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Love Live! Superstar!! 2nd Season
Love Live! Superstar!! 2nd Season
Sep 27, 3:00 PM
Watching 10/12 · Scored -
Lycoris Recoil
Lycoris Recoil
Sep 27, 2:58 PM
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Extreme Hearts
Sep 27, 2:53 PM
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K-On! College
K-On! College
Sep 27, 3:12 PM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 8
LIttLE 13
LIttLE 13
Aug 11, 3:13 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 4
Shoujo Fujuubun
Shoujo Fujuubun
Aug 11, 3:13 PM
Completed 27/27 · Scored 6

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Kirik0h Oct 2, 1:34 PM
Would definitely recommend Ao Ashi if you're looking for a sports manga. I think the anime was great but I've absolutely loved the manga!
Kirik0h Aug 22, 5:09 PM
I'm so conflicted as honestly I was worried we weren't ever gettnig any continuation but simultaneously this is just not how I want things to end especially knowing that there is so much to adapt in the manga.

I actually don't doubt that the individual matches will be sublime because they do benefit from a singular format rather than episodic releases but there is no doubt that these will be so rushed and the careful authentic character storytelling that makes Haikyuu what it is, is likely to be diminished subsequently.

I'm going to withhold judgements until release but nonetheless it's another pain that because it's a movie, we'll have to wait for a release outside of Japan. That said, the UK is doing better and better because they're releasing Free: The Final Stroke Part 2 in a week's time and this movie only came out in Japan in April so just half a year later
HAJIME-NO-ROBIN Dec 9, 2021 9:07 AM
Yes you must know I Beginn watched it 4 years ago the time going fast when you always go Cycling, I think I’m a big Yowapeda Fan, I bought 2 Roadbike that I still using this days thanks Yowapeda! Take care to! I also got the Jerceys from Hiroshima, Fujimi, Sohoku, Hakogaku. I also joined a Cycling club near to me. I also collect al the Manga from Yenpress 1-18! And the two season whit the Movie. Oh man I Love Yowapeda.
Ezekiel_01 Nov 19, 2021 6:56 PM
Hello There! Randomly Passing By!

zyz93 Oct 3, 2021 12:22 PM
-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯╲___卐卐卐卐
CrimsonCW Jun 10, 2021 2:22 PM
I disagree; I'm reading the Prison School manga while watching the anime first and I think the anime has done everything a lot better so far. But we'll see when it starts to overtake it.
fappu Jan 18, 2021 3:13 AM
i'm fine. moving out from our apartment again, we just cant stay in one place lmao. i just updated my MAL and thought maybe visit some cuties. here. how about you, how are you doing in this shitty time we have right now.
fappu Jan 18, 2021 1:59 AM
hi cutie
Kirik0h Dec 11, 2020 4:22 PM
Fuck I'm in tears
Liddo-kun Dec 8, 2020 1:34 PM
Fruit Tart

hi, this is a reply to your quote of my post at the Fruit Tart thread.

yeah, Ino must be happy being at the middle of all the girls. :p


and I agree that this is a good show. Watching it too.

my favorite character so far is Muni. Who is your favorite in the group? :>
Kirik0h Nov 28, 2020 9:17 AM
Also the way Atsumu and Hina are narrative parallels in that both of their sheer joy and love of volleyball shines through in their plays and motivates their team. After Atsumu's incredible set that showed how dedicated he was as a setter which caused even Ukai to clap, inspired his pinch setter to play to his potential and inspire his team to take the lead over Karasuno and turn the tide.

Hinata then subsequently does the same with his receive and even though they lost that point, his pure excitement from making such a good play completely changes Karasuno's mood.
Kirik0h Nov 28, 2020 8:59 AM
Phenomenal. Inarizaki have overtaken Seijoh as my favourite team. The way their team especially Atsumu embodies their motto "We don't need the memories", the way Hinata's pay off from the first half of season 1 was directed, the way the twins trust each other, all of it was so perfect.

I didn't feel as much tension watching the Shiratorizawa match and I never thought I'd love a match as much as the Seijoh one with Oikawa but depending on how this match ends, this definitely could be my favourite match.
Kirik0h Nov 14, 2020 2:09 PM
I love Inarizaki so much, they might be my favourite team. It's a shame about the animation this season but I think the characterisation has been phenomenal and hasn't been this good since S2 with Seijoh. I don't think I can physically and mentally handle Inarizaki losing this match which seems like the inevitable outcome
Kirik0h Oct 21, 2020 3:14 PM
It did feel so random and it wasn't even during the animation but rather the stills. I suspect the match will be a 5-setter considering the current pace - I feel like Tanaka's mini-arc here is something they wanted to deal with now but now that that's more or less resolved, I think the focus will shift again back to our main characters.

For me, there needs to be much larger focus on the Inarizaki team - in particular the twins and Suna who seems to be important because the reason Haikyuu matches work so well is because opponents are just as important characters you care about. It's what made the Seijoh match godtier and it's what made the Shiratorizawa match work as well. We simply do not know enough about Inarizaki which is problematic because that's the entire focus of this second cour.
Kirik0h Oct 15, 2020 1:39 PM
Let's just hope that the most recent HQ episode was a blip in terms of animation and not what's to expect over the coming episodes..........