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Oct 24, 2018
I am sure that several spectators started to watch the show after seeing the cover art and the Bunny Girl title. However, you aren’t going to watch a girl wearing a bunny outfit all the time … sorry to disappoint. Also, the audience can relate the anime with Bakemonogatari, Sakurada Reset to name some and the similarity between the main characters' behavior, the mystery in the plot, and the supernatural events.

On the other hand, as a positive aspect about the series, we have the characters chemistry and an entertaining plot. The story is interesting and mysterious, it could be a bit confusing for some, but read more
Oct 5, 2018
Happy Sugar Life is a show where all the human beings are sick and suffer more than anyone else in the city. I consider the story a bit exaggerated. Also, I cannot understand how some can highly praise the series after criticizing Eromanga sensei, Citrus, School Days to name some.

For example, several spectators cannot stand Citrus' assault. However, they can accept a teenager that has committed murder and locks a young girl of no more 6 – 8 years old in an apartment. They accept many other cases of abuse and assault portrayed in this series. Additionally, the series introduces the denigrations of society read more
Oct 2, 2018
Summer 2018 will pass as one of the most mediocre seasons for me, but it was saved by High Score Girl.

The video game story concept is one of the most popular but also one of the most difficult to create. It requires an unusual plot to satisfy a difficult and demanding audience. Gladly, High Score Girl does a marvelous job and delivers one of the most amusement stories in this field. The series mixes the historical video game developing (the 90s) with an amazing plot where the memories of any gamer will have some empathy. In this world, we are all experts but also we read more
Sep 20, 2018
Island (Anime) add (All reviews)
Island an aberration for some, an acceptable series for few. For me, Island is a series that delivered a different story from the average anime and is more interesting than the generic seasonal series. Is it bad? Is it good? The answer is none; the anime is acceptable, it has good points and some disgusting events that mislead the spectator but in the end, I enjoyed the story.

Perhaps the biggest grotesque event of this series is in episode 9. It helps to add fire to the opposition that considered Island as a pedophilic vessel, in my case, I got angry because those scenes are read more
Aug 18, 2018
Citrus (Manga) add (All reviews)
Citrus was a trip to my heart, and in the end, I am delighted to have the opportunity to read it.

Citrus manga and anime are not for all the tastes. Sadly, most of the readers will divide themselves into yuri lovers and yuri detractors. However, Citrus is more profound, a mere comparison of being or not a yuri manga would not be fair with a love story that could transcend in the heart of any open reader. The moral of the story “Love does not have boundaries.” You cannot throw the manga away for being a lesbian story, but it is not for all the read more
Jul 17, 2018
Prison school, a downhill chronicle.

This manga is the perfect example of what happens when the author runs out of ideas and begins experimenting with useless plot twists, destroying the character development and the whole story in the process. I am disappointed, the ending rambles and feels forced. Also, it will give you the impression it was incorrectly planned and misplaced. Perhaps Prison School lost the main essence in the middle of the manga, and the editor wanted to conclude it as quickly as possible. A shame because the story in the first arc is marvelous, creative, exciting, and amusing. The mangaka created a diamond, read more
Jun 19, 2018
Each season PA Works delivers an enjoyable series, this time Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. The anime deepen values such us the need to improve no matter the adversity and the friendship. It is great seeing they did not resort to the fanservice or the boring and the repetitive plot ideas of the average sports series. The simple story carries a diverse set of characters and exploits their various personalities. Furthermore, the idea of moving forward keep us the viewer entertain until the end of the series.

The main story is about horse-girls and their struggle to be the best. They suffer, cry, smile, joke, they are read more
May 21, 2018
Fuuka (Manga) add (All reviews)
Fuuka is not a fantastic story as Suzuka. It has good and bad points. The hard question: Is it Suzuka’s sequel? For me, it is not. Some characters from the previous series appear here, at some point in the story, you will notice a disjuncture separating Fuuka from Suzuka, however. On the other hand, we can appreciate Seo’s style in the story. Furthermore, the story has some interesting twists that could get you happier and angry at the same time. It is hard to describe my feelings towards Fuuka but it is not Suzuka and never will.

If you are a fan of Suzuka, you read more
Mar 29, 2018
Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou a new chapter in the series. My expectations continue very high. However, there is a part of the story that feels forced; they aren't going to compete for the school, they are going to do it for Momo. Maybe it is a bit weird seeing her as the center of the story, but the main idea of the series remains.

The first episode is more like an introduction in combination with an update of the series. Maybe the pacing is a bit slow. However, there are very remarkable parts that some spectators will like. I don't know if the other episodes will read more
Mar 24, 2018
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
Some spectators consider themselves sophisticated, modern and avant-garde. However, when they become aware of some social taboos, they change their mind and create a disapproval towards some topics. One example, the lesbian romance. Citrus has potential but fails with some distasteful scenes as described below.

The Ugly: The story mistake love with rape and forces affection from a lame sexual assault. In this world, Weinstein’s behavior would be considered romantic and not the act of a sick predator.

The Good: As the plot progress you can observe the protagonists’ insecurity, problems, and feelings.

The Bad: Unrealistic begin. Some characters are not well developed because the time read more