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Dec 24, 2020
Assault Lily Bouquet is an enjoyable story, but its enjoyment could run hollow.

The story follows Riri Hitotsuyanagi, a new "Lily" student that joined the school to follow the person that saved her, Yuyu Shirai. However, the story is more complicated than that; we need to understand the concept of Lily, Charm, Huge, Garden, Rare Skill, Legions, Schutzangel, and that part is where the plot becomes messy.

One of the most significant flaws in the series is the amount of information handled during the plot. These defects not only creates chaos, but they also affect the story with unnecessary threads. We can appreciate these defects read more
Sep 19, 2020
SAO's franchise has always been full of disapproval babbles between the anime fans, we can look that in the continue hate and rants that we can find in every place. However, even if it is hard to accept for several fans, the light novel is considered the best of Japan's decade, where it matters. One of the arcs from that light novel is titled Alicization that concludes with these eleven episodes and that for me, it is probable the best part of SAO's plot until this date leaving aside the new arc (Unital Ring) that is being published right now.

The story follows the read more
Apr 22, 2020
Kami no Tou, a praised series that surprised many fans. The plot is so fantastic that Shakespeare will look like an amateur. Unfortunately, the reality is a different thing, it's just another series without good storytelling and plot progression. A mediocre series, after four episodes, they do not explain anything about the plot and do not have good pacing.

In a small shell, the plot is very simple. A boy, Bam, is found in a cave by Rachel. She educates and cares for him to the point that he believes he is her property. One day she said she wanted to see the stars and begins read more
Mar 27, 2020
Dreams are something that follows us during our entire life. Sometimes we can make them a reality; sometimes, they will become a nightmare that will follow us for eternity. Sometimes these dreams will become a utopia; sometimes, they will be childish. No matter what kind of dream we have, our life will revolve around them. Runway de Waratte is a fantastic series that push us to follow our dreams and to keep moving forward.

We follow the story of Chiyuki, a small fashion model that does not meet the height standards of a runway model. This limitation always closes her doors to the point that read more
Mar 21, 2020
Fate Grand Order, the CGI dilemma, and the strange development of Ritsuka.

When this adaptation was announced, I was excited. However, I cannot say the same after seeing the entire adaptation. Although Fate Grand Order Babylonia arc has a good story, it made three mistakes. First, as a vivid fan of the whole Fate series and as a FGO player, I expected them to use the adaptation to expand the background of the characters, their relationships, reasons, for example, Tiamat, Quetz, Enkidu, Gilgamesh to name a few. I was hoping that they would add some new story to aid the plot and fill in the little read more
Mar 7, 2020

Sometimes we are tempted to exaggerate about a series. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun will give us that opportunity, but in the end, the series can be considered average. From some perspective, the series is for a demographic group, children, if we look at the character designs, the licensors, the plot all points to that. Despite all those facts, the series can be enjoyable for any group of age. I think that the series succeeded in the comedy execution, it is not the best, but it can bring a smile into our faces.

The story follows a youngster, Iruma, who is sold by his parents to the demon read more
Feb 18, 2020
I'm living a deja-vu, another great manga with a controversial ending. A conclusion that has several mixed feelings. The ending lacks the charisma and emotion of the entire series. 5-toubun no Hanayome and the 4 broken hearts. 1- I want to get married and the twilight zone where dreams can give us the wrong impression.

First, I want to clarify this; we could have a manga with the "What if" ending. Some will complain and try to indicate that it is not valid. However, Negi said it in an interview where he points that he wants to write an ending that would make everyone happy, and read more
Dec 28, 2019
The world of SAO's lit is already so jam-packed with Kirito and Asuna providing enjoyable moments that it's unimaginable we'd need any more of them. How many of the anime fans hate SAO and its story? The weird surprise of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld it gives the possibility to a more creative story and to other characters to shine, leaving zombie Kirito as a secondary character. I know this already happened on the "Mother's Rosario" arc when other characters were allowed to take the lead. However, this time I think the author handled it better, and for that reason, Alice's growth read more
Oct 23, 2019
Harem comedies are very common in the anime universe. Some are too boring to be watched, and almost all follow the same paradigm and setting: a guy and a group of girls creating a triangle, polygon, or any weird romance configuration. I thought the same when I started reading the novel, and you will feel the same when you watch the first episode. However, Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo is not the casual harem or romantic comedy. It was a surprise for me and it will be a surprise for any fan that loves this kind of genre or wants to read more
Sep 27, 2019
When I was beginning to watch Granbelm, I thought another generic series with an average plot and awful characters. Well, this is the time to retract and eat my own words. Granbelm is a good show, underestimated and hated by anime enthusiasts for no reason; One cause cannot be that the director of Granbelm is the same as Re: Zero. Besides, a score below 7.0 is not valid for a series that has some substance, emotion, an acceptable story, and some charming characters.

From my perspective, Granbelm's story is the strongest point in the series. The plot configures two worlds where all the characters interact. These read more