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Days: 381.3
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D.Gray-man Hallow
D.Gray-man Hallow
Yesterday, 6:28 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Yesterday, 6:24 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Tales of Zestiria the X
Tales of Zestiria the X
Yesterday, 6:20 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Days: 78.5
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Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai
Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai
Sep 12, 9:24 AM
Reading 4/? · Scored -
Kare wa Diablo!
Kare wa Diablo!
Aug 31, 1:21 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Hitorijime: Choukyou Ganbou
Hitorijime: Choukyou Ganbou
Aug 28, 11:13 AM
On-Hold 8/? · Scored -


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Alfyan Sep 27, 4:49 PM
Hi Sylinchen,

Thank you very much for the forum set, I absolutely love it! Sorry for not providing the background images immediately.. :/

I got a favour to ask though, I would like to ask for your permission if I could temporarily swap my set with a friend of mine for one day to prank this club I am part of; just to see if people will start mixing us up xD is that allowed? I know the rules wouldn't allow non-use for 2 months so I thought its best to ask for this first. I will revert straight back the next day (I love it anyway) :D

Would it be okay if you could edit the font of the "strike" bit on my signature? Its hard to identify the word sometimes If you lose the blueprint then don't worry about it!
Here is the link to my request.
Envy Sep 26, 10:19 AM
Is it because you can't stand how hilarious most horror movies are out there? I can somehow relate, like.. I can't tolerate most of the latest comedy movies because of the repetitive racial slurs, dirty & homophobic jokes -- and the never ending cursing. Nope, and I don't think I've ever mentioned it before. But, I'm all up for drama, fantasy, sci-fi and mystery for my movies and series.

Yes yes, hot choco ♥
I'm really gonna miss winter! And no, we only have wet and dry seasons. The only time I'll ever feel like it's winter again would be having a serious and heavy typhoon -- AND the heat is nothing to joke about!
I only ever played the popular ones like, Fate and Higurashi.
So, having one on my phone which I rarely use other than skype is \(;´□`)/
A friend of mine let me used her account to enter Deep Story mode, hence why I started with Jumin's route

Yeah, he already got tons of fanart even when it was first announced. No surprise there. Hopefully you do, I want to see a P5 profile really soon!
Why? GFX is getting kinda boring lately. I srsly have no motivation to do anything aside from my profile and the monthly contest. Eh? Only when I'm 100% done, because it's for a digital art contest. I don't have a pixiv account, and I'll prolly post them on my DA if I ever feel confident to do so. Uhm, she's WAY more experienced than me, so don't expect anything that's half of what she can do. Ohh, I kinda feel guilty of having my soon-to-be-profile as extremely messy and chaotic! It went fine, I'm halfway done btw~!
Shino Sep 25, 1:32 AM
Lol. I think I kinda did the same thing with you at first since I was aiming at Luciel during the beginning - which caused me to do end with a bad end for Jaehee's route. I only realized that it's not possible for me to be getting into his or Jumin's route after I got a bad end and start over. ;v;

I just hope that I will have enough motivation to even work on one after I completed his route. :x
Shino Sep 25, 1:06 AM
But going though Luciel's route is such a painful progress.. Urgh.

And hey Zen is adorable in his own ways too!! I am thinking of putting double layouts on my layout for next month cause I couldn't decide which one I like better. ;v;
aikopotz Sep 24, 3:13 AM
I have the psvita :) I haven't finish it yet
since I play Danganronpa another episode. :)
I don't even know if I will watch the anime but maybe i will.
OMG is code:re will have an anime, i will definitely watch it.
Miyuki- Sep 21, 4:27 PM
right? a bunch of my stuff always ends up too dark xP haha i need work on everything orz lol

o.o ikr? shes incredible. Any time i try to make something of a theme ive already done before i find myself copying my last one in some way. I always end up wanting to use the same pictures too lol xP shes amazing *_*
Envy Sep 20, 11:00 PM
EH?! REALLY?! This is news to me! That you're not into horror movies and all that. Yeah, it's alright.. though it's nothing creepy, it's a survival movie at best. I can go without coffee as long as I have my evening tea. I see, I've known a few who can still catch their sleep even with coffee, ugh, which is nice. I'm probably the only person who hasn't downloaded it yet, though I've seen in WAY before launch and for some otherworldly reason, the characters doesn't seem to pique my interest. But uhm, I'll try to get it today and see if the story works for me.

I stop very early if I know it won't look that good, they pile so fast. Someday, yes, definitely someday too. I agree! That's what I'm struggling with now, good typo and placement is also a necessity for these profiles to work. Alrighty then, whoa! CCS layout ♥ I always wanted to do one, but I'm afraid it'll look very similar with my LL profile which was too simple-looking, I bid you goodluck. Oh, P5 too?! Same, but there aren't any good Makoto pictures yet.
Isalina Sep 20, 12:38 AM
Kannst du mir die psd von der signatur geben die du für Kawaii gemacht hast? /o\
Setsura1 Sep 19, 2:54 PM
Thanks so much for my new DP, I love it!
Hana Sep 19, 11:31 AM
Oh, I actually had it done for a while. But decided to change it because... er, well. How to say... I guess Dev and I were mad at each other and I didn't want to match with him due to it. Dx but its okay, since he still my friend and all. But thank you so much. Oh definitely, I still got Judal layout in mind but.. so lazy to start on it. :'D..

I guess nobody be willing to adapt the manga. DX Which would be awesome if so. Dx I know~! Not sure why either. But if it happens, I'd absolutely love it. <3
Oh definitely. It is always best o read it before watching, I'd say. LOL I think I ended up laughing at some scenes with twilight, watching cinemasins give their review on it makes it even funnier xD.

Oh yes, or perhaps.. the rude/stubborn types then. :D xD Ooh, ooh, I really like seeing him and Kagura together in most fan art. I think I really like these two pics of them though.
AzuDahaka Sep 18, 1:01 AM
B-but... I'm lazy, and tired... Syli-sensei... ( ; w;)
I don't even think there's a guarantee I'll like it when I make it. Lel.

Ohhhhh! Thanks! I was actually thinking of using that cracked glass effect for a layout.
It's a shame it's not that good for a Sig, XD>
Wrath Sep 17, 8:05 AM
Thanks so much for the DP!<333
Kawaii Sep 17, 5:49 AM
hello!! thank you so much for the DP!! :D It's so beautiful *.*
crashinho Sep 17, 5:13 AM
thanks for the incredible profile pic!! i'm so happy :p
Shou Sep 16, 10:48 AM
Thank you very much for the display picture, looks wonderful!