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tsubasa_ May 22, 4:19 AM
No problem..I mean this is like almost 6 months later.

I feel you too, man sometimes I miss the old times lol. True, well I still haven't changed that much..I'm still an unactive mf.
I'm glad to hear that! That's nice xd I had to burn my money for no new laptop lmao.

I really don't know what changed? The people? The circumstances? Everything?
Indeed, well there's nothing we can do about that.

Thanks! Tbh I atcually don't wanna talk that much about myself as I'm going through tough times and don't wanna bother anyone. I hope you're doing well :)
Krysaia Mar 4, 10:34 AM
Thanks Chii-chan and no worries :)
shockzz1234 Feb 5, 7:06 PM
No worries!!

I'll take that as confirmation and boost my ego *rolls eyes* =P

CryingSkies Feb 4, 11:19 PM
Who is that girl on your profile?
VocalisticMelody Jan 30, 1:38 PM
How was your birthday? :>
reply is finally here \o/
People have been following my post limits since I'm the only one that participates in them usually. hard to miss.
I don't usually get yelled at by patients.. maybe just one because I was trying to have her sleep on one side and then she said her thigh hurt >.>... ONLY TIME I'VE BEEN ROUGH OKAY. WE COULDN'T WASH THE SCOPES AND NO WATER WAS AVAILABLE. IT WAS A MISERABLE DAY. Other than that, I usually get called out for my mistakes by the other MA...
Not really.. an office job is probably something I should look for so it's less stressful, maybe. idk what I want to do..
I love how my mom told me earlier how I see them as invisible and don't tell them anything but like.. what is there to say even and dad was also treating me like I'm invisible too so it's whatever. also mentioned that I have my doors closed and so what?? what's wrong with that -.-
formatting/bbcoding for the schedule

reminds me this takes about an hour or so to do :')
Krysaia Jan 26, 2:11 AM
That makes sense. It kinda seems like your life revolves around it though :c
That's good progress! I say to put yourself before others, especially when it comes to health, but I'm not too good at doing that myself heh..
Heheh yes! It's a new way to look at it :P
Better late than never!
Even with the proof she still let it go.. my gosh, some people take that very serious and don't give two fucks about personal circumstances ._.
Really sad tbh..

Ooo that's exciting! I bet you're counting down the days til it releases haha
Ah yeah, the problem with vampire stuff is it's very easy to turn it into a fanservice sort of thing and not so much story.. I mean don't get me wrong some vampires can be pretty hot, but I'd like to see a bit more than just that lol. Are you talking about the series you mentioned or another one?
That's a wonderful explanation(´• ω •`). I get what you mean. That's why I really like settings like those. it really gets your mind to picturing a lot of different things and it can be like an escape from reality.
Big book store? Omgosh... That sounds like heaven.

Ooo haha yeah that's true.. sometimes it can change your perspective on certain things as well

I know that feeling all too well. I still like to wish people happy birthday though.
I hope nothing too bad happened on that day D:
NiteLite2B Jan 21, 8:39 AM
Oof no worries. I have a friend in Canada that went to school and got in debt from it. She is now working to pay that off, but she is a smart one. Hwoever, she does get rather moody sometimes and its a challenge to try to calm her down. She is doing fine otherwise, so I understand. May I ask what jobs your currently working?

Oh, are you ok? Sounds pretty bad. My coworker used rip his muscles in his knee quite often when he played basketball. Yah, sorry to hear that and I personally think that cold weather just makes injuries worse >_< Usually during the summer, its ok since the heat usually dissipates quickly.

Pretty much yah. The work itself is nothing to complain about, but can be boring and repetitive at times.

Also, I hope your week goes well. I know we don't chat often, but I do really like talking to you. ^_^ I can be a baka sometimes tho :P
NiteLite2B Jan 17, 10:07 AM
Oh oof I didn't realize that I was already was using it >_< Sorry >///<

Are you working or going to college or something Chii-chan? Or its more of the cold weather that you dislike >_< I usually like summers more over winters since I love the refresh coolness you get from a hot day. Can you tell me a bit about yourself I guess? :>

I'll start I guess. So currently I work during an off-shift so grave shift so I am pretty much a vampire for work. I mostly work on analytical testing of wines, spirits and brandies. I do want to move out of this position. Fortunately, I have a interview lined up st the same company. Hopefully it goes good >_< So I am also a very shy person and I generally don't do so well in a social environment IRL. On MAL it is easier so am trying out my people skills by reaching out to others and just introducing myself.

Alright, I leave there as I know your busy so I have nice chatting with you ^_^

NiteLite2B Jan 17, 8:56 AM
Oh no worries. I had a feeling that you were busy. Are you doing ok? *Hugs* Seems like this wek has been busy for most people oof. Either way, I hope you taking breaks every now and then :>

Oh you can call me Nitey or LiteNeko if you want ^_^

Do you go by a nickname as well Chii-chan?
Krysaia Jan 14, 7:47 PM
Aww, you must be stressed out a lot then..
Yeah that is something that will definitely take a toll on a person after a while. I hope you're able to figure it out.
You could say you are positively negative lol.
It's always nice to be relieved from stress-inducing life time events, plus that would be something you'd have to deal with on an everyday basis, so I can't see anything good coming out of staying in that type of situation for the rest of your life =/
Wow that's so dumb.. they should make exceptions for people that have serious emergencies, like what if it's something that's life or death serious..?
Haha well I suppose that's what happens when you find good books. I spent the last couple months doing that, but now I'm taking a little breather from books mostly.. I still have more coming though.
Ooo not familiar, but I think I've heard of that author before. That's still a bit of time to go. It sucks when you have an author you really like and you have to spend forever waiting for their next book, or some of their other books aren't that good, but hey, they can't all be good, right? I'm not sure I've ever read a consistent author where I've constantly liked their books. What do you like specifically about that series?
You into Fantasy books then? I actually have trouble finding good fantasy books.

Learn something as in something about them or just like a general thing? Haha same here. I'm more of a listener as well, so I encourage people to rant away. Gives me something to listen to :>

Also, happy belated birthday!! I'm sorry I didn't realize it on the day of :(
I hope you had a good one though
NiteLite2B Jan 13, 6:02 PM
Hiya there Chii-chan! Sorry to bother ya >_< Just wanted to say hello you since you looked like a nice person to talk to ^_^
Phraze Jan 12, 10:08 PM

all the best and have a wonderful day~ <33 was ur new year and holidays enjoyable? mine was fairly good

and thanks for the compliment. was browsing art at random (which I didn't do in so long)! will take my time replying I guess... ouo;
shockzz1234 Jan 12, 6:56 AM
Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a good one! :)
shockzz1234 Jan 6, 9:15 PM
Hah! Just couldn't wait to talk to me huh? I have that effect =P jk
Krysaia Jan 3, 7:50 PM
Samee.. Well if I'm gonna cry, I'd rather it be from that than tears of sadness. Oh yeah, you're still doing that huh? You've been doing that for a while now :o It sounds like you'd be better off without if it's not something you can handle at the moment.
Yeah I sure hope so. My positivity is still a work in progress :p
Oh damn. To have gotten to that point, it must have really taken a toll on you. I'm glad you got out of there and hopefully you're some in place better now.
Yeah it really does ;_; I've heard of those as well. That's pretty rough honestly cause some things can happen that are completely out of your control.
Whaa but Chii-chan there's so many books to choose from! And girl, you're a fast reader :O Which books were those? I'm curious to know what kind of books you're into.

Sounds good!
Haha cool. I always enjoy listening to a good rant. Feels good to not be the one ranting all the time and being able to listen to other people's rants lol.

Also this is late, but happy new year!