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Kuroshitsuji II (Anime) add

Although i would like to say i enjoyed the spin off, I was and still am utterly pissed off and at the same time happy about the ending.

When i first started watching this anime i expected feels, to this degree? No, not at all.

You grow very fond of the antagonist Alois Trancy, and as the story plays on you begin to wonder if he really is "The bad guy" of the story.

Sure, he does his job of creating a conflict, but in the end you feel a bitter sweet taste in your mouth toward him, as well as one of the Trancy servants "Hannah".
In my book he is truly the sour patch kid of the anime.

At first you hate the little guy, hes a total snob, a child, and one of the most annoying creatures you can imagine.
Then you slowly start to feel bad for him, his past is a total tear jerker to say the least, right up there with Ciel's.
Then, to put it in short hes just gone, no indication of what happened after or anything.

Pretty much the entire story leaves you with this "Well what the fuck happened after that" feeling. So many changes in such a short 12 episodes left me feeling unfulfilled and quite sad it was over.
It was a long bumpy ride, cliff hangers are really one of the few things that keep you interested and to be honest for a long time i didn't want to watch the last episode, to the point where i went back and watched the entire series over just to be back in the same spot till i gave in.

Now my reason for a 9 as my enjoyment is because i really enjoy the series, its full of mystery and emotion, which i look for in a anime and they often fall short or not up to my expectations.

The Art really is eye catching and to be honest i really enjoy the style, the characters are well drawn, although some do lack in back story.

The music, is very nice, the OP in well made in appearance as well as music.

Now, i give a 6 for the story only because... well at many places i almost hate the writers for making me feel so many emotions, my unfulfilled feeling is still very much so present and i don't really know how to feel about it.

Funimation does a wonderful job with the dub and watching with subtitles is also enjoyable. In the end it depends of your personal preference.

Maybe in being too nice, after all if writing this after Thanks Giving and being packed full of ham and mashed potatoes may be clouding my judgement, but hey who knows.

In the end I don't know if i really recommend it to people, depending in what order you watch the series some parts of other seasons as well as this spin off many feel almost lack luster, but in the end it is read more
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
pffftt okay guy s this is my firt review so go easy on me and sorry for my bad english

story- 10 this is a great story made me cry

characters- 10 good development, much sad, very wow

art- 10 beautiful colors made me cry, wow

music- best of all, much emotion, wow. violin was wonderful really made me see the p ure pain in the boys soul

enjoyment- this show made me cry, i;m so sad the main girl died tho

overall- why do i need to elaborate on what I say its not like anyone can down vote it, no one else puts as much effort into thers reviews as I DO DO THEY. ITS NOT LIKE PEOPLE actually analyze shows and critique them with effort and research put into their writing ability, its not like they deserve recognition for their efforts when people like you and me can slap together a hodgepodge of unregarded first impressions of a mediocre show and call it a review

10/10 watch if you want to see kids die
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Tokyo ESP (Anime) add
...And all of a sudden errryone had superpowers. Tokyo ESP is an anime in which many people get superpowers because they are on drugs. I say this because a select few persons can see fishes swimming around in air (obviously they are under influence of drugs). The first thing I would think if I saw a flying penguin or fluorescent fishes in the air is ask myself if I am sane. Not these characters, they just believe and inmediately accept what they see. Anyway, jokes aside, these fishes seem to give people superpowers by going in a person. All you have to do is wish for it (that's the impression I got, at least) and you get it.

There is no real explanation as to how the superpowers work; in the first episode I even thought the superpowers were due to the accesories the villains were wearing. However, this disappears later on, so it might be the authors thought the same thing and wanted to make clear that the superpowers were the real deal. There also seems to be a very limited amount of superpowers. I think it does not make any sense for people to have the same skill, but this is, again, not explained.

Another issue is the powerups. It looks like less than a week of training makes you a pro fighter; if you are a genius, you can certainly make faster progress, but not this fast. Besides, all the people are not so bright, most people have mental disorders and some people just know everything; no explanation as to why they know. Are they psychics or something? This obviously makes no sense.

All right, I will just say it: this story does not make any sense. As the story progresses, events seem to have less connection to each other, which results in a bland story. One example is that the connection with the first episode is not well made, since statements that were done in the 1st episode are overwritten and forgotten. Finally, the last episode is an incredible ass-pull: everything "ends" in one single chapter, making everything that happened in this episode plain dumb.

Tokyo ESP has a cast of characters made in such a way that they made me laugh when I first saw them. We have Wolverine as "Muscular Dad", Aristotle as "That yakuza guy", the male main character (whom I liked most) as "The youngster that has seen too much JoJo" and the female MC as "She who became super strong all of a sudden but is useless anyway". Of course there are other characters; one of them is a villain who all of a sudden decided to become friends with the MC just to help fight against "true" evil. There is that girl with glasses that appears in EVERY anime who is quite useless and a boy with glasses who looks like an idiot. I will also write a line about mascots. There were three exotic mascots in this anime. One. every. 4. read more
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Fairy Tail (Anime) add
After watching 175 episodes (minus the potentially suicidal filler arcs) of Fairy Tail, I have come to the conclusion that a total of 3,500 minutes ( roughly translated to 58 HOURS and 20 MINUTES) has been completely and utterly wasted on this horrible excuse of an anime. And in case you're wondering, I am going easy on this since it's a shonen, hell those 3 points are me being MERCIFUL.

This will be a full in-depth analysis to try to understand what exactly makes this show so bad. I will try not to mention "nakama power boosts" and "unkillable characters" as most people think that's whats wrong with the show. However, there are many more glaring problems that must be recognized before stuff like "nakama power boosts". Strap on your googles, Pick up your shovels and join me as we shovel to the heart (rectum) of Fairy Tail to decide which shit is better than that shit. Understand? No? Welcome to Fairy Tail. Let's Begin.

The number of things that are good in Fairy Tail are limited but I will mention the few that are so I don't sound biased.
The first thing that comes to mind is it's great soundtrack. Fairy Tail's soundtrack is both incredibly beautiful and emotional at times, dramatic and even badass at times. I really love it's Celtic styled theme song as it suits the show perfectly. All of it's openings are all great. A few of the abilities in the show like Erza's Requip are unique and fun to watch. Hmmm...that's kind of all really, I mean...Happy's funny, I guess?

A show needs to offer something that's unique and creative. Something they won't find in any other show. In One Piece there's a daring pirate world, In Bleach there's a haunting afterlife world and In Naruto there's a ninja world. Each of these are different in their own right and that's what makes them so successful. Now, take a look at Fairy Tail. Nothing stands out in fact everything just feels like a rehash of stuff that's already been done in OP, Bleach and Naruto. In fact, look at all the similarities between One Piece and Fairy Tail. The show blatantly copies it's art style and themes. Just take a look at how much Natsu is similar to Luffy.

It's world feels empty and soulless outside of it's guild, which shows how poor it's landscape and world building are. If there was one thing that the show attempts to do differently, it's romance. By romance, I mean "shipping". Don't know what that means? It translates to "a never ending romance that never truly begins but is based purely on MAYBE". Unfortunately, this has also been done time and time again. It's a neat trick that the writer came up with to keep you from escaping this nightmare. TIP TRICK: Listen up, guys. My gone off broccoli is more likely to get with Lucy than that stupid ass pink haired retard. If read more
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Prison School (Anime) add
What do you think of first, when you hear “Prison School”? 0815 romance anime? Yet again a show about how friendship saves the world? No way in hell! This is one of the most hardcore ecchi comedy animes out there (proven by the amount of censorship) and a gem of the summer 2015 season.

Story: 7/10
The story is pretty good, considering, that it's an ecchi anime. The boys enroll into an all-girls boarding school, and the first thing, you do, if you're surrounded by girls? Of course peeking! Not with those girls. As a result of their heroic deed they're put into prison, where a girl with abnormal big breasts has to oversee them (typical fight fire with fire). Little do they know, how twisted the three girls of the Underground Student Council are.
You see plot twists (or troll twists, however you want to see it), a better romance than in your everyday ecchi anime and most importantly no cliffhanger as ending. While it gives hints of a 2nd season, it concludes the story with a fine ending.
One question however hasn't been resolved: Why is there a prison on a school campus and who approved of it?! Whatever...

Characters: 9/10
Fitting to the screwed up story the characters are pretty “original”. A pervert worshiping ants? Check! An overweight pervert, who seems like somebody drew him wrong? Check! And it goes on. The story concentrates mainly on Kiyoshi, who seems to be the most normal character. But that doesn't mean that the other ones are underdeveloped nor that he is innocent. All in all an interesting and refreshing set of crazy, nice and pervert teenagers. And don't forget the cool chairman. He's the MVP of the show.

Sound: 8/10
The voices are perfect for the characters. Gakuto sounding like a mad scientist, the chairman like a boss. If you were in the anime, you couldn't differ, if their voices were real or not, because they fit. The opening and ending was nice, but nothing special. The soundtracks were on the same page. You hear them sometimes and it's nice to hear, but nothing outstanding.

Art: 8/10
The art was on-spot. It makes every scene ridiculous and you're reminded of Great Teacher Onizuka or One Punch Man (they use a similar style). The sweat isn't that sweet though.

Enjoyment: 9/10
As you could point out by the other aspects, I thoroughly enjoyed Prison School. The scenes are ridiculous. The ecchi is used for trolling reasons, especially as for the vice-president. They include deep sayings and famous battles in history to make fun of some situations. Besides, it's not a generic anime (finally). It's like they tried out everything and it worked out. I'm glad that there are still manga authors out there who stray from the most common concept of ecchi [+ harem] and try to create memorable mangas.
Furthermore, their plans to break out are quite funny and interesting. That goes so far that you're excited about knowing whether they will succeed or not.
But I'm just able to give a 9 read more
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If you want to see the series, please start by watching season one before this. It gives you a good summary. I am reviewing this just after finishing 1 & 2 season of Miss Monochrome.

If you are looking for dense humor, simple story and like music then this is for you. This show has an interesting and very unique MC who makes the story work so well. Addition to season one, the second season is much more humorous and I found myself laughing more often. This season executes the comedy part well.

The artstyle is very much into my taste. It's clean, while sometimes flashy. The backgrounds are also well made. There's not much to say about the art. If you're looking into beautiful artstyle, this is somewhat up there but not the best of all.

Sound is very important for a music categories and this show has a funny apporach on that. Be it autotune or something else what they are using, it's very interesting and this is probably the selling point of the show.

Characters besides Miss Monochrome aren't as funny but their personalities are essential for the show to work. Do not excpect to find every character funny or interesting. You got to remember that short shows like this aren't always the best for character development but this shows characters are still quite relatable.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode of this season. For short shows it is important to keep the viewer entertained and this season executed it well. The story's progression, comedy, characters and everything has been upped.

Story: 8
Art: 8
Sound: 9
Character: 8
Enjoyment: 9

Overall: 8
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Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu (Anime) add
If you've watched the Haruhi Suzumiya series, I'm pretty sure, that at least once you asked yourself the question, "What if?" If you haven't watched it, stop reading this, there are spoilers in this, or go ahead, I don't care!
Many people will tell you what their fanficton-material stories would be, and somewhere you'll find someone asking, "What if Haruhi wasn't a god, and what if nobody had their powers?" And while I could just take that one scene from the Disappearance movie, and type out a thesis on Kyon's amazing monologue, I'll just throw this in your face: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan...
It is a spin-off series that perfectly answers the above question. But before you jump off of your seat and start looking for the anime on the Internet, (yes, I'm talking to you, avid fans of the franchise!) keep in mind that this IS NOT A SEQUEL TO THE MOVIE. Instead, what we have, is a pleasant slice-of-life romance, involving the main duo, Yuki and Kyon. Yes, I know that those of you who despise that genre will be sickened by this, but as a big fan of the original franchise, I think that this is a good thing to put in. I mean, if we ignore all the fanfictions and doujinshi material, we can see that in the original anime, there was never any romance between any of the characters. Well okay, you could include Episode 6 from the "first season" as something between Kyon and Haruhi, but that wouldn't end up anywhere.

From what I've said already, there isn't much to add. The slice of life genre may be a turn-off to some people, but if you sit through it you'll get used to it soon enough...

Let's be honest, the characters are the main reason why anybody would watch this show... From all of the characters, the only one to change is Yuki. In the original series she was an emotionless robot who hardly spoke, in the movie, she was extremely shy, and hardly spoke, and in this anime, she is also quite shy, but talks more. She also prefers to play video games rather than read books as we are used to.
The other characters haven't seen much change in terms of their personalities. Haruhi is still loud and energetic, Koizumi is still her theoretical assistant, Asakura is the mother-like figure, Mikuru is still the same klutz as she was, and Kyon is just as much of a sarcastic joker as he was in the original...luckily. Honestly, he's in my top 10 anime characters for a reason!

If you weren't turned off by the fact that this is a slice of life anime, you'll get turned off by the animation. Maybe.
The anime was made in April 2015, by Satelight Inc., (Log Horizon, AKB0048) and to be honest, it's not that great. Yeah, it isn't the same animation style from Kyoto Animation that we're used to, but even so, the animation is quite average read more
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Tokyo Godfathers (Anime) add
Tokyo Godfathers is a rather unique film from Satoshi Kon as it differs from his other works in that the movie is not as heavy on the cerebral side. Set in Tokyo during the holiday season, the movie focuses on a trio of homeless people from different walks of life who come across an abandoned baby and journey throughout the city to learn of the whereabouts of the baby's parents. While doing this, each of these people come to grips with their tragic pasts as the movie explores the varying circumstances that led each of our main trio to wind up living on the streets.

This movie is a rather unique one as it believably explores the issue of homelessness, a social issue that is not often explored within anime or many movies for that matter. Instead of trying to skirt around the issue with a positive spin on things, Tokyo Godfathers explores the hardships that can be faced by those trying to survive day-to-day without a home and struggling for money and food. The movie shows our main trio being treated like societal outcasts as they usually find themselves verbally and physically abused or interact with people ignorant of the hardships they face with their harsh lifestyle. Plus, we are shown the challenges that come with being homeless as the trio scurry through garbage to find what they can to survive on and living in shantytowns with other homeless people.

The plotting and characterization in Tokyo Godfathers is also quite strong. Within its 90 minute run, we learn of each of the differing circumstances that led to Miyuki, Gin and Hana to live out on the streets and the movie explores these three gradually trying to come to grips with their tragic developments. In addition to exploring our homeless trio, the movie also builds up on exploring the circumstances that led to the baby Kiyoko getting abandoned. The reasons surrounding her abandonment are not as straightforward on the surface as you would think as hints are dropped throughout the movie exploring more to her story and comes to hit close to home for our homeless trio as they come to grips with their own problems.

Another major component to the film that is quite noticeable is the presence of convenient developments that take place with our homeless trio and Kiyoko's journey through Tokyo. Being a rare case of a movie centered around Christmas, these convenient miracles are a frequent occurrence throughout Tokyo Godfathers' run. While deus ex machina is often a lazy way to introduce plot twists in a work, the plot device fits in perfectly with this movie as Kiyoko is symbolically portrayed as a source of hope for Miyuki, Gin and Hana in redeeming themselves for the problems that led up to their homelessness. It also fits in with the Christmas setting of the movie since learning to value the bonds of family, friends and other interpersonal relationships is a major component of the holiday season that is overlooked by read more
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Katanagatari (Anime) add
“People who work for money are no good. People who work for honor are also no good. That leaves only one reason. People who work for love can be trusted. Yasuri Shichika… fall for me!” - Togame

Katanagatari is written by the well-known author Nisio Isin, original creator of the –monogatari series. This means that, if you were expecting a show with a ton of fighting, you might be disappointed. There is, however, at the very least one (pretty epic) fight throughout every episode. The runtime of each episode is 50 minutes, and I believe that this is beneficial to the series, since it allows for both more dialogue and character building.

The story:

The premise of the story is quite simple. Because of events roughly 20 years before the story starts, Yasuri Shichika father, and his family, was exiled to a small, isolated island. After his father passes away, Shichika is now the seventh head of the Kyotoryu (bladeless) Sword Style. Enter Togame. She wants Shichika’s help in collecting the 12 Deviant Blades, the final masterpieces of the master swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki.

“Oh god,” you’re probably thinking. “That just sounds so bland! There’s no way I’ll like this.” But I’ll stop you right there. The power of the show isn’t in the story, like it is in some. The characters are what really bring out the goods in this series.

The characters:

Katanagatari features a wide array of characters, and somehow, most of them don’t fall into some trope or cliche. Each episode focuses on a wielder of one of the Deviant Blades, and even though we only get 50 minutes with each, they all seem fleshed out and realistic, almost to the same level as series like Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood does it.

Yasuri Shichika is one of the most well-developed characters in any anime I have seen. In the beginning of the series, he might come off as someone that would fall into the airhead trope. He even states it himself, “I’m not very good at thinking.” The thing is Shichika has only ever had contact with three other human beings. You come to realise that there is more to him that just being stupid, and he only seems that way in the beginning because of his life devoid of social contact. Important to Shichika is the reason he fights, and this is where most of his development comes. But I honestly don’t want to say anything about it, since it would be venturing into possible spoiler territory.

What places this anime as my favorite is not only Shichika’s development, but also the dialogue between the characters. It wouldn’t be a Nisio Isin anime, if more than 50% of the screen time was talking, would it? The banter and dynamic going between Togame and Shichika throughout the whole series almost reminds me of something out of S&W.


In my very biased opinion, this show features some of the best character design I have seen. Each character is unique and interesting. None of them are read more
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The argument is something that we already know, very typical from Digimon (until now), but nothing against it, the most important thing here is the development of friendship, but the characters don't help very much to make it very interesting.
The old music is a great touch, from my point of view, and i like the new graphic design, that could be even better i guess, but still pretty good.
I guess the big problem of this OVAS going to be the characters, they don't resemble their old personalities even a little, i understand people grow and change, but they should have an essense, but just Mimi and Yamato, keep it, maybe TK too.
I dont want to explain a lot of this because there's no much to say, i really think this worth specially if you are fan of the first season, if you're not, you're not losing too much.
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Mad★Bull 34 (Anime) add
Time to dust off the VCR and take a trip back to 1990, 'cause today I'm talking about that glorious ultraviolent cheese called Mad Bull 34! Break out the Nike Cortez, Power Shoulders, and the grunge flannel- frost your tips, mute Will Smith and eject your Lion King VHS... we've got some 90s to cover.

For the uninitiated: Mad Bull 34 was made by a company called Magic Bus... who've done *checks* literally nothing else of note. They even made some hentai once, it looks like. Amazingly, this studio has been around since the early 80s, and somehow has generated enough revenue off their titles to continue to exist in 2015.

In 1996, Manga Entertainment took it upon themselves to make a gag dub for this ridiculously ultraviolent and unapologetically profane show- and created perhaps the ultimate cult classic, because the finished product is absolutely hilarious for more reasons than I can count. One of these reasons is insane, over the top violence. Another one is crazy dubs.

Artwork and Animation: 2

Mad Bull is old, hand drawn, and absolute garbage. The majority of it is on par with Violence Jack level badness, but occasionally it looks decent. The first two episodes looked okay, but the quality descended for the second half. If you like action lines, blood fountains, and super gore, Mad Bull will scratch your itch for the sick. In multiple standoffs with even minor criminals, Sleepy will just straight up murder them. Shotgun to the head, decapitations, held out onto an oncoming train, you name it, Mad Bull's got it.
If I were rating it for blood, gore, and violence, this would be a straight 10/10.

Sound and Voice Acting: 9

If I were grating cheese, this would be Kraft- the cheesiest. If I'm grading their performances, oh my buddha, this takes the cake. While Daizaburo's got one of the New Yoik-iest fake New Yoik accents I've ever heard, the rest of the cast is so varied, I have no clue what they wanted to be. Perrine flip flops between a generic English accent and Chicago, and the episodic cast's voices are so freakin' awful that I could have rounded up some drunk hicks and gotten better performances out of them than this.

Manga Entertainment probably went around the office after they got this license and asked who wanted to be in it. (they're also based in Chicago, which would explain the Chicago sounding accents... hmmm)

But- this is the charm of Mad Bull. It's not meant to be taken seriously. This is high action cheese at its absolute best.

Story and Characters: 4, 7

Mad Bull pulls from a lot of pop culture for its stories. It straight up rips off the movie "The French Connection" in episode 2, titled "The Manhattan Connection". It also borrows the Predator monster for episode 4. Generally speaking, the four stories go like this: Sleepy and Daizaburo go on patrol for Sleepy to bang some prostitutes, pay off an informant, or just generally read more
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Level E (Anime) add
An unknown masterpiece; one of the most funniest anime ever. The description my not be clear to some people but this show is a troll. Don't judge until you have watched the first 3 episodes.
If you didn't like it then don't continue. The Art is good as well and the music is not bad. It's not THAT good (music) but enjoyable. The MC is fucking amazing and an awesome troll.

Story:- I don't know it myself tbh. It's just a troll anime with funny situations. 7/10 cuz of the situations and arcs.

Art:- 8/10 , it's the same as in the poster

Comedy:- 9/10 simply amazing

So yeah I enjoyed the anime and hope other ppl come to know of this comedy masterpiece.
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Btooom! (Anime) add
It’s like Future Diary, only with all the good stuff ripped out.

Using characters as plot device is hard. Do it once or twice and it’s okay. When everyone becomes a plot device, your story becomes hard to believe. A world where everyone is a plot device is less believable than a notebook that kills people.

It doesn’t seem so bad at first. It’s dark and cruel, but this is a game where people are forced to kill each other. The first to die is boring as hell, but Future Diary‘s Third didn’t have a personality. He at least had an idea behind him. He was supposed to be a simple Unknown Danger. He has given a design that looks scary to make that convincing. His role was small and was the only plot device character.

No such things happen in BTOOOM!. Everyone exists for two reasons. Their purpose is first to be terrible human beings, and the second is to die. It’s hilarious how everyone is terrible, but no one has a personality flaw. One guy is a rapist. Another is a cold-hearted killer. Another one is a con artist. They’re unpleasant, but not interesting.vlcsnap-2015-11-27-17h25m51s139

Such a dull edge

The cruelty is so monochrome. These are not the crazies of Future Diary. No one in that anime was sadistic for sadism’s sake. When they had a cruel streak, they had reasons for it. It was also specific. Third just wanted to kill everyone. Reisuke cared about having a mother figure. Yomotsu had a retarded sense of justice.

There was almost something comic about it. None of that exists in BTOOOM!. No one has an alternative moral system. No one’s sadism is understandable. A fat guy attempts rape and we get to see it graphically, yet we don’t know what’s behind him. The creators try to shock us with Himiko’s pain, but it’s only unpleasant to watch. More shocking would be if they made understand the rapist and his point of view. This way the viewer might find he shares some thoughts with him, which is both horrifying and meaningful.

Some get a half-assed explanation, like abusive parents or a military past. These are just placeholders. The characters aren’t very different besides one being more sadistic. Both Tsubaki and Reisuke have a sad past, but it’s a different kind that transformed them differently.

The creators miss the best part of the Death Game scenarios. The Death Game throws a bunch of characters in a situation that forces them to confront each other. It needs different personalities. The clash between them is what creates tension. Some explosions will never be as exciting as a blind crazy, a yandere and a misanthrope meeting in the same place.

These personalities make us view these characters as human. We’ll care about them, understand them and have empathy for them. The deaths will be sadder because we’ll see a human who is like us fail, perhaps of his own undoing. That’s how tragedy works. Tragedy isn’t just making characters suffer but have them (and read more
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Noragami (Anime) add
You know when you stumble across an anime that is so good you don't really want to stop watching ? This is one of them.

I really liked how well paced and written this anime was . Through out the entire 12 episodes which i had watched, there was almost no dull moments where i felt like nothing is happening or progressing. The dialogue is incredibly witty and smart , Comedy was executed perfectly , Action scenes were pretty well done and it also does a great job in building some of the characters throughout the entire season .

Animation and art was also pretty amazing i have to say , the visuals in this are pretty and character design is top notch put a topping of incredible fight scenes and a cherry of amazing soundtrack and boom Noragami

Overall , Stop wasting your time and go watch this Gem there is a second season currently airing as well so chop chop .
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Black★Rock Shooter (TV) (Anime) add
Black Rock Shooter is a well-produced anime. But, story-wise, it SUCKS. The first episodes are really boring, and it ended really terribly, since it's short, it didn't had time to explain everything. The characters are not great, the soundtrack is.... Decent. The thing that I most liked about this anime was the PRODUCTION. The production of this anime is one of the best I've ever seen. It's just amazing. The SFX, the music, and the character designs are great.

Português (BR):
Black Rock Shooter é um belo anime em termos de produção. Mas, em termos de história, o anime é bem RUIM. Os primeiros episódios são extremamente tédiosos. E o anime terminou muito ruim. Como o anime é curto, a história não foi explicada direito. Os personagens são ruins, a música é... Decente. A coisa que eu mais gostei foi a PRODUÇÃO. A produção desse anime é uma das melhores que eu já vi. É simplesmente bela. Os efeitos, a música, e o design dos personagens são legais.
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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (Anime) add
Akuma no Shitsuji continues onto the 3rd season with Book of Circus.

This arc takes place sometime after Madam Red's incident from the first season.

I am left speechless about what to say about this season. All the things that happen in this season is just so fuutsu(normal) that i just can't think of anything unique to write about this. Oh, i just remembered something. Was there so many shotacons(lolicons being 'lolita complex' and shotacon being 'shouta complex', shouta means small boy-the male version of loli) in the 19th Century? Or is this to please the fanbase of shotacons who want to see this or that done to shoutas? Whether it is fan service or reality, it just doesn't fit well with me. Once you notice this, you can see nothing but shoutacons and old men everywhere.

Shotacons will love this season(probably) as it has our Shota shuujinko(protagonist) Ciel Phantomhive who shows of his dizty self in the circus.

In the previous review of Kuroshitsuji II, i said something like 'this season is a must watch if you want to see the next season'. But, it looks like the Kuroshitsuji II is the end of the Kuroshitsuji series, at least according to the chronological order of the story.(As a side note, i haven't read the manga so i don't know if it ends then or not.)

As for whether you should watch this season or not, if you liked the first two seasons or if you want to complete the series, i recommend to watch this season but if you haven't watched any season yet, you can skip the series altogether as there is nothing worth mentioning about this series.
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Prison School (Anime) add
Prison School, based of a popular manga, takes us to a familiar setting: The prestigious Hachimitsu Academy, a formerly all-girls high school opens its gates-for the first time- to 5 male students. The boys are excited to spent their high-school years surrounded by girls but the student council wants desperately to expel them, hating all boys in typical anime fashion.

After a peeping scheme by the boys goes wrong, the powerful student council sentences them to prison. Literally. In the middle of the courtyard is a building clad in iron barred windows. And thus perversity, insanity and hilarity ensues.

This is a very funny anime. If you don`t mind crude jokes and toilet humor. There is a lot fan-service included but it is not an ecchi anime. The fan-service is used as a mean to deliver the jokes and the insanity and not simply to arouse the average teenage viewer. Having said that, there are a lot of fetishes included and scenes that seem to have no other purpose other than advancing the general feeling of wackines and vulgarity.

The premise continues to build in its initial insanity, the boys becoming desperate in their prison, concocting far-fetched schemes to deal with the increasingly sadistic and hateful student council girls.

The visual style is slightly unorthodox: the character designs appear a little more realistic than usual which accentuates the eroticism at certain scenes (and the absurdity on others). Generally a top production work from the experienced J.C.Staff animation studio.

The ending is pretty satisfying for a 12-episode series. For those who liked the anime, it covers the first 81 chapters of the manga. The manga is still ongoing at the time of this writing and has published 197 chapters.

Concluding, if you like vulgar humor you will enjoy Prison school and laugh throughout its 12 episodes. You may get annoyed at how evil the council girls are or how ridiculous the premise is, but it will be a fun ride. 7.5/10.
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Death Note (Anime) add
Death Note is one of the best animes every, many of anime fans have heard it or seen it. It is just great, the story is so smart and fun to watch, the first 10 episodes are some of the best i have ever seen!!!! they are just fantastic. Light who is the main character becomes a God, he finds the Death Note and can write any persons name in it and that person will die for any reason he wishes them to, L the other main characers is also great. Its hard to explain the plot because every episode changes something, its more that Light tries to win over L everytime, its so good because of the writing and tension, you always wonder who will win and what the next move will be, the sound is great and the music adds so much tension you sometimes will be flustered. The anime is very bleak and only uses dark colors, but its the point, the story is about morality and humans and justice, its not a fun story, nothing fun happens expept some scenes, its very good and hard to explain, just watch it its a 10/10 this review was hard to do lmao, but think how good fullmetal alchemist is and hunter x hunter , its that good.
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Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
Alright, in the short time I've spent with Noragami, all I can say is that I've become a hard core Yatoist. Enough said.

I watched season 1 first, then delved into the manga and now I'm neck deep in season 2. I've made reviews for the manga as well as for season 1, so if you're interested do check those out.


If you've read the manga and you're pretty far ahead in it if not finished with it, you'll know exactly where season 1 lacked. Since I've already mentioned that in my review for season 1, there's no point repeating it here, but I'll make it short and brief - Season 1 lacked in character development and plot development to an extent and it was because they had squeezed in around 12+ chapters in merely 12 episodes.
I loved it nevertheless but after you read the manga you know where season 1 lacked :< I understand that manga is not for everyone, there are people who prefer to watch the animated version rather than read 60 chapters... I understand, I really do, because I was one of them. But Noragami is an exception. The reason being that the manga explains things much better than the anime! An episode lasts 25 minutes and that's not really enough to fit in everything. You might think that sounds crazy but it's not.

The characters are developed fantastically. I will defend this statement a hundred times, not because I'm biased, but because I really think so. They are deep, they are realistic, there are real, serious emotions (the comedy takes up a lot of space but... seriously the emotions are there, and they are raw and realistic).

In the anime, characters like Mayu and Kazuma (maybe not Kazuma as much as Mayu) might seem unimportant and lacking purpose. But I assure you that you will understand how important they are - if the anime decides to animate the later parts of the manga.

ART (10)-
Studio Bones. As I am in love with them and probably will marry someone from Noragami's production team, I think you will understand when I say that the animation is STUPENDOUS, probably even MORE SO than season 1.

SOUND (10)-
Season 1's soundtrack, composed by Taku Iwasaki gave Noragami it's entire identity, an album with simply magnificent music that Noragami will never be Noragami without. It has forged an identity of it's own, reflecting perfectly Noragami's personality - traditional japanese music cleverly infused into modern dubstep, jazz and pop funk. A few notable pieces would be Noratan, Grief, Roar of God, Misogi and Shadow Dancing.
The same music is used for Aragoto too, but I can hear new pieces of music that were not in season 1... so what am I getting at?

Hell yes, there's a new soundtrack for Aragoto and judging by the pieces that played in Aragoto's preview trailer (before it aired) I can only say... I ALREADY FREAKIN LOVE IT.

I tend to notice the soundtrack read more
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Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (Anime) add
The term "emotional manipulation" isn't quite on the level of the word "pretentious" when it comes to canned, overused, and empty criticism, however, it is down there. The problem with the term stems from the fact that all stories in some way aim to manipulate emotions. Where we to draw the lines is when for some reason or another, we the audience begin to see the cogs spinning. Characters then become plot devices to us, and plot-holes become impossible to notice, as does the desperation to get a reaction out of you from the script. Once things like these take us out of the experience, we see can see a lousy story for what it really is, and what the show in question here as it just so happens, is extremely manipulative. Saikano really wants the audience to cry, and if it has to do so through repeatedly and savagely insulting the intelligence of the viewers until they bawl in submission, then so be it.

The issues with it essentially boil down to the fact that it tries to frame a tragic love story through the lens of a war setting with sci-fi without any idea how to handle said setting or sci-fi elements. The story is literally about a 10 year- old-looking high school girl and how she fell in love with a male classmate (that looks like he's 7 feet tall and in his thirties) only to be abducted by the Japanese military, enhanced with a bunch of bizarre enhancements that enable her to fly and drop nukes everywhere, and allowed to wander free. The purpose of all this for them call her up to bomb faceless enemies that they're at war with part-time. It's about as ridiculous as it sounds and there's no rhyme or reason to any of it. Why would the Japanese military implant weapons into a civilian? Why allow an extremely dangerous military secret walk freely when she can accidentally blow up entire cities? Who the fuck are they at war with anyway? It seems as if the original manga artist had this idea that sounded really cool and decided to pursue it in the most threadbare way imaginable. It's not like a premise like this is impossible to work with. Gunslinger Girl had a story that I largely expected to give me the similar result as with Saikano, but it managed to somehow make its ridiculous torture porny-sounding premise work really well. It just goes to show how important sensible world building can be to even character driven stories like Saikano. If the world of a story creates a tragic scenario for the main characters, let it be because of how said world is understandable yet unfair, not because it's fucking stupid.

I think I've harped enough on how the Saikano's lack of care when it comes to making sense of its plot strains its credulity, but it doesn't particularly shine as a character study either. The cast here is about as read more
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Gangsta. (Anime) add
This is the kind of anime that manages to remain entertaining despite having a rather chaotic story structure.

In the city of Ergastulum we have the mafia, we have the police and then we have the Handymen. The dynamic duo of Worick and Nicolas tread the thin grey line between the shifting morals of the city and do so in style.

The anime has a great host of characters but the only downside being that not all of them get the same amount of attention as the two Handymen do. Sure, they are the protagonists and ergo deserve the most exposition, but it wouldn't hurt to shed some light on the side characters as well, and I say this because the show boasts some of the most interesting and well thought out side characters I've seen recently.

Violence and sexual innuendos are aplenty with great fan service but the standout feature is the combat between the "Tags". The powers and abilities of the tags along with their rankings make sense (within the realm of the story) and the balance of power between the Bad guys and the not-so-bad guys is well maintained.

The anime is highly recommended for those who enjoy good pacing along with Noir gangster elements.
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Kotonoha no Niwa (Anime) add
Kotonoha no Niwa, or The Garden of Words is a short anime movie depicting a troubled teenager, Takao Akizuki, and a young woman in an identity crisis, Yukari Yukino. In this movie both these character often skip their responsibilities to relax in a small gazebo in a lush garden. One day they happen to meet each other in this sanctuary and a beautiful, yet hidden bond starts to form between them.

Story: 9/10

One of the most amazing prospects of this film is its simplicity. Something I was not expecting considering that the writer, director, and producer of this film is Makoto Shinkai; famous for creating Byousoku 5 Centimeter, which happens to be almost the very opposite of Kotonoha no Niwa. Sitting at approximately 46 minuets long, Shinkai tells a quick story with a mature romance involving our two main characters, Yukino and Akizkui. It is also very straight-forward which compliments this mature feeling that Shinkai has displayed throughout the movie. It pulls no tricks or confusing metaphors, it lays it all out on the table and tells you exactly what to expect from the story the second these two meet, and then it delivers it by revealing the problems step at a time.

Art: 10/10

Do I really even need to talk about the art in the movie? Hands down one of the most well made animations I've seen to this day. CoMix Wave Films, the studio of both this and Byousoku 5 Centimeter, once again delivers with amazing quality that is sure to make you think just one simple word "Wow!". I literally was blown back by the attention to detail in this movie, whether it is the cutting of vegetables, the action of pencil on paper, or even the rain hitting the ground, and as someone who loves rain, but has recently moved to the desert (thanks SoCal) this film had me gushing of excitement over those little droplets from the sky. The most impressive thing about the art in Kotonoha no Niwa is its ability to even convey what emotion each character is feeling through only body movements and facial expressions, something that is very hard to do in animation. CoMix Wave Films once again sets a very high bar for other studios trying to compete (looking at you KyoAni) and I believe that it will continue to hold that bar high up for years to come.

Sound: 10/10

Music and other sound effects serve two purposes in media; to make the film more realistic with sound effects, and to serve as a compass for the audience so they know which way the scene is heading and how to later interpret said scene. Kotonoha no Niwa handles the sound perfectly, even the many scenes of them just sitting under the roof of the gazebo had impact due to the music and sound effects. I truly believe that had this film removed dialogue either completely or even in favor of small tidbits of dialogue as done in many old-timey movies, read more
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Ninja Senshi Tobikage (Anime) add

I'm surprised that there exists no review for this lovely show. While I'm not one for mech anime, Ninja Senshi Tobikage or Ninja Robots as it was called when broadcasted in India grabbed the attention of my 13 yr old self simply with the word "Ninja" in it.

At a time when the Mech anime genre was recognized by the likes of Gundam and Voltron (in India), Ninja Robots provided action/adventure enthusiasts like me to enjoy the best of both Ninja as well as Mech elements.

The story is rather simple as is the character development. You have your typical love triangle going, along with the jealous admirer turned villain and the younger brother who is mostly an idiot but is much wiser than what his older brother gives him credit for. Add in a maniac with his own evil mech army out to conquer the known universe and you've got the story down pat.

As with most anime viewers that age, we aren't really concerned with the story, all we want is the action and this show has plenty of it. The animation and art are very good and are complimented well by the background score. The Robots in question and their transformations are done well, but some robots got more air time than others which was a bit of a downer.

The highlight of the show is the rivalry between Joe Maya and Commander Icelander and their respective mechs Cybertron and Mantis. The battles between these two are well executed and you really get a feel for the Ninja battle. All in all it's a great watch for the sake of nostalgia and also for the Ninja's :)
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Twinkle Nora Rock Me! (Anime) add
Twinkle Nora Rock Me! is an OVA best watched with friends who like to watch trainwrecks unfold. Essentially, a genderbent Boba Fett named Nora goes to Tattooine to pick up a bounty on a space criminal worth several thousand times this OVA's animation budget. She picks up Scrappy Doo in Mos Eisley after a bar fight with a drunken giant, starts a rock band with Scrappy in a Cave shooter, and then uses her podracer to lazily drift across the screen until she reaches the house of the illegal space wizard. She uses unexplained and wildly improbable powers such as telekinesis, time travel, and the Death Note in order to vanquish this wizard, and then stars as the lead vocalist in the newly expanded Cave shooter's rock band.

Oh, and it takes all of this seriously. Poe's Law is not in effect, it's just that bad.

The first four minutes of this OVA are presented to you in the format of a lovely slideshow to introduce the characters, but don't actually introduce anything and aren't intended to be a slideshow. You may attempt to fiddle with your video player in a vain attempt to fix the lag and dropped frames, but soon you realize that the frames were never even there to begin with. A man slides across the room and jitters to a halt at a glorious pace of two frames per second. This isn't animated on thirds, or even fourths - it's animated on twelves. At 4:02 it finally begins animating properly, only to have characters repeatedly go off-model. Important character details appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, and characters make improbable movements repeatedly.

The sound design is pathetic. The music is unfitting to any sequence applied to it, and is not worth listening to on its own either. Sound effects make no sense and don't accompany their sources. Voices don't match the mouth flaps over half the time, and the voice actors give an overwhelmingly awful performance in their roles.

There is no character to be had other than generic archetypes that can be summarized as flat. There's nothing here. Nothing. Nora's powers are never explained, and she seems to conjure up more at will. The scrappy midget that tags along after the bar fight is worthless and accomplishes nothing of value, not growing as a person and not doing anything by himself.

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Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai (Anime) add

While many people seem to disagree with me, I really enjoyed the new art style. There are a few scenes with strangely drawn faces, I'll admit that, but for the most part it's fantastic. I love how fluid it is and how the colors look. It reminds me of the animation from the previous movies (Diablomon).

The characters and voices are great. All the same actors as before, and I'm also okay with their decision to make Taichi hesitant to get involved in all of this again. Bringing back his old reservations from the first season could be fun to work with, as long as they don't over do it. I also loved the new renditions of the OST. The addition of instruments makes a very fun sound.

Fight scenes are great, and I LOVE that they don't have the Digimon screaming out each and every attack they use anymore. They just fight, and it makes it feel a lot smoother. As much as I love the first two seasons, it always irritated me how they would just verbally announce every single thing they were going to do.


Why did they only show evolution animations for Adult level? That was a huge disappointment during the last fight with Alphamon... It just goes from Agumon in one scene, then suddenly he's Greymon, then he's Wargreymon out of nowhere, and finally we have Omegamon all of a sudden WITHOUT AN EVOLUTION SCENES IN BETWEEN. That just... makes no sense to me.

I also don't buy that the Adventure crew hasn't once yet thought to try and contact the 02 kids. They've all met up to discuss what's going on twice now, and in neither case did anyone even attempt to reach out to Daisuke and the others. Not even Hikari or Takeru! Considering that the 02 kids carried the Adventure kids' asses and lead the fight against many enemies during the entirety of the second season, it makes no sense for them to just... forget about them like this. It feels like bad, lazy writing to me. Maybe there will be a reason in the next movie that will help this make sense, but for right now... I just don't buy it.
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Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi (Anime) add
Art: 9
‌• Amazingly sexy main female character. Facial expressions are hot as well. Animation style is very fluid and modern. POV STYLE of the main male character.

Sound: 9
‌• Maria's voice and reactions are very attractive and realistic. No music

Characters: 9
‌• Maria has the perfect personality for a maid. She takes pleasure in her master's care, and wants to please him.

Story: N/A
‌• No story. Let's you sit back and enjoy without thinking.

Enjoyment: 10
‌• Very enjoyable. Best POV hentai I have ever seen, possibly the best hentai of 2015 as well. Let's you just sit back and watch without having to think about a story or any problems.

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Shokugeki no Souma (Anime) add
**Spoiler Free Review**

So this show starts off with the main character, Yukihira Souma, working at his family restaurant with his father. Some random stuff happens with this chick trying to shut down their restaurant for a reason I can't remember, but Souma cooks her a delicious meal and she decides to leave them alone. Then for some reason Souma's dad decides to close down the restaurant anyway while he travels overseas working at other restaurants. He sends Souma to a really prestigious cooking school in the meantime.

Not gunna go too in depth into the school part as not to spoil, but the characters are all really great and if you're a Food Network fanatic like me, this show is as epic as watching Chopped or Iron Chef America, but the food looks even better because anime food seems to be so much more delicious looking compared to real life food, for some reason.

Anyway, great story, great characters, yummy looking food, etc. Best opening theme song for a show I've heard in a while (the first opening anyway. I typically skip openings, but for this show I would listen to it every episode).

Really the only reason I gave this a 9 and not a 10 is cause I really don't like ecchi, which in this series is used as a way to show how orgasmic the food tastes (clothes literally exploding off characters' bodies when they take a bite of food).

Would highly recommend you watch it if you like watching Food Network competition shows, and even if you don't, watch it anyway cause you'll be surprised at how great something centered around a cooking school could be. Can't wait for season 2!
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Hen Zemi (TV) (Anime) add
Hen Zemi is a ecchi anime, the majority of the characters partaking in a variety of niche fetishes including NTR, bodily fluids and otherwise smut. In the thirteen episodes, Hen Zemi operates as one of the daily life styles seen in other series, however, the only twist is the cast of characters partaking in the college credit as a band of social misfits.

Hen Zemi appears to operate on the logic that, despite conversation ranging from a womans period to pouring the decomposed contents of a lover into themselves -- the viewer will be grossed out. I did not happen to be one of those viewers, although I began watching due to the reviews of others, Hen Zemi attempts to further push on subjects of sexual tension, lies and exposing otherwise 'innocent' women to perverts.

As the show continues on that path, the tone becomes clearer, Hen Zemi has no real direction or statement. The show is a daily brief on a group of perverts with a few slow story arcs that resolve in two or three episodes. One of the pay-offs is the main character Matsutaka, Nanako, as the protagonist, we're going to follow her exploits during the hentai seminar until the rushed ending at an onsen. Hen Zemi dances on the cusp of a full fledged hentai series, but, the character models are too goofy, their stubby limbs and exaggerated expressions a staple of the increased 'cartoon' aspect of most anime series.

Since Hen Zemi leaves that arena for more adult themed humor, the jokes and situations feel flat. You're always waiting for the hint of a nipple slip or full penetration scenes which distracts from the mild adult humor sprinkled throughout the show. Hen Zemi started out as a good idea, adult humor and adult situations but lacked execution and any true depth to pull off the landing. If dancing on the edge of pornography is for you -- Hen Zemi might help -- if you want an adult themed sex-romp look elsewhere.
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Imouto Paradise! 2 (Anime) add
Art: 9
‌• Sexy, smooth, modern art. ‌• Character designs are very attractive.‌• Main character has a face.

Sound: 9
‌• Voices are amazing, fit the characters perfectly. Not unrealistic, but definitely not bad.

Characters: 9
‌• 2 sisters, 1 per episode. The girls are very nice to watch, one being tsundere and the other being innocent. Both have attractive personality and designs.

Story: N/A
‌• Not much story, but enough to let you focus on the actual hentai. ‌• Heavy amounts of incest.

Enjoyment: 10
‌• Watched some scenes multiple times.‌ • In my top 3 hentai.

Overall: 9
‌• Definitely a good watch and fap, definitely if you like incest.
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
Ok, this is a beautiful love story that is completed in one hour's time. The animation and cinematography is excellent to the point that you almost forget you're not watching a real live-action movie.

Having said that, the story itself is almost too painful to watch, for several reasons. It is basically the story of painful, dysfunctional teenage romances. Dysfunctional because in real life, I think there would be different outcomes with both of the romantic relationships explored by the film. The author/screenwriters chose to go the "Japanese Trainwreck" route, which is frustratingly common in Japanese story telling. Rarely is there ever a "happily ever after". Instead the audience suffers silently with an hour's worth of painful unrequited love. It is almost as if half the population of Japan has been traumatized in their teenage years by unrequited love or love lost by forced separation, and half again must relive this through some form of art or film. Beyond that, the film seems to end abruptly, with no real closure to either of the important story threads. Frustrating.
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Yesterday, 10:33 PM
God Eater (Anime) add
I'm not sure how many people out there has ever played the game, but most of the review I've seen seems to criticise this series very much, but that was probably because of the high expectations the community has towards this series.

But going through from another perception, the story actually was done very well even though it was an adaption to a game. The developer tries to make it as suspending and as emotional as they could, and their story direction and pacing were improved so much than it was from the original game.

In fact, I was astonished by how well and how much effort they put into this series, especially when I compared to the other similar game adaption anime projects I've seen. cough* Devil Survivor 2* cough*

I understand this series has made a lot of call to delay the release, which brings down the overall experience of the viewers, but that was because the developers were trying to accomplish an even better art and plot direction, so that was their way of putting more work into the series, and we should be thankful for it.

The music is not on the top tier, since they don't hire the well famed song writers or composers like Sawano Hiroyuki or May'n, but they don't settle for low budget songwriters either. Oldcodex the band itself is already quite established in Japan, and they were one of the best from Lantis Records, so another tip of my hat to the effort they made into this series.

The character I have to agree they were somewhat cliched, but none of them were as dislikable as our fucking Naruto and Sasuke. I mean come on... Naruto is our typical hot-blooded idiot, and Sasuke is just a self centered melancholic expired testosterone who fucks up everything and yet deserving a good ending.

But at any rate, the characters at least all had a tolerable personality, and it was especially good when you think about that all of them originated from a fucking psp game. Most of the Psp games don't really focus of characters, because it is obvious that they simply don't get enough screen time, and the purpose of them being in the game was simply just kicking asses. Now looking back at all these characters, and you still find them much more memorable than those Tsunderes from a random harem Original anime.

Yea... the developers for these characters should deserve more credits.

So to me, this series is good as how they don't half ass their way through for profits, and I really appreciated how the team don't lose their production to the direction of commercialised arts.

Great Job, God Eater! I will always buy your game!
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime) add
This was my first anime:

I was never into anime; never ever has anime been an interest of mine. A friend told me I should really watch it because it was genuinely a good show. So i see its on Netflix and give it a try....

HOLY SHIT. This show is great in comparison to any show on TV. Pacing is phenomenal (which I value greatly). Characters are great. Comic relief is abundant. Great fight scenes. amazing concept (alchemy). Intellectual. Story was amazing. I finished it in like 3-4 days if that poses as any indication as to how good the show is.

This has gotten me into anime and now I'm watching a couple other shows.

Stop avoiding this show, start it now. I promise it will not disappoint.

Also I watched it dubbed which was great in my opinion, but apparently the anime community is fairly adamant about subs over dubs. For any first time anime viewers who are more comfortable with hearing it in English I promise you it didn't dilute the quality of the series

P.S Netflix only has the first 52 episodes so you gotta go watch the rest somewhere else. And I promise you those last 12 episodes you will not want to miss.
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
Hey there ! Before explaining my score, I wanna tell that it's my first review, and I'd like to apologise if my english isn't perfect too.

So what do we have ? A shonen. To be honest, I don't like shonens. A friend really wanted me to watch it, soooo I gave it a try.. What can I say ? TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Let's start !

¤ Story : 9/10

The plot, at first glance, is kinda basic, but after bunch of episodes, you'll discover that the thing is way deeper you imagined, of course I won't spoil so I can't really tell more about it.
Though, I can't put a 10 because sometimes, it seems like the story is quite rushed, and there are some plot holes that can be frustrating as hell.

¤ Art : 8/10

At first, I didn't really like the art of this anime. When I saw Meliodas' face for the first time, I was like "Meh..". But I really got used to like it, especially when they introduced characters like Ban, and some random knights because the way they look is kinda unusual, but in the good way.
However, the animation during the battles and stuff is pretty good, I can't really say more about it D:

¤ Sound : 10/10

Nothing much to say. The voices (like Ban, Hawk) are just perfect, so what can I say?
OH YES, THE SONGS OF THIS ANIME ARE FREAKING AWESOME ! Hiroyuki Sawano and Takafumi Wada really did a wonderful job, these OST bring us in the wonderful world of Nanatsu no Taizai.

¤ Character : 11/10

Here we go, it's the thing I enjoyed the most about Nanatsu no Taizai (tho it's 10, m'kay) !
I mean, when I finished the anime, I figured out that I liked almost each character in this show. They're all awesome in their way. Plus, the sins all have a very interesting backstory, which make them much deeper and lovable.

- The sins, especially Meliodas, Ban and King, have, as you could guess, a very dark and touching backstory, and you feel it everytime they appear, by the way they interact with other characters, and that, THAT IS GOLD GUYS.
- The other guys, like knighs, like Gilthunder and stuff, also have a great development, which make a lot of characters enjoyable. Of course, there will be some guys you won't even give a fuck about, but it's all about your tastes !
- Hawk. Do I need to say more ? I really don't like that kind of characters usually, but seriously, this pig made me laugh way, way too many times. We don't even know what the hell he is doing there, but who cares?

¤ Enjoyment : 10/10

Yep, still a good mark. The thing is, I got hyped, I laughed hard, I felt bad, I nearly have tears at some part.. So yeah, this is one of the anime I enjoyed the most. This may be not a masterpiece or so, this may be not the best read more
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White Album 2 (Anime) add
What in the hell can I say is wrong about this anime?
Ok to be honest, maybe a little bit.
Romance isn't easy to write or show, and this one went through the thing that replaces my heart for pumping blood through my body (from a friend). I thought a lot about this anime when I was done with it. Needless to say, the romance of the story was well written, and I applaud anyone who was involved with the making of this anime.

Time to get down to brass tacks:

Story 10/10
Alright, I end up thinking about anime a lot even after I finished it. Bad or good, I think how it could have ended differently, and how it could've been better (applies to bad anime). This story has so much to offer, it pretty much overwhelmed me.
Overall, the story kept me up at night (not really, its an expression) and was unforgettable.

Art 9/10
The art is not 10 because I found the art slightly off at times. This may seem hard to get, but to me, the faces seemed odd. Other than that, the art was beautiful and pleasant on the eyes. The art may possibly be one of two bad things I can say about this.

Sound 10/10
This isn't no K-On, but it is a music based anime, so I shall judge the music they play along with background music. My verdict is, are you kidding me? I loved all of it! There's not much I can say about sound. It's pretty, and nice to listen to along with the moments the characters have. That's pretty much it.

Character 10/10
The characters, they're not plastic. I guess they are relateable, if you are a struggling dude in a failing light music club or some nonsocial piano player, or some school idol who's status makes you unreachable by all guys. Ok, no seriously though, no character here was a blockhead who doesn't notice obvious feelings being pointed at him/her. That seems to happen way too often. I'm glad all the characters were smart, and realistic. If you don't know what I mean by that, watch it and you'll understand how much this can be similar to a real life scenario. There's only one character I just couldn't understand. It's not even the main characters, it's a side character. >;/

Enjoyment 10/10
At first, I was mad. I ranted about how the guy didn't do *spoilers* or that. This was when I was in the first few episodes. My friend called me a dumbass and told me to keep watching. I was soo happy by the end of it.
Did I forget to mention this is a "makeyoucry" anime? Yeah, still no spoilers here, but it will hopefully make you cry. Unless you "aren't human" like me ;-;
The music and the deep connections of the friendships between the characters felt so... real, for lack of a better word. I felt like it was possible to go to Japan, and find these people living there with their read more
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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (Anime) add
The overall plot of this series is bland, it lacks originality and creativeness. If you watch previous Gundam series before, it does takes some elements from it, in term of Plot, Characters, and Mobile Suit Design. Basically, this is a water down version of Zeta Gundam.

The art design of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny is dreadful, the character design in both series is done by Hisashi Hirai, which I have never been fond with because they all look like clones, but with different hairstyle and eye color. When it comes to the Animation during a action scene is just god awful. Every scene is recycle over and over again to the point it makes you eyes hurt. If you look closely they even took some footage from Seed and added to Seed Destiny. I don't know whether or not if they had low budget and couldn't add new frame or they just didn't care at all.

The soundtrack is amazing and that's the only good thing about Gundam Seed Destiny is it soundtrack, songs like TM Revolution really does get you pump up.

Almost every characters in this series are dis-likable. They made Shinn as this hot headed emotional kid take always takes his angry towards other people and later on he becomes this weird Anti - Hero with no goal and no motivation, he just goes around obeying orders without questioning. As for Kira, why did they bring him back? he just comes back with more PLOT ARMOUR after surviving his 3rd Jesus-Yamato moment and whats worst he become the main protagonist after that. What was the point of having Shinn as our main Protagonist for half of the series if he was this easily replace?

Mobile Suit Design:
All the Mobile Suit Design are all unoriginal. Basically, to sum it up in a nutshell all the ZAFT mobile suit is just a copy and paste Zaku from the UC time line, same thing with the Earth Alliances just another copy and paste GM from the Earth Federation. The Strike Freedom is basically a rip-off from Double X Gundam and Nu Gundam. The Desinty Gundam rip-off from ALOT of GUNDAM DESIGN

Overall this series just pisses me off and does not live up the expectation that I thought it would, the fact that Kira survive from a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION is just BS.
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Yesterday, 8:58 PM
Owari no Seraph (Anime) add
This anime is amazing!!!!!!.... okay okay i am a fangirl for this but lemme explain why...

For one the anime copied the manga exactly, i mean besides minor details which didn't matter but still. Yes yes vampires are nothing new but this plot is, the story setting is very similar to anime like Attack on Titan, the story has great twists and new ideas along with great feels and character development.
This anime one great thing is the characters, all lovable and different you can truly know who they are, this anime takes the time to explain the stories behind them all without lagging in time or getting boring. Something else I love is the mystery characters in which you want to know so much about, instead of leaving you lagging behind and wondering who they are, the series explains it over episodes but hides it so you really gotta keep thinking!
Feels is another great attribute to this anime, the twist in the emotions is well timed and great, with a light set of comedy to keep it from getting to depressing, but the comedy doesn't take over as they do take time in the grief process (unlike akame ga kill... no hates) I personally love fantasy and demons etc but what is usually the problem is the lack of explanation but Owari no Seraph makes sure that you know what everything is and how it works. Another great aspect is the animation, done by universal studios herself its truly amazing, no lag and even full out fights are in high detail, opening theme is beautiful along with the ending.
ଲ(ⓛ ω ⓛ)ଲ
NOW I UNDERSTAND THIS ANIME HAS SOME HATERS! I understand the plot etc isnt for everyone i personally think you must try it, this anime slow but good pace is what i love, like AoT it doesnt rush through but its not boring, i haven't met a person who I've shown it to who hasn't fallen in love with it... The anime seems to be liked more by girls rather than guys but hey who gives a shit...

In my eyes there aren't many downsides, one i must say is the first episode is a little slow at first but then kicks in action later, the story has some predictable scenes but its not what it is its how its played out, so it didn't matter plus it didn't take anything away from the suspense.
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Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider (Anime) add
*** Review after the Episode 8. Review will be updated.

Current Verdict: the jury is out, but you can do worse than Subete ga F ni Naru if you’re looking for a slow-burn, whodunit murder mystery. Heavy on the dialogue, oftentimes slow-paced - this anime may not satiate the appetites of thrill seekers. But like all good murder mysteries, the most essential part of the drama is the grand reveal. And until then, this review is only tentative.

Viewers please note: the first episode moves slower than molasses in December. I suppose this can be forgiven b/c it sets up the pieces of the story. But, I’m happy to report that starting episode two, the story starts moving.

Story: 7. Subete ga F ni Naru is your typical whodunit mystery. In this case, the sleuth is Sohei Saikawa, and the sidekick - Moe Nishinosono. Sohei Saikawa, a professor of architecture, goes on vacation to visit a reclusive yet brilliant scientist on a deserted island. Moe tags along. As Sohei and Moe enter the secret lab, they encounter an unusual series of murders. Moe and Sohei work together to catch the murderer before they become the next victim.

As stated before, Subete moves at a slower clip. But this doesn’t mean it goes nowhere. Each episode builds on the previous, giving the viewer just enough suspense to stay engaged. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger, causing the viewer to come back for more. Action/thrill seekers need not apply. But maybe I’m just a mindless action junkie and I’m looking for mindless…

Art: 7. The animation is your garden-variety style drawing with proclivities towards realism. These “realistic” characters have different body mass, hair styles, eye sizes, clothing, and height. Subete is NOT your cookie-cut anime where girls are overly sexualized with big breasts and equally large retinas. Thank gawd! The art isn’t very flashy, nor does it need to be. Its minimalist design never distracts, allowing the viewer to focus on pick up clues to piece the mystery together. The OP sequence is excellent which involves enchanting silhouettes dancing to music.

Music: 7. Bach’s Cello suite No. 1 Prelude in G – Major was a delightful surprise to listen to while watching an episode. However, as I write this review, I just cant remember if I liked or disliked the rest of the music.
Characters: 7. It’s finally time to meet our two unlikely protagonists: Sohei Sikawa and Moe Nishinosono.

Sohei Saikawa – Male, chain smoker, drinks cola, essentially disengaged, professor, uses eye drops but sucks at it, is liked by Moe Nishinosono but the feeling is unrequited. Traits: pensive, methodical, and objective.

Moe Nishinosono – 20 years old girl, rich b1tch, drives a Ferrari, has her porter deliver ice cream to a camping trip. Insightful and intuitive. Daughter of Sohei Saikawa’s mentor at the university. Lost both parents. Really likes Sohei Saikawa. Traits: observant and upbeat. Math wiz. She can do the math for 250 x 250 x 350 in her head.

The characters read more
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Angel Beats! (Anime) add
Angel Beats! is very flawed. There were many aspects of Angel Beats! that could have been executed better, thus the quality of this show is nowhere near what its full potential could have offered us. But still, it’s pretty damn good.

The story – the plot for Angel Beats! was written by Jun Maeda, who worked on various other titles such as Air, Clannad, and Little Busters!. All of these titles are highly praised for their quality, rightly so as all of them were enjoyable, if not tolerable. But with Angel Beats!, the plot felt a little . . . weak. I cannot dispute the fact that Angel Beats! is a unique story, but I felt that there were a lot of plot holes in the story, which sort of nagged at me from the back of my head. Now when I say this I do not mean that the idea for Angel Beats! was hot garbage; I mean that they could have developed more on that storyline, along with the characters.

The characters – the only thing I have to say about the characters is: “GOD DAMMIT WHY ARE THERE SO MANY UNDERDEVELOPED CHARACTERS. THOSE CHARACTERS HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL.” Yep, characters like T.K, Hisako, Fujimaki, hell even Hinata could have used more development (let’s not forget best mysterious girl Shiina). The characters that were developed the most provided me with a decent understanding of their actions during the show and their personality. Including that, the backstories of those characters added to the . . . emotions? They were pretty heavy in the emotions department, as literally all the students who attend at the school lived an unfair life.

The art – decent I guess. It was not the best, but it was not in any way bad (although there were some minor character design inconsistencies from the actions/music scenes). Not worth mentioning, with praise nor complaints.

The sound – ah yes, Angel Beats! never ceases to amaze me with its OST. Hell I even downloaded a bunch of the OST and the theme song (amazing) and I listen to it on my phone a lot. When I jump into a show, I always want it to contain some song that I can listen to without the context and still enjoy it. Angel Beats! does this. Soooooo well (*awestruck face*). Ahem, back on topic, the music was executed beautifully, enhancing scenes, making the lighthearted ones give off a fuzzy feeling and the tragic ones an endless pit of sadness in the stomach.

My Enjoyment – when I finished Angel Beats!, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I wanted more. I wanted to see a full complete story of it. I didn’t want it to end at just a rushed ending. But this feeling only lasted for a short time. I felt happy I watched it. Angel Beats! taught me a perspective changing, life lesson (I’m not going to state what that is. Watch it, and figure out yourself :p ) while read more
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Ashita no Joe (Anime) add
"JOE!" "JOE YOU ARE MY TOMORROW!" "TOMORROW'S JOE!" that's the entire anime in a nutshell oh and of course Sachi's annoying voice, if you want to finish this show with your ears intact make sure you mute as soon as her mouth animations start flapping or in some cases not; I wholeheartedly recommend that you just cover your ears whenever she is on screen, but asides from that you also have to keep in mind that this show was made in the early 70's so the animation of course is outdated, if you are watching this show now it might be a bit hard to keep up with it. Despite the animation quality being old and Sachi's screeching, seriously I feel like my ear drums burst in the first couple of episodes, the show illustrates a really interesting perspective on boxing. Although, this show tends to be really fucking dramatic with the protagonist and supporting characters doing absurd things, just going to lay it out right now the kids are completely non important the and the show could definitely continue without them. Again disregarding the shenanigans and the numerous accounts of pointless animations this show is still enjoyable even while the protagonist dramatically plays his role and the real supporting characters following suit with much enthusiasm and sweat, people sweat A LOT in this show it kind of looks like milk dripping down their forehead and neck.
Final Verdict 8/10 (10/10 if you remove Screechi and her bandwagon of miscreants)
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Yesterday, 7:13 PM
Paprika (Anime) add
Right, I feel like I should state two things: this is my first review, at least on MyAnimeList; and there are no spoilers in it.
'Paprika' follows Dr. Chiba Atsuko, a psychiatrist who, through a recently invented and innovating device that allows her to enter her patients' dreams, treats them on a subconscious level transforming herself into her read haired alter ego Paprika once inside their minds. Several prototypes of said artefact are stolen, and Atsuko alongside Paprika find themselves, or should I say herself, involved in a quite complicated and bizarre adventure that, however dangerous, may repair her spirit.
It's one of those films you recommend only to people you know are interested on the subjects it implicates, in this case psychiatry, dreams, human consciousness and strong, Alice-In-Wonderland-type visual impact. It is definitely not a movie for close minded people or audiences that are accustomed to mediocre Hollywood cinema.
It's not an easy one to watch, but if one is able to effortlessly digest its complex cinematography, whose already mentioned visual impact is accurate only due to the brilliant realism of the animation, the story, however philosophically powerful and plot-twisty, should not be a problem to process, since the symbolic meaning of each event is presented to the spectator quite digested and explicit, unlike films such as 'End Of Evangelion' or 'Akira'.
Where the movie excels is in its characters. It contains personalities whose ideals are antagonistic but both valid and worth considering. And it is there, in the triggering of a dilemma in the viewer regarding the psychological profile of each character, where the social critique and main moral message lie and where the director truly succeeds.
If you haven't seen it but are planning on doing so, expect lots of psychology, science fiction, psychedelic awesome art, suspense and of course a great end; which may question all the previous.
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Yesterday, 6:53 PM
Clannad (Anime) add
Clannad is a very controversal anime that many people have varied opinions about. The first season could be compared to many other anime of being a slice of life, romance genre animes and it does this very well. From an Anime that was created because of the Visual Novel it was quite a shocker to find out how well the anime was made. Clannad is not for everyone that's for sure, but If you want a heck of a story and beautiful scenes and moments that even made me tear up (I don't tear up easily) This is that anime. The art style I wasn't for at first, but getting into the anime I completely forget all about the art style and was just in the story and the characters. The characters are set out in paths similar to how a visual novel can be played and for this anime I think it works very well, Each main or so character has their own little arc that explains them and develops them more in depth, of course each female character has a little interest in the main male character but it does all boil down to one character in the end. Finally one of key features that I fell in love with while watching this anime was the music too me it fit perfectly and In my opinion wasn't over used.

One of the reasons I see a lot of why people decide not to watch this anime because it is too in sink with RL which if you have that drama IRL then this anime might not be for you.
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Yesterday, 5:04 PM
B Gata H Kei (Anime) add
I'd like to start off by saying that this show was very unique to me. The main character Yamada reminded me so much of Nana Komatsu from the anime NANA. Hyperactive, sex addict, guy crazy, and has a friend that gives her good advice.
I really liked the energy and excitement of the story, that and the interesting characters are what gave me a "good" impression of it. One thing I really did like and really stands out in this show is that it is not completely over the top. Most shows with the genre ecchi, school, and romance really overdo it with the nudity and fan service whenever they can. B.H.K was kind of like screw that nudity and fan service stuff, well give the viewers excitement and drama. The art was pretty decent for it's time, although it's nothing that really stands out. Overall I think this show is very good! and well planned out.
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Yesterday, 5:00 PM
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de (Anime) add
So, I don't usually write reviews, but I was bored so here.
For those of you who don't know Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de (Aka World War Blue) is an anime based on the console wars of the early 90's, however, since copyright is a bitch, they had to create their OC's that somewhat resemble the characters.
The story, like I just said, is based on the console wars of the early 90's, which is a good concept, however, the pace is absurdly rushed with almost no character development what-so-ever, also, barely anything happens besides Soni- I mean Gear joining an Army, taking out a third-party base and finding his Father.
Art-wise, generic, nothing too spectacular.
Sound-wise, I'm not one to comment since I almost never pay attention to OST's in Anime. (I should REALLY start.)

Overall, World War Blue is a mess, if the pacing was done better, then this anime could've been quite good.
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Yesterday, 4:06 PM
Himouto! Umaru-chan (Anime) add
This is the anime you probably see all over Tumblr with funny and relatable screencaps. You'd think "Wow, this anime must be really funny!". Well, it is; In the first three episodes at least.

Basically, Umaru is a high school student who's admired by everyone because of her kind personality, looks, and brains. But once she's at home, she's a lazy weeb who bosses her brother around 25/8 to do shit for her. The art is decent, I guess, but the main point is suppose to be Umaru's personality, or at least I think it is.

There's some side characters, but they don't do much. The anime has 0 plot. The entire series is just the same repetitive scenes and jokes. Umaru doesn't improve as a person, even though there were multiple occurrences where the plot could've developed, but nothing. Although the episode where she gets to be with her mother for Christmas was really touching, it was the only time that there was some kind of emotional factor in the series.

Honestly, I watched this anime in hope that I could just relax and laugh, but after episode 5 it got pretty boring, and it was just generic scenes of Umaru being spoiled and playing video games. People hype this anime way too much. It had so much potential, but nothing happens.
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Yesterday, 3:15 PM
Kaiba (Anime) add
Boy oh boy was this a good one! I never thought I'd come to love it and get so emotionally attached but here I am.
From the very start of the anime, you can feel that something is amiss in this futuristic dystopian world. People selling their bodies for money and ending up with all their memories in little chips, the rich literally buying happy memories and changing bodies on a whim, endless memories of long forgotten people floating in space for an eternity to come...
Even though the art appears childish and simplistic the topics explored are dark and complex and presented through the stories of many diverse (both in appearance and in character) people with a very subtle and tender way.
The music contributed very much, in my opinion, in making this an awesome anime. It gave me the feeling, or rather it made the feeling I got from the story even stronger, that something precious is lost and then regained.
Overall I loved it. From the artstyle that is so unique and different than what we are used to, to the characters which I found so relatable and sweet.
Kaiba was mysterious and bittersweet and I'm seriously thinking about rewatching it even though I just completed it!
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Yesterday, 2:05 PM
Black Lagoon (Anime) add
I actually stumbled onto this show by accident, I forgot the name of what I wanted but remembered "black" was in the title somewhere. Definitely one of my better mistakes, because this show blew me out of the water.

It's an easy enough story to get your head around. A business man gets mixed up with international pirates, and decides to join them because his life is awful. These are your modern day type pirates, with torpedoes instead of parrots. Some episodes are stand alone, others flow into small arcs, but each time there is a mission that the Lagoon Company have to complete - think gun running, smuggling people... That kind of stuff. All the motivation feels quite accessible, who doesn't need to make money to eat? Backstories are explored but not shoved down your throat. Everything feels very balanced and well polished.

The character design in this show is cranked up waaay high, and the animation couldn't possibly fit better. It's very unique, there's no silly "anime stretch arm" or mystery tentacle because the budget craps out. The action scenes have more empty bullet casings than Robocop, and even the slower scenes keep you interested by sheer strength of the characters. Visually, this is a feast.

It's a shame the soundtrack is so small, but luckily what few tracks exist are all fairly good. You've got action scenes, tense music, the usual round up. Some of these tracks pull a heavy rotation, which gets a little tiring, but it's not grating.
The voice acting on the otherhand is phenomenal. The English dialogue adaptation is some of the best I've ever heard, up there with Steins;Gate for believability. You can tell a lot of work went into recording, and it shines through so well.

The characters. Oh man, I could write a small essay on this! Each crew member is so distinguishable from the others, their own personalities are well laid out and their motivations are explained and advanced with the story. You're going to want to know more about the interesting characters because they're well designed, balanced, flawed, and very human. Even the escalation is at a reasonable level, the jobs get bigger and more difficult but the pay goes up. One of my favourite strong female leads ever is in this show, she'll probably be one of yours too by the time you're finished.

Seeing as I stumbled into this show by accident, I expected nothing at the start. Black Lagoon gave me so much back in return. Each mission is different and challenging in it's own way, the conflict between crewmates and enemies alike is gripping and fun to watch, and the way they really grill the new guy is painfully relatable (Thanks work). This is up there as one of my favourite shows, even if they break it into two 12 episode chunks for some reason. If you haven't seen this, stumble into the first episode and give it a chance, you won't regret a second of it.
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Yesterday, 1:47 PM
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Anime) add
Legend of the Galactic Heroes can be described in one word, scale. The scale in this anime is massive! It takes place across a universe in an epic battle between the Galactic Empire (dictatorship) and the Free Planet Alliance (democracy). This anime is a 110 episode OVA series taking place over 9 years (1988-1997). Think about it. If somebody wanted to keep up with this anime, they had to buy one VHS tape and then wait for the next one to come out periodically. It was made by Studio Artland (Megazone 23) and the director was Noboru Ishiguro (Megazone 23, Yamato, Macross). Needless to say, even the anime physically was on a large scale.

Set within the Milky Way Galaxy around the 36 th century, a war has been happening between the Empire and the Alliance for over 150 years. The Empire is a dictatorship on one side of the galaxy in a monarchy type rule with Russian/German roots, while the Alliance is a “corrupt” democracy on the opposite side of the galaxy with more North America/Asian roots. Basically, imagine World War II in space, kind of.

The two main figures are Reinhard von Musel, military genius with aspirations to ruin the monarchy rule and unify the galaxy, and on the other end is Yang Wenli whom is a historian at heart but also a tactial genius. Where Reinhard is a tough hearted with high ambitions, Yang Wenli is the opposite who only wants to be a historian and enjoy afternoon naps. There is a crazy amount of side characters that come and go from Admirals in the military to high nobility to the common citizen. There is also a large amount political talk in between with a narrator primarily telling the progression of the story in a historical perspective.

Whether or not the scale, way of telling the story or the problem with how long the anime is, may be disconcerting to some. LotGH is no doubt one of the grandest and most interesting anime ever made. Ranging from political insight, struggle between nations, city-state society on a galactic scale, all the way to religious terrorism, some might think it’s an over rated series. However, the length is its strength to tell the entire story, introduce characters and the universe they live in. This anime might as well be a fictional documentary. A must watch for a space opera fan.
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Yesterday, 1:34 PM
Gangsta. (Anime) add
I honestly threw this into my pilot list without looking at it twice. I mean, I like criminal drama, I like single city settings, and throw in a few "drugged up warrior" types and I'll bite. What I wasn't sure of is if a 12 episode show could fit it all in, because that's one of the hardest things any show can try.

The story is fairly simple, two contractors work in the grey areas between crime families, doing jobs that would cause a turf war if anyone else did them. They're hard as nails but smooth as silk - they're designed to be cool and it works pretty nicely. One is a ladies man, the other is a drugged up sword slinger. They rescue a working girl from the streets, and the show follows these 3 characters as they go about their daily "business". Fair enough, I'd call that a decent start for setting up characters. What got me to watch All of Gangsta is this: the sword slinger is deaf, and that's represented incredibly well throughout. He can't answer the phone, he can barely speak, there's a lot of sign language... It's one of the most memorable and well done mechanics in the entire show. The actual dialogue between talking characters is great too.

The art goes from great initial character design, some wonderful backdrops, and fantastic detail shots that any show would be proud of, to reusing the same shots again and again while the characters get further and further into "full anime" mode. C'mon, what's a lollipop sucking scythe wielding super woman doing in a seedy crime town? I found this a little disappointing, because the show starts off so strongly with it's own identity, but loses it as it progresses. I get why though, I mean Manglobe went bankrupt making this (Goodbye season 2).

The sound is a mix of good and bad, there's a few wonderful pacing tracks and the action sequences feel more tense and thrilling because of this. It's not overly memorable though, even if the opening and closing themes are both pretty good on their own. The voice acting is absolutely gorgeous, especially the deaf character's lines. Heh, wow, never thought I'd say something like that, that sounds pretty dumb.

Half way through this show, the pacing was quick but not break neck, their was mystery and intrigue about who the villain was, as well as explaining how these "drugged up warrior people" function. You've got an opening world and enough to fill it with. The biggest problem this show had was biting off too much at once. It's only 12 episodes and it falls right into my biggest peeve - failing to deal with escalation. This is where all those points start to fall off. By the end of the series, there's enough characters to fill a stadium, all of which don't get enough dialogue or screen time to become actual characters rather than plot devices. Come episode 8ish I think, you can read more
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Gakkou no Kaidan (Anime) add
I don't know how this fell into my pilots watchlist, but I'm so happy it did. I can't believe there haven't been more animes dubbed quite like this one. This is one of those shows you need to watch the English dub of, I'll explain in a sec why.

Gakkou no Kaidan (Ghost Stories) is a pretty tame, predictable show about kids in school that accidentally release a bunch of ghosts and have to put them all back to sleep. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound that memorable, but it's actually one of the best comedies I've seen in years and by far the most memorable.
I checked out the first episode, on the English dub because I'm lazy, and the voice acting completely threw me. The voice actors that worked on the dub had nearly complete creative freedom for their lines, to the point where the actual plot dialogue is stripped to the absolute bones to make room for improvised comedy. It's hard to describe, but it feels like the voice actors saw their scenes once, pretended to be snotty little kids, then insulted each other and made dick jokes on mike. There are brick jokes, observational jokes, 4th wall breaking commentary... See? Hard to describe. It feels sort of like an abridged series, except played straight for an entire length episode.

Getting down to details, the animation itself is a little bit weak because of it's budget, it looks like it was made early in 2000s because it was. The zoom in detail shots hold up nicely, and the dynamic movements are still pretty enjoyable to watch. There is a bit of abstract horror which surprisingly stands up very well on character design even now.
The music is largely underscoring, so it isn't overly memorable but it fits the feeling well, no overall theme here. I did quite like the intro music though.
I'm not sure why the show is split into 19 episodes and 1 special, it's pretty much just a 20 episode long sketch show with Japanese cartoon actors.
The characters Should be fairly routine, nothing special to any of them, but thanks to the comedy lines each one of them is completely memorable and distinguishable. From the first episode, their personalities are made clear through the jokes and insults they sling at each other. By the end, there are so many in jokes that you've been included in that it feels like your own friends making fun of each other in front of you. Some of the best characters are the side ones that you'll only see once, but you'll still be smirking at the thought of them a good few episodes later.

I want to give away some of the jokes, but I can't. I started this not even knowing it was a comedy, and the pilot episode damn nearly made me cough up a lung laughing. There wasn't a single episode that didn't have me in pain from excessive laughter. I loved this so much I bought read more
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Mirai Nikki Redial (Anime) add
Mirai Nikki's ending was okay. I didn't like the openness of it but it didn't try to stretch the plausibility even further. This OVA came up to satisfy the fans who didn't like the ending and ironically made it much worse.

The story had another big plot hole in its premise and because of this, the very idea of an extra episode doesn't work. Yuno has random feelings from nowhere (that she shouldn't have in the first place) and begins questioning her life in this new world. The OVA is full of useless, brainless and aimless slice of life with a dash of fan service with no purpose. Yuno doesn't grow or develop and eventually satisfy herself and instead gets handed a happy ending on a silver platter.

The aesthetics are also mediocre. The opening and ending songs sound dreadful and the animation is inconsistent and lazy. Some of the art maintains a decent look but a lot of it also looks sloppy and choppy with lots of bad directing and inconsistencies. The voice acting is decent and the tracks are okay but the production of the OVA, like the series, is disappointing.

This is amongst some of the most awful anime I've seen and I can't recommend it. Some series are memorable for being ridiculous and over-the-top but Redial is as forgettable as it is terrible.
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