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Phraze 10 hours ago
glad u like it haha. I'm turning into a gif person... x3
Uli Yesterday, 9:35 AM

crystalline πŸ’Ž
kuzu no honkai solo | cards
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Eternal_Shield Yesterday, 4:59 AM
i happened to visit my MAL on your birthday senpai and noticed it
Recycled_Content Yesterday, 4:28 AM

have a very nice happy day, wish you a good year.

Eternal_Shield Jan 18, 9:02 PM
Happy Birthday !
Phraze Jan 18, 2:34 PM

Skuup Jan 18, 8:01 AM
Happy Birthday to you β˜†
nguyenafobjulie Jan 17, 10:04 PM

c r y s t a l l i n e

Shino Jan 16, 1:57 AM


Yuacchi Jan 14, 6:46 PM

Y U A ' Sγ€€D E L I V E R Y
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Honeyworks Edition | Cards Here
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Shino Jan 13, 5:02 AM
Also during my transit flight at Kobe, I told my fiance that I was really happy for being able to attend the concert with him and started cry on my fiance's shoulder with all those thoughts I had on mind. My fiance knew that I was crying, so he said something like "Your Aoi Shouta asked you to smile smile smile (it's one of Shotan's song title which Shotan said something similar before singing that song too), remember?"

I don't think I will be able to forget the feeling I had, ever. :'D
Shino Jan 13, 4:41 AM
I don't see a reason for not being to tolerate with your attitude when you basically did the same thing for me as well. I will try not thinking lowly about myself so much! After all, and what I feel, regardless what others think about me. Shotan said this during the concert after the song 'I Am': "Please stop comparing yourself with others, it's enough as long as you become a better you," which actually made me thought about alot of things during my transit flight at Kobe... It made me feel like I should always stay true to what I like or what I wanted to do, regardless what other people might think or say about it.; It made me feel like I should probably work harder to make myself a better person or even view myself more positively, regardless some of my bad experiences in life. It made me felt really grateful that I actually discovered Shotan while I was experiencing the downsides in my life, it made me felt genuinely happy to be able to see him irl, and it truly made me feel that I am still a blessed person for being able to live in a world with both of my fiance and Shotan in it.

Yeah, I am actually planning to upload photos of my Japan trip slowly until I am going to Taiwan on March so that I wouldn't feel that I haven't been on a trip for quite some time since doing it kinda motivates me somehow. Please I never dream to be a Japanese to begin with, I wanted to be a Taiwanese instead since Taiwan has always been the only country which made me feels like I am at home.... Even more than Malaysia at one point >_>

If you really want that calendar I am willing to order it from the fanclub website once his concert is over o7 I DON'T GET WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE BECAUSE AS I HAVE MENTIONED BEFORE SHOTAN ALWAYS LOOKS GOOD IMO. That too, I think my heart literally stopped for at least few seconds when he came out with that certain outfit and I thought 'WHY THE FUCK IS HE GLOWING ALL A SUDDEN??!?!?'

Ahhhhh sorry if I fan around too much on your page I just can't T_T It has been the 4th day and it feels like I have been looping the exact same songs again and again and again but I just get get that feeling out of my brain rip

NANI THE FUCK WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST BUY THEM BACK THEN?! Idk but I feel like there were alot more anime merch in Tokyo than Osaka... Are you going to travel to Tokyo again?
ownitlikeaboss Jan 11, 9:06 PM
Thank you for the card!
Shino Jan 11, 2:09 AM
Mainly because I don't know what I do to actually be deserving so much attention from someone...? Although it kinda makes me feel that I am being loved so thanks bakayase. :'D

I certainly will! I am already planning to save the concert photo which Shotan took with the audience and make it as my Twitter/Facebook cover forever >//////< Too bad he will only be posting it up when he is done with all his remaining concerts so I will have to wait until another month...... Glad that I bought a mask to cover up my face too so that people especially my fiance wouldn't be able to see how much I actually fanboy about him nyahaha

Ohhhh I think they have some sort of HypMic themed cafe in one of the buildings near Denden Town too :'D I think you would go crazy if you ever saw it

Shino Jan 11, 1:20 AM
.........Do you stalk me on Discord often or what!? Σ(ο½₯口ο½₯)

Oh yeah... I was too busy to even send you any proper photo of my trip while I was in Japan EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE STAGE PHOTO OF THE CONCERT BECAUSE MY SEAT WAS LIKE SO FKING CLOSE THAN I EVER IMAGINED AND I JUST COULDN'T KEEP THE EXCITEMENT TO MYSELF SASGDFGJHSDAJHS *remembers how Shotan sent flying kiss to my direction while singing INVERTED dhdladkwdhsd*

What you said just made me feel regret that I didn't actually take pictures of the merchs while I was in Denden Town wwwww