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Jun 22, 2017
*No spoiler review*
TL;DR: A deconstructed school harem rom-com parody that is actually quite fun to watch if you are ready for a Love Octagon of epic proportion. The humour never dies, the seriousness never shines. The love comes and goes & the parody just flows.
[Story: 5/10 , Characters: 7/10, Art: 7/10, Sound: 6/10, Enjoyment: 7/10]

What do you get if you give the power of something serious as "Kiss Note" (similar to Death Note but kissing) to a clueless cupid who just wants to use it to make her wildest fantasies come true? You get a deconstructed rom-com parody that somehow keeps you watching for read more
Jun 17, 2017
TL;DR: Does it really matter what I write? You have waited 4 years, endured 2 trashy live action movies and restrained yourself from reading the manga to find out what's in Erin's basement. So go watch the anime to find that answer! But knowing you, you will stick around and read this review. So in short, Game of Thrones meets Inception/Memento and has a forbidden love-child they didn't reveal to the world because they were scared it will not live up to hype and success of their first child.
[Story: 5/10 , Characters: 7/10, Art: 9/10, Sound: 8/10, Enjoyment: 8/10]

How can an anime as bombastic read more
Jun 16, 2017
TL;DR: Ex-Challenger player creates a secret smurf account to have fun with noobs in this epic MMORPG game called GLORY! In other words, if S.A.O and Log Horizon had an illegitimate unwanted child, this would be it.
[Story: 2/10 , Characters: 2/10, Art: 8/10, Sound: 5/10, Enjoyment: 4/10]

Quan Zhi Gaou Shoul or The King's Avatar hypes itself up as this hardcore e-sports anime that will have fans of online multiplayer games watching just to get a glimpse of the life of an e-sports player. However, does it really deliver at the end? Not really. Not even close to it at all. Though this anime is based read more
Jun 6, 2017
TL;DR: Terminator meets AJIN studio. It's a mindless action flick with mediocre CGI and bland characters stuck in a subpar story but the music is atleast nice?
[Story: 2/10 , Characters: 4/10, Art: 6/10, Sound: 7/10, Enjoyment: 6/10]

If you are thinking the Blame! movie is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action flick where humanity tries to blame the culprit that led to their society's demise, well you can't be more wrong. It's merely a plot hole filled story about a group of villagers, Electro-Fishers, trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic world where technology has deemed humans as contaminants due to lack of Net Terminal Gene therefore must read more
Mar 23, 2017
TL;DR: Believe it! Took 10 years and 500 episodes but it finally ended. Guess that cow finally ran out of milk!
[Story: 5/10 , Characters: 6/10, Art: 6/10, Sound: 9/10, Enjoyment: 7/10]

Believe it! The series who was never meant to end has finally been laid to rest… or has it? It may have taken 10 years and 500 episodes (280 Cannon and 220 Fillers, believe it, I counted), thank you Studio Pierrot for finally stop milking this cow. Let's be real, all the real fans got so tired of your shenanigans they finished the manga long time ago. So why would you invest in this read more
Mar 15, 2017
TL;DR: Whether you love comedy or satire, maybe in the mood for some ecchi memes to quench your kinky desires. KonoSuba is your go to parody to complete all your guilty pleasures!

"Thou shalt love big breasts, Thou shalt love small breasts"
"Whether you're a lolicon, a NEET or a questionably-human fan of animal-eared girls… just remember Konosuba is still the best"

KonoSuba S2 at its core is a comedy anime. Its purpose is to make parody of all the guild adventure style animes like S.A.O & Log Horizon and it goes ahead to do that and more. Though each episode is random and zeroes in on read more
Mar 10, 2017
Gantz:O (Anime) add (All reviews)
TL;DR: Watch this if you want to witness a bloody survivor game between Aliens vs Resurrected Mortals!

Gantz:0, a movie covering the Osaka arc in the manga, acts as a new gateway for newcomers and fans of old Gantz franchise to experience the thrill of the survivor game, Gantz, in a new limelight. Right from the beginning, the viewers alongside the main character, Katou, are thrown right into the meat of the action and are left scrambling trying to figure out what exactly is happening. The story, shown from Katou's perspective, is simple yet complex because it feels like the characters are from different read more
Mar 7, 2017
TL;DR: If you are a fan of the Pokemon Games then watch this to revisit those timeless moments for nostalgia explosions!

Pokemon Generations is an ONA that pays homage to all the fans that played the Pokemon games in the last 20 years. From the black and white days of Kanto region to the bright colour 3D days of Kalos region, the anime captures a quintessential moment from each of the video game. The story isn't simple nor complex, they are just clips from the game accentuated to new heights. Though the episodes aren't connected to one another, together delivers the nostalgic explosions. Although the read more
Jan 26, 2017
"Imma let you finish, but Sekko Boys is the best boy band of ALL TIME." – St. George

TL;DR: Sculptures, Idols and Genius Script = One Great Ironic Gag Comedy Series.

From the genius quit pro quo scriptwriter, Michiko Yokote, comes such a finely sculpted anime that will leave you saying, “To hell with making sense, this anime rocks hard!” Seriously, don’t take this anime seriously! This is a comedy anime where it deconstructs the whole music idol genre and it does a fantastic job. One can say some of the characters are even godly.

The story is simple but ironically funny. We have read more
Jan 15, 2017
TL;DR: Boobs, Butts, Bliss. Do I need to say more?

Keijo, an anime marketed as an ecchi sports shounen anime, didn’t need to rely on the usual “plot” to stay afloat as one of the top animes of 2016. The anime is outrageous. The best part is that the director knows it as well and doesn’t shy away from abusing that factor. Keijo is a sport about pushing people off floating platforms using your boobs or butts. How can a show like this keep the audience captivated for an entire season? If you think it was the typical “anime plot” that kept the audience hooked, read more