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29 minutes ago
Pupa (Anime) add
When I saw the most given rating for this anime is 1, I couldn't possibly believe it. No anime could be that bad right? Well...on a side note, if you were preparing popcorn for a Pupa marathon, the anime is in total only 48 minutes long.
Better go watch a good movie then waste your time on this.

The story summary was actually interesting, but don't let it fool you. The anime is confusing and rushed as hell, and just picks random scenes out of the manga. Every episode is only 4 minutes long (Thus, 48 minutes in total) so there is not much space for read more
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1 hour ago
Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
A masterpiece, there is no other way for me to describe "Space Dandy" a genre of itself.

During the first few minutes of watching the first initial episode I was hesitant to whether I could genuinely enjoy or understand the plot, but little did I acknowledge this anime is not meant to be taken literally it is to make you laugh, cry, and think but most importantly appreciate what anime can still offer us. I hope you too can enjoy Space Dandy as much as I do, baby.
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1 hour ago
Brothers Conflict (Anime) add
I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to watch this anime. But I do know watching this anime was a complete struggle.
Story: The storyline is fairly simple: dad remarries, daughter moves in with 'brothers'-they certainly don't act like brothers-and 'shenanigans' ensue. Predictable and incredibly dull. Although this anime is only twelve episodes long, it felt longer and it was a chore for me to watch. I can't even remember how it ended. 1/10
Art: I am just going to cut to the chase and say that I didn't like the art. While it is more appealing than the actual story, that read more
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1 hour ago
Daa! Daa! Daa! (Anime) add
Daa! Daa! Daa! is the classic story of boy meets girl meets alien baby meets alien babysitter. It has all the elements of a romantic comedy that one could possibly entertain. Miyu and Kanata are junior high school students that find themselves caring for an alien baby, Ruu-chan, with the help of his escort and babysitter, Wannya. For better or for worse, Miyu and Kanata are currently living alone together due to extenuating circumstances.

As a romantic comedy, Daa! Daa! Daa! falls into a formulaic pattern for a majority of its episodes. For example, Miyu and Kanata are trying their hardest to maintain their everyday read more
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2 hours ago
Black Bullet (Anime) add
Black Bullet is, for me, a very good anime, though not one of the best I've watched. Black Bullet has a good story line, the fight against the monsters, etc., though it's not very much used.

The graphics are very good, and really help to show this anime's atmosphere. The sound...Well, also fit the atmosphere, but isn't really that good.
The characters, though higly stereotyped, are my favourite part of Black Bullet.

First, the main character, Satomi Rentaro, is a classic anime hero, who believes in his friends and who will do everything too win, who will even sacrifice himself, etc. But I still like read more
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2 hours ago
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Anime) add
“Hey, you’re not the moe character here!”
- how to break the 4th wall like a pro, curtesy of Yuuta.

Let’s start this off with a bit of a discussion revolving around the title.
Personally, I believe that MAL’s translation of the title, coupled with my small Japanese vocabulary in comparison to most people on this site, mislead me a little. A more accurate translation (from, and, coincidentally, also under 'Synonyms') is: Despite my adolescent delusions of grandeur, I want a date!

And that is exactly what it is - pretty much a romantic comedy that has a lot of, well, romance, or at least wills of read more
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2 hours ago
Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
As a big fan of Kimi Ni Todoke, for years I have been struggling with the wait for a (uncertain) third season, so I could once again feel all giddy and excited with every episode, rooting for the romance to advance. I no longer have this problem, because Ao Haru Ride came along.

The driving force of this series so far is the excellent main leads, Futaba and Kou. The chemistry between these two is pretty good, both in the romantic and comedic departments, and their interactions are a joy to watch. Kou's brother is a teacher at their school, and he's got one of the read more
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2 hours ago
Shiritsu Kiwamemichi Koukou (Manga) add
This one of the earliest works of Miyashita Akira author of Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Bakudan, Family of Brahman and much more. Sadly, out of all of Miyashita's works, this story deserves to be obscure in Shonen Jump history; it's not a good manga.

The plot basically follows the misadventures of the students from Ultimate Path High; a school for yakuza. While the characters are delinquents who aim to be part of the Japanese underworld, they also have "some" redeeming qualities with the biggest emphasis on manhood; a common trait in Miyashita's works. To be rather blunt, this manga ranges from average to bad as it has no read more
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3 hours ago
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Every once in a while, an anime/tv show/movie/book comes a long that completely captivates you with its awesomeness. For me such anime was Steins Gate. For the purposes of this review I will do my best not to sound like a total hardcore fan - which, I must admit, I probably am. I should note, this is my first review ever, so be kind. Nonetheless, I will do my best to be objective. With that in mind, let's start with the review.

Story: 10/10
The story of Steins Gate revolves around the members of the Future Gadget Lab as they discover a way to use their Microwave read more
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4 hours ago
Black Bullet (Anime) add
Black Bullet is amazing, an amazing failure of a series with decent potential at its start.

Black Bullet is an anime, an anime with great potential that ultimately transformed into shambles of disappointment. Many have been comparing Black Bullet to Attack on Titan but of course, Black Bullet is intrinsically different and distinct in its own right.

The story revolves around humanity and their suppression due to the dominance and superior existence of viral parasites named Gastrea. As humanity is left with no alternatives but to be exiled into small territory and to coexist with terror and despair, the world should evidently be indeed read more
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4 hours ago
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (Anime) add
ATTENTION: MINOR SPOILERS - Don't waste your time with this one.

I don't usually rate anime, but this one forced me. It was that terrible. Everything up to episode 13 was mind blowingly good. It had everything I liked in anime, intrigue, mystery, sci fi, good story and characters.

Then I got to the Endless Eight story arc ... if you could call it a story arc.

It was an eight episode arc which wasted about 2 hours of my life when I realized that it would be eight episodes long, hence the name Endless Eight. This is just gawd awful lazy story telling. They spent eight episodes read more
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6 hours ago
The Summit (Manga) add

I happen to come across a recommendation about this manga so I decided to read it.

The first few chapters were OK, however the story kinda went down on its succeeding chapters. The intensity it built at the beginning of the story was lost as you read further. I really got confuse with the characters, when I was reading the manga there were names that keeps appearing but were never really discussed well, their role, what they had to do with the other character,significant contributions to the story and such.

Art is OK but not that appealing

The manga is still on going but I don't think read more
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6 hours ago
Minami-ke Okawari (Anime) add
I wrote this review after finishing season 3 (Okaeri), and yes, as much as I don't like to point cons to anime such as this, this needs to be settled.

Minami-ke fans know much of what season 1 offered: the Kana-ness, Chiaki-ness, and Haruka-ness that we all enjoy---and to which, almost none of this existed on this season.

Story = 6

Story picked as much as where the season 1 left. Not much to say, but it has its first flaw when we keep seeing "hot spring baths" and "less censored, more skin-showing" on its first episode. Not only that, but we keep seeing those in the further read more
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7 hours ago
Nobunaga Concerto (Anime) add
Nobunaga Concerto started as a boy who time traveled to the Sengoku Era, the show did not appeal me much at first, but I can see the vast potential this show.

I kind of dislike the 3D-ish graphics for the show, but the story makes up for it, in my opinion.

The main protagonist in the slowly becomes more ambitious to unite/rule Japan as Nobunaga in the 3 episodes I've seen. The feels are also a big up to the story.

Since its only 3 episodes now, I can only wait to see more of the show.
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Well, let me start off by saying that even though I went into this with really low expectations, this wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. There's some pretty decent moments here & there, but for the most part, it's still just kind of poorly made.

First off, the writing is terrible, and sounds like something I would have came up with if I was 13, and into nothing but pointless violence and pointless sex. That's all that happens in this movie. There's a very generic story that they have in there as well, but it ends up being less of a full read more
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I never really write any reviews so this is my first one ever, I try to cover up everything important so lets start. This manga is I think the 67th or 68th I have read so far and to be honest it is hard to be amazad from a new manga when you have read this many, but this one really made it it is a very great piece of work. First of all I can ensure you that every genre that is mentioned is present especially the Comedy, Ecchi, Magic, Romance and Harem Genre is strongly present. When it comes to Harem the MC read more
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8 hours ago
No Game No Life (Anime) add
“I’m sure you know what this means.” - Jibril, Episode 6.
Me: Actually, I have no idea.

I know that the unimaginable hype surrounding this anime has long since passed its prime, but let's just ignore that.
From what I've seen so far, everyone either hates or adores this anime. In fact, so much that it's almost black and white. I found that, as a whole, it is neither as bad. Or as good as most people make it out to be. It had its fair share of flaws, and wasn't something that left me sitting at my computer in amazement, but I will say that it read more
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Hearing about how this movie was supposed to be one of the better (if not the best) Naruto movies because of its interesting plot and nice twist at the end, I decided to give this movie a shot even though it's been a very long time since I've watched any sort of Naruto animation (been sticking to reading to the manga).

Overall, I was entertained by the movie and enjoyed the divergence from the typical Naruto movie formula, at least in the movies I've seen so far (Naruto meets new character X, learns a lot about X, grows closer to X, and eventually Naruto read more
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This is a review on C: The Money of Soul and Possiblity Control which I think is a very underrated anime for the message that this presents. Without spoiling much, this anime shows us how money can affect our lives and how we come to view money today. In this anime, a chosen group of people are able to gain enormous amounts of money by putting their futures as collateral and fight with "Assests" which are a representation of one's future.

Story: 9/10
This anime has an original story that deals with how money is represented in society and what money really read more
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9 hours ago
Soul Eater (Anime) add

At first I told my self that this looked like crap. So I dropped it on the first Episode. 6 months later I decided to watch it again, and boy was I wrong.

One big negative I have with the story, is that it takes so long to get into. The first 12 Episodes were boring, but It was still interesting me. The 13th Episode is what really got me hooked. That scene with Black Star was so touching. And after that Episode I went to Best Buy and I bought read more
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