Made in Abyss
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Alternative Titles

English: Made in Abyss
Japanese: メイドインアビス


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 7, 2017 to Sep 29, 2017
Premiered: Summer 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 21:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Kinema Citrus
Source: Web manga
Genres: Sci-FiSci-Fi, AdventureAdventure, MysteryMystery, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.791 (scored by 365406365,406 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #292
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #94
Members: 700,288
Favorites: 25,324


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Sep 29, 2017
IzaEpsil (All reviews)
Are you looking for a good, fun, light-hearted adventure? This has that.
Are you looking for a wonderful, sci-fi thriller? This has its thrilling moments.
Are you looking for wonderful chemistry between the characters? This presents that.
Do you want an anime with well-animated fight scenes? This gives us that.
Are you looking for an anime that has a wonderful staff backing it up, always checking to make sure they bring out the anime’s fullest potential, based from its manga source, faithfully adapting it? They both have, and do that.

Made in Abyss is an anime that can abide to almost anyone’s taste in anime. I personally believe that Made read more
Sep 30, 2017
Veronin (All reviews)
Made in Abyss isn't at all what it appears to be. Though it may seem little more than an adventurous children's anime, chibi art and all, it gradually reveals itself as something much darker, as Riko's and Reg's hopeless ascent continues, stumbles along, no happy ending in sight, death— and worse— awaiting them for each step they fall.

Many anime give off the facade of maturity: gratuitous gore, sadistic and loony villains, self-serving themes ripped from entry-level philosophers such as Nietzsche - features that make a story palatable to rebellious teenagers, rather than the adults they so desperately wish to be.

But Made in Abyss doesn't fall read more
Sep 29, 2017
Pipe (All reviews)
I want to be honest. I was evading this anime and manga. My first impression was the picture of Riko, Regu, and Nanachi, I thought: An anime about children, with some strange plot, fanservice and maybe a big bunny. I was not expecting anything from this anime. I was preparing to skip and to "bury" it in a review, but now I can eat my own words. This anime is a jewel. The adaptation is incredible. It has a good narrative with an impressive artistic design, combined with the most beautiful soundtrack of the year and an acceptable character development.

Story: 8

An anime with a good read more
Sep 29, 2017
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
It's been a long time since I saw an anime which manages to immediately get you captivated as much as Made in Abyss did. At first glance it might look like a kids' show of sorts, but you really couldn't be much further from the truth. This is a pretty dark anime past a certain point, but even before that it's still fantastic.

Made in Abyss is a perfect example of an adventure anime done right. When I first started watching it, it reminded me of the feeling you get when you jump into some beautiful-looking open-world RPG for the first time, as the world of read more
Jan 20, 2018
YugureYowane (All reviews)
Good story, good concepts; Lots of awesome action; Thrilling, yet predictable shockers, but still worth watching; An enjoyable, intense adventure.

just one thing though.

The biggest, bothersome flaw.

Stop with the pedophilia pandering fanservice; There were so many cringy pedophilic moments it harshly breaks the concentration from a good story, reminding you what's currently ruining the anime industry. It undermines the entirety of the anime tbh. At points it even seems like the story was being used just to purely pander to it. Overall, it is worth a watch, but with a lot of anime, its gotta be done alone sadly.
Aug 22, 2017
MaskettaSenpai (All reviews)
"If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." - Some anime bad guy, probably.

Well, I've gazed into this abyss long enough. I might get more enjoyment or value from staring at a literal black pit than watching another episode of this plodding, interminable slog of a manga adaptation.

Made In Abyss is enticing enough at the start. The art style, which reminds me of something like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or Studio Ghibli's projects, is right up my alley. While I could take or leave the OP, the ED is catchy as hell (especially when those claps hit, my God). The read more
Aug 25, 2017
dadnaya (All reviews)
Made in Abyss. So many people said so many good things about it around the web, as well as having tons of positive reviews.

I would assume I'm the minority here.

Made in Abyss is a show which follows two main characters- A girl called "Riko" and some kind of a mysterious robot called "Reg". They got "summoned" to the bottom of the Abyss by Riko's mother (which is probably the best cave raider out there).

Now, We have some great "world building"... kind of.

We see interesting layers of the Abyss, and interesting monsters and such, but one thing annoys me the most:

Riko is a kid, she read more
Jan 20, 2018
Jex (All reviews)
Made in Abyss aired in the Summer season of 2017 and ran for 13 episodes; the last occupying a double time slot. It's about children who delve into a great chasm called "The Abyss" in order to find treasures to sell in order for their village to profit. The protagonists embark on a quest to find information about the main girl's mother.


Made in Abyss is very misleading about a lot of things, but none so much as the quality of the show. The world shows much promise when it is introduced, but instead of answering the questions we have about the Abyss, the village they read more
Sep 30, 2017
Piezuri (All reviews)
Welcome to the most overhyped show of 2017. Made in Abyss is a perfect example of an above average show that gets hyped up by every body which forces others into believing that the show is something it really isn't. I, for a change, am not blinded by "hype", and can see the flaws in Made in Abyss, which are quite numerous.

Story : 2/10

Sometimes it speeds up and gets somewhat interesting, sometimes it slows down and gets really boring. The show is basically boring up to episode 6, then somewhat interesting up to episode 9, and then a snoozefest until the end, unless you happen read more
Oct 1, 2017
wayver (All reviews)
I am only writing this review in light of the fact that other reviewers are giving the show 9 or 10 across the board.

Made in Abyss has some good things going for it, which I will mention at the end of this review, but it also has some very serious problems.

The problems:

The pace of the story is erratic and generally sluggish, the characters do not behave in sensible ways, characters are developed for an episode or two and then abandoned, the logic of the world is essentially arbitrary, and the story brings up concept after concept in an intriguing manner, but never bothers to read more
Sep 8, 2017
Shafei88 (All reviews)
This anime is getting more and more epic. The animation is really cool, not to mention the sound effects...I hope they reach the bottom of the abyss soon and hopefully, they'd be able to return to the surface and become White Whistles

I only have seen 10 episodes and omg this got intense real fast :S, I'm only halfway and I didn't expect it would be so intense O.o

I regret not picking this up because of the cover art . I'll binge this once it finishes.They have to make a game for this

BEST ANIME THIS SEASON BY FAR any one else think so?
Sep 8, 2017
DDdd2222 (All reviews)
Only watched it for the darkness later on everybody was talking about. I can't
say I regretted it though since the shock value was good.

Story: Children go somewhere they know might kill them, the expected happens. I haven't seen the whole thing yet but I'm guessing it's hard or tragic obstacle after another.

Characters: Riko is unchanging and is just energetic and determined. Reg is developed and changes a tiny bit about caring for Riko, but his moral values and mindset are nothing new and this in my opinion makes a bland character. In the end, they just fall into categories and aren't multidimensional, unlike read more
Sep 29, 2017
ItzToxic (All reviews)
Open up an endless world of possible settings. A Giant hole in the middle of civilization, in which lies a gigantic hole dangerous to mankind. What could it be? How does it work? What lies within it?

Made in Abyss is one of my personal favourites of Summer 2016 due to its amazing setting, atmosphere, and world building with amazing execution along with an amazing narrative. It shows us the dangerous and more grim side of things while making it completely thought provoking.

We start off this adventure with Riko, a girl with curiosity and the need to adventure the depths of the Abyss thoroughly. With read more
Jan 18, 2018
NoiceMeme (All reviews)
You can't say shows featuring a combination of lolis, furries and traps are all shit anymore because of this amazing adaptation of an exceptional manga. Bummer, innit?

We get to follow a story of a small girl going on a suicide mission trying to reach her mommy stuck in a deep part of a glorified manhole, which is possible only because she conveniently finds an overpowered chibi cyborg on one of her practice strolls. This guy also happens to represent the average male MAL user as he gets a boner every time he cuddles a loli, including furry lolies with unknown type of genitals. Nice. read more
Jul 28, 2017
Renn22 (All reviews)

The world of Made in Abyss is a fascinating one. It is filled with strange creatures and relics of a time long forgotten. Most fascinating though, is the Abyss. At the centre of the town of Oosu, there lies a pit which stretches far into the Earth. No one knows how far or has ever made it down to the bottom. In the Abyss, there are a multitude of relics that can be found and sold to foreign countries. The brave people who go into the pit are called Cave Raiders and they form the backbone of the economy in Oosu, the buying read more
Sep 29, 2017
Stark700 (All reviews)
I’ve always had a fascination for fictional stories about fantasy adventures that adds a bit of survival horror to the mix. The type that stick to my memories the most are those that follows a journey to the unknown. As such, Made in Abyss came as no exception when I discovered this adaptation. It’s a show bringing in mystique that captivated me from start to finish. An anime like Made in Abyss takes on an approach with dynamic emotions to heart and it’s really an anime that people shouldn’t miss out.

Reading the synopsis itself can feel a bit intimidated. As a manga reader, I was read more
Sep 29, 2017
SunlitSonata (All reviews)
Lost destiny, power at a price, the tolls of exploration. That is what goes on to drive them, to lead destiny forward to a world behind comprehension. That is.... the Abyss.

It's certainly an interesting place to be sure. Those who return from it rarely bring back all its secrets, but receive worship regardless as more and more people are conditioned to go in and do work for their society. In that setting, this show is most definitely a journey, one where two young kids, drawn by their pasts beyond their understanding, discover a world where everything is dangerous and cooperation is a necessity.

Made in read more
Oct 1, 2017
Missingnomer (All reviews)
They actually tried.

I always come back every season with a ting of hope in my heart. “Maybe this time a studio with some talented people WHO CARE about their work will make a show that will be worth watching.” A lot of seasons have come and gone. I would be lying if I said there hasn’t been any good shows for a long time. Many great animes have released over the last few years, yet I was yearning for something that wasn’t just a show with a great plot twist, or even a show that wrote believable and memorable characters.

I wanted an anime that stole read more
Sep 29, 2017
RebelPanda (All reviews)
The Abyss is a true wonder, it is the curiosity that draws us in and leads us to our inevitable metamorphosis that comes from growing up.

I always used to explore the forests surrounding my home as I child, I shared the same desire to explore the unknown as the protagonist, Riko, from Made in Abyss does. My friends and I would search for the forest for the fabled Bigfoot. We knew that we couldn’t venture too far lest we lose our way back (keep in mind that this is before we had cell phones) we were equipped with just the bare necessities to explore; flashlights, read more
Jul 28, 2017
wolfwing (All reviews)
What lies deep within the abyss.

A pit where the further you go down the more dangerous it is to return. It's a good series with a interesting idea, the kind of thing I would love to do myself.

Story: Orphans that grow up heading into the abyss, one day one of them meets a strange thing within it, and soon starts a journey to discover the truth of the abyss, It's the kind of thing I love. I always find dungeon and exploring and monsters enjoyable.

Art: it's amazing some of the best I think, really nice feel to read more