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Fate/stay night (Anime) add
What do I write about this anime?
Story?aweseome.The leveling of the story as the episodes go by is something else.First,you have your main character who is some ordinary boy going to school helps other people too much you would say and knows nathing about fighting but as the story develops you see him willing to fight for others trying hard to protect everyone he loves.

Fights?Amazing.The battles are just too intense that keep you stuck till the end.Variety of fighting styles of the characters which makes the anime even more interesting.

Art?The art is great considering the year its released(2004).It isn't brightly colored so u think its too dark even at day but a great work has been done on the animation that you would think is an 2008 anime.

So,in conclusion I really suggest you would see this anime and enjoy it as much as I did.
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32 minutes ago
Sankarea (Anime) add
This is my first review, so I'm going to be as careful as possible here. This story is something I've sort of seen before, but with zombies instead.

Story:8 "Very Good"
The story overall is a nice idea, but the ending is unclear if you watch just the anime. The manga explains and goes further than the anime. This is actually pretty common though, so I will be giving the story an 8. Also it's extremely hard for me to talk about the story without writing any spoilers.

Art:9 "Great"
The artwork is odd, yet interesting, as the main characters look pretty and realistic. I'll explain odd in the character section. The art is nice, with good backgrounds.

Sound:9 "Great"
I'm not sure how to talk a lot about sound, but the music, sound effects and voices are enjoyable and not grating on the ears. The OP is nice; it was hard for me to skip it.
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2 hours ago
Mekakucity Actors (Anime) add
I watched first 3 episodes very hard because i didn't understood a thing but the story was great and just about episode 8 or 9 i finally understood something. I also didn't really understood the ending of the anime. Did they die and restarted their lifes but in a normal way this time? Anyway it was super great to watch it!
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2 hours ago
Shiki (Anime) add
This was a gorey version of vampires done right.
Story was great they finished off the series really well and still managed to leave it open for another installment.
Art wasn't the best in my opinion but it was different and still pleasing to the eyes.
The sounds and soundtrack in Shiki gave me chills ;p, really fit well and got you in the right mindset.
I wish they would have spent more time with certain characters but it wasn't that big a deal in the end.
Overall this series kept me on edge every episode and gave me plenty of
"OH SHIT!" moments I suggest everyone give it a try!
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2 hours ago
Kotonoha no Niwa (Anime) add
This movie deserves every bit of that 9 score, and lemme tell you why.

For starters, what was accomplished in about 45 minutes with this movie is incredible. This movie is visually captivating, and I'd paused the movie several times for a screenshot. It truly is top notch; the scenes covered the ranges of sunset/relaxing mood to grey and dark rainy days and the warm lighting from a lamp in a lone apartment room.

If you're going into this movie for the story and thinking that 45 minutes isn't enough time, you would be wrong. I'm not going to spoil anything, but ultimately I ended up really rooting for the MCs to get together. I watched those 45 minutes and didn't feel any regret. I didn't leave that movie unsatisfied because of the plot at all. The characters are likable and didn't need much development for anyone to immediately like them. It wasn't too rushed, it felt genuine, and it was a good type of anime cute that's far from that of K-On! and such.

To be honest, I came into this movie knowing it would turn out like this, short and simple (kinda like this review). Anybody that's considering watching this movie should know that this is the type of romance anime that can be considered slow by many others, but it's a 45 minute movie and it gets to that ending quickly.

Overall, I loved this movie. It's short, incredibly sweet, has the romance fix you need, beautifully animated, and fantastically cute. If that's the kind of movie you're looking for, then Kotonoha no Niwa is the one for you.
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2 hours ago
Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
In a world where high school is the dominant setting for anime, Akatsuki no Yona appears to be something both refreshingly different and classic at the same time. A traditional, almost medieval eastern setting, a war of kings, princes, and princesses, a dash of legend, fantasy—and indeed, if this truly was what Akatsuki no Yona was about, it would easily live up to expectation. Instead, in the same breath as it boldly proclaims itself different a fear of being just that seemingly holds it back from being all it could have been.


Akatsuki no Yona is one of those unfortunate shows that begins with a really interesting premise and yet is mysteriously afraid to actually commit to it.

All seems peaceful in the kingdom of Kouka. The land's various tribes are united under a kind emporer who hates violence and dotes on his daughter, Yona, the sole heir to his throne. For her part, Yona passes her days in comfort, primarily concerned only with the color of her unusually red hair and winning the heart of her distant cousin, Su-won. But all this comes crashing down in an instant when one night the emporer turns up dead, murdered by none other than Su-won himself, who immediately seizes the throne and brands Princess Yona an outcast. Under the protection of her bodyguard and childhood friend, Hak, Yona escapes—but must live under the conditions of a commoner in the kingdom she has never personally set foot in before. Weak and all alone, she is left with but one choice for revenge: to find the legendary four warriors gifted with the powers of ancient dragons and reclaim the throne from Su-won—a journey that will grow and change her into a warrior herself, as she comes to find firsthand that her kingdom is not as free from trouble as she believed.

It is uncharacteristic of me to dedicate so much time in a review to summarizing, but I do it here to make a point: this is what Akatsuki no Yona could have been. And while it technically still is, it so constantly skirts the boundary between being silly and serious that the overarching plot is all but lost in a dissatisfying delivery of both moods. However, that isn't to say the show is devoid of any bright moments. In fact, there were enough to keep me coming back for more, but I often found myself merely tolerating what came in between rather than thoroughly enjoying much of it. It isn't so much that the show suffers from too much filler, but from too little focus—poor pacing and progression. Much of Akatsuki no Yona is divided up into chunks and delivered out of order as flashbacks or even flashforwards, breaking up the flow of the story and diverting far too much attention to side plots that would've been much better off told in one or two sentences of dialog. While this approach wouldn't be as faithful to the manga, it would make for better anime.

Worse, the payoff read more
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2 hours ago
Free!: Eternal Summer Special (Anime) add
This is how OVA's/Specials should be.Not directly related to the main series in terms of it being a continuation of it's parent series, but knowing the characters beforehand makes it much more enjoyable.

This Special was nearly perfect.It did'nt touch any serious theme like it's parent anime did (which was a coming of age story), but solely focused on giving us another look at the characters lives.

It's about when the Iwatobi Swim Club members went to Samezuka Academy's school festival and ended up playing a survival game with water guns.Many new and interesting interactions between characters who did'nt talk much in the main series are explored.

Overall, its a blast from start to end.
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3 hours ago
Beijing (Manga) add
The synopsis says it all: A glimpse into Beijing's changing society in the wake of the 2008 Olympics, presented in a unique art style.

Being what it is, I think the manga is primarily worth reading to get an impression of the atmosphere/the cultural zeitgeist and the mindset of the people at this point in time, which is captured quite well in this book. The individual plots and characters as such, however, remain mostly unspectacular in comparison.

Since the book contains stories by different authors, the art varies from story to story. Still, all stories share a similarly playful, slightly sketchy art style which, for some reason, reminded me more of French children's books than your typical manga style. Whether one likes the art or not is a very subjective matter in this case. Personally, I found it to be rather average, even though it did do a decent job of capturing the mood of the respective story.

If you are interested in contemporary Chinese culture and its developments, I suggest you give this book a chance, especially since it is only 11 chapters long.
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3 hours ago
Hataraku Maou-sama! (Anime) add
The Devil is a Part Timer is a very entertaining and funny series, the only disappointment being that it's so short when it could've been at least double the amount of episodes.

The basic premise is that Satan and his servant during a battle against the Hero end up in real world Japan. While they try to figure out a way back, they have to get accustomed to human life. Hence, Satan ends up getting a part time job.

The comedy is the shows greatest strength, as each character has their unique personality fuel the many jokes this series has to offer. It's not too over-the-top either, which is something I like. Sometimes the moments that will get the biggest laugh out of you are quick one-liners that are delivered with perfect comedic timing.

The characters and their interactions are simply a joy to watch, from how the servant tries his best to please and serve Satan, to how Satan's co-worker tries her best to get noticed by him. More characters are introduced early on and they all add a new and fun aspect to the show.

This show almost never delves into drama either, though there are sections with action which are quite impressive in terms of animation and they set up high stakes. The show always tries to lighten the mood even during those scenes, and it succeeds every time.

It's a big shame that it ended at only 13 episodes however, as the show could've still gone so far with its material. Even so, this series is absolutely worth a watch if you want something that's pure entertainment. I even recommend the dub(if you don't understand Japanese), as the actors do a tremendous job delivering the lines that create some of the funniest parts of the show.

Score: 8.5/10

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3 hours ago
Opus (Manga) add
Opus is a very unique manga, and holds a place in my heart for several reasons. Satoshi Kon sits on a pedestal as one of my favorite anime director's of all time, dazzling me with the Inception-predecessor Paprika, and the psychological thriller that was Paranoia Agent. About a month ago I had stumbled upon a comic store near my University and decided to give a go, spurred on by my childhood love for comic books. While perusing the small shop I came across a pile of unorganized books, and sitting at the top of the pile was Opus. The book's bright red exterior caught my eye, only to suck me in further as I gazed at Satoshi Kon's name printed across the cover. I was completely unaware of Kon's work as a mangaka, and swiped up the book without hesitation, along with his Seraphim 266613336 Wings, co-written by Ghost in the Shell's Mamoru Oshii. I have always read manga online, so Opus would be the first manga I've read and completed in it's physical form, which creates a sort of sentimental value for me.

Opus spans across 19 chapters, and seemed to be made for an eventual movie adaption judging by its length, and the pacing of the story as it unfolds. It follows the story of Chikara Nagai, a veteran mangaka on the verge of finishing his life's work, Resonance. With the stress of an impending deadline hanging over his shoulders, he draws the final climactic panels of his story. As Resonance comes to a close, Opus is only beginning, and in a very Kon-esque fashion, the world of the living and the world of fiction begin to become one in the same. Nagai is transported into the world of Resonance, and is quickly thrown into the chaos created by his own hand.

Opus's story isn't the most original, as diving into a world of fiction has been used countless times in media, but the way in which it is tackled is brilliant. Far too often these stories overlook the psychological value of connecting two different worlds. As a person from the "real" world parades through fictitious lands, the fabricated characters seem to only be affected by their presence enough to shrug it off or be briefly astonished. Opus puts more focus on the affects created by this unworldly occurrence, as it dawns on these people that their lives are nothing more than a story, written by a man who's just trying to create something entertaining, and more so, finish it by the deadline. Several scenes highlight the flustered reactions of Satoko and Lin (Resonance's main characters) as they battle their willingness to comprehend or even accept the reality of that lay before them.

But what truly puts this story above the rest that fall under this trope is Kon's obsession with blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Zipping back and forth between the two worlds, we begin to see an underlying message that Kon may have intended to read more
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3 hours ago
Yodaka no Hoshi (Anime) add
A very interesting short: beautiful art, great use of colours, and fantastic music.

The story itself was written between the two World Wars and explores the idea of pacifism, sacrifice, and in a way - the Japanese spirit of 我慢. It's written around the same time Ghandi was active but it's not clear if there are subtle references to him specifically or just general Buddist ideals.

In this bitter-sweet story the bullied Nighthawk is taunted by more powerful birds to abandon its identity, but it refuses to do so and resolves to pacifism and chooses to sacrifice itself rather than to inconvenience others/fighting - a silent resistance if you will. During its journey the Nighthawk questions the nature of the food cycles and the interaction between the weak and the strong. If you're familiar with history, at this point you can probably see the clear connections between the Nighthawk and Ghandi's principles of valuing truth and non-resistance.

It's interesting viewing in the sense that it shows very clearly the change in values over time and places; what is regarded as weakness in contemporary Western eyes is a sign of strength in 1920s Japan etc..

In summary, a fantastic short - absolutely worth watching!
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4 hours ago
My Hero (Manga) add
STORY: 8/10
Despite its predictability, its light heartedness made it enjoyable. This manga was a good read for its plot was not to in-depth that required deep thought; or did it surprise you with twists. Instead it provides a calming, cute and sweet tempered plot.

It was nice to see that neither main characters personalities were changed or dimmed down to sort each other. Instead an opposite attract approach was developed in a way that left me smiling. If only current boys were more free-spirited as Yutarou.
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5 hours ago
●REC (Manga) add
- imPERVious90 Certified -

In all honesty, this is the embodiment of the saying "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover", with that said, not only is it an embodiment of a very accurate proverb, this manga also manages to make you truly embed said proverb into the very depths of your soul. You shall never again judge any manga, or any anime, or ANYTHING AT ALL, for the remainder of the existence of your now non-judgemental life, "Judge a book... by its cover".

●REC, in all its morals its about to implicate unto the reader, isn't that much exemplifying in terms of its Art. It's nothing you've exactly seen before, but it does well enough to truly express how characters interact or feel.

The characters, without giving anything away, are rather simple. You will understand how a certain character will act and how a certain character's trope is, long enough until the story just makes you think twice about what you just thought about said characters.

The Story is brilliantly executed. This is where ●REC really shines it its elements and it truly shows that in execution. The Transitions of settings to characters, to how it shows it panels to the audience are all brilliantly configured to give the reader its all out potential.

Overall, despite just being a one-shot, and just a couple of pages, is all it needs to get its whole premise across with finesse. I certainly just suggest this to anyone ... and anybody at all in that matter, in a way just make 'em feel bad or just to give 'em a moral implication of sorts. Overall please do read this fine gem.
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6 hours ago
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
This anime is one of my all-time favorites. It is an anime that I would put on the same level or even higher than an older masterpiece like Cowboy Bebop. Sure, the two may not be similar very much at all, but this show definitely deserves the title of masterpiece just as Cowboy Bebop attained that title. The sound is fantastic and hits you when the feels are extremely high. The dubbing in this was great in my opinion (except for maybe the casting of Kyou, but she isn't very crucial except for her one Another World episode). The Key art style is great for this story and it just looks wonderful especially at some of the most tragic parts. The characters are well flushed out and they even get into developing the comedy relief (Sunohara), which is something you don't get to see too often. I enjoyed it immensely, as can be seen through my previous statement that is one of my all-time favorites. I cannot sing its praises enough, and for that, it deserves a perfect 10/10.
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6 hours ago
Free!: Eternal Summer (Anime) add
I will be writing reviews as soon as i finish a series, and so they will be totally based on my enjoyment of it and the ending will hugely impact it.They will also mostly just be my ramblings, without a linear thought process.

I loved the first season of Free!.I was pretty new to anime then and was hugely impressed with the animation and bromance in it.I liked this season even more, but gave it an 8 whereas the 1st season got a 9.

A large part of this is because i am strictly against changing my rating except in the rarest of rare cases.As i was relatively new to anime then, i was perhaps easily impressed.

Most of the issues i had with this season were related to pacing.The first half (6-7 episodes) were way inferior compared to the second half.I must have teared up atleast 3 times, and i am not one to be easily moved, having seen a lot of anime.

Many reviews say that Sousuke was the most fleshed out character in this season and that others did not see as much development.*SPOILERS*I disagree with it as i felt Haruka and Makoto developed by leaps and bounds in the last 5 episodes or so.The 9th episode was the best of the bunch as Haru's internal struggles were shown very well.*SPOILERS*

I did think *SPOILERS* that Nagisa and Rei bawling their eyes out in the last ep was unsightly, as the drama was slightly overboard there, but its not that big of a deal *SPOILERS*.

Rin had already sorted out most, if not all, of his issues in the 1st season, so he was mostly there for the other guys to depend on.But his sister Gou and other side characters (their adviser and coach) received far less attention this time around.

The last episode was nearly perfect, though the middle was drawn out a bit and it would have been better if more emphasis was placed on other things in that time.

Though some of you may not consider watching Free! because it might seem to be obviously pandering to women (whatever that means), i urge you to give this a chance, as though some parts may seem overtly cheesy and the beginning of this season may contain homosexual overtones, it really picks up at the end and goes out with a bang.If only all the episodes were as strong as the last 5-6 episodes.
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6 hours ago
Sunabouzu (Anime) add
Sunabouzu is an ongoing manga started in the late 90s and written by Masatoshi Usune. In 2004 it was adapted into an anime by Gonzo, a Studio we've looked at quite a bit with series like Bakuretsu Tenshi, Basilisk, Gantz, Brave Story &, most recently, Strike Witches. Let's look at Sunabouzu and see how well it compares.


In a post apocalyptic future the vestiges of civilisation subsist in various cities throughout a great desert. It's relatively lawless with might and money deciding things. In that desert, there's a group of handymen who take mercenary jobs and our protagonist, the titular Sunabouzu, is considered one of the greatest of them. The series follows him as he takes a variety of jobs and shenanigans ensue.

What little story there is is beyond weak. It's cliched, full of contrivances and ends on a really stupid note. It's a lot like a Michael Bay film, with over the top action sequences replacing anything of substance. But, this is largely a comedy. So, we can forgive the terrible over-arcing story if it's funny, right? So, let's examine the humour a bit, shall we? The “comedy” of this series hits pretty much every single lowest, most base, mean-spirited point it possibly can. It uses a lot of rape jokes, usually with our protagonist threatening someone with rape and the joke being his pursuit of her and how she tries to escape. It also has a few gay jokes, because every horrible comedy feels that it's hilarious to point out that gay people exist. Those jokes that aren't horrible are just supposed to be funny because the characters are acting like idiots or because something over the top happens. If there's a single “joke” that works in this, then the sheer stupidity of the series must have caused me to drone it out because I didn't notice. I watched through all twenty four episodes without so much as a brief smile.


The characters aren't so much one-dimensional stereotypes as they are over the top presentations of one-dimensional stereotypes. Because making characters who are just one-dimensional stereotypes is too subtle for this series. So it decided to make them more annoying. The only character who even develops in some small way is Taiko, who has a pretty typical character arc of going from a student to standing on her own. It isn't much and her personality stays pretty stagnant throughout, but it's more than anyone else gets.


The art is the best part of the series. It's not good, it would be pretty mediocre if not for the rather poorly done action sequences and the ridiculous boob physics that even Team Ninja would consider excessive.


The actors give performances that are absurdly over the top to the point of being really obnoxious. Saito Chiwa is normally very skilled, but she's one of the worst offenders and that ridiculous, overly squeaky laugh she does is just ear-bleedingly painful to listen to. The music is over the read more
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6 hours ago
Heroic Age (Anime) add
Space... It was once considered by the people of Earth to be the final frontier. A boundless, infinite universe stood just beyond the reaches of our ever advancing technology. We expected there to be life out there in the universe, but we had no way of knowing that by leaving the comfort of our blue planet, we’d be setting foot into a game of celestial thrones that was already eons in the making. As we entered this conflict, forced into the struggle for galactic dominance, we were dubbed the iron tribe. But with the regal albinos of the Silver tribe and the larvae-looking Bronze tribe teaming up against us, we were faced with the inevitability of not just defeat... But extinction.

That is, until one fateful day when Dhianeilla, the princess of the human race, and the crew of her space ship The Argonaut stumbled across a half-destroyed planet, inhabited predominately by terrestrial squids. Living amongst the squids, they found a childlike young man; Savage in appearance yet kind of heart, his name was Age, and he alone possessed the ability to defend us against the worst that our enemies could dish out. But will this curious young savior be enough? Is he strong enough to bring about an end to this horrible war? Is he heroic enough to do so with as little bloodshed as possible? Or will he fail, dooming us to obscurity? One thing is certain: Without Age, this frontier truly will be our final one.

Studio Xebec is a name that I’ve often heard spoken in painful, frustrated tones by many different reviewers. And hey, it’s time to add my name to that list. If animation studios were being sold in the supermarket, Xebec would be the store-brand option... I’m talking Great Value levels of cheapness. They’re the same company that produced Love Hina and the first Negima series, and the 2D animation in Heroic Age is a slight improvement over those works, with much better use of coloring, but as far as basic animation goes, this is pretty much the same stiff, lifeless crap that we’ve become used to seeing from them.

Having said that, I’m still going to give credit where credit is due. The animation looks awful whenever characters are on screen, or with any shots that take place on land or inside the space ships, but when we leave those setting and venture out into open space, the switch in visual quality is like night-and-day. The 3D animation in Heroic Age is nothing short of beautiful. This series came out in 2007, so the CG looks a little dated, but it still holds up really well. The spaceships themselves look awesome at all times, but what’ll really catch your eye is the expansive outer-space backgrounds, which are full of life and color... Although when it’s sharing screen time with the 2D characters, the styles really don’t mesh well together.

As far as the character designs go, there’s very little inspiration or originality here. The silver tribe... read more
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Short and sweet:

Story: (8)
The story is great, its not a silly plot and it is very engaging. You truly want to see the characters accomplish their goals. The side plots are interesting too, there is not an inch of boredom from a story perspective.

Art: (7)
The art is the standard type you see in a lot of anime, nothing to special, but definitely proves it was made in the 2010's. The colours and flashiness from the special attacks are perfect though.

Sound: (7)
The soundtrack isn't something that will stick with you for the re3st of your life, but it definitely is fitting to the anime and doesn't seem out of place. The opening and ending are quite catchy and really fun to listen to.

Characters: (9)
Though the main characters in the show are mostly developed before the anime begins, the show really makes you fall in love with them quickly. The comedy effect makes them that much more loveable. Though they are already developed to a certain point, they still remain a mystery to us, the audience and along the way we find out more and more. The characters are what really makes this anime.

Enjoyment: (9)
It was a light-hearted and fun adventure. It is definitely easy to cheer up after watching it, it has a soothing atmosphere that makes it a real pleasure to watch. I think ill rewatch this a few times, because it was so fun.
Has so much potential, unfortunately this is another anime that is just a advertisement, or tease, for the light novel. Dont expect the main plot to uncover by the end, its just trying to suck you in to buy the light novel, still a fun and awesome adventure. If the anime was 50+ episodes i sincerely believe it would be worth a 10.
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7 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
This one was bad for my heart, in a lot of ways. From a first glance, it looks like a cheerful and colourful journey through life with music, but that's really an illusion (or rather, a lie) and you get to find out the true colours of the series sooner rather than later.

-----O V E R A L L (9/10)-----

-----STORY (9/10)-----
To get the negative aspect out of the way, the pacing gets a bit unsatisfactory in the latter half of the series. The plot is otherwise very nicely thought out. You are given a hint at the very start, and get to watch it unravel - i.e. deep in your heart of hearts you know what's going to happen, and I think that makes the journey there all the more poignant.

Contrary to popular opinion, I think the ending was quite fitting and I wouldn't have it any other way.

(sort of spoilerish, but not nearly enough to ruin anything for anyone)WARNINGS: child abuse, mental illness (think PTSD), animal death, non-graphic medical procedures, etc.(/spoiler)

-----ART (10/10)-----
Very pretty, fluid animation; the colour palette is on point thorough the series. Often, the classical music (and mental state of the MC) is represented visually, which is pretty neat and brings a new depth to the notes. In short, the series is very pleasing to the eye and gives a new perspective on music by connecting it to imagery.

-----SOUND (10/10)-----
Well, considering one of the primary themes of this anime is classical music, it lives up to the expectations - the scores are carefully chosen to reflect the characters and their current state, and it shows. Saint-Saëns, Kreisler and Chopin are only some of the composers whose pieces are featured in the series. You can expect to hear mainly classical piano performances, with some violin/piano duets here and there.

-----CHARACTER (9/10)-----
Our MC (a gloomy, bookish sort of guy) has been an acclaimed pianist from an young age, but saying he has some issues would be an understatement. The series explores his suffering and his struggle with himself, which is heavily reflected in his playing style. Burdened by his past, he goes through quite the character development on his journey to reclaim his ability to play the piano in his own way.

His counterpart, a seemingly cheerful, carefree violinist, plays a large part in the MC's recovery. In the latter half of the series, we don't get to see as much scenes of them together, which is a minus. A lot of side-characters get introduced instead, and while they are nice kids, the pacing of the story gets messy and the in-depth exploration of their backgrounds is rather redundant IMO.

-----ENJOYMENT (8/10)-----
There's a lot of drama going on, to the point where it feels too much at times. Other than that, I really enjoyed the inner conflicts of the MC in regards to music, though I rather think it takes a certain kind of mentality to like this kind of thing. One thing is for sure, Shigatsu wa Kimi no read more
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7 hours ago
Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
Mirai Nikki was one of my first animes, that I watched and its a favorite of mine.
Now, I don't really know what to say about it, but I think if you haven't watched this yet, you are truly missing out.
The story is great, and the characters are very well-done..
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Everybody knows Attack on Titan, but does everybody recognize Attack on Titan for what it is?

Art: 8/10
Production IG has improved dramatically over time, and AOT is very slick. The backgrounds are very fleshed out, and idle animations look good. The rain and fog are particularly dark feeling, and oppressive. Otherwise, solid effort on the animation front.

Personal Score: Good

Sound: 8/10
Hiroshi Kamiya returns as Levi, Daisuke Ono appears again as Erwin Smith. Both give solid performances and bring the characters to life as the stoic Levi and commanding Erwin. The same OP and ED from the series appear, along with the weird German acoustic guitar song with bad grammar.

Personal Score: Good

Characters: 8/10
Particularly Levi, but also Erwin in this pair of OVAs get some needed characterization in an emotional and expository way. Levi's past as a street punk and how he came to be part of the Survey Corps is explored, along with his deep seated, cold as ice personality. His obsessive compulsive germophobia is also hilariously present.
Levi becomes much more than the almost super-human titan slaying prowess he displays in the original series- he's given heart. Levi is shown to have always been a driven man, a goal oriented man- but not one without a conscience. His relationships with his friends, past relations with the army, and future relationships with the Survey Corp, and by default, Erwin Smith are all explored and fleshed out fantastically in such a short amount of time.

Erwin Smith appears in a limited role. He's presented as a much more steeled and uncaring man than Levi himself, hardened by the harsh realities of life outside the walls. His perceived understanding of the nature of life beyond the safety of the human settlement drives him to be a conservative and competent leader, which further settles him into his role as the Commander in AOT.

Personal Score: Good

Story: 8/10
This time, the story has a definite beginning and definite conclusion. The audience already knows what happens beyond this- it's been detailed in the original series. What sets Birth of Levi apart as a superior OVA is how it takes important, fairly fleshed out, established characters, and turns them into something more. Captain Levi is one of the most beloved characters in AOT, and for good reason: he's good at his job, he doesn't take no shit, and he doesn't break the rules of the show. His past is explored, why he's the way he is, and how that past affects his present and future to come in the Survey Corps. Levi experiences a range of emotions and events that are formative for the character presented later on, and to great effect.

Personal Score: Great

Enjoyment: 9/10
I'll be honest: I found Birth of Levi to be _better_ than the entire first season of AOT. The original AOT could have benefited a lot from the pacing and character driven storytelling that Birth of Levi contains. There's no filler: everything serves a purpose. Levi experiences a character arc, we see him develop and read more
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8 hours ago
Otokogokoro (Manga) add
If you are one of those yaoi fans who will lap up anything with two remotely handsome-looking men on the cover, regardless of content, then you will most likely love this manga. If, however, you like your romance to have depth, emotion and a love story you can truly get behind, then please, steer clear of this abomination.

Otokogokoro begins with an older, experienced man forcing himself on a young, timid man after the latter takes care of the former, who was ill. Already, we have two clichés: 1) the seme/uke power-play, which is not explored, subverted or made fun of, but played straight (heh-heh); the mangaka makes no attempt to satirise the slew of yaoi that readers have to endure, instead preferring to jump on the bandwagon; and 2) sexual assault played off as sexy/romantic; this one is disturbingly prevalent in yaoi, and it needs to stop.

After this, we don't get much in the way of content. Shinomiya blushes, Saki forces, and the whole story offers nothing in the way of character development, conflict or romance.

I recommend this only to yaoi fans who care not for quality.

[This review was also posted on my Goodreads account.]
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8 hours ago
Hataraku Maou-sama! (Anime) add
Looks like this is better than the other Yuusha series i watched.

I'm gonna make this review short as i'm not good at expressing a lot yet.


Story 8/10: The story is par with the novel (there will always be some changes), few fanservices (which is better) and character development is there.

Art 8/10: Character designs are not bad since i know the designer is also in charge for Inou battle wa nichijou-kei no naka de which was made last year. Background design is decent.

Sound 8/10: BGM, OP, ED was good not to annoying, nano.RIPE made the ED anyway. Voice Actors did really well especially the voices of Emi and Maou.

Character 8/10: I just love Maou-sama enthusiasm at the fast-food restaurant.

Enjoyment 10/10: I have to say, i enjoyed watching this show since my friend recommended me to watch before watching a new series which may have similar plot of this series.

Overall: 8/10
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8 hours ago
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (Anime) add
"Someone taught me something- that the power of belief will give rise to a miracle that will cut through fate." - Hanyuu


Birthday review!

This review is solely for Higurashi Kai, which I will refer to as "Kai" from this point on. Since it's a part two, it's necessary to have seen the first set, as it's divided into "question" and "answer" arcs. This series formulates the many, complex answers to the question: What exactly is happening to Hinamizawa in June of 1983?

Artwork and Animation: 7

Like its predecessor, Kai is approaching 10 years old, and looks somewhat dated when put up against more recent efforts, both by studio Deen and others. By no means does it detract from the show though, as the somewhat rough look gives it a dated feel too, and brings the rural 1983 Japanese mountains to life in a way that pulls you in with how it frames and presents the visuals.

It's overall a very dark show, both in atmosphere and coloration, which intertwine excellently together to give it a dense, oppressive feel.

Sound and Voice Acting: 9

The opening, "Naraku no Hana (Flower in Hell)", by Eiko Shimamiya is a wonderfully haunting song that really sets the mood for the show, with lyrics to match. The ending song, "Taishō.a", by anNina is even more foreboding, with soft violin and piano that really affixes the ending scenes in the mind's eye, like an ellipsis at the end of a particularly thought provoking sentence.

Kenji Kawai, who also did the original Higurashi and Fate Stay Night's composition does more great work here. Most of the music is very atmospheric, setting the mood and tone for the show. It's very subtle, not in your face loud or obnoxiously playing over the characters. It creates tension, and resolution when necessary- very good.

Let's just say that Kai is the Yukari Tamura show, because her performance as Rika is nothing short of stunning. Certainly the best of her career, and that's saying something. As the focus is 90% on Rika throughout the show, we get a lot of time with her, and in three different voices. Ms. Tamura truly put in an award worthy performance for bringing little Rika to life through as many emotions and moods as can be brought through a visual medium in which the actors themselves are not present. Just excellent.

However much talent Yukari Tamura showed, it's nearly matched by Miki Itou's Miyo Takano. As a character who wasn't fully fleshed out in the original series, she plays a much larger role here, and is explored through an emotional and compelling voice role.

Characters: 10

The cast of Kai expands somewhat from the original series. The introduction of some new characters along with expanding the roles of previous supporting and main characters also expounded upon the intrigue that drives the heart of the show. Higurashi is a show that will lie to you. I was constantly on edge, trying to figure motivations and goals out, because read more
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9 hours ago
Joshiraku (Anime) add
This anime is filled with most annoying characters you could find.
It's impossible to look beyond this and enjoy it.
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9 hours ago
Hyouka (Anime) add
Hyouka is a mystery-school life anime. Meet Oreki Houtarou, who hates high school activities, and lazy. His favourite spend time is all-day relaxation Houtartou don't want to do anything if don't must. His elder sister's request, he join the Literature club, and meet Chitanda Eru, the cute, and naiv girl, Fukube Satoshi, the very active boy, and Ibara Mayaka, the typical school girl. In the anime there are a lot of interesting mystery around the school. If Eru will be curious, the members of the club, leading by Oreki are reveal these secrets. The character interactions is interaction is fantastic.

- simple, graceful and exciting mystery stories
- loveable characters
- very good detective anime
- super graphics

- Eru can be annoying for some people
- Few! I want more! XD

One of the best title from KyoAni.
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10 hours ago
Peach Girl (Anime) add
At first Peach Girl seemed to be unusual and interesting. But here is an advice: just don't read the preface story of the anime.

- plot twist, plot twist and plot twist
- What the hell love is all about?
- hmm, am I satisfied? Well, here is my answer.

As i have watched Peach girl, i wondered how this could be a love triangle, but this is not definitely it. The main characters do not actually move forward to create a GREAT FEELING OF '' LOVE'' , where you might say: ''this is actually good romance buddy''.

i think giving a 6/10 is a pretty good rating. You will find the hardships of the characters but mainly of Okayasu Kairi who has in fact played the most important role in the series. He definitely surpassed the Female main character Momo Adachi for his lively and cheerful personality. He is the one who dissipates all misunderstandings and creates the evolution of the anime. Yet at some point in time, he is confronted with his own feelings. But he evolved rapidly in finding what he really wants and what he does not. Straight forward and to the point. He is surely the one to love compared to the rest.

Unfortunately, my feeling wont wash away though i have attempted to love the main female character. Despite Momo Adachi is kind, sweet, beautiful, and gentle, she is nothing but a Dense, Selfish girl in the inside. She keeps the audience uncertain about how she really feels as a person who loves someone honestly till the end. As soon as the anime ends, you will eventually think that she won't last long with the guy she is with, though she finally came to make a choice. As she keeps on changing lovers and i would say she is a very simple and easy girl. She keeps on misinterpreting the situations and somehow gets involved in hurting others around her unconsciously. My bad, if ever you want to love someone, she is surely not doing it right. In the end she says'' I have the right to find happiness, cause i want to be happy'' We understand her, but NOT in a Romance anime genre. Happiness and love should be two sides of the same coin my dear. You failed.

Okay, okay... I will give her some credits for being so strong till the end, for fighting and finally finding her true self, though some of her thoughts are lightly expressed. What is really important here is that she finally came to her senses and made things right and that's great.

For few who wants to know, Sae is not considered to be the best friend of Momo (the main Female Character) at the beginning. Sae is the subject responsible for creating the confusion in the anime. She does not stop until she realizes that she is torturing herself. Most viewers will find her to be a horrible character, with no ethic or self respect but, read more
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10 hours ago
Shingeki no Kyojin 2nd Season (Anime) add
So yeah I came from the future. It was sooo overrated when I came there. Dont overrate the anime you can still change it! The author was so stressed that he cant draw too much that the season 3 might air between 2018-2019 well it was on the future and its another parallel world so changes might be made :#
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10 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
All I can say after watching this... THE LAST PART GOT ME REAL HARD. My heart was getting squeezed(?) This is not really like a review but I felt like I couldn't talk anymore as my throat was ... stucked? It was after a while that I started shedding tears. I don't think this show would have a second season and even though I wish to watch it more, Kaori-chan is gone and Kaori X Kousei is the best thing ever even though I really love Tsubaki's personality
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11 hours ago
Naruto (Anime) add
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11 hours ago
Zetsuen no Tempest (Anime) add
Absolutely fantastic. This series helped me remember why I love Shakespeare so much. To prevent rambling, I'll try to make this review as concise as possible.

Story: 10

The story drew heavily upon Hamelt and The Tempest. Both are stories of revenge. However, if you are familiar with the works, the stories end very differently. In Hamlet, the story of revenge ends in tragedy for all parties involved. In the Tempest, the story ends with forgiveness and happiness. The anime focues on the question, which revenge story will Zetsuen turn out to be? Will it end in tragedy? Or will it end in happiness and forgiveness? I won't spoil it.

Art: 8

Well done. Nothing more to say.

Sound: 8

Once again, well done.

Characters: 10

The anime shines with its characters.

Enjoyment: 10

I will have to note, Zetsuen is enjoyable because it is rather unique. There are some cliches and tropes present throughout the story but as a whole, I can confidently call Zetsuen special and refreshingly novel. When I finished, I took a deep breath and smiled. Why? Because I was content with learning a new story. Try it.
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11 hours ago
Aoi Haru (Manga) add
Everything about this manga is kind of ugly: The art, the atmosphere, the characters' personality, the world they inhabit and their future outlook. Weirdly, that is also what makes it actually quite good.
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12 hours ago
Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari (Anime) add
You know that feeling when you're just randomly looking for anime to watch and suddenly find something you end up marathoning back-to-back for that entire day. Yeah, that happened with this anime.

The short version:
(+)The MC can handle himself.
(+)The characters are fun to watch.
(+)When it gets going it's worth the wait.
(+)A nice mix of Fantasy and Mecha
(-)The show REALLY takes it time to get going.

Firstly the story, it isn't the sort were they spend the first few episodes to explain how everything works, it more or less drops you in the middle of the world and leaves it to you to figure out how it works, which is a nice change of pace from the first episode getting you ready for the show to get straight into it, then spends the next 3 episodes explaining how the entire world works, don't get me wrong some shows do the whole exposition dump well to the get the rules down so you don't ask questions later, but in Isekai no Seikishi that isn't necessary because the show has confidence in your ability to piece stuff together. The story grinds to a fucking halt at a point but when it picks back up, it's worth the wait, and when the need just a little bit of a plot twist to shake up the show, they pull it off well enough that you probably won't see it coming, unless you're an elf with Farsight or something.

Onward to the characters, there's more than a few, and I can tell you who's who just by naming the one quirk they have but I'll give you a bit more in the review. To cast a blanket description over all the characters, they all know how to do what they do in the most efficient way. The pilots know how to pilot really well, the princesses know how to play the nobility game well, everyone knows what their job is and how to do it. The MC I really like, a young man named Kenshi Masaki, the one-in-a-million protagonist of a harem show that can handle himself without any difficulty, seriously the lad can handle everything from household chores to an entire school of girls chasing after him everyday of the week, even taking on entire swarm of enemies like they ain't shit, if you have watched your fair share of harem, this guy with be a vein of fresh air in terms of a male lead.

To the art and sound, the art, shit you not, made me think this anime was made last year or something, but no it was made in 2010, there were moments that I thought, "Woah visuals, hold it together." But then again this only happened twice in the entire run of the show. The sound is nothing to really talk about, the voice acting was done well enough that I though the characters were actually reacting to the situation at hand, rather than someone just reading from a piece of paper. The read more
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Today, 2:32 AM
Triage X (Manga) add
(Sry for my bad English. I'm from Germany xD)
Triage X is a Monthly Manga by Shouji Sato. It was released in May 2009 and has in Japan 11 Volumes and its still ongoing. Its an Ecchi, Action, Badass Manga with everything you could love. I have all 9 Volumes that have been released overseas and damn I'm impressed.

Story: Its about a oranization called Black Lable. They want to "free" the city form the dark oranizations. Story is written in "Cases". Case 1: I, Case 1:II etc. The first 2 Volumes are introduction of the characters and a dangrous drug. From Volume 3 to now it gets always better, better and better. Every Volume gets more interesting and with from Volume 6 shit is getting real!

Art: The Artstyle is amazing. The characters look awesome and the vehicles, guns and backgrounds are detailled as hell. Everyone who knows Shouji Sato knows that there is ecchi. I like it how its done by Shouji Sato. No disturbing Ecchi in serious moments (ok here and there some pantyshot or boobshot) and after big missions a nice fresh bathscene. Overall the Ecchi is done good. At the end i can only say that the artstyle is amazing, detailled and beautifull 9/10

Characters: There are 6 Main-Characters and seperated in 2 groups.
Ampoule Zero: Yuko Sagiri, Miki Tsurugi and Sayo Hitsugi (Yuko is love *__*)
Ampoule One: Arashi Mikami, Mikoto Kiba and Ohira Nashida
The "boss" of the organization is Masamune Mochizuki and his assistant is Fiona Ran Winchester.
Every character is interesting on its own and everyone has his own dark secret.

Enjoyment: The enjoyment is fucking amazing. Guns, vehicals, action, hot girls and a intersting story is all I need. If you love this factors too you will enjoy it. 9/10

Overall: I can recommend this manga to everyone. If you hate ecchi you will have here and there some problmes. Like i mentioned it gets better and better by each volume and I'm in love with this manga. Shouji Sato is doing an amazing job. 9/10
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Today, 2:31 AM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
I'm on a feels trip.

If you haven't watched the first season, then don't watch this. It's better if you watch the first season before this.

OK, Clannad: After Story. I'm speechless. The first series that gave me chills and made me emotional. We can learn a lot from the characters, from the main characters to the supporting characters. The art is pretty good for a 2008 anime, the opening and ending themes are fricking emotional, and adds a good feel to the series. Storyline is amazing, although some episodes have a chapter of their own, they connect in their own way, so you'll never miss to watch a single episode of this series (well, except for the last episode maybe, because it's just a flashback). I definitely enjoyed the series and is definitely one of the best animes ever.

Long story short, Clannad: After Story bring tears and gives us laughs whenever needed. Pretty inspirational if you ask me, and it'll teach you how to live your life to the fullest. (Thanks Tomoya.)
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Today, 1:43 AM
Serial Experiments Lain (Anime) add
I suggest going into this anime blindly with little to no knowledge of its plot. Then after you complete it, watch it again. This is an anime you want to break down and figure out what exactly is going on. The unique artwork and the quiet, slow pace sets the viewer in an almost meditative state which seems intentional. :p

-Will never lose its relevance as years pass. Fun Fact: This aired at the same year Google got its name.

-Watch it- Learn about it -Watch it again
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Today, 1:10 AM
Robotics;Notes (Anime) add
When I heard that the writer of Steins;Gate, my favorite anime series was coming out with a new anime I became giddy. I waited with baited breath for this show, and when it finally came and gone, I was left feeling...... empty and not for the right reasons either. This anime was a huge disappointment, especially when you inevitably compare Robotics; Notes to it's predecessor.

Ultimately its downfall was that the mental patients were left to run the sanatorium. There were too many big ideas, and themes that were going on at the same time. The creators had a grandiose idea, and were not able to properly execute all of their ideas. This anime is a classic case of "less is more".

It is a shame too, because Robotics;Notes was a promising anime. The characters were not bad by any means, and the setting was done well, and the animation and soundtrack were top notch. Where this anime REALLY shines is the set up. Robotics;Notes creates this incredibly eerie set up to the events which take place. It send is an intense atmosphere that almost sends shivers up your spine. Unfortunately what comes after is either not so good, or makes no sense from a logical standpoint.

My last thought on this anime is I felt as if they were trying to create another Steins;Gate. The premise is different, but many of the events, conspiracies, and such all seem like they were a cheap rip off of Steins;Gate. They were trying to replicate the formula which brought them success, but failed.

This is a good anime to watch if you have nothing else to do, and are looking for nothing but a time waster. This anime was mildly entertaining, yet disappointing. If you can accept the fact that it is not Steins;Gate you may find yourself enjoying it.
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Today, 1:06 AM
Nazo no Kanojo X (Anime) add
Overall=a waste of time

I did not drop this in hopes to find some answers in the story line but that failed to exist. If you are waiting for something to happen, nothing will. Slow to no character development and the art was 'meh'. Some may find it cute or disgusting because of the extensive use of spit but the saliva itself is the only substance this story had.
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Today, 1:01 AM
Kiss x Sis (TV) (Anime) add
The erotic kiss scenes, minimal censorship, colorful panties along with dildoes in all shapes and sizes make this an anime you wouldn't want to miss, completely making up for the lack of plot and character development. The animation is outstanding and as far as sounds goes, well... i must say it'll be hardly noticeable as you'll be most likely preoccupied listening to repetitive thuds banging against your thigh XD.

Overall, this series is a must watch for all ecchi lovers. I watched the series with my mum, with my rating being an 8.5/10 and hers a 7.5/10 (she would've rated it 8.5-9 if "Keita was hotter".
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Today, 1:01 AM
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F (Anime) add
The entire Haiyore! Nyaruko-san series is amazing, its saddening to consider Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F a sequel considered it was just 1 OVA many hoped it would a full 12 episodes. None the less this one episode fulfilled many of my expectations.

Expecting you've watched the other season (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and W) you can expect the same hilarious parodies and the wacky awkward situations Mahiro is put through by the alien Trio + Mom and Shantak-kun.

In this episode Mahiro and his household are offered tickets by Tamao and Yoichi to tag along to a popular amusement park that just recently opened. The theme is "A realistic escape game" where participants do various games throughout the park to find the end, unexpectedly a new character arrives to tries to interfere with the groups daily lives.

The art style is the same as the previous seasons. Pretty standard quality of animation consisting of bright vivid colors, detailed character art, fluent animation, and well drawn backgrounds. All the art and animation fit very well with each other it will come down to personal opinion whether you enjoy it or not.

The sound is good there is nothing really to complain about, but at the same time nothing to really too out of the ordinary. The voice actors fit their characters roles and personality perfectly. The sound quality was good, the dialogue between characters was fluent and clear, and the action scenes sound effects where on point nothing seemed to be missed. As for the OP and ED I found them both really enjoyable to listen to they were catchy and entertaining.

After the long ride of 2 seasons and couple of OVAs thrown in Mahiro and Nyaruko FINALLY start getting a good development with their relationship. The whole 1 sided open relationship x tsundere male was ongoing for too long. In this episode we finally see character development and a change of direction. There was a huge gain of satisfaction I had while watching this episode. I'll let you judge on if you think it was satisfying or unsatisfying.

I love the Haiyore! Nyaruko-san series I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in comedy and parody. There wasn't a single moment that I didn't find enticing or enjoyable. It was one of those anime that will always remember and have a special place for.

Overall this 1 episode really filled my expectations I was left satisfied and happy. The story, art, sound, and character development were all good and enjoyable. I really hope that Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episodes continue to come out, but it is looking grim since the light novel ended sadly. The only 1 down side I have for Nyaruko-san F was the fact that they made it only 1 episode I would of loved to get an entire season 3.

Story: 9
Art: 8
Sound: 7
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 9
Overall: 8
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Today, 12:29 AM
Steins;Gate (Anime) add

I recently finished Steins;Gate and it has easily become one my favourite anime.
Now this anime was a tough one for me because I'm more of a fan of action anime and to be honest, two years ago I watched Steins;Gate till the 12th episode and dropped because I kept looking for the my type of genre in it and didn't pay attention to the story at all. I must have been pretty stupid back then but I think I didn't really understand what was going on so I just dropped it. Now after two years, I decided to watch it again from starting, because there had to be a reason why it is considered as one of the best masterpieces of all time. And boy was I lucky enough to watch it again, I watched it with full attention still didn't understand the first episode but even then decided to watch next few episodes because I was having fun watching it and it turned out to be great.

Now lets get to the point. [Story] 10/10

Okabe Rintarou is Uni First year student and spends his time doing experiments with his friends in his lab just because he is the "Mad Scientist, Houin Kyouma~" (*In Okabe's voice). While conducting his experiments, he creates something unbelieveable which leads to a series of events and that is just a brief insight of the story.
The story might not seem a complete 10 at first because to fully understand it, you are required to watch the whole series but nevertheless, I liked it from the beginning because who doesn't likes time machine and stuff. It seems like a typical slice of life with nice mix of comedy along with a spice of madness at first but opinions change overtime. The first few episodes are called "slow" by many people just because they are the introductry episodes and it leaves a lot of dots to be connected but they were really enjoyable. Now why is this series regarded as a masterpiece? But first what makes a masterpeice? In my opinion for an anime to be a masterpeice it requires a unique and interesting plot and characters, a great execution of story, a MC who was goals bigger than you think and a dramatic ending or an ending that leaves you in an utter state of amazament. Well Stein;Gate has a story that is perfectly executed, there is a nice touch of comedy and romance, the characters are so interesting and unique with their own traits and the ending is one of the best so far. The pacing of story is great and when those unconnected dots start to connect, you just have no option but to be amazed. Starting from somewhere around episode 7-10, each episode will leave you mind blown and you will be sitting in your seat thinking how and what just happened without getting into any sort of confusion. Even though the concept of time travel is a bit out of read more
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Today, 12:14 AM
Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Anime) add
Dog and Scissors has to be one of the more bizarre anime that I have watched, on the surface appears like it is going to be a whole lot of trash, and believe me I gave my fiancee hell for buying it! But also believe me when I say that this anime is really good, and in a completely non-conventional way!

The premise of the story is that Kazuhito, a HUGE bookwork, protects a young lady in a cafe from a hold-up by jumping in front of a crazy man with a shotgun, to have his head blown off! All the while lady is completely oblivious to what has happened as she is crazily scribbling away!

Kazuhito enters purgatory because he has something he has to complete in life, read the 7th book of the 7 Deadly Sins series by his favourite author, Shinobu Akiyama, and his desire to read this book is so strong that he is a dog. PLOT TWIST, he is telepathically bound to the young lady that he saved, who just happens to be his favourite author! Who just happens to be a sadist!

This is all the first episode, and from here, it goes in a loop of serious and funny!

Without giving too much away, there is a very serious story going on for around the first half of the series, and then it goes a little haywire, but hey, its about a sadist author, and bookworm dog, and various other characters that are as crazy and lovable!

This anime is worth a shot and definitely go in with an open mind!

Natsuno (Akiyama) is easily my favourite character, and makes the story quite fun, she was really well done by the original producers, and the english dubbing is quite good to.
Not really any character that I 'dislike', but maybe too much of an effort to introduce characters later in the series.

All in all this series is a solid 8/10, and I am definitely interested in a 2nd season!.
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Hestia isn't bestia
*fears the incoming shit storm*

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? or DanMachi for short is already being called "the next SAO"(shutters). Thankfully it is only similar in the aspect that they both borrow elements of MMORPGS. Well DanMachi isn't technically based in a game but it really is hard to believe that when there is a dungeon with numbered floors and all the characters have their own level and gain skill points for training in the dungeon. With that out of the way lets go onto the review.

DanMachi has quite the typical girl meets boy kind of encounter and becoming the best (insert adventurer, ninja, pirate, etc.). We still aren't really given all that complex of a plot; consequently due to a generic story. The plot consists of our main protagonist being encouraged to become the best adventurer because he was saved by the best adventurer. Wow, never saw that one coming. Even so it really isn't all that bad as there are some actually quite interesting twists with a rather smooth plot progression, I can't actually complain too much. I really like the way the RPG-esque mechanics work within this non-virtual world. Unlike many of the RPGS I have played levels are extremely hard to come by as the strongest adventurer of them all is only level 6.

The characters in DanMachi are actually not all that bad. For the most part they are above average for a romcom/action anime adapted from a light novel these days. Bell Cranel, the protagonist is really damn generic. Like I can probably find his character in majority of popular shounen anime. With all that being said, he actually gets some pretty good development compared to the aforementioned typical shounen protagonists. Bell's character starts off a wimp, and well... he stays one; but he accepts this trait as a positive, not a negative. Coming to the sudden realization of this through a character kicking his ass, Bell grows to become quite the feisty fighter as instead of thinking of himself needing to become a brutish warrior, he is a survivor. His deadliness doesn't come from overwhelming strength; his fighting style is fast, and relies on his survival instincts. Well I guess I forgot to mention that he has a unheard of skill that makes him gain more experience then any other adventurer, but he is the main protagonist, how did you not expect some overpowered skill to differentiate him from the rest of the crowd? As far as side characters go there isn't really any development for them. Like literally none. maybe there is for one character who changes from being a thief to helping out Bell...that's about it. However, this lack of development is carried by interesting personalities right from the get-go. hestia is an eccentric loli with tits, need I say more? (I really do). many of the other side characters are given quirky personalities that play off of other side character tropes and read more
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Yesterday, 11:04 PM
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (Anime) add
So, I found this anime in youtube, and I had a really bad case of sick curiosity.
Incest. Yay. It's really because of anime that I don't feel that strongly against incest. As long as it's consensual, I guess . . . anyway.
Story: Two siblings (actually twins, which means it's twincest, which it gets points for) find out that they love each other in that way so then they do things. But it appears that they added thought and even some symbolism, so it's kind of hard to put this anime on a list of the worst of all time.
Art: Meh, but I actually thought that the animation and general design of the eyes was pretty, but that's more of a random thought than anything. The art did it's job, and some of the scenes actually were above average.
Sound: The opening and ending was actually nice, and they had this one orchestral track that they repeated a few times and I really enjoyed that.
Character: Here's where the anime suffers. Nearly all of the characters are whiny and annoying and SO DRAMATIC. They're constantly changing their minds and having arguments in order to built tension and create an actual plot, but it doesn't work that well. They're also not very well developed, which is forgivable because we only get to know them for less than 50 minutes, but I still feel like they could have done a better job of showing that the characters had a personality or something like that. I also didn't feel like their love meant anything. It did seem very rushed, but again, that is probably due to the time constraints of the show. You can only put so much into 50 minutes, but I do feel like some things could have been left out or changed for them to have truly established if it was anything more than just a typical teenage romance. I mean, by definition, the incest technically takes care of that, but I wanted to see if their love actually have any depth.
Overall: This is definitely not going in my top ten. That much is clear. I've seen worse anime, but I don't think I've ever completed worse. That being said, it's not the worst in existence. Would I recommend it? No. There's much better out there. But I also wouldn't necessarily stop a person from watching it. Give the first four minutes of the anime a try, and if you're not intrigued by that point, watch something else.
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Yesterday, 9:44 PM
Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex Suru. (Anime) add
This is anime based on an NTR ero-game by Team Goblin Orcsoft and drawing by Torajirou-sensei. The story here is pretty basic the protagonist’s (Kazuhiro Sayama) is in love. Who is his first love? Well his first love is the sweet and applied Erika Sakurai. However, Erika has a secret: is a nymphomaniac. In his free time she dedicated herself to "hunt men”, and have sex without any shame.

How will Kazuhiro react when you discover the true face of his beloved?


The MC end in disappointment when she told his secret but he agree (key word here {agree}) and began helping her, fulfilling one of various fetishes that she has (paying her rent with her body, being recorded or seen as she has relations with someone, etc.)

Taking all that information into account the ending doesn’t bother you too much because the MC as well as us the viewer’s already know what kind of girl Erika is…

The art is pretty good. This hentai have some good sex scenes plus great ahegao shots.

If you are a fan like me of megame, plump girls and ahegao this hentai is for you!
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Yesterday, 9:29 PM
Vampire Knight (Anime) add
Honestly, I hated this anime. It's just some more stupid vampire love triangle crap. The world doesn't need more of that. We have plenty.
So why did I gave this anime an 8?
Because I'm what one would call a "fangirl." I spend more time than I should reading fanfiction, staring at pictures of my OTP, editing pictures of my favorite ships into one beautiful collage to set as my desktop background so I can stare at them more, and I'll basically ship anything because it's gotten to that point. Like Yuki and Zero, Aang and Katara, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Pepe the Frog and the Annoying Orange, you get the point.
So when the creator of the series is perfectly aware of this, it can be really fun. The whole thing is a love triangle, with hints at yaoi, multiple kinds of incest, including twincest, and even more. So, the weak fangirl inside of me enjoyed this.
HOWEVER, I do like to look at the things I watch and read critically. In that sense, I hated this anime.
-The whole vampire thing is stupid. I hated it in Twilight and I hated it here.
-Love triangles are stupid.
-Some of the things the characters said are SO EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFULLY CHEESY, which is why girls who watch anime tend to have unrealistic expectations about boys.
-The characters had this strange habit of always being near the person (mainly Yuki) in danger. It got a little annoying after Yuki was saved from danger for the 500th time.
-Yuki is not a terribly interesting person. Harems and love triangles usually annoy me because the person in the center that's causing all this fuss is usually really average, and while the characters have reasons for liking her, she's still kind of boring. However, I do have a theory that authors do this so you can insert your own personality into that character, which is really creepy.

Aside from all of that, I had to admit that some aspects of the plot aside from the shipping was really enjoyable, and that it did appear that at least some level of thought went into the story. I was really engaged in what was happening at some parts, and I wasn't ever necessarily bored. This is also one of the anime that I may have binge watched in the span of three days, despite having lots of work to do, which may point to some level of entertainment value in this anime.

Is this a good place to mention that the opening is my jam.
It got stuck in my head and I still can't get it out.
Also, one of the songs that they often repeated reminded me a lot of this piano song called Adagio in A Major, but they added this other part to it and I also have that song stuck in my head, because it's absolutely beautiful.

Overall, if you are a fangirl and you are not overly critical, you could get a good bit of enjoyment read more
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Yesterday, 9:16 PM
Love Live! School Idol Project (Anime) add
Perhaps slight spoilers ahead?

Love Live! School Idol Project. I had originally discovered the series through the phone app, Love Live! I thought it was cute and I had especially liked Nico. I got the game, played it a bit, and fell in love with the game instantly. I had no idea it was an anime, or manga, or a real thing outside of the phone game.

On a whim, I decided to Google it for any tips on getting nicer cards in the game, when I found the anime on Crunchyroll!

I binge-watched over the Summer, instantly falling in love with the characters. The anime opens with Honoka Kousaka, second year at Otonokizaka High, learning that her school will shut down. Not wanting her 'precious high school life' to be destroyed, Honoka seeks answers in how to save her school.

As she heads home, she finds her sister lying next to a pamphlet about UTX High, the most popular high school in their area. Honoka confronts Yukiho, and Yukiho tells her that everyone's saying that there's no point in enrolling to Otonokizaka, since it's going to be shut down.

The next morning, Honoka heads to UTX High, only to be welcomed by a school idol group, A-RISE! They're the most popular school idols, which causes their high school to be the most popular. Honoka gets an idea, which basically starts the whole show!

As the story progresses, Honoka, along with her friends Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami meet many amazing girls, getting new friends and doing what they love.

The characterization is superb- each girl had an episode dedicated to her and her backstory, why she is the way she is, etc.

For the music, I loved each song, particularly Happy Maker!, Music S.T.A.R.T, Aishiteru Banzai, and others.

The visuals were also nice, very aesthetically pleasing and clean.

If you're looking for an anime to binge-watch over the Summer, I recommend Love Live! School Idol Project. It's cute, it's music is amazing, and you'll fall in love with the amazing protagonists.
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Yesterday, 9:04 PM
Elfen Lied (Anime) add
Elfen Lied. I started this series because I saw a clip of Lucy killing people, and I thought that was cool. I didn't really go into the series with any expectations. I was just looking for something quick to watch that had cool characters, and that wasn't necessarily the case.
The story of Elfen Lied didn't make that much sense to me. Basically, there are these creatures that look like cats and they kill people. Why? I don't know. But here's the twist: they sometimes don't kill people. And then one of the cats, Lucy, killed some people, escaped this facility that never really had a clear purpose, and then some people who clearly did NOT take a basic health class that talked about how to act responsibly during an emergency in Junior High decided to take them to her to their house. Then they kind of sat around, some people were killed, nothing is really explained, more characters are introduced, everyone dies, there's blood, and then THE MYSTERY OF THEIR TRAGIC PAST IS EXPLAINED. By the end, I was left feeling really weird, and not fully understanding what was going on.
So yeah. The story wasn't that great.
The art did its job, I guess. It wasn't bad, and the invisible arms (oh yeah, those cat people have invisible arms) looked alright to me.
The characters were . . . terrible. There are two other main characters in the show. The first one is generic anime guy who somehow finds himself caught in the middle of a harem despite his boring personality. He's made appearances in a lot of anime, this one included. The second is his female cousin. The way these two interact with each other is . . . not an aspect of the anime that I enjoyed. Spoilers.
But Lucy was cool, I guess. I do feel like her general aura of awesomeness was supposed to help cover up the many plot holes and unexplained things in this anime, though. Too many series use this (most notably Mirai Nikki and Deadman Wonderland) and it's kind of annoying. Because while you're watching it, all you can think about is how cool the whole scenario is. Then you finish the anime, reflect on it, and end up more than disappointed.
Now let's get to the one aspect of this anime that is pretty much undisputed: the opening is awesome. Lilium. It makes appearances during the anime as well and becomes significant later on. It's freaking beautiful, and I would recommend for everyone reading this to go and listen to the song IN FULL, because it will improve your life. More so than watching the actual anime. However, one of the points that is often brought up, while the opening is beautiful, it doesn't prepare you for the massive amounts of gore in store for you.
One thing that I often hear people complain about in the anime is the voices. People say that they have no emotion and they're almost read more
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I love the Danganronpa games, and actually, this is what introduced me to the series. After staying up to binge-watch it all night, I found it to be pretty good, albeit a little rushed. After purchasing the game and playing through that, I dislike the anime adaptation. The art seemed messy and the profiles were god-awful, which I could endure, but it all seemed to end too quickly. There was much to explore in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, but the anime left out some things in which should have been there. I still love the series, and I will for a long time, but I think they could have tried a bit harder.
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Yesterday, 8:39 PM
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season (Anime) add
This anime is breathtaking, it keeps your completely entertained the whole time. there's probably no way I can make you understand just how amazing beyond expectations it is if you don't watch it.

I have just one small complaint which has me feeling extremely upset: shouko didn't die. She should have died. They should have killed her instead of Haruto! disappointing.
Like... honestly, the only reason I bothered to write this is so I could complain about how annoying that part of the end is.

That's all... have a nice day.
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