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Jul 2, 2019
*Minimum Spoiler Review*
TL;DR: From convoluted plot to character overload to just downright shitty animation & cba CGI failures,
OPM S2 is not great, but it's not terrible either. It's just okay... If you like comedy that is.
[Story: 6/10 , Characters: 5/10, Art: 4/10, Sound: 4/10, Enjoyment: 6/10]

"I'm a Hero. You did well on your own. Leave the rest to me" - Saitama

2019 is the year of sequels. From highly anticipated sequels like Mob Psycho S2 to SnK S3 to BNHA S4, we are now experiencing delayed gratification at its finest. Major question to ask as a fan of OPM, will its read more
Jun 30, 2019
*Minimum Spoiler Review*
TL;DR: From Titans being shredded to human bodies being melted, this is the season fans have been waiting for since Season 1. We have been blue balled long enough. It's time to finally find out what's in that bloody basement. If you didn't watch any previous seasons, don't even bother reading or watching this anime. Go back to watching your crappy anime. We are in the endgame now.
[Story: 9/10 , Characters: 8/10, Art: 9/10, Sound: 8/10, Enjoyment: 10/10]

"Everyone will die someday. Does that mean life is meaningless?" - Erwin Smith

The second part of Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan read more
Mar 30, 2019
*No Spoiler Concise Review*
TL;DR: If a Tsundere and a Tsundere liked each other, would they ever find out?
[Story: 6/10 , Characters: 9/10, Art: 8/10, Sound: 7/10, Enjoyment: 8/10]

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen aka Love is War, is your simple romcom school anime about a boy and a girl, in love with one another, facing the crippling pressure of confession. Sounds very boring and repetitive, right? WRONG. This show took this super repetitive simple concept and just elevated it to the next level where they accentuate the idea of confession to the level of cold war. Sounds dark? More like sounds dank. Seriously, read more
Mar 28, 2019
*No Spoiler Concise Review*
TL;DR: If Chicken Run the movie ever became animated and instead of chickens you have humans and instead of farmers you have demons then this would be the ultimate anime adaptation your sadist soul had been looking for all this time.
[Story: 8/10 , Characters: 7/10, Art: 8/10, Sound: 8/10, Enjoyment: 9/10]

What is Yakusoku no Neverland you may ask? Why it's merely a slice of life about cutesy looking orphan kids... but it's actually a literal slice of life anime. Confused? Shook? Mate, you ain't even feeling woke yet. Going into this anime completely blind of the plot really sets you up read more
Jan 9, 2019
*No Spoiler Concise Review*
TL;DR: D&D meets cringe-fest featuring your fav neighbourhood hero, Sir Goblin Slayer; protecting every potential rape victim by slaying one Goblin at a time.
[Story: 4/10 , Characters: 2/10, Art: 4/10, Sound: 5/10, Enjoyment: 5/10]

What is Goblin Slayer? What isn't Goblin Slayer. Do you like Goblins? Do you like slaying Goblins? Do you like plot? Lots and lots of plot? Even if they are tainted and viewers discretion is always advised? Even if you answered no for all, guess what, you are itching to still watch this show because you saw some vague trailer about a cool hero slaying goblins and you read more
Oct 14, 2018
*Minimum Spoiler Review*
TL;DR: If every weird conspiracy theory you had for SnK suddenly started becoming true... Well that's this season of SnK for you. From Titans dying like Titanic to Internal Gov'ts crashing like US Stock exchange on day two, this first cour of SnK will leave you screaming... KENNEEYYYYYYY!
If you didn't watch S1 & S2, don't even bother reading or watching this anime.
[Story: 7/10 , Characters: 8/10, Art: 9/10, Sound: 8/10, Enjoyment: 8/10]

"You Levi. You grown any yet" - Kenny Ackerman

This season of Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan should really be called Attack on Internal Government. From military coups read more
Jul 1, 2018
*Minimum Spoiler Ψ-nan Review*
If you did not watch S1 then go watch it ASAP or don't.
TL;DR: Having psychic power was never easy but laughing at the misfortune of Saiki is definitely GGEZ.
Bigger cast, more budget, same humour but now more fan service... For guys & girls. Don't think just watch.
[Story: 7/10 , Characters: 9/10, Art: 6/10, Sound: 7/10, Enjoyment: 9/10]

"It's true there are no anger or sadness, but that also means no joy or fun. That's my life." - Saiki Kusuo

What do you get if you throw in the humour style of OPM, MP 100 and Sakamoto Desu Ka in a pot then simmer read more
Jun 28, 2018
*Minimum Spoiler Hidden Gem Review*
TL;DR: If a young Hajime no Ippo made an illegitimate baby with the sexy cougar, Cowboy Bebop, in an 80's themed love hotel with Samurai Champloo music blasting in the background, then Megalo Box would be the gorgeous mixed bastard child that will emerge from the Redline ambulance nine months later. Such a hidden gem but packs so much hype. "JOEEEEE!"
[Story: 6/10 , Characters: 7/10, Art: 9/10, Sound: 9/10, Enjoyment: 8/10]

"They don't make tombstones for stray dogs" - JD

Yes Yes Yes. This is that shounen sports anime this season badly needed to remind what real anime is all about. You don't read more
Jun 24, 2018
*Minimum Spoiler Foodgasmic Review*
If you did not watch S1 or S2 or S3 then go watch them ASAP before reading this!
TL;DR: This season has more exploding clothes and foodgasms by packing some hype, some humour, some fan service, all while having the shittiest animation in all 4 seasons for the longest 24 minutes of your life. What more do you want? Grab a bowl, pull down your pants and start watching!
[Story: 3/10 , Characters: 4/10, Art: 2/10, Sound: 3/10, Enjoyment: 4/10]

"It's time for you to go. Go figure out what you've got" - Yukihira Jouichirou

Shounen genre is great. Shounen genre with food and read more
Dec 28, 2017
*Minimum Spoiler Nostalgic Review*
TL;DR: Love Pentagon between high school teenagers trying to figure out their future while keeping their emotional spillage in check. Also... Just Because.
[Story: 7/10 , Characters: 8/10, Art: 5/10, Sound: 9/10, Enjoyment: 8/10]

"It's all in the past" - Eita Izumi

Just Because is an original anime by Hajime Kamoshida, the genius behind Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. However, just because at a first glance it may seem like this is a generic story about confused intertwined love relationships between group of friends trying to get through high school, the adaptation feels way to close to reality. For those that finished high school read more