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14 minutes ago
Kuroko no Basket (Manga) add

Just finished Kuroko No Basket manga …..this is probably the first ever sports manga I have ever read and have to say…

It provided me with a pleasant surprise, this particular series just opened my eyes to what I was missing, it just drew me in from the first chapter. The character design is well done, this series is much more than just basketball and some crazy guys playing sports.

Each of the characters are actually well developed and you actually end up learning a huge lot about each of them, from personality to reasons why they enjoy the game and what gives them that extra read more
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The Story had an appealing start. It's a refreshing scene with alchemy. But i've noticed that the development went fast from this to this. You can sense a rush in things or more like compressed. Even though it had a potential, i guess the development of the Story itself is a so-so.

Art was cool. Had refined details and each character had it's uniqueness. It reminds me when I'm watching Fairy Tale or that sort of nostalgia.

Sounds / BGM / OST; all went with the right timing. I can't say thumbs down to that. I really liked the OP as well. It just sucks read more
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58 minutes ago
Eden no Ori (Manga) add
Before I start I will make some things clear: First, I dont come from England so my english is not so good, second this is my first review (or second but I have not posted the first) and the third, this is my personal opinion, if you don't agree with it, that's fine but don't come and complain to me. If we have that clear then everything is good.

Other people who have reviewed this manga have often compared it to Highschool of the dead. I don't disagree that it's similar but I can't fully agree either. If I had to choose something to compare read more
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2 hours ago
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add

"I'm going to kill all the Titans!"

Why, of course you are.

"Zombie" is a genre. It's not survival horror, it's "Zombie" respectively. This is because Zombie follows a completely different set of rules, tropes and clichés, while survival horror is a vague category that could really be much broader. Shingeki no Kyojin is not a horror show, not a serious Seinen, or a well written show. It's a disappointing mess of a Shounen zombie show.

To qualify as a Zombie show, several plot points are required. You need a menace/zombies, the survivors/prey of the menace, as well as a location where supplies are limited or scarce. read more
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3 hours ago
School Days (Anime) add
I don't get why people hate this anime so much. It's very symbolic and sensitive.
If you got the message to this anime, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Probably the reason why people hate this anime is because it's misleading. I'd understand because I watched it because of the cute girls on the cover. So I watched it and... things kinda escalated quickly: from a normal rom-com to a serious drama to a psychological horror. It was too fast for the viewers.

However, I do admire it for the "vague" message that it conveyed. It wasn't really clear at first, but I got it eventually. And it's read more
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4 hours ago
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Anime) add
This anime is a great example of slice-of-life because it's close to reality but also too far from it. This anime made me wonder what the future holds for me. It taught me a lot of things too, like:

-It showed me that even though people are better than you, that shouldn't stop you from focusing on what you want;

- Dreams aren't a given, it's a choice;

- Hard work doesn't always pay off, but experiencing hard work will make you better than before;

- We don't always get what we want on the first try, and;

- Experiences create beauty.

It's funny and hilarious, but it's also serious at read more
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What makes Ars Nova so different from other anime is its plot and graphics. Sure, we've seen 3D graphics from Black Rock Shooter, but this one integrated both 3D animation and 2D animation. The expressions of 2D characters were integrated and the movements were very fluid, if I do say so myself.

I have to say, though, that the characters resemble the characters of BRS a lot. But what makes Ars Nova different from BRS is its plot. The story is not as complicated and the terms are easy to comprehend.

It's a good anime, but for some reason, I didn't enjoy it much. It's interesting read more
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5 hours ago
Hyouka (Anime) add
Story: 8 - An engrossing and well-told character piece, but the episodic mystery format may fall flat for some.
Characters: 10 - A likable, dynamic, and nuanced cast with understandable personalities and emotional hang-ups.
Art: 10 - Gorgeously animated and directed, with expressive characters and vibrant backgrounds.
Sound: 7 - Strong first OP and seiyuu performances. Serviceable and appropriate, but largely unremarkable OST. No English Dub(as of this review).
Enjoyment: 9 - A compelling take on the mystery genre with striking technical merits and impressive character-writing.

Full Review:

Understanding people, even yourself, is pretty hard. So it's rather brilliant that Hyouka tackles this conflict using the frame of classic-era read more
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5 hours ago
Accel World (Anime) add
I really enjoyed this show, although at first, when I saw Haruyuki, I was a bit hesitant about it. But this show is perfect if you're in the same shoes as Haru. It shows you about how important friendships are.

Story: It is pretty realistic, no joke. Anyone who gets bullied would want to run away from reality and live a life as a virtual gamer. Then they become super good at games, but then one day, someone scores even higher than you, and you get upset because that's what you've been good at the most, it's your only talent. This kind of relates read more
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5 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Like most people, I enjoyed from episodes 1-8. But I was confused about what happened to the other floors? I mean, I'd really like to see the character development.

The main characters... oh boy.

Kirito- I liked him because he was someone who could beat just about anyone, and I can see why people don't like Kirito. Like, how does he not lose? I don't get that. I also like him because when he's determined to do something, he'll do it, ex. when he was determined to save Asuna in ALO, he's willing to risk himself.

Asuna- Okay, she was pretty cool in like the first read more
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5 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Every season has that one anime that ends up being the most hyped up, that one anime that most of the people call "The best of the season", "The best show EVARRR" or simply "Masterpiece". But what do I think of this show? Is it as good as it´s position in MAL´s ranking says? Does it meet the hype?

In this review I´ll pass my judgement on the so called best show of the season, and answer all this questions.

Welcome to this review of Sword a Online.


The concept of the show does seem quite interesting reading the synopsis, not completely original though, since another read more
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5 hours ago
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (Anime) add
(First off, each season of Gunslinger Girl is only 13 episodes long. I don't know why it says 9001 here...)

This show, including its first season, had the opportunity to do many things really well.
It could have been a heartbreaking/warming story of the humanity of its "cyborg" characters and their relationships with their handlers.
It could have been about the humanity shared on both sides by terrorists, assassins, and government agents.
It could have been simply a badass show about assassinations and bodyguarding.

Best of all, it had the potential to do all of the above blended into something spectacular.

Unfortunately, it falls short read more
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6 hours ago
No Game No Life (Anime) add
I really enjoyed this anime, it was a fantastic adventure! First of all, I also really like games, though I'm not really good at them. I was a bit hesitant to give it a go because it was ecchi, and I don't usually watch those types. But nevertheless, I found it enjoyable~ I had a blast!

Story: 9/10
The story was great, a bit like SAO, which both of them are dragged into a world of games. Everything is settled by games, which is a good way to settle disputes.

Art: 10/10
It's really colorful, even more colorful than the one with SAO. They made everything really bright read more
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Stardust Crusaders is by far the most iconic, recognizable and popular part in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series. It was very influential and when there is a Jojo reference anywhere, it tends to be this part, particularly to Jotaro who is the most famous Jojo in the entire series.

Unfortunately, the earlier parts of the series have really not stood the test of time, and Stardust Crusaders, especially given its status as the most iconic part, might be the biggest example of this.

The basic idea is fairly sound: Dio returns after being absent in part 2, Joseph and his grandson Jotaro along with a few other read more
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6 hours ago
Strike the Blood (Anime) add
First off lets just say this was a very enjoyable anime, the story had a great spin of plot as the main character Kojou learns to control his power as the 4th progenitor. The story also included a numerous amout of heroins in the story which made the story have a great harem surge! Story : 7/10

The art was quite nice, very nice and natural colours espcially at night time along as good fight scences. Art 8/10

The sound for Op and ending was decent nothing to spectacular imo
Sound 6/10

The characters is what got the story going each character had different personality and read more
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6 hours ago
Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
The tagline "Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Fall" is the English translation of the Latin phrase "Fiat justitia ruat caelum", which signifies the belief that justice must be realized regardless of consequences. Humans who've never known peace have different values from those who have never known war. Those who stand at the top can decide the definition of "evil". Justice will triumph you say? Of course it will. Because the strongest will become justice! Yes, justice has many different faces and who are we to decide on what true justice is? Everyone has a different view on what justice is and those different read more
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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Is truly an epic series and a real anime masterpiece. The first anime series wasn't so bad but it got off track from the manga storyline and from on there was a total dead end. This series is one of the few that can be called a legend among its fellow anime but it also stays close to the original story and really pleases me for doing so. Many of the characters have realistic and relatable personalities that can touch with us and the comedy is just Hilarious (especially edward elric's reaction to being called small). Don't get me started on the read more
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6 hours ago
Bokurano (Anime) add
Bokurano: Ever heard of it? Neither did I. Bokurano was an anime that was never licensed by an American company, so we don’t have a dub, nor do we even have an official sub. This really saddens me, as Bokurano is a gem that unfortunately went under everybody’s radar.

Want to know why Bokurano is so great? Continue reading to find out.

-Story & Characters-
The plot of Bokurano revolves around a group of 15 middle schoolers hanging out at a beach together. One of the children notices a hidden cavern and suggests that they go in. Bored with nothing else to do, the rest of the children read more
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7 hours ago
Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. (TV) (Anime) add
Story: 6/10
From the summary: "Akutabe is a detective who summons devils to solve the troubles of his clients."
That's pretty much it ;D
The first episode was pretty meh, until the surprise guest appearance from Kugimiya Rie!!
From that point on, I was instantly hooked and forced myself to watch the whole thing, only to be disappointed that she only shows up in episode 1 TT.TT

Characters: 9/10
One thing I enjoyed in this anime was the characters. They are DEFINITELY unique. I've seen a fair bit of anime, but haven't come across characters like these... ever. I admit, I've grown attached to them and look forward to more in read more
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Don't bother with this OVA.

There are too many plot holes, the "Sawa" here in this movie is so different from the original that I feel like they just used her appearance and replaced her character and personality.

(for example--Aren't Sawa's parents supposed to be...DEAD? Who is the man, Orudo Noguchi? What exactly happened after the ending of Kite?)

The characters were poorly developed, plot went in the wrong direction...
Did not enjoy it, aside from the fight scenes with "Sawa" (Monaka, apparently that's here name now...)

It doesn't mind that the gore and violence was toned down slightly, but it does matter if everything that made read more
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