Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season

My Hero Academia 4

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Alternative Titles

English: My Hero Academia 4
Japanese: 僕のヒーローアカデミア


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 12, 2019 to Apr 4, 2020
Premiered: Fall 2019
Broadcast: Saturdays at 17:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Bones
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, Super PowerSuper Power, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.091 (scored by 463410463,410 users)
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Ranked: #4272
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Popularity: #82
Members: 875,626
Favorites: 7,722
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Apr 4, 2020
bend_over (All reviews)
*Spoiler Warning*

My Hero Academia is slowly but surely becoming Fairy Tail 2.0.

Every time I hear something good about "My Hero Academia", it has mainly to do with its writing and how beautiful it is. There are also so many great developments from many characters, so they say, but I don't see any of this. I really don't. I'm probably being a bit too nitpicky with the show but I really wouldn't mind at all if only people would stop calling this show's writing a magnum opus when you all know that's not true. I, personally would call "My Hero Academia" a cringe show and not read more
Nov 23, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
Due to the nature of the second season, the third season was bound to have a weaker start. Even so, with 2-cour duration it had all the time it ever needed to pick up the pace and improve, or at the very least build a solid foundation for this fourth season.... But it didn't do any of that and now we're more or less back to square one.

The classic shonen series have never exactly been the most flawless type in the arsenal, but few of them have struggled with their arc and tone shifts to the same extent with Boku no Hero Academia. While it's read more
Nov 29, 2019
BlindSniper (All reviews)
My Hero Academia's biggest weakness is how painfully slow the plot moves forward. We're 6 episodes into the season, and nothing has happened that couldn't have been condensed into 1 episode.

That's not to say there aren't other glaring issues like a dialogue that could be written by a 12 year old. To the point you could skip an entire scene and know what happened. But we aren't here to be blown away by dialogue, it's a shounen. We're here to see good animation, fun characters, and an intriguing plot. So do we get any of that?

Animation: 4/10

The animation quality is the same as it's been read more
Apr 4, 2020
Goober-fish (All reviews)
Since it first began airing, “My Hero Academia” has been the unwitting punching bag for joyless old dogs like me who have lost the childlike fascination with watching cartoon characters whale on each other with little rhyme or reason. Not that My Hero Academia has ever really prided itself on intricate or brutal fights worth revisiting when compared to some of its peers, because in all honesty, as of late, this anime has lacked even that to keep me motivated to continue on.

If there’s one thing that My Hero Academia’s 4th season has proven, it’s that mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has mastered the art read more
Apr 4, 2020
shiranaitori (All reviews)
Do you remember the times when BnHA was actually good?
Do you remember the times when BnHA tried something different?
Do you remember the times when BnHA had touching moments?

Those times are now gone. BnHA, which used to be separated from other shounen-action series with the Hero Academy concept, chose to be an ordinary shounen-action series instead of focusing on its most prominent concept. In the third season, it gave us some signals about that, but I still wanted to believe. I wanted to believe that the Hero Academy concept will not be put aside and this series will focus on it again with its fourth season, read more
Nov 23, 2019
ssanaashaikhh (All reviews)
Im going to be straight forward and preface this by saying, I read the manga and am all caught up so I don't remember all the details from the Overhaul arc, and my review for the most part is overall.

I believe this is probably one of the best seasons of bnha so far. The overhaul arc is a lot darker than the rest of the show however the execution of the story-to me atleast- is amazing.

In this arc, they only focus on I think 7 UA students total, of course Midoriya and Mirio being the top 2. Personally I love the way they showed read more
Apr 4, 2020
Pragyan1 (All reviews)
My hero academia, after having an explosion in its popularity while season 2 was airing, is arguably the most popular shounen right now that is not One Piece. And the hype is mostly deserved be it for having a well-balanced cast of characters, or for the fantastically animated and choreographed fights, the latter of which had a massive dip in quality this season. This entire season does not live up to the extreme hype perpetuated by the manga community.

The animation is very stiff even relying on still frames at times; the characters feel like they haven’t progressed at all since the beginning of season read more
Apr 4, 2020
TheZilla (All reviews)
Boku no Hero Academia 4 was one of the most underwhelming of the series I’ve seen yet but also the most exciting season I’ve seen yet. The transition between Season 3 and Season 4 was mainly the cause of the first arc being underwhelming and awkward to even begin with. Despite this, the series was still able to barely push out of the boulder it trapped itself in and put momentum into it.

Despite the first arc being called dragged out by many people, I would beg to differ. The first arc may not have been as straightforward as how a shounen anime should have been, read more
Nov 24, 2019
8igfan (All reviews)
If you've watched any of the previous seasons of BnHA, then you know what to expect by this point. The animation is still pretty decent and seems on point. At least, nothing has stood out aside from a goofy moment or two. VAs seem on point as well. The usual characters are back with all their glory and we'll be getting some interesting developments for some of the favourites moving forward. We already have seen some developments and a lot of reveals so look forward to more of that.

The current arc should also be great for anime-only watchers and will have you feeling a wide read more
Jan 2, 2020
MonarqueCeleste (All reviews)
If I were to resume this season of MHA in one word it would be : Boring.

*This review may contain mild SPOILERS*

As someone who loved last season and cried my balls out I came in this season excited and boy was I disappointed. I liked the first episode. I thought it did a good job of closing Midoriya and All might arc. Or so I thought. First of all I didn't read the manga and I don't really care about what happened there, it has no value in an anime review.

- Characters :

Midoriya is the main character, he's supposed to take the mantle of read more
Apr 4, 2020
Stark700 (All reviews)
The annual tradition continues and that means, we have another season of hero and villains in this franchise we should all be familiar with by now: My Hero Academia. With the expanding roster, this is a franchise that has been adding its legacy to catch up to the manga at every chance it gets. But with all the chances it has cashed on, isn’t it ironic that the more we see this show, the weaker it gets? As someone who has been following this anime from the very beginning back in 2016, this season hit me like a hammer on the hand. And that’s not read more
Dec 28, 2019
khattikeri (All reviews)
It pains me how much My Hero Academia's animation is declining.

Season 2 and the first half of season 3 really were the best in this regard. I'd rate those a 9, easily. Season 3's second half, however, was a lot like this season in terms of decreasing quality. Even though the story and characters are still enjoyable, the fact that one of the story's most important fights this season has been reduced to a cheap slideshow a la Food Wars really shows just how deeply producing a filler movie at the same time as a canon season hurts the TV production.

Now, I do like read more
Feb 13, 2020
Winterwolf0839 (All reviews)
This is my first time ever writing a review so I’m kinda nervous. With that in mind let’s jump into this.
I really enjoyed MHA 2 and 3. It wasn’t anywhere near close to the same level as Hunter X Hunter when it comes to shounens that I enjoyed watching. The characters were enjoyable, the animation was stunning and the score was pleasant to listen to. Unfortunately none of those features are present in this season from what I’ve seen and it’s a shame. Let’s dive in shall we?

(Note: this review contains spoilers. You have been warned.)

The show starts out with our hero Izuku Midoriya looking read more
Jan 10, 2020
Zerockman (All reviews)
I lost interest in MHA a while after the third season aired. Mostly because the animation got a lot worse. I never really cared for the series but it at least had cool fights to back up the show. That's not the case anymore. In this latest season the animation is really bad that I don't even know if this was actually made by Bones or not. This is definitely the ugliest Bones anime I've ever seen

The plot in this season is ok but it's completely uncalled out for. The main villains were already established and set, so why the need for another group? Not read more
Apr 4, 2020
AdolZeppeli (All reviews)
There it is, the fourth installment of one of the most successful battle shounen of the recent years. 4 seasons and 2 movies in the spawn of 4 years is no joke. Hero Academia had the charm of being simple and for that, I respected it. I used to be a fanboy for the first 3 seasons, thinking it was one of the best recent shounen, peaking at Stain's arc and delivering a great sendoff with AFO vs OFA, and after season 3 ended, I came to realize that it wasn't as good as I initially thought, but I still respected it for it's simplicity.

It read more
Dec 28, 2019
DekWasHere (All reviews)
I had so much hype coming for into this season. The manga had these moments where I was in tears because of the hype. Now up to episode 11, I'm utterly disappointed, specifically animation-wise. I guess releasing a movie the same time you're doing a show wasn't the brightest idea for Bones. What could have been potentially the best fight of the series has turned into a slideshow. This adaptation just lacks so much. Some details and key moments are missing as well. A picture animation slideshow of the manga with a great background music could've done better. The studio just didn't gave justice on read more
Dec 11, 2019
CyanideLoli (All reviews)
Boku No Hero Academia or My Hero Academia is the most typical shounen anime possible. The motto of our main character Izuku Midoriya(Deku) is also like other typical shounen anime. His goal is to get strong enough so that he can reach a level where he can save everyone with a smile.Then why is this different?Why is this always the most hyped anime of each season?
The reason is it's story telling.It's gradual character building.Explosiveness of each ark.And undeniably those mind blowing use of sound effects.From the beginning of the anime we all knew that Deku would be the no.1 hero. But the gradual progress of read more
Jan 11, 2020
hallo_the_anime (All reviews)
I have been telling this to so many friends who love MHA. I just don't get it. World is not only about hero and villains, its a lot more complicated than that, the hierarchy created where villans don't enjoy or are given an opportunity to better themselves as human, the villans have to operate in shadow, no one tries to understand their perspectives, how according to them its a very injustice society requiring change and not their defeat.
Their world is much very much similar to our world where there are those with power, and not.

But the series neither goes into this complexity and is read more
Apr 4, 2020
Dukino (All reviews)
Overall, probably one of few on this tbh, but Season 4 as the best season yet imo. I know some people whom think it's slow or boring or whatever but no way. there are some pacing issues at the start of the second cour here but honestly with how the season ended I don't have that issue anymore like I did a few weeks back. Bones actually wrapped things up this season very well.

This season gave us one of the best arcs in all MHA animated. All the moment leading up to the big fight. Kirishima and Fatgum incredible fight, Suneater incredible fight, the read more
Dec 21, 2019
LordSozin (All reviews)
Boku no Hero Academia is a simple and predictable shonen anime. Boku no Hero Academia for the fourth season in a role brings the same plot points from the previous three seasons. It’s pointless. In this season, Midoriya encounters a villain that uses a child for benefits. Apparently, that child has some special quirks that can be used to create a “bullet” that temporarily messes with another Hero’s quirks. So, you guessed it, the plot is now to rescue the child because they are HEROS. The same thing happens in season 3. Villains capture Bakugou and their intention is to have him join read more