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Clannad Movie (Anime) add
I'm glad I watched the series first. I'm astounded how they apparently could rescue the characters and story in the series after they released the movie only one or two months before the series.

As already mentioned, it seemed forced to me. They tried it to appear tragic and all but the way they executed it I just didn't care at all.
The story doesn't flow well and looks crammed together.

Trying to be artistic with glittery still images and animations and all kinds of unnecessary different "camera" perspectives. It annoyed me and didn't make the movie better. In fact it made it worse for me.

Fine, I guess. I liked the dango song in the series much better and the one in this movie rather annoyed me.
Okazaki had a different voice than in the series, which I didn't really like. But he also behaved somewhat differently, so it wasn't too tragic.

Some of the characters are really annoying, like Sunohara & Nagisa's father. Also they're very unrealistic and not funny. Fujibayashi Ryou is missing and Kyou & Tomoyo are best friends in this movie. I didn't particularly miss Ryou, but the relationship between the two mentioned is weird, likely because it seems very superficial and one can't see how they might've become friends. So it looks forced, just like other relationships, too, for example between Okazaki & Nagisa.
Also the characters behave differently than in the series, have different characters and act overall more unrealistic.

The movie felt rather ridiculous and forced to me, so I didn't enjoy watching it.
I kept watching because another review said the ending would be more realistic than in the series (which I didn't see that way).

Overall I find it to be a rather bad and annoying movie : /
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
I just Finished the 4th episode, and i think this is a great anime. Grimgar istn the anime you should watch searching for exciting scenes of fight and strong guys doing badass things, this isnt this type of anime.

History 8/10
Grimgar is slow, taking care for show anything about the caracters and their feeelings, step by steep. This is the real point of the anime. Nobody start beging a great warrior and cuting all the troaths by one single strike. Six persons, whose are the weakers from the world must make their long hard way trying surve in a brave new world.

Art 9/10
The art is really wonderfull, this is for sure a new type in the genre, the back are paints, every one, that give a impresion for the back is watercolor painting. The animation is Fair too.

I really think you will enjoy the story, if you are searching for a realistic anime, even the tree branch give a point to the realism, altroguh this is a medieval-phantasy world. This isn SAO, This will be constant and slow. The way look so long for only one season, and the guys to delay a litle trying to begin used to kill. Blood, bones, pain... fair used and pragmatic. nothing excesive in the fights. Emotional for most. The prices, the death, the comradeship and the path are the point on this show. This isnt about where are the pelope go. This is about how they are going

Sorry for my terrible english, is not my native language
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Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
There is a lot of misunderstanding about this anime. A lot of people call it rape and abuse, which for the original story is true. Diabolik Lovers started off as Drama CDs back in late 2011 on wards, from then the CDs continued on into an otome game and trust me for someone who has played it... It is many times more disturbing than the anime.
Diabolik Lovers the anime was created to be an advertisement anime, to make people become interested in the games and drama CDs (which it worked for me). The anime leaves out some really valuable points from the game which is a shame, but I couldn't help but love the anime despite that. Even though the anime is short and doesn't give one the info they're looking for, you have to admit that the way the vampires are portrayed in this is really well done. Ever since Twilight came out, people had forgotten what vampires were capable of. Sorry for the people who love the lovey dovey vampires, but this anime shows exactly how vampires should behave around humans, especially since they're all boys and they have a young, Christian girl living with them, it's only natural that they would want to break her more than they have to any other girl. With anime like this, it's best to look at the deeper picture and analyze the characters more.

But for those who weren't satisfied with the anime either way, this is a good time for you all to play the games for yourself but be warned... there is a much higher level of abuse, there is rape (off screen), minor acts of cannibalism and hints of incest, the game really isn't for the typical fangirl at all. Those who can handle such stuff should be able to play it though
Good Luck ^w^
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Luck & Logic (Anime) add
Luck & Logic is the kind of anime that mix card games and mythology and if you like anyone of this, you will love this anime. I continued watching this anime because I like mythology especially Greek and Norse mythology and also the first episode of this anime was good enough to make you want to watch the series.

The story revolves around Yoshichika who is once an ace logicalists but unfortunately he lose his power because he used over trance during the battle in Hong Kong. That is when Athena, a Greek Goddess who is known for her strategy and wisdom come into the picture. She found the lost logic card of Yoshichika and they became partners.

The art of this anime is good but it do not suit my taste when it comes to animation because there are scenes that are in 3D and it is like your playing a video game but on the other hand, when it comes to fighting scenes I think that the battles are good. This anime also gave time to other characters by providing them some backgrounds.

Overall, the anime was good and I hope that there will be more exciting fighting scenes and the characters show more skills because I do think that this anime is worth watching and I am looking forward for the next episode.

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Blade & Soul (Anime) add
The animation for the particular art style they chose, was THE LAZIEST I had ever possibly laid my eyes on. This show was atrocious overall. The story seemed fairly interesting in the first 2 episodes, but as it carried on everything became the question of "What the hell am I watching right now?" and not in a good way. The art was basic, but as the show progressed it got worse, by becoming more and more inconsistent and lazy. The animation quality was inconsistent. The same case as previously stated, as the show progressed, the quality dropped significantly, and in around episode 10-11--after I saw them animate fire the way they did, which in itself was pretty laughable--I was so done. Sound was probably the only thing about this show that was passable. The characters in the show had such generic personalities, it was hard to make a connection with any of them. it didn't even seem like they were trying anymore. It's almost as if the studio itself thought what they were working on was garbage so they decided to do the most minimal job they could possibly get away with.
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Dagashi Kashi (Anime) add
Until episode 5, I didn't know the point of this anime. It was a drab story written around somewhat uninteresting characters, shameless product promotion, and a bit of reasonable fan service. I kind of got the feeling that some of the jokes and characters were actually pretty smart... but alas it was lost on what was, so far, a completely uninteresting story. The art was neat and nicely drawn, and the sound was good. It left nothing to be desired, as there was not much there. But then episode 5 hit me like a mountain of snorted coke... This whole anime is about drugs, addiction, and rural lifestyle. Yes, the majesty struck like slapjack pancake, and my perception of the story took a bicycle ride into down into a dark abyss. The kind of ride that starts feeling great after drinking a bit too much... and suddenly ends up upside down in a garbage can outside your favorite restaurant.

Poor Coconuts has to live with his drug addicted father in a shop that sells candy as a front for addictive narcotics to a rural community of Japan. To add insult to injury, his dad wants him to take over the business when all he wants to do is just draw manga that look oddly like what Kanetoshi decided he didn't want to throw out. Hotaru, Coconut's brother from another mother, has come to visit and needs to convince Cnuts to take over the family business so that big conglomerate Japan can reap the benefits of the drug trade. They go through some growing pains, but ultimately Coconuts inherits the business while still being able to draw his manga, which improves considerably during his drug-induced stupor. All is well that ends well and why does this get an anime adaptation when so many other great manga... oh wait I know the answer.

Jokes aside, unless you have a lot of free time, or a rage-inducing addiction to sweets you need not watch this anime. But hey, if you have some free time check it out, it may just be the addiction-fueling show you've been waiting for.
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Sola (Anime) add
One of the first anime's I ever watched so maybe I have a small soft spot for it. I first watched it when I was 14 and rediscovered it over 5 years later. I must say I still love the anime. The story, as many have mentioned is slower then some, and the anime may appear a little odd - defiantly not what you would expect when reading the plot. However, it is underrated and not many know about it. The story is refreshing and easy to follow though also dives into deeper meanings. The characters may not have the best development but it is the plot that sucked me in, twists and turns and a ending that you won't really expect. The anime is a hidden work of art that any anime fan needs to watch at least once.
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
If you wanted me to summarise this in one line, I'd say that Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is basically a lighter version of Log Horizon but crappier.

So let's start with the story. It's pretty standard, nothing too terrible but nothing out of the ordinary. People get stuck in another world with an RPG-esque setting (think Danmachi) and have amnesia. In this world, if they die, they die permanently (or so we assume for now). But the problem after the introduction is that the world development is piss poor. Too much of the time is spent on character development, which I will talk about after.

Firstly, we don't really know how the world works at the moment. Sure, they do hunt quests which earns them money but then we have no idea how the economy works. Secondly, we have no idea how the skills work or how they improve. Are they simply bought or do our characters level up and gain the ability to learn them? What we do know is that magic spells rely on chanting, but when it comes to physical 'spells' their effect is so obvious that they seem to have no reason to exist, such as 'backstab' which involves the person just literally stabbing the target's back.

The next thing is classes. We have no idea what they're for besides general weapon selection and skills. Are they locked into classes? Are there 'stats' for choosing classes? So many unanswered questions. And this problem seems to stem from the fact that the author just assumes that readers already know how most RPGs work.

The last thing I want to point out is that we don't even really know where we are within the whole world, which really confines the viewer's ability to understand the world.

Now for the characters. Around 40% of the time that they spend together will be on ass and boobs. No, really. They spend so much time talking about nonsensical stuff that I'm not sure it can be classified as character development but more of just general banter. And when they finally do talk about the important stuff, like how to do their next hunt, it sounds like no one even bothers to pay attention to their surroundings. No body knows what each person is capable of doing nor do they know what they themselves are capable of doing. It's almost like watching headless chickens running around.

Overall, this seems like a poorly thought out story in a genre which the author may have very little to no experience with (like SAO's author). The likelihood for the group's ability to progress seems improbable and all you'll be left after watching is more questions than answers.
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Dokkoida (Anime) add
There are some animes out there that you aren't exactly sure what you're getting into when watching them, but as time goes on, each part of the episode tells that fantastic, unique story that ends up with some deep, memorable lesson.

Dokkoida!? is not one of those animes. It is actually much, much better.

Let's start it off with the Story. The story in and of itself is really clever to the point in which the simplicity actually helps the story get much more interesting. You have 2 superheroes and 3 villains all living in the same house, but with absolutely no idea that any of them are the superheroes or villains they fight on a daily basis, despite some of the interactions between them being absurdly obvious. It was this clever way of telling the story - and backstory - of each character that was so well done for a 2003 anime that I started recommending this anime to everyone. But that's a different topic altogether.

Art and Sound - The art style is great for the time it was made in, just wacky enough that it could've been mistaken for a comic book show, based on what it was going for. The music and voice acting, both in the english dub and the original voice over, flow exceedingly well with each other, and the chemistry between actors makes this show more or less worth it.

Characters - The development, the personalities, everything about these characters are pretty much on point. You have so many different personalities clashing with each other daily, and showing in other scenes about how they're all friends really sends a point home, that it doesn't matter what your friends are like on the outside, the point is that they're your friends. In this case, they're your friends until they put on their outfits and you fight each other multiple times over because that's the premise of the story.

Now, I know there are flaws in most animes, but I honestly think this is the one that's just pretty hard to see flaws in. Overall, Dokkoida!? takes the point of the show and does exactly that, and does it exceedingly well. The humor is always just as good as can be delivered, and the scripting overall is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once per episode. It's a modest anime that doesn't give you more than you bargained for, just the exact amount of what you would, and that's what makes it one of the most under-appreciated animes I've ever seen. A real golden gem underneath all the fake diamonds.
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5 hours ago
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
Honestly I'm at a loss for words for this anime. This is by far the best anime out of the Winter 2016 season. I'm a huge fan of these MMORPG animes and very rarely do I find one that is this mindblowing.

Story: 9/10

So far I like where the anime is heading. Yes for now they only show the characters fighting goblins but I'm sure that things will get more interesting with one of the party members gone. Unlike most action animes that include a main character that is basically invincible and overpowered, we see that the characters do have to work hard in order to achieve their goals. Not only is there action but also hints of romance. Who doesn't like an anime with action and romance?

Art: 10/10

What can I say. Pretty self-explanatory. Artwork is amazing and well drawn.

Sound: 10/10

Soundtrack and BGM are great. They really portray the characters. Did I mention that the soundtrack and BGM are absolutely great? Oh yes I did.

Character: 10/10

All the characters have unique characteristics of their own! It's good to know that there aren't any useless chicks or dudes that just stand around and do nothing.

Enjoyment: 10/10

I am very well enjoying the storyline. You can really tell that it is slowly developing with all the early build up. For those of you who say that this is slow and boring because they only fight goblins over and over again, be more patient.

Overall: 10/10

Definitely a perfect score! This anime gives off both happy and sad vibes. Without doubt would recommend to friends.

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Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (Anime) add
So basically this is just Infinite Stratos but with castles, mixed with SAO. The setting is pretty much the same. 1 guy going to an ALL GIRLS academy, whose first meeting with main girl is falling onto her during her bath then proceeding to be challenged by her and winning. And let's not forget the SAO part where the main guy has a special mech that's super strong and defeats everything with ease, but hardly uses it because 'morals'. In other words, beta MC.

Let's just go over the rest quickly since if you've watch enough of these generic stories, you generally know that a bunch of girls will fall in love with him for very little reason.

Art is meh. Voice acting is cookie cutter and expected. Characters are even more cookie cutter.

So overall, it's terrible, but that's to be expected from these generic harem, weak protagonist shows. Overall 1.
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5 hours ago
Mochibei (Anime) add
At first glance this short film may seem highly disturbing, disgusting, and confusing. However, it is actually a brilliant work of art should one take the time (and have the stomach) to analyze the deeper meaning behind this piece. I had hoped that the music would be a bit more creative. The sudden stops in the work were essential in their positioning of the various facial organs, demonstrating fine artistic choice. That being said, this anime is not recommended for all audiences. Many will indeed be unable to digest its contents and simply be left with a disturbing feeling. Thus, a word of caution: do not view unless you are willing to stomach its contents and willing to expand your mind to deeper horizons.
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6 hours ago
Yuugen Kaisha (Anime) add
Ridiculously cute comedy horror anime that draws equally from classic western horror and more exotic Japanese/Asian Mysticism. Its plays out much like a Ghostbusters in Japan with detective elements.

Story: How did the intro narration go like? Of all the registered businesses in Japan; only one is categorised as 'supernatural' - something like that! Its been several months at the time of writing this review XD
The super spunky and very irresponsible Ayaka, the detective Karina and her co workers deal with all sorts of trouble such as vampires, laser turrets in a surgery room, haunted exhibits and worst of all; serious financial debt! As heroic their deeds are, Ayaka's collateral damage or spending sprees always seem to put them back to square zero! The stories may be standard but the sheer energy the characters bring as they progress the plot is anything but! 7/10

Art: This is a slightly above average looking 90s ova featuring brilliant colours and (supposedly bland?) very likeable character designs! So good that even with the underdevelopment of half of the characters; you cant help but... love em! The action scenes are also standout with the final rooftop duel being so well choreographed that it almost looks like rotoscoping! (or maybe it is XD). 9/10 not like Patlabor 2 good but the next thing down!

Sound: Standard um... 80s style pop synth if I remember? entertaining I suppose but not particularly good? Uses a bit of orchaestra for action themes in keeping with its horror themes too. 7/10 The ending theme is somewhat above average for an 80s anime pop tune.

Character: The main character is the fiery and gorgeous action girl type that will drive an anime singlehandedly and make it entertaining; no matter how poor everything else may be (it isn't). The focus on the MC is however rather prominent, meaning that some characters get an underwhelming amount of development (the teen pyropsyker and the big exorcist guy in particular) the character designs give off charm on their own but I wished these two got more screentime (they were only introduced in the 2nd OVA) to fully realise that charm. The real strength of this anime is the perfect use of body language in the animation (a lot of exaggerations too!) as the ultimate expression of characterisation. 9/10 Its so adorable seeing our characters react to the disaster of the day!

Enjoyment: lively animation, a beautiful colour palette and super charming characters all set within a monster mix of classic western and oriental horror mythos. Something fun that most people can enjoy; especially fans of retro anime OVAs. 9/10

Rating: Tweens and up. Some deaths, some spooky monsters and an unfortunate nip slip at the end that stops me from recommending this anime to even younger audiences.
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6 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add



I'm gonna call child protective services, ITS TIME TO STOP.



No one cares anymore. No one. SOOO STOP.

Fuck you.

Here's what you should do with your life instead of reviewing SAO;
-Read all the other reviews about it
-Realize you have nothing original or of value to say about it
-Delete your entire review and write about something else, maybe your favorite anime?
-If SAO is your favorite anime, well then,


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7 hours ago
Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Anime) add
Man I feel like I'm the only one annoyed with how overpowered the main character and that princess are. I don't care how bad of a person Zion was, it sucks when they write characters that are op and never lose. It's to the point where I don't like the main characters. With what i have watched the best shows are where the main characters lose fights. They struggle with personal loss that ends up making the viewer wonder "How can they possible come back from this?" This show doesn't have that with what i have seen so far. True the main character is now a slave but he is only one in title. He can still wander around free within the kingdom which is doesn't convey the feeling of loss as well as it should. Overall i think that the main characters and the "War Maidens" are to op which makes the shows story and character development suffer.
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7 hours ago
Aku no Hana (Anime) add
Aku no hana is very original in it's approach towards perversity but ultimately growing pains and sexual anxieties of young people. That being said, the show is not lewd or pornographic, but realistic in it's portrayal of kids growing up and not knowing how to handle being sexual beings. I've read the manga and the art style is really different. I happened to love the animation style (they used a rotoscoping technique) and while people say it wasn't done well I think that the jittery quality added to the overall tense and nervous tone of the show. The show is thought provoking and really emotional. The more you watch the more you realize how complex the characters really are when you already thought you saw through them. The only reason I didn't give this a higher rating is because it's not really complete although it can be viewed as finished. I still think it's definitely worth watching. If you're into poetry, les fleur du mal by Baudelaire is what inspired the story and is really quite beautiful while also possessing the incredibly unsettling themes which make Aku no hana so great.
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This show has got to be one of the most well developed stories I've come upon. What I was most impressed by was the despite the complexity and genre of this story the writing kept it's integrity. Once you complete the show you realize that the writer knew what they were doing all along (which you would think is obvious but so many unfortunately do not do this) The characters and world building are fascinating and so much fun. The ideas of alchemy and biblical references and moral complications are utilized to a great affect. The dialogue is funny and natural, but the show can get really serious too. A good balance and well paced. (At times it can drag a little but it's rare) You even learn a lot watching it. The art style isn't my cup of tea but it's tight and the production was given money so there's never a lag of quality really. This is definitely a good, palatable classic. I'd especially recommend this if you're just getting into anime.
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7 hours ago
Boruto: Naruto the Movie (Anime) add
My opinion is fairly objective though probably too invested. From the stand point of someone who has looked into the Naruto series with a pretty fine tooth comb the movie is the cherry on the sundae of disappointment. Whatever character development/sense of plausible story/enjoyable characters/dignity etc that the show possessed is pretty much gone by the time the movie begins. Unfortunately, the series has turned into a really big cop out that caters to fan wishes. For some people that turned out wonderfully. I had the chance to see it at NYCC with a ton of fans and it was fun because there were so many nostalgic grabs and inside jokes which made it fun at times. But in the end it leaves you wanting for a story. Boruto himself and most of the new gen kids are boring if not bratty. OG generation characters are kind of just diminished to their tropes. So.. yeah. If you can resist getting sucked into the new generation franchise I'd advise that unless you're gonna take everything at face value and turn a blind eye to some blatantly bad writing.
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
If you want to see George R.R. Martin to make an anime, then you sir, are in luck.

This is Akame ga Kill. An anime show that, judging by it's name, is all about Killing one another like some bunch of idiots protecting other idiots and killing those idiots who killed that idiot and their goal is to kill each other like idiots.

This is a special kind of an acquaintance party for all ages as this party, instead of developing one another's relationship, they just instead knowing their names and their real life goals and start slicing and dicing from outta nowhere ALA Chef Tony.

Jeez, I mean, really, the story is trying to hard to be a dark story. Judging by their character development and the whole plot. The story makes no sense at all. They just, introduce themselves, what are their skills, what weapons are they using, and some funny moments. The plot is great at first, and it should stay that way. But when it comes to battles and killings. There's a lot of gores and blood splattering around like some kind of a messy butcher. Also, the battles are short and heartbreaking, especially if someone who you like the most, has been killed WITHOUT giving a proper fight or even some few great moments with someone before they died. They just, well fuck it, and then kill it. Then it continues doing it over and over again. Then add new characters, then kill those new characters too. Then add some Trump Card finales, and sprinkle some feels and he's/she's done. I mean, seriously, I would rather watch Shingeki no Kyojin rather than this Anime. At least Shingeki has a lot of feels rather than this though, it's more like they'd betrayed us rather than accept their fate and let's move on.

I don't like it how the format works here. Again, everything is not making any sense at all, I mean, kill them after introducing to us politely? Really now? After few episodes, you'd just kill them with giving them any more development on that particular title? And also, the title... WHAT'S WITH THAT FUCKING TITLE? The title of the anime doesn't make sense at all. I mean, "AKAME GA KILL!"?, it's more like "Tatsumi ga Kill". Because rather than focusing on that school girl, they mainly focuses more on Tatsumi and the rest of the cast other than her. She feels like she's just a minor. I mean, who the fuck titles this shit. They just renamed it as, "Akame no Kill!", "Akame and the rest of the idiots", or simply "Night Raid".

The anime, in my opinion, betrays me like an idiot. I was expecting more of them before they give them a proper burial. But... THIS? After some few great moments or few character development, you'd just left them and kill it like you don't even care? Seriously White Fox? Are you a fucking idiot? I mean, who directed this shit? I hate how they conclude the read more
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8 hours ago
Naruto: Shippuuden (Anime) add
After the original Naruto series the quality of the story diminishes greatly. Mostly because Naruto's popularity made the corporate control over the series much more involved, thus skewing the story to fit polling, and also the narrative got really convoluted just in terms of enemies and power ups and this and that. I'd still recommend watching this just because some parts of the story are worth knowing! If you've seen the og Naruto, seeing Naruto pursue Sasuke, and Sasuke's bid for power and search for the truth are something you want to see unravel. Lot's of really cool fights in this series. Can get really monotonous though, especially if you watch fillers. Not to spoil anything, but if you are excited for character development, expect to see the opposite in some cases, you will probably be disappointed if you are really looking into the show. If not, then enjoy it for what it is!
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After finishing Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan and feeling dissatisfied with how abruptly the anime had ended I came in with high hopes that this would be able to fix the ending but it did the opposite of I wanted and made it worse than the ending in the original anime.

Story: (5/10)

The story of Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Seisou-hen begins with a time skip and Kaoru recalling Kenshin saying that he needs to leave to someplace and she saying that she will wait for him to come back. One of my first problems with the ova was how they suddenly shows how Kenshin somehow obtained a disease from war and is now dying from it but then for some reason Kaoru also wants to get the same disease that Kenshin has to show her love but to me that is very stupid thing to do. Another problem is how it does not have the original creator on board to work on this ova which to me usually means that the ova won't do very good because of how it doesn't have the original creator's writing to capture the magic the original anime had but there are those rare times where that there is something that isn't made by the original creator and is good but this is not one of those cases. I felt like the pacing of the movie seemed a bit odd at times and while the story shows all original anime's important events which was cool to see, it left out some other important events that happened. My final problems with the story is how the whole part with Enishi felt very rushed and the way the ova ended and how it didn't feel as effective as it could have been.

Art and Animation: (7/10)

The art is definitely the best thing about this ova. Even though I prefer the more goofy art that the original anime had, I still like these character redesigns and I found the backgrounds to be really nice looking. The animation in this is as equally as good as the art. The animation is very good during the action scenes and seeing the improved animation during the past events of the original anime is nice to see.

Sound: (5/10)

The soundtrack isn't anything memorable. All the old voice actors were back and they did a good job and the sound effects were average.

Characters: (4/10)

The worst thing about this ova was definitely the characters. As much as I love the characters in Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan this ova made the characters terrible. All the characters except Kenshin and Kaoru were all shoved to the side and were given barely any screen time which was very disappointing because it didn't give these characters satisfying conclusions. I felt like the romance between Kenshin and Kaoru was weak, even in the original anime I thought that their relationship was weak.

Enjoyment: (4/10)

I didn't enjoy this ova very much. I liked the art read more
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Anime) add
Its really rare and hard to find funny anime like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou nowadays because every single moments from the anime are all unforgetabble indeed! this is the kind of anime that will always makes you laugh really hard that even non anime fans will also find the characters absolutely hilarious xD

Daily Lives of High School Boys illustrates about a group of 3 high school boys named Tadakuni,Hidenori and Yoshitake and their daily lives as high school students. Yep. Since this is a comedy genred anime theyre no stories or plots or whatsoever and the anime has a total of 12 episodes. You can finish watching the anime for a day though and since its a 2012 anime,the graphics and the art style are pretty normal but that doesnt stop me from watching it cuz its the comedy that we"re after.

The most crucial thing however is the characters. i was only in the first episode and they were already stimulates my funny bones xD Also, i was quite suprised that the characters have the same voice actors that played as chacacters from the well known anime. In addition, the opening and ending are all superb especially the ending which i never missed in every single episode.

So far,it is one of the funniest anime ive ever watched. i dont have the reasons to dislike this anime because im sure that the people out there that already watched it will feel the same exact thing that i have now. I really recommend this anime to every fellow anime fans out there and whats more,it will be more funnier if you watch it with friends :D so in the end,ill rate this anime a 9/10 overall.
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Naruto (Anime) add
Nostalgia is probably pumping up my ratings here haha. Naruto (excluding fillers, please if you're gonna watch skip them because this is a long ass series and they don't really add anything to the story in my opinion) is a really good story when it starts out. As a shounen genre type thing I really liked the exploration of darker themes with ultimately good messages. The character development is interesting, the story is engaging, and it it gives you characters to root for. It can be funny, it can be sad. It's enjoyable and a really common gate way anime. That being said it was originally made for younger audiences and is by no means a true masterpiece of any kind. If you look too much into it you're gonna find a ton of plot holes (and this increases doubly in Shippuden and x100 for anything post that) so enjoy it for what it is. It isn't romance based but the fandom in general is pretty focused on that, so keep that in mind. If you get into a Naruto kick the music is gonna stay with you, it's pretty great!
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Senyuu. (Anime) add
Hey folks, this review will be for Senyuu and Senyuu 2. Senyuu is a fantasy/comedy/spoof anime that runs for about 3 minutes a piece. Its enjoyable and fun and really and even if you disagree the time investment is minimal. I'm not a fan of short anime, mostly because they tend to be well done and I hate not having more content. This remains the case with this one, it was funny and I enjoyed it but alas I'll never see any more episodes.

The story revolves around a fantasy setting. Holes opened up around the world and demons came out of them, causing mayhem and panic. The king sends out an ancient heroes descendants to reign in this threat and to kill the demon lord. However as I mentioned before this is a comedy and spoof anime so even this plot line gets spiced up with minor gags.

Art is dated but not terrible. The music was decent and the voice actors are great.

The characters were funny but since its not serious or long their isn't much development.

I enjoyed this show a bunch and its well worth the hour or so you need to invest to watch everything. The comedy style is based around wacky situations that the straight man comments on. To me this is very hit or miss comedy style but I enjoyed it, perhaps not as much as everyone else as this anime has tremendous scores and praises. Anyway give it a watch.
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Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
Tayoi Matsumoto has to be one of the best mangaka I've ever come across. Amazing storyteller. His style is super loose and I happen to enjoy that, it doesn't transfer into animation that well, but it's cool and doesn't deter from the viewing experience. This show itself is phenomenal. Well paced. I never thought I'd see ping pong as an 'on the edge of your seat' kind of thing but man they make it happen. The characters are incredibly well developed, especially considering how short the show is. They give you back story but it's never annoying or repetitive. As always with his works there are next to no female characters. Though that irks me, his characters are so well balanced that I tend to forgive it. I 100% recommend this if you enjoy good writing/quality of story telling. I encourage you to check out his manga as well.
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Dimension W (Anime) add
A big part of anime, especially sci-fi anime, is the writing. If you like science fiction that has a basis in science, then you might not like Dimension W. Im personally of that opinion. My main reason will refer over and over again to the fact that it did not at all maintain suspension of disbelief. For those that don't understand, suspension of disbelief is the art of making a story that is fictional but doesn't feel obviously fictional. This makes it so that one can immerse themselves in the world without being interrupted by thinking to themselves, "wait, what? That's really stupid."

Story/Writing/Enjoyment: 5/10

You see, I liked the initial concept of an unlimited power source affecting the worlds infrastructure. However, all parts of the anime that are connected to this power source (that which explains what it is, how its obtained, and why it matters to the plot) give me the sense that this could be written by anyone in high school. There is absolutely no basis on which Dimension W could feasibly exist, therefore destroying suspension of disbelief.
Now there are some things to consider regarding suspension of disbelief and this anime. If disbelief was suspended, this anime would have the ability to be a 7 or 8 because the art and sound are pretty good. However, what really broke it was a lot of shotty writing, contradictions, and poor science tropes.
The entire idea of a dimension is misrepresented. It's treated in this anime like a parallel universe that energy can be drawn from. Okay, drawing power from a parallel universe is pretty science-fiction, but DW seems to take from the trope without adding anything. Next, I want to explain what I meant when I said nothing regarding the dimension or coils makes sense.
In episode 2, this guy tries to take coils out of his servant-bots, and messes up. Instead of getting shocked, Reality splits open and shit starts to grab at him, and Kyouma's like "oh no the Dimension is Materializing!" What exactly does that even mean? Then it stops "materializing" and later its looked on as a "Class C Accident." Class C compared to what? Another science fiction trope is to classify bullshit that isn't explained.
Other elements of the writing that destroyed suspension of disbelief were in the fights, dialogue, and general storyboard of the anime. Kyouma never uses the tool assists when he needs them; only when it looks cool. Grappling hooks are used to hop on tall things just to hop off, and never to grab the person running from him 5 feet ahead.
In episode 2, there was yet another contradiction. It was said that communication devices only had a range of 2km, so what does robo-chick do but go far away to find them because she wasn't picking up a signal where she was? And why was it that she didn't get read more
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Michiko to Hatchin (Anime) add
This show started off iffy, but the characters definitely grew on me over time.

"Is it interesting?" Well, the story is somewhere inbetween a linear continuous story and a purely episodic one. The story is told similar to the the pace of the characters; fast and furious one moment, and slow and thoughtful the next. In the end, it was alright.
1.5 out of 3.

"Was it memorable?" The artwork and animation were really good at parts, but wouldn't stay consistant. The character motivations were a little too mysterious for my taste. The ending wasn't too original and somewhat disappointing.
1.5 out of 3.

"Was it entertaining?" The fighting, chases, and various action was great all through. Voice acting was top notch. The text could have used some translation though.
2 out of 3.

Starting with 1 (because), 1+1.5+1.5+2=6

There were few episodes that could be cut out, but the series still felt too long. I wouldn't mind more, but would not get excited if there were.
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
You don't need to be able to hear the notes, to feel the notes.

While the review may contain a few spoilers, there will be nothing major.

Your Lie in April has hit me quite close to home. Myself being a musician as well, I felt I could really relate to the characters.

The story line was very predictable and exactly as I thought it would go. The anime being of the music genre made the competitions very central to the story. If you don't like music, I would try to keep an open mind while watching this anime. While the story does stay on a linear kind of track, if you enjoy a feels trip, watch the anime.

The artwork was fantastic. I saw that when Kousei, and Kaori played their instruments, the animators did a phenomenal job of syncing the movements to the piece that they were playing. The Points of view during the pieces also helped me feel the intensity of being onstage. The art style of the anime was gorgeous, and simply pleasing to look at.

In a music anime, its obvious that sound is important to the series, and Your Lie in April does a very good job on its sound quality. I felt that the sound did not take away from the pieces, and blended well with the character dialogue.

The characters in this anime were very plain, but fit their roles well. I liked seeing how Kousei's character developed as the anime continued, and how he grew as both a person, and a musician. Kaori I felt played more of a supporting role in the anime, and Kousei was the main focus.

The anime blew me away, leaving me in tears multiple times throughout my watching experience. There were many moments that hit quite close to home for me, and really allowed me to bond with the characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series from the artwork and music, to the feels trip. The music genre is often seen as having poor quality anime, but Your Lie in April is a gem in the genre. I highly recommend watching the series.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
Neon Genesis Evangelion is obviously one of the most populars and acclaimed anime of all-time. It's not rare to stumble upon (extremely expensive) related merchandise on the internet or while travelling in Japan. This being said, the series can be quite controversial among the fanbase. It seems most people either love it or hate it. I'm part of the first category. I believe the series demonstrates splendidly some real life issues that a lot of people do come across during their life, be it Shinji's hedgehog dilemma or Asuka's vicious circle in the fear of rejection. (I could really relate to Asuka back when I was a teenager).

The story is solid and uses the concept of invaders to justify the use of mechas and the military context that the plot takes place in. A lot of religious symbolism is placed throughout the anime, mostly to set an interesting original universe and simply because Japan thinks christianism is cool. The story follows a linear line in a 26-episodes packed anime, with a few episodic short-stories squeezed in to take a little breath of air but still useful to character development. I found it interesting to make theories as the plot unveiled the truth about angels and the conspiracy of the NERV. It can get messy and psychedelic in the last few episodes, which repulsed a lot of people. The truth is the studio ran out of budget and decided to give a semi-conclusion about the psychological theme of the series instead of concluding the actual story, but don't worry that problem is revolved in the awesome movie End of Evangelion. I personally think that those last episodes and the movie tie-in nicely.

Visually more than acceptable for its time. The animation while not top notch is more than solid and sufficiently pleasant to the eyes but sometimes inconsistent towards the end (again due to budget issues). The chara-designs for the mechas are AWESOME (especially Eva-01), the characters are also pretty unique between the calm and collected blue haired Rei and the fiery red head Asuka. The anime presents a lot of visual interpretation, messages and foreshadowing. It's the kind of thing that you can watch 10 times and still miss out on some stuff. I highly recommend paying attention to the details and try to see in how they relate to the characters on screen

Don't remember much of the OST but since it improved dramatic moment and never bothered me for the rest of the time I guess it was decent. The opening is one of the greatest of all-time in the anime media

The characters is the strong point of the series. I will try to write less as possible to not spoil and leave the discovery and enjoyment to you. Pretty much all the characters suffer from affection issues and they can't seem to fulfill that need because of their unique ways they deal with the fear of rejection. Unless you were happy all your life and never suffered the fear read more
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Witchblade (Anime) add
For someone like me, I have a little harder of a time enjoying something, especially animated things when its a little bit older. It's snobbish I know, but I like what I like. However thats not the point here, since it was a little bit of an older anime, if your like me, you really have to get past the shotty artwork at times and pay attention to the story line.

It did take a while to get used to but once I did, minus the crazy amount of fan service, the storyline was actually pretty decent. Fair amounts of feels, and actions, and the character growth was actually done pretty well.
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Anime) add
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is one of the most mixed experiences I've ever had in regards to anime and manga. Nothing about it is particularly great, in fact, I'd argue that most of its traits place it below average. Hell, the only reason I started the series was because I saw the opening on YouTube and thought it would be some kind of badass, gritty Western with samurai cowboys (The opening had a twangy, catchy tune and there were swords and the word "cavalry" was in the title. Don't judge me.) Yet, I found myself enjoying the show greatly, despite the fact that it pretty much sucks. Is this one of those mythical "guilty pleasures" I've heard about? The answer is no, this anime won its favor with me on its own merits, but I don't think I would ever be able to reccomend this show to anyone looking for a good anime.
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry's main claim to fame is its romance. If you ask any fan of the show why you should watch it, they'll tell you "Its not a harem anime, its an actual romance!" and that will be it. I'm going to be brutally honest here, the romance of RKnC sucks, but those people do have a point. The chemistry between the leads (Ikki and Stella) is noteworthy, and there are some really realistic and sweet scenes between the two ("Why are we arguing?" "I don't know!"), but one of the key aspects of a good romance is actually having good characters. The characters in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry are garbage. As a result of the characters being awful, the romance really doesn't hold any weight and can't technically be called good. That being said, the dialogue between Stella and Ikki is very enjoyable and is definitely the best thing this anime has going for it.
When I said that the characters were awful, I wasn't joking. Seriously, the leads consist of Ikki (Cliche harem protagonist who's saving grace is the fact that he isn't in a harem. He's also really overpowered despite being built up as weakling who sucks at magic.) and Stella (Starts out as nothing more than a tsunedere bitch, but loses those tsunedere qualities by the halfway point of the show. After aformentioned halfway point, she essentially has no standout character qualities to speak of. Tsunedere bitch > no standout qualities.). What's really sad is that the cast of side characters are all just as generic and, in some cases, outright disgusting. Shizuku, Ikki's little sister, is a white haired loli who wants to fuck her big bro. Classy. What's worse is that the anime tries to explain this disgusting behaviour through this big, tragic backstory of how she always looked up to her brother and just wanted to help him with his problems. The only thing worse than pedophilia is self-hating pedophilia that tries to justify read more
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The Law of Ueki (Anime) add
This anime changed my entire outlook on life, and I live my life as I see in this anime. The main character, Ueki, has this sense of "righteousness," where he helps people and stuff like that, and will go to insane lengths. They also throw in a few more morals to live by. The characters are pretty cool, the story is pulls you in, the ending is mind blowing, and this anime is just too short. Definitely an anime to check out. This might sound super cheesy, and I am serious, but Ueki is going to be an amazing figure to watch throughout all of this. It's amazing to see characters like the ones you'll see here, and like I've said time and time again, it's an anime to live by.
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Baccano! (Anime) add
The series overall is just amazing, since you literally have to watch the entire thing to understand the plot. For a while, I found myself confused all to hell about what was going on, but when I finished it, it all made sense. The artwork is great and the sound that goes with it fit perfectly for the time period it is set in. This along with the distinguishable characters make you want to see what is going to happen in every episode until it ends. Another reason that I kept on watching it was to understand the entire story since bits and pieces of the story are revealed throughout each episode. And what made it even more confusing is the simple fact that two stories at different times of the same characters are being told. Essentially, a story about before what is happening and the story about what is currently happening being showed at the same time. I don't know if this is considered spoiling, but if it is, it's more to clarify the series rather than spoil it.
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Why? Why do people like this so much? I really don't know where to begin. And before you think I'm just a hater, I went into this series wanting to like it, I wanted it to be the best. (There will not be any spoilers in here that will ruin the series for you).
Story: Kazuto is a kid who likes playing games, buys SAO, gets stuck in the world blah blah blah you already know that. The catch is if you die in SAO you die in real life and the only way to escape is to clear all 100 floors of the game. In the midst of the game, Kazuto, or "Kirito" (His gamer username) meets a girl named Asuna, they fight together and end up loving each other.
Here is whats good about this anime. The graphics.
Here is whats bad about it. Everything else.
1. Kazuto and Asuna get into a very serious relationship in the game, they get married, buy a house, and its apparent to everyone else they love eachother. If this is so, why the fuck does she always call him by his gamer name not his real name? Its so corny and stupid. She never ever calls him Kazuto.
2. Instead of filling time and space with combat, which is the only good thing about this show, they skip over many opportunities to display this and replace it with something stupid. Ex. In one the first few episodes, Kazuto needs to retrieve a special item only attainable by a boss. He approaches the boss, about to fight, annndd they skip the fight and show him walking away with the item. WTF.
3. The story doesn't make sense. If the authorities were able to track down every person and save them and put them in hospitals, which could only be done via IP scans, how could they not find Kayaba (the creator of SAO)? IN TWO YEARS! IN JAPAN, WHICH IS NOT A BIG COUNTRY! WTF? That dude should have been caught in no longer than six months.
4. There are no likable characters. Asuna is a damsel in distress, Kazuto shows no traits of perseverance, or really anything, mainly because he is overpowered and there is never a sense of urgency for him, and all other characters get no development at all.
5. Major time skips. Not really anything else to say, just major time skips.
Thats all I can say without spoiling anything. I could go on to someone who has already seen it.
This series had great potential and had a major budget to execute, instead they waste it by catering to a generic fanbase that for whatever reason loves this series and other shitty anime.
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"Bell-kun! Bell-kun!! F*CKING BELL-KUN!!!"

I swear since the time I finished this shit I am having nightmares.
What the... the fuck is this? A joke? Seriously someone enlighten me with knowledge and wisdom and tell me how can an individual like this?

And here it is peeps... another light novel adaptation with "rpgmmo" aspects around it.
Kill monsters, take money, fight for your life blah blah blah usual japanese stuff... well, that's not what I hate about it... really.
But that annoying, exagerative loli with big breasts takes the cake as my most hateful character of all time... even Griffith is many times more likeable than this little b*tch.
Congrats Hestia! *people clapping*

Are you a new person that plans to watch it? D-R-O-P I-T! That's what I suggest.
Are you a person that has already seen it? My condolences.
Are you a person that has already seen it, and LIKED it? ... ... ... Go and join the army.

So yeah the review, a review (hopefully) about Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, for short Danmachi... ........ yep, this thing.

So we have this boy... Bell, struggling to find a "familia" (guild I think) to join, each familia is ruled by a god, but because our little and beatiful Bell sucks, he got rejected numerous times.
And then, by COINCIDENCE, Hestia a Goddess with the appearance of a little cute girl and BIG boobs (of course), can't find anyone to join her familia... why? why indeed.
And you probably guessed it, he joins her familia!!! gg wp!!! so happy!! *people clapping*.
Then the thrilling adventure begins!
Bell starts to venture around dungeons, meeting friends, foes, girls that want to suck his D and a lot of other good stuff.
Hestia fell in love with him... she is jealous seeing him with other grills, she cries for him when she saves her and he is messed up, she cries when he is simply messed up and sometimes she cries for no apparent reason.
Her motto?
"Bell-kun"... I could almost summarise this whole thing with this one word: "Beeeeeell-kuuun!"
Let's get this over with...

~ Bad things about Danmachi ~


~ Good things about Danmachi ~

It helped FAKKU make a lot of money.
It helps you sleep at night.

The story is meh.

The art is fair... normal art, nothing to make your eyeballs fall off tho.

The sound is meh.

The characters... nope, fuck it.

Enjoyment...? My mood was messed up for a whole F*CKING week because I had to watch this bullshit during my free time and I've never felt so much regret in my life about watching something...

Final thoughts:
To the people who liked this, I kindly apologize.
But it was the definition of utter crap.

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
The first episode was pretty decent, at least good enough to grab your attention. As you watch more and more you ( or at least I) will understand that this is a lost cause and a waste of time praying you'll get rewarded for staying til the end for a decent ending (spoiler alert: like Rokka No Yuusha). The thing that made this anime completely ass is that one of the episodes the characters literally don't say anything and it's just music it's like fuck it budget is too low for voice acting let's just have an entire half of an episode with no VA.
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Trapp Ikka Monogatari (Anime) add
Part of the World Masterpiece Theater, Trapp Ikka Monogatari is a classical story that is not based on any person’s misfortune or fighting fates for a better tomorrow. There are no evildoers; it is just a mellow and sweet series with day-to-day events of the Von Trapp family with Maria holding the most important role.

The story itself is really simple and holds no real twists for the most part; Maria Kutschera, a nun in training, is sent to be the teacher of one of the girls who is too weakened to attend school. One thing leads to another and slowly, but unofficially, she takes care of everyone and helps them grow as a person. That is the main gist of it and while there is progress, the series stays the same pattern-wise and although that would normally mean it would get repetitive and possibly boring, it manages to keep a warm feeling throughout with almost every “adventure” of theirs, such as preparing a gift for the housekeeper or fight against a possible new stepmother. The pacing is quite good for a show like this and thankfully, the series does not spend too much time on one thing and thus, keeps the interest high enough and only towards the end it seemed to be a bit more abrupt.

The characters have variety as there are 7 children and the story gives enough time for any of them to show their personality and gain some development (some more than others, since a couple of them are really too young to be able to portray complicated thoughts), through their own personal problems. The father is not as strict as he is awkward; an awkward father who has to work a lot out of his house, but the family values he has shine through. Each family member complements each other and one can really see how much they mean to each other and this makes the series a great family story. Maria is the one true change they all needed to move on and is probably the only person with the least development. She stays true to the main girl cliché that wants her positive and bright and helping anyone, but there is no change in herself. We do get to know more about her past and her personality is very likable, either way, but all in all, she will always be that happy girl only.

Art/Music-wise, the show offers nothing much, especially since it is an older show. For anyone familiar with the movie “The Sound of Music”, this series is not a musical. There are songs throughout, though mostly they are only a couple of songs put on repeat, however the characters do not break in song at random times. The songs seem to be children’s songs, but they are nice and some are very easy to sing along too. The art is simple, not detailed and the animation is saving frames whenever possible, but it has bright colors and it is very easy read more
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Since this anime was one of the first anime I have ever seen I decided to go in to re-watch it with a critical perspective and I surprisingly came out of it enjoying it much more than I did before.

Story: (9/10)

The story of Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan begins with a man named Kenshin Himura who is a wandering samurai in the Meiji era in Japan. In the past he was known as Battousai the manslayer because he killed a lot of people during the Bakumatsu war but then there was a sudden transition in Kenshin and he became a samurai who doesn't kill. Throughout the story Kenshin meets many different characters and has many adventures with them. The story structure usually starts with mini stories that are 1-4 episodes long then goes into an arc. The Kyoto arc that happens in the middle of the story is fantastic. The arc has great buildup because of how some of the mini stories before the arc have pieces that all eventually tie in to the Kyoto arc and has great buildup to all the fights that happen. The arc has pretty good pacing compared to the bigger shounen anime that are out these days. The other 2 arcs that are after the Kyoto arc definitely aren't as good but manage to stay okay. The story makes many very effective moments and some are in the mini stories. My problems with the story is how there are some mini stories that aren't as good as other ones and how the anime ends very abruptly which will leave the viewer dissatisfied but there is a sequel ova to show to the true ending to the story which I will make a review of after this.

Art and Animation: (8/10)

I think that the art for this anime is pretty good for the time it was released. The backgrounds are good, all the characters designs are good, and the visuals for the attacks that the characters use are pretty good. The animation like the art was also pretty good for its time. The good animation is most apparent during the fight scenes and there is very good animation in the first OP.

Sound: (8/10)

I love the soundtrack to the anime. It helps the scenes that are being presents be much more effective. All the OPs and EDs are very good. The voice actors all did a very good job and the sound effects are good.

Characters: (8/10)

All the characters that appear in the story are all pretty good. They all get good character development and have their chance in the spotlight. Himura Kenshin is one of the best main characters I have seen so far. His way of fighting people is definitely unique because how the weapon he wields is a reverse blade sword so whenever he defeats an enemy he cannot kill them and can only badly injure them. Another way Kenshin defeats an enemy is by talking to them to read more
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I'm just gonna say it right now. I hate Sailor Moon Crystal and don't get me started on just simply saying, "Well, probably because you've only seen the original anime and didn't read the manga." Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have ZERO interest in the manga. In fact, I barely; even read any manga's, except Monster Musume since that's a slice of life manga and I'm very well enjoying it. In fact, I just pre-ordered the next volume that came out this week but we're not here to talk about that. My point is, is that I have no interest in the manga because most manga's that have anime adaptations are not that very good. Sailor Moon is probably the worst given how these first two seasons went and yes. I have seen the original anime because I was a big fan of it. It is overall; one of my top ten favorite anime's of all time and I am both; honest and fair. When I heard that they were doing a reboot on Sailor Moon for the 20th anniversary, (even though it took two years for them to finally; get it out the door), I was excited as to see what we would get for its anniversary, but sadly; we got one of the lowest forms of crap of an insult to one of the most popular, and memorable anime's of all time. Wouldn't it had been better to get a team together who really cared for the series and go beyond Stars as to see what the scouts were up to after their high school days and everything else? I mean, that would have been even better for the anniversary even if there wasn't a manga for that, but oh no. We had to get a lazy, half-assed, cash in just so someone could make a quick buck. Also, I should point out that most of my hatred for this reboot comes from the Black Moon Arc which is my most favorite arc in the franchise and I'll explain why when we get to that part. This review and more or less, rant is long overdue in my book. I've been wanting to get this out for a long time now but at that time just didn't have the stamina to do so since this so called; reboot took a lot out of me. I had to literally; force myself through every episode to finish this and yes. I am aware that the Infinity Arc or Death Busters, the third season of Sailor Moon is coming to Crystal sometime this year and right now. I'm not looking forward to it, but enough of my rambling. Let's get into this already.

Story: 3/10
The story in both arc's are dreadful, especially; in Black Moon, but let's start with Dark Kingdom. Now, to its credit it does flow very well at least unlike Black Moon. The Dark Kingdom Arc is where everything began and introduces us to Queen Baryl read more
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Spoiler free! (also this is my first review so give me a chance :3)

The story is good and entertaining tho there were moments when the story got a little boring for me but thats just my own opinion

Now the art was very good very colorful very sharp and clean

The sound was great the opening was catchy and the OST always was very appealing

This is were the anime suffers in my opinion. now each character got there own arch in the series lasting between 2-3 episodes each.some of the characters should have gotten WAY more background such as Kiriha, Theia and Sanae

This anime was entertaining and funny at times tho pass episode 5 for me the anime gets somewhat boring but its still entertaining enough to watch still a good watch if your bored

now overall this anime was good and i recommend to watch it tho i see many people watching this when there bored or are in a drought of anime and have nothing to watch still a really good watch.
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Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (Anime) add
(NOTE: If you´re looking for a unique aesthetic and an unconventional, more realistic or sort of, story in an anime, then you might want to just skip this review and watch The Tatami Galaxy. The show can really talk to you and become an instant favorite even with its flaws. In another hand, if you´re insecure about what you´re looking for then you might want to read this review before going ahead)

The Tatami Galaxy is an interesting show. The art style might ring some bells if you have seen Ping Pong the Animation or Kaiba, both from the same director Yuasa Masaaki. It´s based on a novel from Tomihiko Morimi, which I’m yet to read, but it shows that the story is wasn´t designed for an anime and the series storytelling must go to unconventional places in order to deliver the story correctly. The show follows our nameless main protagonist during his college days. He joins a club and his hopes for the perfect student life are crushed by the circumstances. While I don´t want to spoil anything, it’s important to remark the main mechanic of the show. The show kicks off with the protagonist joining a club in the first year and dealing with this choice until his third year. When we begin the next one, he decides for a different club in the first year and a different story unfolds. This might not sound that realistic as I claimed at the beginning, but bear with me. The storytelling changes further into the series, nonetheless knowing this mechanic is better to not be caught off-guard in the beginning. That is all that there is to say regarding the plot, apart from celebrating the ending as it's probably my favorite part of the show.

From now on, the story keeps developing with a number of recurrent cast members. The stories often sound like that might actually have some truth in them, but with a narrator that is obviously exaggerating what is happening for the sake of comedy. The way on how these unrealistic stories occur in a college context give the series some kind of realistic feel, it´s the kind of tale you would hear from a dizzy classmate while resting in campus. While the character development is almost inexistent apart from the main protagonist, this is not a bad thing. The characters don´t evolve, the audience just learns more about them and their past actions take a different light. This is a really cool concept and one of the strongest points in Tatami Galaxy. The art is also really striking and one of the main reasons why I started reading about the show. And it doesn´t disappoint, it stays true to its unique style until the end, even mixing it up with photography at some points to create an even more interesting atmosphere. The connection between art/plot it´s also really clever, hard to realize to some extent but really cool to discuss. The OP and ED also live up to read more
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Anime) add
The anime is okay, I've watched better anime series. I like more action in it. I'm still watching all the series, i'm still curious to see what happens next with Misaki and Takumi. I find Misaki horrible to Takumi all the time, when all he ever done was helped her out and showed an interest in her. Normally in real life no one would put up with her. She's cute, but very horrible. She's like a bully. The other maids are adorable and it was a good story line of the cross dresser. Still watching it. I like the opening, the cute music in the beginning of the song can you keep my secret? Misaki gets angry at everything takumi does. I found that misaki dream of the demon island was a bit boring. I love how the maids work together in the maid latte and how they do there cute little organization.
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NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
Multilanguage review here!

PROLOGUE: The word hikikomori.. is a serious problem than every day is increasing around the world -as it is, this is not strictly from Japan due to various factors, whether relating to social environment, family environment, labor issues, etc. When I saw this picture in the time that was at issue, I accept that I did not realize at first glance everything guarda..tenía only 12 years! Funny fact: Because at that time I just deeper into the world of anime, had taken only as a series that mocks asocial people in a comical way.
After four years I saw him and did not hesitate for a second to send this picture to my top 5 favorite anime and considered one of the best I've seen. Reasons? I will explain in detail below.

ANIMATION: Well.. Gonzo studio (7/10): Artwork's are basic and animation repeatedly is misplaced, you can easily look lows of quality to the naked eye even though few, this aspect could be improved, Well.. why I rate with 7? Setting and atmosphere by creating good visual effects scenes in particular, this aspect was well worked, it is not the best, but I was satisfied and compensates for what I said earlier.

SOUND: -Puru puru pururin ♫ - (9/10) The voices of seiyuus fit perfectly with the personality of our cast of characters, no complaints regarding this like the soundtrack, as both the opening and ending various instrumental accompanying the show were very good.

CHARACTERS (8/10) - The characters of Welcome to the NHK are ok for what the series tries to develop well .. are not complex or have a psychological overtone level series like Evangelion but attitudes and personality of each are well justified; in general have charismatic cast and interesting characters, each trying to follow his own path to the solution to your problems, although this is not always the right or others who are supporting as an escape to the problems that happen to them thereof.

HISTORY: CONSPIRACY!! - (8/10) - (well, I admit this isn't 100% realistic but most of the time is!) The life of a Hikikomori reflected as it should be and not as victimization to this sector or with escapism and self-insertion issues - yes, i speak to you, "The world god only knows" and "Denpa Kyoushi" - this will seem at first quite simple and uninteresting view, some might say .. who cares about the life of a loser? This is a mistake, this series isn't only this, the word Hikikomori and the way on which is reflected in this show is quite interesting, NHK is not far from events that can be easily framed in reality no time in seriously .. this aspect was the most made me enjoy this series as it does not reflect typical situations but ones that are little known in the world, either for taboo (like Japan) or ignorance of people about it. We are talking about a series that covers topics such as escapism and avoidance of read more
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
[SPOILERS all 5th]

Characters are pretty weak. They barely can deal with 2-3 goblins whats real dissapointment. Priest died so story could move in another direction because if they continued it would be only grinding. From ep 7 (i quess) they will become stronger and stronger. Story is pretty original. I think this anime would make perfect mmorpg game. Guy with white hair is already so leveled that its stupid. I never readed novel about this anime so im just guessing. I think guy with white hair will or is villain. Im not really sure but i think goblins are their mascots. Anyway thats it from me im bad at words so ill end it here.

Thanks for reading ^-^.
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Rozen Maiden (Anime) add
Rozen Maiden was the first anime I've seen and it was the very reason I got into the medium. That's why this title is so special to me and because of that there might be some sentiment speaking through me. Having rewatched it after having had forgotten about the series for a few years, I decided to write a review to share my thoughts about this anime.

The main character of this story is Jun Sakurada, a shut in teenager, who lives apart from his parents, doesn't attend school and rarely ever goes out. He orders many extravagant things online and returns them before he has to pay for them. One day he receives a mysterious letter which he doesn't take seriously, and being asked whether he will "wind or not", he agrees. As a result, he becomes the owner of a living doll, Shinku. (Or maybe it's Shinku that becomes his owner?)

As the story goes on, more dolls are introduced and the reason behind them appearing is being unveiled. Long story short, the dolls are supposed to fight one another in order to decide which one is the closest to being the perfect doll their 'Father', the legendary doll maker Rozen seeks.

In this first season of the Rozen Maiden anime, it's Jun's case that is the main focus. Partly because of that, the progress of the battle between dolls is slow. Personally, I found it a little disappointing. A lot of time is being spent on silly comedy / slice of life scenes of our main characters playing house. I can't help it but feel like a lot of potential is being wasted. On the other hand though, thanks to those light hearted everyday scenes we get to know the characters better.

The best point of this show is probably said character development, which is mostly noticeable in Jun's case. You might not like all of the dolls, even being a big fan of the story myself I didn't like them all either, but I still think they are good characters. There is some uniqueness to each of them. The first season doesn't introduce all of them, but the second season (which is a lot better imo) makes up for it and this is where the proper battle between them begins.

Rozen Maiden is a pretty old anime, so the art style is rather specific. There are many simplifications in the background, but generally it doesn't look bad. The character design is very good in the dolls' case. There are many details and a lot of uniqueness. The animation quality is also fine. Overall, the art doesn't stand out but it's at least decent.

The music on the other hand is very good. The soundtrack is unique and very fitting to the series' climate. The opening song is sung by my beloved Ali Project and sounds very typical of them, but also fits the anime. The ending song, "Toumei Shelter" by Kukui is a calm, nice song.

Honestly, this anime has a fair read more
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Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Where to begin with Tokyo Ghoul. I would personally class this as one of my most enjoyable anime mainly because it was a unique show for the Horror and Psychological genres. 'Unique' because it seems to try something different when it comes to how the characters are developed and how the story is put together.

The story for me personally is somewhat an emotionally psychological thrill ride mainly because of how each individual character is structured leaving me as a watcher emotionally invested to the point of sitting on the edge of my seat as each part of the story takes a serious twist.

When it comes to art however, I am clueless. Despite my clueless understandings of the average anime artwork, I can say that the artwork is great and colourful. It has a unique and beautiful colour scheme along with the brilliantly designed features of the show.

As stated above, I thoroughly enjoyed the characters of this show because I can actually get emotionally invested. However, I do dislike the weak male lead of Kaneki. Every other character is all good in my books.

Overall, for me, Tokyo Ghoul is one hell of a special anime. For those wishing to get emotionally invested in the story, invested in the character or even just want a solid gore show, I personally recommend watching it.
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Love Live! School Idol Project (Anime) add
Story: This was the one anime that got me into musical animes. I actually started this series by playing the app on my phone. When I discovered this anime, and when my friend found out that I played the game, I just had to pick this up and join them. The story is pretty simple. A girl named Honoka goes to an all girls high school that's about to be shut down. Not wanting that to happen, she tries to find ways to get girls to come and apply to the school. When she discovers that a rival school has an Idol Group that performs in competitions, she decides to start her own Idol group with her two friends and new girls along the way. It's pretty generic, but I promise that there is more realistic drama in here than what the poster entails. The friendships made in this show are not bullshit. They actually take time to form and there are backstories that make us relate to each of the girls. Out of all the musical animes you could watch, this is a must at 10/10.

Art: The art is just as cutesy and shojo as it gets, but instead of just using 2D animation all the time, they do use some 3D for some song scenes. I do admit that the 3D can be hokey at times, but for some songs, it's pretty good. Because of the colorful atmosphere, it really reminds us that this is a musical anime, and that there's bound to be good music in here. (Where's the iTunes for America!?!??!?!) Because of this, I think 9/10 is in order.

Sound: Since this is a musical anime, music does play a major role. I have to say that a lot of songs from this show are really good. The opening is fantastic. The ending is really good (and creative that each voice actress gets her own solo in each episode, but personally, I like the all together ending). I'm trying to figure out which song inside the anime itself is my favorite because they are all pretty darn good. I think I have a tie between Susume or Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE. They are pretty fun to sing to. If I do have one complaint, I really don't like Kotori's voice. It's pretty squeaky and she can't even sing in my opinion. Fortunately, she doesn't sing too much, so I'm pretty satisfied with that. Overall, I think I would rate this section a 10 out of 10 as well.

Character: The main girls each have a major role to play in the show. I will warn you that the majority of the girls' personalities are tropes because you need different personalities, ami rite?
Honoka: She is basically your leader and your cute innocent. She's naive, but she's kind and she's determined to do what's right vs. wrong. She loves her friends greatly, and she does get frustrated at times. For a main character, she's pretty good.
Umi: read more
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Kuragehime (Anime) add
Story: Are you a female recluse? Well, this anime seems to be harping on the fact that some girls are just geeky anime fans, right? Yeah, so the stereotypes don't really help but there are some good elements about this story besides that. A girl named Tsukimi has arrived in Japan to start a new life for herself. In the process, she ends up rooming with girls just like her because she's pretty shy and introverted. One day, while walking home, she notices a poor jellyfish in danger in a pet store. She wants to buy it, but she can't really talk to people without freezing up. That's when a beautiful woman shows up to save the day. After letting her sleep in the apartment complex for a night, Tsukimi discovers a very shocking secret that her new friend has. She is actually a HE! Not only were beautiful women forbidden from the apartment to begin with, if her friends discover that Tsukimi has a man in the place, she'll be kicked out for sure. I have to say that a crossdresser in the mix is pretty creative, but again, this is one of those stories that the majority of it is in the manga, but not the anime, so it's gonna feel choppy at some points. It's actually pretty good in flow for the most part, so I would rate this a 9/10

Art: The art style for this anime is pretty interesting considering the content it has. The designs of the main character and her friends are very unique. When Kuranosuke reveals to be a guy, he kinda reminds me of Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. Yes, he's that hot. Also, the mix between pencil and cleaner designs is a pretty interesting contrast to separate outsiders from the normals. It's not meant to make fun of others, but it kinda gives off a vibe that the main group is a lot more interesting than the modern art style. That's what I like most about it. Nothing seems out of place to me, but that's just my opinion. I would give this section a high 9/10

Sound: There's not really much to talk about sound. The opening and the ending are pretty much okay. They're not bad or anything. Just not totally catchy or interesting. The inside music is okay, too. It's stuff like that that makes me put this show as background noise. 5/10.

Character: There are a lot of interesting characters in this anime, but then again, many of them seem irrelevant. I love Tsukimi and Kuranosuke as main leads in general. If anyone who has read the manga can tell me if these two get together or not because I really want to know since the show ends up on a cliffhanger as well. I also love Tsukimi's group of friends because they all each have a quirky personality that ends up being put to good use. They're not mean. They're kind spirited, and they all love Tsukimi very read more
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One Piece Film: Z (Anime) add
One Piece (Movie 12) Film: Z Review

Story (9/10) Great

Film Z's story was great as it is the first movie set in the Shinsekai and it bring a good original story. Due to the similarities shared with One Piece Film: Strong World, this film's canonicity was often subject of discussion. However, Eiichiro Oda himself and, later, Chapter 700 of the manga confirmed that it is not canon. With that being said this can be looked at as the highest tier of non-canon.

Art and Animation (9/10) Great

Some scene were a little iffy and I do think that Strong World is probably still the best looking One Piece movie to be animated but this is definitely second. Movie quality is definitely shown during the final fight scenes that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have.

Sound (10/10) Outstanding

The music and voice acting (English Dub) were both outstanding. But the one thing that stood out the most to me were the sound effects going off during high combat scenes especially the sound that Zed's arm makes right before he hits something with it. It all sounded outstanding to me.

Characters (10/10) Masterpiece

The straw hat is lively and authentic in this movie. It's funny how the first scene with Nami goes straight to her tits and then they make it giggle for you then they introduce Nami. I thought "oh great year another movie where they throw Nami's tits in our face". I was actually surprised and glad when Nami got turned into a young child because she's less annoying in that form and the only fan service they have left is the girl we barely get to see it from Robin! Anyway I also like the fact that we get to see the post-time skipped Straw Hat Crew (at least some of them) show case some of the new stuff they've learnt over the time skip like Franky and his huge robot going in, Chopper in one of his new forms the tiny chubby one, Sanji pulling off his fire move set and so on.

Enjoyment (8/10) Very Good

The movie kept my interest and enjoyment for the most part but I do think that with Luffy and Zed basically having 3 battles (Luffy loosing the first 2) that when the third and final battle happened I would get to see something climatic as fuck (Kind of like the Giant Foot in the Thunder Cloud ending that I got for Movie 10) but I was just a little disappointed that with a post time skipped Luffy with armament haki, I would get to see any Elephant Gun move or Red Hawk the least. Instead we just get armament and a boring fist fight I felt it was a bit anticlimactic. I felt both Strong World and even 3DY2 had more of a satisfying ending to their fights but overall I still enjoyed myself even though I didn't get the ending I wanted.

Overall (9/10) Great
More Specifically (9.20/10) Great

I thought I would be one read more
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Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
Don't take my review too serious . It is just my opinion
Nijiiro days is a typical shoujo anime .

Story :
5 guys . Handsome guys actually . And their love stories . Every episode highlights one of these guys .

I really love the art technique.

I know it's unfair to review an anime before it ends but let's take like that it at first .
I will completely watch the anime till the end and maybe i will change my opinion. I will keep you updated ♥

Who's your favorite character in the anime ? please comment


( the page keeps telling me :please enter a long review 👊 )
It's like i am obligated so i will keep writing useless words in order to submit the review . People are different dear page . Take me for example i am talkative but when i can say something in few words i will do it , i swear . No need for obligation . But it's okay . Let us see if you will accept me now .
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