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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Dec 16, 4:07 PM
Watching 11/24 · Scored -
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
Dec 16, 4:06 PM
Watching 10/22 · Scored 9
Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Dec 16, 4:06 PM
Watching 10/12 · Scored 7
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Days: 120.4
Mean Score: 6.24
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I Don't Want This Kind of Hero
I Don't Want This Kind of Hero
Dec 15, 12:18 PM
Reading 183/301 · Scored 9
Dec 15, 12:18 PM
Completed 30/30 · Scored 4
Dec 15, 12:11 PM
Completed 31/31 · Scored 6


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Nate Dec 9, 12:17 PM
I GET IT NOW MASTER- (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
If Shiko enjoys it, then it must be worth. Haha, to be honest, I enjoyed Kubikiri Cycle much more than Monogatari (the ones I saw so far), and if getting in equation the Death Note Another Note novel, I guess he's pretty good of a writer. You got me somehow excited there and I barely refrain myself from actually checking the series out--- buttttt I must not. ;w; (I will just spoil my own fun... oh, well.)
Thank you for consulting this potato! Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ
Nate Dec 5, 6:28 PM
Hey, Shiko!
I wanted to consult you about something. How is Juuni Taisen? Is the story interesting? Is it worthy buying the novel? You know, it's written by Nisio Isin, but when I read the series' description, it makes me unsure. So, I'd really like to know your opinion about it. No spoilers though, since I'm refraining myself from watching the anime so I could enjoy the book if I decide to buy it. :)
Envy Nov 16, 9:09 PM
Ayyy ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nate Nov 3, 11:39 AM
You know, when you say 'lazy as fuck neets' I can't even take it as an insult because damn right you are tsk YEP THAT'S THE SPIRIT MWHAHAHA GIVE UP GIVE UP GIVE UP TO MY FLAWLESS SELF *wild laughter*

Hehe, y'know, I didn't read much about my boya as well, because the second Zaregoto book is yet to be re-published in English in 2018 so I have to wait until I can get it - and I'm definitely getting it - but reading the description here, on MAL and the character design is enough to make him one of my favorites. I hope you will enjoy playing the game when the time comes even more, since you already have a character you came to like :) MY H-HOTTIE??? Here, meet Zerozaki Hitoshiki.


But y-yeah, you are most welcome, darling. Making you happy was my goal, so it's completely achieved ♥
Ah, don't worry about that and put it up whenever you want, it's yours after all *nodnod*
Nishiou Nov 1, 12:04 PM
Sorry, ich habe gar nicht drauf geachtet. xD
Luzifer Oct 25, 5:09 AM
Nun, ich habe überlegt wie ich es wiedergutmache dass du keinen MAL Wälzer passend zum Burzeltag bekommen hast.
Und da kam mir die glorreiche Idee dir einfach einen Roman in meiner super hässlichen, krakeligen Handschrift zu verfassen. Und nicht nur das, die Handkrämpfe werden mich auch noch für ne Woche begleiten als schmerzhafte Erinnerung nie wieder den wichtigsten Tag des Jahres zu vergessen. Klingt voll toll neich?
Ja, musst du jetzt sagen. Zudem: "super Luzi, echt tolle Idee. Ich wollte schon immer mal wissen wie es ist althochdeutsche Fraktur zu entschlüsseln, da deine exorbitant hässliche Schrift einfach genau dasselbe schreckliche Feeling vermittelt."
Nicht wahr? Nicht wahr! Also los gehts

Sis! Schwesterchen, Flamme meines Lebe--- ok, zuviel. Stop.

Kuchen, Bishies, Shotas (die zählen natürlich extra, duh~), Geld, Doujis, Figuren, Sabbermaterial und Knuddler aller Art sollen für ein Jahr dir gehören!

Aber wo wir schon von Knuddlern sprechen. Schau hinter dir!

*Kulisse mega langsam rankarrt*
Erwischt~ *super mega geschraubter super Knuddler die Kulisse runter direkt in eine Kuhle voller Zettel*

Weißt du was darauf steht? Richtig. Nach allen berechneten Quotienten und Koeffizienten ist der 22. Oktober der wichtigste Tag im Jahr. Kann man gar nicht oft genug sagen, ehurrdurr

Aber gut, ich lass dich nu frei.. Jaha, du hast richtig gehört! Kein Tageslanges Festknuddeln. Schließlich gibt es Shota zu beschlecken. Geh klein Yagen, die Zimtrolle, befingern and have fun o/

Übrigens werde ich es doch nochmal auf MAL posten wenn es angekommen ist. So wahren wir die Tradition der Herumposaunerie der Sismance und du musst dich nicht mit dem Lesen dessen hier rumquälen.
Allerdings schreib ich das zuletzt in der Hoffnung dass du bis dahin dich schon durch den Brief gequält hast. Ich muss ja bissl Gemeinlichkeit reinstecken damit du weißt dass es von mir ist :^D

Somit so long, farewell! Ich bin ein wA Klick entfernt

P.S.: Es macht mir wirklich nichts aus wenn du das Weihnachtspaket jetzt schon öffnest. Allein schon weil ich nicht weiß ob es dir gefallen würde.
Ich habs nämlich mal mit was originellem probiert.
Wenns nicht gefällt, kannst du es aber immer noch anzünden und Marshmallows drüber rösten. *nodnod*
Nate Oct 24, 3:55 PM
I like it when it's normal and quiet too =3=)b But Shiko's special anyway okay

OH. I totally get what you mean! I have this one character I like recently but I don't even know him that well lol He just seems to be my type, as you say :D You are right and I had a really hard time choosing the ones I would like to use. Ended up squishing 3 pictures I liked the most >///<
Hope you will like your little present here *fidgets*
Nate Oct 22, 1:18 PM
I'm happy to know that. Shiko-neko deserves the best after all :D

Ah, I see. Danganronpa, huh? It must be from a new game, since I really can't recall seeing him before. Alright! So many pretty pictures, it will be a hard decision even for me, but I'll try to do my best for you <3
Nate Oct 22, 11:52 AM
You're welcome, darling~ Hope you had lots of fun today :3

Ah, yes, sure. Just tell me where he is from, because I can't remember to know such a character ^^' Or you can give me a particular picture you like the most?
Nate Oct 21, 6:16 PM

tell me all your wishes
Isalina Oct 16, 5:03 AM
Danke, shikolein <3
Klar doch, die darf nicht fehlen x'D Danke nochmal >///<
Sereshay Aug 12, 4:30 PM
You're welcome~ whew that's good to know(;^ω^)
Nate Aug 8, 1:20 PM
Yup, I love cuddling with cats and you're no exception :3
It was pretty nice! Got presents from one end of world (Thailand) to another (Great Britain) and there's more to come! Stupid post services, too slow *sobs* My family made me a lil' party and it was very nice, as if they wanted to compensate the previous birthday lmao
Short story shorter, I had fun and the cake was delicious!

Haha, don't get excited, it's very simple, as all of my latest layouts, because I am lazy and suck. But I'm trying to make it beautiful, because it's a tribute. Well, I wouldn't call them beautiful, just practice- because otherwise, I would forget how my workspace looks. But thank you for considering them beautiful <3

Nate Aug 7, 2:30 PM
Awww! Hugs are the best! Especially from my Shiko-neko! <3
Thank you, darling! Haha, good to know xD

Actually you are very good with display pictures, and I might want one from you! I'm planning to change my current layout after 2 or so weeks, and as my new layout will be Linkin Park/Chester Bennington themed, I'd love a profile picture of Chester. Pretty please and thank you! (And if you feel extra generous, please make it monochrome + yellow-orange-ish, because my new layout will have the colors and it will look like a set if they have the same colors.)
Luzifer Jul 31, 9:59 AM
Lan Party mit Brüdern bei Freunden xD wir leben also wieder im Jahr 2005