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Days: 79.1
Mean Score: 5.27
  • Total Entries426
  • Rewatched1
  • Episodes5,006
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Days: 7.9
Mean Score: 7.43
  • Total Entries51
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  • Chapters1,415
  • Volumes127
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Amin-kun Jul 12, 1:25 PM
Have you even clicked on the URL yet, its about choosing your top 5 manga for a poll from theanimeman. He wants to do a top 100 manga according to the internet just like how he did to anime; this one is the anime if you havent seen it yet
I watched all the episodes of one piece until now, except for some fillers that dont have anything at all about one piece [it was about one piece people at the setting of japanese village; so i skipped that one]. I watched gintama coz of course like what i said before this, its more of an episodic anime more than a plot-ish kind of anime, so i dont bingewatch gintama except for the serious arcs.

I rarely watch seasonal animes. I'm just gonna list the seasonal anime that i've completed:
Summer 2018: None
Spring 2018: Megalo Box (the only anime i watched weekly waiting for the next episode)
Winter 2018: Saiki Kusuo s2, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Gakuen Babysitter

I only watch the completed seasonal anime if i suddenly feel like to watch that particular anime. Probably you're watching Bnha s3 weekly right? I haven't seen a single episode coz i'm waiting to be complete
Amin-kun Jul 9, 7:06 PM
Firstly, (MAL, please fix the friend request so i could add Darthinvader)
Secondly, sorry I replied a little late
Thirdly, this is a poll about top 5/ favorite 5 manga by theanimeman

I'm currently watching one piece now, but I'm marathoning it coz right now it's the good part. But right now it's the flashback 2-3 episodes so I can relax for a second. At the favorites column, the top 6 are ranked, i put gintama coz I'm watching it, right now im at episode 60 and on-hold gintama, but I hopefully think i will like it, just becoz everyone says gintama is GOAT, gintama is a masterpiece, something like that, so I basically put it hoping that it would reach my expectation. The last three, i just put it coz i really love those three soo much, i know there's a lot of animes i watch that if i do a top list, it would be higher than the last 3 (like FMAB, TTGL, DN) but i just love the last three soooo much.

But it's weird coz one piece and gintama are supposed to be my side animes, the main anime I'm watching is kyousougiga, but i stop a while watching kyousougiga coz I'm currently in the climax of the arc in one piece, so you get it, it's hard to watch other stuff when things go crazy and awesome
Amin-kun Jul 3, 8:47 PM
I haven’t read the manga and i know it’s as good as the anime (probably better), and you’re probably right, i think i assume a 10/10 for the first part of DN coz i watched DN when i was a newcomer (around Jan 2017) and I watch Monster like a few months ago. I remember when I finished the first part of dn i said (this is another level of anime) but i just watch like 19th anime series that time. But when I finish monster i said (probably the best storytelling, mature and dark vibe,the early pacing was a little slow but well written). It is true it’s for newcomers. Monster was my 55th anime series (i chronologically list them, and like bnha s1+s2+s3 are all still one series). So probably you’re right about Monster > DN.
Is you favorites ranked? Like according to you fav dn is no1, code geass is no2 and followed by others...

I also love s1>s2 and I laugh way more in s1 if I remember correctly. I wanted to give an 8 for s2, but I thought (meh, I’ll just give it a 9) coz it’s a continuation of the first season

I hope you understand what im trying to say, sometimes I’m not that good at expressing stuff
Amin-kun Jul 1, 3:41 PM
I just finished watching saiki kusuo s2, what do you rate the first season of saiki kusuo? Its one of my fav comedy anime
Amin-kun Jun 30, 10:58 AM
what do you think has a higher rate, death note or monster? For me overall, Monster>Death Note. but if only include the first part of death note it'll be Death Note>Monster. For me the first part of death note was an absolute 10/10. its bcoz the second part that drag DN downwards in my ranking
Amin-kun Jun 30, 6:30 AM
It's weird how my mean score is 7.63 and your mean score is 5.26, but have a very high affinity shared animes; 58.2%. came from your megalo box review, l thinks its one of the AOTY 2018
OtakuLife_ Jun 29, 9:35 AM
Ahh, i'm like that alot. I hope you start to feel happier soon xP
OtakuLife_ Jun 26, 11:38 AM
I'm great, thanks! hbu? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
LukaD12 Jun 26, 9:17 AM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nice 'Images cannot be loaded' layout there bby.
GeTExPoSeD Jun 25, 9:54 PM
Yoooo that's so cool to see someone with the same opinion
While I haven't read the manga and MAL is still down with seeing other people's scores, your review tells me that you also loved early food wars anime while it slowly got worse and worse
this is so sad!
Kagome Jun 23, 9:23 PM
hello long time no reply i haven't really been but hope you been well (:
Texi May 25, 11:44 AM
arigatou gozaimasu!!^^
Texi May 25, 5:50 AM
Hello hello !!! your profile pics is so awesome and beautiful !! :)
Xletter May 24, 6:49 PM
hola mucho gusto , vengo de tu critica de Boku no Herno Acadamia bien hecho, aunque creo que la estas sobrevalorando , ojo solo una opinion personal
Kaatsuu May 16, 2:30 PM
Hii, i'm fine and you ? ^^