:
Only Yesterday (great)
5cm (good)
Garden of Words (decent)
Angel Beats (bad)
Melodrama for anime would be:
Rakugo s1 (great)
Toradora (good)
Kids on the Slope (decent)
Plastic Memories (bad)

There's a difference between melodrama and drama that not that many people are adept at understanding, and rightfully so, since the difference is so thin that unless you seek to educate yourself on it, registering it on a subconscious level might be your best bet. It's like trying to explain the difference between aquamarine and turquoise. The best way I could think of going about making the divide for people is to think of it this way: good melodrama is like a Shakespearian play or Greek epic, bad melodrama is like a sappy soap opera or fanfiction writing. They may both be hyper-stylized and overinflate the emotions of the characters, but one draws from a place of real-life humanity, while the other draws from a delusional depiction of what real-life humanity is. Character vs Cariticure, in more words or less.

So despite whatever differences that we may share in opinions, it seems that our love and understanding (whether fully-aware or subconsciously) has made it to where we truly appreciate good drama and melodrama when we see it.

Now that we've established that, similarly, there's a difference between good and bad philosophically driven content. In the same way, there's a difference between people that simply spout out "it's philosophical" without knowing what they're talking about, as opposed to people who have read the works of Jacques Lacan and Edmund Husserl (along with many others) that shape the framework of what Proxy is. Now I can't speak for how you value things but this might be the divergent point for you and me. Showboating as it may be at times, Proxy is not without purpose. So if I was giving it the same (bad, decent, good, great) treatment as I previously did, then proxy would rank up there with Angel's Egg for purposeful iconography and symbology did with a thematic purpose. FranXX would fall in the (bad) category for reasons I don't think I need to explain; it's a blowhard. Now, if you believe Proxy and FranXX are even worth making comparative critiques by pitting them together then my attempts to tell you otherwise would be no different than what I stated earlier. Is it aquamarine or turquoise? To a less discerning eye, the nuance is nebulous minutia. Don't take this the wrong way, I mean no offense when I say this, but I believe that discernment in "difference" when it comes to what Proxy did as oppose to FranXX may be lost on you.

Think of it this way, when you compare Franxx and Proxy to me, it's no difference that someone using the insular logic of comparing Evangelion and Pokemon to me, using the idea of "well, they're both about humanoid monster proxy battles carried out by their owners." The idea is absolutely absurd to the informed. So I don't think trying to make that discernment for you would do me any good, it's simply a matter of understanding in certain things. I'm sure that are facets of different media that you see the clear divide of where I only see a blur of the same content, so don't take it as me trying to assert dominants. It's just what it is. Some people have a better "eye" for certain things and a weak point in others. It's the same for me as it is for you.

And seeing how this jumpstarted from a Orange and Citrus comparison, here ya go:

Since you found me through Citrus, I'll make the assumption that you've read it. And if so, I've also reviewed Orange if you would like to give that a read on your free time.

Thanks for approaching me in a civil matter. It's always refreshing when someone seeks to understand before they seek to tear down opposing opinions. If all my comments came across with this kind of respect, MAL would be an infinitely better place.
Aymaan143 Apr 22, 11:11 PM
Most likely!
I’d check AB once it’s out, unless it’s already out and no one wants to do it :thinking:
Lythelus Apr 16, 6:27 PM
Yeah, the season so far seems to be proving itself much better than anything recent. I think I'm liking most of what I'm watching. The new LOGH seems to be holding up quite nicely but I'd like to watch the original before any remake. I think my favourite so far on first impressions is Hisone to Maso-tan, which is proving to be quite the treat. Like those 80s kids cartoons or movies brought to flourishing life - carefree, very funny and very admirable.

I actually 100% agree with you there on Megalo Box. It's the first thing that grabbed my attention, why did all the details look downscaled? It looked really muddy, not the most pleasant thing on the eyes. But oh well, we will see how it turns out.

I read the manga of Tokyo Ghoul and I liked it, the adaptations were not up to par and I haven't read RE so I thought I'd watch the new series but it also seems it's nowhere up to par as well. It's a good concept and all just not executed in any particularly good way, the manga, while I don't think, is anything great is miles better, it's an actual Seinen feeling product while as the anime feels like a hopeless shounen. I've also seen this concept that TG provides done much better elsewhere with titles such as Parasyte or Ajin. Basically, the manga had the emotional pull and things felt sinister and done right, on the other hand, the anime proves to be doing everything wrong. I'm going to finish this new TG anyways because I rarely drop series but I doubt it will hold up and it's probably nothing like it's manga counterpart.

Hollweg Apr 16, 12:16 PM
not going to lie, it's my AOTS so far
Lythelus Apr 16, 1:43 AM
Sorry for being a bit late with the reply. Kinda on and off with MAL conversations. I can understand the love for VE but it just didn't do much of anything for me. But yeah props to you if you found it excellent. For me in the season, that Fate/Shaft anime was my only positive due to me being hugely fond of Shinbou's directing style, based on top of the genuinely interesting development of the characters and their inner-conflict and physical conflict with each enemy the verse in each episode. And, of course, SHAFT makes it look amazing, the big problem I really have it with it though is that it's an unfinished product, we don't get any conclusion with the developments until maybe later, which was disappointing.

So how goes the current season that just started for you?
Hollweg Apr 13, 1:02 AM
what even is this whole anime season ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^)🔫
I certainly didn't pick a good moment to start watching things weekly again... although at least the sequels aren't bad so far, even if Boku no Hero had that super lame premiere
Sh4de Apr 13, 12:05 AM
Thanks man, quite a chill one, weekday and all so nothing too wild
Lythelus Apr 9, 6:26 AM
Ahah alright here’s perfectly good then!

Thoughts on the Winter 2018 season that just ended?

I personally thought it was quite weak with Fate/Extra Last Encore being the only title I genuinely liked. I didn’t check out Yuru Camp though, which I heard great things about.