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Hotarubi no Mori e (Anime) add
Hotarubi no Mori e, this short movie is a nice one to watch with your best friend(s). The story at first takes place with a little girl following her uncle about. As everyone knows, this is around the point where she may become lost.. which she does for a small period of time. The little girl, whom we follow for the rest of the story, is then found by this boy standing behind a tree.

The story kicks off from there and they soon become friends. Once the summer ends for the girl however, she must return home. Leaving the boy behind to wait another year. So this was a tradition for the two, the boy waiting by the Shrine's arc for the girl to visit him.

I truthfully found this anime to be heartwarming and sad at the same time. It will strike at your heartstrings when you see the ending of it. Perhaps it will make you question why you ever watched this to just be broken in the end. If you have seen this before or are planning too, this must be at the top of the list.

This could also help some people understand how others feel around them, if the "same" (more or so if the person that was loved died or went away) situation was to occur, that person (you) would have some small knowledge on what they (the hurt) may be going through.
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
This is where most reviews start off with a single sentence, highlighting the anime. We won't be doing that.

One Punch Man - We personally didn't know much about this anime prior to it's release. However, it was overly-hyped by a lot of people, so the expectations were set high from the start. And did it deliver? So far - yes.

The story is pretty simple. Heroes, such as our main protagonist, fight evil villains or monsters in order to protect the weak and helpless citizens. A plot, commonly introduced in anime, TV series, movies, books, etc. Introduce a little humor to spice up things and diverge a little from the all-too serious "Good vs. Evil" theme and you have a well-written anime for children. Or so we thought...
While the first 3-4 episodes served as an introduction for our main characters and gave a little backstory and motivation, once we got into the main arcs, we realized that this anime is a lot more serious than the title and reviews of others showcase.
We find aspects of alienation, isolation from the world (Saitama's apartment is located in the now-called "Ghost Town", away from people), social discrimination and injustice and so on. The life of a hero is not as glamorous as most anime portray it.
One Punch Man delves into the dark depths of the Hero Society and the problems are obvious - every man for himself. In a organization, which revolves around working together in order to defeat evil, this is borderline stupid and ironic. Where ranking matters more than saving lives, one would question the very moral foundation of the organization. In later arcs, which won't be included, this is further solidified.
How society views the Heroes is also firmly established in the anime. At times, with admiration, at times with unappreciation for the Heroes' hard work and dedication.
All in all, this anime deal with the + and - of being a Hero. The only drawback - it's a 12 episode anime and it leaves much of the plot undeveloped.
Score: 9/10

As we are neither experts in animation, nor well-versed in any form of art, our score is based on whether it was visually pleasant or disappointing.
The art (or animation) was, in our mind, top-notch. The flow was steady and smooth, with bright colors and contrasts. A high score is a must have here.

A necessary part of any anime, movie or TV series is the soundtrack and how it influences the audience. The music matched the anime and the scenes all throughout the first 9 episodes quite well and set the mood accordingly.
Score: 9/10

With a colorful and diverse set of main and supporting characters, this is where this anime steps ahead of the competition.

First off, we have this overpowered protagonist, named Saitama. 3 years ago, he used to be at the bottom. Having just been laid-off, he questions his life. An encounter with a monster, however, turns his life around, as his new-found dream is to become a Hero. read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
I LIKE "One Punch Man" for the following reasons:

1- It is different than many other shows when it comes to artwork and characters faces, the main character look is unique and funny and this was exactly what I was looking for in an anime, to present a new looking main character instead of the usual looking tall handsome guy that shows up in every possible show as the main character.

2- The story is funny and unique in my opinion, every episode keeps me waiting for the next one to be aired, I do not want to include any spoilers.

3- the fight scenes in this anime are exciting and it shows a fair amount of details.

4- this show is about heroes and they show you different kind of heroes which makes it interesting to know how powerful is every hero and how can a hero be better than the other.

In general, I think this show is a good show to watch, and I think it is funny and has a lot of interesting characters and I would definitely recommend it for other
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
**(Spoiler Content is Possible Depending on how many episodes you watched)**

I disliked this version of hunter x hunter for the following reasons:

1- Compared to the older version the story is very shortened and whatever took 3 episodes in the older version to show does not take more than 1 episode in the new version, which kind of makes whatever challenges they went through in the past look so easy and not important in the new version

2- very little details are mentioned compared to the older version which sometimes makes me feel like that certain subject that they are talking about is not that important even though it was very critical.

3- The "Phantom Troupe" aka "the spider gang" were not given enough attention in this version and this version does not do them justice at all when it comes to their power and danger compared to the previous version.

4- I felt like this whole version of Hunter x Hunter was just trying to get to the "chimera ants" story so fast that they did not do justice to all the other stories before that assuming that all those who watched this probably watched the old version?

5- I disliked the "chimera ants" episodes because it was a huge switch in the anime and it made me feel like they are not really that powerful to make this whole anime about them, I also did not like how they explained the unbelievable power that the ants have and I did not find they ways they got those powers reasonable and I felt like it contradicts the way this whole anime shows how hard is it is to poses this kind of power (Nen).

That was my own opinion about the new version of "Hunter x Hunter" and I would be more than happy to see what others think about this version too. My opinion applies to me and does not necessarily apply to others. Thanks.
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Shokugeki no Souma (Anime) add
Shokugeki no Souma or Food wars! was a very interesting anime.

I had very little expectations of it when a friend forced me to watch it at his place when we were bored. I was quickly surprised by the MC, he was nothing like I would have expected in a cooking Anime he had the flair of a Dragon Ball Z type of character yet still whacky and insane.

I'd say the biggest pros it has are it's art style, descriptions, interesting plot line and the plethora of female characters that you will be gushing over.

The biggest cons have to be the duration of the explanations and long and drawn out taste explosions. It's cool after the first time but after the 50th it gets tiring.

All in all I loved this anime watched it in a weekend and would have given it the nine it rightfully deserves had it not been for the final episodes dragging out a little bit too much.
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Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (Anime) add
Well, this was good! I was initially worried about the CGI-animation of the characters, but got used to it pretty quickly. It is very nicely done and gets you thinking about Zelda: The Wind Waker's art. Even if I still would have prefered a traditionally animated interpretation of the story, I don't think this is something that should stop people from giving this series a fair chance. And the background paintings is extremely good looking, it truly is a feast for the eyes to see swedish nature depicted in this way!

With as much as 26 episodes the series gets a long time to adapt the book in a fair way, which it does from beginning to end, with some extra fluff that doesn't take away anything from the experience. If you would compare it to the old swedish movie from the 80's, this is definitely the more true to the book. This is because all the relations, events and characters gets the time they deserve to be built up properly. In the movie they basically just piled up all the key scenes as tightly packed as possible, without giving any emotional connection to anything. This is where Sanzoku no Musume Ronja succeeds splendidly.

However, something they did not succeed in was that special feeling of norse fairy tale creatures. The interpretation of the rumphobs (rumpnissar) is pretty awful, both personality-wise and appaerance-wise. The wild harpies (vildvittror) maybe would have worked in a more detailed 2D-animated style, but now they look too flat and cheap. A good equivalent to their classic catchphrase, "Nu ska blodet rinna!" (literally: "now the blood shall flow") is also missing. The gray dwarves (grådvärgar) and the unearthly ones (de underjoriska) were okay though.

Something that the series managed, that neither the old movie nor the book did, was to give all the robbers in Matt's Fort their own distinct personalites. I greatly appreciated this. And also, the interpretation of Skalle-Per was terrific.

Besides some dumb mistakes, like the fact that they pick blueberries and raspberries in spring (they don't become ripe until late summer), the swedish nature is depicted well. Sometimes the tempo maybe was too slow, but this helped more than becoming a hindrance. The thing I missed most from the movie was all the beautiful accapella harmony songs.

This is most definitely the best work of Goro Miyazaki so far. But then he also got really good source material from the great Astrid Lindgren! A fantastic story that always is relevant to people in all ages. Strongly recommended to everyone, give it a fair chance!
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*This review will contain spoilers, plot keys, along my with my own personal opinions and theories of some sort, proceed with caution*

Before I start this review, I want to make a point, I binged the two seasons in the weekend, wondering why the series was so acclaimed and Lelouch was sitting as #1 top character of MAL, I didn't even thought a series could surpass the feelings I got watching Steins;Gate, but Code Geass made it, it was a masterpiece of anime in my eyes, worth watching every second from the start until the very end.
There's no way I can say it better, you should watch this series even if the Mecha tag turns you off, from the very start to the end I didn't thought it was a mecha show but a battle of wits.

Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 / Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, is the sequel for the first season of Code Geass who was left as a cliffhanger by many, it starts off with our main character Lelouch Lamperouge living his normal life, in Ashford Academy with his friends...but there is no Nunally to be seen, and there is a little brother?! Rolo Lamperouge, a secret agent sent to monitor Lelouch actions and ensure his memory isn't back. [Charles vi Brittania had used his own Geass to erase Lelouch's memories after the events of the last episode of the first season of CG]

Once he regains his memories, Lelouch strives to change the world yet again to make this a better world for his crippled and blind young sister by defeating the rotten Britannia under the alias of Zero the commander of the Black Knights.

The story proceed to roll on in a similar way to Code Geass, with the ever so magnificent plot twists and deaths... Like Lelouch becoming enemy with Nunally as she is 87th in line of sucession to the Britannian Throne, deciding to resume the Special Administrative Zone of Japan of Euphemia vi Britannia. Lelouch falls in deep despair after knowing about this and attempts to drug him self with Refrain. He proceeds to take the whole Britannia Empire, including his father, the spirit of his mother and many other princes, including the fearful F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead, and even "befriending" Suzaku at the very end, thus nominating him Knight of Zero (a very nice word-play if I might say), all for the plan of Zero Requiem.

The animation of the series are pretty good, taking in count when it was made, there are barely any negative claims I can make here.

The sound overall is pretty damn good as well, ranging from great seiyuu's to great soundtracks, my only regret about sound is that they didn't use Colors by Flow in the very ending of Episode 25.

Lelouch is the definition of a martyr, if I've ever seen one, he suffers so much tragedy, losing his best friends, army, even his life just for the sake of the peaceful world.
I want to state read more
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Eve no Jikan (Anime) add
The creation and use of robots has been a debating subject for decades. Many ethical issues have emerged concerning whether these machines should dominate in the production line in factories, the health sector, engineering and so on. Many assume that they carry off the jobs of thousands of unemployed people, they cost a lot in electricity, maintenance and sources in general and cause accidents due to their automatic and inflexible settings.

So, when the creation of artificial intelligence androids is brought up, the reactions vary from hesitation to upright denial. How can we pretend to be God and create human-like creatures? What if they try to manipulate us or harm us? What will happen if we get attached to them and substitute relationships with real people?

Well, in this anime, the androids are programmed according to the three laws of robotics: robots will never hurt humans and obey them in the first place. But what about relationships between humans and robots and how to handle and behave to a robot? Is it inferior or better than you, given it is programmed to think and behave without complexes and spite?

Story : 8
A boy whose family possesses an android starts to get concerned about its behaviour and eventually finds out that it goes to a certain place on its own free will. This place is a cafe that imposes a rule to everyone who visits it: Humans and robots must be treated equally while they are there. Rikuo - the boy mentioned above and main character - accompanied by his friend Masaki, become frequenters and meet many people (or maybe androids?) and pry into their backrounds and reasons to be there.

Art : 7
Art was fine, I found the slow-motion parts to be quite original. The only thing that bugged me was the occasional CGI. Animation was fine too, it made the robots very convincing and distinguishable when they were in their "obedient" mode.

Sound : 7
Nothing special, the episodes didn't even have opening theme. But the voice acting and effects were ok.

Character : 8
That was the best part. Every character develops nicely, both humans and androids. That was the main purpose of this anime anyway: to show as the feelings of the humans towards robots and vice versa. Rikuo is prone to feel sympathy for the androids, although he can't accept that they can act on their own. He is very curious about them though and tries to fully understand them. Masaki seems to be very strict and keeps reminding Rikuo that he shouldn't empathize with them so much. I can't say more about them, because there will be spoilers.

Enjoyment: 8
A thought provoking anime with which I passed my time very pleasantly. I also recommend it to those who like futuristic themes.
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
One Punch Man While at first glance, gave me this impression that it was another typical failure attempt on a hero anime... but make no mistake!

By the first episode i was hooked... the great blend of comedy along with what a real super hero would be, makes it a oddly enjoyable to watch at first. and by episode 2 you're further hooked and reeled in and addicted!

This is quite honestly the best anime in its genre that ive seen this year. with story and character progression being on point, along with the sound design

Oh... My... God the sound design is so freaking amazing!

And don't even start on how epic the opening intro is...

If you enjoy super strong (God) like fights, either it being DBZ or what not... And a fantastic sense of humor and comedy!

Then this anime might just be for you.
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Sakura Trick (Anime) add
This show is either a hit or miss. Some like yuri, some don't. To me this was right on spot. As a slice of life/romcom this succeeded semigood. For a slice of life anime to be great, it has to have either memorable characters or awesome music as for the plot usually doesn't change that much in SoL shows.

The story isn't anything special, few girls chitchatting and living their daily lives by laughing, crying and creating memories. This show just has a lot of kissing as a added "bonus"? At least I liked it. Some drama made this show actually pretty good after all.

The art was nice. Very stable artstyle; nothing special, not too flashy nor too bland. There were hardly any mistakes. Well made backgrounds kept the consistency of the artstyle up also.

Great voice acting + a catchy OP kept me interested and made this show very enjoyable. Sadly besides those points, there were no other outstanding points on the sound part.

As for the characters you have quite the stereotypical set, this time without a real tsundere though. While the characters weren't too casual they neither were standing out, but a set between those. Very close relationships in this show was one of it's big hits. The character developments as well as the relationships between everyone was good. Defitinely a must, if the show is not appealing storywise.

one other point such as a happy ending, while stereotypical makes these types of lighthearted shows so great. All this said, I enjoyed this show to the fullest. The yuri. The characters realtionships. The catchy OP. The well made art. All this added together makes a show very good.

Story: 7
Art: 9
Sound: 9
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 9

btw, I even rewatched the show for the lols.
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
Overall I had quiet a few opinions which prompted me to write this review, this section is a non-spoiler summary opinion. For my full spoiler laden opinion see below, I couldn't give my full opinion without spoilers.
This "movie" was certainly different than I expected it to be, is it good or bad? I not going to claim that I know what someone may like, I however didn't like somethings about it. The animation is in a different class than most anime out there, it has very sharp and vivid images. However I did notice that sometimes the voices didn't match the timing of the characters lips, in both Dubbed and Subtitled versions. I don't believe that it was just lagging, because I didn't notice any other problems in the viewing. The individual vignettes are well contained in themselves, yet they leave many gaps in the timeline. It takes the whole of the segment to get an idea what has occurred between the previous one and the current vignette. In my opinion this movie did a good job in making you feel the characters happiness and their angst, the latter of which there is quite a bit. No offense to the author of this story, but the speed of cheery blossoms falling isn't a very fitting title. But just to tie it into the title a couple of mentions of the speed of falling cherry blossoms is made. If you do not want any spoilers, read no further. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I had high hopes when I heard of this movie. I thought it would be a good heartfelt story and it was, just not how expected it to be. I will rate this on each vignette individually, as they vary greatly. #1 is much more intense and has more spoilers because it is the basis for the whole story.

#1 It starts out rather like you'd expect it to. A scene with a couple of friends (Akari and Takaki) being separated from each other and expressing a desire to meet again someday. After Akari moves away some time passes and letters are sent back and forth, flashing scenes of the two apart and memories when they were together. Then Takaki is going to move away from Tokyo were they both lived, but before he goes he wants to see her one last time so they set up a meeting to see each other one last time. Takaki also wants to give her a letter he has been writing for a while. After school on the appointed day Takaki hops on a train and goes the three plus hours to see her even though there's a blizzard. Well he gets there over four hours late with no letter (because it blew away), hoping she got tired of waiting for him and went home. But low and behold she is sleeping in a chair in front of a stove at the train station. They share a tearful reunion and a read more
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Pokemon: The Origin (Anime) add
Enjoyment - 9
Extremely enjoyable for fans of the games though it should of been longer so they could of cut out the Summary/Timeskips that they had and extended it to a 12 episode anime with a Intro episode, 8 episodes one for each of the gyms, One for Red to battle with Giovanni at Pokemon HQ, Elite 4/Champion and one final episode after that for red to finish up the pokedex

Story - 7
Adapted the games storyline without adding any unnecessary fillers
Summaries were used for some of the important parts of the story (including Gyms and the Elite 4)

Art - 10
Pokemon look just as cool as in the games
Amazing Scenery and Attack animation

Sound - 10
Fantastic voice acting from both the dubbed and the subbed
Video Game Soundtrack
Cons~ None

Character - 9
Red's development throughout the anime Starts off as a noob and then as he progresses he slowy becomes a master trainer most of his development comes from Brock/Takeshi
Blue doesn't have much development and his progress isn't shown because They only battle twice

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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
First I must disclose that minus my name being inspired by my love for the main character of this series, Ryuko Matoi - That this review is in no way bias, this review will cover everything you could possibly need to know about the anime and why I gave it my personal title as the best anime of 2013, with a short version at the end for those needing a quick overview. For those interested in the details without spoilers, enjoy a unique review.

Hey guys, call me Ryuka - I'm going to explain why I believe this anime deserves such a title, while tastes between viewers differ sometimes greatly, I will give you many reasons behind why you should at least try this anime if you haven't seen it, let's begin.

Story: 10 - Style: Exaggerated Action, Exaggerated Comedy and Closet Romance.

The story follows a young 17 year old brutish female called Ryuko, her father's death encouraged her to look for answers behind what happened, primarily to track his killer for revenge, finding her way to an academy that towers over different layers of lifestyle, the city below beginning with a slums where poor people live, all the way to the top where the rich live. (Similar to a hierarchy of sort!) and where one lives is determined by "stars" a student has at the academy. These stars are earned by attending and ascending in the academy, which can effect not just the persons but their family. While Ryuko looks for answers, she ends up at the academy, only to meet a twisted, strange world... While there, she finds a lead, the head of the school seems to have answers that she's keeping from Ryuko, but Ryuko won't stand down against this obstacle and she strives to defeat her and bring down the power that is her guards, the Elite Four! (And some weird students... Especially Mako ((You'll understand.))

Art: 9 - Style: Anime-like perhaps with an inspiration from Western cartoons, it works well!

Pros: Art is a very touchy topic for me as I'm someone who TRULY loves the visuals of a series. It doesn't need to be pumped with funds to make something look great, but TRIGGER who worked on this series did such an excellent job at bringing the manga that is Kill la Kill to life...
They traditionally kept the same feel of the manga, the animation comes in 60 frames per second in it's blu-ray format and the fighting scenes show just how much effort they put into this project. If you are a fan of flashy effects, smooth transitions and especially CONSISTENCY - The art is definitely up your alley... That is if you're cool with Western inspiration mixed in from time to time, but Hell, it worked surprisingly well during the comical scenes. The art kept me pumped through the series, I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen.

Cons: The reason why I didn't give Kill la Kill (Animation) a 10 is read more
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
I totally recommend this OLD BUT GOLD anime.. I rather stay to the end other than watch other Crappy anime, (no, I not say the newer anime is not crap but not enjoyable like this)

Story: although its a Complex, but i know something, 3 different years, 13, 17 and 21, Each episode skip 4 year of Tohno-san with Akari-kun, no The episode 2 Kanae is not the one...


Sound, Its Far Louder than Voice at Some Website that i Use,

Character: Tohno is a guy who Moved 2 times and end-up Miss her Opputornity for second time,While Akari moved to somewhere where Tohno far 9 hours to akari, plus 2 hour Station(5 station) delay with 15 minutes while storm

Enjoyment?: Make me Deepressed for a week(i wrote this a week after watch

The overall is good, but what PC use that time?
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
Just to whow, To watch, its an Incredible Anime/Manga from Nakaba Suzuki...


Story, 10 because related to Past(Go watch and you know)

Art, Current Gen art

Sound, Get me Singing the song Man with a wolf sang

Character, Demon, Giant human, Formerhuman, Human with a Powerfull Gift at
the morning, A human Sorcerer and a Fairy King

Enjoy?.. Same as the Story

Overall.. after Second season of this anime

Other than that, i totally Not Reccomend this if you bored for an Hour, BECAUSE you need atleast 18 Hours to watch(For slow internet) or 6 hour Straight
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
The plot of this anime did not disappoint me at all. Though at some further points of the story the plot became a little muddled, it was without a doubt engaging. The threat of imminent death is certainly a factor that grabs a viewer's attention, and at no point did the story falter in delivering excitement. There are a few scenes that provide backstory for various characters which could deter from the main plot, but I thought they were interesting to know given the variety of characters that were introduced. Also, at the end of many episodes there was a comedic short to give a few more details about certain characters, which were cute and a good break from such heart-stopping action.

Sometimes I thought the animation for Mirai Nikki was lacking, like in some injuries of people that were killed very quickly (non-realistic blood spurts and such), but that was very few times. The majority of the time I was satisfied with what was there: other realistic blood spillage, starry skies, closeups on alarmed eyes, stricken expressions of those who uncovered grave secrets, etc. Some larger structures like buildings and trains were drawn with very straight lines and and a different style from the rest of the scenery, a stark show of realism against another type of animation.

I was not so impressed with the soundtrack in the first few episodes of the anime (I still think the first opening song is weird), but I soon grew to like it a little. It has appropriate music for certain scenes, when someone's life is in peril, while someone has a bittersweet flashback, etc. In that sense it isn't bad.

The protagonist, if you haven't figured it out, is Amano Yukiteru, a black-haired and reserved boy who frequently dons a hat and wears shorts. He does start out as that typical weakling who can't protect himself so much and is a complete coward, and for a good chunk of the anime he hardly has any character development. But of course, it does take him a while to break out of his shell, and he isn't a bad character. I just wish he was able to overcome his weaknesses sooner. There are a few times where he really shines as an individual and takes advantage of his potential, so as the protagonist he does do the job well when he reaches that moment.

I'm sure everyone has seen Gasai Yuno, the other main character who is always seen with Yuki. She is an intelligent pink-haired beauty at Yuki's middle school. Yuno is probably the most intriguing character I've ever known, a two-sided girl who can be fierce enough to kill people and yet love Yuki at the same time. Though I don't like everything about her, her personality is certainly worth watching the entire anime for, for sure.

The range of personalities in these multiple unique characters is amazing. Everyone has their own motives, appearance, mannerisms, and more which make them all admirable people (unless of read more
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Kekkai Sensen (Anime) add
"Welcome to my review"

Words that I never imagined my self typing due to the absurdity of the statement (how do you welcome someone into a review? Its like saying welcome to my article, its just stupid.) and the fact of well, I don't write reviews.

Now if you would excuse my shortcomings I am by no means the end all be all of reviews and do not intend to write myself off as that, I am simply here to provide input to help you decide whether to watch this anime or not.

Simply put Kekkai Sensen is all over the place. The story is disjointed and characters seem to drop in and out with focuses going from one place to another providing no sense of structure until it decide to throw over arching plot at you when it sees fit. Now this might present itself as a problem to some who don't enjoy this kind of story telling. IN fact some might go as far as to call it lazy writing, and deem it un watchable. Understandable but the beauty of the show is the fact that is it is all over the place. You see the problem with this site is either you are one of the two extremes. You give something a 10/10 or a 5/10 because around here there is no damn in between. Even reviews that write and anime as 7/10 or 8/10 might as well be 5/10 or 10/10 because they write the damn review praising the anime or pointing out so many flaws you'd think they have a personal vendetta against the damn thing. (not that pointing out flaws makes an anime bad its just you don't speak much on the behalf of the good things.)

So in my hypocrisy to shorten things up and tie them in a pretty unruly, unkempt bow, Kekkai Sensen is a enjoyable anime, plain and simple. Watch it and then decide whether you like it or not. Ultimately none of us who write reviews can speak for anyone else, so don't even pay attention to them, if you think an anime is interesting than fucking watch it. Since when do you need a person to hold your hand and tell you what to watch??

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One Punch Man (Anime) add
This anime has the worst ending theme in history. It comes when you least expect it to ruin all the fun you were having while watching the baldy kill stuff. Kind of gory; Kind of fun; Definitely entertaining. It's somewhat like noragami. The hero seems like a stupid relaxed guy that has nothing to him other than his strength, but when you pay attention a bit more, you see that he is quite troubled and cares a lot about others. Now this sire refuses to acknowledge this as long enough so this last sentence is just there to get it done, but honestly, give it a try, you won't regret it. The beginning is a bit choppy, but it gets good fast.
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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (Anime) add
According to the synopsis I read on this website, I thought that this would be a sweet, touching story. After watching the first episode, my hopeful expectations were shredded. In short, Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora had a lot of potential, but due to ridiculous characters, tropes, and moments, I found it to be disappointing.

Story (8):

To begin with, I am actually fond of the story. The premise is pretty original as far as anime series go. It's a slice of life, drama, and romance (with awful comedy bits thrown in the mix). It's only six episodes long, so if watching with minimal breaks, it can be viewed in its entirety in under three hours.

The story follows Yuuichi, a seventeen-year-old male who is infected with Hepatitis A, and therefore is currently residing in a hospital room. Despite his illness, Yuuichi sneaks out almost every night, and is often caught by his physically abusive nurse. He has hope knowing that it won't be too long until he is released and can return to his normal life.

One day when looking out the window he sees a girl his age name Rika. Rika has been hospitalized for most of her life and is aware that it won't be long before her disease claims her life.

Upon receiving encouragement from his nurse, Yuuichi visits Rika's room. He is told beforehand about her tastes in literature and lies about having the same interests. Rika is upset with his deceit and refuses to see him, causing Yuuichi to come up with creative ways to get her to forgive him.

By spending time together they become friends and eventually fall in love. However, their health proves to be a major obstacle time and again.

The basic story line is intriguing. It had a great setup for a marvelous love story. However there are too many unrealistic moments that occur within the six episodes that made me roll my eyes too often. For instance, I find it hard to believe that the hospital personnel would just let an underage patient leave whenever he wants, and if this is a nightly routine, why is there no one on guard to stop him?

I do like that this is a romance that does not take place inside a school setting. High school romances are so overdone in anime, and even though the two main characters are technically high school age, the change of setting does win this one some originality points.

Characters (3):

The characters are one of the major flaws in this anime. On the whole, I think I may only like two characters out of the whole cast, and one of them receives less than a minute of screen time.

The main problem with the characters is that there are so many cliches here it's ridiculous. You have your tsundere with a tragic past; you have your tough woman in a role of authority, who's lack of ethics would get her fired in reality; there's the perverted old man; there's the best friend who read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
Contrary to what people unbaptized by OPM think, this is not solely a gag manga, and if you don't get the jokes, that means you've never really had a long experience watching anime just yet and you just read the subtitles instead of really watching the anime. The jokes in this series do not solely lie on the words you see on screen. They mostly lie on the seiyuu's delivery -- the longer you watch animes, the better you become at getting hints from their tone of speaking, the better you understand Japanese humor. The same thing rings true of Gintama as well, so if you're deliberating on watching this, don't just judge it on the "GAG" part, because today's manga's definition of "funny", isn't exactly the same with the ones you watch on sitcoms (which I actually love too, by the way). So yeah, I'd like to get that out of the way first, because I'd like to be as unbiased as I could, though being a hundred-percent unbiased is impossible since this is my top anime series for the season.

Since I've read ONE's illustrated version of the manga (haven't tried the original blog version though) and since I trust that this anime would be faithful to its story line, I'll just give the story a review based on what I've read so far. I would say, in all accounts, that OPM has an average shounen story: Enemy appears -> Add a serving of despair -> Saitama punches -> enemy enemy goes down -> repeat. It's one of the classic shounen formula that gets everyone hooked to their favorite shounen anime/manga. But that's not bad; I, for one, am a sucker for that formula, even though I know it's repetitive. OPM keeps it really simple. Just as everything about Saitama "screams average," his hero life story "screams average" as well. This just proves that cliches are not so bad.

Regarding art, however, I know that ONE has made a distinctive leap and disproved that action scenes in manga would always be flat (literally and figuratively) due to lack of movement. (I will always remember ONE as the God of Action-Oriented Manga.) If the manga art was godlike, the anime just made it all beyond-godlike. Just rewatch all the scenes where Saitama finishes his enemies. I cringed when he pulled out all of Kanilante's insides. I was mesmerized when Saitama and Genos sparred (and reformed the terrain around them). Indeed, the animators did a good job in further elevating ONE's art. (Though I think ONE might actually be in the production since his real job is an animator.)

Saitama's character design (and personality) actually gives a different epic flavor to the story and his finishing blows. His indifferent looks and personality all just emphasized the fact that the strength hidden in his average composure is far beyond anyone's imagination. Genos's humble and reisei (calm, calculated) personality despite his killer looks also highlights the sidekick role essential to every shounen story. Although I read more
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Hataraku Maou-sama! (Anime) add
solid comedy with an amazing level of back story and good steady character development. This show balanced comedy with serious moral questions and a little drama in a very smooth way, not many shows do that well, most stick to being primarily one thing or another, like a comedy where they might have a serious episode or story arc over a couple episodes but sticks to comedy the rest of the time, very few writers have the skill to mix and balance a serious overall plot with a show that has episodic short sub plots and a gag comedy front. The devil is a part timer pulls this off though. You get the best of both worlds, each episode has a feeling of conclusion for that days antics, but you advance the main plot a little and want to see more, and the jokes keep a light tone to balance against the honestly morbid history and background of the characters involved. Overall, a very enjoyable series.
Now, on to specifics:

Story: 8
While not fresh or terribly unique, it's solid and well written.

Art: 6.5
The quality is on par with the majority of titles released at that time, it's decent, not outstanding, but not lacking in any way. Overall I rate it fair to good, but nothing stands out to give it more than that.

Sound: 5
While nothing stood out as being badly done, the music and sound effects felt generic, nothing in the way of memorable

Characters: 6
Of course, as with many anime, the characters all fall into one of the many steryotypical architectures. They have a little unique flare here and there, but their personality types have all been seen before. The real treat here is the way they play off each other, and how the types are grouped up.

Enjoyment: 7
I nearly put this at an 8, this show was very enjoyable as far as it went, but the way it just cuts off and ends with nothing in the way of a conclusion leaves you hanging.

Overall: 6.5
This needed one more season, it really did, the last episode wasn't even a proper ending, it just felt like another mid season episode. There was plenty of plot left, character development to go through, and history to explore, but none of that happened. It's obvious this was written intending far more, at a minimum another 12 to 13 episodes, but it didn't get there. A continuation would bump the first seasons score up to a solid 7 or better, but the way were left with a completely unsatisfying lack of resolution hurts the score pretty bad.

Really, it was a good show, and I had hoped for more, but as it stands, I am left somewhat conflicted. I enjoyed watching, I wanted to come away maintaining that feeling of enjoyment, but it was half done, so that enjoyment has been overshadowed by disappointment since a second season is clearly not happening. Still worth watching, but know up front that if you do like it, you will not read more
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Myself ; Yourself (Anime) add
To start off with, I entered this series because of a promised "Childhood Friend Romance". I got WAY more than anticipated. WAY more.

Story 6/10: It starts out cliche and boring. Outright generic. But then it picks up pace around Episode 5 and shows it's "true" colours. Not to say that it wasn't hinted or foreshadowed in the first 4 episodes, but it starts to actually pick up the pace into something reasonable. For comparison the first 4 episodes are paced like an extremely long-running series. They get virtually nowhere unless you look at the bigger picture. The rest is paced as a normal 12-ish episode anime. Which means there is 4 or so wasted episodes that could have been properly used.

Art 6/10: Black Blood. Otherwise self-explanatory.

Sound 6/10: The sound was fair, but fell into some major annoyances at some (mostly) remote instances. Most of the problems with sound stem from Aoi's insufferable voice.

Character 8/10: A diverse cast that generally gets a good amount of screen time each. Sometimes some useless side-characters or people of no importance got screen time, but so be it. Characters:

Sana - Indecisive and foolish main character, gets himself together when he starts to understand whats going on rather than agreeing to everything.

Nanaka - Broken goods. Hair-trigger PTSD.

Aoi - Earsplitting voice that plays no major role despite being a main character?

Shusuke - Sana's best friend. Has a twin sister and an abusive, conceited father who marries a cheating gold-digger. Protective of his twin sister for "reasons" and frequently takes beatings from his father meant for her.

Shuri - Shusuke's twin sister. Tomboy. Needlessly spiteful towards her father and moreso the gold-digger he married. As in, unjustifiably spiteful. Her reasoning is completely biased towards herself and childish "You're not my mom!" based arguments.

Hinako - Unimportant side-character that disappears as fast as she came. Is a 10/11 year old who has a crush on Shusuke. 10 years later she seems to be dating a 15 year old highschool student at the age of 20, simply because he resembles her first love. Statutory rape anyone? Mind you she looks like a highschool student by reasoning of being a washboard-Loli.

Enjoyment 7/10: This is where things are debatable between different viewers. On some notes the stories for each characters are relatively well done. On other notes, some viewers can be turned off by quite a few events that are unpleasant to watch or implying "taboo".

Overall 7/10: Could have had a much better ending. Most of it was only implied. Most of what turns people off about the ending are 3 things that imply whats going on, but don't 100% confirm it. The viewers basically know with what's given, but for whatever reason they didn't outright confirm anything by being vague or purposely omitting information that by all means should be there.
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Toradora! (Anime) add
The premise of the show is pretty hard to believe. After an accidental meeting involving two violent outbursts, Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu make an agreement to help one another pursue their respective love interests, Kitamura and Kushieda, who also happen to be Ryuuji and Taiga's mutual friends. It's the stockholm syndrome trope, create a situation in which the two main characters are forced to spend large amounts of time together and wait for them to fall in love. High school ‘contracts’ are an object of fiction, much like the accidentally overheard conversations that drive most of the character development. People do overhear things occasionally, but when the relationship is progressed entirely through cliches, it’s pretty hard to take it seriously.

However, after a rocky beginning I actually began to enjoy watching Taiga and Ryuuji. Ryuuji is more functional than most adults, doing all the cooking and cleaning for his mom who comes home late from her job as a cocktail waitress and sleeps most of the day. Ryuuji finds another dependent in Taiga, whom he feeds and launders for on a daily basis. He discovers her living amongst dirty dishes and garbage after entering her unlocked apartment to wake her up and make her breakfast. What’s important here is Ryuuji isn’t just a caretaker to Taiga, he represents something she’s never had, a person who genuinely cares about her and accepts her for who she is. He's a surrogate parent, which will be incredibly significant as we learn more of her backstory. He doesn’t complain that Taiga’s a mess, he just helps her pick it up and she slowly improves. This relationship does have some kind of benefit for Ryuuji as well, though it's far from ideal for him.

He seems to derive enjoyment from taking care of the dysfunctional Taiga, and given his relationship with his mother, who's equally bad at taking care of herself, it's very understandable that he's okay with it, he's used to it after all. But not only is their relationship is entirely one-sided, Ryuuji deals with being verbally and physically abused by Taiga constantly, aggression can definitely be attractive in a girl, but there's a difference between being aggressive and abusive. As part of their agreement, Taiga calls him a dog and commands him to do whatever she wishes... and he agrees. I guess he just really, REALLY wants Kushieda, and somehow plotting schemes with the diminutive and violent Taiga seems a better idea to him than simply talking to somebody he's already friends with. It's not like Kushieda's distant with him either, she bubbly, confident, and provides Ryuuji multiple opportunities to get closer to her, hell, they get locked in a storage room together for hours. At this point the overbearing use of cliches started to make me believe Toradora! was a satire, but given the amount of melodrama I'm pretty sure that it's takes its romance seriously. However, it’s important to remember that it’s Kushieda he’s interested in, so it’s not like the read more
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After 15 years of waiting and begging, here it is. What people have been asking for. Digimon Adventure 03. Well, Tri.

So this time around most of the kids are in highschool. During a random day out of nowhere, digimon are back and invde the real world. Which is basically the plot of every Digimon Movie. Though, I see these movies more like episodes, because they feel that way.

So let's start with the story. as I've said, the digimon are back to mess shit up in the real world. Nothing special as of now. Everything is a blur. There are some agents involved and the kids are needed, great.

I'm not sure if they planned the final fight of the movie to be in the first movie at all or not, but it was trash. The build-up was good, but the execution was so bad. **Minor spoiler here**: They skipped evolution scenes. They went straight to other forms without having the whole thing shown to us. I know it's to keep to combat flow to a fast pace, but still. I feel like they could've put that somewhere and still have it be fast.

Digimon never looked so good. The backgrounds are beautiful, the shots are great. I had a problem with the artstyle at first but you get used to it. The faces do look weird sometimes, because it's Toei and because they chose this simplistic kind of look for the characters. It makes them look kinda bored all the time. The evolution animations have been changed and I see that as a good thing. Character designs are good for the most part.

Mostly all of the OST heard so far are remakes of songs is Adventure. Love it or hate it, I think that was probably the smartest and only choice they had. They couldn't reuse the same songs. First, that would be boring. And second, it wouldn't fit the atmosphere and aesthetic Tri is going for.

Now here's the problem. The characters. Taichi and Yamato are fine. Probably the only ones. Sora acts like she has to choose between Taichi and Yamato but she's already with one of them. WE KNOW THIS. Next.. I don't know what was in their mind, but Mimi is not Mimi. She's acting like a caricature of a spoiled girl. That's now what Mimi is at the end of 02. It seems that all she does is flirt with Koushiro for now. Speaking of Koushiro, apparently his parents are now rich and he's a fucking genius that doesn't explain how he builds anything. Good one.

Anyways, the rest haven't really had their time yet, especially Jou who is barely in this movie. The 02 kids are not here either, though it is hinted that they will be in other movies. For my last complaint, I'm really questioning Toei here. It's not like the Chosen Children are generic kids that act always in a certain way. So, why are they introducing what may be the worst character read more
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10 hours ago
Karate Baka Ichidai (Anime) add
If you don't want any spoilers don't go any further down.

Failed kamikaze pilot Ken Asuka becomes a rough, tough hooligan who settles all of his problems with karate, until he learns about the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto in the novels of Eiji Yoshikawa. Resolving to live his life like Musashi, he begins to take karate more seriously. Based on a manga by Ikki Kajiwara and Jiro Tsunoda, itself inspired by the real life of Yasunobu Oyama, the founder of the "hard-knock" Kyokushin Karate school.

He is a damn hooligan, so badass.

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Haikyuu!! (Anime) add
Wow... I was never really planning on writing a review on MAL, but I just feel compelled to share my thoughts on this breathtaking anime.

Story [ 9/10 ]
It's everything you would expect in a sport anime, and more. It's a narrative about a school that was once successful, but is on its decline. Now the volleyball team has to rise back from it's grave. But what makes the story of Haikyuu!! stand out for me is how you get engrossed in the development of each character; you actually feel for them. Also, there are twist and turns here and there to keep you on your toes!

Art [ 9/10 ]
Stunning. The characters were drawn beautifully, facial expressions are on-point, and the in-game animation was choreographed perfectly. Each character has their own special feature so there's no confusion in distinguishing who is who. Only minor problem I noticed is that some shots were reused.

Sound [ 10/10 ]
I am absolutely in love with the sound of Haikyuu!! The voice actors did an amazing job really portraying the personality of each character. The OPs and EDs fit the anime very well and are enjoyable. The soundtrack, oh man the soundtrack... it compliments and enhances every scene perfectly; it really hit the feels.

Character [ 10/10 ]
By far my favoirte part about Haikyuu!! From the very first episode, you can already feel the amount of personality that is in this anime. You would expect typical stereotypes brewed into all the characters, but no. Every single character has there own unique personality. And although, they are all on the same journey to greatness, each character has there own back story that shaped them into who they are. You really feel for them and get immersed as soon as you start watching.

Enjoyment [ 11/10 ]
As you can probably tell, I extremely enjoyed Haikyuu!! I honestly was not expecting much from it because I thought it was just going to be another spots anime, but man was I wrong. Haikyuu!! is a rollercoaster of emotions that will have you laughing, crying, and cheering throughout the whole ride.

Overall [ 10/10 ]
Truly a masterpiece... I would recommend Haikyuu!! to anyone, but especially to people who are fans of sports anime or looking to try one.
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Punch Line (Anime) add
I am going to state this as simply as possible. When I review anime, a 7 is a 70% which means the anime was average but nothing special. I noticed most people would say that was worth a 5, or a 50%, but that is an F. If an anime didn't have any obvious flaws other than being nothing special, then I don't think it failed. So please read my reviews with this in mind. This is why most of my ratings seem on the high end. If I enjoyed it enough to finish it, it should be getting a C, not any lower.

Punchline is an anime that took me a little by surprise. I will say that I was expecting a typical ecchi comedy with a little bit of super power stuff, but I got quite a bit more. Though the show did surprise me, it still wasn't really anything I could lose my mind about or give too much more than the 'entertaining and interesting' stamp, landing it around a seven, even though I was tempted to give it a little higher of a score.

The story is what surprised me. If this anime was what I expected, this could have easily been a 5 or lower, but the story actually had some work put into it. I will do my best to give you an idea spoiler free. Th story isn't entirely linear, it deals with time manipulation, and spirits, which was actually an interesting idea. There were also a good few twists in it as well. My only complaint is that a lot of these twists are simply unimportant, or don't really make sense. However, this story is a lot more dark and developed that I think anyone was expecting.

This is pretty much your typical anime art, and it is of the same quality as just about everything else made recently. It does have a slightly more toony look, but I don't think it stood out all that much.

his is pretty much the usual sound rating I give an anime, and this isn't much different. he sound was nice, but nothing really stood out. I ever felt lik 'wow, this soundtrack is so good.' Basically, the sound could be completely removed with little impact on the show.

I enjoyed the characters, for the most part. There wasn't too much development, aside from the main character, but it wasn't all that bad. liked the backstory given to some of them, it reminded me of Zankyou No Terror quite a bit. I think there could have been more work put into each character, but twelve episodes rarely allows for that kind of development.

I can certainly say that Punchline is entertaining. It has some good comedy in there, an interesting plot, some fan service, and is just overall fun to watch. Though it is more serious than I expected, the show doesn't draw on you like many others do.

So, Punchline is a pretty average show, that took me by read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Sword Art online is...weird. Its not a particularly great anime, but I really enjoyed myself throughout the entire journey, even the much-hated Alfheim Online portion that almost everybody I know hates with a passion. I really can't place a finger on what made Sword Art Online so great for me, but I will try to explain why I think it is a valued watch for any fan of anime.

The story itself is overall okay, but the Aincrad portion (first half of the anime) is the highlight. The situation of "you die in the game, you die in real life" made the possibility of your favourite character being slain by one of the few (unfortunately) floor bosses faced by Kirito and his crew a very real and painful one. This made the defeat of the main villain something that you really wanted and made me want to route for the good guys. However, the ending falls a little flat and is feels like it was an afterthought, with 'game breaking' things happening that don't really make any sense. The Alfheim Online portion is not nearly as good as Aincrad's. The fairy setting wasn't nearly as appealing to me as the fantasy setting of Aincrad, and because there was not threat of actually dying, all the actions of the characters had little to no weight behind them, the only consequence being that the characters would re spawn a little farther away (oh no? how terrible?). The main villain is well done, however, and you will very quickly be anticipating the moment Kirito gets to enact his revenge.

I really enjoyed the art style of SAO. It used very little CGI and the backgrounds all felt hand-done. It all lent to the feeling that these 'worlds' were massive digital creations, full of both beautiful and terrifying locations. The character designs were well done; each character in the main party had a distinct way of dressing that made them instantly recognizable. Overall, I have no complaints about the art in this anime.

There are no memorable tracks in SAO, save the title sequence from the Aincrad story arc. I found that many of the tracks were dull and reused far too often. The sounds effects were acceptable and the voice acting was more that acceptable, but the sound design here is nothing to shout about.

The characters...Hmm...They're kinda bad. They are definitely the worst part of the anime and I think they are one of the reasons that many don't like SAO. While the characters are admittedly memorable, they have NO depth whatsoever, and none of them go through any kind of character development. Kirito is the worst: he is always more powerful than anything else in the anime and he has next to no flaws. It's very upsetting because the extensive list of side characters have a lot of potential with their unique personalities to help Kirito evolve a little bit, however there's nothing to evolve to because he's already the most powerful thing read more
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Comet Lucifer (Anime) add
One way to describe this show overall. and im not gonna waste my time trying to summarize it . Its just pure shit . This show is a dissgrace as a Mecha Anime . Like hell id rather watch Gundam Seed DESTINY than this shit in terms of horrible plot . This show just doesnt make sense .

Shit. Cant even understand it

Art: 8/10
Hey , i gotta admit the art was pretty well done though . Th CGI was ok to me i guess

Sound: 4/10
It was ok . but some of the Characters ticked me off. alot of them. The OP sounds like a kids show. Its catchy , but for this anime it doesnt suit it.

Character: 2/10
Horrible Development . It took us atleast 8 eps where as this show is 12 episodes long to know about Sogo's background.

Enjoyment: 3/10
I had to FORCE myself to watch this to see if i can really understand it . Sadly , no it didnt . so im dropping

Overall: 4/10
This anime was just terrible for a mecha anime . I wouldnt really watch it again . I guess im gonna drop this for now. i just cant seem to know how this will end. It wouldve been better with a lot improvements.
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Anime) add
Cavalry is still your standard "romcom harem magic high school tournament" story, definitely no change in that.


The story starts off with Ikki our protagonist walking in on the main girl Stella while she in a state of undress. Instead of being hit over the head like usual, Ikki decides to take off his clothes as "compensation." That opening scene already separates this anime from the rest.

Anyways, the story is about our guy Ikki being a weak-ass magic user that was finally given the chance to graduate by beating his school's annual tournament. He then meets some allies and they all go along the story together. Nothing new here, but the fact that he has a clear goal earns Ikki a winning point.

The magic is simple and similar to Absolute Duo, so there's no need to delve deeper into it. The harem tag is just for show, since Ikki only really has eyes for Stella and it shows, it's a welcome change and something not often seen in a harem anime.


The art is nothing to write home about. It suits the fighting genre of this anime quite well, even though it has its flaws.


Nothing special about it either. OP and ED are decent, VAs do a good job living up to their characters, but otherwise not very memorable.


Ikki and Stella are really the only two major characters worth mentioning.

Ikki - He's not a dense male lead, that's for sure. Also, has a katana as a weapon because leads always need a katana.
Stella - Red hair, controls fire, tsundere... Hm, where did I see that before...

The other characters include an obsessive little sister and a transgender man and a violet haired girl who constantly looks like she's in heat because of her character design. There are also others that I didn't bother to mention.

Sometimes, I confuse this anime with Gakusen because of their uncanny resemblance to each other.


It's a nice show with some laughs and long-absent mutual romance in a harem setting.


Good show to waste your free time on. Similar to Gakusen, but this show is a better alternative in my opinion.

But, watch what you will. Take this review seriously or with a grain of salt, I don't really care. Cheers.

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Comet Lucifer (Anime) add
This show starts off really show but after episode 5 it picks up really nicely and the characters get more interesting. The story takes a nice dark turn when revealing some of the character's backstory. The presentation is solid but the music does get progressively better. You do grow attach to some of the characters, especially with some of the later episodes. When the slow and boring start is over the action (ignore the mechs) and story does get better. The setting of this anime is also pretty interesting because it has a village-ish feel to it but at the same time there is advanced technology.
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Berserk (Anime) add
Ohayo! Mina, hope your day is going well as mine is terrible but who cares right? Anyway it's 2:21pm as I'm typing this and it's hot asf rn so here I go. Well by far this is the best anime I've ever seen! Even tho im like decades behind I fricken love this anime and Ive been seeing alot ofv peeps talking sh*t without ever watching the whole series! Like what's up with that? Baka-baka-shi....

Back to the review. Well this is better than all animes I've ever seen (I'll probably become hated for saying this but) this is far better than Claymore or Neon Genesis Evangelion or Gantz or Elfen Lied or Hellsing. This is on completely different level! Gomen nasai!!! 🙇🙇🙇

Whether you like anime or not you should see these series it's maybe better than all the movies I've haven't seen yet so don't worry I'm gonna give those a watch as well later this week.

You just have to watch it!!!! Yeah it's not perfect but it certainly comes as far as possible - the graphics 8/10, the sound 10/10, the story 10/10 (and more), OVERALL 10/10! This is a MASTERPIECE! HOPE YOU GUY'S ENJOYED THE REVIEW (≧∇≦)/ "BYE-BYE!"
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Yesterday, 5:18 PM
Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (Anime) add
The 35th Test Platoon might be a testament to LN adaptions, that them being average or downright bad most of the time.

But enough of the blind pummeling without proper justification.


So we have another magic high school setting where the story appeals to a niche market by using a nonstandard form of military academy.

We have an underdog platoon that's struggling to stay afloat and luckily they got a troublesome rise that might just boost them to the big leagues. That's honestly pretty interesting, if not the lackluster cast of generic characters.

Also the magic isn't explained to the viewer. Hallmark magic, summoning magic, relic eaters and etc. While the purpose of the magic is easy to decipher just by the names, it is still a lazy form of presentation and simply hand-waved away with a few cool sounding words and pointless magical poems.


Crisp, but not too great. The CG is just hard to look at, though.


Nothing to remember about the sound. The voice actors are rather decent, but in the end they fall flat and end up being unmemorable.

One thing about Takeru's VA is that he sounds overly deep for his wimpy-looking character, which just takes it out of the experience for me.


We have out harem protagonist Takeru who is an all-around nice guy and secretly a badass. Also he carries around a katana for impractical reasons. Other than that, I have no other things to say about him since "good guy with katana" is all I have.

As for the others, I can barely describe them. We have 4 (or more) girls in Takeru's harem, that being the tsundere, the cynic, the moe blob and the generic contract persona.

Tsundere has a backstory and a justification for her hate against witches, but that is all thrown out as soon as Takeru steps in. As for the others, it is hard to find anything else to talk about since their characters are worn entirely on their sleeves and are pretty easy to describe using one word.

The dialogue between them is just cringy and the pointless. Conflicts and long standing personal dilemmas are instantly solved with a brief face-to-face, so the viewer does not even have time to process what just happened.


I can't honestly say that I enjoyed it.

I find myself in bewilderment of the bad pacing, hollow characters and cheesy dialogue more often that just sitting down and enjoying it seriously.


I can't even say that it's a good show to waste your time on since there's plenty of other similarly-themed shows available this season that are not necessarily good overall but definitely better than this show.

But hey, who am I to tell you what you want to watch? Take this review seriously or with a grain of salt, I don't really care either way. Cheers.

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Yesterday, 5:13 PM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
First review I'm writing here.

I'm not a pro, nor am I a great reviewer, but I want to do it anyway.

Clannad After Story (as well as the first season).... I have just watched them in the span of a few days, during final works and exams at university. I was not able to stop. I did not know why.

The show was just fantastic. Everything from beginning to end, the character development is just amazing. Tomoya going through what his father endured and realizing how much his father sacrificed was moving. All the characters improved their weaknesses by the end of the series.

Also, the sound, music is captivating. After listening to the melodies afterwards, you can't stay un-emotional. These songs made me remember (i don't know why) of some past events, events i wanted to do again, as well as it relates to the story as a whole.

Sorry for people reading this as it is a very bad review compared to others, but i just wanted to say that this series convey feelings you cannot forget. I knew i was in love with someone 2 years ago, and i never built the courage to confess; however, now i realize that i never took the time to think about how deep was the scar, and it is pretty deep. Thanks to Clannad, I can reflect on this now and i now want to settle things up definitively.

Coming back to the story, beautiful drawings, cute, strong and funny characters, everything is in Clannad. What makes Clannad a masterpiece is that not only it has good characters, story and artworks, but the music in Clannad pierces through your heart and create an harmony between what you see and what you feel. You became attached to the characters really quickly.

Also, quite a bit of foreshadowing, and i was anxious to see what was happening from the beginning to the end because you are on the edge of your chair each time some sad song starts, as you don't know what could happen.

Clannad also depicts real life really well. The story is about a less than average teenage boy and a shy teenage girl, so don't expect heroic comebacks and stuff like that... The characters improve but stay true to themselves all the way till the end and it was one of the best things about Clannad.

Now, I will excuse myself and concentrate on studies and living a happy life, as Clannad clearly made me sad and opened my eyes :'(
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One Piece: Nejimaki Jima no Daibouken (Anime) add
I'm glad I watched this movie back-to-back with the first one. It puts things in a certain perspective, and helps drive the point home that One Piece's success doesn't come from some generic, cut-and-paste formula. No matter how samey the stories may seem on the surface, it truly is the little things that make them each stand out and keep the series fresh.

The Straw Hat crew sets out this time to recover their stolen ship from the quirky crew of the week, the Trump siblings. Their journey takes them to the Clockwork Island, an island with an enormous swirling spire at its center, which is under the control of the Trump crew's captain, Bear King, who forces the islanders to make weapons for him.

Along the way they meet a thieving duo, Borodo and Akisu, who are after the fabled Diamond Clock that sits at the tower's peak. Their role in coming events will become clearer and more involved as time goes on, pieced together from their own stories as well as those of Clockwork Island's natives.

For those of you paying attention, none of this should be old news. An enemy crew, an antagonistic captain, a fabled treasure, tragic supporting characters, and the mysterious connection between them all... This is One Piece 101 right here. Where this story begins to distinguish itself is in subverting the expectations that come along with that, as well as establishing its own sub-themes and running elements.

One such theme is that of sacrifice: The Straw Hat crew surprisingly struggles in their initial encounters with the Trump siblings, due to leaving their gear on their stolen ship. Ultimately, they must fight losing battles to buy time for the rest of the heroes to proceed, and one by one each crew member is captured. Still, they are spurred on by their captain's words: "If you don't risk your life, you can't create a future."

This theme recurs time and time again, as the Straw Hats' numbers dwindle. Meanwhile young Akisu grapples with having to be rescued constantly by Borodo with no way to return the favor, with even the cowardly Usopp chastising him. All of this plays into a pulse-pounding final showdown at the top of the tower, where the heroes' luck turns and they rally against the Trump siblings once more.

Aside from being full of One Piece's eccentric charm, the villains are also a crazy clever symbol within the story, one I almost missed before writing this. Being card-themed, they embody this sense of the Straw Hat crew gambling their lives on a chance to free the island from their control, and this makes them all the more compelling as foils for the heroes.

Character has always been a high point for One Piece: not only introducing new characters, but reinforcing old characters' development in the way they interact with others and how they change and shape each other's individual narratives. It's kind of Watanabe-like, in that way, which is never a bad thing. Of course this means that read more
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Kuroko no Basket NG-shuu (Anime) add
I was pretty bored so I just decided to check out Kuroko no Basket NG-shuu out of curiosity. Basically all this is is a 9 episode series of anime specials that rub from about 1-5 minutes per episode. It showcases bloopers within scenes from season 1 of the anime. There isn't too much to say about this except that the comedy was handled really well. The only gripe I have is the fact that these specials didn't really do any expanding for the characters and there isn't really much of a cohesive plot. But listen it's just a light hearted series of specials that you can finish in literally no time. So I say if you liked KnB check it out it's very funny and an overall good experience.
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
So let me tell you about how good this show is, I literally loved every minute of Mirai Nikki. After I finished it I made everyone I know(who was willing) watch it and then I watched it again just because I could. The best thing about the anime is that it keeps you guessing and basically in suspense up until the very end and at the end after all of the suspense you cry, you cry for years. The mc is extremely annoying but that's because he isn't like usually mc's where they are heroic and ready to battle whatever comes their way, he's more realistic and how an actual 15 year old would react to the situation he is thrown in. Mirai Nikki is incredibly violent and gruesome at times so I wouldn't recommend it for those who are squeamish. Advice for future viewers; Please for all the is good in this world watch the OVA when you finish the show, it seriously makes the ending to the anime 10x better and not as depressing.
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D.C.S.S: Da Capo Second Season (Anime) add
Honestly, I NEVER give reviews like this ever; I am normally open-minded of an anime and can always see the positive. The last one I hated this badly was Maburaho and that was a long time ago, so you can tell I am very open-minded of most anime as I say I am. But, unlike that, this one gave me NOTHING to work with and I'm sorry if you are a fan of this anime going through reviews, thinking all of them will be peachy-keen. But, this one won't be and, sadly, I can not find a single thing good about it. And here is why.

WARNING: The entirety of this review is mainly one big spoiler, so read at your own risk. Almost entirely similar to the last one, except it has no moments that any casual newcomer can read.

Right off the bat, this website NOW puts this anime into Comedy. But, it is NOT at all; for the most part. And, it's delivery of comedy was really stale in comparison to the first. But, let me get segregate this review into two sections. Firstly, the characters. Oh man, I wanted this to be saved for last, but I can not hold it off, as it does effect those who watched the first season. And, know the word "cliché"? Get used to it for now.

Remember Junichi, that guy with the hazel hair? That guy that had the soft personality, was really funny and had a generally different atmosphere from most male protagonists? Well, say goodbye to that, because he was retooled to match the hair color of his comedic friend, Suginami, and was given a cliché male protagonist personality where he can literally not explain a misunderstanding like his life depends on it, is constantly smacked around and only is respected in the serious moments. However, he had his moments in this one, but they were far from often like his hazel haired counterpart. He was also given a light facelift that ruined the soft nature of his look that he had before. Despite all this, he had the funniest parts in the anime, for the very little comedy it had; and his character didn't dilute nearly as much as the next one I'm about to bring up.

This time, not Sakura; oh no. We are talking about NEMU. Now, this cuts right into my next section altogether, due to how much I hate this girl. Nemu single-handedly hogged Junichi for herself through the entire anime...and no, I don't mean they just hungout a lot.

If you remembered from my last review, she is Junichi's "sister" which means she grew up with him and, well, hogged him. I am not going to lie, I hate this more than most hate (...) because, well (...), they didn't meet until much later in their lives. So, they did not have the bond that normal siblings have. Don't really want to list the anime name or any references to it, due to its controversial nature. read more
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Neko no Ongaeshi (Anime) add

One of the less known Studio Ghibli Films Neko no Ongaeshi or "The Cat Returns" Fallows Haru, a Highschool girl who struggles with a shy attitude, or "Awkwardness". Once she saves a cat she ends up getting herself in a strange situation, from forced marriage to finding mice in her school locker.

This movie was made in 2002 and directed by Reiko Yoshida, Creator of Tokyo Mew Mew .

Now don't get me wrong, its a cute story and its nice to see something a little different coming out of the studio, and in the end I am a sucker for cats, but its not the best work from Ghibli.

Not taking credit away where credit is due, I mean its a good movie but not the best, I enjoyed it but I can see how not everyone would like it. Reiko Yoshida did a wonderful job, and the art is really good. The story is actually pretty sweet, allot better than I thought it would be for a shorter movie.

I think more than anything the pace of the story is slightly off to me, I was able to watch it full though but in some places, it tends to drag on.

Story (7) Good:
Like i said, i enjoy the story, and its not the story's fault for the drag, I think its was trying to go for a more "childlike" or fun approach, which Ghibli is pretty well known for. I would have liked more of the story, but that's just me. I guess that's because i liked it a little too much for my own good? Who knows.

Anyway, besides my complaint about the pace of certain areas I try not to fault to story, rather than look at the big picture, so I try to look at it for what it really is; a story intended to be cute or have a better outlook on the situation the protagonist, Haru, is in.

Plus you know, Whisper of the Heart is Great! I liked them doing something with one of there other movies. Plus everyone loves a good fairy tail feeling in a movie, right?

Art (7) Good:
I like Ms. Yoshida's Style, its kinda different from the usual Ghilbi art, but i don't really mind that. It still have the quality of a Ghibli film wile just simply being a little different, maybe that's why its never really got popular?

Sound (8) Very Good:

I feel like saying its "Mediocre", but when you actually get the chance to hear it ouside the movie, its pretty good. The movies "Waltz" Song is really good, totally recomend it.

But... Why in the Disney version is the Female servant, you know the brown one that's kinda derpy...... Voiced, and tried to pass off as a guy? The fuck? I know i'm not the only person to notice this? RIGHT?

Character (8) Very Good:

I love the characters, First off i will have you know that Whispers of the heart is one of read more
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Little Busters! (Anime) add
Little Busters! at first glance you might think it looks plain. But you'll find out that hidden behind the simple looking cover. You find something is so much more than basic in any way shape or form and uses the element of foreshadowing brilliantly.

The Story revolves around one main character, this character has gone through something that ended up in him having Narcolepsy and being alone most of his childhood he ends up finding a special group of friends and throughout they're childhood they start to call themselves The Little Busters!. During the first portion of this series the small group that was Little Busters! expand into a rather larger group of friends and companions and a bit of love interest near the end. Also with a Secret to the world that needs to be discovered. Brilliantly executed and beautifully designed in every which way I cannot say anything bad about the story in general.

The Art Style is nothing different compared to other anime in anyway shape or form. it's also a quite a nice art style if you ask me and I think rather gives a comedic relief to the story sometimes, being a bit on the cartoon-ish side.

Sound/Music for Little Busters! isn't the best in my opinion. It's not really remember-able but it's not bad by any means.

The Character design is pretty normal when it comes to School related anime. You have a shy girl,muscle man,a group leader,mc,a girl with a past,foregin girl,a calm guy and few more I believe that I can't think off hand. All of these generic traits for anime characters are brought out quite well and in no means lesser the anime.

So forth after watching Little Busters! I was quite pleased. Overall was a brilliant story that I could see wasn't complete. So I went to the second season which in my opinion is even better and the best word to describe this anime is Brilliant because at certain points you end up being speechless at how things are done. :D
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Charlotte (Anime) add
I really felt as if I needed to do a review on this one. This is probably the most moving anime I've seen since Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and that's really saying something (I still cry about that show).
I was actually drawn to this show by the art style. I take a great interest in manga/anime art, which is probably one of the sole reasons I still read manga. I saw how cute this art style was so I was like screw it, why the hell not. I'll go for it.
The first episode was that classic sort of "Oh my fucking god I have a superpower!!!!11!1!11!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!112!!!12?," but I still enjoyed it, I wanted to keep watching. As the show progressed, the meaning got deeper, and I started to see the point. The way Yu's viewpoint changed was massive. He went from a selfish prick that used his superpower to make his life perfect to a boy that was truly concerned for others like himself, wanting to protect them and save them from their fate.
I really marveled at Yu and Nao's relationship. I mean, I'm a sucker for romance, I love shoujo, but these two had something different. It was romance, it was indeed, but it was different. It was a romance that budded from a friendship, or an alliance. And in the beginning, they didn't seem to like each other at all. Nao's charm and personality got to Yu, you could see he was slowly falling for her, and it was absolutely the cutest thing.
Another relationship/dynamic I loved was that of Yu and Ayumi, his little sister. She was one of the only things he loved, and it hurt so much when she died. He fell into a depression, a dark world without the one person he's known, his precious little sister. Also, I think it's the way Ayumi returns these feelings. She loves her big brother more than anything. This is literally the best siblingship I've ever seen in an anime (no, Oreimo doesn't count).
One of the best things about this anime was the cast and characters. I loved every single one with a burning passion, and that's super rare for me, I'm as picky as they come with anime characters. Yu, Nao, Yusa, Jojiro, Ayumi, Misa, Kumigami, and Shunsuke were the best ensemble I've ever seen. Bravo to Charlotte, I'd watch a second season in a heartbeat!
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Death Note (Anime) add
Many anime fans consider Death Note to be one of the best anime of all time. I am not one of those fans. I feel that while Death Note is a good show, it has some very glaring issues. I have no problem with the people who love this show, but I am simply going to cast my opinion into the mix. I will try not to spoil the show too much, but I will have to divulge a few plot points of varying importance to get my point across. These spoilers will mainly occur within the story and character sections of this review.

Story (Potential Spoilers):

For the 3 of you who don't know Death Note's story, Death Note takes place in the present day. One day, a high schooler named Light Yagami finds a notebook on the ground called the Death Note. This book allows the user to kill any person by just writing the person's name down. There are other rules and stipulations, like having to know the person's face, but that is the gist of it. After using this book a couple of times, the owner of the book, a shinigami named Ryuk, meets up with Light for an exposition dump. Armed with his notebook, Light goes on to rid Japan and the rest of the world from crime. Light becomes known as Kira, and becomes know all throughout the world for killing criminals. Eventually, the mass killings attract the attention of a world class detective named L. L decides that he is going to catch Kira, no matter the cost. The show ends up becoming a game of cat and mouse between L and Light, where you are never really sure who the cat and who the mouse is.

After reading this synopsis, you're probably thinking, "This show looks pretty good, what is so bad about it?" And you're right, if this was the entire show it would be pretty amazing. IF it was the entire show. At the halfway point of the show, Light gets his memory of being Kira wiped. He then teams up with L to beat a new Kira. Most of the drama and intelligence from the first half disappears during this arc, and is more lighthearted and funny. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is a bit big of a tone shift. If I wanted to watch a lighthearted and funny series, I would go and watch something like that. But for a show to go from a darker show to a much lighter one is a bit jarring. Eventually, Light does regain his memories and we are treated to a very satisfying conclusion. Or it would have been if it was the conclusion.

L eventually gets replaced with a new character called Near. Near attempts to capture Kira as well, but his battle against Light is just read more
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One Piece (Movie) (Anime) add
Does 9 seem high for this one? I guess it depends on whether you enjoy One Piece to begin with. I've just started watching it—in earnest, from episode one and with my full attention—and I can tell you at the end of just the first arc, there's a reason it's one of the most successful series in fictional history. This movie condenses that reason into a bite-sized 51 minutes, all the charm and energy of the TV series intact, and boasts better animation on top of that.

The whole thing is pretty archetypal One Piece. Another pirate crew; another fearsome, Devil-Fruit-empowered captain at its head; a mysterious treasure left by a legendary corsair of ages past; the gruff-but-lovable supporting cast with an unknown connection to the unfolding events. The story is not out to surprise you, but to show time and time again that the formula just works. Execution matters immensely here.

Luffy and company get up to their usual antics, Usopp lying his way out of a deathtrap while Nami plays the field and makes off with everyone's treasure. In an amusing twist on the "strongest characters can't fight yet" hook, Luffy and Zoro end up chained to each other, arms bound, and actually have to fend off the antagonist in this condition. (No Sanji, unfortunately, as the story's set before the Baratie encounter.)

The supporting characters tell of their tragic backstory, which gives them a personal stake in the treasure hunt. Mysteries ensue, battles come to a head, and in the end a "surprise" twist reveals that the real treasure was the friends we made along the way. "Surprise" in quotes here, because we all know how it ends, don't we? If you've seen one arc, you've seen 'em all. But you watch Detective Conan for the mystery, not One Piece.

So what do you watch One Piece for? A nonstop, overwhelmingly life-affirming vibe that persists in the face of all odds. Adventure drives these young men and women to the far reaches of the land and sea in search of fame and fortune, but in the end what matters most are the connections we make, the dreams that push us ever onward, and the stories we have to tell by journey's end. And when you fight for what you believe in, you'd better never give up.

So, in the end, you already know if you'll enjoy this or not. One Piece is not trying to shock you into some grand revelation about life's mysteries. Much like its protagonist, it is simple and unbelievably focused. The message never changes; it only gets more refined with each iteration. So yeah, I think that deserves a 9. A grand 9, at that. (...I'm so sorry)
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Why do I play music? What image am I trying to convey? Did I reach you?

As a composer myself, these are all inquiries which resonate within me. Combining this with the excellent art, animation, and sound qualities, I was immediately entranced. So given the awesome premise, it might seem strange that I gave Shigatsu a relatively average score. Unfortunately, despite impressive technical qualities, the storytelling falls flat, turning a potential masterpiece into a train wreck of flashbacks, monologue, and feels.

One of the key themes behind Shigatsu is the dichotomy between vibrancy and monotone. The whole plot is structured around overcoming setbacks and replacing dullness with flair, with Kaori helping Arima recover his love for music after he became tone-deaf.

All the technical qualities complement this theme very well. The art expresses the concept of each individual scene wonderfully, with bright, vivid backgrounds contrasted with many dark, confined environments. The art style gives each individual character a sense of depth by bringing the character’s emotions to life. The art and animation are also incredibly detailed, with well-drawn, full lips and reasonably accurate portrayals of playing piano and violin.

The way the artwork for each character changed over time to reflect their emotional and physical state was also extremely well-done. The changes were gradual as to immediately cause alarm bells to ring, but there was a continuous gradient, which complemented the mood very well. There are a few instances in which art and animation quality tanks, but overall, the character designs and backgrounds simply look great.

The sound complements the spirit of each scene as well as, if not even better than the art. The background music is beautiful, and although the same few tracks are repeated throughout the series, each time they are used they reflect the emotions in the scene nearly perfectly. Furthermore, the background music is not too overpowering, which sets an excellent atmosphere. A lot of shows tend to have the music either be out of place or overwhelm the dialogue and other sounds, but Shigatsu avoids this pitfall with style. The opening and ending songs are incredibly well integrated into each episode, giving the messages they convey much more impact. In particular, I love how the music suddenly changed midway through the series once tragedy was imminent. The first eleven episodes gave off a very free-spirited mood, which was exemplified nicely with the opening and ending. In the second half the music shifts towards a more mellow, expressive, and trance-like atmosphere, which complements the feels very well.

A few episodes into the show, I expected Shigatsu to be the show of the year, especially as the first few episodes were executed close to perfectly with no significant drop-off in technical qualities. Unfortunately, not long after numerous crucial storytelling flaws caused the plot to completely tank.

One of the key paradigms to effective plots is “Show, don’t tell.” For some reason, Shigatsu decided to throw this concept completely out the window. All throughout the second half, the producers opted to use monologue read more
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FLCL (Anime) add
Don't be fooled by FLCL, it looks like child's play but this Gainax action anime for my dvd player, is one of the hardest i've ever watched. The characters should look familiar to you. They're the little people from a classic puzzle anime.

The story is ok, the feel is too tight. Strange considering that most of the time there's a problem with story in an anime, it's because it's too loose.

Even expert watchers will find it difficult to advance very far. Each time you pick up where you left off, you're supplied with only 5 episodes. The one that's running when you start, plus 4 in reserve. We're not sure, but we suspect they're 6 episodes with 24 minutes each. That sound somewhat short, but the density makes it not so.

The story becomes increasingly complex, as more special abilities are acquired, and the art spreads into the foreground. Because of this spread, the anime has 3D elements, but is not truly 3D, an amazing thing to see. Since Gainax has been obsessed with concentrating on 3D anime for my DVD player.

Naoto is quite irritating, when he yells in his high pitch tone, every time he jumps off the ground, thank goodness I was able to mute my audio using my remote. Bottom line, a good anime. But not very high on anyone's priority list. I don't really have any hints for you.
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Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
The simplest way to explain the allure of psycho-pass is in understanding how it is a less-plot driven story and has strong elements of "hard science fiction" where through layers of abstraction and interplay of theory-of systems and exceptions to those systems and acknowledging the potential aberrations to those conditions, a very realistic or at least theoretically-sound world takes form.

In essence the very stage and world of psycho-pass includes interesting elements that all fit naturally together and is quite enjoyable and thorough.

The cast and dialogue speak from a clear sense of position and individuality that makes every line again seem natural and contributes to their character. There is a split portrayal similar to The Great Gatsby with the inspector/enforcer relationship that was interesting to watch and a psychological chase not as intensive as Death Note but still of good quality.

Every episode and plot development and crime pokes at the very basis of society, there are plots to undermine that society, as well as struggles to realize the worth of protecting said society after its true form comes to light. Psycho Pass's charm and very existence relies on the world it tries strongly to portray and it does so with episodes of substance, a small enough number of unique characters, a main antagonist that forms the backbone of the overarching plot, good animation, and several other elements that are well done (action, drama, psychological/philosophical, and deductive reasoning). If you're interested in the exploration of the theoretical world, this anime is for you~
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School Days (Anime) add
“Everything depends on the colour of the crystal through which one sees it” - Calderon

A favourite quote of mine, and one which I think perfectly applies to School Days, an anime which can be either an incredible work of fiction or a steaming pile of doggy poop, all depending on the lens you are looking through.

Before watching School Days, I had no idea just how hated it was, especially here on MAL. I think I’d heard about it through a recommendation on YouTube that described the story along the lines of “love can be a very dark and scary thing.” I had also heard hints about the show’s infamous ending, a grand finale that was likely to leave me more than slightly emotionally disturbed. As a lover of dark, psychological stories, I was eager to give it a go. After watching the anime in two sittings, hungrily consuming one episode after another, I surfaced from School Days mind-blown at the masterpiece of fiction I had just watched, and was genuinely surprised to learn that around 90% of the people who had seen it had experienced the polar opposite reaction from me.

To enjoy this anime, School Days should be watched with several things in mind. Firstly – this has been said before but is worth repeating – this is not your typical high school romance or harem anime. In fact, it never, ever tries to be. Secondly, it is a deconstruction of the aforementioned genres. It expertly establishes a handful of tired clichés and tropes, and then sadistically enjoys dismantling and destroying them piece by piece. Thirdly, this ain’t no anime for kids. Despite its innocent looking appearance, a number of dark, mature themes are uncovered and explored right through until its tragic and stomach-churning conclusion.

Our protagonist is Makoto, your typical high school boy with a crush on a cute girl, Kotonoha, who rides the same train to school as him every day. After snapping a photo of her on his cell phone, his crush is discovered by his female classmate Sekai, who proposes to set them up. Within the first few episodes this fun, cheesy romance arc develops and then reaches its climax; Kotonoha and Makoto confess to each other, and it is also revealed that Sekai secretly has feelings for Makoto.

From this seemingly innocent and well-crafted start, things start to go downhill. Not for the anime, but for Makoto, Sekai and Kotonoha. As these characters and the supporting cast show us, love and life are not as simple and carefree as we would all like to believe. People make mistakes, feelings get hurt, people can be selfish, people can be torn between love and friendship, lust can lead to us to make errors of judgement, bullying can destroy people – especially sensitive people – and sometimes it just takes one small act to push someone over the edge.

For me, this is what School read more
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Tsukimonogatari (Anime) add
I was a bit disappointed with Hanamonogatari so I thought long and hard (Yea, Yea..long and funny..hurr durr) on whether I should watch the next Monogatari series or not which was Tsukimonogatari. I'm pleased to say that Tsuki did not disappoint.

(There will be SPOILERS in my review)

[Story]: (8.5/10) (SPOILERS)
Tsukimonogatari is a sequel to Hanamonogatari but it does not take place after Hana. Tsuki chronologically takes place during the events of Monogatari Series: Second Season. Something weird is going on with Koyomi's body and he must find out why this is happening.

After watching Hanamonogatari, I didn't have it in me to watch Tsukimonogatari because I didn't want to spend another 5 or 6 days just to finish a short anime series. For those of you who didn't know, it took me approximately 6 days just to finish Hanamonogatari because the show bored me to death. However, it took me a day to finish Tsukimonogatari. The show wasn't as boring as Hana and it is a lot better than Hana. Let's get to the review shall we?

In the previous Monogatari shows, the girls gets affected by the aberrations and Araragi comes to the rescue by helping those girls and solving their mystery/problem. Well here, for the first time in the Monogatari series, Araragi is the character who gets affected, not by an aberration but by his own actions in the previous Monogatari shows. By actions, I mean him relying on his vampire powers and Shinobu to save the affected girls. By relying on his vampire powers, we see the consequences that goes along with using his vampire powers and what happens should he go full vampire.

In Tsukimonogatari, he learns how to deal with his problem without using his vampire powers which we have never seen before so it was nice to see how he deals with his problem as a normal human being with absolutely no powers and no regeneration to get him out of that situation (i.e no deus ex machine for him). However, Araragi is not alone on this one. He gets help from Yozuru and her familiar/walking corpse Yotsugi who played a major role in solving Araragi's problem.

Tsukimonogatari still retains the dialogue scenes and just like Hanamonogatari, it's 99% talking and 1% action. That action scene happens on the last episode. Unlike Hana, however, the dialogue scenes are way better and it's worth listening to again. Hana's dialogue scenes bored me to death because the conversation that the character had was dragged out and there wasn't any comic relief that existed in Second Season. In here, it was balanced. One half advances the plot and the other half is for humour. In other words, it's just like the Monogatari Series: Second Season's dialogue scenes. Why do I prefer the Second Season's dialogue scenes? There has to be a balance, that's why. You can't just have 99% dialogue scenes with no humour or no break. That's like reading a boring-ass philosophical book for 5 hours read more
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Baccano! (Anime) add
I recommend baccano to anyone who watches anime. It is very well written and extremely unique and is everything by Ryohgo Narita(the author of the books, which I read). The plot is basically in every story by Narita chaotic things happening to unrelated people that are all connected and will eventually clash into one huge chaotic situation in one place. This story has a unique atmosphere as it centers on American crime organizations in 1930s. Accents done amazingly by the dub cast really capture the whole feel of the great depression nicely. With the addition of supernatural immortals, homunculi, and wonderful ships baccano has something for everyone. The story following Eve is rather boring however, because it was adapted poorly due the drug centered plot in the 4th novel. The catchy jazz and extreme violence makes a wonderful combination of fun. The characters are unlike any others and so are their names. The ships will become your otps. If you want after watching book translations can be found online for free. Baccano is a 100% 10, a must watch show. Everything is adapted well but Eves stuff.
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Little Monica Monogatari (Anime) add
I liked this hentai for a variety of reasons. One, it was one of the first uncensored hentai I ever watched and man did I enjoy that. Let's get into the review part thingy. (This is my first Hentai Review). This anime's artwork is decent and adorable. So very cute! Loli's everywhere. If you don't like loli's avoid this hentai as all of the heroines ARE lolis as previous reviews said. The plot is decent for a hentai actually, but who ever watched hentai for the plot? Music is average, we have your typical moaning and groaning. Animation is standard and smooth. I enjoyed this because, it was uncensored, had lolis, had a cat girl (YIP YIP HURRAY), and was just faptastic. You should give it a shot if you like lolis, uncensored hentai, or just kemonimini's!
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