Jul 12, 2020
Lub (All reviews)
Having only 11 chapters translated so far it seems to be a stretch to say that one could give a proper review of the story. However the basic of it is as follows: a 17 year old Japanese kid on Iceland can talk to cars and does detective stuff.

While that might not seem like the most interesting or mature premise it has led to a wonderful first 11 chapters. The mystery aspect of this manga is very well written and compliments the incredible artwork very well. The author choosing Iceland as the manga’s setting is also a perfect match for her art. The breath taking scenery of Iceland with its deserted volcanic plains and misty mountains is no doubt a part of why the mystery feeling settles in so nicely and works perfectly with the authors realistic art-work, something that gives off a Seinen tone very well. The environment is not the only thing well drawn though, as we have a handful of beautiful characters, both male and female.

The only character we’ve somewhat gotten to know is our main character, Kei, but so far all the others one introduced have been set up with their own mysteries surrounding them in a way that makes you want to find out more. Something that goes for Kei as well.

If you’re looking for a very atmospheric mystery/adventure I believe this manga will serve you very well. It is not too hectic and appears to be more of a slow burn, so if that’s you’re cup of tea then I believe this is perfect to read sitting by an open fire, drinking a cup of tea.