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Aug 12, 2020
Kono Oto Tomare!

SPOILER WARNING: Most of the characters personalities/stories are mentioned
First of all I’d like to say that this is by no means a bad anime and that is not what I intent to portray with my score. In fact I thoroughly enjoyed Kono Oto Tomare!. That said I would wholeheartedly disagree with anyone saying this is a masterpiece of originality. In fact I’d argue the literally only original thing here is that they are playing Koto’s instead of *Insert whatever other instrument/sport here*. From this point forward I’m going to be regarding sports anime and music anime the same, and while this might ruffle read more
Jul 12, 2020
Having only 11 chapters translated so far it seems to be a stretch to say that one could give a proper review of the story. However the basic of it is as follows: a 17 year old Japanese kid on Iceland can talk to cars and does detective stuff.

While that might not seem like the most interesting or mature premise it has led to a wonderful first 11 chapters. The mystery aspect of this manga is very well written and compliments the incredible artwork very well. The author choosing Iceland as the manga’s setting is also a perfect match for her art. The breath read more
Nov 28, 2019
[Spoiler Warning]

So I was told that my Made in Abyss review was too long and too negative. So instead I decided to go watch a show rated in the top 20’s(!!!) No way this one is as bad as Made in Abyss, right?

I was wrong. It’s worse. Don’t watch this show. It’s fucking terrible. I could write a manifesto about everything wrong with this show, BUT since I promised to make it shorter, I decided to only write about one scene, as I feel it exemplifies everything wrong this show perfectly.

But first; music ok, opening good, characters bad, writing bad, animation whatever. I have read more
Nov 19, 2019
This is by no means a perfect Manwha.
It is however my favorite one by a long shot, and has been for the past five or so years. If you're looking for a shounen with great world building and a multilayered plot I definitely think this is a read for you. However, if you want a deep well thought out story that will make you contemplate life this might not be your thing.

I will mostly be pointing out flaws and things that annoyed me while reading so the score I gave might come off as conflicting in regards to the review itself, but I read more
Jun 16, 2019
Only the first paragraph is spoiler-free.

I won't say this is the most overrated show on this site as I am convinced that is Legend of the Galactic Hero, however as I have not seen it, I don't feel confident in making that statement about this show. You will have people tell you how well written it is, how dark and scary and tear-jerking it is, but once you've seen it you will finally realize that the only reason this show is rated as high as it is, is because there are naked twelve year old’s in it. The loli's have finally made their triumphant read more