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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
Are you overworked, tired and busy most of the day? Are you looking for an anime that makes you want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the listlessness? Then Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo kedaruge is the one for you.

Story (9/10):
Just like you've read in the description, this anime is all about how commited Tanaka-kun is to living a listless life. Unlike the hype you find in other anime, this one is quite laid-back but yet lets you experience how it feels like to be listless. What made this anime so special is the humor that didn't rely on any cheap jokes or fanservice. Instead, it only contained humor that added to the light mood which was created by the characters' interactions.

Art (8/10):
Now to be honest, this isn't the most eye-catching art you could find, but it's good enough to catch your attention. Because after all, it serves the purpose of making you relax along with the characters. The one thing you will notice is how light the colors are, and it makes the atmosphere seem even better, it draws a stress-free world with no complications to make things worse.

Sound (8/10):
There's no denying that we all have a different taste in music, but what's there to hate about this anime's soundtrack? It mostly consists of light string music that make you want to drift away as if nothing else matters in the world. And in this anime, nothing really does.

Character (10/10):
Finally to the most anticipated part. We talked about a relaxing story, relaxing art and relaxing sound, so what exactly do you expect? Of course relaxing characters. What is so beautiful about this is that the characters blend in so well it feels unnatural. It's quite astonoshing how well developed the characters are, each one complimenting the other. And even with Tanaka-kun's resting dead face, he still took part in other's lives and contributed in making this fun to watch. This is what it's all about after all, a listless guy's daily life.

Enjoyment (10/10):
How can i not enjoy this? This is my most awaited anime out of all the ones on my list. It just washes my problems away and gives me time to rest for what's around 24 minutes.

Overall (9/10):
Honestly, i've never came across an anime so calming and enjoyable like this one. At first sight, i thought it won't have much potential seeing how it didn't have an actual plot. But turns out that's the one thing that made this anime so special.

For anyone still hestitant to watch, i hope this review gives you that one last push.
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Spoiler warning.
Directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi and written by Mari Okada (of Toradora, AnoHana and Fate/stay night fame), Kiznaiver was a contender for the most promising shows airing spring 2016. However, rapidly after its premiere, it became obvious that Studio Trigger were diving into previously unexplored teritory and slowly, but surely, getting lost. In fact, to easily describe it, I would use a simple mathematic formula:
Gatchaman Crowds + The Flower We Saw That Day + Hunger Games/2 = Kiznaiver.
The controversial, yet popular, Trigger attempt to combine 3 different types of anime (psychological, romantic drama and sci-fi) in this new show and, while such attempts have been made in the past, to varying degrees of success, nothing about Kiznaiver is original. The package in which it is delivered is very reminiscient of superior shows, such as Gatchaman Crowds, borrowing not only its aesthetic - though, with an apparently higher production value - but its attempt at making social commentary. That said, themes such as coming together through communication to overcome our pain and the power of friendship and unity have been already been explored more than necessary and in more detail, to an ultimately greater effect.
What this anime lacks is a clear direction in which it wants to proceed. Placing a drama or romance on the backround of a futuristic world is nothing new, yet it tries to make it seem fresh masking it under the Kiznaiver project. Whilte literally sharing the pain between eachother might not be the worst premise, it fails to be executed in a way that us, the viewers, can find it relatable and ultimately compelling enough to be emerged in the world along with the characters. What it does manage to do is make use of common tropes in stereotypes, wrapped in neat, colourful little one-dimensional packages meant to serve as protagonists. That comes to no surprise, having shared its writer with AnoHana and Toradora. Every one of the characters can be described in a few words at most: the delusional excentric; the brutal, yet goofball thug; the "cool guy"; the emotionally dettached lead; the girl who's been in love with him for years etc. There is little making them stand out alongside more popular anime personalities from other franchises, other, perhaps, than their slightly quirky designs, particularly the loveable Nico, as the most colourful, playful and cute member of the Kiznaiver team. In all honesty, at times, they feel more like masochists or simply stereotypically angsty teens, rather than fully dimensional, relatable people.
I strongly believe that the only factor that could have separated this from any other spring anime was the "Trigger factor" and the fact that they usually try to keep away from the norm, a factor missing here, which I believe contributes to the more obvious flaws of the show. To justify myself a bit further, I believe it's easier to hide unoriginality or a lack of substance under a lot of flash, and possible gratuitous nudity, as with some of their previous shows.
Don't read more
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"Whatttt izzzz up ladies and gents, I'm your host, tdtv-bkt "Four-twenty... Four-thirty-two", let get roll into the review"
Back at it again with the Lolis and Balls, Ro-Kyu-Bu!. After two Anime Seasons, now we roll into the OVA a.k.a Full of FanServices [If you was a long time Animes Lovers, you should've known this right?] (Should've watch this first before i watching Season 2, but i'm a lazy ass A**** anyway).

- Story: 7
Tomoka-chan and friends vs Subaru-coach and 2 mothers, onto a Roman"tric", Ecchi (Fan services) Lunch at his house, what is going to happen? Watch the OVA.
- Art: 9
Ahhh... what could been better than "accidently pour "sour milk"" onto a girl face? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Traditional flying "fry cabbage" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Sound: 9
Accidently turned on my Speakers, 50% Volume, and my friends walked in like:
"( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) ( ͡ ͡° ͡° ʖ ͡° ͡°) ."J/k i don't have friend *sad triggered*.
I don't think they've any changed in Seiyuu (Voice Actors) but i could be wrong.
As good as the first two season, **** my imagination when "watching" it by ears.
- Character: 8
2 Wise Womans, 4 Cheeky Lolis > 1 Couple.
Like "Access Grandted" by Tomoka's Mother and Subaru-coach's Mother, they've chance to get close to each others at the very end of the Ep, it'll sure be better if they "cut" a little more and include it into this Ep, but... yeah...
They were having so much fun when M.P forgot something... till the end... by Tomoka's Angel Throw as always.
- Enjoyment: 6.9
"Lolis, Fanservices, Lolis, Fanservices, Moe Moe"
Overall: 9.6 (Reverse C*****)
If you finding Basketball focus in this Ep, no, you don't have it this time.
Finding Moe Dere Tomoka, Tsun Saki? Yes, it do.
Finding Fanservices? Yes.
Liked: As above.
Disliked: If it could be a little longer.
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Overlord (Anime) add
I recommend this anime to people who love ganking in MMORPG's. If ganking is not your thing, than for the love of god do not watch this anime!

Story 5/10

Overlord had a lot of potential. As you can read in the discription, Overlord is about the MMORPG Yggdrasil in which the main character gets stuck in said MMORPG. With his loyal servants he now plans to take over the world.

Everything in this description is true, except the part about taking over the world, which is the MOST IMPORTANT PART! I will not spoil anything for you, but this show is not about taking over the world. Its about the main character, together with his loyal servants, protecting and helping the minor settlements around his dungeon. He does this with the intent of eventually conquering the world but I think even you can agree that if there is no conquering going on, you can't really talk about the main character conquering the world, can you?

The story itself is pretty bland. There aren't any plot twists or psychological battles. Want to know why? Because the main character is overpowered. And not just a little overpowered. This guy kills everything in a single blow. He's like one punch man without the yellow suit. Because of this, there is never really any excitement. You never wonder if the main character is going to make it out alive, since you know he destroys everything on his path with effortless ease.

It's not all bad though. The story that is told, altough its not what you will expect, is fairly decent. The things that happen may grasp your attention enough so that you won't drop it before the final episode(as it did with me), but that is about it. For that reason, the story receives a 5 out of 10

Art 7 / 10

The art is pretty good. It's not amazing, but it's better than average. I can't really say a lot about this since the art isn't outstanding.

Sound 6 / 10

The battle music is pretty cool but overall I wouldn't listen to the OST of Overlord. Again, it's nothing special.

Characters 4 / 10

The characters are aweful in my opinion. I'm sorry for being so negative, but dear lord, they could have at least made the characters a little funnier. You won't really bond with the characters, except with the main character, who isn't interesting at all. He likes to reminisce about the good old days and is afraid of the women who adore him. He constantly complains about his surroundings and decides to lay low throughout the story even though he is the most powerful being in this MMORPG. It doesn't make any sense.

Most characters develop poorly and are not interesting at all. For that reason i give the characters a 4 out of 10

Enjoyment 5 / 10

I'm sure that there are people who enjoy this anime and there's nothing wrong with that. Like I said before, It's not aweful as there are some good parts in this read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
"Some stories are not meant for everybody"
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is a comedic masterpiece in its own way.The timing, the flow are gracefully adjusted to the story.

As I said it's not everyone's cup of tea, those of you who are looking for regular mainstream, this is not for you.

It does not follow any particular story line, it's somewhat of a freestyle-type anime, like random interactions of characters.

Music is very lazingly soothing, very much reflecting the true nature of the anime, the OP song is especially good.

Slice of life anime are majorly character-based hence it's an integral part which with characters like tanaka-kun(lazingly awesome), oota-kun(unexpectedly reliable)and miyano(drastically cute) the anime has perfectly displayed.

Art/character design-9/10
Art is in coherence with the atmosphere the anime gives, character are designed beautifully too.

All in all, it is worthy to be watched once.
I recommend that when you are slightly up for some lighthearted comedy with some epic dose of laziness ....Please try Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge. ~(-_-~)
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Do I have your attention now?...hehe

Boku no Hero Academia is not like your every shounen anime. This (and One punch man) is kind of "shounen gone american" version, like the concept of superhero society spreading around which is(and I mean it) certainly not a bad thing. We all watch things for something new but once in a while who doesn't like combos (here bit american-japanese).
Izuku Midoriya is your nerd with hell-lot of bravery who wants to become a hero no matter what. SO it's the story of the journey of this boy from being a zero to some ass-kicking-badass-'all-might'y hero......
The universe of My hero Academica is where everybody(almost) have some kind of power or quirk (in anime's terms), now according to their powers they become either heroes or live normally. Now Izuku (I think u already know) is our powerless but passionate wannabe hero, the emotions, the feelings that he carries are one of the +points and is beautifully portrayed. Every hero story needs a rival either in a form of enemy or friend-now here we have Bakugou who is one arrogant prick but yet overwhelmingly powerful, he my friends makes a great rival who is standing on the brink of the pit of evil held by Izuku from the other end. No matter which universe we go we all stay human, hence it is yet another saga of struggle against the odds. Ofcourse (you know) there is also an evil organisation at work who like any other one believes in extermination of all heroes and bring darkness, so what their plan is..>.>(don't worry not tellin) but they still have a big plan they need to now our Hero Academica will try and stop them..
So let the game begin...

Animation is not 'WoW' but it is good, somewhat like in every other anime, it's pleasant to watch.

Music/Sound/Voice Actors-9/10
Music is good...OP is "The Day" by Porno Graffitti and ED is"HEROES" by Brian the Sun....Background music in important and fighting scene is badass,cool...Voice actors are good..I personally quite like Urakawa's voice done by Ayane sakane (She's super cute ...(~ ~))

Izuku is good earnest hero, Bakugou is your 'almost evil'-hero, Todoroki is your 'all powerful yet in pain' hero and many more interesting ones.I've read it's manga first and I think you can see a character more truthfully in it's original form, so what I can say is that the character don't have that much depth (but anyway when did shounen heroes had any depth...ლ(o◡oლ)) but still they do the task.

Anyway it's a show with a great potential as Masashi Kishimoto said. I personally think it's a must watch as for seeing the sort-of changing trends in anime industry.
Result::GO AND WATCH IT and see for yourself, alrighty!!!!(Surely, worth a try)
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Flying Witch (Anime) add
Flying Witch is possibly the best iyashikei (healing) anime ever made. If you love Aria, Non Non Biyori, and the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVAs, then this is a must-see series. Flying Witch stands out because it makes even Aria look action-packed. Every moment of every episode unfolds naturally and organically; there's a very subtle but unmistakable message that humans (witch or otherwise) are truly inseparable from the earth, plants, wind, and sky. There's no overt conflict, no overly energetic comedy bits, and really no plot. I have no idea how an entire episode dedicated to the coming of spring, taking a few walks, and picking fresh wildflower buds for tempura can be utterly captivating, but that's why Flying Witch is so magical.

One thing that's particularly refreshing is that all the characters, even ones from the magical world, are portrayed in a very realistic manner. Instead of relying on eccentric behavior to drive the story, the show just lets people be themselves. This is particularly important for the character of Chinatsu, a grade-school girl who's the younger cousin of Makoto (the titular witch of the series). It's great to see her reactions because she doesn't act like any of the anime tropes you might expect to encounter, nor is she given any odd quirks to make her more of a stand-out (e.g. Renge from Non Non Biyori). Chinatsu's just a normal kid, and that alone makes her a rare and wonderful creation.

Similarly, Chito, Makoto’s cat and familiar, actually acts and is animated like a real cat. Chito can be lazy, likes taunting the neighborhood dog, and goes on inscrutable adventures that only another cat could truly understand. I’ve followed a few cats on their adventures in my time and Chito is exactly like those real world felines. There’s a wonderful moment in Episode 5 when Chito decides to take a nap with Chinatsu, and the animators take the time to depict Chito circling around a few times before finally settling down. This is exactly what every cat ever actually does, and this show has the generosity to let Chito be true to Chito. All anime cats should be so lucky.

Generosity is perhaps the best word to describe Flying Witch. One can’t help but notice the small kindnesses that every episode contains. Whether it’s helping out with simple household chores, ensuring that a caterpillar finds a safe spot to feed on fresh leaves, or keeping a new friend company while she runs errands, one is constantly reminded of how these tiny actions are often so much more meaningful than the occasional grand gesture.

Flying Witch is a moment of utter serenity in the frenetic world of anime, and its real magic is in giving its viewers the chance to reflect on the smallest moments in daily life and realize that those can be the most enchanting of all. Flying Witch shows that a butterfly…or a caterpillar…is as beautiful and moving as a cathedral.
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Sukitte Ii na yo. (Anime) add
I am really not sure what's going on with me, but recently I am into romance/slice-of-life anime. I found them always so boring but they become quite interesting because of all that drama that happens. Not to mention that they are usually 12 or 13-episode-long, which makes them perfect if you just want to relax. I saw a short video on instagram for this anime and I instantly wanted to watch it. And here is, a few days after I finished it, the review on Sukitte Ii na yo or Say "I Love You".

Plot and Story Line

Say "I Love You" follows our main character Mei Tachibana trough her high school life. After an incident in middle school, where all her so-called friends turned their backs on her she decided to stay away from people as far as possible. She never wanted to have friends again because she didn't want to go trough the same experience again. Her method seemed to work until a certain guy showed up and changed everything. That boy happens to be Yamato Kurosawa-the most popular guy at school. He was probably the only one not to ignore the introverted Mei and what's more, he even freely gave her his phone number.
Sukitte Ii na yo is a story about the slowly developing relationship between Mei and Yamato, along with some side stories that add up to the drama of a teenage life. It is all about relationships, friendship and good looks. It really portrays the daily school life of every teenager. Whether it is a girl, jealous of the other one because she is going with the guy the first one likes, or it is a boy that just wanted to fit in... Everything happens in Say "I Love You".

Fact is, in the middle of the story stands the relationship between Mei and Yamato and their steady disagreements about how hard it is to confess to someone and say I love you. But Sukitte Ii na yo also tells stories about other characters from the show. My favorite side-story was about Kitagawa Megumi. She is an always-cheerful and happy model that only lives for looks and the way others see her. She goes trough a thug time and undergoes a great character development. Her story delivers the message "Be your-self and don't let others control you". And even tough she is a "witch" and manipulator, she is also very strong and brave. I was so glad that she actually became a better person in the end.
One thing is for sure about Say "I Love You"-drama, drama, drama. It is also hilarious, especially in the Mei-Yamato moments. The plot is really good. There are no plot holes, the story is smooth and the only bad thing about it...There is no second season. There is an OVA and one special but...that's not it.


Aaaand again, an anime with awesome characters. Sukitte ii na yo is an read more
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Inferno Cop (Anime) add
Inferno Cop is the deranged musings of the 15-year-old boy that studio Trigger put in a cage to vomit out a completely incoherent script.

And yet, it somehow works. With minimal animation, reused art for several characters, and laughable fight direction juxtaposed next to an insane script that violates logic in several places it's probably one of the most hilarious shows I've watched.

I will go on to further state that this show was a massive influence on the animation industry that comes out of Japan every year. That last sentence is very likely not true, but I'm writing it anyway, because you know what, fuck it.

Almost near the end of the run time of the show there's an advertisement for an Inferno Cop t-shirt. I want to own one, because Inferno Cop is the most badass looking cop ever, and I would proudly wear a shirt like that.

In fact, I will go on to say that police dramas like NYPD Blue, CSI, the Shield and whatever else are complete garbage compared to Inferno Cop. He actually gets things done.
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Well, this is my first review so far. I feel pretty glad that I'm giving one for this fantastic anime. the story of a tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge can be described as the struggles faced by a lazy kid in his daily life. the comedy is good along with the story line. I'm not particularly interested in music so I may rate it as 7. you may get bored in the end, but the middle episodes are damn good. I enjoyed a lot while watching this, you may feel the same I actually love it. it stands as a refreshing anime like if you are watching an anime with episodes more than 100, and if you are bored in middle, This will give you a time pass just like barakamon and usagi drop.
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Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (Anime) add
Im not one to hate on harem anime in fact ut my favorite. Some include absolute due, trinity 7 and date a live. But can we talk about the last ep and how rushed that was? My whole enjoyment went down the slope after seeing it. I re-watched 2x amd still can't believe how rushed and how much BS occurred.

Moving on for the characters.
While i don't hate generic or OP characters and by no means do i hate lax or lux (Don't remember). His pretty dam generic and to top it off i hate the way teh story is trying to put him in a tough simulation just to show off how OP he is. I guessed pretty much every event and how ever battle would end up or what will happen that battle. This guy is OP we get it so don't try to hinder it.
The girls all fit into a generic arc type in harem. Story convenience is strong with this one as out of everyone you can fall atop of it just happens to be the upcoming queen like OK. The best girl and only one i can remember pretty well is the blue hair one. Only real character that has some kind of unique aspects to her. But i will say i don't really hate the cast just really bad characters with no personality but not hate-able.

Enjoyment? If it wasn't for the last 2 eps i think i would have enjoyed the show quite alot more (maybe 5 out 10) And this was the time when the second best girl was introduced (Only saving grace i guess.)
i enjoy it for being the generic anime it was (Up to ep 10.) But then you add layers of rushed story, unexplained occurrences and major amount of BS. And i lost most enjoyment this anime had given me.
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Natsume Yuujinchou (Anime) add
This review only applies for the first 4 episodes of the series, it does not constitute for the overall experience of the anime itself and it will be comprised of what I liked/disliked about the anime and the reason I have had dropped it for.

Before I go on I'd like to let homeboy Natsume say a few things. Since he's quite lonely and all and he's a fictional character, he's not likely to speak his mind so I'm gonna give him a chance. So, Natsume, how do you feel right now?

"Being alone is lonely."

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm curious what you're willing to do about it.

"I wanna do things I can do."

You're getting really philosophical Natsume. You're quite the poet. What else are you willing to share? Firetrucks are trucks on fire? The word word has 4 letters that form a word? Circles are circular round shapes known as circles in large circles of population? Despite their name, bulldogs are neither bull or dog? At least that's how it should be since pitbulls are neither pits or bulls.

I can't claim there's many more absurd quotes like the two I've quoted from the series in Natsume's Book of Absurd Quotes, but it is a good choice for you if you're looking for a series that showcases loneliness, solitude and isolation, which are Natsume's Book of Lonely Alone Beings most prevalent theme in the content I've watched.

Natsume's Book of People Doesn't Have A Plural And That's Why You'll Die Alone deals with a boy named Natsume who inherited his grandmother's book where she sealed the name of youkai which makes them subservient to her and he decided to give the names of these youkai back. In this process, Natsume's Book of Books Are Filled With Pages explores how Natsume and the Youkai felt isolated, were isolated and how being alone is lonely. It doesn't do a bad job in this process, actually it does do a decent job but my problem is that it withholds the same melancholic atmosphere in every episode and getting very sappy with it at times. It doesn't do a bad job presenting the feelings and circumstances through which these characters have gotten where they've gotten or a bad job in even presenting their feelings, but its overall atmosphere kills it for me. Every episode is the same with its melancholy tightly glued to it and having some generic anime humor like oh that cat likes food hahaha oh it brought a frog, which is meant to relieve some of the tension, but since I don't share that type of humor, it does not work for me. Instead Natsume's Joke of Abstract Jokes amused me.

Natsume's Book of A Furry Can't Eat A Hotdog Because It'd Be Cannibalism doesn't resonate with me because most of its atmosphere is reserved and quiet which while it works for the show's theme, it feels too constant and while it does give the show a relaxing tone, it doesn't read more
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Kiznaiver was the latest anime production by Studio Trigger, a studio who I really like and the one I am most anticipating whenever a new anime is announced from this studio. However, Kiznaiver, while not a bad show, was one with a lot of forced drama and it's characters felt more so like plot devices than actual people.

The main problem I had with this anime was the narrative and the characters. Now, on their own, I found the characters to be fun and likeable, and the interactions and comedy between them felt natural and genuinely funny. The only problem with the comedy was the timing. Often, they'd combine the comedy with the more serious, dramatic scenes and it just didn't work, thus dragging me out of some scenes and made me lose immersion. As the show progressed every week, the narrative became weaker and weaker to the point that some scenes were too stupid and too silly to take seriously and as a result made some of the drama feel weak.

There is a lot of forced drama and character development in the series. None of the actions the characters take or their decisions felt natural and progressed in such a way that felt rushed and kind of tacked on. Many characters made stupid decisions just for the sake of pushing this drama and a lot of the characters felt more so like plot devices, written for a convenient way to push the story forward whenever necessary. Some development came too little too late and by this time I didn't care about the character since the show never gave me any reason to in the first place. Some of the character development (such as with Honoka) was handled pretty well and by the end, I actually liked this character but others were either forced or lacked any in the first place.

Many of the themes and ideas in the anime are far too apparent and pretty much are spoon fed to the audience, as if we're unable to interpret anything ourselves. It has themes, but doesn't really do anything with them and presents them in such a way as to insult the intelligence of its audience.

However, there were many things I did enjoy about this anime. For starters, despite the characters having forced drama, they're at least fun and entertaining to watch and the characterisation for most of the characters is pretty good. Also, the animation and character designs was also very well done, and the general look and feel of Kiznaiver was great. The sound, shot composition and music was all great especially in the climax of the ninth episode, which I felt was very well directed. It's just a shame that the story and character development doesn't hold up the rest of the anime.

Kiznaiver does try hard to develop its own characters and themes, while having a legitimately interesting premise but it seems to fall short of its true potential, which is a shame. There were many things I read more
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Noragami (Anime) add
I watched Noragami two years ago but then I dropped it because I thought it was too cliched. But after reading the manga, I decided to watch season 1 and 2 only to get disappointed.

Story: 8/10
In almost every manga that I read (especially shounen) I always like the anime version than the manga version. But in Noragami's case, I like the manga better -Since the author did a really good job in showing the feelings of the characters,the emotion and the intenseness of each arc or chapter ,which the anime version failed to do so.
They change some scenes and moments to the point that I didn't feel anything while watching. Those important moments became so cliche because they added scenes that wasn't really executed well - Like during Viina and Ebisu's arc.
Another thing is that, Hiyori's promise to Yato to never forget him have an important role in the story. That when Hiyori realized that she can actually forget about Yato she decided to make an extra effort to make sure that she will never forget them and Yato never knew that Hiyori almost forgot about them thus making his faith in her grew stronger. So what will happen if he found out that she forgot about him? or what will happen if she forgot about him? But the anime, added moment that to the filler thus making it less important.

Art: 8/10
The Art is really good since the characters almost look the same as how they are in the manga. But for some reason, the animation lack something so it look a bit dull at times.

Sound: 9/10
I like the first opening song. The video or opening MV for it is also really cool. It's one of those anime opening theme that I never skipped.

Characters :9/10
There's nothing much to say about the characters since they are just the same as in the manga but I just didn't like how they portray Nora/Hiiro in the anime. In manga, I can't help but feel a bit sorry for her and I am intrigue about how mysterious she is. But in anime, she really is annoying and her mysterious aura is gone.

Overall: 7/10
It's sad because the manga is really great so I thought the anime will at least do some justice to it. But it's a bit disappointing that the anime made Noragami look cliche.
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Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge (Anime) add
I can't believe no one wrote a rewiev on this anime yet o0o

Well what can I say. If you're looking for an anime which is short but REALLY funny then I don't think there is nothing better than this one! This anime is full of surprises. Even though the episodes are only 30 seconds long, the main character (Tanaka) and his lazyness is just so hilarious you don'even complain about the length of the videos. Almost each of the episodes show real life problems that you surely can relate to and you'll be positively surprised of what stupid but important things the authors came up with.

10/10 Whoever invented this anime is a genious and deserves an oscar *claps*
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
I CANNOT EMPHASIS ENOUGH how absolutely BEAUTIFUL this anime is already???? the art style and fluid animation is mindblowing along with the trippy opening. by that scene with sonozaki giving katsuhira that speech about people wanting to see themselves in other people and the music that played when she pushed him down the stairs was just breathtaking and incredibly moving. it really tugged raw emotion out of me that i was not expecting at all and i always crave when it comes to anime. the idea of the seven deadly sins taking on the form of modern day stereotypes is very smart and makes a lot of sense. the whole idea of these people of completely different personalities coming together and literally sharing their lives so suddenly - its wonderful to imagine all the hardships and struggles and bonds they will form. and to think if one of them dies, they all do. thats really interesting to think about, too. i am so glad that there are still decent anime like this one to occupy myself with. its also sad to see this one in particular so far down the popularity list. i have a good feeling that this will be a very impacting anime to leave a long lasting impression on me as well as the other fans of kiznaiver.

Story - 7/10
Art - 9/10
Sound - 10/10
Characters - 8/10
Enjoyment - 8/10
Overall - 8/10
Favourite episode - 9
Best girl - Nico
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Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS (Anime) add
"Damn Subaru coach, back at it again with the lolis harem, double-double this time"
Back at the 5 lolis basketball, now with 5 more, more lolis, more funs.

- Story: 8
Start with some chit-chat with a "special design" between set of 5, moe actions of Mihoshi-sensei (Main protagonist aunt; Much moe Wow 23 years old), feelings for Subaru-coach from Aoi-chan got ignored as always (hard to be a star when she has that "hull" in a Loli focus eh). Tomoka got closer to "her star", her feelings get stronger follow the progress. New enamies, new friends, new lessons, helped them get closer to each others, became a stronger team in order to reach their dream.
Used our Protagonist failed dream to progress through out the story, at the end of the little dream, they again started their big dream, reboot the reason of this anime.

- Art: 9
As good as always, Emotions, Feelings;
Endeavor, teamworks, happy, sad, despair, more endeavor, more teamworks, shine.
More Fan Services \ Yay /.
Basketball actions, movements, as maverlous as usual jp animes.
Scene where Tomoka fly on her angel wings too.

- Sound: 9
Hmm.... Like Art but in your head through your ear, not your eyes.
(When some fan services action came, try to "watch" with your ears *lenny face*)
Ball sound, goal sound, girls, audiences, laugh...
And yeah, OP was on point, for 3-4 eps i'm not familar with that changed yet, but still, following those girls grown, i was began like that song too. The song contains enthusiasm, endeavor, fun melody, and Tomoka Shine with her Angel Feathers Wing at the end of OP (What's up with those wings there Japan, like every single animes)
And "Shogakusei wa Saiko daze!" ;)

- Character: 8
Typical "Triangle Love", but 5 Lolis>> Main |< 1 BB, main just focus on Basketball (His hobby, his dream)
Every new Characters came in with diffirents characteristics; New Challenges, new Friends, new lessons, all for basketball (and Lolis)
They sneaky trying to tell "Any friction, misconcept can be solve in way and others"
One can't do things, but together we can do anything - "typical"

- Enjoyment: 9
I'm not a fan of any sports to be honest, even E-Sports.
But this anime have Lolis, so why not?
Just kidding, more of that featured in this anime too:
Friendship, Teamworks, Trust each others, Never give up on your dream,...
And again, typical Japanese lessons in their animes.

=> Overall: 9.5
If you watch this for + Basketball, you got basketball.
+ for Lolis, you got Lolis.
+ Fan Services, yes fan services.
I'm having much fun watching this anime, i learned more new things by my ways, relaxing after hard work, began to like Sports a little.
I'm not that types of "typical guys" who give hated on any things, so i didn't see anything that made me disliked this animes so far.
And why i liked this anime? *Pedobear peaking at corner* ;)
I think the way author used to progress was "Lolis or Basketball? Fanservices or Basketball? Got'em all", if you not like Lolis or Fanservices, it still got your back with basketball read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO REVIEW AN ANIME HERE IN MAL. I just love this anime so much that I really want other people to know how great this is.

When I first read the plot... I totally ignored this anime as I think it will be a boring anime. But as I have watched so many anime, there were many times that the plot is not that convincing but after watching it... it is totally unexpected, the story itself is great. So after 2 weeks after its release, I give this anime a chance and guess what... it easily captures my heart.

• Story (9/10)
The pacing of the story is quite fast maybe because it has no particular line of story, just random events of an everyday life of the protagonist. So if you're not a fan of this kind of setting, it might not satisfy you.

• Art (9/10)
The art is well balanced as it is perfect for a school themed anime. The design for each characters is drawn perfectly and in lined with their personalities, which make each one of them stand out on their own distinct qualities. The colors used are not quite bright wherein I think it suit the anime well.

• Sound (10/10)
The opening and the ending theme are both very suitable with the theme of the anime. Also the other sound effects used matches well with every scenes. And most specially the ending theme.... I LOVE IT VERY MUCH, it is really cute (I really like cute-like music).

• Character (10/10)
So far, the development for each characters is not in a slow or fast paced manner, but it is executed well. And each supporting characters have been doing their roles very well.

It might be your typical school themed anime that you can easily find everywhere in an anime BUT... I assure you that the comedy in this is very ENJOYABLE and REFRESHING. And you can't help but fall inlove with the protagonist or even with all the characters supporting the protagonist. Also, how can you resist if the protagonist is so listless that you want to cheer for him in overcoming the obstacles and challenges for each day even though it is not really a challenge for an average normal person. And because of that, it makes this anime unique.

This anime is worth your time, every second of it. I assure you that you will not be disappointed, and you might surprise yourself that you will feel very happy that you have watched this anime.

Lets support Tanaka-kun!
I hope there will be Season 2.
I miss him already.
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4 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
I'm gonna keep this review short and sweet.

-The plot of this anime is innovation at it's finest. It's simply amazing. It's a whole new breed of a story and it goes perfectly with the art.

The art is colorful, flowing, and beautiful... the character designs are reminiscent of Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Tokyo) as well as one character has a striking resemblance to the Gurren Lagan older brother (forgive me for lack of name, it's been a while).

Along with Re: Zero and Boku no Hero Academia, THIS IS THE SHOW TO BE WATCHING!

Regretfully, I've dropped quite a few other shows from this season that I truly thought would be amazing.... HOWEVER, I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on the poster that this show would be absolutely incredible.

Every single episode is loaded with plot, story, and edge-of-your seat entertainment even though it's not even a typical thriller.

The story is so invigorating and, again, innovative, that it's truthfully something that should have been done a long time ago...

The music fits well with the story, but it's not Kabaneri/Attack on Titan/Aldnoah Zero memorable...

And although the actual story and plot are something that hasn't been done (in any anime I've seen (and I've seen A LOT)... it's something on a much different scale.


Some might think that it is akin to mind reading, but this is completely different. Everything about the story and the people involved are absolutely incredible. Sharing pain to truly connect with someone at the core of their existence? YES PLEASE!
The love that exists between (you know who) is such a rare form of love that I really want to see what happens.

Can a miracle happen?

What is a miracle?

What is success?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are WE?

...........stay tuned to find out!
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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
So that was it then. The Savior of Anime 2013 also known as Kill la Kill by Studio Trigger. So what did I think about it? Well:

The Story, by any means, is not supposed to be taken seriously. It's about clothing basically. no really, it's about People and their clothes. Said clothes of course are not some ordinary clothes but instead some with a special material that will eventually take over the world sooner or later.The Clothes are sold from the Kiryuuin Family who are going to take over the world with it. However our Mainprotagonist Ryuuko shows up one day to find revenge for her fathers death, blaming the daughter of the Kiryuuin clan Satsuki for it. and also their is the underground terrorist team known as "nudist beach" who fight against the Kiryuuin Family. but this whole construction of a story of course is not much than the reason for having awesome over the top fights and fanservice, which brings me to..

The Artstyle it self feels rather comic-ish, similar to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan, which is made by the same people as this show, so it's not really a surprise, is it? The Animation is rather good for the most part. It's flashy and colorful just as the rest of the show. The Charakterdesignes are also very over the top. a lot of skin, a lot of fanservice, a lot of absolutly ridiculous Schooluniforms and Characterfaces. ranging from a schooluniform which works as an armor that barely covers shoulders and waiste to a uniform that transforms into a freakin' war aircraft. the backgrounds for the most part are not that memorable and the persons who are just there to similuate a crowded area look exactly the same.

DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY! is the one track you will remember after you finish this show. not because it's necessaryly the best track of the OST but it's the Track that is played most often. It's not a bad track either, it's just used to an extend. the rest of the OST is rather good, with a few Tracks like "Blumenkranz" flashing out of the rest. The OST is fitting the show and does and allright job to support the rest of the show.

Female Lead? Check
Female Antagonist? Check
Female Comedic Relief Charakter where I'm still not sure if I like her or think that she is annoying af? Check

Yes this show as a lot of Females in it.
Ryuuko Matoi, the Protagonist, who want's revenge for the murder of her father.
Satsuki Kiryuuin, the Antagonist, who rules over the school or every school in the world or whatever exactly with an iron fist.
Satsukis Mother who rules over the rest of the world with an iron fist in form of a clothing label.
Mako Mankanchoku, the comedic Relief, that somehow has a important role but is often just is really annoying.
non of them really has a lot of development. Ryuuko loses her way a number of times only to let the mentioned Track from read more
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Tl;dr: this series' greatness depends on your own personal viewpoint. If you're a person that is strictly influenced by the moral of this world regarding incest, then I suggest to watch only until episode 9ish or something and drop it, or even not to consider watching it at all.
But if you are an open minded person that would actually think more deeply and wouldn't jump onto a typical prejudice and disgust, then you're more than welcome to try this.

I would like to say that I am reviewing this based on a neutral viewpoint, hence the morality of this series will not affect how good or bad this series is. And also in each arc of this series there will be a bit H scene so do consider this too when wanting to watch this.

Yosuga no Sora, despite being a rare type of series, is one of the interesting series I had ever watch. Even after rewatching this after four years or so, it didn't let me down. The storyline consist of a few different arcs such as a vn would be, because this series is actually an adaptation of the vn. There are four arcs in this series, and the last arc is the true ending. After a route have finished, the next episode retracts to an event where the main protagonist would choose a different route than the first route.

Each storyline has its own meaningful story and is quite emotional. The theme of this series is a really deep and serious one and the soundtrack also seems to fit on this. The soundtracks are emotional and always matches with the situation of the story. Furthermore, all of the soundtracks are great to hear and it is also one of the plus points on why I liked this series. However, despite having a good story the pacing is faster than the usual ones that it felt somewhat rushed. This might be because they had to compress four different story onto a 12 episode long anime, which is one of its shortcoming. Another one would be that even though having a good introduction and character development for its side character, the main character itself, Sora and Haru didn't really seem to get developed deeper. Whilst the first three arc had its own unique conflict and resolution, Sora's arc only had an internal conflict between them and the resolution of it felt dull. Nevertheless, this series is great and not disappointing. The reactions and actions are fairly realistic especially how they describe the internal conflict of the last arc, since that matter itself is a complex one.

For the conflict of the moralism, as I said in the tldr note, those who are strictly influenced by the morals of this world regarding incest, then I suggest to watch it only until episode 9ish and stop there. Or maybe even not to consider watching this. The reason why I said this is because the anime itself isn't that bad and I don't want read more
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7 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
What better way to make friends is there than making them feel your pain?...Is most likely an accurate way to describe what this anime is about.


Kiznaiver is an anime that focuses more on the characters and their development rather than the story.Because of that,there is the imminent confusion to where the plot intends to go.
It starts with Katsuhira and his dream of a blue haired girl telling him that ''he'll definitely get his pain back''.Because of his lack of feelings,Kacchon is bullied and extorted money from.One day he meets a mysterious girl who pushes him off the stairs.The protagonist wakes up in what seems to be an surgery room and the earlier figure who introduces herself as Sonozaki explains to him that he's been ''chosen'' to participate in an experiment with 5(later 6) of his classmates in which their pain is divided and felt between each other.They are put to make all kinds of tests to reveal their most embarassing secrets and missions to help each other whenever one is in torment.It mostly is that but then it's revealed that the experiment is not as safe as they thought and some were affected by it and while at it,the reason for Kacchon's lack of feel.And as the MC gains his feelings,he demonstrates a few things to Sonozaki too.
It's quite cute and it has an interesting sense of humour.I also like the bonds they formed between them and there are some ships to sail too.Felt quite heartwarming at times to me so that's why it gets a passing grade.


I dig colorful art like chocolates as presents.The characters are soo rainbow inspired(as most MCs in anime intended for younger audiences).I don't have anything to complain but it still didn't leave my mouth gaping,most likely because the only interactions it focused on was talking.


The op gave me a hypnotic high kind of feel and while I liked the ed,it didn't attract me especially.None of my favorite seiyuus but Nico's voice is too cute to ignore.


We have an emotionless MC and his emotionless love interest,an childhood friend,the macho guy,the narcissist,the energetic weirdo,the masochist and the girl who has a sad past so she doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone.They are characterised by Sonozaki as ''the seven deadly sins'' because of their obvious flaws that prevent them from making friends.All in all,the characters are lovable,even if they are not the most unique.Of course,that should be a given,as this focuses on the characters more.I could recommend watching this if only for the masochist's weird moans and reactions and Honoka's acidic remarks.


I strangely enjoyed seeing those teenagers going through their angst and misunderstandings,and the weird love octagon formed between them.This most likely is a representation of one of the questions which humans always asked themselves:how do you understand other people and the feelings they have?


Despite the mixed reviews this anime has,I liked it.Not most try do something besides the normal friendship formula so this was an intriguing take on what it means to be read more
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This is a fairly average show from Toei with some great animation. Weird, right?

Apparently Gen Urobuchi wrote the script to this show, but it doesn't have any of his usual hallmarks of bodybagging the entire cast.

This show has dialogue.

The plot follows the main character of Angela Balzack a security officer in the employ of whatever place she works for. Angela has gigantic breasts. They are probably the most well animated breasts I have seen as well. In a world concerned with jiggle physics, especially in video games, Angela's breasts are not given far too much bounce. In fact they're just about right. Why am I mentioning this? It's because I definitely was not watching this show for the plot. Actually the joke is that you watch it for the plot, but I don't care.

As part of her security job Angela is tasked with leaving the virtual world that she lives in to go to earth. She's impatient in the genesis of a body for her to inhabit so she cuts the process short and ends up in the body of a 16-year-old version of herself. The show sort of makes it clear that she's older than that, however.

I should be able to give this show a higher score as it explores themes of artificial intelligence, coexisting with them and such, but the director instead chose to focus on puerile things. Instead we're given plenty of shots of Angela's tits bouncing and sweeping camera angles that end up on Angela's crotch and camel toe. There are some top notch visuals in this show, but the director is a flat out idiot.

The only other things that I'd like to note is the voice work. Steve Blum does his best to emulate his performace as Spike Spiegel again. Wendee Lee I kinda felt botched it as Angela. And then Johnny Yong Bosch gives his best Johnny Yong Bosch impression.

This is a decent script that is botched by some questionable directing decisions. It's still overall an enjoyable experience, however.
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9 hours ago
Mayoiga (Anime) add
this was the biggest load of crap i ever seen in my life, all that potential wasted and this really had promise at the start

but then we get to know the characters...
now just to note my favorites were hayato nanko maimai jack valkana i believe sorry i never remember his name but you know who i mean, those were my favorites

however...they started off great and then slowly butchered later!
hayato is the perfect example of a great character ruined by bs backstory and sudden switch from concerned overprotective friend to friggin obsessed yandere, yes his backstory was tragic having abusive and controling parents then being locked in an attic with a creepy picture of your dead grandmother staring at you is enough to screw anybody up, but that was not a valid excuse for his sudden change in personality, if you just established he had extremely manipulative and controlling parents then why the hell would he go and do the same to mitsumune? its bs and contradicts his whole backstory and personality change, basically hayato's character was RUINED

hayato's backstory should have been slightly different, instead of just using mitsumune as his puppet it should have been hayato had something dear to him that was taken in a tragic way, then after meeting mitsumune he realizes now he has something else dear to him he wants to protect, that would of easily explained his overprotectiveness and given their friendship a much more stable and sensible ground instead of just making him into a selfish prick that only used him, hayato is still my favorite because he was the only one besides when he went yandere asking the real questions and acting smartly through out the situation and was able to finally understand mitsumune's feelings and accept him as an equal

now we all remember the dreadful reveal of lovepon cat girl and military guy which also made no damn sense, lovepon being abused by her stepfather gave her absolutely NO reason to want and murder everybody she came in contact with, being abused by a piece of crap stepfather does not justify her having such a huge bloodlust, cat girl was understandable but still pretty lame, and we all know the worst one....silicon boob implant....seriously? if that was supposed to be terrifying they did a poor job on it, that was the stupidest thing i ever seen in my friggin life

now mitsumune ill give credit he had a pretty decent backstory and believable reason for going on the tour, however him as a character is straight GARBAGE i mean he met this girl masaki for 5 seconds and then hes just like to hell with hayato, yes when hayato got out of hand i agree he shouldnt of listened but not all the time hayato was wrong infact he was 100% in the right and clearly just concerned for him and what does mitsumune do? he ignores him and keeps getting involved with her anyway and is constantly getting into all types of read more
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9 hours ago
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Survival is a theme that is touched upon quite a lot, and not only when it comes to the anime medium. Most of these kinds of series tend to engage this rather generic theme with interesting and good-looking fights, completely ignoring the plot's development and the characters' growth on the audience, instead adding a lot of gore which apparently triggers the "feels" of ignorant masses because, you know, losing someone precious is hard. There are many ways to strike a certain series despite the generic concept, instead of doing that you might as well develop some characters hence making it feel not as retarded. Kabaneri does not do that, and it also is full of the "retarded adults syndrome", it being apparent in the whole anime, despite the main characters themselves being idiotic. Consequently, all it manages to be is a copy of Attack on Titan, if not even worse than that, and yup, that ain't good at all.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, in the face of an industrial revolution, where unknown creatures named Kabane have appeared, them eating flesh and drinking human blood, hence becoming humanity's natural enemy. Once a Kabane bites a human, that human becomes a Kabane and so on. Post apocalyptic Japan has been colonized into train stations, which themselves are cities and are surrounded by walls, with trains travelling between them for many reasons, including provisions and soldier transfers. Interesting huh? Well, despite some of the points of the concept being indeed interesting, such as combining a steampunk setting with survival in a world that has been destroyed were, not really, because there was nothing left in order for the concept to be supported, therefore the execution being extremely weak. Letting alone that the dialogue was really cringy and reminded me of SAO, everything else except the production values was, likewise. After all, trains can not save anything.

The havoc has wreaked, and then there is our main character, Ikoma, who is an overenthusiastic fellow. He is a Kabaneri, half human and half Kabane. Guess what, he wants to kill the Kabane in order to avenge his sister who was bitten by them. He develops a weapon which can kill Kabane in an easier manner, and boards Koutetsujou because the city is not to be inhabited anymore with several other people, to whom I will get into later, him broadening his horizons and deciding that it's not fair that only strong people have to survive or whatnot. The moods of the main character change quickly depending on the situation, so he sometimes is extremely badass whilst in others you wanna hit him in his head with a screwdriver because of how retarded his actions are. Another bad thing about him is that he actually is the most likable character in Kabaneri. Unfortunately.

Enter Mumei, our second main character, her also being a Kabaneri, who is your generic fare of courageous on the outside, feelsy yet manipulated in her childhood on the inside. read more
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10 hours ago
Memory of Red (Anime) add
I will now describe what I got out of this short animation: someone drawing solely with the color red as someone else sits by them, playing with a rubber band while being obnoxiously loud about it.

As of writing this review I am only the second one who has written one for this short, and looking at the other one we can get the context of what the actual purpose of this animation is.
Regardless of this context, I am looking at this short purely from an entertainment stand-point, and as far as I can go with that is... things on screen occasionally change, yet nothing is there to warrant your attention for the entire duration of the short.
There's no reason to watch this.
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10 hours ago
Toradora! (Anime) add
*Are you a romance fan?Are you searching for top tier comedy and feels?PREPARE YOURSELF!!*
Let me state it from the beginning. Toradora! can easily be a 10 for everyone. Tho it had so many mistakes. I will mention them through my review.
Well lets start from the sounds. Toradora! has 2 Op and 2 Ed plus some classic and really heart warming OSTs. The OPs are just magnificent. Telling a story,while perfectly depicting the show and how it will evolve.The EDs have a more dramatic and inside meaning for the characters. Also there is some symbolism in them which is interesting considering its a Com-Rom.Overall, a splendid job and i could say that he sounds were 9/10.
Continuing with the story and plot. Well its A School Setting SoL Com-Rom. It's story is as simple. You just follow the to their life's and see their story. Tho its realistic enough to present that "No school life is as simple or as normal as anybody wants and believes".The show deliver some valuable messages and you can say its a "Comedic Romance" more that a SoL. This show is fast paced,can easily make you smile and knows how to set the mood. Also, its comedy its innovative and hilarious.This means that as long as you get absorbed its guaranteed that you laugh to your hearts content. Also I can say its pretty embarrassing at times , have great ironic moments and lastly you will facepalm a lot !! ( Not in a bad mean)Being realistic the show admirably depicts that life isn't as carefree as we think it is.Life is brutal and full boulders you will need to bypass in order to achieve temporary happiness and running away isn't an option. While you live in your serene world you are unaware that other might be suffering and facing harsh situations. Such is the Message of Toradora!
Continuing with the characters which are in their last year at high school. Meaning they will soon achieve Adulthood. The character realistic each of them with their own personality and traits. But each of them had his own problems and hardship. Featuring almost perfectly how they will react in depending on a situation and what are their weak points. All throughout thought and mildly explained.But i can tell you their hormones and puberty can be something completely bad.(will refer to it in the weakness section)
Last but not least, the art. Featuring even the slightest of details.Exhaustion?Injuries?Everything is there! Covering everything with realism and beauty! Always in complete synchronization with the mood. I mean if it was comedic and happy it would support its moe,cute or comedic faces, depending on the situation ofc the opposite can happen! It would depict that people can easily get hurt and that injuries doesn't disappear in a matter of hours. (WELL PLAYED over here, Finally something a SoL should show!)It also had its moments of symbolism which is something praise worthy.Also it contained very detailed eyes design. I call that particular design read more
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10 hours ago
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add

Really interesting story from the beginning to end, only one plothole i'd say is the anime didnt explain how/why the MC got his power.


This is the kind of art that i like, animation, environment everything 10/10


All is well done and actually bring something on the table, one thing i didnt like is how himori is portrayed as girl while hes a boy

Sound was ok not anything fancy


Damn, if only the MC ended up with Kayo i would give that a 10/10 but that just killed the anime right there for me. So much backstory between the two, for kayo to end up with kimori ? really ?

If u like steins;gate and anime targetted at a mature audience that would do it for u. Was a really good anime just the ending could have been better

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Watamote, is sad and cringy. The story follows Tomoko and her escapades to become popular and overcome anxiety. Antics ensue. As a character, Tomoko is somewhat likeable, as you can't help but hope that she succeeds in her endeavors, but the ways she gets herself into situations almost makes her deserve it.

The art is good. I especially like the exaggerated lighting and character redesigns during the daydream sequences.

The sound is good. The ending songs and the songs near the end are really awesome. Though, the opening can get some getting used to, as it doesn't really fit the tone of the show. The soundtrack isn't really noticable unless its the highlight of a certain scene, but its adequate. I can't really preach for the voice acting, since I watched the sub.

My enjoyment of this was great!

Overall, Watamote is a sad story told in a comedic way, and it has really good comedy (why wouldn't it, its a comedy show). There are some touching moments. But, not everyone will like this show. There are some serious cringy moments, and if you haven't watched a lot of anime then some references will go over your head. I personally cringed as much as I laughed, however, not everyone will do the same. If you don't like the first episode, then don't watch as the others are basically along the same lines. Happy anime watching!
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10 hours ago
Mayo Chiki! (Anime) add
To be completely honest, an ecchi harem anime with a plot centered on a boy trying to get rid of his gynophobia sounds incredibly raunchy. While the show was at times peppered with some moments that were obviously set aside for fan service, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed watching the rest of it. Of course almost all the girls have a thing for Jinjirou-kun sooner or later, as custom to the harem genre. However, each girl had her own insecurities unique from the others, and as Jinjirou became involved with them, he began to learn more about them and help them in his own way.

Now then, the range of different girls (all with varying hair colors, of course) adds to the anime's many themes. It feels a little ridiculous reading the synopsis and seeing how strange the cast of characters is: an aspiring pro-wrestler, the confident daughter of a noble, a cross-dressing butler, a fervent author of yaoi, a stubborn girl who lives with ghosts. I can't say that all of them had problems that touched my heart, though. Sometimes the comedy infused in the show kept these complications from really identifying with the viewer, and I didn't take them seriously. Others were closer to making me sympathize with the girl in question, but then again, how seriously can you take a show like this?

Nevertheless, I did like the characters. Some of them seemed annoying at first, but they became cute later, and the main character Jinjirou-kun, was very likable. He isn't the classic pervert because he himself tries to avoid girls due to his condition. But of course, he can't stop the inevitable, as girls are everywhere.

I was also quite satisfied with the romantic aspects of the show. For the girls that were most interested in Jinjirou-kun, I could clearly see why they were. A lot of harems have a problem in showing this, but in the span of 13 episodes, I think it was done well. Jinjirou is himself and despite avoiding girls a lot, he can talk to them normally and care about them. He's a sweet older brother and this shows in his interactions with others. While there wasn't a good romantic conclusion to this series, I think if it were longer there would have been.

I very much liked the animation in this show. Everyone's eyes were brightly colored and the fight scenes (which there actually were a lot of, unexpectedly) were animated in such a way that it was easy to understand what was going on, who threw what punch or kick, etc. I'm not so much a fan of shiny pink shoulders and boobs as they're unrealistic, those were there, too, if you like that.

The soundtrack was surprisingly good. I adored the opening song. While it starts out kind of cute, the lyrics and cut scenes make it seem a tad bit more serious than the anime is, but I still liked it a lot. Other moments of the anime read more
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All in all, this was an okay anime. Though, here are my criticisms:

The thing is, the main character is so OP that there's almost no tension at all because you know he'll save the day. On top of all that power, he's got a harem of girls following him - and what pisses me off is that he's so fucking nice to everyone, and there's like zero character development of him. He's literally the same person he was in Season 1, except he "expanded his power" to the "second stage".

This is my personal opinion, but I'm also really pissed that there is zero relationship development between Julis and Ayato, the two fucking main characters of the series. I mean, I'm not asking for a romance (well that would be ideal, because I love that kind of thing) but they have literally the same relationship as they did in Season 1.

Finally, what the fuck happened with his sister?I'm aware that she's in a coma or something, but why? Dragging it on for so long is just annoying. The only weakness he seems to have is to do with his sister, and whatever happened with her is never revealed - there are almost no hints! I understand the producers want to give a sense of suspense and everything-will-make-sense type of thing, but dragging it out for so long is just ridiculous.

p.s. this is me being super selfish but ayato needdddddddddssssssss to get with julis. fuck i ship them so much >.<
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11 hours ago
Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Anime) add
FOREWORD: This review contains spoilers for Space Patrol Luluco that may seriously impact the surprise elements and enjoyment of viewers, particularly towards Trigger fans. If you strongly enjoy surprises, please do not peruse this review!

"Trigger's emotional thriller of the season is not Kiznaiver but, in fact, is Space Patrol Luluco."

Do you love Trigger? If you answer "yes", this show is a must-watch.

The studio of madmen does it again with a ridiculously high-speed, unpredictable short that none of us asked for, or were aware that we even wanted before it happened. It would almost be appropriate to label this show as "Give Hiroyuki Imaishi a budget and let him do whatever he wants, without question". And it worked out very, very well for a short but sweet series.

STORY: 10/10

Luluco delivers more in just barely over an hour's worth of screen time than any other show this season, in my opinion.

The concept of the plot is simple: Luluco wants to live a completely regular, ordinary life in a world where doing that is next to impossible. Simple, but this winds up exploding into something entirely different.

Earth is relatively sane in comparison with the rest of what we're introduced to. As Luluco travels to different planets, meting out justice to evil space criminals, we're treated to one Trigger throwback after another, with obvious references to previous works and even other shows which Imaishi worked on. As an enormous Trigger fan myself, this skyrocketed my enjoyment of the show. I legitimately teared up on one occasion because of how surprised I was.

Also interesting to note is the fact that Trigger deliberately split this show up into multiple "seasons" within one season - an obvious nod to a joke where Trigger shows go way off the deep end on their fourth episode.

ART: 9/10

The animation in Luluco is what someone come to expect from Trigger: A gorgeous color palette with spontaneous color shifts, avant-garde scenes with psychedelic visuals, high-paced and intense transitional scenes, and a hyped-up OP. All of this, yet remaining functionally simple. There are very few scenes where the quality is noticeably worse than the rest of the show.

SOUND: 9/10

Don't lose your way.

Okay, but really, the soundtrack was fantastic. Each musical piece seemed to fit the general mood where it was used quite well. Also, the contrast between the show's over-the-top theme and the simplicity and relaxing mood the ED exhibits is pretty interesting.


It's difficult to provide character backstory and development in a short like this, and while not all of the cast is expanded on in depth, Trigger manages to deliver impressively well with characters like Luluco and Nova. Again, with only around 65 minutes of screen time, it's very easy to bond with this over-the-top, comedic, heartwarming cast. Over Justice is an absolute hit as a comical piece and had me laughing throughout the entirety of the series.


My rating for this is a 10 because I am a colossal Trigger fanboy. If you aren't generally a fan read more
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
Fantasy lovers sure have a glut of choices of late. Grimgar is one of the more serious takes of the genre, focusing on a group of low-level leftovers that are forced to band together for sheer survival. Very few things go well for the group, which starts off so weak as to not even fend off the lowest class of enemy. It's a pretty stark contrast with Konosuba, the slapstick, giant-toad fighting alternative in the genre. Grimgar doesn't have all that many comic moments as its inhabitants are all too often reminded of their fragile existence.

Grimgar is a grind, its characters take time to build on the viewer and the early episodes aren't particularly good. However, if you do sit through it, it develops into an involved, intriguing world full of opportunities and character relationships. Though still outclassed in atmosphere and story by SAO, Grimgar is an interesting, if slightly dark, take on the genre.

The show wants to tell you that it's different from other shows, and that comes across immediately in its unique drawing style. The show's backgrounds are drawn with thick brushes to give it a patchy, painted appearance, a sharp departure from the crisp and clear style typical of other current shows. This is combined with nice effects such as lens flares during sunsets to give an immersive feel. Interesting details are put into the show as well, such as specialized tools to deal with the archaic means of cooking. Unlike Konosuba the characters here don't focus on cuteness or ecchi, they're more understated overall. Character styling isn't what I'd consider the show's strong point, and likewise character expressions are only average. You do get a FSN Archer clone as a background character though. Antagonists in the show are mostly unrecognizable fodder mobs with a few more notable creatures later in the show. There are also a few wardrobe malfunctions where clothing magically change color within a scene.

There is a significant amount of action in this show; that said, we're not watching master swordsmen like in SAO or Rurouni Kenshin. The breed of action in this show is more brute force as our newbies continue to land ineffective blows or outright miss. Expect a significant amount of blood and light gore as early on the show highlights each battle and details every single death. There is a bit of suggestive ecchi in the forms of bouncy body parts and a rather exposed teacher for our protagonist, but relatively insignificant compared to the direct nature found in Konosuba.

The sound package of the show was much more typical than the animation. The show opens with a rock-based piece with a fitting though slightly bland melody. The ED is a slow piece that starts a bit sad but builds to a nice melody. The BGM isn't particularly unique but serves its purpose well enough; some of the calmer pieces are a bit sleep-inducing though. There is a ton of nice insert songs but the animation is mostly just still frames read more
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Nisekoi: (Anime) add
Did you like the first season of Nisekoi? Well, don't expect much from the second season. Why? Because it's basically To Love Ru without Ecchi. Let me explain.

First, there was a change in plot. The previous season was very plot-driven, and characters developed as the story went on. But for this season, it was character-driven, so there was hardly any plot. It simply revolves around the heroines living their daily lives.

The good thing about this switch is that we get to know more about the characters, which makes us understand their personality even better.

The one thing that will never change in this series is the art style. Its artistic presentation of a rom-com remained. It's colorful, spontaneous, fluid and unique. If you liked the art style of Monogatari Series, then you'll like this show.

All in all, it was a good show, but it could've been better. I'd recommend this to those who are fans of the characters in the show, but I prefer you watch the first season instead. Those who love second seasons are simply expressing false love.
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Ushio to Tora (TV) (Anime) add
My way of describing Ushio to Tora is like playing a musical piece. It started out slow and eventually increased in its tempo. Occasionally, it may drop the tempo a bit but unlike any other anime, a small drop of tempo eventually increased exponentially fast. Until it peaked on its finale on the second season which, I would consider, the top 10 shounen series in anime history.

Ushio to Tora is the kind of anime that has a gradual progression plot like any 90's manga or anime. It requires some patience watching in the beginning but it will eventually pay off as a real classic cult of its own.

After reading entire 300+ chapters manga and watching the complete season 1 and 2 of this anime. Is Ushio to Tora worth the watch? Absolutely, yes.

First 10 episodes of this season may seem like repetitive, monster of the week plot but it had some comedic moments happening between the two main characters. The introduction of each characters in the first 10 episodes will be extremely relevant and the plot in the beginning will soon come into a full circle in the second season. Each characters will play a role taking down an ultimate villain, so vicious that it is unlike anything you have ever encountered before.

The strongest point about this anime is not much about the character development of Ushio but, rather, the development of Tora. It may not be obvious in this season but he would play a major role in the plot of second season. If you want to see some character development of Ushio, I would suggest reading the manga instead which contains a lot of details skipped in the anime.

Overall, this anime is definitely a hidden gem. The anime may have some flaws in it especially in the beginning but it actually contained a driving plot once the ultimate villain was introduced. Then, you will see the plot started rolling out impressively towards season 2, where the grand scheme would be revealed in the finale, with all the perfect emotional notes hit right in your feels.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Kabaneri is the by the book definition of a generic schlock title that completely fails in a narrative sense as many aspects of the world are left unexplained, characters act moronically, and so on. At this alarming rate, Studio Wit is quickly becoming one of my least favorite anime studios in general. Unlike most of any other new anime studio, Wit is completely unable to do different things and most of the time they just rehash the same setup, story, and characters from AOT and what makes the whole thing worse is that they always to do a worse job (Owari no Seraph). I'm well aware that AOT was incredibly popular and made the manga a lot more famous as a result, but doing the same shit again and again is truly a tiresome endeavor. Say what you will when it comes to other new studios like Mappa or Lerche, but at the very least they're trying to be different from the norm, but the creators of this dreadful series come off as incompetent and uninspiring. By no means was AOT a masterpiece, but at least it was trying and was a mostly competent work; something I can't say for this uninspired, predictable hogwash of an anime.

It starts off as you'd expect with the usual 'humanity is on the brink of extinction' setup taken place in a world engulfed in smoke from trains and steampunk weapons with Tetsuro Araki's bombastic directing and Swano Hiroyuki's soundtrack. Zombies take over most of the world, humans take shelter behind giant walls, angsty teenage MC wants to kill the entire {Insert monster race here}, and he becomes a Kabaneri through convenience, blah blah blah.

The story for Kabaneri is by far the worst aspect of the entire series. The entire getup of the show is so basic but it became evident very quickly that the writers didn't give a shit. The world building of the series is nonexistent, unexplored and nonsensical because the world Kabaneri presents is inconsistent and illogical. Basically, the reason for our main character Ikoma turning into a Kabaneri is unjustified because he was bit by a Kabane and then proceeds to choking himself in order to stop the virus from reaching his brain...which completely disregards the circulatory system and the protagonist gives a menacing look on his face and it came off as silly rather than something to take seriously. There's also weird inconsistencies; such as the amount of time it takes to turn into a Kabane since some take only a couple of minutes while others can take hours or suicide bombs only obliterating a person's heart but in another instance it blows up a hole into a train. It's also quite amusing to see samurai zombies, zombies combining to form a giant titan, and Kabaneri shooting lasers while combining to form a giant titan.

On top of that, the dialogue is quite repetitive and dull since we aren't given the time to grow with these "characters" and read more
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Sakamichi no Apollon (Anime) add
Being someone who played saxophone for 7 years and cherished the band program I attended in high school, I'm someone who has become a sucker for music anime. While some of the shows in the music genre are already highly acclaimed from anime viewers with musical background or none whatsoever, these shows have a near and dear part of my heart and usually I am someone that doesn't get bored and is genuinely excited during scenes of musical performance. With Kids on the Slope, this is absolutely no different. The draw to me for this show at the start was the focus on jazz, as I was in jazz band in high school and took a jazz history class in college as well. But what surprised me, is just how little I ended up caring for the jazz in the show. And not in a bad way either.

Kids on the Slope is focused on 3 specific main characters, who each fill their anime tropes they're intended to follow. Our lead Kaoru, is at the top of his class, and is a social outcast at his new school. He meets a young lady Ritsuko, who is the nice but timid class president, and she is also close with the rebellious troublemaker named Sentarou. Both Sentarou and Kaoru bond over their love of going up on the school rooftop, and through interacting with one another bit by bit they discover that both of them are fond of playing music. While Kaoru is a classical pianist, Sentarou is a jazz drummer, and pushes Kaoru enough to interest him into a famous jazz standard "Moanin' ". Through this, while not necessarily getting along at first, start to play jazz together and form a tight bond, while each of them falling in love with a different female.

What's great about this show is that all the getting to know aspects of the characters only occurs in the first episode, and as each episode continues more and more and more time passes through their time in high school. The real story isn't focused on the jazz aspect of the show, the show is primarily focused on these three characters, and two other characters, one being Sentarou's crush Yurika, and the other being a fellow jazz musician and role model of sorts to Sentarou, Junichi. These five individual characters are what makes the show, and how we learn through each point of view stuff that they have gone through, and stuff that they deal with in this current time.

This show, while sounding like lots of fun following the lives of jazz and friendship in love of multiple high schoolers, is really deep down a drama. Each character deals with baggage in their lives, and each struggle that they go through on a day to day basis is what the root of the show is about. In the end, it's not the jazz that the show focuses on, but just merely that a group of individuals who read more
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Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Anime) add
Ucchu Patrol Luluco has a very interesting conception: turn upside down the life of a normal girl who is a junior high school student 13 years old, called Luluco, in the midst of an universe full of megalomaniac and nonsense absurdities. Who likes nonsense and, mainly, very absurd comedies will hardly not like Ucchu Patrol Luluco. The director Hiroiyuki Imaishi and his team decided to make this anime a great mix of various ideas and even experimentations, as in one of the episodes in which the script was theoretically done intentionally through improvisation and i found the result genius. Hiroiyuki Imaishi really knows what he does. In this anime, he was extremely artistic to turn something pure and sincere into the pillar that supports all the megalomaniac and nonsense development of the work. Another very interesting thing about the anime is that it is also a great tribute to the previous TRIGGER's works as Inferno Cop, Little Witch Academia, Kill la Kill, Sex and Violence with Machspeed and even Gurren Lagann, which was made by the bankrupt studio GAINAX, from which came out part of the staff who founded the TRIGGER studio. This was an anime full of references to these series and even had episodes of crossover with almost all of them. And every reference and crossover was well embedded in the anime. These were some of the ideas of the conception of the work, but it's possible to speak of more conceptions contained in this anime.

The plot was simply sensational. The succession of events of episode to episode and also within each episode was a gigantic nonsense spatial madness with many exciting and funny action scenes. The pace of this anime is extremely fast; it's very difficult to track the speed of events and development of the series ideas, because even being nonsense the anime carries a good dose of meanings.

The story was also pretty cool. It was cool to see Luluco's growth; very comforting and inspiring.

The script was very well written. It's possible to understand everything easily and to follow a good logical line. However, as the plot, the script is also very fast. I had to pause and or return several times to be able to read everything.

The characters are all very good. Hiroiyuki Imaishi created its concepts very well. They are a great salad of weird and unforgettable characters. Each of them is very different, but the differences are exactly what complement each other to create a series of bizarre situations and interesting interrelationships. I especially found Midori-chan SO MUCH FUNNY!!! XDDD

The soundtrack was very competent as usual by TRIGGER. The opening and the ending of the anime perfectly match the conception of the work. The opening is very agitated and funny as the anime and the ending is rather relaxing and touching. The voice acting was also very professional and is a remarkable aspect of the anime!

The animation? Perfect. I was quite caricatured, beautiful, colorful and mainly quite experimental. Not at random, there are read more
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Flying Witch (Anime) add
Flying Witch, a show that pretty much speaks for itself judging by the title. Yes, it’s literally a series about a flying witch named Makoto and her friends. Yes, it has magic in the series because what else would witches excel in? And yes, this is the type of magical story that will entice you in such a comfortable charm that you won’t ever forget.

The series is adapted from the manga of the same name and essentially, it’s a hybrid of slice of life and fantasy. We follow the life of Kowata Makoto as she returns to living in a rural town with her friends and relatives. In essence, it explores the daily life style of how Makoto gets around while also developing her magical skills as the flying witch. Her friends and family guides her while we also learn about their characters. There is no linear storytelling as each episode seems to be an episodic adventure of itself. However, that’s what actually makes Flying Witch so special because just how unique the show can be as we see its imaginativity.

A good deal of the enjoyment about the series comes from the characters. It’s a small yet diverse and unique cast because every character has their own attributes and characteristics. Makoto is the polite type of girl with a down to earth type of personality yet also has a problem of getting lost. Throughout the series, this humorous gag is played as we see how clueless she can be with directions. Then, there’s Chinatsu Kuramoto (Makoto’s cousin). As a younger character, it comes to no surprise that she is curious about the world around her and the people she meets. Furthermore, she has a peculiar interest in magic after seeing it with her very own eyes. It’s also interesting to note that Chinatsu gets a decent amount of development as she experiences with magic as well. Akane Kowata is the witch of the series, literally. She is not just the older sister of Makoto but also acts as her mentor figure as well. However, unlike Makoto, Akane is more of an airhead and often speaks what’s on her mind no matter how brutally honest it is. Despite that, she deeply cares about her family and we can see that she has a gentle heart. From Chinatsu’s family side, we also have Kei Kuramoto who serves more of the older brother type. Although by personality, I find that he is more similar to Akane with his down to earth personality. It’s these characters that gets a good deal of emphasis and each episode explores their relationship in the story. And to be quite honest, it’s quite special.

So yes, you’re probably asking yourself: what should I really expect from Flying Witch? Do we just get to see a typical slice of life/fantasy story that we may or may not like? While the pacing of the series may feel sluggish, it’s the atmospheric feel and ways to embrace the fantasy genre that really read more
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Stein:Gate can be really confusing in first few episodes, especially the first episode, but it's very rewarding when you continue to watching it. I personally got some headaches (literally) by just watching up to episode 8. I didn't able to enjoy Stein;Gate at my first time watching it, but after my second time, it became one of my favorite anime of all time. When I watched in on the second time, I already knew what's going to happen but there are still few things that I didn't get at first time that when I got it on second time it's so refreshing. The story is mind-fuck (excuse my language), intelligent, and well written. I couldn't ask for more from the story that it had. The characters are also so well-rounded and funny. Their back stories were all flesh-out. I think I love almost all of the characters. The art and how the scenes were executed were so brilliant. I can nearly feel what the main protagonist feel on some scenes. I think even if you're not into scifi thriller, you will still love it. I'm a type of person who loves slice of life and comedy anime but I still enjoyed this anime.
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Clannad (Anime) add
It has taken me forever to finally watch this anime. Do to the great hype surrounding it, I avoided it as much as possible. Highly hyped anime, tends to turn me off. It takes me a long time to get around to watching it. Many an anime I have either, loved, hated, or enjoyed it but not enough to ever really watch it a second time because let’s be honest, you have to really love an anime to be willing to re-watch it over again. Or hate it enough to watch it again to remind yourself on why you hate it. Now where does Clanned fit into this? Sad to say, it’s on the like side of the spectrum.

First off as a harem anime it was, probably the only one I will ever like. Period. I can’t stand harems do to their overuse of fan service and 2D characters. This show is not lacking anything when it comes to the character development department for both side and main characters.

The first episode reminds me a lot of the beginning of Your Lie in April. Literally, the instant Tomoya meets Nagisa, his world goes from gray scale to full blown colour, just like in the first episode of Your Lie in April. You already get the feeling that these two characters are going to end up as a couple.

The plot is quite simple, Tomoya is a bored delinquent who decides to help Nagisa make her dream come true of reviving the drama club. Nagisa and Tomoya end up making new friends and becoming closer to others. Reviving the drama club is more of a side note because the real focus of this anime are the characters themselves. Be it about their struggles, tragedies, dreams or love. This show is run by its characters which I absolutely love. Many a story suck because they develop the world to much, while lacking proper characters that really should be the ones pulling the story along. Interesting characters make an interesting story, not the other way around.

The first few episodes are in the supernatural element which I feel really don’t belong in a very realistic anime but it fits the tone and overall theme of the show which make up for the awkwardness of its existence in the series.

Speaking of awkwardness, there are these random clips that are dispersed throughout the episodes that you finally end up learning by the end of the anime what they are, which I honestly think are completely unnecessary.

The animation was beautifully done and probably some of the best I have seen. I am unfortunately not a big fan of the stereotypical anime character design with the big anime eyes but other than that there really aren’t any complaints on the technical side of things.

Something unique this anime has done, that I haven’t really seen before is that the last episode is in an alternative world where Tomoya and Nagisa hadn’t met. It answers the read more
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add

STORY (8/10): With an anime like Koutetsujou No Kabaneri… it definitely contains a lot of action and drama. We get to explore the journey that the community of Aragane (led by Princess Ayame) to find a safe place away from harm. The storylines lets us get to know some of the characters along the way and sees a small glimpse of their past. There is also cliffhangers that makes us question their fate each time if anything bad happens to them. There are also some moments (especially in the beginning) that really makes you upset. (Trust me, it has happened a lot…)

**SIDE NOTE: (FYI: Kabanes are a different type of zombies that can fight back in a more hostile manner. They kind of have "some consciousness" in their mind (ironically) & their main goal is to destroy everyone in their own path).

CHARACTERS (8/10): Both of the main characters are Kabaneri.
-Ikoma is an inventor/engineer who is intelligent, passionate & determined. Since the beginning of the series, Ikoma's goal is to get rid of Kabanes in world and restore humanity. There are some moments where he is scared, but he has started to gain confidence along the way (thanks to everyone on the train who believes in him).
-Mumei is a small mysterious & confident girl who can be sometimes cocky. She is very strong and powerful. Mumei is able to take on hundreds of Kabanes before she has reach to her boiling point. Deep down, we can see that she does care for others and want to save humankind.
-Ayame was the princess of Aragane Station until her father's death. Now Ayame is the Empress (technically) who is incharge of everyone in the train. Plus, she's also an archer! :D She's caring, mature & very strong. (Luckily, she's still human in the series and hasn't been biten yet).

OVERALL ENJOYMENT (8/10): Great anime! This anime also reminds me of ATTACK ON TITANS due to their similarities made by the same creator. As I said previously, never dull a moment when we see the main characters continuing their efforts of fighting evil. I always wondered… In a world where Attack on Titan & Koutetsujou no Kabaneri were to have a crossover… which monster will win -- Titans or Kabanes? When it comes to this anime… I tend to cringe a lot because humanity is panicking way too much and people are betraying their love ones during their time of crisis. In the end, if you love great fighting scenes and sense of adventure -- I definitely recommend this one to watch! ♥

Anime review on Youtube: COMING SOON!
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Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin (Anime) add
There is graphic violence and a LOT of moments that will make you cringe... this is not for the faint of heart. That being said, this is an excellent anime. If you can take ups and downs and some heartache this is one of the most powerful tales of friendship and comradery I've ever seen in any medium. You will cry from pure emotion at how strong the bond is between the Criminal Seven from Cell Block 2-6. I strongly recommend basically everyone watch this one.

Story: 8/10
This is where you may dislike the story a bit if you're a perfectionist. There are quite a few plot drivers that are unrealistic and thinking them through too much makes big chunks of the story fall apart. Trying to avoid spoilers, the boys have dirt on the head of the prison they are in and this causes them to catch a LOT of animosity. That being said, they have several instances of contact with the outside world where they could get that info to the media and fix their circumstances (though this would remove the source of drama).

Putting that aside, the story is fantastic if you aren't looking to ruin it. Everything ties together nicely, there are huge ups and downs. In the end, everything is resolved and nothing feels rushed; you know the ending of all characters and you will feel satisfied that you know their futures. It is a miracle that the last episode does such an excellent job of wrapping everything up, I never would have guessed.

Art: 9/10
I love the character models; each of the boys is unique and the choice for hyper realism only enhanced the grittiness of the story. The use of colors truly elevates or darkens the mood.

Sound: 9/10
Excellent cast of voice actors. Everyone sounds exactly as you'd imagine them sounding. The music enhances the mood... the way the intro song plays into the last episode is epic.

Character: 10/10
This is where the anime truly shines. The characters are all amazing; good or evil they are all done SO well. You understand everyone's emotions and the cast is truly diverse (complex characters like Mario and Undercover and simple characters like Cabbage and Soldier). They manage to bring in new characters even into the last episode that will have you on an emotional roller coaster. Characters go through trials and tribulations and truly grow; the one thing that is unwavering is the bond the 7 boys have with each other.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I enjoyed every episode. I couldn't wait for the next one! The only thing that set me back was the dread that things could go wrong... that is the vibe of the anime; at any moment something could go wrong. In the end I found this most enjoyable.

Overall: 9/10
If you let slide the plot holes and the grimness/grittiness that exists, this anime is a masterpiece. Maybe it is because of those things it is a masterpiece. I suggest everyone who hasn't seen this watch it!
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The only Fate Stay Night anime I have watched is the original 2006 version which I really enjoyed. I know that this movie is based on the anime of the same name, which I will also watch however, as a stand alone movie, it was shitty.

I find anime movies based off a series are usually just a really long summary of the anime and as a summary this sucked pretty bad. I usually never watch anime movies based off an actual anime because most of the time they tend to be just summaries. This is where I would rather have a filler anime movie instead of a whole retelling of the story in movie format. It's just pointless and a waste of money and resources.

I love Studio Ghibli movies so much more, because the movies are originals, they don’t just hash out the same material even if they have a source, like Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyo which are both based on books.

First off, the first hour of this movie, was way too choppy. This is supposed to summarize the series yet, if I hadn’t watched the original and had a basic knowledge of the show and characters, I would have no clue what this anime was about. Especially, considering they edited it in really weird places. I had to mentally process how we got from point A to point B and before I knew what happened, I was already on point C. It made no sense. As a story as a whole, if someone were to just pick this movie up, they would be totally confused. They wouldn’t know what was happening at all.

The animation was nice to look at and a lot better compared to the original, especially the fight scenes. However, during that first hour, you just get this fast pace, basic knowledge of the plot: Of seven hero spirits in history who fight alongside magi (sorcerers) for the Holy Grail that grants any wish. They literally explain that in less than 2 minutes.

From that measly introduction, you get the main character Shiro, cleaning up after dinner, walking his friend back home and than you cut to a magi summoning a spirit and from there is goes everywhere. You get snip bits of characters meeting and fights and before you can wrap your head on what’s going on, the pace slows down a little, to where characters are finally having full fledged conversations with each other rather than just fighting.

The only real time the pace of the movie really slowed down and stopped being choppy errrr stopped being as choppy compared to the beginning was during the fight scenes.

It felt like the animators wanted to bombard you with characters so you couldn't recognize the lack of plot and story in this anime and before you know it, these characters are fighting again.

This movie to me is more confusing than Akira. I understood Akira, even though I really need to watch it again read more
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Yoru no Yatterman (Anime) add
Yoru no Yatterman also known as yatterman nights......
this anime is the adaption of the classical anime Yatterman but of course you dont need to watch yatterman before watching this anime because this anime follows a complete different story line......
this anime is a highly unpopular anime .....i doubt anyone would have heard about it....any ways its also highly underrated.....
i enjoyed alot in this anime and i hope you would too because this anime has used a proper balance between comedy ... seriousness ... and action....
its a funny thing to say but this anime has also featured some of the comic superheroes..... for e.g : Hulk .... Iron Man .... Batman ...
as always this anime has some pretty sweet moments and some pretty heart warming moments but most of all its ending will come with a big hit surprise to everyone who watches it....
watch the villains turn heroes .... its the one line i would say about the anime..
well do enjoy and remember this while watching ... Yatter Yatter Yatter Yatterman.....
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Yesterday, 7:47 PM
Doukyuusei (Movie) (Anime) add
Doukyuusei is for sure, like, the cutest and beautiful anime/film that I have ever seen.

When you think of yaoi or shounen-ai, especially with the amount of animes of this kind already exist, it is easy to think of what to expect from future animes about it. There is quite a lot to be problematized and many of these animes are "queerbait" so there's a lot of thing that they try to sell us because it have a queer content. What I'm trying to say is that here, I saw an anime RICH in a youthful romance without it wrong or that problematic, understand?

What caught my attention in the anime in general were the graphics, features and the features that the characters were, and look, I loved enough as it came out of the conventional. The magnificent voice acting was essential for this anime does not plummet in visual quality, because the features are unique, then surely something needs to be "normal" to be "good" to be treated like "an awesome anime art", no, here is something you have never seen.

The characters, they bring a kind of "reality" to anime as never seen before, is not common, it is not a thing that you see on a character and think "wow, I've seen it before," then bid to bring something new to conversations and people development of the characters, made them perfect, beautiful, unique and real.

What about the soundtrack ... I just loved it, it perfectly fit in the plot.

Doukyuusei is a type that anime you watch and ends with that desire to want to see more, because it is very simple but rich, it is just amazing, it's just the idea of trying to explain "love."
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Yesterday, 7:44 PM
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) (Anime) add
This anime isn`t very serious, it`s mostly a comedy. The fights aren`t very good and any serious moment is pretty mediocre. But the first 10 episodes of this were actually prety good. The jokes were funny and it was pretty amusing. But as the season progressed I felt myself having to grind for the last episodes.

Story: 6
The story to this didn`t make much sense but it was alright. It worked for what they wantedto do with it. It was kind of ridiculous but the entire show was ridiculous so I guess it fits.

Art 7 and Sound 4:
This is a newer anime so the animation looks good in this, nothing ground breaking though. I judge sound on voice actors and the music. I hated the voice actor for the main character, it just didnt fit and was annoying. Plus the intros were absolutely aweful, I like anime`s with nice intros but i couldn`t stand these.

The characters in this both ruin and make this anime. On one hand the teacher is awesome. He`s super funny and may even be one of my favorite characters. But on the other the main character is garbage. The voice actor didn`t fit for this character and it was a very generic character. But all of the supporting classmates were pretty good. Honestly any of the supporting characters would have made a better main character.

Overall: 5
Overall I would recommend you at least try this anime. The first ten episodes are actually pretty good and you`ll definitely get some good chuckles in. You may even like the whole anime. It just felt like it was missing something (like a good main character).
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Yesterday, 7:34 PM
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
this is not a (real) review, it's an advice to whether to watch this anime or not, and how to watch it

first of all, this is not an action-Mecha type anime, it's full of philosophy, so if you don't like that better not watch it, but if you're into that type, I'm sure you'll consider it one of the greatest animes of all time.

and about how to watch this series, there are 2 versions of episodes (21-24)
(one air version and Director's cut version), you should go with the Director's cut version as the only difference between them is a few extra scenes and redrawn scenes, after that you should watch End of Evangelion movie, because if you don't watch, the entire series wouldn't make sense at all.

and skip death and rebirth movie as it consists of recap scenes and the first 30 minutes of End of Evangelion movie.

after that, if you didn't understand the plot (and I'm sure you won't),
read the explanation of the plot


I didn't give it any rating after finishing it along with the movie until I've read the explanation of the plot because I didn't understand most of it, but now I give it 10/10.

and absolutely, I'm going to rewatch the series to fully enjoy the it
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Yesterday, 7:24 PM
Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
In this anime, the main characters are likeable. However, some of the characters appeared a little too late. I found myself wishing that I could’ve known them more. Some of the scenes were dragged on and I found it annoying. There are also scenes where I found myself wondering… How the hell did that happened? What’s worse, some of them weren’t explained. But don’t go away. This show is awesome.

One word is all it takes to make any anime worthy to be watched: interesting. It’s simple. If you think it’s interesting, then watch. If not, then don’t. It all boils down in asking yourself: Is it interesting enough to make me watch it?

So? What makes it interesting?

A princess goes on a journey by herself in search for people who might save the kingdom. A simple plot isn’t it? But what if those people are fugitives? Now that makes this simple plot interesting. I believe this is the strong point of this anime. Seek help from criminals? Are you kidding? From there, the story grows and becomes more complex.

The “heroes’’ she sought… Just the simple thought of their identities makes you anticipate who they are and what kind of people they are. Though, it’s a shame since my favourite character (Gowther) wasn’t focused compared to the others.

Was it a worthy-watch?

Of course. I had so much fun watching it.
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Yesterday, 7:01 PM
Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen III - Kourin (Anime) add
I really enjoyed watching the 3 movies and made me researched about Berserk. Berserk is a great story and I can see why a lot of people love it. Still I'm displeased on the twist that happened in the 3rd movie, especially on what had happened to Casca and what had become of Griffith. Although some characters like Griffith was molested (which was hinted in the 2nd movie?), his story still continued and he had chance to have some recovery from that incident, but Casca didn't get any of that. I guess I'm just hoping for a continuation on what happened to Casca. On Griffith, I'm just angry that it turns out he isn't really a great leader as his comrades thinks of him but he's just selfish and only think of himself. This is only my taste but Berserk is already great story without the fantasy and I would have love to stay that way but it didn't. The battles and the stories of each characters were the ones that hoo ked me in the first place. These are only my opinions and I don't intend to insult anyone's opinion or the work.
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