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Apr 20, 2018
.hack//Roots (Anime) add
A decent series hampered by it's desire to connect with the next series of games, simular to how signs was conencting to the first set of four games.

Story: the plot sets up and introduces some interesting ideas, that never quite go anywhere as they are all setting up the games, leaving you with a few unanswered questions if you don't play them.

Art and sound: Are decent, I enjoyed them, but nothing really ground breaking I felt.

Characters: You get some glimpses of good characters here, but they feel a little bit limited, and don't always understand their motivations.

Enjoyment and overall: ...
Apr 20, 2018
Ever dream of being something more? Well this robot did, and I enjoyed it, a short series of only nine episodes and each about one and a half minutes. Something about these shorter anime, while the quality isn't always great, they manage to put charm and excitement into them. It's maybe not as good as some other shorts, but I did enjoy watching it all.

Story: Very simple robot wants to help people but keeps messing up, works in alot of ways.

Art: The art is simplsitic in some ways, but really nice in others.

Characters: this ...
Jan 10, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I wasn't sure what to think of this series going through it, definitely has a reverse harem feel to it, and probably more for those that like twilight or such.

Story: very forgettable, you have the main char a woman trapped in a alternative time period when Oda Nobunaga was conquering, and it just...doesn't seem to go anywhere, there are zombie like things that attack, but they are barley addressed till the end, Most of the series is just the main char tossed from one army to the next as everyone falls in love with her and she's treated as ...
Sep 20, 2017
Sakura Quest (Anime) add
Reviving a town is your quest.

This was a great series, when I first heard it was about a girl that becomes queen of a town, but it wasn't what she expected I didn't know what to think. I thought maybe it was some story of a young girl that becomes queen of a real kingdom, or maybe even a isekai, but what I found ws something so so much better.

Story: at it's heart, it's about trying to help make a town better, one that is slowly disappearing as more people leave, and five people trying to help the town and journey ...
Sep 18, 2017
Koi to Uso (Anime) add
What is love, and what does science say about it? Does science go too far?

Kinda the underlying theme of this anime in a few ways, each person when they hit 16 is assigned someone they will marry based on scientific ideas, it's against the law to marry or love anyone else. Well what happens when you do care about someone? This follows a main char that is in love with a girl, but is assigned to someone else and how he tries to deal with it.

Story: I enjoyed the series as a whole, it has some issues, but I'm ...
Sep 18, 2017
A strange series, you have a main char that is a clean freak, gets paranoid about germs alot, but at the same time is a great soccer player, but can only really play in the last five minutes and go all out.

Story: Not alot, a soccer player that likes to be clean, will spend forever cleaning everything before and after the game. but it has some memorable moments, and enjoyed it.

Characters: You got a mix bag, the girls that like the main char, the clean freak himself, the goofballs on the team and so on. It's ...
Sep 10, 2017
This is a weird one to review, as it's just a random series of things, but some are actually quiet funny, while others are great...wait what the heckeries???

Story: A vague story at the start and end of each episode with a quick skit in the middle, these are almsot more like family guy nonsequitors.

Art: I like it, but often very minimalist.

Characters: not much to say about them, just there for the gags.

Enjoyment and overall: this is where it really shines, just the....weird event, like knee time, or a sport involving putting crabs away, and many other quick gags. ...
Aug 28, 2017
Everyone sees themselves in Umaru.

This is a cute series about a teenager, that turns into a total child when she gets home...she seems different so not sure if were supposed to assume she's practically a child, or is one or it's just how others see her, but it's really good.

Story: Slice of life about this child, her friends and her brother, but very very enjoyable and great bit of silliness, but not too over the top.

Art is workable, nothing special I think other then some of the comic parts are rather cute and funny.

Characters: Where I think a lot of the strength of ...
Aug 27, 2017
Emblem Take 2 (Anime) add
This was a decent OVA, just two episodes and kinda makes you want to see more, but it was entertaining.

Story: I liked it, a deus ex machina at the start, but from there we get a interesting story about the Yakuza, following one guys journey for a few years through the world of the Yakuza where something always seems to be going wrong.

Art: I liked it, but it's a 90's so don't be quiet expecting the crispness of modern anime, but still very much enjoyable.

Characters: Quiet a few in here, took me a bit to get used to who was who ...
Aug 14, 2017
A journey for life's lessons is never easy, but almost always rewarding.

This anime...was incredible, watched the last nine episodes today and don't regret it at all. I had heard it mentioned, but went into this blind not knowing anything but the name, and well I'm happy I saw both seasons.

Story: This takes place right after the last season ended, and winds things up perfectly, might have felt a tad rushed, but at the same time I enjoyed every minute of it, from beginning to end.

Art: Same as season one it was great, let you just feel and see ...

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