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Zero Kiryuu (錐生 零)

Age: 17
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: A
Affiliation: Day Class
Weapon: Bloody Rose

Zero is Yuuki's childhood friend and student at Cross Academy. He is also a Guardian and likewise on the disciplinary committee. Zero has been living with Yuuki and Headmaster Cross, as the headmaster is his legal guardian. His family, a linear of vampire hunters, was murdered by a pureblood vampire when he was young. He harbors a deep hatred for vampires and claims to have taken on the role of Guardian to learn to hunt them better.

Voice Actors
Mignogna, Vic
Miyano, Mamoru
Novara, Renato
Hamvas, Dániel
Rönfeldt, Jan-David
Rausenberger, Emmanuel

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