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Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Today, 1:17 AM
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Today, 12:46 AM
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Sep 15, 10:07 PM
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Be Blues! Ao ni Nare
Be Blues! Ao ni Nare
Jul 16, 6:49 PM
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Distant Sky
Distant Sky
Jun 24, 6:46 PM
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Rule: Shoumetsu Kyoushitsu
Rule: Shoumetsu Kyoushitsu
Jun 22, 10:11 PM
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My_Tea_ Aug 4, 10:22 AM
Your Makura no Danshi review made me cry. Keep it up
qtblader Jul 16, 5:00 AM
Hell yeah. I'm hyped

Speaking of sports series, I hope you're reading this
huhwow Jul 15, 9:12 AM
That's reassuring to hear but I will be disappointed if it does not live up to my now very high expectations.
huhwow Jul 13, 3:00 AM
Katana collection not updated for 5 years, WTF man
CosmicScare Jun 24, 9:44 PM
yeah i thought that was retarded but then it got even more retarded when it turned out to not be a real pregnancy

dont worry bro i'm sure the neckbeard is only doing you favors 8^)

corona era sucks
Kirik0h Jun 23, 8:32 AM
I need to rewatch Oreigaru so I can enjoy S3 - the show is really steeped in soliloquys and monologues and I can't honestly recall the character developments up to this point.

A lot of the spring shows are coming back in summer so I'm excited to resume Balance Unlimited. I'm currently watching Great Pretender which came out on Netflix recently and is being fansubbed and it's excellent 3 eps in. The story is really cool and the art/aesthetic is very vibrant and fun. Would recommend giving it a shot.
JustACasualHater Jun 23, 5:10 AM
Eu tinha deixado on hold a Glory Line e decidi voltar recentemente a assistir. Terminei anteontem e fiquei muito curioso com aquele final, e fui ver se já tinha algo sobre a quinta temporada. Infelizmente, nada anunciado pela TMS mesmo, mas depois decidi verificar o mangá pra ver se já havia capítulos suficientes e boas notícias: o mangá já tem uns 100 capítulos para serem adaptados, o que é mais do que suficiente para uma nova temporada (pelos meus cálculos). Agora comecei a ler o mangá a partir do capítulo 422 (onde o anime parou) e estarei rezando para anunciarem logo a nova temporada.
CosmicScare Jun 22, 11:42 PM
bruh i'm over a quarter now it's brutal
dude big order was even worse than i thought it was gonna be literally devoid of merit aside from the OST being okay

how you doing
Kirik0h Jun 22, 11:25 AM
Lovely episode - I've thoroughly enjoyed S2 more than I did S1. I'm greatly appreciative of the fact that unlike many of these gimmick comedy shows based on some premise, there is an actual underlying plot that carries through not just for the MCs but also the side characters.

The show that surprised me the most (besides all the postponed ones due to covid) was Kakushigoto though. I loved the ending so much and it made me genuinely tearful.
Kirik0h Jun 21, 10:44 AM
Yesterday no Utatte was truly one of the worst romance dramas I've ever seen.

Just when I thought the writing had some semblance of emotional maturity as Rikuo and Shinako slowly resolve their confused feelings and past and talk it through like real adults they really made some bogus relationship in the end with Haru who by the end of the show we know nothing about except she wants Rikuo's cock. Not to mention the cliche hitting/punching the MC "I thought you weren't real". God forbid she acts like a human being and not a meme.
Kirik0h May 31, 11:21 AM
Holy fuck finally - he's calling out her stalker behaviour by the end of the episode. Thank god.

The fact that there are comments saying they would love Haru as a girlfriend shows how inexperienced they are in relationships and how in every romance, they just a kawaii moe girl that is obssessed with self-insert-kun.
Kirik0h May 31, 10:58 AM
I'm 10 minutes into episode and Haru's behaviour is something you could get a real restraining order for. She is camping outside his house and tyring to solicit him into letting her in and 2 minutes later stalking him again at his new part time job and once again at the convenience store.

What the fuck is wrong with her and why is her entire character and life existence tied to her crush. She is supposedly a grown woman of at least 18 years of age. The other characters are lame and have problems but I'm happy to watch a show about losers or broken people as long as it's realistic.

But good lord, Haru is a literal meme - she has no friends, no life, no hobbies, no interest, no actual job. She is literally created just to be a love interest whose entire plot is to literally stalk the MC everywhere he goes - like she's not even a human being.
Kirik0h May 9, 3:27 PM
It's not bad but she's really irritating and I dislike her character even more because she's absolute reddit anime loser bait i.e. she's that kawaii girl who's almost underage (but definitely looks like it) and is slobbering over the MC who is a college graduate who doesn't know what to do with his life (i.e. most of reddit and a lot of male anime fans). She's basically a waifu in what is a serious drama with serious characters in it except for her who belongs in a harem show. It kind of makes it hard to take this show seriously because everyone else has serious character motivations and acts and speaks like a real human and her dialogue is so cutesy and jarring and she spends all her time stalking the MC in his part time job, waiting for him to finish shifts so she can walk with him like a stalker. It's ok in anime but if you want to present a serious drama, it just doesn't work and she's ruining the show from being a serious and realistic show.
Kirik0h May 2, 12:33 PM
Same!!! It looks so fun. Corona went too far, taking away all these anime from me...
MozillaFennekin May 2, 10:05 AM

What a throwback. Thank you.