Nov 29, 2019
BlindSniper (All reviews)
My Hero Academia's biggest weakness is how painfully slow the plot moves forward. We're 6 episodes into the season, and nothing has happened that couldn't have been condensed into 1 episode.

That's not to say there aren't other glaring issues like a dialogue that could be written by a 12 year old. To the point you could skip an entire scene and know what happened. But we aren't here to be blown away by dialogue, it's a shounen. We're here to see good animation, fun characters, and an intriguing plot. So do we get any of that?

Animation: 4/10

The animation quality is the same as it's been in season 1 with no progression. It seems they're content with "mediocre" to "bad". Fight scenes are very rare, and when they do occur there's a whole lot of stills with camera panning. It feels like a cop-out and the rest of the show are stills with moving mouths... where's the budget for an insanely popular show?

Characters: 1/10

So are the characters fun at least? Not really. They've been the same person re-learning "I need to be the best" in varying ways. They're all identical to who they were in Season 1. There is nothing interesting about Midoriya since he's a parrot that can only say "I need to get stronger" for 70 episodes. His arc for every season is the same because it's solely that. Everyone else is just as bad or simply forgotten about unless they want to spend 10 minutes naming them all. The humor in this show is so repetitive and childish. All of the characters suck is all I really have to say.

Plot: 2/10

But the plot must be good! Alas, it isn't. The villains screen time is so limited it's basically them doing "villain" things and what that means is... they show up on screen as stills for 5 seconds and some announcer tells you what they did and then we get to hear the heroes talk about it for 10 minutes. That or they get an actual scene and it's some of the best the show has to offer, but it ends on a "mysterious" note never to be touched up on again. Each episode ends on a "wow, this is about to get real" but it's just a cliffhanger that ends anti-climactically every time. There's no pay off, it's just forced tension. Now it's just another plot line where they get to talk about what they're going to do for 2-3 episodes to save on budget and get you "hyped" for a fight incoming. Which will most likely be underwhelming as well.

Summary: 2/10

So is it worth watching? Not really, you could skip past all the dialogue and know what they talked about(and even if you didn't) they'll bring it up in flashbacks every episode anyway. Painfully boring dialogues and humor that's mixed in serious scenes to make it so you aren't "as bored" always miss and just make it worse... I guess you could skim through episodes and wait for the pay-off episode at the end where they actually fight and the animation is either mediocre or good in places. That's about where all the budget for this show goes considering it sure as hell isn't in writing or talking mouth stills.