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Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
Diabolik Lovers gets a bad rep because it lacks plot, character dynamics and overall realism. But that's the thing about Diabolik Lovers, it wasn't trying to romance you in those elements.

You have to see the show for what it is. See, the first thing you should know about Diabolik Lovers (DL) is that this whole series is based on a fantasy choose-your-ending love game featuring dark vampires. That alone should tell you that the only side of you Diabolik Lovers wants to appeal to is your lustful side. From that perspective, DL does it's job perfectly.

In fact, for an anime made solely for servicing it's audience in a very specific way, the plot is fair. It's interesting enough. Was it moving, emotional or even believable? No. But was it supposed to be? Nope! The plot is only needed to give the lusty moments within the anime context.

Asking for a real plot from a show like Diabolik Lovers is both pointless and counter-productive. Silly gooses.

Like the plot, the main character Yui gets a lot of criticism as well, for not being smart, strong or even interesting. But much like how comic book artists purposely make heroes like Superman's features vague and inexact, Yui was carefully constructed to be personality-less and direction-less. This clean-slate of a protagonist allows members of the audience more agency, providing them an easy pair of shoes to stick their feet in for better experience, and better fantasy. This anime is all about the you, the audience, after all.

Yui's weak inability to fight and submission also matches with a vampire's inhumane strength. It also allows her male counterparts the freedom they need to provide proper fan service to us. It's all on purpose, people.

Now, the art, the sound, the enjoyment... This is where DL was trying. For an anime that had one specific, unconventional goal of simply catering to the lustful side of their audience, I think DL nailed it. The art is beautiful, the music, silences, and voice acting are convincing, and it was certainly enjoyable to watch. It

This show is one of the most controversial that I've come across, and I think it's because most people who are used to classic shoujo harem just don't know what to do with a show like Diabolik Lovers. But if you see it for what it is, a lust-filled dating game turned into a TV show, you must admit the creators did very well. A+ and I'm hoping for season 3!
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
If you like harem and ecchi with disregard to the story and characters then this is the anime for you.

Story isn't unique but i'm sure some people aren't here for the story in the first place... Not very much world building either but it seems this world isn't designed to be intricate anyway.

Art & animation is great.

Sound is average.

Characters: MC's abilities are unique and hilarious at times providing both fan service and plot progression. Other characters are bland because we don't know anything about most of them with exception of a few characters. (They seem to be there just for the harem aspect).

Costumes are great since they do adhere to the ecchi factor and other times act as armour.

Enjoyment, to me there have been some funny moments. The only thing keeping me hooked is the MCs ability.
Overall rating is 6.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
What is with the negative reviews!?

I think the reason why everyone is so disappointed is because it wasn't like Attack on Titan. However, everyone fails to realize that it's NOT Attack on Titan. It is true that is gets its inspiration from the show, but it is completely different.

Honestly, I think it's MUCH BETTER than Attack on Titan, especially for the characters.

Ikoma is smarter and more tactical (more than Eren ever was). All the characters have their reasons for what they do and what motivates them. One thing I particularly enjoyed was the character development. AND YES THERE WAS MORE DEVELOPMENT IN 12 EPISODES THAN THERE EVER WAS IN 25 OF ATTACK ON TITAN. The side characters learned from their own mistakes and became better, not just the main ones. Ayame became a better leader. Mumei realized what she was doing and began to trust the right people. All the people on the train started to realize that Kabaneri were nothing to fear. Even Takumi grew some balls and saved his friend.

The art style was amazing as expected from the same team.

The music was brilliant because of Sawano Hiroyuki. I'm already a fan of his music. He's amazing at what he does.

The storyline was great. I don't think it was generic at all. You guys want to talk generic shounen? Look at Fairy Tale and Bleach? Oh yes I did go there.

Honestly, I think it was one of the better shows from the spring season this year. You should give this anime a chance. It was one hell of ride. XD


Side Note: Everyone seems to hate Mumei. Mumei was not a bad character and nor was she annoying. I'd like to think she was brainwashed from her "brother." However, she DID redeem herself in the last 2 episodes when she finally realized what she had done. She tried to stop her brother, but before she could, she was already forced into submission. She developed as well as a character. People hate her for her mistakes and faults, but I think that's what makes her truly a good character. The fact that she has faults, but tries to fix herself. That's what makes her human.
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Batman: Gotham Knight (Anime) add
I went in with an open mind due to the mixed feedback and I can say this little mini-series was pretty good.

The story for each episode varies in quality but overall there was nothing overtly bad, completely serviceable Batman stories.

The cast was pretty standard Batman stuff. You had Batman, Alfred, Lucius Fox, the works. You also had some underappreciated Batman villains like Deadshot and Scarecrow mixed in there. The characterizations were pretty accurate and a fair chunk of the episodes had nice little character bits.

The art was pretty well done overall although I wish more of the bits were as visually interesting as the 1st episode, that was the best looking one of the bunch. Everything else was generic anime style, but still perfectly fine. On the last note for this section of the review, some of the fights were pretty kickass as expected from any animated DC movie.

The soundtrack was pretty generic in all honesty. While it wasn't really terrible it felt like royalty free action movie music was slapped on and felt like one of the weaker parts of the movie.

Overall, if you're a big fan of Batman or are just looking to be entertained for an hour you should check it out. However, not every episode is gonna be your cup of tea, just bear that in mind.
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
SHAFT, the studio behind this anime, really need to be congratulated. One of the best anime I have seen to date, Madoka Magica explores the idea of being sent back in time to re-do your mistakes and to save one's life to no use, as the past can no longer be changed. How determination can't be everything you need and that great sacrifices must be made in cases that warrant it. I came for a mahō shōjo, I left with a shattered heart and nine gallons of tears.

[STORY] (contains one ridiculously major spoiler)
In short, it's about an asshole cat-like creature called (In)Kyubey(tor) who persuades some high-school girls to become Magical Girls for the reward of being granted one wish. This, however, turns out to be miles short of a worthy reward, as the pain of being a magical girl is nothing but pain and desperation until you die. The story has various plot twists, intense moments, side stories, and incredibly well-executed events that made me feel ridiculously "in the world" and concerned for all of the characters' (besides Kyubey, fuck Kyubey) well-being. One bit that made me lose my (emotional) shit was when in the last episode (SPOILER!!!) Junko asks Homura "Who is Madoka? Is she some sort of cartoon character?" after Madoka's little brother draws her in the ground. That gave me a feeling that I can only describe as "Oh my Jesus stop or I think I might jump out of the ninth floor window".

Extremely well-done animation on SHAFT's part, Madoka Magica doesn't fail to please with it's unique style of animating battles that remind me of coloured paper cut-outs, and the way that characters are drawn is a unique and enticing aspect of the art for me. It's a break from the usual style (think Azumanga Daioh) of drawing. The style is captivating and unique, and I found it to be an important part of the series. +5 points for the epic animation of the Walpurgis Night and +20 points for the death animations. The art in MSMM is nothing to be laughed at, and nothing short of perfection in the genre.

The BGM is badass, character voicing extremely well done, and I went as far as to purchase ClarIS - Connect, the OP. Each piece fits the situation the characters are in and the tone expresses how they are feeling. I didn't really pay an incredible amount of attention to the sound when watching, as I was too focused on the gripping story and unbelievable animation rather than sound, however I did note it was of a very high quality, just like the entire anime itself.

[CHARACTER] (Has super major spoilers, don't read if you don't want 99% of the series spoiled)
All of the characters in Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica are characters that I enjoyed and would like to see more of. All of them are largely original, and don't really follow a set pattern (e.g. I would classify Kyoka as a read more
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Ozmafia!! (Anime) add
OK,This my first review ever,I think I'm more of a reader than a writer (or maybe I'm just lazy :D).
what encouraged me to write about this series that it's actually an "Anime Short" ,as each episode is only 5 minutes long, also that it's a spin-off of the main series,as written in the description it supposed to be an "original story".

it's still airing while writing this,and I watched till Episode 3,but I don't think my opinion will differ anyway,as I waited till now so I can figure out how this is going to be, and in what direction they are planning to take this new adaptation,No spoilers don't worry :D

as basically it has noting to do with the Manga nor the Visual novel, the only thing that related to that title is the characters, which actually were displayed in a Chibi form (like a cute small person) and not in their original appearance.

*What I like about this series :

- The first episode was hilarious and I really loved it :D , (the comedic situations between the characters which followed that were OK and decent to watch and enjoy too).
-The Art \ animation is cute and colourful.
-The sound : great job as always from the voice actors,giving the life to their characters,also the ending monologues are a pleasant thing to hear (even if it gives me the Otome Games vibes xD )

-Also the Ending theme is just brilliant, as they change it it every episode,introducing us (or me at least) to a really awesome band "Article One ",and I'm really grateful to them for that :D , also the scenes of the ending are also beautiful.

- it’s a laid-back anime which I don’t mind watching every week,for 5 minutes.

**What I didn't like about this series :

that they just throw the characters at us without any introduction or backstory or even any useful info regarding their traits and personalities,as they were expecting us to know about them before from the Manga maybe or something,and those episodes being so short and with separated and unattached situations every episode doesn't really help as well.

I haven’t been attached to any of the characters yet, and they didn’t grow in me at all,I barely remember their names or can tell them apart *sigh*

so in summary,I felt that this series is for the already Ozmafia! fans,to have more releases from their favourite series with their favourite characters,something like specials or OVAs for them to keep the fandom alive,and not for fandom newbies \ new viewers like me :D

so if you're a fan of this series \ Visual novels \ Manga go for it,this is definitely for you.

if you like separate short episodes, with no specific story or progress,and would like to spend 5 min of your time every week watching something cute and light hearted go for it
but don't expect much ^^

overall score : 5 \ 10

I hope this would be helpful.
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Hatsukoi Monster (Anime) add
I'm going to be completely honest here. Hatsukoi Monster? Its probably one of the most fucked up animes I watched. So why am i giving this a 7.6/10? Mainly due to two things.

The plot is original, although its extremely weird and cringy with its humor, its different from all the other animes out there, and honestly, it makes it quite interesting. Not only that but some of the characters are pretty interesting themselves.

The whole concept of a 15 year old dating a 10 year old (looks like hes 17), the anime essentially makes fun of this concept. Although it tries to make it romantic, the comedy and silliness of the concept that goes with it makes the anime interesting, and not the actual storyline. Thus, it feels like the anime will go off into a different direction the more you keep watching it, and its a pretty unique idea.

Who will like this anime?

People who like Shouju will defintiley like this, as well as an overall romancec, but also for people who kind of want something different.

Thus, i give it a 7.6/10
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Angel Beats! (Anime) add
I'm sorry I just couldn't stand the ending it was just terrible for me
I liked the beginning and middle of show but I just can't handle the show you must watch it yourself to understand my pain. please don't hate me for my own hatred. This is just a Personal vendetta against the ending and I would never tell anyone to not try and watch it just get ready to hate yourself for the time put into it
NEVER allow one person to ruin a show that you think you might like but I will say this. If a large group of people hates a show then it my be a problem. Angel beats does not receive much hate but this is just after all my opinion.
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Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Anime) add
I made a video:

SPACE PATROL LULUCO (9/10): That there is mah ratin, if ya want to know more about mah ratin system check the description down below. Time to take a tumble into my potentially spoiler filled review.

This show is balls to the wall craziness through and through, and that is what makes it such an entertaining watch. The first few four episodes are over the top crazy but they all feel confined to individual gags, some of which can drag on for a bit too long. An example of this is during the first episodes transformation where the amount of time spent with the class laughing at Luluco’s embarrassing situation dragged on far longer than it needed to. There are other instances of this in the first four episodes but after episode five the show kicks into high gear. The appearance of Luluco’s mother displays a level of over the top lunacy that doesn't feel the need to really take a breather, and that nonstop quality is what I love so much about this show. It is as if the over the top nature of Gurren Lagann was smooshed into five and a half minutes of budget-restricted creative animation. Later on the Studio Trigger cross overs are a blast to see and the conclusion is similarly over the top in the best way. I finished watching this show and I had the biggest dumb smile on my face that just stuck there. Grinning ear to ear I heartily recommend you watch Space Patrol Luluco.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
I won't give anything away, but that ending alone added like a point and a half to this anime's overall score.

The story flows well and while at times, it does try too hard, the anime does well in inducing honest sympathy from the audience towards the characters. It is a slow moving anime, but in this case, it has to be and in the end you'll understand why.

The music scores a well-deserving ten, naturally, selecting some of the most beautiful pieces of classical music. I expect that this series will inspire many of it's viewers into becoming fans of Chopin and Tchaikovsky easily.

The category of character is where I believe this anime lacks. Minus the beautiful ending, I often felt annoyed often with the main character, Kousei. The way the creators illustrated his piano playing phobia was aggravating and unbelievable, so instead of inducing sympathy, just made me mad. I wish they showed his struggles differently.
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Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
This summer I have a lot of free time and still this anime took me a a little bit longer to finish. It's rather sad because after the first episode I thought it was going to be amazing and couldn't wait to see what else this anime had in store. But as more characters were introduced and time went on, the anime seemed to move so slow, and unfortunately became boring. The ending, while I won't give anything away, just didn't at all feel like a proper ending. While there are no cliffhangers or gripping questions and no one is on the edge of their seat, the audience is left hungry as if all twelve episodes were all for naught.

Thankfully, there exists a side story to this anime. The OVA episode called "Page 13" of this anime contains the true ending that probably would raise this series' overall score by a whole point. I recommend that episode more than I recommend half the episodes in the main series.
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4 hours ago
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV) (Anime) add
I personally think that this is the best physic anime your probably ever going to watch. It has great comedy and this serious attitude of the character just makes it more hilarious. Of coarse this is my opinion you don't have to agree with it. It also has a certain comedy that probably only a few like. I don't like the fact that it's only 5 mins last time the made a anime out of it they only had one episode I'm not sure if the other adaption was a OVA or not. But I definite recommend this show I just hope it does well in the future
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Berserk (2016) (Anime) add
The only thing this adaptation gets right is the sound of the Dragonslayer.

The direction in each episode is surprisingly bad. Contextless close up after close up in most scenes with a few hand draw aspects here and there just to highlight how god awfully stiff the cgi animation is in the wider shots.

Also if you are going to go with CGI animation because you have no money just go full on with it man! For example Knights of Sidonia is a little jarring at first but since it's a seamless experience you become acclimated to the animation and the portrayed emotions by each character comes through. Here it's very hard to become engrossed in what's happening on screen due to all of these stylistic shifts (that have no motivation other than it's animation Guts eating is too hard guys so lets draw it in a half-assed manner).

Just to touch on the music for a second. Susumu Hirasawa's soundtrack for the original anime is phenomenal and one of the only anime soundtracks I've enjoyed enough to listen to casually. In this adaptation the music is just bland and unnoticeable *insert generic distorted guitar here*
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Elfen Lied (Anime) add
I do not like this at all. Some people praise this show as being a bloody and awesome show while others called it a sad story that'll move you to tears. They're wrong. It fails to do either of these things and does not deserve half of the praise it gets. However, there are some good things about this show that prevent it from getting Mars of Destruction status (in fact it's not even close to that bad).

Story: Ugh, where do I begin? Okay so the story is a mess. It starts with a naked girl killing a lot of people to escape a prison of some sort and then terrorize the world until she loses her memory and then turns into a naked oblivious girl that doesn't even know how to talk. Why was she contained? Why are people trying to get rid of her? Because she's dangerous of course. But apparently they were trying to make more of her and find more of her. Why? Some evil yet forgettable dude is in charge and we do what he says for his master plan even though there really is no definable MAIN villain for this show. Eventually they go into Lucy and Kouta's backstory which is a mess of contradictions and weirdness. It is a jumbled attempt to show that Lucy and Kouta SOMEHOW met each other a long time ago and then SOMEHOW they both forgot each other and then SOMEHOW reunited and SOMEHOW get along in the end even though their lives are both pretty much screwed up because of the horrible things they've done to each other. Let's be honest, people watch this to see a naked Lucy kill tons of people, not for the story.

Art: The art is sub-par especially for 2004. Samurai Champloo came out around the same time and looks much better while shows like Cowboy Bebop that came out in the '90s still look better. However, I must compliment the show on it's use of color. Each diclonius has a unique color that makes them distinguishable and is actually pretty. Also the Vectors are a very cool visual effect. Other than that, the backgrounds are boringly plain, the characters have nonexistent facial expressions, and the blood would've looked better by just straight up dumping red food coloring on all of the animation. I recommend you dump red paint on the screen since there's a lot of blood and it would look better that way. That might actually add to your experience and you wouldn't miss much.

Sound: I really enjoyed the opening because of how unique it was. However, other than that, everything else is forgettable. Nothing much else to say about it other than "Nothin' special".

Character: Lucy...that's all you need to know about character. Lucy is freaking awesome and the scenes where she "wakes up" and goes from Nyu to Murderous Monster are awesome. They're not awesome because the fighting is cool or the violence is cool, but they're cool because read more
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Black Lagoon (Anime) add
Story 8/10
Every few eps had a different story, where I rather enjoyed the sunken ship section. I wasn't overly fond of the "bloodhound" section.
The setting which was mafia I believe, was perfect for my tastes
The good vs bad, or bad vs wicked had a nice ring to it and it was pretty well done.

Art/animation 9/10
As a series that aired 10 years ago, the art animation was well done
It fit perfectly with the tone of Black Lagoon
I feel that the car/ship races and the fights could've been done better is all

Sound 9/10
I loved the sound track, fit fantastically with the scenes
Although the lack of music at times bothered me
The other sounds like the roaring of a vehicle, the blasts of a gun where perfectly timed

Character 19/10
The main crew was enjoyable beyond belief.
Especially Revy and Rock, they were fantastic
They were what kept me clicking for the next episode

Enjoyment 6/10
I found this interesting yet boring
The action scenes where great
But everything else I was bored with
I have a feeling if I watched this in my earlier years of anime I would've enjoyed it more
Because I've seen quite a lot of action anime so it seems repetitive
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Days (TV) (Anime) add
Days is the type of sports anime that could get overlooked but is good watch for those who enjoy soccer, or sports anime in general.

Story : One of those sports anime where the main character starts off weak but grows stronger (in this anime's case, a newbie to soccer) but is still kept interesting to make you keep watching.

Art : I personally don't like is the two spots on the main character's cheeks but I guess it's there to make him unique and fit his personally. I have no problems with the other characters designs. But overall I think the art style is very good and fits this anime series.

Sound : The opening is enjoyable and gets you pumped. Ending is pretty good as well.

Character : Most of the characters are likable. I like the comedy done by some of the characters based on their personalities.
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Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
it really isnt actually fairly decent and better than most anime , watch it for your self gain an opinion on your own, long story short the anime is decent and a great thing to watch to pass time imo.
Story: 6/10 its alright your typically supernatural fantasy anime, i think people have the wrong idea about the show and the main character saying "he's god" no and in his "domination zone" he doesnt become a god neither
Sound: 6/10 the anime plays really hypy music out of no where and for no reason.
Character :6/10
Overall: 6/10 like i said watch the anime for your own and gain an opinion for your self i almost skipped over this anime because of the bad reviews when the animes not even that bad really recommend giving it a try.
(sorry for review never done one before long time lurker just felt this anime needed to be done some justice because it really wasnt fair with all the bad reviews)
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Made a video on it:

Video Script:

Akagi (7/10): There is my rating, if you want to know more about my rating system check the description down below. Time to dive into my potentially spoiler filled review.

It is difficult to explain why I enjoyed watching Akagi so very much, as I truly had little idea what was going on during any given episode. The show assumes you understand the rules of mahjong and dives head first into the world of high stakes mahjong games. Whether it is extortion, high level bets, or even a player's blood Akagi is a show that runs on tension. It is still startling to me that a show can keep me so thoroughly enthralled in its narrative stakes when I can honestly say I feel I understand less about mahjong than when I started watching the show. Akagi himself isn’t an especially interesting character, he appears to be a full blooded psychopath who enjoys the thrill of high stakes gambling more than anything else. I still don’t know anything else about his character or many of the other characters in the show for that matter, other than how they act when placed in stressful situations, which is truly entertaining to watch. There isn’t much movement in the show and artistic style stays sharp and dramatic throughout, it effectively conveys emotions and helps to produce the oppressive atmosphere in so many of the episodes. I would rate Akagi higher if it had any more depth but I can’t rate it any lower because the thrill ride is just too fun.
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Cheer Danshi!! (Anime) add
Cheerleaders' bromance can be such a beautiful thing!

There are so many popular titles of sports anime already but, none of them has to do with cheerleading, a guys-only cheerleading, too. Does an anime that revolves around a male cheerleading team sound weird? Maybe, at first, but after just a few minutes in the anime, you can actually realize how interesting and refreshing it is!

In the beginning of Cheer Danshi!! we have the two main protagonists and childhood friends, Kazuma and Haruki, who decide to do something completely different from the ordinary, and obviously, they succeed. At first, there is the thought that it might be hard to get more members for their unusual club. As time passes though, they meet lots of new people, and the bunch is slowly growing.

Each character added has something special, they are memorable and realistic characters with likeable personalities. The focus on each of them could be a little more, but most of them face some kind of problem, they all train hard in their own way while helping and encouraging each other, and have even shown great development in so few episodes.

Even though the show is full of male characters and there could easily have a lot of fan-service for the female viewers, it decides to maintain its more serious tone and it appeals to the viewers with its humor and nice interactions between the characters.

The art is very well made, the backgrounds and the colors used are both good and the character designs are great, they make every character distinguishable while still looking normal with nothing too flashy to make them stand out too much. The animation is wonderful, it is really smooth, especially when it comes to cheerleading stunts etc.

The music is really pleasing as well, with an energetic and catchy OP and EP. The OST and the background music, also, fill the scenes nicely and the voice actors are doing a great job.

To conclude, Cheer Danshi!! is a really enjoyable and refreshing sports anime, with an interesting theme and nice bonds between its characters. It can be funny, refreshing and it may even make you see cheerleading from a different aspect, make you notice the hard training needed through different techniques and how important the trust between a team's members is.

If you like sports anime and you feel like watching something slightly different, interesting and refreshing, Cheer Danshi!! is definitely worth a try!
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5 hours ago
Ben-To (Anime) add
Ben-to huh... where should i even start, when i first saw it on myanimelist, and checked out its rate, i though that it wouldn't be good at all, gosh i made a huge mistake for putting it in plan to watch list for so long.

It's one of the anime that you must! watch, the story is something that you won't be able to find in any other anime, every single episode is connected so perfectly that it makes you wanna watch more without leaving the episode half-finished, and also leaving you like "JEEZ WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT I GOTTA SEEEEE NOWWW!!!"

The art of it was pretty well made, the food was so realistic it made you hungry so badly, i felt like a wolf myself :P, even the fighting scenes were so well made that you could understand whats going on in it without a lot of thinking ahaha.

i really enjoyed this anime i will just recommend you watch it as soon as possible and then you'll understand me ;) WORTH TO WATCH!!!!!
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
Clannad: After Story is often considered one of the best anime dramas of all time and for good reason. Out of all of the dramas that I've seen, this one was by far and away the most tear jerking while also having an excellent story with many memorable characters. However, it is by no means perfect and tends to fall flat at times when it strays away from the drama.

Story: Clannad: After Story follow Tomoya Okazaki in the events following Clannad. The early episodes of the show take place when Tomoya is still in high school, and it includes all of his friends from Clannad. Because of this the style is very similar to Clannad in that it is somewhat a slice of life comedy. Though this part of the story is not bad per say and can actually be funny at times, it falls short with some of the humor and also goes into the backstory of some minor characters that get a little too much face time though you could care less about their back story as they aren't that important. However, not all of these episodes are subpar as we get to see some back story from Sunohara and Tomoya which was completely absent in Clannad though it was hinted at. Eventually the story transitions to life after high school and is much more of a drama than comedy. The story now follows Tomoya tries to build a family and get his life together. It is truly a great coming of age story and this portion of Clannad: After Story is what I would consider perfect. The plot is great, the characters continue to grow as new one are introduced, and yes, crying will happen.

Art: This is the total weak point of the show. The color is nice but, for the most part, the backgrounds are bland and the characters could look better. For one, their eyes are HUGEMONGUS (yes i just made that a word) and their hair all look similar (apart from the color). There are some beautiful segments like in the alternate world and the art isn't terrible, it is just the weakest link for the show.

Sound: The soundtrack is great and the ending theme is incredible. However, there are parts where the song overpowers what is happening on screen. Also, some of the songs are extremely overplayed. Though these songs are good, they still draw away from the experience sometimes.

Character: There are so many great and memorable characters that you find yourself cheering for five or six of them. You could almost make a separate show for many of them. However, as mentioned earlier, there are times where backstory is given for characters that aren't important to anything and don't need to be given a backstory. You'll be given one or two episodes with that minor character as the main character and all you can do is wait for more of Nagisa and Tomoya. This is an acceptable norm in anime, but it read more
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Bakuman. (Anime) add
This is going to be my review of the 3 seasons combined as I feel the same about all of them.
Greatness is to be expected of this since it's made by the same duo who made Death Note
(Story: Tsugumi Ohba, Art: Takeshi Obata) although it's completely different their previous work.

Spoilers : sorry guidelines... I am trying my best not to write any spoilers but it can't be helped (T_T).

The story revolves around Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito or as how they refer to each other ''Saikou'' and ''Shuujin'' on their road to become well-known mangaka and get their manga to become into an anime because of a promise they made that with Azuki Miho, a girl who aspires to be a voice actress and has a crush on Mashiro (The same goes for Mashiro towards her though, it's not one-sided).
Mashiro is the artist and Takagi is the author.

The initial dream was supposed to be that their manga becomes an anime and she voices the lead heroine but during their talk about this Mashiro thinking about what his uncle told him about how he was working so hard as a mangaka because there was a girl he wanted to marry but felt that he is not yet deserving of that as he wanted to marry her when he becomes a real mangaka who can actually make constant good works and make a living of drawing manga, he didn't want to be a gambler, someone that created hit or miss manga and would not be able to make a living out of manga easily, thinking about that Mashiro accidentally yelled out : ''If our dream becomes true please, marry me!''
She of course was happy about that and she too wanted to marry him when their dreams become true.
They promised to not meet each other until their dreams come true and to just encourage each other via e-mails.
Although this doesn't last long as they meet up several times and every time mentioning how they don't really keep their promise about not meeting each other.
Both of them take their meetings as an encouragement to achieve their dreams faster so they can always be together like this.

During the course of this 3 season series you will see many rivals and friends to the two main characters, many hardships and sweet success from time to time.
The series can give you a big idea of what actually happens in a mangaka's life from how hard it actually is to how it isn't giving authors as much freedom as we think they have because if their series get popular it will get dragged on until it loses popularity and authors are forced to end it quickly.

You will learn how hard drawing manga actually is, from mastering the G-pen to inking it and drawing everyday, pulling all-nighters and fighting deadlines.

The series have a great supporting cast with characters like :

Nizuuma Eiji, who serves as the main rival to Ashirogi Mutou (Mashiro and Takagi's pen name) but also as read more
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Re-Kan! (Anime) add
Looking back on this series as a whole... I don't have as much to say about this anime as I thought I would. I've been on a personal mission of sorts lately, trying to find a Slice of Life show I really enjoyed. (It is my least favorite genre, but I have tried.) I guess I should have figured years ago that the answer was to add ghosts. The construction for this review has been a disaster, so I'm just going to throw my thoughts out there in no particular order.

I did eventually get sucked in and want to see more, but it was a slow start. To its credit, the series does eventually address nearly all of my early critiques, but our main protagonist is not one of them. Hibiki is just so bland. She's one of those characters who comes across as being just a little too perfect. The thing that was supposed to make her stand out was her ability to see and communicate with ghosts, but the ghosts in this show are super... accessible. When regular people can see them through the lens of their cell phone cameras, it sort of takes away from the one thing that was supposed to make Hibiki stand out.

And then there's her group of friends... I will say that they grew on me over time. But they certainly contributed to episode one being really hard to swallow. This show starts out with that 'Main character with a dead mother moves to a new town trope.' But very little time is focused on showing Hibiki settle in. One second it's her first day, then jump to a week later and she already has a close group of friends who believe in her abilities completely and have no reservations about hanging out with the girl who speaks to the dead. Right... To be fair, none of these new friends are exactly what one might call "normal" themselves, and as time went on, their own quirkiness grew to be more endearing than unrealistic.

Re-kan! is certainly a lot more lighthearted than all the other ghost shows I've been watching lately. But it does have its moments where they do address death and the effect is has on the living. Namely, grief. And it was those slightly darker, more heartfelt episodes that really drew me in. As I mentioned, this is still a Slice of Life series, and it shows. They have their beach day and their culture festival and their New Years' celebration, but these episodes all have a supernatural twist to them that held my interest a lot more than those sorts of episodes usually do.

If you're already a Slice of Life fan, I definitely suggest checking this one out. And if you're not a SoL fan, but you enjoy things with a supernatural touch, (like myself) you may want to give this one a try also. My suggestion is to watch at least up through episode three before read more
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Wow After all I have heard about this show, I get really disappointed, and thanks to the MC ! I mean What the F**k, how can someone exist with the same personality , Oh wait he has no personality, he's so dumb, crying all the time doing the same mistakes, its just make you feel no sympathie for him.
At least until the episode 17 he just ruin the show, sometimes he wants to die and ready for the pain, sometimes he's doesn't and start runing to nowhere, he's doing everything to make you hate him.
Normally a weak MC like him at same point on the series must stop acting like a jerk and starting thinking about making plans or something like that but its not the case with subaru and the worse is even after everything he has been through he still have the same reaction when he saw the corpses or something like that like if it was the first time, and start crying ...... there is no development in his personality, the same crying kid from the begining.
And also there is an important point after 17 episodes subaru still did not start questioning about why he was carry into this fantasy world and he don't have any regrets or problems about his previous life like if it was normal to get carry into a parallel world. In short I just can't get the point of what the writers wants to show us through him,
besides that everything is great about this show !
Art : 9
Story : 7 Could be more better if the MC was acting deferently, I hope in the next episodes he will get better.
Others Charachters : 8
Sound : 10
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
People apparently either love or hate this anime. I don't feel that strongly about it. I enjoyed it enough to watch all of it, but it won't rank among my all-time favourites, and I doubt I will remember it much because it neither bowled me over nor did it teach me something interesting.

There will be spoilers, so be warned -- this is a REview to read after you've watched the show to see how others have perceived it, not a PREview to help you decided whether you want to watch it yourself.

Story: Coming of age, perseverance against obstacles, teenage romance and its vagaries, what does music mean to a performer. What stood out for me was the melodrama and the tear jerking. I felt manipulated, and I don't enjoy that. Kousei, the story's main character gets delivered one blow after another. Notable: the story's adult characters are absolutely worthless. Kousei's father is completely absent (considering how common this trope is in anime, I wonder how much that is a commentary on the overemphasis of work in Japan). Kousei's mother turns into a physically and emotionally abusive harpy when she becomes terminally ill. Another distasteful Japanese trope is woven throughout the anime: abuse and bullying is excusable as long as the abuser does it for your own good. Get a grip, Japan. Kousei's aunt, who is otherwise an interesting and even cool character, totally fails Kousei even after his mother's death because she feels guilty about having convinced Kousei's mother to make him into a pianist. After her death would be the time to make amends, to be there for him, to reassure him, wouldn't you think?

The romance -- oy. Ok, these are 14 year olds, so one must take that into account. The usual thing goes on with the love triangles; tomboy Tsubaki has a thing for Kousei without even realizing it, and Kousei being totally oblivious to who likes whom. But the central conceit -- the big lie in April -- makes very little sense. I warned about spoilers, yes? Last chance to back out. Kaori, when she realizes that she does not have long to live, casts off a lot of restraints on herself. She decides to eat what she wants without worrying whether it'll lose her that girlish figure (that she even worries about that at 14 is a sad commentary on an appearance-obsessed society). She plays her violin like she wants, even though that goes against the conventional prescriptions at her level. And yet she cannot conceive of how to meet a guy she fancies without pretending she likes his best friend instead? The kicker of the story is that she actually DOES meet him before that pretense and could easily leverage that into more. That makes no sense. She has decided to go all out, and yet, in an read more
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I'm not sure that this anime is very "amazing." But it is very different. I really enjoyed it. after watching over 300 different anime; they all start to feel the same. I often feel like I can see the future when watching them. Its like when something happens I can tell what "world line" the story is progressing down and what options are still open for the ending. Its like, "well, I guess this anime is going down that route."

but this anime was very different, and disturbing, and I'm going to go read the manga for the rest of the story.

you can read the other reviews for pretty much the rest of the stuff you might want to know.

Story: 7

Art: 5 was kinda childish so not that great

Sound: 10 Didn't really pay much attention but it had catchy op and ed. and the death sounds made me cringe so i guess it was good.

Characters 10: I thought the characters were pretty different. a few of them were pretty lame. some of them were not fully revealed because anime is only half of story. I like the main character for her strong sense of right and wrong and willingness to help people. It isn't the stupid type of main character hero complex. at least I didn't feel that way. she just is a genuinely happy helpful girl who will help someone in trouble. She seems to make friends with the underdogs but doesn't even notice that they are underdogs. its like she doesn't realize how bad humans can be, but she is only an elementary school student.

Enjoyment: 9

Overall: 8 would give a higher score, but after finishing it felt like if I got past the unusual layout or something then the base story was.. idk, I couldn't tell if I liked it so much because it was that good or if it was just the perfect anime to watch after getting bored of the usual anime. I think I was just in the right mood for it. but it is still pretty good.
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Divine Gate (Anime) add
I've watched a lot of anime. But, this is the first time I'm actually bothering to write a review. That's how bad this one was. I dropped it thrice on the first ep before finally deciding to complete it. Bad concepts. Generic. Trying too hard to impress with "deep" dark extremely edgy inner monologue-like moments and failing spectacularly. The animation was pretty, but that should be a given at this day and age. I guess I wouldn't be hating it so much if I had not watched it right after katanagatari which I really enjoyed. Maybe I'll go rewatch SAO and then rewatch this (never) so I can get a complete and unbiased picture of how bad it is.

TLDR: It's nothing special. Actually it's special in how bad it is. Do not watch. Do not read the synopsis. DO recommend it to people you do not like. Tell em it's the new DB.

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6 hours ago
One Punch Man (Anime) add
I went into One Punch Man expecting a show about a guy who's really strong taking out absurdly powerful enemies with a single punch, and that's what I got.

The story is pretty simple, but it doesn't really need to be that complex. There isn't much one could really say about the plot that hasn't already been stated in the synopsis, everything is supposed to be taken at face value.

The characters are the highlight of One Punch Man. Each character is an overdone trope but done in an extremely tongue-in-cheek way which really works with the satirical nature of OPM. My favorite parts of the show are when the characters start making fun of cliches that characters using like villains having overly-long monologues or characters intentionally trying to sound cooler than they actually are, it provides great situational humor and makes OPM all the more enjoyable.

As with most Madhouse anime, OPM has very refined animation. The art is phenomenal and I can confidently say it's one of the major highlights of the show. There's no comparison to be made between this and the webcomic.

While the soundtrack isn't anything all that special the opening and ending themes are very good and even some of the regular tracks played during the show are pretty good, too. Overall it's an average soundtrack.

How can I really describe the action sequences? They aren't out of this world balls to the walls amazing but you can't say they aren't pretty darn fun to watch. Anyone is sure to find one fight in this show that they loved, which is a pretty big feat for a show where the main character literally can punch away all of his obstacles. Overall the action very satisfying to watch.

I could recommend this to anyone looking for a decent parody of common anime tropes, although I don't need to because I'm sure everyone under the su n has atleast heard about this show.
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Kodomo no Jikan (TV) (Anime) add
This review is probably going to be really short as I dropped this on episode 5 after reading a bit of what happens further in the manga and it's ending.

So, Kodomo No Jikan is a show that contains fan-service of little children (8 years old).
I was disgusted by that but the people that recommended me this said that if I can look past the disgusting fan service that the plot is pretty good... which is true for the most part.

Some episodes had terrible plot and some were good with the most prominent example being Episode 5.
It detailed Reiji's sad past was really well written. So well that it actually suprised me it was in this show.
He was such a good character. Unfortunately he is ruined by this weird pedo author.
He turns him into someone who can't think rationally and misses his dead wife and goes after his step-child because she looks like his deceased wife. Though he later realizes he was wrong so I guess he is kinda redeemed.
At least he was a teenager (albeit in his late teens) that groomed his step-daughter so she would become his wife once she comes of age unlike the protagonist who's an adult in his middle to late 20s and ends up with a young teenager.

Basically, that's the only good thing about this series.

The protagonist is a teacher in the end of his 20s and possibly in the middle of his 30s as he is 23 when the series begin and Rin is 7. At the end of the series she is 16 so that makes him 32... okay... Reiji's case even if it's still wrong is more acceptable than this.
As a teacher and an intelligent adult he must realize what it means for a 32 years old man to be with a 16 years old. That's another one of the things that put me off.

The bothersome part is that the sexualized parts are not when she is 16... it's when she is 7.
This ruined the whole thing for me as I genuinely enjoyed some of the character's stories and struggles.

Also, the main female lead (Rin) is extremely annoying.
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
I finished this in one day -- yes, from after school to early in the morning. It was that riveting, addicting, captivating.

White Fox is an awesome studio. Its art can be quite deep, and by that I mean having some depth. The lighting and shadows are done very well, and the depiction of combat is bloody brilliant, no pun intended. If you've seen Steins;Gate and loved the art, then see this. Let me explain why.

The soundtrack was not particularly memorable, but it does correspond to the setting and characters pretty well. It's not something you would listen to on its own, like I would for FMAB or Code Geass or Fate/Zero -- but as a soundtrack, it does its job. I would deem it quite rambunctious, if you were to prompt me for an adjective.

Now, the characters are awesome. They all have their own tragic backstories and unique fighting styles/weapons, which really color this anime a bright scarlet. There's quite a bit of blood in this anime, so if that's not your cup of tea then... ah well. The protagonist of Tatsumi is heroic, as he gets to know the members of Night Raid and fights the antagonists, who have their own characterizations that make you question who's really the bad guy here. For an anime, this show is grimly realistic, and I'll leave it at that. You really end up loving the characters, both on the "good" and "bad" side (except the main antagonist), as you watch them fight each other and wonder who comes out alive.

If you want to get your blood going and shed some tears along the way, then see Akame ga Kill!

one word to describe this anime: heart-rending
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Monogatari second season is great!
People say to me that monogatari is either something you love or hate. If you aren't young or stupid I honestly don't understand how someone could hate this series. It really is an exemplar of how the medium can create new and interesting ways to tell its stories.

The story is genuinely some of the most interesting and creative shit out there. I never found myself bored in any of the arcs and each story always appealed to my emotions in some way.

Another sweet thing about monogatari are the exceptional characters and I feel that for this series they deserve special mention. I loved the cast of monogatari because each character has so much life and are much more than they seem at first glance. I feel that there's a character for everyone, each of them have a strong argument for being nominated for best girl award (Kaiki best girl, Hachikuji 4lyf).

Another selling point of bakemono 2 is definitely its presentation. Shaft is always looking for new, interesting ways to tell their stories and they performed exceptionally well this time around. I never found myself bored watching, even through the long chains of dialogue they make sure that there is always something interesting to look at. The opening and endings deserve great praise as each on is, honestly, superb. It is definitely not something you should be skipping as just by admiring the art one can learn something about the featured character, or story. It's really quite meta the way they make use of it. In fact, the whole series is quite meta (if you don't already know that).

Monogatari second season definitely deserves its score on this site. It has definitely made a name for itself and has set a high standard for what innovation of the medium should be like. I (stress on I) would find it hard to take anyone who thinks they know "Anime" seriously if they have not at least tried the monogatari series. If you have not watched bakemono, it definitely deserves priority on your list.
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
-As someone who has read the LN let me go and say that... I'm not impressed with this series

Review:Masou Gauken HxH (First Quarter) May contain spoilers

The first time I gaze into anime I was like... "Oh no not one of these animes". I check the PV and it did left me with a Shinmai Maou vibe. To confirm my suspicions I decided to read the LN and I'll be honest the story of the LN so far are nice. The characters are great not to mention beautiful. The setting of course is simliar to Infinite Stratos, Hundred and all the genric nonsense. Now let's see if the anime can hold up with the LN

(4 episodes later)

Hmm... I gotta say they at least pull the lewds okay.. but they switched things from the LN

Our main character Kizuna is the boy who has the ability to well make the female users of the Heart Hybrid Gear become fully charge by having to an a decent ammount of lewd things. Anyways, it's revealed that if the Heart Hybrid Count is 0 the user will die. Honestly in the LN this was supposed to revealed later on but okay. (4/10)

Kizuna may seem to be one of those generic characters who so pure who refuses to have any girl to have his D, but there's more than meets eye. He chooses he's duty over his shame because to prevent the girls Hybrid count decreasing to 0 he needs to do this to keep the girls alive. It may sound forceful but hey it's better than nothing.
Aine starts out as typical tsun tsun girl with no character. Then it's revealed she wants to do the Heart Hybrid to make her look stronger because she feel really weak compared to the other two Himekawa and Yurisha. Also, she also had amnesia and with Kizuna's mother's care she was being used as a test subject for the heart hybrid gear. So this is the reason why she's so power hungry.
Honestly we don't get much for Himekawa except she "hates" indecent things and Yurisha except she has boobs with the size of mountains. (5/10)

The animation is alright for now. Not the best I've seen but why do they have to make breast so damn big. In the LN the boobs weren't the sizes of mountains (well maybe Yurisha but that's it) (5/10)

I don't care for the OP and ED. But the OST sounds are meh, nothing special (4/10)

Alright, I'm gonna be honest and say that this is a disapointment compared to this LN because they switched things from there and tone it down for the viewers sake. I think this should've been better off as a hentai. Cause if it was the show would've hold no bounds and do what they do best pleasing the viewers, while having a decent story. If Rance could've done it, I think HxH could as well. Enjoyment Level: Bad (2/5)

Overall: 18/40 - 45% (F)
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Toradora! (Anime) add
I sincerely have no idea why Toradora is so popular.

The story is pretty much just a regular highschool love story, it's generic and boring.

Even tho I usually have no enjoyment on watching romantic series, I can accept the ones that become popular because they're good and/or they have unique plots, but Toradora is just the same I've seen in all other regular shoujo animes.

The art and animation are fine, just what we could expect from a regular anime. Toradora is not totally a waste of time, I mean, you can probably enjoy one episode or two.

If you like generic shoujos and tsunderes, then go ahead and have fun, but if you're expecting something new and exciting, just give up already.
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7 hours ago
Taboo Tattoo (Anime) add
Oh boy another one of these. Taboo Tattoo is just another one of those anime for sheer on the spot entertainment that only amuses people with no sense of logic and short memory spans, or in other words SAO fans.

The story is about super edgy "secret" organizations doing super ""secret"" edgy things. Blood is included in an attempt to enforce this. The plot in general makes no sense, every event contradicts itself later on and it becomes a stupid mix of being utterly predictable and generic, having breaks and out of place content that doesn't belong and setting itself up, not for an actual plot, but for battles, fanservice, an out of place school comedy and bullshit. Complete with cafe exposition scenes, and by the way in directing schools they teach you specifically NOT to use cafe exposition scenes. There's supposed to be various concepts like superhuman abilities and ancient weapons, and all of them are poorly executed. The anime completely disregards common sense, logic and the basic rules of physics for the purpose of random scenes. Everything is a coincidence, everything just happens in a poorly paced sequence with little to no explanation and absolutely disregards itself and what just happened within the next few minutes. There are no consequences in this show, destroy a city, molest an orphan in the middle of a street while a clearly insane guy stands next to you, pinpoint the enemy's location from a phone that doesn't belong to them, magically be completely incognito and not suspicious as you fly around the city destroying houses, give the overpowered MC super powers as a required point, it's all completely pointless and doesn't matter.

The characters are characters. That is the basis they're built upon, to be tools used only to further the plot, all "development" is contradicted and wiped from existence later due to some random phrase or event that just happened for no reason. The characters are a useless mix of generic roles filling their roles, and conveniences used to create random scenes so the studio can show off a bunch of dreadfully stupid fighting, flashy effects, and character breaks to fit in the required poorly done fanservice and jokes. There's no way to dedicate yourself to the characters when all they do is reset every episode and throw themselves into random roles to further the bullshit. I think this all became very clear when a character's entire backstory was that she was molested in the middle of a street and magically took on the antagonist's entire philosophy and became super edgy.

The cinematography is god awful, every fighting scene has no consistency, shit just flips around everywhere in a loss of context, awkward looking shots alter shapes and you can't quite tell where it's trying to go with it, which is convenient for everything that happens for no reason but the "plot." Which, read more
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
what a day, what a season, rejoice fellow basement dwellers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
the fact that this anime is able to air as an anime and not its lewd counterpart proves that the anime industry is moving in a righteous direction
so we are 4 episodes in and i can only say as generic as it may seem, I've never witnessed something this lewd

Plot: What we have here may seem to be a generic harem, with a weak Male Lead that gets tossed around like a rag doll but possess great power
that rivals the gods and the females cannot live without it like bees sucking on something sweet. We have aliens, we have Japan the only hope for survival, big titty highschool students, and yet what may seem to be every single anime cliche jammed in one anime, it works, in a lewd kind of way. The main point of the Male character is his ability to help the female characters reach their libido climax, thus releasing their full potential and endless pussibilities.

Characters : With every harem anime every created, the MC has to be weak it's a given, there is no point in getting angry or depressed that it is this way, its like getting angry because no girls want to date us, sorry, but life is rough. Main female characters seem to be lovable and fun to watch on screen. Generic as it may seem, the reason they have these female personalities is because it works and viewers enjoy it. We got our white haired female, a blonde american and another grill. I can safety say my favorite character is the american because she seems to be the dumbest and has the lowest self esteem which means she in my league cause you have to be realistic when choosing your waifu. White haired girl has some backstory that seems to play an integral role for episodes to come

Music : Can't say i enjoyed the soundtrack of this anime but it does whats its suppose to do in crucial fight scene and such

Voice Acting : Eh, can't say ill be dreaming about having a girlfriend with the voices in the anime, nothing special

Art : When an anime focuses on titties and punetang, 95% of the budget goes towards perfecting every female part in the anime and boy let me say every curve, every bump, every line, has a purpose, these 2-D goddesses have a distinct feature about them that helps you sleep at night. Battle sequences and scenery are also very colorful and
provides a scenic viewing experience.

Overall, This seems to be the most promising harem, ecchii anime this season and why is that because every viewer wishes to be in the MC's position, and why wouldn't they be
not getting arrested for feeling up a 40-20-40 female is a dream only a friend zoned loser wouldn't like. With its unique plot, great visuals, solid character personalities
i can safely recommend this anime to all 2-D > 3-D read more
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Cheer Danshi!! (Anime) add
Note: This is a SPOILER FREE review! Feel free to read without worries! : )

Never before in my life did I ever think I’d watch an anime about the concept of cheerleading. The sports genre is filled with so many different well known series like “Haikyuu” and “Eyeshield 21” where seeing something like Cheer Danshi feels oddly refreshing for taking a different twist .

Instantly you will think to yourself “Wait..MALE cheerleading?!” but trust me when I say that Cheer Danshi is remarkable with being charming with its own writing. You start to realize that the idea of “cheering” is not what you’d normally think. Instead, this is like a weird mix of slice of life formed with the idea of sports in a different viewpoint.

I’d like to think that in a lot of ways… I’ve gained tons of respect for those that follow cheering as a goal in life.

For a series that could of easily gotten away with so much fan service this one stays mature to its own idea. I’m impressed to see something with so much fun style and humor attached. I could not help but to praise the breath of fresh air that the story provides unlike so many other series that kind of force itself into a safe route for the sake of easy success.

The only critic that numbs my head a little is thinking how far this can really go before becoming redundant. Most sports animations have to bring in new opponents to the field and create a backdrop of sorts that leaves so much expectation. Here, the real meat on the table has got to be the character growth or else the interest can be lost.

Overall: Cheer Danshi opened my eyes to how it’s not just practicing with your own skill that makes the difference in doing something but also having the encouragement from other people. Cheer on!
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7 hours ago
Berserk (2016) (Anime) add
Art - 5

"I've had my share of miracles. Makes me want to puke" - Guts

I share Guts's sentiment when I see this visually assaulting egregious piece of shit. I am obviously talking about Farnese's nipple-less tits, and also the cringe worthy CGI.

Most Battle sequences start with a lookup from the sword zooming out as he winds up for his slash, then a quick zoom in on the enemy's face, cut to Gut's constipated etched out face, cut to his sword slashing that enemy, and finally a wide-angle shot of the enemy down on the ground, Guts sheathing his blood stained sword as he walks away from the battle. Obviously the battle isn't as short as it seems from my description, because I haven't mentioned the other pointless cuts to random shit ranging from Gut's ass-crack to puck's Canthus while he/she blurts out some nonsense. Also what's up with the etched out faces. almost as if the animators recognised their professional ineptitude and wanted to scratch out their work completely.

Now unfortunately dynamic frame rate scaling for CG animation hasn't been worked out yet, so the entire action scenes occur at something like 4-5 FPS. So, now you have a Michael Bayesque/Zack Snyderesque action scene (described above) with several swivel shots, zoom ins, random cuts, all of which are supposed to create a parallax effect, but instead the slow pacing shitty frame rate makes it look choppy, thus making you curse the asshats at Millipence Studios, a studio that was clearly up to the task after having garnered significant reputation with their bang up animation on shows such as umm...*quick Google search*, yeah Wake up Girls! and Teekyuu.

While I sympathise with this studio's attempt at this dog shit that they call CG, I want to know, why try it in the first place ? There is no need to sacrifice quality for trying something new. Clearly, all the bugs haven't been worked out yet and they didn't have the budget or the skill to work that out. One reason might be that replacing the labour intensive hand-drawn 2D animation with CG is cheaper, and in this world of corporate bullshit, who gives a dandy fuck about quality and fan expectations. All they care about is money.

******Not so final thoughts*******************

Whatever the reason might be, I wouldn't recommend this to any one coming from the '97 series, firstly because the anime has skipped certain arcs which would make it confusing , and also did I mention, it looks like shit.

Anyways, for Berserk fans like me, I'd say that even if they would have produced the anime by creating a slideshow of the manga with voice over added to it, we would (at least I would) have watched it. At least the anime is better than that, or is it ?

PS I haven't reviewed other aspects of the anime(story,sound,character).
I'll do them once it finishes airing.

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Ashinaga Ojisan (Anime) add
I'm not sure if it was the awful English dub, the horrible animation, or the over sentimentality of the story that made this so painful to watch. Let's start with the dub: at times the words didn't match the mouth movements and all the voices managed to be incredibly annoying. The art was so bad, I know it was made 1979, but I've seen pretty decent animation from that decade. Know the sentiment, ugh, I just wanted to punch Judy and most of the other characters.

This TV special was based on the 1912 novel, "Daddy-Long-Legs" by Jean Webster. It follows most of the main points of story (which I must admit is better than any of the live-action versions I've seen), while also somehow barely resembling it. Toei Animation's "My Daddy-Long-Legs" is a much better adaptation of the story.

On a side note, why were some of the character's names changes? What was the point??
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
To put it simply... Robots+Girls+Fanservice+BoyMC+Generic= Masou Gakuen HxH
I don't know what it is about these shows that keep appearing but it really ain't nothing special, another one of those throw boobs everywhere to get the audiences to watch the show... and that is not entirely bad.. but its not good and doesn't make for a good show in general...

Story: 5/10
This show kinda reminded me of Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid... just without total (yuri)(girls only)... When a show LITERALLY starts with a guy fondling a half naked girl in order for her to orgasm and fight some robots in the next room or something, its kinda hard to take a show seriously... and this is another problem.. With the main premise of the "plot" being boob grabs to power up the girls... and then when there is an actual (Serious Moment) where we get a flash back to one of the girls tragic pasts... and then five minutes later the same girl is begging the MC to power her up and get on top of her... doesnt make for any deep meaning or serious development... So far the whole show has been going through introducing each different girls dialogues, boobs, and fights with robots... to get to the next episode... which is the same exact thing...

Art: 7/10
Now for an ecchi orientated robot fighting show... where there is gonna be a lot of sexual scenes in order for the show to "progress" the art should be good and that is where it is good... but for the rest of the show the animation stays at a consistent lack luster quality... not colorful... not really appealing... the fighting scenes contain these cgi looking robots kinda making these awkward motions... and the fights are ok..... but they do not put nearly as much time into these (important) fights as they do the basically hentai scenes...

Sound: 7/10
This shows got some nice "sounds"... The music has some good parts kinda make up for the ok fight scenes... the opening song includes the Goldeneye 007 health thing around you which was cool i guess and it looks like they are kinda like ripin off of that james bond movie intro and ed for the girls that are nude but blacked out so you cant see anything effect... and that nice guitar thing... its catchy... its clear... endings nicer catchier... the voice acting is nice like I can hear the moans of the girls... nicely.... and the mc is just going through the lines... its fine

Characters: 7/10
So we have Generic MC lookin Kizuma... goes with what ever pushed around not talented.. but he is like the chosen one or something gets the special deal making out with girls and powering them up... hes the ONLY ONE... i guess..
Next is Aine Chidorigaufuchi... something shes kinda lookin like a rip of the main girl from Plastic Memories... with the white hair... and same clothes... but shes taller... and has big boobs... stuck up.. but needs power and wants to be strong.
Then read more
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
Bunch of horny chicks,a shy MC and advance technology which get power up by orgasm,sounds familiar right?more or less,this has been the setting for most of the ecchis past few season,while few of them bite the taste of success,majority of them fails miserably.

The story occurs in the future when Earth is attacked by invaders from another universe through portals and using weaponry that combines magic and science. Mankind's weapons are practically useless against the invaders as usual and is forced to retreat. A weapon referred to as "Heart Hybrid Gear" or" HHG" is developed which is the only weapon effective against the invaders. A core is implanted within a person and by calling out the HHG's name one can summon a armor around them which can effectively use for combat. Our shy hero possesses a HHG (Heart Hybrid Gear), but it is not strong enough to make him particularly important. His older sister calls him to transfer to a strategic defense school , where many of the students with large boobs use their HHG abilities to fight invaders from another world while wearing extremely skimpy pilot outfits and this gear can be charge through sexual play so our useless hero act as a charger to those girls.

Tbh there isn't much to the plot,it's disgusting and with the amount of lewdness it's making the show more terrible
Only thing i admire is the top notch animation which could've been used for the adaptation of any better work rather than this half-ass hentai.
Probably a guilty pleasure anime,nothing else.
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Tsubasa: Shunraiki (Anime) add
Own, Online Viewing, or Evade
I’d say a show worth watching and Owning.

Overall Rating 3.5/5
A strong group of characters travel between many dimensions to gather the feathers of Sakura’s memories. This OVA has two parts that have time gaps between each other and season 2 of the TV series.

Rumiko Takahashi kind of did this with InuYasha and Ranma ½. This OVA picks up later in the manga than season 2 ended and kind of links into the TV shows with a couple flashbacks. It’s odd but I found it to work well enough to be a recommended buy and continuation.

Theme Songs 4/5
This series continues to have solid music, good opening and ending. Mostly fast paced, I didn’t skip them.

Ending 3.5/5
NO spoilers, the ending is imperfect but better than the 2nd season of the TV series.
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Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations (Anime) add
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I’d say a show worth watching and Owning.

Overall Rating 3.5/5
A strong group of characters travel between many dimensions to gather the feathers of Sakura’s memories. This OVA has two parts that have time gaps between each other and season 2 of the TV series.

Rumiko Takahashi kind of did this with InuYasha and Ranma ½. This OVA picks up later in the manga than season 2 ended and kind of links into the TV shows with a couple flashbacks. It’s odd but I found it to work well enough to be a recommended buy and continuation.

Theme Songs 4/5
This series continues to have solid music, good opening and ending. Mostly fast paced, I didn’t skip them.

Ending 3.5/5
NO spoilers, the ending is imperfect but better than the 2nd season of the TV series.
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[This review will not contain spoilers]

Well, for starters I must say I did not enjoy this anime but I will give credit where credit is due.
I don’t the the whole idea of sexualizing some little girls into this extend (so many lower angle shots and other stuff that made me cringe) or the whole magic girl idea that Japan seems to like for whatever reason. I must say that I watched this because some Fate/ fans friends told me that 3Rei was good and was worth watching the previous seasons first (I’m still to check that for myself).

[ Story | 6 ]
The story, for me, is boring. Plain and simple. I don’t find joy in watching some “magical girls” over moe-fied to funny stuff while fighting the evils of the world. Leaving that aside, the plot is WELL CONSTRUCTED. Why do I say with this? The mechanics are based of facts already used in the main Fate/ franchise, like the origin of the Kaleido sticks, servants, dimensions od, mana, prana, and some other things. Those resources were used to create this universe and this story that while I find boring and not in my taste at all, I won’t deny the author did a good research and documented well before writing, and that’s always a good thing. You know, to keep consistency even if we are talking about an Alternate Universe (AU).

[ Art | 7 ]
The Animation is good. It has some flaws in some frames that do not move smoothly but overall is a good animation. I do not like the art-style tho, at all.
The use of FX is great, you know there’s a lot of lights and explosions going around.

[ Music | 7 ]
The best part of it, the music. Good OST, the music used for fights was really good. And inclusion of classic tracks like EMIYA make the music get a better rating, even when they are from FSN originally. I don’t say the same for the OP and ED that I didn’t like at all. (Would give it a 6)

[ Character | 3 ]
Yeah… this is weird… I like Illya, Rin and who else but in the real Fate/ franchise. This “Illya” tho… I don’t consider her Illya, but a character that looks like her in this AU. She doesn't have the qualities that made me like Illya in the first place, in fact, I highly dislike this Illya and almost all the characters. Same goes with Rin, just a shell of what she really is, I only see a over acted tsundere shell.

[ Enjoyment | 4-5 ]
Too much stuff that I didn't like, while the animations are pretty is not enough for me to enjoy an anime. I can understand and accept that people may like anime like this but, this doesn’t seem to be something of my taste. Random power ups, sometimes ignoring principles already stated, lack of real character development.. fanservice on little girls…

[ Overall | 4 ]
For me, my rating is 4 read more
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Kodomo no Jikan (Anime) add
Kodomo no Jikan

The series is not very common when it comes to subs as i had help from a friend to find a eng sub. So now i can update the review as i have more knowledge of the story.

Story (6.8) - the story is basically about how 3 boys rape and humiliate their babysitter and as the story progresses she enjoys being the sub. As they try to humiliate her and walk a fine line from being caught with her they get into some close call situations. Generally the story in sweet and simple as the characters adapt to their roles and develop (especially Izumi)

Art (7.0) - the art is not bad from a hentai that ran from 00 to 02 and it stands today especially as its not censored at all so their is limitations on the art in the genitals they can do and it still looks decent. The animation is generally well done but can be choopy at times but for me is really pleasing to look at.

Sound (7.1) - the hentai does have a sound track in the backround and its not half bad. It helps fill in times where there is little conversation or sex scenes.Otherwise the voive acting is great and the sound effects can range at times but are generally good.

Characters (8.2) the characters are great designs. Izumi has her own unique personality compared to the 3 shota boys as they have the same with slight variations for their positio in the group. The relationships between the characters do get quite decent towards the end and i cant say wpmuch more than that they are just one kf the best things about the hentai.

Personal enjoyment (8.1) - I got plenty of enjoyment from Izumi's humiliation and there are 3 eps froever in my mind because of how much i enjoyed them they are the Beach, Date at the amusment park, school scenes. The only thing i could wish from the hentai is more penertration otherwise i just enjoyed the hell out of it and will always come back to rewatch the hentai.

If any one wants to discuss anything with me related to this or not then just give me a message

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If you're looking for a heartwarming story about the reuniting of lost friendships, then Anohana: The Flowers We Saw That Day is the perfect choice.

The one thing I like about the story is it manages to make a big impact despite being so simplistic. Every moment from this show is crucial and doesn't stray too far from the main plot. We do get a bit of supernatural elements since one of the main characters is a ghost of sorts. However, there is reason to it, and it blends well with the other portions of the story, making it almost feel natural.

Something like this requires much detail in the realms of character and their development, and this is a perfect example. They're all well-written, have unique personalities and goals while having believable chemistry with other characters. Each character, including the supporting ones, share a purpose to the story, be it a major or minor one. I also give props to the voice cast for doing a fantastic job portraying everyone so well.

Overall, the animation is quite good. There's a frequent use of fluid motion, which gives the characters a more lifelike feel to them. The backgrounds are done beautifully and look realistic. However, there are some cases where we get a few small hiccups, mostly pertaining to the facial features, but it wasn't too much of a bother.

Upon writing this review, it would be the first time I've watched Anohana. I've only seen promotional images and brief opinions on it, so I went in mostly blind. I became engrossed in the story that I ended up watching it all within 24 hours (it's only 11 episodes, so it makes sense), and I didn't regret a single minute. It was an amazing experience, I'm glad I finally got to see it, and I highly recommend it.
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Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Season (Anime) add
Own, Online Viewing, or Evade
I’d say a show worth watching and Owning.

Overall Rating 3.5/5
A strong group of characters travel between many dimensions to gather the feathers of Sakura’s memories. It is very recommended you buy the OVA with this season. The OVA continues and leaves the show with a more complete ending.

This a tie-in show for most of studio Clamp’s works. Most of show’s characters are either directly referenced or remade. Watching all the other shows isn’t necessary but adds to the backgrounds a bit. xxxHolic season 1 before Tsubasa would be a plus though.
Anyhow, it’s a good adventure story. This part has Sakura more involved since she is closer to being complete again. The characters get stronger as you would expect

Theme Songs 4/5
This season has another good opening and ending. Mostly fast paced, I didn’t skip them.

Ending 3/5
NO spoilers, the ending was… incomplete at best. The OVA does a better job. It’s still recommended.
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
Category: Ecchi
Rank: Tier 1

Premise: "Suspension Bridge Effect" It's the rapid heartbeat and arousal when in state of danger. Named after it's discovery of friends of people of the opposite sex tended to get married after experiencing a tall bridge crossing. When in danger your biological alarm kicks in as a form of a reality check, All living beings are meant to procreate. The phenomenon released chemicals inducing individuals to fall in love and a need to have intercourse after a hyper sense of arousal on a very aware state.

On Masou Gakuen Episode 01. Hida, Kizuna and Chidorigafuchi were under attack by an alien mecha force and the heroine was almost near death. On already state of danger both kizuna and Chidori blushed and suffered from rapid and increasing heartbeats. After "Heart x Hybrid" . The heroine is seen pressing her hand against her chest when Kizuna was talking to both Himekawa Hayuru and Yurishia Farandole on a flirty manner. The name of the phenomenon is called "Heart x Hybrid" which is explained by the commander or Kizuna sister to not be outright lewd but a state of synchronization of Body and Soul. This meaning endorphins creating the love state whilst the human body becomes aroused.

Heart Hybrid participants experience the power up because they all have gone through body modification, They've injected invading alien Mecha core that seems to respond to a combination of Love and Lust. Normal women don't get a power up because they can't.

Ecchi Builder: Kizuna must come up with unique ideas to accelerate healing on Heart Hybrid participants by doing lewd actions. This lewd factor absorbs the rest of the genres on a satisfactory way on which the lewdness facilitate battle engaging, Character development towards one another as well as opening up about their individual experience as human experiments.

Animation: Throughout the years we've seen experimentation of the anime industry to use 3D animation to reduce cost, Keep animated consistency, Facilitate mass producing of more anime and possibly keep more money for better pay while trying to keep the "Japanese animation history" of authenticity. They're tried from fully 3D all the way varying 2D textures on 3D models. Some kinda succeed and some end up like "Berserk". Most anime studios have reached the conclusion to keep 2D characters while just 3D environments. One of the first projects to do this was the anime "Tokyo Ravens" but as someone who has seen "Kizumonogatari", Shaft has mastered it.

On Masou Gakuen HxH there are 3D modeling but somehow Studio IMS has given a whole new breed on a 2D Fusion with 3D. The result are noticeable on the characters as they seem multi dimensional without feeling boxy like standard 3D. The art feel more fluid and more solid as per substance on the artwork. The enemies keep a higher amount of 3D but it isn't a issue since the main point of the series lies on Erotism. With that I think it was a good call.

Sound: It puts hentai voice acting read more
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Divine Gate (Anime) add
First review. Brief review because I don't want to waste too much of my time in writing this. Reviewing only because this anime was so bad that it stuck out to me. .

The only reason why I toughed it out and finished this entire anime was because of its opening song. Other than that, the overall anime was lackluster.

Watching the first episode led me to believe that this anime had a lot of potential. There were a lot of interesting ideas that could have been explored and further developed. However, as I watched on, I realized that this anime carried a lot of elements that are strikingly similar to other animes. Firstly, the concept of this anime very closely resembled Fullmetal Alchemist. It resembled it so closely that it might as well have been a rip-off. Secondly, the three main characters' super powers very much reminded me of the starter Pokemon powers (fire, water, grass). Like really? They couldn't have wielded any other type of super power? And even if they didn't, couldn't the characters have utilized their powers more? Why did they even train to develop their super powers if they didn't even do anything with it in the end? It felt like a pointless waste of time.

Tl;dr - The director of this anime did a poor job in developing its concept. The story felt rushed. The characters didn't have any development. The dialogue was unsophisticated, even though the concept behind the Divine Gate was supposed to have a philosophical edge. Just watch FMA instead of this rip-off of an anime.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
One of the most beautiful shows I've ever seen. The animation, characters, humor, themes, music, plot, everything was so wonderfully woven together. Such an emotionally impactful show in so many ways. The way music is used as the driving force for so many relationships is outstanding.

The show took off like it would end up as a very typical romance/coming of age series, but as it progressed that became less and less the case. The way the characters interacted was at times very comical and over-the-top, but that just makes the more somber and soft moments stand out even more.

You get to see the multiple layers of the characters, from the silliness to the internal struggles they faced, with music being the connecting force throughout. Music wasn't only shown as a force of good, but also bad in how it had an affect and was used by the characters.

The romance aspect is even more hard-hitting as you get to the end. It feels so hopeless yet beautiful and endearing at the same time. A romance at a much deeper level than one would commonly expect from a show with the beginning aesthetics of this one. The characters become much more powerful as a result in the way they impact the viewer and the profound impact of music is made all the more potent.

It isn't the fastest moving plot, and at times one could feel impatient, yet I felt as if that was a necessary approach for what it was trying to say. The quotes from this show are mesmerizing and the dilemmas presented are indeed thought-provoking and emotionally heart-wrenching.

This is one of the greatest romances I've seen, and one of my favorite anime series no doubt. I wouldn't have tried it out otherwise, but seeing so much buzz about it got me curious and I'm truly glad I was able to be moved by it.
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Kyousou Giga (TV) (Anime) add
Made a video on it:

Video Script:

Kyousougiga (6/10): There is my rating, if you want to know more about my rating system check the description down below. Time to dive into my potentially spoiler filled review.

This show initially drew me in with its unique designs but I stayed for the very unique world. The main issue is that even after finishing the show and watching the recap episode 10.5 I am still a little lost. The show tries to wrap it all up with “don’t worry the child of a god who is also kind of a god made everything so any oddities or inconsistencies you notice are not a problem.” While that answers the main question it is not a very satisfying conclusion in my book, but with all the crazy off the wall antics this show got up to I’m not sure they could have done it any other way. I found a larger issue with the son who is a human priest, he never made much sense to me. I get the feeling he is not from the main world because he appeared unaffected when the world was collapsing but I’m still unsure how that is possible. He also had a narrative of wanting to die but also being the chosen one for some reason that left me even more confused. I feel like I was watching a badly told mythology, one with odd pauses and off the wall logic told by a storyteller who isn’t exactly sure how to tell the story. Now I love me some mythology so that main hook and the crazy animation kept me intrigued enough to finish this show, but I can’t say it will be for everyone.
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