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Days: 181.2
Mean Score: 6.90
  • Total Entries953
  • Rewatched15
  • Episodes11,035
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 3rd Season
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 3rd Season
4 hours ago
Watching 8/24 · Scored -
Hibike! Euphonium 3
Hibike! Euphonium 3
May 23, 1:27 PM
Watching 7/13 · Scored -
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid 3rd Season
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid 3rd Season
May 23, 1:26 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 6
All Manga Stats Manga Stats
Days: 72.6
Mean Score: 6.86
  • Total Entries603
  • Reread16
  • Chapters9,273
  • Volumes1,314
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Positively Yours
Positively Yours
Nov 24, 2023 3:46 PM
Reading 70/82 · Scored 6
A Business Proposal
A Business Proposal
Nov 1, 2023 2:57 PM
Completed 124/124 · Scored 6
The Shape of Sympathy
The Shape of Sympathy
Oct 30, 2023 11:26 AM
Reading 112/130 · Scored 6

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mymarie Jul 2, 2019 3:03 PM
xFaisal Jan 1, 2018 8:14 AM
Happy New Year <3
Blue-Crescent Jan 1, 2018 6:32 AM
Thank you very much, Liv! That's really sweet!
Happy, Happy New Year to you and your love, Liv!
May 2018 be wonderful and awesome for the 2 of you! <3
Blue-Crescent Dec 24, 2017 6:26 PM
LIVIN' LA VIDA LIVKA! I actually sung that song in the family karaoke this Christmas!
To a really sweet and amiable lady, Merry, merry Christmas to you and your family, Liv. Merry Christmas to your beloved as well.
May you have all the best things for the holidays and the purest joys as you celebrate it. Lots of love, milady! <3
-Sonal- Dec 22, 2017 7:07 AM
I understand wanting to read a finished manga. Same here. Stop reading after c12 then. It's a complete story by itself and you don't have to go further.
-Sonal- Dec 20, 2017 11:48 AM
Oh. That way, yeah, not smt that happens here.
Yeah, looks like the artist must have set her settings to pvt.

Anyway, I was done with this manga an hr ago and omfg it's just so cute! You must put it on your priority list.
-Sonal- Dec 20, 2017 5:53 AM
Yes, ofc. Proliferation always occurs and people, both young and old, will be exposed to internet slang. Altho, I must say - the slangs that youngsters today come up with are just dumb. Bae? YOLO? Seriously?

How did you find that out about your country? I tried googling mine and came up with no results :/
I reverse searched your image, and damn. Your profile's the only public result that shows up on Google.
-Sonal- Dec 20, 2017 4:54 AM
That are few communities, like the gaming community, that accommodate different types of people. But by and large, certain platforms are used by specific people bc of the kind of audience they attract. For example, you wouldn't find 25 year old fuckboys on Pinterest, or 30 yr old stay at home moms at LinkedIn.

Who is the guy in your pic?
-Sonal- Dec 19, 2017 10:15 PM
The places where people hang out also depends on their age groups. For eg, you won't find many 45 yr old men on Instagram, or 50 yr old women on Reddit, right? Those places are filled with youngsters and hence, the language that they use will be according to their age groups (broadly speaking).
Like, recently I learnt through Insta that "oof" is what young girls are using these days, and that word literally has no meaning. Took me real long to figure that out bc there was no fucking pattern to how the word was used. smh.
-Sonal- Dec 19, 2017 6:01 AM
I had no idea "QQ" was even an emoticon :/
You must be young.
-Sonal- Dec 19, 2017 2:05 AM
Livka. I'm hearing that name for the first time.
You could have tried the usernames -Livka- or _Livka_
I think you can get a variation, if you really want your name.

Sonal's my name.
-Sonal- Dec 18, 2017 2:02 AM
I cleaned up my PTW/PTR precisely bc I was unable to watch/read all that I wanted to. Now I don't let that number go beyond 30. Very manageable.
Doushitemo is truly too cute asfgshaaaaaaaaaaaa.

What is livkaqq?
-Sonal- Dec 17, 2017 7:20 PM
I think pretty munch every ship makes sense, except for LevixEren. Yeah, I myself am not an Eren fan. I prefer Mikasa, Armin and Jean. ever really got on board the Levi hype train either.
now I notice most of the dumb, overused tricks, which is not that good because it takes away the joy I used to have
I totally get you. My fav list was getting too long. I had to add newer ones, but there wasn't any space, so I said "Fuck it" and re-read them all 😂
Do you take much time to read manga? If not, then it can be fun to re-read your favs and re-evaluate your scores.

Here, try this one. Nothing spectacular, but I thought the dialogues were very real. Exactly what two guys in a situation like this would say
Here are 3 more decent recs (very loving seme <3)

If you read and like them, lemme know.

-Sonal- Dec 17, 2017 3:34 AM
I do not understand LevixEren. They make zero sense to me. MikasaxEren or even ArminxEren make way more sense to me. smh.

it was so messy and confusing, I barely remember wtf happened and who is who.
it's not as hard as it seems if you fill it up with some 1-volume long yaoi manga

I went back and re-read all my favs (that I'd added a year ago). Was glad to see my tastes hadn't strayed that much, so most of them sit pretty in my fav list. But yeah, I understand - the more you read, the more immune you become to stuff that previously made you squeal.
-Sonal- Dec 16, 2017 8:38 AM
Oh btw, I got Nirameba Koi off your list. Very cute story!
Doushitemo Furetakunai is in my favs too!
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