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Days: 276.1
Mean Score: 6.57
  • Total Entries1,154
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  • Episodes16,790
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Detective Conan
Detective Conan
Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Watching 556/? · Scored 7
Najica Dengeki Sakusen
Najica Dengeki Sakusen
Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored 3
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Jun 22, 3:37 PM
Watching 12/26 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 127.2
Mean Score: 6.25
  • Total Entries905
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  • Chapters13,654
  • Volumes2,544
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii?
Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii?
Yesterday, 6:50 AM
Reading 13/? · Scored 8
I Don't Want This Kind of Hero
I Don't Want This Kind of Hero
Jun 21, 11:24 AM
Reading 262/301 · Scored 9
Happy Sugar Life
Happy Sugar Life
Jun 20, 6:56 AM
Reading 42/? · Scored 9


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LoveSong Jan 10, 11:56 PM
just passing by to say that your profile is really pretty <3 ..
Luzifer Dec 23, 2018 3:43 PM
*reinrollt* als würde ich meine Sis an Weihnachten ganz ohne lassen.
Sei geehrt, das wird wohl einer meiner letzten Werke sein. Allerdings bin ich auch dementsprechend rostig, auf das es dir daher trotzdem ein wenig gefällt

Zwei Dec 3, 2018 12:52 AM
Plus the fact that because Ai exist then Gosho has a legitimate reason for Shinichi to come back time to time and finally the last time he permanently turns back, so Conan won't just mysterious turn back into himself~
Oh she definitely will, I wonder if we'll ever come to that point where if they end up in 'relationship but not a relationship' that Ai trying to reject or push Akai away would be for the very reason that he's her sister's ex. Conan is definitely a no no, they're much more adorable as a pair of bickering siblings. GORGEOUS AI IS GORGEOUS, I'm absolutely in love with her character design uwu
Oh trust me I am into fair skinned characters myself, it's only that Sharkkan and Amuro is too smexy <33
owo i see i see, I understand now, you should definitely still try to read the manga though ;'DD
I've basically ignored the DC anime, it's just way too long and too many fillers esp when I'm following other long running series
I've always preferred the manga, unless there's a movie released then I go watch that or selective eps that I want to see animated. Omg I definitely need more Akai doujinshis in my life, Gosho simply doesn't draw him enough! ╥ ﹏ ╥
Oh thank god! at least I didn't spoil it for you, yet ;p I can't wait for you to catch up, I say if Gosho pulls through with it we might get another BO action arc soon~ at least for the next year, we do need some progress for the story after all. 1000 chapters lmaoo
That's like Gosho pulling an Oda lmaoo, but I guess the fault on that lies on the editors for releasing wrong statements ┐(°⊱,°)┌

Wait is that layout a different layout that the one you have rn? I wanna see >w<
I'm sure it looks as good as this one, noooo don't give up! We can do it! or maybe... (ᗒ ᗨᗕ)
My motivation never comes at all and anything layout related is a struggle too real //pats
I too wish the whole layout process can be skipped
It's like you have this amazing idea in your head and you get so hyped up and excited about and then when you actually get into the photoshop file and start it you get this sinking feeling of not knowing where to start and how to even execute it according to your great imagination. I swear my layouts never live up to what I envision them to be OTL //sobs
I'm slowly building it back up so who knows maybe I'll work towards doing ps again //insert 100 tabs of ps resources here
If you won't mind me I'll help kick it for you ;pp I'd love to see you make a new one~
I'm not entirely sure yet, I did but like I already did orange brown, red and salmon, yellow for me is a weird colour to see lol
So it might be another dark or bright layout, hmm 「(゚ペ)

I'll bet he actually would never show it completely, it's probably gonna end up his thing ((-_-。)
You bet I am haha, I think it's about time I catch up with all that I've missed
Partly because some manga I've been reading are also getting animation so hurray for that~ \( ゚ヮ゚)/
Zwei Nov 30, 2018 3:50 AM
It really is about her, after all without her Shinichi will be handicapped and will have difficulties learning about the BO from the inside
I love the rare scenes she turns into Shiho, she's so badass esp when holding a gun <3
At this point I don't really mind him being the ex-lover of her sister too much because they just have this chemistry you can't help but adore o3o
HE IS INDEED HOT, idk why but I think after Magi came out I've had this crush for dark skinned characters ever since Sharkkan
Although for this ship I obsess over AkaixShiho with the occassional Amuro bias wrecking me lol
I just can't they're just too perf, you know what I mean?
Not sure if you read the latest chapter of DC 1020-1022 yet so if you haven't ignore the strikethrough spoilers
isn't the latest chapter leading up to more Amuro story? with the Nagano dectective's brother linked to 'Zero'
i really can't wait for some more BO action, it's about time we get more action
on a side note, there's so many brothers in series i have to list them pfft

I can't even remember how old professor is lol, but yeah I'd cry if we never end up finding about the ending of the manga

Omg you too? That was also a factor for me abandoning ps rip, now that I'm trying to get back into it although failing
its such a pain having to redownload resources after getting a new pc, so much regret on the loss ;w;
I really wish I could enter the contests once again though, it really was fun back then

Oh yes that's the one part I'll remember, the mangaka is such a tease AHHHHH
I wonder how much of a bishie he would end up being on the reveal //if the mangaka ever reveals tho *shots*
I'll probably begin watching it after watching the latest episode of Tensei Slime uwu
Zwei Nov 29, 2018 5:26 AM
yes yes raise the waifu flag of Ai-chan *shakes hand back just as hysterically*
ikr, I live for the episodes/chapters with Ai, her whole character is just so interesting, and yes her antics with Conan indeed pfft
OTP Akai all the way! ;DD although Amuro is bias wrecking me especially with his tanned skin oh my <3
i really wish Gosho would update more though, he takes way too many breaks lmao

ahaha it is hella outdated though, and i really should get a new one soon but motivation OTL yesss //2nd second hypuuu
oh how is the goblin slayer anime? i haven't seen it but i remember reading a few chapters of the manga

Zwei Nov 29, 2018 3:41 AM
hullo i just wanted to say
omg another ai shipper fellow o/

and that your layout is so pretty <3
Sylinchen Nov 20, 2018 2:51 AM
Sylinchen Nov 19, 2018 11:38 PM
Nate Nov 8, 2018 12:10 PM
I liked that pic the most! So, I'm really happy to know my choice was right :3 Aww, don't cry my neko *pats*

Haha, I knew you would choose the blue one xD But I had to make you choose 8D

Why almost??? I want a sexy dark profile from my neko D: You're too kind <3 ; w ;
Nate Nov 7, 2018 2:34 PM

I made something there... what is this even...

Nate Oct 30, 2018 12:28 PM
And I blame my shitty memory. Aww, I'm guilty and I'm the one who gets the hugs? You're too good for this world *glomps*
You're very welcome, Shiko-neko. Tell senpai if you'd like anything! (^_-)≡★
Nate Oct 25, 2018 3:56 PM
DON'T TELL ME I MISSED MY NEKO'S BIRTHDAY- THAT'S UNFORGIVABLE !! ;____; And I kept telling myself "don't forget, you dumb brain" D:


Luzifer Oct 21, 2018 3:00 PM

Isalina Oct 18, 2018 4:34 AM
xD nichtmehr lang <3
Isalina Oct 17, 2018 4:24 AM
Danke <3 Hab ich~ benjamin blümchen natürlich xD