Nov 23, 2019
ssanaashaikhh (All reviews)
Im going to be straight forward and preface this by saying, I read the manga and am all caught up so I don't remember all the details from the Overhaul arc, and my review for the most part is overall.

I believe this is probably one of the best seasons of bnha so far. The overhaul arc is a lot darker than the rest of the show however the execution of the story-to me atleast- is amazing.

In this arc, they only focus on I think 7 UA students total, of course Midoriya and Mirio being the top 2. Personally I love the way they showed the 1-A Students with their upperclassmen + pro hero, I think it was an amazing insight to see how the select few would be as pro hero's and overall really helps deepen that watcher-character connection.

Overall alongside the story, characters and the AMAZING MUSIC of course! bnha s4 is one of my favorite seasons of the show and omg Overhauls theme is so sick 😂