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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Anime) add
In a reboot of the original series from the 1980’s, Bubblegum Crisis had the background to become a top series. Along with the work from Studio AIC and director Hiroki Hayashi, both whom worked on everything Tenchi from before could go in either direction from classic to bust much like Tenchi.

Set in a futuristic society compared to the likes of Blade Runner, manual labor is done by organic robots called Boomers. These Boomers are made by a corporation by the name of Genom. One fateful day, office worker Lina sees one of these Boomers rage out of control and morph into some crazy monstrosity. Her goal from the beginning was employment in the big city and join some Boomer fighting group called the Knight Sabers. Needless to say she ends up joining this group to fight the rogue Boomers as well as escaping the specific police division created to also stop raging Boomers.

The series as a whole still mostly holds up animation wise and plenty of action makes Bubblegum Crisis palatable. Music, plot, and characters are mostly forgettable unfortunately. Music and sound just have not aged well or is better stuck in the late 90’s as the techno-rock fits the show but not the test of time. A plot that just seems to be put on the back end, and suffered from many filler-like episodes until the last few to just wrap up the story hastily. Where Bubblegum Crisis should have been strong in its characters is the most disappointing aspect. The series never develops them properly, and much reasoning behind character’s actions are left with simple reasons with fairly dull results. Lina as the main character gets some backstory, but due to the rest of the female team having almost none makes the viewer just not seem invested enough either with the story or the Knight Sabers.

Basically, this new Bubblegum Crisis is ok for an action series, ok for some strong female characters, fine for attempting a decent plot, and fine as an anime. It’s different in regards to most other anime, but is just missing something in order for it to make the jump from fine to good.
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Joker Game (Anime) add
When i read the synopsis i thought this would be something totally worth watching, it stood out for being very different to most of the shows that are normally aired and it was….. to an extent.


A show about spy’s gathering information for their nation to give them the upper hand set around the time of WWII does sound pretty interesting to watch and i was hoping for an interesting story. Unfortunately thats not what i saw.

I watched the first five episodes and then had enough and stopped watching.

The first two episodes were the best, shaping the series to look like it would be a really good historical thriller to watch. Then the show becomes small stories about each character lasting one episode each that don't appear to have any real point other than to show some of the missions that these spy's have been on (i can't think of anything else about the story).


The characters are very bland at best (do they actually have personalities?) but what do you expect when they pretty much get one episode of screen time each.

You could just simply take out all the spy characters from this series except one and just show him in each episode on these various missions and the show would be no worse (might actually make the show better).

The only character that seemed like they would be a decent character was the Military Solider in the first two episodes (this character was being developed nicely and i thought that he might be an MC).

Sound & Art:

OST was one of the better things about this anime. Opening and Ending themes were alright.

Art work was another plus although character designs weren’t really much to shout and rave about (maybe the character designs would have had more of an impact had the characters had personalities).


This show looks cool on the surface and that's it. It’s not engaging and how can you really care about whats going on with each character when you know basically nothing about them other than that they are just so boring.

The prologue at the start of each episode was also annoying.

This series would have been better if there had been story progression on an episode to episode basis building up to something important using the small stories and of course giving these characters some personalities.
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Cipher (Anime) add
Okay, so this is an AMV I guess. Correction: Only the start until the 25th minute are the AMV. The remaining 15 minutes show how the video was made.

Plot? Nope.

Characters? Uh, there's Shiva, Cipher, and Elly. I have no idea what their relation is. I think Shiva likes yogurt with vanilla ice cream on top. Maybe that was Cipher. I don't know; they look exactly the same.

Art quality? Nope.

Sound quality? My ears did not appreciate the loudness of this terrible show. The songs were okay, however.

Voice actor quality? Abysmal. The worst I have ever seen. You could do better.

Enjoyment? Absolutely. I have never laughed so much at an anime besides this one.
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Taboo Tattoo (Anime) add
If you are looking for some Action, Enigmatic-Badass looking chic to watch, (as I am.) Ready to Be discipled of its very own, Bluesy Fluesy! I haven’t read its manga, but you can definitely find the character of Izzy (Bluesy) intriguing. She’s just a white haired lady who fucking beat up the very soul of Seigi; In contrast to his looks, he’s only a Middle School student—precisely, A Third Year Mid. Stud.

The art of the anime is ain’t just TOLERABLE, it is fuckingly MY KIND OF STYLE—a dark tone that seriously gives it a mysterious feeling, somehow--cause the every character of the show is the mystery itself for JUST IN THE FIRST 3 EPISODES OF THE SHOW will give you already a pile of questions. (If you haven’t read the manga, ok?)

You might say that I am completely biased, but that is a no doubt, I’m indeed one (just for this. Lol) I am deeply obsessed with Izzy that I’ll probably be watching this for her character development, albeit there’s no need for that that she’s already strong for an MC, but you just can’t resist her badass personality for not to witness how the story will revolve around her.

I WANT YOU TO TAKE NOTE THAT: at the time of writing this, it's only the first 3 ep. of the anime aired, SO AS WHAT I'VE SAID ABOVE, THE ANIME ITSELF IS VERY MOVING!

It would be my pleasure if you'll suggest me either mystery, action, shounen Manga or Anime. (well, anything would be fine, but I'm really into those.) AND OF COURSE, TO ADD ME!
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Failed Expectations

My thoughts on this anime, something that didn't live up to the so called hype. Well now let's review why.

Firstly "The Characters" mainly the MC. Someone strives to be a hero and but fails and is depicted as a kid who cries when he is denied what he wants. Before you say it, yes, I know he is only human, but every human should know their limits and subaru lacks this. Concerning the remaining cast are tolerable in a way but they lack depth and development. ps. rem is best girl.

Now the Story: When i first read the description on MAL, It peaked my interest to be completely honest. I thought to myself "this could be good, really looks like my style of anime" But I was, so very wrong in my assumption. Many people are blinded by the somewhat 'heavy scenes', they continue to post theories and essays concerning this show glorifying it, this show is not that deep as this so called people make it.

The story is repetitive > MC meets someone, dies, tries to think of a plan, dies, thinks of a plan and tries to execute it, dies and finally gives up in the end or someone saves him and finishes the job.

So either I'm missing something, or I am not 'deep' enough to see the value of the show.

Lastly, the visuals are pleasing, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the animation and color schemes throughout the show. The music was also done well, especially the first OP which I love.

Now this anime is bad and people make it seem like it's the greatest anime of all time but in reality this anime is an overall this anime is a 4/10.

Story: 5/10
Characters: 2/10
Art: 7/10

I also wanna give thanks to Dalsu and qtBlader for helping me edit this review. <3
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Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
In terms of story it is very simplistic, some dude has powers and is getting rid of monsters. Nothing really fancy going on however i'd like to dwell on some interesting points that instantly made me a fan of this series.

The characters. I find that the characters are the main driving unit of this anime. What I mean by this is that, these characters are well written in the sense that is has a LOT of room for development. I can't spoil it for you but I really suggest paying close attention to the main protagonist and the influences that surround him. I guess these are the kinds of anime that I like but it differs for others.

Comedy is pretty funny. The overly dramatic comedy goes very well with the crazy unusual art style. It sort of compliments each other in a way, in my opinion anyway.

Other than that I think this series is worth the watch. Enjoy it.
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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. (Anime) add
I can say anything other than that this anime is perfect! And here is my opinion why is it a masterpiece, and to be noted the connection between the music, story, character, art ..really make the enjoyment magnificent. I am almost speechless is that good!

The story is one of those movies that really touch me and drift me into the feeling of the characters. The pace is slow but steady and revealing each lines and connection between every character one by one in the perfect timing. I gotta start wonder whats the story gonna end though, but I really enjoy every each scenes connecting the dots of the story, and very surprised with the end. It is a remarkable in many ways, and the screenwriting is one of the best yet I have watched. Not cheesy in any way yet still give that shiver and I kinda try hard holding my tears at most of the time (true)

The art is noticeably detailed with colours and environment. The colours shifting very nicely in the dark area and light. Well..I can't say much about the art but it is nicely done.

Well...this is the most outstanding part of the anime IMO. The songs, the lines are all made together and mix well inside the screenwriting, and it really convey what character feeling and what the audience got to feel. It really touching and got a right punch on my stomach. Pouring the screen writing into song and well this is what musical is all about.

Each character i can say they are all solid. It doesn't push the intrigue into that kinda movie that burn the hell rage out of audience but it is really solid that we can see how that kind of character was made through their pass and how they handle themselves throughout the movie is really remarkable. Each character develop themselves really well and you will notice at the end of the movie everybody is a changed man (or in some of them a changed woman)

I enjoy every little bit of this and I did rewind every single lines that I accidentally missed, every single scenes I accidentally missed. And I will definitely watch this at least more than 10 times (same goes with that 'Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki' it is in the same level with that movie so if you love that, you will definitely love this as well, and either ways)

I don't write review much and this is one of those movie/ anime that I will regret not to share the enjoyment and the excitement to anybody anime fans.
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Berserk (2016) (Anime) add
"I think I might have to rinse my eyes with some bleach after watching the new Berserk (2016)" - Quoted by myself.
Despite Berserk being ranked as the #1 Manga, and as one of the most beloved anime of all time, Berserk (2016) ultimately fails and disappoints in the worst way possible.

The story continues after the world has been infested by demons and such. As a viewer who has not read the manga, little information is provided and it appears a bit confusing. All I know is that Guts is marked by some sort of symbol, which make demons haunt him. Storywise it's not too bad so far, but it could definetely have been better aswell. It's the only thing that keeps me somewhat interested in this anime.

It's easy to see that the studio has spent alot of time and effort on their art in Berserk (2016). For that I am gratefull, but sadly the CGI route was the wrong way to go. The artstyle and animations looks awful. I can literally count how many frames per second there is almost through the entire anime so far, it's just so slow and horrendous to watch. I have no idea what's happening in the action scenes because it's so clunky and chaotic, while Gut's sword is all over the place. It's just a mess. The enviromental artstyle is actually kind of cool when you have time to look at it, but it's quickly ruined by the ugly character models. So much effort is put to shadow each and every character, it's just overwhelming and it doesn't fit in. I'll pass.

Sound is surprisingly bad. The voiceacting is both hit and miss throughout the episodes. I expected some epic soundtrack, but it's for the most part either something generic or extremely annoying metal-ish music. The only exception is the Opening. The Opening is good.

Not much have been seen of the characters so far, it seems okay at this point. No big complaints here.

The story looks interesting, but it's such a pain to watch through the show with its low fps and horrendous CGI. Now, I do think that CGI might have a huge potential in the future, but at this point I do think that sticking with the 2D artstyle is still the way to go for atleast a couple of years more. Overall the enjoyment is around a 4/10 for me, which also represents the overall score. I might drop this if it's more than 12 episodes, because I don't think my eyes can't handle this
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Diamond no Ace (Anime) add
I finished watching Ace of Diamond a long time ago, but I decided to write this preview after I saw how underrated this amazing anime is.

I noticed that many people don't watch Ace of Diamond because they don't understand the sport itself, which is baseball. I didn't know anything about baseball when I started watching it either, but then I started understanding it and I realized that it's the most astounding sport ever. Maybe you will agree with me after understanding this astonishing sport too.

Ace of Diamond is the type of anime which is very realistic, and that's honestly one of the best things about it. The main character, Sawamura Eijun, is a pitcher and has this big dream of being the ace of his team, almost like any other main sports anime character. He is seriously so precious and a very determined player. He deeply cherishes his teammates, and will do whatever it takes to cheer them and lighten their mood.

Miyuki Kazuya is a second year catcher, and known in Tokyo for his amazing ability to catch. Miyuki is the type of character that you would understand a lot more better later in the anime. He is also very trusted by his teammates, and is known by them for his irritating personality (which you won't find irritating at all). Miyuki is the most loved character in Ace of Diamond, so I'm pretty sure you will all love him too.

The other two main characters, Furuya and Huruichi, along with the other supporting characters (specially Kuramochi) are also amazing. If you want a review on them I would be happy to write it.

In short, please give this amazing anime a chance, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed at all. It's truly an anime you wouldn't wanna miss, specially if you are into sports anime.
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Orange (Anime) add
I have seen just four episodes so far, but I kinda have an idea how this story is going to turn out and I am already feeling sorry for Suwa.

Long story short, the anime deals with a triangle between Suwa, lead Naho and Kakeru. Along for the ride are generic cheerful female friend 1 and generic tsudere female friend 2 and generic silent nerd male friend.

But I am getting ahead of myself. To start off we have generic female lead who has zero fucking personality called Naho. I ask everyone to name one thing thats unique about Naho apart from "She likes Kakeru" She gets a letter from her future self that Kakeru kills himself sometime later. The letter then lists out a sequence of events presumably leading upto the suicide and instructions on how to prevent it. So if life was a RPG like Dark Souls, Naho essentially got a world map, a trainer and game guide to help her beat the game. This follows the crux of the story. The problem I see is that in the future, Naho is married to the fuccboi called Suwa and they even have a child together. Now there are two possibilities here.

Possibility 1 is that Suwa does not know that his wife is still in love with a dead guy and is actively trying to ensure that her past self does not go through with said marriage. If this is the case, then my deepest sympathies for Suwa. Fuccboi got friendzoned after marriage. Ouchiez, that gotta sting. I don't care what shit Kakeru had to go through. Suwa did nothing but love Naho (I think) and he does not deserve this shit.

Possibilty 2 is even more disturbing and given that I have watched a bunch of anime I am inclined to think this is the way it will progress. Suwa knows of Naho's shit and is actively trying to help her. If this is the case well then WTF.. Congrats for being the first to be voluntarily time-cuckolded noob.

Either possibility does not really impart any message of importance to anyone watching. You fuck up your life, hit reset and send letter to the past and bla bla. Naho's entire thought process is essentially fuck Suwa, fuck my newborn kid, I WANT KAKERU. Ugh

In the first episode ending, future Naho tells present Naho about happiness in her life but she is essentially throwing that out no?

For what its worth, the music and direction so far are good so thats there I guess.

I continue to watch hoping that I am proved wrong but really I dont have much hopes.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
I was looking forward to watching this anime, but I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed. The first two episodes were good, but then it turned out to be a major disappointed. I thought I would give it a chance and keep on watching it, so I continued watching till episode 9, and I wish I had dropped it way before.

The plot and story are honestly so stupid and it do not make sense at all. Not to mention the characters, specially the main, Ikoma and Mumei. Ikoma is the type of character that would just scream stupid nonsense, he is really annoying tbh. Mumei on the other hand, was the type of heroine whose strong and can handle everything, but in a very annoying way too. Her personality suddenly changed later too, I have no idea how. You cannot even call it character development. And don't get me started on the other characters..

In short, do NOT watch this anime if you do not want to waste your time.

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (Anime) add
I was slightly skeptic about watching this movie after it had been regarded as a masterpiece by everyone that suggested to me to watch it.

I tend to predict plot developments beforehand after watching some thriller movies, but Disappearance made me make a mistake about three times. This is part of the reason l loved the story twists.

The movie has some beautifully drawn scenes which mesmerized me. More than one scene made me think they had sneaked in camera footage instead of animation.

Initially, the run time of 2h 41m put me off since the majority of western movies and one DBZ movie barely reach 2 hours. But, when watching it I couldn't even tell when half hour has passed in real life but the movie felt like it had only been 10 minutes.

Get ready for a thriller if you are watching this movie, some scene hit you when you least expect it.
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Toaru Majutsu no Index (Anime) add
Allow me to preface by stating that I have not yet seen the rest of the toaru series. I plan on watching Railgun and the rest of the series but have yet to do so. I will also avoid major spoilers within the review. I will start with a summary and then break it down a tiny bit further, so if all you need is a short review, just read the first following paragraph.

Overall : 8
This show to me is sort of like a guilty pleasure, similar to sword art online in that aspect. I realize that the show is not the best, in fact it's quite awful in comparison to some other shows I've seen. Now despite this, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Starting the show, I had the issue of choosing subbed or dubbed. The dub was very mediocre and the sub was just hard to understand because of some of the word choices. I was lazy and chose the less popular of the two: dubbed. Once I solved that issue, I realized that I didn't quite like very many of the characters. Index, Misaka, and a few other supporting roles all bugged me early on and I stayed for the plot concept: science vs. magic. Although not carried through the best, the show was good enough for me to stick around to the point where I liked it. Misaka soon became my favorite character, the action picked up, I got past the dub's average quality, and I just sat down and enjoyed the adventure the show took me on. I would only suggest the show to people willing to take a risk and give the show a little while to kick in. There are definitely safer shows to take on, but if the risk pays off, you may find yourself really enjoying this show, despite the obvious flaws. The likable characters( not all of them ), the show's concept, and the action carried the show for me so if that sounds up your alley, give it a go.

onto the detailed broken down review.

Story [8] : The concept of the show is brilliant, in my opinion. Science faces religion, which is represented by magic within the show. I only give the story an 8 because of how intriguing I find this concept. The execution of the concept however, did not meet my expectations. The main character, Touma, has the ability to cancel out any magical or esper(scientific) ability. He acts as a bridge between the two different worlds. With this ability however, I thought the show would pursue a more comedic and parody-like approach. The writers however chose the darker and more serious approach. That path was alright but clearly had its flaws. I feel like sometimes the writers even forgot about Touma's ability and made the fights unnecessarily difficult. I get that some people want to see action, but I can't see the action if I'm too busy facepalming at how the fights go read more
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Battle Spirits: Ryuuko no Ken (Anime) add
The 1992 arcade game "Art of Fighting" is a classic fighting game from SNK, a player picks between fighters Ryo and Robert as they go to the criminally infested city of "Southtown" in search for Ryo's kidnapped sister Yuri. The player fights one on one with various bad guys as you go through each section of the city uncovering Yuri's whereabouts, who the kidnappers are, and why.
Now how does this anime adaptation hold up on representing this classic fighter....well not very well :(
There are many factors that made the game great and unique that the anime heavily lacks.


This is the most important subject.
The video game had many ways of making their fights badass. With the camera zoomed up on the action capturing every moment, and each character's face getting more bruised and bloody with each strike along with animations like the characters puking after a gut punch and apparel breaking with a fierce blow, the game does a fantastic job of showing a gruesome street fight.
So then why does the anime not show any of these features?
The anime fights don't feel good to look at, as with the game. The animation is mostly cheap with poor animations that provide a lack of force with their strikes. This and the short and few fights throughout is sad coming from the source material being all about fighting.
No one even gets a jacked up face after a fight let alone a scratch, a special move like Robert's "Genreikyaku" would've been nice to see at least!


Art of Fighting has a lot of characters in its roster, however the anime only had 3 out of 8 bad guys for the main characters to fight. It would've been 4 but the anime decided to make one of the bad guys (Ryuhaku Todoh) into a annoying chief of police good guy why?
I also didn't appreciate John Crawley (another enemy) being portrayed as a knife wielding creep, whereas in the game he was more like a chill bad guy who used his fists and skill to win.
Ryo and Robert's relationship to one another was spot on, as they cracked jokes towards one another in a friendly way while still having a bit of rivalry. Though I don't know why they changed Ryo's hair.
King was fine, though I wished she was a little sympathetic towards Yuri and made John back off.
Mr. Big was ok, they even included his two fighting sticks into a staff for a moment so that was cool. Though his goal to have all gems is stupid and unclear as to why.
Mr. Karate.......wasn't in it........ :(


The anime doesn't show the city of Southtown really, as in the game where each enemy had their own detailed background corresponding to each city's section, giving it life and giving an idea on how the people live in this crime filled place. The anime doesn't show any of the locations in the game nor the background characters reacting to what is suppose read more
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
if you're planning to watch this, just watch episode 1 and 2 only, then lets burn the useless 10 episodes. Everything are nonsense, the story and the characters.
But if you like good animation work, maybe you like it.

At the beginning we thought the kabaneri cannot be defeated by a normal weapon, and we surprised because the MC invented a weapon that can kill them, However, everything became nonsense after the scene Mumei (the stupid girl in the series) just beheaded a kabeneri with a super spin kick. Then the rest of the story, the plot, the character, the logic, and the concept turns out to be nonsense until the end of the series.

overall - Horrible and stupid anime. I wasted my time. :D
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
HOP ON BOARD THE 2016 HYPE TRAIN. WATCH THIS SHOW DE-RAIL INTO THE TRAINWRECK THAT IT IS. This show went downhill super fast. It could have had some potential but they just decided to turn it into a cheesier version of Attack on Titan.

-Very nice art in terms of the setting/feels ghibli-esque (Princess Mononoke vibe)

-most predictable and generic story ever (grumpy guy meets girl, becomes friends with her, goes into rage mode and defeats bad guy, the end)
-lame characters
-Bunch of things went unexplained

Verdict: If you are in middle school you might enjoy this anime. If you like anime that has slightly more depth and isn't just a cheesy zombie fest then stay far far away.
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Berserk (2016) (Anime) add
If I could rate only one anime in the world higher than ten, it would most definitely have to be this beauty. Berserk (2016) takes a classic fan favorite anime and improves every aspect tenfold.

Story: 10/10
Honestly, this story is fantastic. The struggles of Guts and the others around him are portrayed amazingly and the immersion is fantastic. I felt like I was almost suffering as much as Guts while watching? Many stories fail to portray feeling accurately, but this tale is told well my friends!

Art: 10/10
Oh. My. Gosh. The art is honestly the strongest point of the entire anime. Mixing 3D and 2D together is no easy task, and to transition between the two most of the time comes out awkwardly. Well, this problem does not exist in Berserk. The 3D is gorgeous and flows perfectly through the different scenes. The character Puck especially is very well drawn and the horde of skeleton underlings in the first episode remind me of a high quality video game. More studios and aspiring artists should take a note of Berserk and begin adopting the masterpiece of an art style.

Sound: 10/10
Much like art, sound is done amazingly. The second strongest suit of this anime really. From the sounds of doors, to footsteps, all the way to the sound of the mighty sword being swung around, it is all beautiful. No other anime can capture sound as well as Berserk, which is extremely realistic and pleasing to the ears. To watch this anime blindfolded would be a major treat for anybody as this aspect alone can make anyone want to rate this magnificent anime a ten.

Character: 10/10
All the characters are superbly written, and their personalities are captured more elegantly than a firefly in a jar. From the dark and gritty characters all the way to the cheerful shining ones, there is not a single character that feels bland, undeveloped, or unlikable in a technical sense.

Enjoyment: 10/10
Honestly, I laughed and cried and laughed and cried. All while on the edge of my seat. There was never a boring moment and I was enthralled to the very end, never wanting this beautiful ride to end.

lol its bad
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Elfen Lied (Anime) add
Elfen lied is a great anime, although the first 9 minutes are very gory and have a lot of nudity.
the art style is rather old, but still great. i like how the opening theme relates to the story, but be warned-this anime has the most horrible cliffhanger ever, which is most likely to make you pull out your hair with true agony.
the characters are very well rounded, and i like the to sided personalty that Lucy has. Nana has a really cute personality, and she sustains this throughout most of the anime.
i really hope there will be another season,and i think you will agree with me. read more
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Berserk (2016) (Anime) add
I thought movies were bad because of the CG but now this... This is the worst art I've ever seen (Though I didn't saw that many)

Story: 5/10
They just jumped 2 years in 3 episodes. If I only watched the 1997 series and the movies I'd wonder at least where'd he found that behelit. There are much more things they've jumped but I think most of us know them.

Art: 3/10
No need to explain this. It's not 1/10 because I liked the sword.

Sound: 7/10
Good enough.

Character: 8/10
It would've been 10 but they missed 2 years. There is no retribution arc. He only killed 1 apostle since the anime began. We couldn't be able to see what did Guts do in that 2 years, so a person who didn't read the manga couldn't see character development.

Enjoyment: 4/10
I can only hope that I won't regret the time I spent on watching this. I'm only watching it because I love Berserk. I won't drop because it's Berserk. But watching this is nearly a torture, I admit. They ruined Berserk, again.

Overall: 5/10

Btw, it's my first rewiew and I'm not a master at english so there may be mistakes.
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Hotarubi no Mori e (Anime) add
Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light (Hotarubi no Mori e) Anime Movie Review 9/10

First of all I would like to recommend watching this anime if you're looking for a short and sweet story, not if you're looking for an anime with a deep development. This reviw CONTAINS SPOILERS!

I wanna start of by saying that the animation was none other than magnificent. The sounds were able to blend well accordingly to whatever scene was currently happening, and the characters were all very likable and none of them worth hating on......except....that one boy.

Now given the short 45 minutes length of the anime, I was suprised at how well they were able to fit in and arrange the development between the two characters, Gin and Hotaru. Their friendship was deepened more and more frequently everytime Hotaru would visit Gin every summer since she was six years old. But keyword: Friendship. This is what bothered me the most in the anime. Although it was implied that Hotaru and Gin would later on fall in love with each other, all throughout the film I felt like they were just good friends. If Hotaru was introduced as a high schooler, then yes, love would've been the right word for me. The same goes if Gin was also introduced as a younger spirit when he and Hotaru met. But because they started off witn an older Gin and a younger Hotaru having fun, I saw no love development whatsoever, except the will and their want to stay together. But even so, this thought of mine didn't get in the way of how I liked this movie, it was just a note that was stuck on my head which was in me towards the end. Which I will talk about now.

I know most of us would've loved it more if Gin dissapeared from a kiss with Hotaru, but the anime certainly wasn't going for that direction. Instead we got a rushed ending. Don't get me wrong the ending was absolutely beautiful as the effects and music playing while Gin was dissapearing was amazing, basically the whole atmosphere during that scene was perfect. But the way it was setup shocked me. The pacing at the start was definitely great but the ending gave me the expression of "It all happened so fast that it surprised me". I felt like there was no proper conclusion between the two, but then again it certainly gave Hotaru an easier job of moving on, which is what Gin wanted. We all knew Gin was eventually going to dissapear at some point, but I wish the anime could've had a build up towards his imminent fate. Overall, I can say that the movie was able to portray a love that just couldn't be possible, quite gracefully. I couldn't help but smile everytime I see Hotaru and Gin just having fun together and the ending certainly touched my heart despite of my negativity towards it. The anime had minor problems towards the read more
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Alot of reviews on here seemed a bit negative so I wanted to offer some positive praise for this wonderful anime. This anime was quite hyped for me, as an avid Ace Attorney fan, playing all of them and owning all of them, I was so excited to see an anime based on the first game, and Justice for All, and honestly I was not disappointed. I adore the quirky humor from the game, and the writing. Each case from the original games are represented usually in 4 episode increments, and it stays pretty true to the source material.

The Art I gave a 9, simply because it stays close to the art style of the game, most reviews I have read do not seem to fully understand the games, and that is what im basing the majority of my review on. It is bright, vivid, and the colors blend nicely

The sound was amazing, the Original Game Sountrack was beautiful, and the second you tur on the first episode and you hear Johnny West's Gyakuten Winner, you are hooked. The Opening and closing songs fit the mood well and got me hyped for each episode, and the ambient music to help show the mood is well done as well

The Characters I was a little disappointed in. The main Characters are fleshed out well, Miles, Phoenix, Maya and all them are well done, but what irritated me was that the side cast, Dick Gumshoe, the witnesses, the Judge, etc were a little less fleshed out from the game. In the games the judge was a little more of a pushover but in a charming way, Dick Gumshoe was a little more carefree but in a lovable way. While there are hints of this in the anime, it still could have been done better.

Overall the anime is great for fans of the game, you know what to expect and you know what youre getting into. If you didnt like the games, you wont like the anime, but if you even enjoyed the games a little, you will love the anime. Itis well done in my opinion, and I look forward to adding this to my collection when it is released in the US
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Mirai Nikki (Anime) add
I'll try to make a balanced review, by first, explaining the pros, then the cons of this anime. You may have found this anime via searching around the word "Yandere", or simply found the image of a pink-haired character and someone happened to say its name. Anyway, let's get started.

Despite the quite random and quick development at the beginning, Mirai Nikki is an anime that has an entertaining and interesting plot, with a lot of potential and drama, that smacks you right in the face with many concepts and a few rules, in which everything will run around. If you love violence, constant near-death situations, some gore and suspence, then, this is the title for you! The animation is excellent, the scenarios and backgrounds are well toned and detailed. The music will accompany you through every sequence, even though there are some moments too calm or quiet to not have any theme playing during it. It's fascinating how important and influent are the side-characters/villains are in all this, sometimes you may want them to be the protagonists. This anime has a lot of particular elements, plot points and unexpected developments, that will make you marathon it till the last episode.

The first thing that I disliked about this anime, was the main character, his attitude, his personality, his traits... Everything about him would immediately make me turn my eyes elsewhere. He deserves nothing of what he had. The story is filled with uncountable plotholes and unrealistic situations, not only in the action sequences, but in the way some happenings take place, or how some characters act or react to certain things. If you are a very critic and nitpicky individual, then you may find this a pain to watch. The story goes almost out of control and loses most of its charm after the first half, and it will look like a completely different genre towards the end. There is also a huge waste of characters, that do not get the credit they deserve. One last thing, is that the fanservice is strong and unnecessary in uncountable occasions, I'm not saying that I disliked it, but some people probably would.

Overall, an anime that has its good points, but also many flaws. I must say that the openings and endings also are amazing, some of the best I have ever seen. I will give it just barely a 7, majorly because of the potential of the story, and the first episodes. In my opinion, the show goes downhill after episode 16
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Fukigen na Mononokean (Anime) add
Like even though at first it's fairly predictable how yes the yokai gets sent to back to the underworld,
It's an enjoyable anime where you can sit back and relax and watch. So personally I wouldn't talk about the anime having a bad plot.

I feel like there's more to this anime as shown in the first and third episode mentioning about the MC.
How he's an "Ashiya" and that he's "dangerous", dunno about the rest of the upcoming episodes but I hope it shows Ashiya's potential of who knows what.

Hopefully a second season would come out.
Currently reading the manga too! LOVE IT!
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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season (Anime) add
If you loved the first season of Kimi ni Todoke like I did, you may also feel as betrayed by season two as I do. The writing quality changed so drastically between seasons one and two that I was unsure whether or not I was even watching the same show. Bad news; I was.

The first season of KnT was pretty darn good. It had tons of heart, great characters in Sawako, Chizuru, Ayane, Kurumi, and the rest. The comedic elements were solid, if not occasionally timed awkwardly, and up until the very end, I was invested 100%.

Then comes season two. Instead of the story flowing along smoothly like it did in S1, S2 immediately time skips again and again, right from the get-go. Ayane said in S1, "love is all about timing". Well, the story lost its sense of time, and not just in a narrative sense. The story beats and comedic timing also suffered greatly in this poor follow-up to a pretty good first run.

The biggest sin of KnT's second season, though, is how they erased 25 episodes of character development with the aforementioned time skips and some pretty insane contrived drama. I can't remember a time I've been more frustrated with a romantic comedy story's tropes and cliches than in this 12 episode run.

Seriously, they pulled out all the stops here. It's almost impressive. Not to say that S1 didn't have its fair share of romance story cliches either, but it at least used them within the walls of its cohesive narrative filled with likable characters.

The art maintains most of the first season's quality, and the sound design is alright. The voice acting remained solid, too.

Overall, this second season was incredibly frustrating to watch. It's a very jarring difference when compared to the great first season. In my opinion, skipping the drama and having Sawako and Kazehaya get together in a 26th episode in the first season, followed by a second season of further character development with the two in a relationship, as well as further developing the other characters around them (poor Ryuu x Chizuru pairing got almost zero attention) would have been a far, far better and more compelling second story.

tl;dr A very disappointing and frustrating 2/10.
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10 hours ago
Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
Well, [SPOILER] there's no actual romance in the anime, just a lot of romantic tension. Which was the most disappointing part of the anime because it starts becoming more intense right after where the anime left off.

Story: 6
It throws you into the story without any actual development, it's quite abrupt.

Art: 9
I love the colors and animation quality, very pleasing to the eye and I found it quite enjoyable because of that.

Sound: 8
Music compliments a lot of the scenes very well, and the OP and Ending songs are quite good.

Character: 5
I mean, the story sorta just throws you into the characters expecting that you know a whole lot about them. Character development was very poor, and I couldn't quite sympathize for the characters. I almost shed a tear at most.

Enjoyment: 10
I have a guilty pleasure for romance, the romantic tension had me screaming on the edge of my seat, however, no actual romance.

Overall: 7
Characters aren't lovable but they'll start to grow on you as you go from the anime to the manga. Anime was good but the plot escalates very slowly. I wouldn't recommend to those who want hardcore romance.
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Baccano! (Anime) add
I’ve been having this one recommended to me for years. Baccano! is a widely popular series that I just never got around (we all have those, and always will). I probably put it off because most people who recommended it to me were never able to explain what it was about. It’s hard to decide whether you’re in the mood for something when you don’t even know what it is. I eventually came across a description that made it sound right up my alley, so I finally took that plunge. If you ask me, a description is actually pretty easy. An immortality elixir has been discovered, and the secrecy and demand surrounding it sets into motion a series of hijinks that impact a cast of characters (mostly mobsters) in the 1930s.

To begin with, Baccano! has received a lot of comparisons to the films of Quentin Tarantino for several (superficial reasons). This had made it convenient to recommend for fans of the famous director, and it’s convenient for my review because I am a fan of Tarantino and have a direct frame of reference for how off-base and exaggerated the comparisons are. And why one’s one of the most acclaimed working directors and why the other is a series only known to members of a niche interest.

Baccano! has been noted for being anachronistic like many Tarantino movies, yet they have vastly different approaches. Tarantino uses anachronism to cross reference pop culture and inject modern social commentary and perspective into old clichés. One such example is Inglourious Basterds, a World War II era movie that fictionalizes America’s involvement, notable for the common opinion that America’s intervention in the war wasn’t as severe as it should’ve been. Tarantino humorously mocks the patriotic nationalism surrounding the story of America’s involvement by including a team of wild super soldiers that retroactively enact violent justice on the Nazis. It’s a form of historic revisionism, wish fulfillment that allows Americans a more satisfying revenge against one of the most despised groups in human history. All of this angle is confirmed by the movie’s central plot element and rebellious coup de grace being that of a war propaganda film made for the Nazis. In Django Unchained, Samuel L. Jackson plays a wiseass slave who’s often humorously cynical of much of his life being in the hands of white men. Again, the injection of this more modern street attitude meets the classic slave story into a tale not just about gaining freedom, but about getting revenge against now increasingly archaic ideas of race superiority that have, in more modern times, been faced by much of black culture with increasing confidence and indignation. Similar to the revenge against the Nazis, this modern language and perspective over written history makes for a satisfying indulgence for many modern progressives, given the story more relevant weight and all of the action more punch. Beyond that, this anachronistic direction complete with newer dialect, the regrets of the past, and direction that visually winks at read more
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
Definitely not what I expected.
When I started ReLife, I figured I was in for some high school comedy, with a new story and weird romance
What I got was some interesting first episodes, followed by episodes filled with emotion.
It doesn't take a lot for me to freak out and cry and squeal, but it does take a lot for me to sympathize, understand, and actually feel sad for/with the characters. With each new arc, I was there, with the characters, laughing and crying.

Only complaint is a spoiler, and I don't wanna spoil anything in my first review so...oh well

I don't pay much attention to art, but nothing really stood out as amazing, but it wasn't awful

Sound is my giffing bane, because I think something's really funny but then I gif it and it's nothing without sound. Still, cute sounds, and I loved the music

Enjoyment level 9 because I enjoy things a lot I'm sorry

Overall 8.5
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11 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
Before you scroll past my review because I gave it a 9, at least read a little bit of this.

I'm not just some Akame ga Kill! fanboy, I'm going to try to give an unbiased review here.

The story is fairly weak for the most part. Rather predictable, not very complex, blah blah blah. Does it need to be unpredictable and complex, though?

*Unrelated to the anime*
No. The problem with reviews that give low scores to anime is that they're written by elitists that find some obscure anime that nobody has heard of and won't call an anime good unless it blows their mind (that's just a jab at some people who think they have good taste in anime, don't take that too seriously).

I found the story rather intriguing, as it portrayed a darker side of things while not being some uber-dark horror show. It's simplicity (the empire's evil) ignites the nostalgic feeling (for me, at least) of the classic clash between good and evil. It throws some twists in there, like assassins being the heroes (definitely not original, but still enjoyable), evil taking extreme and subtle forms (rather than one distinct evil), and super weapons that defy all the laws of physics combined with absolutely normal weapons and armor.

People do claim, however, that the darkness of the empire was shoved down their throats. To that, I say... Yeah, pretty much. I look at it differently, and view it as an exaggerated sense of reality. What I mean by that is that evil like that TOTALLY exists, and has always existed. The lack of lesser evils being shown is a matter of the focus of the show (do we really want to see them eliminate every single evil, no matter how insignificant?).

But that's honestly just my wishful thinking combining with the author's obvious lack of care for a super deep, meaningful story.

I liked the art. It was well done and the physics of the blood was appealing.

The sound was glorious, definitely not the most memorable or best orchestrated, but very fitting. Skyreach is one of my favorite openings, and one of my favorite songs in all honesty.

The voice acting was well done as well (especially Hanazawa Kana, her voice is very unique).

The characters were fairly clichéd. Tatsumi is your typical happy shounen MC with skillz. Lubbock is the stereotypical pervert that can be a total badass. Blah Blah. Besides Sheele (sometimes) and maybe tatsumi, I never found myself (not once) annoyed with this. They all have interesting(albeit short and somewhat shallow) backstories that add to their characters, though not enough to make them some amazingly developed character (I say this but I list Akame as one of my favorite characters of all time). The characters complement each other and contribute to the story.

Teigu/Imperial Arms were one interesting aspect that, along with danger beasts, tend to irk people. "Danger beasts are completely unexplained" is one big complaint I hear. Sometimes I hear a comment that makes me feel read more
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I wanted to watch it but also didnt at the same time cause its SOOOOOOO CRINGEY everthing else was fine, story left something to be desired though. art was nice, sound was good, character development was ehh, I wanted to enjoy it but at times it was SOOOO HARD TO WATCH. The cringe made me want to DIE but I still wanted to watch, the ending was very dull and left something to be desired. So I give it an overall score of 7, because it achieved a level of cringe no human has ever been able to achieve EVER
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God Eater (Anime) add
For a 13-episode anime, this one was pretty solid. Watching this showed me that anime creators can put a lot in 23-minute or so episodes to fill a 13-episode story. A lot happened, in other words. This was based on a video game, which means there's quite a bit of combat, which I like in my anime, and maybe you do too if you're reading this review.

Ufotable. A god among anime studios. The designs are almost three-dimensional in their depth and... it has this certain, chisel-like, Greek sculpture-like lineament and surface that renders the characters and setting and Aragami a remarkably vivid quality. It's awesome. Ufotable also did some of the Fate anime, Fate/Zero if my memory serves me right, and among all anime studios I've seen anime for so far, ufotable undoubtedly stands out. Most studios kinda look alike, especially the more recent anime, but ufotable, especially in God Eater, it just... stands out. The art is a solid 10 out of 10, no doubt about that.

The sound's pretty good, some battle-like undertones and some vocals that smoothly blend in with the fighting and emotional scenes. Not super memorable like that of FMAB or Code Geass (superb soundtracks by the way), but still pretty good.

The protagonist, Lenka Utsugi, is also one of the best-designed male anime characters I've seen, at least in regards to panache. His hair is spikey black and awesome and he is noble in that he fights to protect others far above his own safety. There are some other pretty swag characters in that they fight well and boldly. Certainly an anime to get your blood going.

Not necessarily a "Best Picture" anime, but definitely very enjoyable and addicting. You can finish this in a day or two, so there's no harm in trying it out. Don't be dismayed by the 13 episodes, based on the ending it looks like they might make another season (I hope), but even if they don't, as I said, a lot does happen in these 13 episodes. Think of it like a 4-5 hour movie chock-full of high-octane action, gore, and humans fighting Aragami with these huge and awesome weapons that give them the name God Eater.

one word to describe this anime: charged
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
To start off my first ever review of an anime on MAL, I would like to state that this easily lands in my top 5 anime. Without a doubt it has been one of my favorite shows to watch and I cannot wait to enjoy the next season.

By the way, I have watched both the dub and sub and can say that the DUB is stupendous and I vastly prefer it. Chris Sabat does some amazing work and his voicing of All Might is superb

My rant about the best is yet to come, but I want to address the worst of this anime first. IT'S TOO DAMN SHORT! If you love this anime half as much as I do, then you will be left longing for more. The characters don't all have enough time to be developed fully, and this season is mostly about Izuku Midoriya and briefly some of his classmates/fellow heroes. This anime is but a taste of a much more delicious feast. I only wish it went on for more than 13 episodes. Now i'm reading the manga to try and curb my addiction to this heart-pumping shounen masterpiece.

That being said, there are too many things to love about this anime. From its detailed action scenes and bombastic soundtrack, to the stupendous pacing and fairly unique (albeit often predictable) plot. The character design is so varied and all the different powers just make the world come alive. I cannot recommend this anime enough to anyone who has ever loved an electrifying story of achievement, struggle, perseverance, and action.

TL;DR WATCH THIS ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side-note: If you aren't loving this anime within the first few episodes, then please stick with it till at least episode 12. Yes that is the 12th out of 13 and if you made it that far just finish it, but the reason I put this at the end is because episode 12 has got to have one of the most awe inspiring scenes i've ever watched. For my fellow DBZ fans, imagine that moment when you saw goku go super saiyan for the first time. THIS. ANIME. HAS. THAT. MOMENT. I will avoid spoilers, but I will leave it as such: All Might gives the most impressive display of heroism TO DATE. No dub of #12 yet, but that should come soon enough.
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
17 episodes as of writing this. ( little bit of spoilers if you haven't seen the first few episodes meaning like 1 - 7) Note: Review isn't going to go deeper than like episode 10 because after episode 12 things get complicated and can't explain without spoiling. Or in other words if you're reading this while the whole anime hasn't finished airing yet things can be very confusing that's all I can say without spoiling anything from the LN.

I'm gonna skip the part where I explain why I gave each section that score. Why, simply because I believe this anime is THAT good. I've seen my fair share of good and bad anime. At the beginning of every new anime season there's always a couple anime that just really stand out to have potential for a season two. This anime is one of them that I believe have that kind of potential , I haven't seen anime this good since Is it wrong to pick up girls from dungeons
( just my opinion don't get butt hurt but the fact that they're getting a season two backs up my statement and I know someone out there is gonna say " you like that anime only because hestia has big boobs ", shut. the . fuck. up.) Now getting into why I think Re:Zero is so good they have UNIQUE characters that have ACTUAL reactions. This is a bit hard to understand without any explanation so let me explain, so for example you die and you find out you can restart from a check point what would a regular MC do? ( If you've watched enough anime with bs MC's the answer should come to you without thinking too hard) that's right he's going to milk the shit out of that power and create a harem and restart every time he makes any kind of mistake and fix it in the next attempt until he builds his harem. Our MC over here Subaru isn't like that he shows emotions and humane responses not only that he has a sense of humor THANK GOD am I right how many times have you seen that in an action anime rarely I'd say. Elaborating more on what I said about unique characters , I know what you're thinking "maids aren't unique" true, however there's never been a twin maid's that have are out to kill your. I could go on and on about how every single character is unique but that would probably take forever. Overall I think this anime is worth watching because it's not like your usual harem MC white knight anime. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a refreshing new anime.
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Working on a time travel premise, Steins;Gate comes with its share of pseudo-scientific chatter to justify the viability of its temporal hijinks mechanism, which, as is par for the course for most stories with such a premise, inevitably results in some fridge logic after a bit of thought. Not that overlooking these inconsistencies is hard to do, for the plot progresses at just the right pace to keep the audience interested in what comes next, whether it be Okabe and friends messing around with their newest toys, bantering with and quipping at each other, or otherwise coming to grips with the consequences of their temporal meddling and attempting to undo whatever their experiments had caused to gone wrong.

Speaking of bantering and quipping, when Steins;Gate is in comedy mode, it is comedy indeed; characters set up their own fall with innocent innuendos and ill-thought-out blurbs, while other characters jump at the chance to take the piss at the hapless bumblers each in their own unique way. The series itself displays its recent pedigree by dropping references to other works old and new, and even in-jokes which would be familiar to today’s Internet denizens. Yet when Steins;Gate is in drama mode, it is also drama indeed; Okabe, experiencing firsthand the consequences of messing around with “worldlines”, is forced to confront hostile forces which threatens the safety of everyone involved with him, and eventually finds himself responsible for the future of the whole world. And even here, some elements of the drama driving the plot are taken right out of real life. Comedy and drama are both used in just the right dose, at the right time, to make the most impact and keep the momentum of the story going.

The characters themselves are incredibly interesting personalities; despite each having their personal idiosyncrasies, almost every one of them reveal hidden depths to their characters, and the viewer gets to learn about each of their background stories, which flesh out the character beyond their typical behaviour and habits, and sometimes even sheds light on said behaviour and habits in the first place. The banter between any two characters does actually build on and underscores the chemistry between them, and one can really see how this helps each character to bond with everyone else. If anything, Steins;Gate is exceptional in how it manages to maintain these relationships of trust between its characters, even when time loops and worldline sliding wipes the memories of all save Okabe; an impressive feat indeed, considering several recent titles have shown how easily time loop storylines like the premise of Steins;Gate could have been mishandled.

Steins;Gate is, quite simply, one of the best visual novel adaptations to come out ever since the Higurashi series, and Kyoto Animation‘s Key adaptations. Coming off a successful effort at what must have been a complex undertaking in Katanagatari, White Fox deserves a pat on the back.
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
Re:Zero, in my opinion, is an excellent example of a show with wasted potential. Look at reviews that stop at episode 7 or 8, and you see what I mean. People love the plot, myself included at the time, but as the show moves forward, I feel that it loses sight of its original interest, and tries to do too many things or perhaps please too many people, making it a difficult viewing experience. I will cover this in the arcs of the show rather than story, art, etc because this show is so plot heavy, so addressing it feels more important than everything else.

First Arc: "Intro to the world/mansion arc"
In the interest of keeping this short(ish), I will assume you know how the anime goes, and will just skip to the reviewing part. The show starts off at a good pace, skipping over the usual "woah I am in a new world and what is going on" part, which I thought was nice since this particular plot point is pretty overdone in recent seasons, and goes pretty quickly right into the meat of the show. The death mechanic gets introduced in a dramatic scene, and I really was excited for the direction this show was going to go. However, the direction the plot took with Subaru VOLUNTARILY becoming a servant at Emilia's house felt odd to me. Still, the next few episodes left that lingering wonder at what was going to happen next so I kept on. Then the election arc begins.

The Second Arc: "The election and subsequent breakdown arc"
This arc was where I feel the show really lost its sense of excitement and demonstrated fully its inability to pace well. The show goes from using Subaru's powers fully to virtually not at all, to REALLY kicking the death into high gear. The election arc was honestly forgettable: it felt forced, was an honestly boring use of world politics I didn't particularly care about, and was really just used as somewhat unique, if uninteresting, filler. The show, as I am assuming you know or haven't watched far enough, the goes off the rails, and this is where I take real issue with the writing. There is nothing wrong with leaving the viewer in the dark, left to go to forums to discuss what the hell happened in the most recent episode. It inspires community, and I generally like that, but here it is different. The viewer is left in the dark for far too long, with no helping hand to say "hey maybe this is what is happening." It feels like the studio is punishing you for not knowing what is going to happen next, throwing curveballs at your face then throwing curveballs at those curveballs. To put it a different way, the most recent 4 or 5 episodes are meaningless action, which function like filler in terms of advancing the plot but are more exciting.

The show has many other problems, such as not explaining Subaru's incredible read more
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Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
So, another series of ONE is airing but is not the same famous as One Punch Man but the two are the same~?
Like One Punch Man this series is a random comedy don't have a story so i not need to the show end because like One Punch Man all ends in same
Is a random comedy force his episodes in one style joke but the comedy is forced making the comedy dried and without the pretty colors is not have any creative even Uncle Grandpa have level creativity and more subtle jokes
compering again with a simple Comedies , the characters are forgettable in other random comedies the characters can be very basic but interacting can construct a good joke in Mob Psycho 100 don't feel a interactions with characters making forgettable and the jokes appear in random time
bad comedy if you laugh with brainless comedy can make you entertained but don't make good
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
This show has strung up my feelings and made bitter sweet music.

While there are a few flaws,which I think actually does more good than harm,it is a masterpiece in telling a story though emotion. The writing is top notch,the creators chose the right musical pieces to mirror the ever changing tones through out the show, followed by some very cleaver quotes.

I don't normally watch shows like this because of various reasons nor do I ever write a review. But for this, I did, which means a lot.

Watch it if you want to feel through color and music.
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After the first season, I expected, if nothing else, more of the same. An enjoyable show that was funny, witty, and occasionally harsh. A sequel to a show that felt like it stepped outside of the expectations of the "love comedy" shows that we've come to know, love, or loathe.

This, on the other hand, felt like a combination of a standard love drama and something that just wasn't really that good. It dragged on for half of it, and its message just wasn't clear a lot of the time either. While the point of the show is that its characters are "real," or so some say, when there are points where the love interests are made out to be completely lacking in empathy or common sense multiple times over, yet the narrative insists they are in the right, we have a problem.

The first bout of drama was the result of one such event. One love interest encourages the protagonist to take action, knowing full well what he's like. She says she's relying on him. He takes action in the way he does, and she proceeds to tell him she hates how he does things and leave. This is followed by the other love interest telling him to think of the feelings of others (a tad hypocritical really) and also leaving, and then half of the show is spent slowly dealing with the fallout.

Whereas the first season made sharp commentary, this one chooses to be pointlessly and annoyingly vague far too often, and avoids addressing what's going on too much of the time, leaving viewers to wonder what any of the characters are talking about or feeling more often than a show has any right doing, much less one that's following up this one's first season.

The worst part of it is when it's not dragging out and forcing this drama is that the cast of characters really can be a breath of fresh air - with the exception of the main heroine and the drama the author insists on packaging her with and forcing on us, that is. I can't help but think the story would be much, much stronger if it could be written without the fear of cancellation, as many Japanese works so clearly are, because that love triangle and tease to keep begging readers and viewers to keep coming back could be scrapped for something more focused and genuine.

And that's pretty ironic when you think about it.
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Little Busters!: Refrain (Anime) add
I have never found an anime that has moved me so deeply. I look back and smile while crying. There was always something more in Little Busters that kept me watching, and when I started Refrain, I was on the edge of my seat with a myriad of feelings. The anime left me feeling that I had done something good with the time I spent and lightened my heart. The characters all impacted me deeply, taking me deeper and deeper into the plotline, until Refrain latched on to me and my heart. This anime will leave you with a heart just a little bit brighter and just a little bit stronger. I have seen a lot of anime, but this is by far one of my closely treasured few. This story will live on in my heart.
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
RE: Zero is an gold mind for people who appreciate anime with a solid developing plot and well written character development. This is not an anime for those who expect for a perfect anime where the main character is perfect and wins all the time. RE: Zero is definitely an anime that people will "Love OR Hate".

I will not spoil any of the anime (besides what is already stated in the synopsis) because that is not how I review stuff. My reviews are only for those to figure out if they should watch or not. It's a bit long, though I bullet main ideas that can be deal breakers for easier read. If you just want a short version look to the overview at the end of this.

Also this is a WARNING to those of light hearts that cannot deal with blood and gore! You probably wont get that far in the anime. It does not hold back.

Story: (9/10)

The anime is originally a light novel. For a lot of people light novel will put off someone's choice to watch this show. But the animation studio does a wonderful job presenting the information (expect lost information since you can't always have everything splattered into a different medium for a perfect execution). The anime definitely didn't have a strong start in the first few minutes of the anime, but after it sets up the story becomes more in-depth and less typical.

- In the beginning the anime will seem like every other light novel that tries to make fun of manga/anime. (where the main character thinks he's the chosen one)
- Typical scenario set up and you can tell the author is having a hard time starting the story.
- The concept of the story is very similar to may of the common themes you see now a days in anime following the main character coming to a fantasy world and alas the MC ends up repeating the day
- All the typical stuff in the beginning goes away and your left with a plot changer
- The story will repeat itself, but will mostly not interfere with enjoying its contents since it's intentional to move the story along (changes will be present in each repeated scenario inducing character growth/development)
- The flow of the story is given correct moods and atmospheres that are correspondent to the situation the character is in. (so if the character has no idea, then expect the scenes to make you feel clueless. If the character knows what's going to happen, you can enjoy a well suspenseful mood.)
- There's always something to learn about the story in the dialogue and character's actions, so make sure to pay attention.
-This has everything from action, to mystery, to comedy, to gore, to suspense, to pure madness. (it does not hold back on anything)
- Things will be obvious and then some wont. (you'll be yelling at the MC a lot so if you hate that then this may not be for you)
- Scenarios will repeat again read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
Review: Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Story (6/10): I can't say there is much of a story in this anime. But all I can say is that Tanaka, being the person he is, spends his ordinary high school life being listness. (I know that may sound boring, but bear with me.) But anyways, along with his listlessness, the people who are around him make his life interesting which is worth the watch!

Art (8/10): I can't say too much about the art. As the source of this anime came from a 4-koma manga, I expected worse. But, I can quite say the art presented in this anime was fun to look at since this was made by Silver Link., the ones who made Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Kokoro Connect.

Sound (9/10): Let's start off that the opening going into this anime is extremely catchy. Definitely pleasant to the ears as we get a break from 'heavy metal' which we encounter from every anime. The soundtrack and the ending song to this anime can be said as well.

Character(s) (7/10): If there were two words to describe this character's lineup. Bizarre and quirky. And, that is one's of it's strong points is what makes this anime great. The reason behind it is because each character had each of it's peculiar personalities which made this show so fun to watch. Each character, in my opinion, determines how the show's value or what not. But however, I have never seen a character like Tanaka-kun and his 'listlessness'. Even though he is a whole new concept of character I've never seen before, I've never seen how a 'pathetic' a character like him can be. Pathetic may sound a harsh word to describe a character, but that's criticism for the most part. Oddly enough, with his personality in touch, his character is humorous as it is. I can't say he's a fascinating of a character, but his quirks is enough to make me enjoy the show. But, I can say that the people who surround him on a daily basis makes what this show particularly interesting!

Enjoyment (9/10): I can say that I ejoyed the anime from beginning to end. Expect all kinds of humor thrown at your face. Because at every end of each episode, you'll smile wanting for more!

Overall: After reflecting on my thoughts on this show, I can definitely recommend this anime to those who want a relaxing, soothing, light slice-of-life anime. Along with 'Flying Witch', this anime stands as one of the best anime of the Spring season. I'm surprised that very few people had picked up this anime since I think this is very underrated. The character lineup were very interesting in a way as each character presented each of their own, unique personalities. There may be practically be no story, but the life that revolves around Tanaka-kun and what unfolds before him is rather intriguing to watch. The comedy is not constrained unlike Sakamoto desu ga?, because with read more
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Have you ever loved your older brother (or another sibling, if you have one) so much that you just want to do this and that to him? No? Well, if you're Nao Takahashi, your answer would be "yes". I first heard about this anime when I saw the manga version in a catalog from RightStuf, and I became intrigued to watch the anime when I found out it had one. Even if it's poorly received, and even if the characters are unbelievably skinny, this anime could turn out to be quite charming, right? The answer to that question, unfortunately, is "no".

Now presenting my review of "Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!", or "I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!" in English.

Onisuki, as it will hence be referred to, follows Shuusuke Takahashi, who has a little sister named Nao. Nao has a HUGE brother complex, going out of her way to give her already perverted brother some sexual excitement. One day, Nao discovers that she was actually adopted, seeing this as a chance to try to win her brother over. Unfortunately, Shuusuke's childhood friend, Iroha, and class representative, Mayuka, are also in the running for winning his heart. With all of this being said, let the sexual innuendo commence!

The story is rather boring, with its clusters of cliches and lack of real character development. The characters themselves aren't that great, either; in fact, they are what bring this story down for the most part. First, you've got Shuusuke; he's like Issei from High School DxD, except Issei actually has some redeeming qualities, while Shuusuke, in my opinion, does not. All three girls in his harem are even worse than him, though; they are all messed up in their own ways. Mayuka seems to be the tamest of them all, but not by much; she has an obsession and a certain part of Shuusuke that I will not reveal in order to avoid spoilers. Then, we've got Iroha, his REALLY clingy childhood friend who watches him through a telescope at her own house. Nao is similar in the stalking aspect, but she also purposely gives him some time to look at her in a perverted way before harming him in some way. Seriously? Nao has a sick mind, and I don't mean that in a good way!

I wouldn't say that the voice acting is bad, considering that there are talented seiyuus like Eri Kitamura and Marina Inoue being a part of the cast. However, I'm disappointed that those seiyuus would waste their talent on something like this. I honestly didn't care about the opening or ending themes. However, the biggest problem to plague Onisuki is, of course, THE ANIMATION. I could barely focus on whether or not the animation from Zexcs was any good; I was too busy cringing at the character designs. I mean, you've got skinny, and you've got Clamp-skinny; however, the skinny-ness of this anime sets a whole new bar. Seriously, are they all anorexic?!

Overall, read more
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Amnesia (Anime) add
[Useless review here]
I don't see why this anime have so many low rates. It is obviously not the best anime of the world but it's pretty great. As an adaption of a Otome Game you can't ask for more,just a view for all the rutes. It shows what It wants pretty well and nothing more. If you don't like simple storys that goes from nothing then this is not your anime. I am very surprised of people talking about the boys sense of style,does that really matter when watching an anime? At reading at all the reviews I wonder if I was the only one who cry on the last episode,it was full of feelings for me. There sometimes that I get tired of storys that shows basically the same but Amnesia got me there till the end. That I would watch it again? No. I recommend it to you if you're not so demanding. This is not exactly a shoujo anime so don't watch it expecting romance,just watch it is you want to see a girl trying to remember her past in different worlds with diferent boys with no really conection between everything.
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Yesterday, 5:56 PM
Ajin (Anime) add
I'm not one to write reviews, but here it goes

When I first saw Ajin, the art and animation really threw me off, because for a 2016 anime, everything it was borderline crap. I originally planned to drop this, but the story hooked me just a bit, and so I pretended it was 2008/2009 naruto and continued on.

The beginning is pretty cliche. Average teen boy finds out something is wrong with him blah blah blah. Very Tokyo Ghoul like, with all the "Why me" and stuff, but the protagonist showed himself to be a little more that what he seems to be on the outside.

Nagai Kei is a rather cold, calculating, and unfeeling, and I personally felt like that was a good asset to the story, making his character more intriguing. He isn't the only well written character. Like some of the other comments stated, many of the characters are rather... what's the word... vexing? If I had to describe what I felt about the characters in a word, I would say I was rather ambivalent about all of them, besides maybe one or two. There is some sympathy put into play, but it's quickly washed away by the character's actions later on into the story.

The story itself is pretty good. I finished it satisfied, like every other anime I've watched. It falls into the popular category of dark psychological fantasy stuff that's everyone (Including me) is raving over these days. I wouldn't recommend it if you're one of those people who hate on the trending anime like Tokyo Ghoul or whatever. I'm all for trends, so I can't relate.

So yea, if you can look past the art, this isn't a bad anime. It's just.... THE ANIMATION. i mean it gets better throughout... or maybe i just got used to the quality, but ugh. i really want to give it an 8.5 or something, but the animation. Just pretend it's an old anime or something i guess.

I know my thoughts are over the place, but I hope you find this review helpful
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No Game No Life (Anime) add
"It's not everyday you get to see an anime about an OP character being transported to a different world!"

...Is what I would like to say, but unfortunately, the idea has been thrown around often, so I can't say this is a unique series. But to be fair, it still had something different to bring to the table.

Now the plot is... basically Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai. OP character gets transported into a world with a set amount of rules where people play games their whole lives. There are factions, an OP character, and an expanding world which the said character travels around in. The only difference I saw was that there were more female casts.

If there's one thing that differs from the above stated series, it's the bond between the two main characters. We see not only one lead character, but two characters that act as one. They're partners in crime, and thus, their bond is more than just brother and sister.

What I liked most about this show was its art style. By filling the screen with bright colors, we feel the splendor of the other world.

Independently, the opening song is good. As for the BGM, I guess it was fine.

It was good. The problem is that I've seen that concept already. This would've been a perfect score for me if it were an original idea. I'd recommend this if you care more about the bond of characters than the plot, because that's when the game begins!
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season (Anime) add
This anime doesn't need another review by me seeing as how I am also going to be praising the living shit out of this show like all the other people on MAL.

But honestly who could blame us? This show was fucking amazing, it knew what its strong points were and went with it. It didn't waste time trying to make something out of their weak points, and just stuck to what it was good at.

It stuck to the amazing character development that this show had going for it. In the span of around 50 episodes, you build such a deep and strong bond with the characters that you almost feel like as if you're a part of the class. This probably has to do with how well the characters are executed in the series. Their interactions, and everything about them. All those side characters aren't just side characters, they have their own back story and their own reason for why they're in the "End" class. It makes you start feeling so deeply for the characters, that when shit does go down you can root with them.

This strong point of Assassination Classroom only gets stronger in the 2nd season, and you're also able to see more depth in various characters. Also showing the characters displaying various emotions, making them feel more like actual characters. Another added bonus of the series is the other elements of the 2nd season. The thickness of the tension, the heaviness of the subtle drop in mood, it all steadily comes together to prepare you for how real this story gets.

Whatever the characters feel, you start to feel it too. I don't want to spoil much for those who haven't seen it so I won't say more. But let's just say that everything that this show gives you starts to bundle up and wrap itself neatly towards the very end. All those feelings that you didn't know were culminating while you were watching the series starts to bubble up, and you start to physically feel it.

Another element of the 2nd series is that the boring gaps in between character development segments with enjoyable and humorous scenes. This happens more so late in the 2nd season though, not too much in the 1st.

The show also teaches you valuable lessons. It shows you that these group of kids, despite being put in the "End" class and being called "losers" and stuff actually had valuable worth in them, just like everyone does. Not to mention Koro-sensei's lessons but most of his lessons went over my head to be honest. Still though, because Koro-sensei was always teaching the kids various lessons, it was still able to create this bonding feeling for the characters in the show and for YOU, the viewer. You might not even realize it but trust me you will when it gets to be later in the show.

And of course, this show isn't perfect. It did have its weak points, the art COULD read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
I first stumbled upon Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased for short) on a random Crunchy-roll advertisement on Facebook. The advertisement was stunning and I knew I had to check this series out. I was instantly star-struck, and watched every episode, waiting for the next one to come out. I even went as far as to rewatch episodes over and over. The story was captivating, each episode brought new clues towards a mystery, and new emotions. Along with that, the characters were developed brilliantly. It's one of my all-time favorite series. All the sound work was incredible as well. The opening song, catchy, and the voice acting immaculate.

It's hard for me to pick out any negatives for this series, so I'll just say that everyone has their own taste and I'm sure you'll find a few things you didn't enjoy!

Overall, I loved this series. I find myself wondering how many lives I could impact if I had an opportunity like Satoru. It's a must watch for anyone who likes mystery/thriller style anime. The story will pull you in, and really make you think about life, and how blessed you may be.

I dashing 10/10 ----

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Orange (Anime) add
*Spoiler free, impressions after 4 episodes*

Orange is beautiful so far. Not just the animation, not just the art, and not just the writing. It's probably going to be the most cohesive anime this season.


It's the storytelling. The way this anime puts you into nearly every (main) character's shoes is amazing. It's honestly breathtaking. The conversations that throwaway characters have are so believable, and yet they offer advice to the main characters in the scene.

I hesitant to even use the term 'throwaway character' simply because they all feel so very deliberately and delicately placed. The entire world is built to offer insight into the main character's minds.

And that world is so very nostalgic. The premise itself is built around the idea of regret and thinking about the past, so it's no surprise. This anime explores those ideas and the fact it explores ideas at all (rather than plot or 'plots') is honestly pretty refreshing. Your mileage may vary.

I'm not wild that they chose a romantic setting for this: I don't find that choice particularly meaningful. I think the characters themselves aren't particularly striking, but that makes them slightly more human, in a way. They all could be described in a couple of words, but they all exhibit both the good and bad of those words.

All in all, if you like high school romance story and want to feel nostalgic, it's very well done so far, and I think it's worth your time to check out.
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One Piece: Heart of Gold (Anime) add
One specific thing I liked:
-Olga thinking out loud.

[5] STORY: Nothing too original or notable in this movie that's worth mentioning. There's your generic antagonist that is after the same treasure that the protagonists are after.

[7] ART: Nothing new, your regular One Piece style.

[6] SOUND: Again, nothing new, just the already well-known One Piece style.

[4] CHARACTER: All of One Piece's main protagonists, a new antagonist, a girl and her father. The antagonist is the some messed annoying dude, the girl is just a brat and her father isn't worth talking about.

[8] ENJOYMENT: I enjoyed watching this 1 hour and 45 minute special, and if you're a One Piece fan you should watch it.

[6] OVERALL: "Hey GelatinPowers, why are your actual rating and overall rating different?"
I rate anime based purely on how much I enjoyed it and I review anime based on everything else.
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
To be honest, I don't know why I'm still watching this anime. It had great potential, I like it when the strory plays with time and space. What buggs me here is the main character, never in my almost 500 viewed anime I found such an annoying, stupid, retard and not cool at all main character. It's like, after so much he goes true he always gets suprise or erritated over any new bullshit that comes by. Come on why doesnt he after so much, just try to keep it cool and rationalize the situation, doesnt he already know that raging like he does, goes for nothing...

In the end I find the main character empty, doesnt make sense, I can't justify his actions, that personality is not possible and is very poorly built.

And the all anime is more of the same. He dies, he dies, he dies, he rages, he rages, he rages. He makes the stupidest decisions possible.... I'm struggling here to keep watching it.

8,77 current score? For real? Is it that the MAL community is that dum?
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Orange (Anime) add
Orange is a very interesting story about Naho, a girl who receives a letter from herself ten years in the future, attempting to change the things she now regrets.

Based on an amazing manga, Orange has a lot of high expectations.

Story (10): The story from the very beginning has a very bittersweet ambiance, and touches the viewers, giving them the 'feels' within the first ten minutes of the first episode. It has an interesting plot, while at the same time has slice of life elements which make it relatable to anyone with a high school experience.

Art (7): I have mixed feelings about the art in the anime, especially because I had such high expectations as I felt the manga has an absolutely stunning art style. The art is definitely passable, as the backgrounds in the anime are quite well-done, however, I feel a little disappointed in Suwa's character design. Despite not having the best art/animation it definitely doesn't hinder the potential of the show overall.

Sound (8): Although the opening isn't my favorite, it definitely brings that bittersweet aspect to the show that it's known for. I neither like nor dislike the overall sound selection. However, I find the voice actors match very well with the characters.

Character (10): The characters may be Orange's best quality. I find all the main characters to be relatable in their own way. It is interesting to see how the characters in Naho's friend group, a collection of stereotypical anime tropes, come together with Kakeru, an atypical character to be placed between such a happy-go-lucky friend group, as without Kakeru, this series would be another slice of life romantic comedy.

Overall/Enjoyment (10) : I have been waiting for this anime since last summer when the manga finished and felt like all my dreams came true when this anime was announced. I really look forward to the next episodes and would recommend this series to any anime viewer. I'm hoping that this anime is the best of the season as I have really high hopes for it
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