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Taiyaki Mar 25, 2021 6:23 PM
no prob !! ahh yeah, tyt.... mal is always acting up >_>
Bunnyama Mar 25, 2021 2:23 PM
it's not much diff lmao but here you go /o/ if mal can finally stop having crisis
Bunnyama Mar 24, 2021 1:51 AM
You’re most welcome ! :3 <3
Euuuuuuh ITS TOTALLY POSSIBLE BAHAH one is supposed to have more blueish colors~ I’ll check than when I’m on pc and send you the other one just in case \SWEATS
Hime-sama Dec 24, 2020 10:17 PM
Merry Christmas! Hope you have a good one!

_Ayase Oct 15, 2020 3:34 AM
i dropped a comment on your profile doesnt mean you have to reply it ahaha
_Ayase Oct 9, 2020 10:03 AM
v-chan opened her comment section :DDD
Shino Oct 20, 2019 6:30 PM
I am relieved to know that, then.
Now that you mentioned it... WE CERTAINLY DIDN'T TALK TO EACH OTHER BEFORE DESPITE I HAVE BEEN SEEING YOU ACTIVE ON MAL FOR YEARS NOW ( ̄Д ̄;; Haaa don't ever think that way! I have a tendency to check out other people's MAL page as long as they have a DP that attracts me into stalking them - And that doesn't have anything to do with whether you are being active on the GFX community or not.

So that's how it is eh? I thought that you might not be the type of person who change or edit your favs constantly but I guess I am not fully correct on that. I totally get that feeling of being 'rusty' on Photoshop after you haven't been touching it for a long while! I felt the same back when I came back to MAL after 2 years of hiatus long time ago... Which is one of the reason why I still making layouts constantly despite having a schedule which is slightly busier compared to before now. (´ε`;)

Eh? So you are already a working person now? Furthermore, you are working two jobs? I really hope that it wouldn't be too hard for you Σ(゜゜)!? How long have you been working? For some reasons I always thought that you are like one of these 'youngsters' on MAL so it's kinda shocking to found out that you are actually working now...

As for me, nothing much is really happening right now except the fact that I got married last month and moved to a new town...
Shino Oct 16, 2019 10:15 PM
Hello! I hope that you actually didn't get freaked out by my sudden comment there
Is that it? I just thought of leaving you a gif of Ruby to motivate you since you have her both on your current layout and favs |・ω・) It certainly feels like it has been years since I last saw a proper layout from you, are you busy with your studies and all?
Shino Oct 15, 2019 8:59 PM
Ruby is here to provide you some motivation!

dandeliya Sep 12, 2019 3:02 AM
and I am kinda happy for jinhyuk he held a fanmeeting in korea and the place was HUGE AF and every seat was booked apparently adfjaölkfj
the place looked like a place for a concert or smth
MY BOI JINHYUK GETTING NOW ALL THE FAME UWU also he gonna solo debut soon ajfödljakfljaj \o/
Chii-Chaan Aug 30, 2019 11:20 PM
my birthday was crap but it usually is.
are you still working that job or have you moved on to another?
well, you are by far the most amazing club runner/owner/bosslady/person i have seen in a long time.
sorry for falling out on you so many times with CR this year has just... started off promising and then just took a nose dive into the ocean. still haven't come back to the surface.
but I will try to do better and get my things done before deadlines!
how have you been doing? even though we talk i feel like its usually about cards xD
dandeliya Jul 18, 2019 11:54 PM
So first of all I AM SO HYPE ABOUT TODAY
I actually wanted to watch it today live but my work won't let me go earlier home sooooo TT-TT
But u root for the same people I do but for me I also root for:
and TONI now since he cute when he speak korean lololol

But the people who are currently top 10 I would be also fine (BUT HANGYUL IS MISSING)
I still love the fact that I started liking hangyul cuz he said in the first episode when YG entered: "I heard they have good food"
Best boy!
I have the feeling yohan will get to be center tbh i wouldnt even be mad :^)
Yeah same with mingyu but I hope he just wont get any stress or better say too much stress because of it TT-TT
Yeaah also i didnt understand how he didnt get to be in the top 20 LIKE SUHWAN
Well IOIs center wont debut with them wo idk Somi was best gurl xD
so currently just cardio but i'll get a training plan today I'll let you know afterwards what exactly im doing

BEST BOI DONGPYO THO he just acted like hes from the other team cuz of the cringe lvl XDDDDD
dandeliya Jun 30, 2019 11:19 PM
quick note for you I reply in the same time while I read this lololol
Yohan is in my heart - but Wei (Jinhyuk) got deeper in my heart from episode to episode.
But yes that was definetly entertaining - but if I were in the U got It team I would have probably killed him lolololol
Well at least he was in the TOP 3 in the final ranking but tbh I dont understand why BaekJin got eliminated DDDD: also he not X
like no fekin h8 but DonYun (or smth) that boy from Woolim - i didnt even notice he is there and he got to be X -brb gonna cry in a corner
Like I wouldnt even minded if he was eliminated (sounds like much h8 but u know what i mean i hope lololol)
I never skip any part EVERYPART IS IMPORTANT lolololol

Ofc her edits are good but idk I can do it like once a month or smth like that lolol - my zepeto insta is: dande.zepe
I basically play tetris 99 on switch cuz tetris is my life since I was born lololol but I continue with league and Love Live on Phone - haven't touched Uta Pri in a while not even on my bday cuz i was like "not worth it" lolololol
Totally relateable - everyone prefers that i guess D:
Lolol well on games your emotiones just have a rollercoaster when on cards or gfx ur just like sitting there and wondering either if it good or how to make it better
So back to the part where I said "I didnt like Yohans Rap in BOSS" - on YT mnet uploaded a Karaoke video for last weeks episode and you could see yohan rap there aswell - and his rap there was pretty neat so I dunno Hes a flex member i guess :D
I could only add 11 people but now since BaekJin is out Wooseok comes into my top 11 lololol
Yes he is - well actually he is not. Seungwoo can actually rap (but he trying to be a main Vocal) I support my victon bias
Yohan can rap but he also trying to be Vocal - So Worst Case: 2 Rappers are available lolololol
Yes it's really good he's just like an older brother fdahkdjak also he was so shook that Mingyu dropped to 10 from 2nd D:
Tbh I kinda want that SuHwan and YuVin debut together lolololol just cuz of their ill fated relationship :D I love them but I also feel so bad for SuHwan :( Well SuHwan needs as u said practice - but dont forget that he's an individual trainee aka he never had such training as YuVin who also already debuted.
So actually I am giving him Rank 1 for effort but his dancing (which is also important) doesnt get a 10 or higher. It would be a 30 actually.
But since his singing is so good (i would rank him for singing 3-7 or smth) I would give him a total Rank of 17-23 so far.
But I got really sad when I saw how much effort he put there and barely slept - So I root for him and hope he practices more (but not too much cuz of his health etc.) but if he just improves a little bit no hate but he shouldnt debut then
1st he has then more pressure for comeback songs etc. and 2nd he can just continue being a trainee for a bit more - I mean his training time isn't much and it would be better for his mental health aswell I guess - idk
on KJ I did even cards with Heart Sign cuz I just fekin love that song *-*
WHAT Really? but how? are they under the same agency now like all members? or is Stone Ent debuting them together again for money? XD

lololol probably - but i know the feels - so much free time, when we just went to school and now adulthood kicks and :'D crying everynight
oh which country did you get it from?
I now started going to the gym aswell - need to lose weight so no more new clothes for me :')
dandeliya Jun 13, 2019 11:27 PM
so about ep. 6 I was like: Yohan gonna be first yaya and my victon bae last cuz Yohan too poluar and then was Yohan last and I was so fekin shook - like I was happy that seungwoo got first but yohan totally didnt deserve the last place maybe like 4th or even 3rd imo
also you dont have to put the things in the spoiler, i literally watch it on saturday immidiatly as soon as the subs come out
Also Twit Group was sooooo good - I'm really curious how the other people in the next episode will do. fadkjflajfakljdflökfda

True that - maze is busy with her zepeto insta lololol. I am gaming, streaming, watching dramas and doing zepeto insta aswell (not as hardcore as maze tho) and cards - Demi is also gaming, watching anime/produce x 101 oh and we all work too/school so pretty busy life
AND if I had to choose - do cards/claims or Game.................. I think everyone would chose gaming lololololol
THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT - But people like that could be stalkers i mean lololoooooool
As far as I understood 10 are gonna debut and Mr. X
But my Top 11 are: (not in order cuz not sure yet)
- Son Dongpyo
- Lee Jinhyuk (my upt10tion hoe lololol)
- Kim Yohan (but as vocal - idk about his rap, his vocal is better imo)
- Kim HyeonBin
- Song YuVin
- Lee Hangyul
- Song HyeongJun
- BaekJin (It's Baek jin Timeeeeee)
- Lee Jinwoo
- Lee EunSang
- Choi Su Hwan (his vocals are no joke)

I like so many more - like Nam DoHyun, Park SunHo, Cha JunHo , Kim Wooseok, Jeong Jaehun AND MY FRENCH BOI WHO GOT ELIMINATED TT-TT
and others ofc akdfjlkajfk
Yeah he said smth like he will come with a song soon or smth like that IM HYPE Ong Seongwoo's song is soooooooo good BUT IT AINT ON SPOTIFY YET AND IM CRYING ADKJFDAJFAK
no but I was like, *click* NOICE~
Yeah but Wanna One turned out good and IZ*One is imo even better than I.O.I
Maybe this new group will be as good as them :hip: lets just pray I guess

Demi has even cards from back 2 years ago - luckily I dont have that problem so far - I try to name as fast as possible the old things and then I will release smth completly new i guess idk dafkjdajf
I've never seen a card u did except the cards for the K-Pop Mega Edition :hip:
I know the feels - if you earn money you easily spend it aswell IT JUST GETS OUT OF CONTROL
Can't u refund that or like send it back or smth? cuz it aint good if you have smth which u dont really like :o
But good that the skirt fits and is comfy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I remember my days, when I also only wore black lolol now it is colorful (but still got many dark stuff) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Are u gonna wear tops in winter aswell O-O
dandeliya Jun 7, 2019 12:25 AM
I bet you can get one just ask her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mutsukii did it otherwise i would have done you smth but i am too lazy rn lololol
really i didnt and I cried eventho i already knew who gonna be in top 60 and tbh Jaehun deserves WAY BETTER than 60 like EXCUSE ME his rap is on fire man adfkjkljfaklölkdaj
He has so much popularity jdfakljfklja he just a cutie bby i am worried tho that he gets crazy stalkers :( idk if you saw one of the requesters in my produce x 101 cards thingy but theres one comment youll immidiatly notice - and tbh someone like that idk where that person lives but everything in caps as well like bro chill pls :feels:

yes and tbh if I didnt stan Wanna One before watching Produce 101 S2 Daniel would be my first place just cuz of the first 2 episodes - and Jisung my 2nd followed by Daehwi lololol And EVERYONE WAS SO SCARED OF FEKIN BAEKHO HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING BUT EVERYONES LIKE "he's scary"
And yes Daniel dkajfklödja im so sad about that they have another appointment at the court on the 12th as far as I know
When I was in korea last year EVERYWHERE DANIEL and 1 Shop had Daniel as Model so EVEN MORE DANIEL
and sorry for a deleted notification that was me - I submited the reply by accident even tho the sentence wasn't even finished lolol
like really NO OFFENSE TO MINGYU HE CUTE but there are just wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwway better people and I hope either he improves a ton OR the voters stop voting for him just cuz of his looks...

well there are not yet many comments so i stay positive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
But im so behind with naming cards either CK, KJ or even KG im crying TT_____TT I guess this weekend is NAMING TIME i guess ill be dead afterwards
I thought about every possibility and this would be the one with less pain afterwards for me :feels:
yeah but not everything - like if you are a student and buy text books or smth for school you only get those taxes for the books back or if you use public transport to go to work u get those taxes back BUT ALSO NOT EVERYTHING its so weird i dont understand
What size are they using if it aint US asian(?) Italian ? WHY DO THEY EVEN ALL HAVE DIFFERENT SIZINGS cant we just all use the same ones
why cant it be easier tho i mean thats not fun :(

okay then i hope you had fun reading this aswell and dw i dont mind at all i just talk in generel much :feels:
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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