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Gintama' (Anime) add
Amazing.. Just Amazing.. also funny too

- The ending of Jail Arc makes me cry
- Yamazaki's anpans is hilarious
- Baragaki Arc is so badass.
- Shogun kayo!??
- "You think you can take my *** by teaming up?" -Unknown person

Summary, the anime is funny, full of parodies yet filled with good actions. Hideaki Sorachi is surely a genius mangaka. I wonder why Gintama is not so popular as OP or Naruto, it's so amazing.

The Soundtrack is amazing too. "Nakama" is my favorite ending and Tougenkyou Alien is my favorite opening. Sunrise sure done a great job making this anime.

Best Anime I've ever watched so far
<3 Gintama
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Highschool of the Dead (Anime) add
Although most female characters have exaggerated breast sizes, the story is very interesting and has real character development. This is an anime that it's either you really like you don't, it is also some what gore.

So basically main things to notice before and not hate,

-Big boobs
-harem that developed
-since it's a post apocalypse anime, its very fictional
-lot's of blood and flesh

I really like this because it is one of the few post zombie apocalypse anime, and that involves more of a bad ass mc than the usual useless teenage boy. It also several side characters that happen to be mainly female but few males that you can't help not to love them.
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Death Note (Anime) add
Death Note is one of the greatest anime series of all time. It also was one of my first anime to watch and many others' too, which is why it holds a sentimental value for many people.

Story: 9/10
The story follows the charismatic high school student Light Yagami, who despises the world and views it as being rotten due to being filled with criminals. The shinigami (god of death) Ryuk is bored of the lifestyle of the shinigami, and decides to drop a death note into the human world to see what might happen. That very death note is picked up by Light. Believing it is a prank, he tries it out by himself; you write the name of someone and picture his face in his mind, and that person dies within 60 seconds by a heart attack! After making sure it's real, Light decides to use it to wipe out criminals and create the world he always dreamed for. After causing a series of "mysterious" heart attacks, the people start to recognize him as KIRA, and secretly support him on the internet. Meanwhile, the mastermind detective L tries to catch KIRA and execute him. And thus, the greatest battle of wits begins; the first whose real identity is revealed dies.

Aesthetics: 9/10
For the most part, the anime looks attractive; almost everything look dark and gloomy to match the environment of the anime. It certainly gives the anime a trademark aura of its own and compliments the plot.

Soundtrack: 10/10
Death note has one of the most brilliant set of soundtracks in all anime history. Ranging from grim themes like Ryuk's theme, to themes that get you pumped up like L's theme, death note is guaranteed to have its music stuck into your head for months.

Enjoyment: 10/10
Death Note hooks you with its atmosphere, plot and soundtrack from the very first moment. It has extremely brilliant scenes that'll make your mind blow and only hope to be like Light (or L).

Overall rating: 94%
Death Note definitely deserves all the praise it gets. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend you do ASAP.

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No Game No Life (Anime) add
Short and sweet is the best way to describe No Game No Life. Except it would've been much better if it was longer.

Story: 9/10
Sora and Shiro are NEET hikikomori siblings and the online gamers behind the legendary username Kuuhaku, meaning Blank. One day, they get an e-mail challenging them to a game of chess. After winning, they are dragged into another world by the God of games Tet. In that world, all conflicts are solved by games, where every player must offer something of equal value. Now the siblings have a goal; to collect all race pieces and challenge Tet.

Aesthetics: 10/10
No Game No Life has outstanding artstyle and colouring. High contrast and light colours give the anime a distinct, memorable look.

Soundtrack: 8/10
There's not much to say about ngnl's soundtrack. A couple of themes stood out, but nothing more. The soundtrack could've been infinitely done better.

Enjoyment: 8/10
It would've gotten a 10 if the anime wasn't too short. The anime ended with Sora and Shiro collecting 2 out of the 16 race pieces, leaving you begging for more. Otherwise, No Game No Life is highly enjoyable.

Overall Rating: 90%
No Game No Life undoubtedly has ones of the most charismatic anime characters ever, and a world anyone would like to live in. If it gets continued it would probably get a 100%.

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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Arguably the best winter 2016 anime and one of the best anime of all time. Erased is a show that got everyone attracted to it easily.

Story: 9/10
The struggling 29-year-old manga artist Saturo Fujinuma returns a few minutes to the past when something unfortunate is about to happen. He calls this phenomenon "Revival". When someone close to him is murdered and he is accused of it, he returns to when he was in sixth grade, only to realize that a classmate's murder that took place at that time might be related to his situation. The story itself has nothing wrong with it but we aren't given explanation for Revival. Some characters needed some more focus too.

Aesthetics: 9.5/10
The animation in this show is astounding. There's not a single error nor anything bothering. They also made very good use of colors making them match the environment. But they didn't try anything new, which is why it wont get a 10.

Soundtrack: 10/10
With great animations comes great OST. Erased has some pieces of music that will get stuck in your head for along time. this also adds sentimentality to the show.

Enjoyment: 10/10
The idea of time travel isn't new to anime, but it was executed extremely well in Erased. Erased has a mysterious and sentimental vibe that makes sure you're addicted to the show till the very end.

Overall Rating; 99%
Erased is basically a masterpiece. From the plot to the events to the music to the dialogue, This show perfected everything that makes a good anime and will age very well in my opinion. Definitely a must-see for any type of anime fan.

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Nisekoi (Anime) add
The romance comedy genre in anime has been dead for a very long time. Meanwhile, Nisekoi somehow manages to shine within the anime community, without introducing anything new.

Story: 3/10
Nisekoi's story is as lame as can get. A guy called Ichijo Raku, which is the sole heir of a yakuza(gangsters) family, made a childhood promise with a girl to marry her. He can't remember her face and all evidence of the promise taking place is his locket. Suddenly, the American Bee Hive Gang invade the yakuza's turf and Raku is dragged into the conflict. His hopes of a romance with his school crush Onodera end as he is forced to pretend being the boyfriend of Kirisaki Chitoge, daughter of the Bee Hive chief. However, the characters really stand out on their own and have their definitive personalities, which attributes to the enjoyment factor.

Aesthetics: 9/10
Just like most anime produced by Shaft, Nisekoi looks really good. The animations are fluid andthe bright coloring fits the atmosphere. The anime is also full of fanservice.

Soundtrack: 6/10
There's nothing particular to say about the soundtrack; It doesn't really shine out. But they made NINE DIFFERENT ENDING THEMES and if that doesn't show how much effort was put in the anime then I don't know what will.

Enjoyment: 10/10
Somehow, Nisekoi turned out to be a really good show. You'll suddenly find that youve watched a dozen of episodes without feeling it. The humor is also notable, really similar to that of Baka to Test.

Overall rating: 75%
So what makes Nisekoi so good? Is it the characters and waifu materials? Or is it the overdone cliches? Maybe it's how everything was put together and executed. Well eitherway, Nisekoi is a necessity if you're a fan of rom com anime.

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I'm not a fan of Netorare, I downright hate it, but I have to say this is one of the very, very rare cases of a story with a Netorare element that I found enjoyable story-wise along with the H-Scenes.

It deals with the story of Mitsuko, your typical young housewife who is unfulfilled sexually. She's married to her husband Ichiro and has a daughter with him, but he hasn't touched her after the child's birth. Mitsuko and her family move in with her father-in-law, along with his young-wife Sumie, her son* and his other son, Kouji from a previous marriage.

Of course the father-in law a well-endowed sexfiend who gets Mitsuko to do sexual favors for him, each time escalating until she's become his persona sex-toy. This happens in Ep1, towards the end of the Episode, Kouji finds out about the affair and during a session where Mitsuko is left in a vulnerable position, Kouji has sex with her, now becoming his own play-thing.

The second episode deals with Kouji and Mitsuko constantly having sex, causing Mitsuko to finally give in and accept the lust. That episode ends with Mitsuko initiating sex with Kouji, which causes them to end up spying on Sumie having a threesome with two yard-workers.

The last two episodes are what got me, they go into more detail about that backstory of characters: how and why Sumie married Kouji's father and why she herself is a sexual deviant. Epi3 reveals Kouji's latent feelings for Sumie, along with revealing a surprise for Sumie's son.

Ep4 is the climax , the Grandfather finding out about his step-child's secret, trying to take advantage of it, and his death. It really isn't your typical Netorare, it does start off that way, but in the end it just I dunno turns into something else, with Kouji, the typical fat lazy slob, turning into the hero and getting all the women.

It's worth checking out. Like I said, hate Netorare, but there are some rare...rare....very rare gems in this genre.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Maybe it's because I am partial to mysteries/thrillers, or maybe it's because it is actually well-done, but Boku dake ga Inai Machi caught my attention: hook, line and sinker.

Technical holes aside -- namely the fact that the main character, whatshisface, immediately ran away from the police at the scene of the murder, bro what? like calm, that just makes you look guilty -- it's definitely a show to grab your popcorn and binge watch on. The mystery itself is very, very easy to figure out, mind you. The first time I saw the perpetrator I thought. Aha! Got you! Surprisingly, that did not take away from the story. It almost comes across as dramatic irony, so it ends up working well. To refresh, the main premise of the story is whatshisface ability to go back in time between 1 and 5 minutes -- a murder occurred and he managed to go back 18 years, like okay. Throughout his journey, the audience becomes habitual to touching scenes between the main character and his entourage, instead of just the mystery, the dynamics of friendship is brought into play. While the mystery itself is badly thought out (like honestly, who else could it have been) the tension and suspense is done correctly. I'm at the edge of my seat every time the main character jumps back into the past for a few minutes. Moreover, for all you shippers out there: there is subtle romance within the series if interested.

I usually don't separate my review into sub-categories, but let it be known that the opening song, Re:Re, is absolutely amazing. In any instance that Asian Kung-Fu Generation is part of the soundtrack, it will be mind blowingly good. That's a fact.

It's certainly a rush and there is a lesson to be learned of relying/believing your friends and ultimately yourself. It is definitely worth the watch and relatively exciting as well.
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Allison to Lillia (Anime) add
Allison and Lillia starts with a girl and boy (Allison and Wil) which their country has been in an unstoppable war for a long time, they meet an old man who then tells them of a treasure which is very valuable, many people have tried to find this treasure but failed, hence they call the old man a liar. Wil and Allison set off on an epic journey in the skies. Join them!

Allison and Lillia is a great anime to watch, it is one of my favourites, It has a very nice story line, though the characters are kind of the same, some may say it gets repetitive but I find everything about Allison and Lillia good, other than that there aren't any more episodes.

If you like action, adventure, a bit of comedy and nice characters, this is an anime I recommend watching.
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
Hunter x Hunter (2011) boasts of a high mean rating to grab one of the top spots of the rankings of MAL, and while I can most definitely say that the mean rating does not necessarily reflect the quality of the show, having that good impression kinda reflects how a lot of people actually loved the series, for reasons we may or may not know. And I gotta say that HxH did well in proving how it deserves such a good score, and why people would actually become attached to what it can offer. While it followed certain stereotypical "shounen formulas" (and it did well in that matter), HxH was able to present intelligent and hard-worked storytelling which when combined with unforgettable characters, amazing story arcs and settings, and great fluidity and logic, was able to form a masterpiece people would probably take a lifetime to forget.

Dividing the entire series into arcs, the dominant style of plot building in HxH is more or less typical of a shounen (and yep, I'm talking here despite having watched only a little of shounen) - it progressively creates its plot from recency, and in a linear manner, builds the story along with the plot events occurring. It does not build its story from puzzle pieces of the past, and rarely hints about some unknown big event in the future to happen. For every story arc, it shows you what it wants, and how the story would progress depends on how the characters in that arc make decisions and take actions, and similarly gives out the facts and information when the plot needs to bring them up. Simple and straightforward - the standard way of storytelling for shounen, I believe. While this is commendable as it makes the story very comprehensible and understandable, I feel that this way of storytelling is challenging because of two things. First is that it risks having an underdevelopment of the plot, like some crucial pieces of events may be disregarded and unexploited, and some details may be trivialized. Moreover, since this kind of storytelling needs to be divided into arcs, the flow of story transition must be coherent and logical; two adjacent yet separate story arcs need to make sense and should not feel forced because the straightforward way of presenting the story makes it hard to proceed to another story arc without compromising the fluidity and without changing the style of storytelling. These two problems are visible in most shounen anime with the same formula as HxH, which is why I really do not enjoy these kinds of shows really much - not to mention my preference to anime plot with a lot of foreshadowing and hinting (screw SAO, I love it for so many unknown reasons).

Guess what? HxH had me interested and hooked the entire time I was dealing with the "straightforward" plot building. The plot, which I mentioned to be risked of getting underdeveloped, was totally developed to the best it can - the key read more
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Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
The Big Order starts out solid but drops the ball on episode 6. MC has an intriguing backstory and reminisces of Ajin and Code Geass with the plot devices. The animation quality was good too. As of episode 5 I had this show rated as one of the top 5 shows of this season. Episode 6 came as a slap to the face. The studio must have had low ratings and said 'Who needs a cohesive storyline anymore when the show is about to be cancelled'' The constant changing of scenes and time skipping without any prelude was horrible. I can't believe they even allowed this episode to air. The gratuitous 3 minutes of fanservice at the start that has nothing to do with the story, sure I can overlook that. Even the weird incest scene I can overlook because it's anime but don't put those scenes in if you're going to take out crucial scenes which would contribute to the solidarity of the story-telling. The show is now unwatchable for me.
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Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Anime) add
Considered one of the classics from the famous era of 90's anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena does surely fit the bill as being placed amongst the best.

Without trying to reveal too much of the story, I will say that there is more to it than what would be considered the "main plot", which, in the end, is not what's important. It's more about what all these characters that we meet are dealing with throughout: struggles, desires, decision making, and especially finding their true self (that's a big one). There are tons of themes and allegories found within, but it may not look like that on the surface. That's because it's being blended in so well that you might not even notice.

It's safe to say that this series is truly character driven, and it's these characters that make the show what it is. In any other series, some of these characters would be introduced in one episode, get a bit of their history, and that would be it. However, here, not only do we get the obvious introductory episode, but we get multiple episodes focusing on the same characters, evenly divided amongst them all. With that, we get to see them flesh out more than you would normally see (it also helps that there are 39 episodes, which makes this possible).

The art is what also makes the show pleasing to the eye. It does have that late 90's anime look to it (seeing that it came out in 1997), but it suited the series well and I believe that was the best time to do it. The character designs, as well as the backdrops, give an aesthetic similar to that of a classic shoujo anime/manga series. However, none of this means that the animation was flawless as there were at least a few instances where either the motions or the character models were a bit off, but that's only being a little picky.

Upon this review being posted, it was the day before when I had finished watching the series after starting it only a few weeks prior. I had known of this series, though vaguely (title floating around, brief glimpses of images, etc.), so this was my first time watching it. And I do say, I can see why people like it. I will admit, I found myself a bit disappointed at first with its conclusion, but after thinking it over, my thoughts on it became what I had written above concerning the story. I had seen the director, Kunihiko Ikuhara's other works, and with this being his first (in terms of being the creator), I can see that he has this unique way of telling a story. I actually look forward to seeing what else he can come up with.
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Nodame Cantabile (Anime) add
*Just for reference: I watched this without having read the manga beforehand and I watched this anime subbed.

Nodame Cantabile is definitely a light hearted anime with your typical kind and humorous characters. It is definitely appropriate for anyone, I mean there is some light adult humour here and there but it's barely even present, and honestly the overall comedy in this anime fell short to me, I just didn't find it funny. But to enjoy this anime I definitely think you have to be someone who enjoys classical music because without the music there really isn't much to this anime.

The storyline isn't anything spectacular, it takes place at a music college where you get your usual relationship drama as well as the drama of preparing for music competitions, organizing orchestra performances, and dealing with fame and the path to fame in the classical music world. As far as plot goes I didn't get very into it nor was I a fan of any of the characters, not one of them, they were all bland and even though the had different personalities they still all kind of blended together to me.

One thing I believe this show did very well, though, is it did an exceptional job of depicting a musician's relationship to the music they play specifically with respect to classical music. The anime also dwells in the area of how a musician is affected by their instructor and their family which is an accurate depiction of musicians in the real world so I was happy to see that. The pieces they chose to feature were also for the most part really nice pieces that I personally liked. Some of the featured composers include Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Liszt, Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninov, and others.

As far as animation goes I wasn't by any means impressed overall. There were some close up scenes of musicians playing their instrument done with 3D CGI which is understandable because animating the intricate movement of peoples' fingers when they play an instrument is obviously kind of difficult, and although some of them were done quite well some of them were pretty cringe worthy too. And I wasn't a huge fan of the character stylization, it was kind of boring with hardly anything unique about any of the characters, minus the one guy with the afro I guess.

I already mentioned I liked the music, but if I were to get extremely extremely nit picky I would have to admit I personally was not a big fan of the interpretation of the pieces that were featured. I still enjoyed listening to them though it's just that I've heard them played much better.

Overall I really wanted to give this anime a 9 because of it's accurate depiction of musicians but every other aspect of it was just too lacking so I decided on giving it an 8 which I think is still a bit generous but hey, I have to admit I have a huge bias towards classical read more
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Elfen Lied (Anime) add
*Just for reference: I watched this anime without having read the manga beforehand and I also watched this subbed.

This is definitely not an anime for kids, there is a lot of nudity as well as people being torn to pieces and having their dismembered limbs and head flying through the air with the nice accompaniment of blood splattering everywhere, so if torn up bodies bother you I would suggest staying clear of this particular anime. In fact the first 10 minutes of the first episode is essentially a naked girl hacking up people everywhere, and the first time I attempted to watch this anime a while back I stopped after the first 2 minutes so just be sure that you're prepared for that going into this anime.

One aspect of this anime that kept me going, even throughout the parts that really annoyed me, was definitely the storyline. The character relationships and the motivation behind each character made for a good story and that was the most enjoyable part of Elfen Lied to me.

Now on to the parts that annoyed the heck out of me. My gosh the characters were so incredibly annoying, I hated every character except for one, and for the sake of avoiding spoilers I won't talk about him, and he isn't even a major character. As interesting as the premise of each character was, I still cringed at the execution of the character interactions, and for goodness sakes please just get rid of the harem, it was unnecessary and it was annoying enough to take away from the story and the themes being presented in each character. I am certain there are better ways to show jealousy and parental love without making every character a whiny and annoying prick.

The animation was pretty darn mediocre, I mean kudos on the details in the hacked up bodies, sure, but it's painfully easy to spot the lazy animation, so nothing special about it.

The music however was really great, they mostly played variations of the same song in every episode which got borderline repetitive, but still is was a really beautiful song so I didn't mind.

Throughout watching this I got the vibe that it deserved a rating of 7 rather than the 8 that I gave it, but I enjoyed the way this show was ended so I decided to bump it up to an 8.
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Nazo no Kanojo X (Anime) add
At beginning, the story seems really interesting and addictive. Even in spite of the inadequate and disgusting actions of the characters, you'll want to look further. After all, something great must happen!
But then more you watch the show, the bigger frustration is growing.

Although someone may say that on the contrary, everything is very logical. But not for me. The motives of actions of the main characters is a mystery. And until the end there is nothing really interesting and impressive. Except of one or two scenes. But this is too little. Not enough.

The ending is hints at the fact that will be next between main characters. But it's all that we'll have from this anime. Just a hint...
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
What an outstanding story, beautiful art and magical music.

if you have any passion in your heart this anime will intensify it, prepare for all the feels that will hit you, happy and sad all together.

i dont know if i should be happy or sad at the ending, i just kept crying.

but the way it ended just made the story better for or they wanted us to cry more.

its a 10/10 anime, take your time and watch it, you'll appriciate this masterpiece.
it has an outstanding everything, music, art, story , character growth.

it makes me want to learn how to play an instrument.
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Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
Here is my review on 'Pan de Peace'

First. This anime is focused on a girl named Minami who just started high-school and appears to be obsessed with bread, eating it for breakfast and other various times of the day. During her first day at school, she meets two girls named Yuu and Fuyumi whom she becomes "bread-buddies" with.

The artwork for this anime is really good, with great coloring and plenty of detail. At times, the art of the characters can change, changing to a most-chibi look and back.
The audio quality is also just as good- Being nice and rich, yet faint. However this isn't a problem at all and actually fits the anime very well.

Overall, this anime is very enjoyable if you'd like something quick to watch, however it's plot, if it even has one is extremely stale and pointless.
I recommend this anime to everyone, especially those who enjoy food-based anime.
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6 hours ago
Bakuon!! OVA (Anime) add
Just a honest review from a regular anime viewer. I really don't know how some of the reviewers manage to write really detailed reviews so like I said it's just a honest review. To begin with, the story wasn't that special at all. There were funny moments and everything, but the story didn't had any fire or any hooks (I mean it wasn't that entertaining to watch (checked my facebook several times while watching it)).

On my opinion if you just stick to the main series and don't watch the OVA, you won't miss anything special and maybe save up some time.

Is it worth to watch ? Not really, but if you like Bakuon!! Then yes.

Story: 6
Enjoyment: 6
Overall: 6

Raimu Senpai saves the day like always.
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Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season (Anime) add

If you were following this show when season 1 ended, you`d know how riled up everyone was at both the horrendous cliffhanger ending, and the who e argument of Inaho v Slaine. Now, with season 2, many people found it to be an absolute trainwreck, and both the premiere and finale episodes of this season BROKE everyone`s brains and temper. So, what did I think? Well, this is probably one of the more positive reviews of this show given how most people give it around a 3 in the reviews section. So, what exactly made this fanbase go rampant? Let`s find out shall we?

STORY: 2/10

The story starts off with a massive cop out, and string of some of the WORST WRITING I`VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! Both Inaho who got shot point blank in the head, and Asseylum who was shot by a VERS version of a shotgun in the head, are still alive with no major head or brain damage. Count Saazbum, despite being riddled with bullets, is alive, and Slaine takes both him and Princess Asseylum with him. 1 and 1/2 years later, Slaine has gone through the ranks of the VERS people, and with a now seemingly evil Asseylum leading, he feels that it is his turn to take charge and eliminate the humans of Earth to make it their new home. Inaho, and the rest of that military he was in, continue the battle, with little having being changed. As for the middle episodes, they`re just Slaine rising through the ranks and Inaho taking down more VERS and keeping one prisoner to help him find Asseylum. It really stagnates in quality, but is better than the first episode that has more plot holes that Saazbum had bullet holes. It also has an interesting, if stupidly flawed subplot involving the new princess who poses as Asseylim while Asseylum rests in healing stasis. Also, there`s one really stupid moment around episode 3 involving how Saazbum get`s dispatched, and it really made me frown at Slaine. The FINALE on the other hand, is one of the most rushed, unanswering, trite pieces ever that it honestly left me sad at how wrong it was, to put it that way.


If we were to mention only the main leads and other heroes, this would get a 4, so let`s go to what I like about this. The antagonists. Slaine, NO. He is so poorly written it almost hurts, and his actions to Saazbum despite all he did to make up to Slaine for being such a dick in season 1 really irked me. However, while his colleagues aren`t that interesting, they actually share a sense of camaraderie, which is honestly refreshing for a mech series. For the bad, there`s everything else. Inaho doesn't develop... at all. Same could be said about his colleagues. They`re the exact same as where they left of in season 1, even if some are still kinda interesting. The read more
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
"We’re all afraid, you know.. to get up on stage. Maybe you’ll mess up. Maybe they’ll totally reject you. Even so, you grit your teeth and get up on stage anyway. Something compels us… moves us to play music."

Your Lie in April - It's an anime that is often said to be great, it is even said to be one of the best but I had to check that myself. And I can tell: It is true.

As a pianist myself, the story its connection to music really touched my heart and inspired me. Just after any episode I get the urge to play the piano myself, that's when you know the Anime is well done.

The plot was fairly interesting having a love story with all those concerts as highlights.

The art itself really was outstanding, the characters look nice, so does the rest. I really liked how colors were used to symbolize certain emotions. A colorful environment stands for love while bland environments stand for the lack of love and enjoyment in everyday life. More colors were used at certain concerts to show emotions.

The sound is amazing aswell but I expected as much from a music Anime. I especially liked the non-concert soundtracks but also enjoyed those, in particular I was enlightened to hear the "Revolutionary Etude" (not sure if it's called like that in English) by Chopin as I've played that myself.

Characters were fine. The main characters were developed well and Kaori is a very likable character.

Overall it's an Anime you cannot miss even if you're not a musician. It'll strike your feelings, I'll promise you that.

"Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little? You’d better not hit "reset!" Don’t forget me, okay? That’s a promise, okay? I'm glad it’s you, after all. Will I reach you? I hope I can reach you."
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Brothers Conflict (Anime) add
Okay, i only remember 1/12 episodes (something about valentine day), but it was so much if i could tell.

My friends usually tell me how this kind of genre game is pretty good but, god, i can't live seeing harems. This really makes me angry. Why i'd like to see boys falling in love in this kind of plot?

The plot ugh--This main female character walk around getting the eyes of the step-brothers in this residence. She don't see? The girl and 13 guys are living together and i dont know anything about them and all i know is that the guys have some love intentions with her. Okay, you can like someone with just a look but i don't like this suck plot where all guys love all the shit that the girl does. Ahhh don't forget that they are hot boys ***stereotyphical***

Okay, if you don't like to feel angry and watch stupid shows, don't see it.

So, I warned you.
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Amnesia (Anime) add
To begin with, Amnesia is an anime adaption to the otome game series of the same name. I love fantasy stories that include cards and their symbols, Wonderland-esque appeal, and the surreal feeling of wonder and mystery. However, having it come from an otome game, you must expect that the anime won't have the heroine romantically paired with any of the number of guys featured. Anime adaptions to otome games also normally have a "main guy" that is more leaned towards him, and there is one in this anime as well.

A few years ago, I was obsessed with reverse harems because I loved the designs and art most of the time. Plot-wise, they're usually not very good, but great seiyuus are attracted to reverse-harem anime like they're magnets. The OP and EDs are a lot of the time top-notch. If looked at in this light, Amnesia fits into the typical reverse harem you'll find and expect. I've watched this anime twice, the second time dubbed, and I'll have to say that the dubbed version is better because the protagonist has more of a realistic personality.

What I dislike about the Amnesia series as a whole is the heroine. Yes, the heroine. For one thing, she doesn't even have a name, and the whole time the supporting characters don't mention her name once. Not in the anime, and not in the games. It's absolutely ridiculous - and on top of that, "Heroine" has a personality equivalent to a wall. Well, maybe you'd expect that, considering that she's lost her memory in the beginning. But she's just nonsensical - how? Whatever she's whisked into, she just GOES with it. She doesn't resist to a single thing, seemingly, and doesn't question things like she should. Granted, in the English dub, her personality is slightly more bearable, as she almost is a different person with the lines she says and the questions she actually asks. However, I love the Japanese voices for the guys, so neither version is perfect, unfortunately. The animation is also choppy, something that can be expected from a reverse harem. The guys aren't very appealing to me, except for two of them, and sadly 12 episodes isn't enough to get me attached, as Heroine moves onto another world before I can get to know each guy better (you'll understand what I mean better if you watch it). Though, I'm very used to this by now.

As for practically every other reverse harem, the art is visually appealing. The OP and ED are very fitting and nice too; it feeds you with a dose of mystery, like you're immersing yourself, and it gets you into the mood enough to put up with the crap afterwards. Perhaps if you're used to otome game anime adaptions, Amnesia wouldn't be that disappointing story-wise, as it's rather interesting. It's not set in a school, and it's read more
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
I'll try to make this short and sweet, and down to the point, for those wondering whether, or not, to watch this show. Short answer, yes! Reasons why? Read on.

So I'll start with this: "At least watch the first 24 episodes, and then see how you like it.", that quote is roughly something I read from someone else before I watched this show and I can tell you that just after the first episode I was hooked, and I'm sure that you'll get hooked too.

Anyway getting to the actual show, as you can see I've rated this a 10, which it's well deserved, Yoshihiro Togashi, the man behind this show, has created a masterpiece with Hunter x Hunter. Some of you may know him for another one of his popular works too, that being "Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho".

(Hunter x Hunter = HxH)

Story / Characters:

The story for HxH is very well done, with the show consisting of the major plot surrounding Gon, one of the main characters alongside, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio.

Each character has their own significant importance, with that being anything ranging from their backstory to their goals, their motivations. All of the characters have a detailed backstory, so you'll understand their aspiration to become "Hunters".

While Gon and Killua have the most prominent involvement in the story, don't fret, Kurapika and Leorio also play major parts as, they too, are main characters. While Gon and Killua set out to achieve their goals and Kurapika and Leorio do the same, they group splits up for a period of time, while they each make names for themselves.

The further the story continues, the more sucked in and attached you become, the darker the story becomes, the greater the ordeal, for the characters, becomes. Don't get the wrong mindset that it's all fun and games, with arcs of the story becoming darker by the episode, you won't be able to stop from watching "just one more episode", you'll want to see the climax, the conclusion, you won't be satisfied until you do.

Also as the arcs change more characters are introduced with quite major roles too, as one would expect. These characters also have their own motivations that become intertwined with the main characters, helping and assisting them along the way.

Oh and if you're worried about the main characters being "too op", then don't. They win fights, they lose fights, they accept that, and they train. There are also many characters who outrank them, in terms of power, skill, and experience, and they accept that, they know they don't stand a chance, especially if they just run straight in without thinking. If they do come to a situation where they do rush in without thinking it through or not knowing the severity of the situation they're getting themselves into, they're very quickly, taught it by having to live with the excruciating consequences of their actions.

Art / Sound:

Okay, so I don't really have much to put here, and to keep this as short as possible, I'll tell you read more
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Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (Anime) add
As harem anime go, Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara had a good bit of potential. The story tugs at your heartstrings without being a constant flow of tears, and has a nice chunk of comedy. None of the girls were truly "hate-able" (in my opinion, yours may vary), and each had a different kind of love for the main character, whether it was romantic, sisterly, friendly, or even parental. The MC is actually able to recognize all of their affections for exactly what they are (since he can see their flags) and has an understandable reason for turning away from any advances, which is explained a few episodes in.

Unfortunately, the biggest issue with this series is how rushed it is. With a whopping 11 girls (and 1 "trap") and only 13 episodes, there is very little time for character development or any big attachments to any of them. Typically, one or two are introduced each episode, a bit of time is given for why they get attached to the MC, and then they are pushed off to side roles as the next is pushed in. Megumu (the "trap") in particular gets basically no screen time by halfway through, except for throw-in gags two or three times per episode where everyone forgets, yet again, that he is a guy.

The finale of the show, sadly, managed to knock my rating down a point or two on its own. While there was a decent amount of foreshadowing throughout the series, the finale itself came suddenly enough to be jarring, and rushed through explanations as to what was happening and how. With zero build-up, this light-and-dark mix harem anime attempted to turn into action show, and sadly didn't do it very well.

While I enjoyed most of the ride, at the end I felt confused and a bit cheated. This is one of the few harem anime I can confidently say would been made better by going on longer.
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Sekirei (Anime) add
Sekirei is a good anime from start to finish. I'd recommend giving it a watch.
Story: 8.5
Definitely one of Sekirei's biggest pluses is its story. I think an easy way to explain would be if Zatch Bell was for rated R and almost all of the mamodos were girls, and you could have mutineers of them. But in all seriousness Sekeirei gives us a pretty good story. My only problem with it is that I ended up enjoying the backstory of the Sekireis and why they have to fight rather than seeing Minato gain Sekireis throughout the show.
Art: 9
Sekirei looks great. It has well animated action sequences and the anime has a unique style with great visuals all around.
Sound: 7
I only loved about 2 or 3 songs from the soundtrack, but besides that the background music is still good.
Characters: 7.5
These characters are very enjoyable to watch. I like Minato, the main character, and nearly all of the main Sekireis. My problem was they talk about the "bond" between a master and a Sekirei but we don't really see enough of Minato bonding with them one on one. I also wanted to know more about these characters.
Enjoyment: 7.5
I enjoyed Sekirei, I didn't hate anything about it, but I also didn't love anything about it, besides the visuals. I feel like if they focused more on the characters and story a bit, we could end up having something great.
Overall: 7.5
I did like Sekirei. I really enjoyed the story, but wished they focused more on the main characters. Like I said if they worked on the characters more and developed them and continued the story this could have ended up being a great anime.
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
I'll keep this ( relatively) short-

Durarara!! is incredibly good, the story allows for keen insight into all of the characters and how it weaves their lives together is extremely fascinating, it mixes the supernatural with realism to create an interesting blend of post- modernism and pseudo-Gothic. (NOTE:I use the term realism loosely here)

The art is good nothing spectacular but is by no means lacking.

The opening and endings throughout the entirety of Durarara!! are all very good and overall audio is fine.

The characters are all intensely intriguing and are what truly make this story, from the transgressive high school children to the wise gangsters, their intertwined lives create an incredibly entertaining narrative.

I love Durarara!! as it challenges the ideals of much of its audience. While many watch anime and aspire to an abnormal life, Durarara!! challenges this notion and points out the flaws in such an ideology and states that an abnormal life is mostly a pipe dream.

The message to take from it is 'enjoy your normal average everyday life' because the abnormal is not only unattainable but also dangerous
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Kanon (Anime) add
Before I begin, I watched the 2006 version twice before seeing this version of Kanon.
While Kanon 2002 isn't as good as the brilliant 2006 version, it's still a great anime overall. I think it's underated. It's just the 2006 version just half as long with a couple minor differences.
Story: 9
7 years have passed since Yuuichi has been to his cousins town when he was a kid. Unfortunately he remembers almost nothing besides his cousin and aunts name and the fact that he was good friends with his cousin. Throughout the anime Yuuichi remembers his past, while also helping his friends along the way. Like I said this is the exact story from the 2006 version with a couple minor differences. My only problem with the story was that it should have been more fleshed out and longer like the 2006 version. But I was surprised to see that the pacing was good through the the show.
Art: 9
The animation is great. It's colorful, detailed, and I love the art style. Again, the 2006 version just looks a lot better.
Sound: 10
The soundtrack is nearly identical to its 2006 counterpart. It is beatifully orchestrated and is the one thing it manages to match with the 2006 version. I highly recommend giving it a listen to.
Characters: 9
Kanon delivers great characters for us to enjoy and feel sorry for. I love it these characters besides maybe one or two side characters. My only problem was because Kanon 2006 was longer it showed us more on how these characters suffered and felt. I was more attached to the characters in the 2006 version because it was longer, and because this is shorter I didn't feel AS MUCH, but still enjoyed them.
Enjoyment: 9
I really enjoyed Kanon, I ended up crying throughout the last couple episodes of the show. Kanon is a tear jerker for me.
Overall: 9.25
Kanon is an underated anime, I feel like just because the 2006 version is better doesn't mean this one is bad. It just isn't as good, but still manages to be a great anime the whole way through. I definitely recommend the 2002 version, but I do recommend the 2006 version more.
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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
Anyone looking for an anime that fully embraces "animeness" to the point of becoming a caricature, please check this one out.

From the crowded animation and smooth soundtrack to the over the top storyline and characters, kill la kill is fun.

The story of a lone rebel seeking revenge for a parent/sibling/lover against an oppressive regime has been done to death. Yet kill la kill takes this and messes around with it until it becomes something awesome.

That's what the show is about. It takes serious "boring" themes and mocks them by wrapping them in a shounen/magical girl action show (without actual killing) and then showering it with fanservice.

In conclusion, Kill la Kill is a fun ride and should be watched.

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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Anime) add
Rumbling Hearts (14 Episodes)

Rating: 7/10 (Good)
Recommendation: Stream It

Sometimes you need to just sit, and talk to your loved one about what's going on in life. Instead of ignoring each other and making it frustrating for the viewers to watch.


Takayuki, Haruka, Mitsuki, and Shinji are four high school friends. They're in the last year of high school and are just enjoying each other's time. Until one day, Haruka approaches Takayuki and confesses her love to him. Takayuki and Haruka begin to start dating. Until one day, tragedy strikes the four of them. And things aren't ever the same way again.

The plot is enlightening and frustrating at the same time. Rumbling Hearts is very soap opera like. It likes to throw unnecessary drama around like it's a baseball.

From the outside, looking in, you get frustrated because a lot of the problems presented could be fixed if people just talked to each other. Especially when your in a relationship. Communication is key to making it successful but when you refuse to let your significant other in on the details, you get mishaps and it creates tension amongst the two of you.

Now there are elements of this story to like. For instance, the characters do grow up. The anime is very adult like as well. It's in that awkward stage of your early 20's, you're trying to figure out what you want to do in life, and friendships are being drifted apart because of time.


Takayuki: Minimal reaction to things, not entirely sure of himself or what he wants, acts selfish from time to time, takes longest to realize what he needs to do.

Haruka: Shy, innocent, loves her friends.

Mitsuki: Hard working, embracive, loving, caring, fights hard for the ones she loves, takes the most impact and let's her problems fall second to others.

Shinji: Kind of just there once in awhile, punches Takayuki.

The character development is the meat of this anime, or at least Mitsuki is. Mitsuki is the one that takes most of the negative effects from her friendships and relationship. She is caught in the middle of trying help others but forgets to help herself. Causing her to mentally breakdown at times.

Haruka and Takayuki are more stalemate like in the character interactions. Yes, they do grow but they take the longest to react upon situations. They are the driving force of the drama, even if they don't know it.

Shinji, really just there to be there. He is barely on screen. So there's not much to say about him.

Animation & Sound:

For an early 2000's anime, the animation is pretty well done. The backgrounds look nice and the character designs are pleasant. It's not an outstanding show but it definitely fits the content and then some.

The dub is pretty well done as well. My friend pointed this out awhile back and he said that early anime didn't have the best dubs for women. And, with exception to a few that I've seen, that's generally been the case. But Rumbling Hearts has solid dubbing cast. read more
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Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (Anime) add
Cromartie High School (26 Episodes) (12 minutes per episode)

Rating: 7/10 (Good)
Recommendation: Stream It

Honestly, this review isn't going to take long. There's not much to break down.


Kamiyama gets accepted into Cromartie High, a school for troubled kids. Kamiyama never tells his back story, because you're supposed to read the manga for that. Along the way, Kamiyama meets random guys and just experiences life through segments.

I mean, that's literally it. There's no official plot. The anime is mainly skits thrown together and called good enough. But that is the charm of the show. It doesn't need a cohesive plot to keep you interested, it just needs it's quirky problems and characters to keep you going.


Kamiyama: The smartest of the bunch. Supposedly the most bad ass, yet he never fights, cool, calm, collected.

Hayashida: Purple Mohawk.

Freddie: Possibly the lead singer of Queen, but origin story is unknown.

Mechazawa: It's a robot. No one wants to tell him he's a robot. He doesn't believe he's a robot. But he's a robot.

The characters are just zany. There's no rhyme or reason for them being at this school, other than they're trouble makers. They just coexist and deal with each scenario as it comes.

Animation & Sound:

For a show with no purpose, the animation is pretty decent. At times it's very lackadaisical, but that is just there keep up appearances. Like, they don't care, but they do.

The dub is great here. Every voice actor is top notch. Even Freddie's voice is really good. Not sure how they pulled that off.


Cromartie High School is a fun anime. Obviously comedy varies from person to person, but if you're looking for something that's silly, to ease your mind, Cromartie High School will do that for you.

Plus, each episode is only 12 minutes long. So, it's not going to take up to much of your time.
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Kuroshitsuji (Anime) add
I dont know where to start...
i think i will skip this time and just go directly to my rating.

Story 7/10 well the story is kinda boring at first... i thought yeah give this anime a chance, just watch it... so i do watched it and wel, until episode 19 nothing special happened. 18 out of 24 episodes are boring, it might be important for the story... idk they could do a summary. nevermind since episode 19 its going to get interesting and finally i had fun watching it. nice
Art 7/10 it was ok
Sound 9/10 yeah i liked the classical sounds and the dark atmosphere. the best part of the anime
Character 7/10 i dont know why but i didnt like most of the characters
Enjoyment 7/10 as i said it was boring at start... but later on it was good and i enjoyed it.
OVERALL 7/10 yep
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Tamako Love Story (Anime) add
I found this and watched this on a whim. As you can see, my score for this is 10/10

BECAUSE IT'S SO CUTE. The romance and everything, I know you Tamako Market viewers are grieving over how the TV anime series had no enough romance in it. And I believe this is how they 'compensate'. Watch Tamako Market first (don't make the same mistake as me, kids. I found this movie first, watched it, THEN, watch Tamako Market. Believe me, I wished I could redo my life just to fix this imperfectness :p )

There's a very, very nice and perfect word to describe this cute romance. It fits perfectly like a ring on a ring finger, like butter on bread. That word is.......!!!!!

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Anime) add
This is really pathetic and bad. As a romance anime. But if you see this as a comedy anime, this will never bore you. The fanbase are really good (probably because the ships are all the same so no shipping wars hahahah), *whispers* and we're mostly hopeless about the romance.

BUT THE COMEDY. IS. REALLY. GOOD. It pisses you off on how ridiculously brilliant and realistic it is. Give it a try if you want a long life!! *wink, wink*

The characters are perfectly constructed. Each individuals had each unique traits, it would be hard to choose the best girl/ character. Though the anime is really good and hilarious, to me the manga is better, and it's still on-going too (as of now).

Believe me or not, I yearns for more.

The ending, to me, had less powerful impact. It seems that the anime producers had difficulties on finding the right point to stop (because the manga was still on-going and no climax-like scenes whatsoever), but it's a nice ending with a cute ad-lib by the anime team <3
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
Ever since it first premièred back in 2011, "Madoka Magica" has been notorious for changing the way we view the magical girl genre forever, adding a very dark twist that, at the time, was practically unheard of. As someone who was unable to enjoy the likes of "Sailor Moon" or "Cardcaptor Sakura", I consider this series a big breath of life into a genre that was previously known for being childish and monotonous, even if it is definitely not easy on the feels.

Story (8/10):
The story opens with our heroine Madoka Kaname having a mysterious dream about a black-haired girl fighting strange creatures. Even more mysteriously, that same dark-haired girl (named Houmra Akemi) comes to Madoka's school the next day as a transfer student and seems to know her very well, despite Madoka having no memory of her. Not long after this, Madoka and her friend Sayaka Miki encounter a strange creature called Kyubey, who wishes to form a contract with them. Simply put, they become Magical Girls and fight mysterious creatures called witches and he in turn will grant them one wish, whatever it may be.

Sounds simple enough on paper, but the reality is actually a lot more complicated. We've all heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for", right? Well, never has that had a stronger meaning than it does here, as soon enough the girls discover the consequences of their wishes and how empty and nihilistic the life of a Magical Girl really is. Further complicating matters is the fact that Kyubey isn't what he appears to be and is prone to withdrawing important information. And, needless to say, the amount of pain the girls go through over the series' twelve episodes is downright heartbreaking to watch.

The dark twists are plentiful, which is expected since the writer is none other than Gen Urobuchi. The creators even went through the trouble of having a really cute ending theme for the first two episodes, just to make the sudden change in tone in the third episode as shocking as possible. There isn't a whole lot I can say as nearly everything is a major spoiler, so I'll just say that while not an awful lot happens, the story manages to hold itself together all the way up to a rewarding conclusion.

Art & Animation (8/10):
The art, for a lack of a better word, is strange. The girls all look pretty cutesy, appearing to be ten when they're actually teenagers. This feels out of place when the story starts to fall into dark territory, as the character models look very ill-fitting for such a dark series. Thankfully, this is made up for by the witch labyrinths, which, to be perfectly honest, made me think drugs were involved when they were designing the series. Seriously, the visuals when they're in a labyrinth are absolutely insane, with everything besides the characters themselves becoming a wild collage of symbols and strange creatures that symbolize the Witch and her obsessions. They are downright disturbing read more
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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Anime) add
The story is awesome and the characters too.This anime teaches me what it means to be alive and never give up on everything that i want.This anime is really touching and sad,if you don't feel the same way that means you don't understand the meaning of the story.

The comedy is hilarious too.I laughed so hard everytime i watch the funny scenes.

The characters are also unique.They have their own talents and work hard for their own talents.They are so talented and it also inspires me.

The anime teaches us not to give up for what we want even the world refuses.
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
First of all,this anime is really epic!The plot,the characters,and the sounds.I think this anime needs more votes and fans.The psychological and thriller mixed up so well.

Yuno Gasai is so awesome and i even made her as my favourite character.Her voice actress did great too and the voice suits her.

The only thing that ii hate from this anime is the MC.I hate Yukki..He's a terrible MC.All he knows is crying and hide behind Yuno..I mean come on dude,you're the mc and this is a survival game.Kill or be killed!If you become a scaredy cat you'll ended up so badly at the end.
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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (Anime) add
I just finished watching this old show and thought I'd do a review about it. I know that many others living in Sweden and/or Finland grew up with this series but I'm one of those who missed out on it back in the days and learned about Silver Fang (aka Hopeanuoli) later on, which means that I have no childhood ties or nostalgy connected to it.
I will abbreviate Ginga Nagareboshi Gin as simply GNG in this review.

I will keep this review as spoiler-free as possible and, hopefully, not too long, so don't worry about any major plot reveal.

Story 6/10:
The story is a very basic revenge-centered plot (with a touch of betrayal and inner conflicts), nothing too deep and fairly predictable. It starts off with our main dog protagonist and hero, Gin the Akita bear-dog, being born. He quickly gets separated from his mother and becomes grandfather Gohei Takeda's next hunting dog – an old man who's a hunter with a grudge for a very certain bear, Akakabuto. Gohei starts training Gin with abusive methods to make him the ultimate bear-dog and, even though his ways to teach are cruel, they do pay off later.
Shortly after being born Gin gets taken on a hunting trip and watches his father Riki, Gohei's former dog, fighting against Akakabuto and getting thrown off a cliff and, presumably, dying. This memory serves as the main driving force for Gin to go on a journey to gather dogs from all over Japan to fight and take down the monster bear Akakabuto, for the sake of revenge.
The show takes on a very episodic "new recruit of the week" formula, for most of the episodes, while Gin and his gang encounter new dogs that they have to win over to their growing bear-slaying team; often by showing who's the greater male.
But while most of the episodes are fairly predictable they are genuinely enjoyable to watch, even though the subs are horrible and the whole show is resting heavily on manhood and stereotypical ideals and perception of masculinity – mainly when recruiting the dogs and fighting. To give you an idea of how male-centered this show is the hundreds of dogs gathered by Gin are all exclusively males, with the only exception being Cross, who plays the role of the "lone girl but badass-enough-to-be-taken-into-the-guys-group-anyway" – basically Cross is the butch who, at the same time, is a mother figure. Actually, if I recall right you only see two female dogs during the duration of the whole show and that's Gin's mom Fuji and Cross. So yeah, the gender balance is really skewed on this one.
There's a lot of "gather the strongest men!" and "men are like this and like that [insert typically admired masculine quality here], everywhere; you even get the "real men don't cry" cliché and other similarly cringy standards our society has come up with. :) This might be offputting for some watchers and honestly, even though I'm a dude myself, I found it to read more
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Shitcom (Anime) add
What the actual living f*ck.

Am I autistic now? I feel autistic after watching this anime. I feel like I have some form of cancer now.

One minute, it's juts one minute long, what could possibly go wrong?

I think this anime is like the video they show in the ring but instead of a young girl killing you, it's cancer.

But, let's get right into the review of possibly the best anime out there

Story 10/10

A man and a woman go out on a date, the best story you can ever get

Art 10/10

Clay animation is the best animation out there, forget fate, this right here is the best animation out there.

Sound 10/10

Only one song in the soundtrack, but then again it's only a minute long

Character 10/10

The character are just so fine and so well developed. In one minute they express themselves so much that "SHIT" goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

Enjoyment 10/10

Who thinks people shitting out of their mouth isn't enjoyable?

Overall 1/10

But alas, this wonderful piece of art is only a minute long, thus the overall rating of 1, they should have at least made a movie out of this piece of shit.
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Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru (Anime) add
+Beautifully atmospheric
+Simple character animation but gorgeous scenery
+Very artsy and symbolic
+Slower paced but I like it
+The characters were cute

-Yeah definitely for the more creative, artsy type (Which isn't really negative tbh)

As I said, this movie is very atmospheric, and very dreamlike. Yes, it's very slow paced, not much happens at once, but personally I love these types of movies now and then. These types of movies are always such a nice breather from the usual anime I watch. If you're more into shOUNEN, TONS OF DRAMA, SUSPENSE, FAST PACED ACTION then yeah you're definitely not going to like this movie. It's more something for people who are creative (What I mean by that is people who are, daydreamers, surrealist, artist ect ect).
But who knows, if you can handle slower paced movies I recommend checking it out. It's a pleasant experience.
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Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Story: For the most part, the story as consistent and almost everything that had happened was left explained. Sure, some things did not get explained at all or very much, but perhaps they are things that are supposed to be revealed later in perhaps another season. That being said, I will not say that this hindered the anime very much for this particular season. In the beginning of the anime, we saw how Jason was attempting to kill Rize. It gave us a good sense of the dangerous nature of some ghouls and some information on the presented characters' information. A particular conflict in Tokyo Ghoul that made it very good was the clash betweem morals of ghouls and humans, particularly played by Kaneki and Amon. Kaneki attempted to argue for a place in the world where ghouls and humans co-existed and how humans were just as gruesome and horrific as ghouls. Little things like these help to build up the perfect anime. And the scene where Touka defeated Tsukiyama, while it may have seemed unnecessary for the anime for progress, I saw it as a chance to present to us that some humans can find ghouls attractive and fitting to co-exist with them. It also showed that even ghouls like Nishiki, who had lost all faith in believing others, found an exception in a human. It came to the point where Nishiki was even willing to give up his life for her when Tsukiyama threatened to consume/kill her. That is a scene that while does not necessary matter too much if it was replaced with some other scene is what helped to refine the foundation that was already created in the anime. Overall, I believe that every little bit of Tokyo Ghoul really helped to make it shine and I feel that it could have not been executed so well if the author and producer did not work so closely on the minor details for every page and scene.
Story Rating: 7/10

Art: Tokyo Ghoul's art is pretty amazing. Everything about the anime is pretty well drawn, and while it is not amazing, it is very appealing to the eyes. The fight scenes are well animated and the colors of the kagunes are very vibrant.
Art Rating: 9/10

Character: The main character, Kaneki Ken, definitely deserves some praise as he is one of the best I have ever seen. Upon his transformation into a ghoul, Kaneki does retain some of his human traits. However, after his incident with Aogiri Tree, we notice parts of him that are easily relatable to us. Kaneki is pressured into changing for the sake of protecting himself and his friends and while this is a humanly desire for him, his nature of a ghoul is what makes this character so interesting and unique. Now. the some of the other characters do deserve credibility for making the Tokyo Ghoul great, too. Amon serves as a particular contrast for Kaneki. It is as if he is the CCG version of read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add

Akame Ga Kill has been regarded by a wide majority of anime viewers as slightly below mediocre. However, Akame Ga Kill should get a bit more credit then it deserves. Although the ending was not the best, it certainly surpasses some of the worst. In this review, I would like to say that I will be ignoring how well the anime adapted from the manga because I will be rating the anime on its own.

General Synopsis:
Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu depart their home village in hopes of making money in the capital. Along the way, they are split up and Tatsumi is introduced to the capital and its corruption and the infamous, Night Raid. At first, Tatsumi assumes they are enemies, but later recognizes their need to overthrow the emperor for sake of the people and shortly joins them after a short clash.

The plot had a lot of potential, while it was not misused entirely, it had some of its bad parts. For the most part, Akame Ga Kill had relatively decent pacing. The story was really easy to follow and the fight scenes were very elaborate. One of the major issues with the anime however, was the ending. There was not enough justification for why Esdeath had failed her trump card move, the power to freeze time. In addition, Akame's trump card seemed to be a bit phony. For one, Lubbock did mention that Akame was supposedly unable to activate her trump card, however, her own consequence for activating the trump card was to "accept responsibility for the lives" she has taken with Murasame. Again, this was not explicit enough and it was hard to comprehend why she did not use her trump card long ago since it is hard to see why the consequence for activating it was bad in anyway because the anime did not stress that well enough. Besides from the ending, I thought the story was a above average because it did run decently well with the plot.
Story Rating: 7/10

Quite frankly, while Akame Ga Kill's art was not excellent, it was certainly very good. There were also some points in the anime where the anime froze on a very creepy, yet well done art of an enemy.
Art Rating: 8/10

This is one of the few aspects that just destroys Akame Ga Kill. The characters play a big role in any story and in this anime, the character development was just horrendous. The only character that really receives any development is Mine. Mine started off as arrogant, non-sympathetic, and condescending. However, towards the end of the anime, Mine develops a soft spot and finds people she ends up caring for. As for the rest of the characters, they received little to no development. However, there are some parts of the anime that really helped the characters shine in some way. Akame and Tatsumi both questioned their cause for joining Night Raid at some point, which was really good for contrast to those that were read more
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
Story: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu is an anime that explores human nature by introducing a species of predators whose natural instinct is to hunt and consume human beings. Sounds great, right? It's pretty good, I'll admit. But what makes Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu so good? For starters, the characters are amazing, but again, I will get into the advanced details later during the character section of my review. The main characters, Shinichi and Migi, who are human and parasyte respectively, slowly altar personalities and end up becoming each other. Shinichi slowly begins to behave like a parasyte whereas Migi slowly begins to behave like a human. What makes this sudden development so good is that it highlights the contrast of human behavior and a sudden apex predator behavior. It allows viewers to notice the sudden feeling of fear in humans once they realize that there is a predator known as a parasyte that's first instinct is to consume human flesh. The story itself stays consistent. The main point of the story remains; Migi wishes to stay alive and decides to fight off parasytes that wish to eliminate it and Shinichi. Side stories also run on with this show, which is completely fine since it did not deter the flow of the story and its main plot line. The story does not introduce any plot armor to any specific character and I am focusing this particularly on Shinichi. While he does receive a power up which actually makes sense (Migi infusing a part of his non-human agility and other inhuman traits into Shinichi), it is in no way anti-climactic and for the lack of a better term, bullshit. Shinichi still has problems fighting multiple enemies despite a power up and every fight ends logically and strategically. This is something that keeps me and other viewers on edge because every fight is a surprise. Finally, the story ends on a good note. The parasytes try to co-exist with humans by discovering a diet besides human and Shinichi is able to save his Murano. I felt that him being able to save Murano (with the discreet help of Migi) was a good end to the anime because there was a part in the beginning of the story where Shinichi felt powerless and useless because he could not protect his mother dying. This ending helped to resolve Shinichi's inner darkness because he can finally move on. Overall, I felt that the entire anime was a job well done. It started on a good note and ended beautifully.
Story Rating: 9

Art: I have no complaints regarding the art. However, the art of the fight scenes did feel bland sometimes, but overall, everything was well drawn.
Art Rating: 7

Characters: The main characters of Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu, Shinichi and Migi, were amazingly well-created. Shinichi started off as gutless, sensitive, emotional, and wimpy. As the series progressed and Shinichi crossed paths with Migi, Shinichi began to change. He started to appear more parasyte after the infusion with Migi. He read more
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K-On! (Anime) add
Quite frankly my favorite anime of all time.

All the characters are adorable in one way or another, and the comedy of the series will not get old.
Beign also an anime about music (Even though they don't really focus too much into it), the music is also amazing, the background music is so well made that it will make you feel what the situation is like. Sad moments will have music that will also make you feel sad, and the funny moments will have funny music and so on.
The few downsides to this anime is the animation, despite it's cute art style, it's somewhat poorly animated for the first few episodes, and spotting asymmetrical eyes is not a rarity, as it does happen somewhat often (However, they are not really noticeable unless you look at it closely).

It really makes me sad how there's never gonna be a 3rd Season.

K-ON! is definitely worth watching, the story isn't really the most serious, but the comedy justifies it. And the few moments it gets serious, it just somehow catches you in the mood.

This anime, for me, is perfect.
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Kannazuki no Miko (Anime) add
Take a fanfiction written by a fourteen year old who thinks rape is love and you get this anime.

This show was okay till it decided to go the I love you so I have to push you away, so I'm going to rape you. Of course the rape victim, I mean love interest, forgives their rapist after a whole bunch of crap. I usually see this written by fanfiction writers, but nope this was written by an older japanese man. I would like a show that doesn't have a doormat as a female lead, who thinks obsession, rape, and possession are alright in the name of love.
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Pupa (Anime) add
As of today, Pupa is my second least favorite anime I have ever watched.

Story (1)

The story begins with a brother Utsutsu and his sister Yume coming home from school. Yume is infected with the Pupa virus that turns her into a monster that can only survive by eating human flesh. Her brother also has the virus that allows him to instantly heal.

A woman named Maria captures the siblings for research. She persuades Utsutsu to forever act as food for Yume so she won't have to kill. This leads to gory scenes of watching Yume eat her brother. Also there are a few scenes of Utsutsu being tortured. While he can quickly heal, it does nothing to rid him of the pain. I personally found both of these instances uncomfortable to watch.

There is no real plot. The story itself is confusing. Later in the anime it is told through the mother that Yume has always eaten raw animals. It's never revealed if this actually happened, or a part of her hallucinations. There are lots of subplots that never go anywhere, such as Maria randomly being pregnant that is never mentioned again. The reason for the virus is never explained, nor why Maria is so interested in researching these kids.

Then the last episode is in no way relevant to the rest of the story.

Mostly I feel that this is just gory and disturbing just to be gory and disturbing. What more there is no message in this anime.

While the episodes are extremely short, I finished watching the series confused as to what actually happened.

Characters (1)

All of the characters in this anime are unlikable and have no development.

I think Utsutsu was meant to be portrayed as literally self-sacrificing. He endures all this suffering without ever fighting back, or searching for another alternative. Other than caring for his sister, nothing is known about the guy. He has no personality, a very bland character.

Yume is unlikable as possible. She greedily feasts on her brother and never once thanks him or shows remorse for hurting him or killing the other characters in this story.

Every other character in Pupa has no personality and pretty much nothing is known about them. It is hard to relate to a character when the audience is given no information on them.

Art (4)

The art is not bad.

I like the use of the color red here. It's interesting how the backgrounds and clothing are neutral which better displays the red butterflies, the blood, and what I assume is Utsutsu's birthmark.

Something I feel is clever is the use of the teddy bears. Several times violent scenes are shown through the teddy bears that represent a particular character. For instance, the Yume teddy is shown eating stuffing from the Utsutsu teddy. Had all the gruesome moments been shown with the stuffed animals, I feel it would have been much more effective.

Sound (4)

The sound is decent. I don't have any complaints or compliments here.

Enjoyment (1)

This anime was uncomfortable to watch. read more
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Rokka no Yuusha (Anime) add
Rokka no Yuusha is, simply put, not popular. It's not a familiar title; I've never heard of it until I saw one of the characters (Fremy/Flamie) on Google Images. Originally a light novel series, this anime adaption is outstanding art-wise, and does follow rather closely to the first novel thus far for the first season. However, even for only 12 full episodes and adapting the first novel, be prepared for a lack of... action, per se. In other words, you'll be left feeling like nothing happened by the end of the season, and hopefully, the anime will continue to future seasons according to the novels.

I've read a blog post translated into English basically summarizing each light novel in long paragraphs, so I basically spoiled myself silly before watching the anime. The anime itself is quite clear and well-executed, and reminds me a bit of SAO, Danganronpa, and the like. I find it interesting that the protagonist isn't your ordinary innocent, normal-gone-powerful character (and based off the character design alone, he oh-so obviously looks the part) - Adlet Mayer comes off as cocky and controlling in a comical way, as his abilities seem mediocre beside the other Braves.

If you've seen The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, it's like this anime. The anime feels very dragged, to put it bluntly. The main characters are stuck in one place for most of the episodes, and they're busy being suspicious of each other rather than being focused on the reason why they're there, the main task at hand. The reason for this is because there are apparently supposed to be six of them, but seven meet. You'd think that the problem would be solved within an episode or two, maybe three at most, but it drags on for 12 episodes. Unfortunately, that causes the feeling that nothing is happening, when there are things that are happening, like the characters showing their powers by battling against each other and such. The OP and ED are also not memorable, as they've really easily slipped past my mind. In fact, Rokka no Yuusha is, quite frankly, one of those anime that you can go without watching.

Despite the lack in plot, which I've explained the reason in the "premise," the anime still incorporates a shroud of mystery and requires some brain power to piece things together without making many things seem obvious. I've spoiled myself (dang it), but that still didn't cause me to be unsurprised at the turn of events near the climax. There are parts that raise questioning and that seem completely random and strange, or even out-of-place, but they do come back to bite your nose at the end, and that excited me. The characters have very unique designs and have great, original names. The art is the best part, and I give it the highest score because it's consistent and I've had so read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
*Spoiler Free!!*
If you haven't been on any social media page in a while or talked to a person who likes anime, you may have not heard the one of the hottest animes of 2015! This anime may not look the best, but believe me when I say this show lives up to all the hype it’s getting. This show did a perfect job in each genre it was representing, the action scenes had me on the edge of my seat while the comedy scenes had me laughing pretty hard.

Story: 10 - The story is a masterpiece without a doubt. As the title says he is a man of One-Punch battle. The world building is also great. ONE has successfully imagined a world brimming with heroes and monsters that is very interesting and feels incredibly vast. There are all kinds of monsters in this show. We have monsters based on animals, monsters based off robots, monsters based off of rogue expert practitioners of martial arts, just to name a few. On the side of the heroes it's the same, we have here an incredibly diverse cast of heroes that all have very unique styles. The story pick offs from a very interesting development and the logic is crazy which makes it even better. A typical man becomes the world's strongest man in three years with only casual training and lost his hair because of it. The story’s development is great and after each episode it will having you say “One more.”

Art: 9- The art is simply amazing. The contrast between the fluid, high detailed battle scenes and the comical ones makes this show even funnier than it already is. The quality in the fight scenes are crazy and filled with colors.

Sound: 10 - Because it blends in perfectly with the anime.

Character: 10 - The characters are beautifully drawn and animated, and I enjoyed the incredibly large and colourful cast of seemingly overpowered heroes.

ENJOYMENT: 10 - The fun is the maximum point of the series, where the blend of beautiful scenes of action, humor and music come together for the blockbuster that is the series.

Final Verdict: 10 - One punch man is a fun light hearted series but it can be serious when it wants to it goes funny to serious real quick but it's really a parody of every mainstream shounen if you watch this series there are references left and right this series really is amazing there nothing else i can say without spoiling so i highly recommend you check it out.
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Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
Space Dandy is a more recent anime that I picked up. I had seen screenshots of Dandy from various episodes, but never knew what the anime was until recently. When I started watching the show. I had found clips of the English dub. I surprisingly liked it?!

Coming from a person who hates English dubs with a burning passion, it's surprising that I ever watched a dubbed version of a show before the subbed. The dub for this show is surprisingly enjoyable & I plan to watch the subbed after to compare the two.

Overall, I enjoy the humor and the art work. The animation for the action shots is pretty good. Especially episode one when Dandy first meets Meow. The backgrounds are also really good! However, I find the clips with the Gogol empire to be kind of boring and tedious after awhile. It was funny in the beginning, but then everything was simply expected. I didn't really care for that side of the plot. Space Dandy isn't one of my favorite animes, but I still enjoy it very much... I enjoy it so much that I'm currently saving up for a Dandy figurine... And maybe the Honey one too... If my wallet permits it.
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Sukitte Ii na yo. (Anime) add
Say I Love You is not the masterpiece I expected, but it's still a show worth watching. The characters and story were alright but in my opinion, the plot ran a bit too slowly.

I've never completed this anime because the pacing doesn't fufill my interests enough. Still, there are sweet moments here and there that make me smile and there's nothing off about the show. In fact, the show is pretty well done. It just didn't quite meet my standards in terms of drama.

I prefer shows with comedy and drama or action and fantasy to spice up the non-romance portion, if there is implied romance. That being said, this show was sweet all the way. Despite implied sex, there isn't any harem or explicit fan service; not that you'd expect any in a shoujo.
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ef: A Tale of Melodies. (Anime) add
It's been quite a while since I've read the original ef: a fairy tale the two visual novel. If I had to guess, I'd say it's been around 3 years now. It HAD been quite a while since I'd seen the ef anime series as well, getting through both seasons somewhere around January of 2015. However, I recently decided to get through a quick rewatch (about two weeks ago) of just the second season. Why, you may ask? Allow me to explain.

Basically, I was exploring an anime group on Facebook when I came across a "post your top 30 favorite anime" type of post, which are usually common within the group. I thought up mine, and posted it. ef: A Tale of Melodies ended up making the list at #28. I had a certain person ask why to two different anime: Selector Spread Wixoss (at #10) and, of course, ef: A Tale of Melodies at #28. I decided that I'd write reviews of both for that reason exactly (though I didn't include this little spiel in the Wixoss review).

I knew that my review of ef: A Tale of Melodies would be pretty quick and to-the-point, even before rewatching. It's just simply a series that doesn't require much to be said about it; it's quite simplistic, but it's simplicity at its very best. That's the reason why I enjoy this series as much as I do, and why I'm reviewing it right now.

So, let's go ahead and dig into this review.

*note 1: this is a review of the SECOND season of the ef series. If you haven't seen the first or don't mind being spoiled, you shouldn't read this review because it will include minor spoilers of the first season.

*note 2: I will be referring to the series as "ef season 2" from now on.


While I wouldn't say the story of ef season 2 really falls flat (which it really doesn't) except maybe at times, it is definitely the weakest aspect of the series. This was also true with season 1, but I won't get into that.

Season 2 takes place right after the events of season 1, at least on the literal timeline of the series. What I mean by that is it has a bit of a "twist" (which isn't the right word to use, but it works for now) that causes you to believe certain events take place in the past. And, much like season 1, two stories take place at the same time within season 2 as well.

The first story deals with Yuu, who was a pretty known character in season 1 but not nearly enough to be described as a main character. It also deals with Yuuko Amamiya, which if you paid close attention to season 1, you'll probably see that as a spoiler (though I assume you've seen season 1 at this point so I guess not). The story of those two are what dominate the first story present within ef season 2.

The second story read more
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