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41 minutes ago
Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
This is one of the sexiest anime I've ever seen. I'll say right away who this anime is for, and who it is not. This anime is for hard core kinky people, who like contolling dynamics. If you're totally vanilla you probably won't like this, and may even be highly offended and horrified. However, if you're the kind of person who enjoys Master/slave dynamics, and stories like The Story of O, you will probably really like this.

The anime itself is an interesting take on the harem genre. Instead of the usual male protagonist, surrounded by girls, here you have a single girl, surrounded by predatory read more
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50 minutes ago
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World (Anime) add
Philosophical ideas, atmosphere, and most importantly, the feels. Usually these elements are what I personally look for in an anime, but I think this is something that everyone should chek owoooouuuut simply because it's one of those shows that demonstrates the amazyn artistic potential of the medium of animu.

Kino, the main character of the series is very interesting to watch because of their stoic, confident and almost neutral personality when facing problematic situations. Very similar to Ginko of Mushishi. Anyhoo this is an intelligent and enjoyable anime that must counter that abundant ecchi and shounen shit that dominates the industry.

Also, this show (along read more
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55 minutes ago
Inferno Cop (Anime) add
Inferno Cop is not only the greatest anime of all time, it is also the greatest anime I have ever seen.
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2 hours ago
Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Manga) add
This story is really good. There's situations that are cliché but overall it's a really unique story. The development is not what you'd expect but it's so good. I really liked the ending! At the beginning, maybe that you'll think that it's your normal shoujo and that you already know what will happen but read it. It's worth your time. The characters are really lovable. Sometimes you will surely want to slap them but then you will want to hug them. The art is very good. I personally like this style of drawing. Well, if you are wondering if you should read this or not, read more
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2 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
Wow! This anime is up there with Death Note and Code Geass. Plus it made me emotional. I RATE THIS ANIME 10 OUT OF 10, would watch again!

;( ' " " " "
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Disclaimer: In real life, I do martial arts as well, so this may be a bit opinionated.

Well, this is my first review, so bear with me. I rarely do this kind of thing, but I felt with an anime with this, I had to.

Story: 9
Right off the bat, I saw that this was a (sort of) old anime, and it was a turnoff. I was prepared to hate this anime, but came out pleasantly surprised. If you don't know anything about this anime, it's about a kid, named Kenichi. Basically, he's bullied and whatnot so he reads a lot of books on how to read more
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3 hours ago
Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
I have attempted to accurately describe why I dislike this anime, and I have failed momentously on every occasion (I may have even failed this time around). Some may call this lazy, but I find it suitable for the situation. In the portion of this review dedicated to addressing story and characters, I will compare 5 Centimeters Per Second to a literary work considered to be one of the greatest gothic novels of all time: Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Is this a fair comparison? No. But it will be much easier for me to reference Wuthering Heights since it accomplishes what 5 Centimeters Per Second read more
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4 hours ago
Soul Eater NOT! (Anime) add
Soul Eater was an okay show. Soul Eater NOT!, however, is NOT an okay show at all. Hell, even the title is a good indicator. You see the word NOT? Honestly I see it as a sign. Do NOT watch this show. It's NOT worth your time. It's NOT Soul Eater. Okay, let's just move on to the review.

Story: 5/10
The story is just complete... meh. This girl discovers that she's a weapon, so she goes to this academy so she can sort herself out. She meets some friends and they have adventures together inside of the school.

Okay, that's pretty bland. It pretty much read more
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5 hours ago
Bleach (Anime) add
Bleach as an anime is mediocre at best. The concept is great but the execution is extremely lacking. The early episodes have fairly poor animation, and I didn't feel that the anime was even remotely good until around episode 270, but at that point it was still only a /decent/ anime.

There's a huge power-scaling problem with the characters, and the fillers are horrible. Bleach has a higher filler:canon ratio than Naruto does (at the time of writing this review). While one may dislike Naruto fillers (I personally like them due to the following reason), at least Naruto fillers almost always add to character development and read more
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5 hours ago
Absolute Duo (Anime) add
This show isn't very good but is still decent.

The plot is average. It isn't very well developped and it doesn't feel smooth at all, rather it sometimes feels a bit far-fetched.

This is where this anime lacks the most. The characters are pretty well drawn but the action feels like a role battle where each character attacks one at a time. If you pay attention you can see that some errors are made in the drawings during the fights and the pictures feel off every so often. I think it doesn't really deserve its Action tag.

I don't really know much about sounds but the background music read more
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5 hours ago
Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! (Anime) add
If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you've seen both seasons of Yuru Yuri already, and wondering how the OVA stood up to the original aired series.

In short: It was everything all Yuru Yuri fans wanted (and needed!).

With the exception of the first five minutes, which was a funny engrish over the top parody scene. The entire OVA stayed true to all of the characters, and any returning fan will be very pleased with how they brought back their favorite characters.

Another great element they kept bringing back were the running jokes from the series. Ayano's Puns, Chinatsu's terrible art, Akarin's non read more
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6 hours ago
Days (Manga) add
I know this manga has not been fully scanlated yet (last time I checked only first volume) but I just bought all released volumes yesterday and I am in thirst of talking about how satisfied I am with DAYS. For the start, I am indeed a fan of Yasuda Tsuyoshi's (especially Over Drive *sob*) works, but soccer really never become my thing. I did following some soccer series in the past, however only Giant Killing and this series that was able to give me a real enjoyment of the sport.

On the beginning you might think that the premise is not that original and some of read more
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6 hours ago
I.O.N (Manga) add
This short story was actually Arina Tanemura’s first full length manga. It’s a cute short story about a girl, with a special good luck charm, falling in love with a boy while attaining even more telekinetic powers. Is this any more realistic than her other manga, or the manga that’s to be? Sure; it has a mix of science and the supernatural so something like this could happen.

The art in this manga is iconic and it’s what Tanemura’s known for – big eyes, detailed hair, and the same face & personality. You see, Tanemura hadn’t really deviated from the looks she gave her other characters. read more
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7 hours ago
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
I'm gonna keep it simple.
Art was great. Unique style and rich use of technology. 8
Soundtrack was really fitting. Character voices were especially well made. 9
Characters, well uh. It didn't make much of an impact. The protagonist was nothing special, and neither were most of the side characters 6
I did enjoy watching the show. The episodes were well assembled and I got pumped for the ending, which, well, let me down. 7
Story was an awesome setup for an unlikeable ending. 6

There were a lot of irrational choices made and the ending just was not prepared. It was just like a copy of the read more
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8 hours ago
Death Note (Anime) add
Let's be honest: There's a lot of shitty anime out there. Whether it's bland harems, obnoxious ecchi, or vapid dramas, many people have seen what physically and artistically represents the fact that sometimes even inane dimwits can slip through the cracks of entertainment. Thus, it makes sense that when a so-called "smart" anime hits the streets, people would naturally be enticed by the allure of a mature, thoughtful work. A lot of times these fail to impress as the author spends so much time thinking of ways to outsmart the audience that he loses track of the writing and sends it spiraling into stupidity and, read more
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9 hours ago
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
[A highly philosophy induced, long analysis ahead. And... Spoilers. Yeah.]

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime which starts off as a generic shounen mecha anime. But towards the end it takes on a very mature form and delves into the realm of psychology and philosophy. The problem here, is that this transition is very sudden seeing as it occurs in the final two episodes. And that might confuse you. No, it WILL confuse you. Initially I would've given it an overall 8. But after watching those last two episodes again, my opinion changed. Why? I'll explain it later.
Also there is this hype about this deep symbolism read more
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10 hours ago
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (Anime) add
I really liked this show until the Deja vu ark.

As the name implies 7 episodes are exactly the same except for certain small dialogue changes.


I know that that is the effect that it wanted to pull off but I feel cheated.
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10 hours ago
Baby Steps (Anime) add
I had to drop this due to the art style. I enjoyed everything else, but how the eyes are drawn is unintentionally hilarious. The way that they are drawn makes it look like the characters are not focusing on anything at certain that are used a lot.

I started to not understand the plot because I couldn't stop laughing at the eyes. I would finish watching if the eyes were drawn differently.
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10 hours ago
Baccano! (Anime) add
That's one of the most complex anime in terms of plot I've ever seen, too bad for the rest is not exactly the best.
As I guess you already figured that I would give the vote to the plot of this anime is 10, without a doubt. Rarely seen plots so intricate and difficult to fully comprehend, even after viewing. From the first episode you get knocked headlong into this "world" mysterious of which little is known and nothing. The development is really good, although I admit that even after you finish watching this anime I did not understand exactly what had happened. The constant moving read more
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10 hours ago
Netoraserare (Manga) add
most painful NTR ever read
this story make us to more appreciate our precious person
to keep them and dont act pathetic

weak male lead, he is so pathetic
that is alllllllllllllll
(you will not sleep well after read this)
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11 hours ago
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Anime) add
KHR is like any other long shounen series; For someone relatively new to anime, it can be very fun and addicting. If you are too familiar with the tropes used in this genre, it can become a real chore and way too predicable.

Story: The plot progresses in the usual shounen way: The weak and optimistic protagonist trains, and starts fighting enemies who seem much stronger than him, and once he defeats them they often become his allies. The first 20 episodes were fillers, but since I found them funny I didn’t really mind. The battles drag out a bit sometimes, but they are well read more
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11 hours ago
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica (Anime) add
My number one ecchi harem male lead anime.

The art is kind of old IMO and I wish for more "modern" art style but once you get hooked, you stay hooked on all of it.

Ousawa Akatsuki is probably the best male lead of all the anime I've seen. And I've seen LOT of them, especially from this genre.

I like the story LOT, which is saying much because other anime have kind of always highschool bla bla meh stories. This one has a captivating story and I regret not knowing more of it because not much is shown as his life before the story this anime read more
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11 hours ago
Trinity Seven (Anime) add
Typical high school nonsense story. Male protagonist gets all the girls. Story is kind of meh, depending on your taste.

Unlike in other ecchi harem anime's with a male lead, this one has a very good male character. He isn't dumb as a sack of bricks, is perverted and very honest about it and often jokes about it when in an embarrassing situation which IMO is a MAJOR + that this kind of genre seems to lack.

There is lot of ecchi, lot of "accidental" boobs touching but its of a different caliber than in other anime. Arata's jokes and overall attitude towards being a pervert read more
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11 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
This anime has xcelent potential... its setting is nice which somewhat matches with attack on titan..

The frst i watched it i was attracted by the diff settin n story.. n also by itd opening piece

It proceeds nicely n shows fine charac devlopment...

But too many r killed n in a pitiable fashion frm the protagonists grup.. also it kinda falls apart aftr ep 21.. well thats till where manga was written at the point of release of anime..

In all its a gud watch n really makes u think about its main theme id corruption
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11 hours ago
High School DxD (Anime) add
Highschool DxD is one of the best if not the best ecchi anime i have ever watched and trust me... i watch a lot of ecchi anime.
It was very easy getting addicted to this anime and i'm not talking about the ecchiness. This anime haves reliable character development, good fighting scenes and seriously funny ecchi and comedy moments!
I give this anime 10/10 for the fact that it is one of my personal favorite anime. There aren't many ecchi anime as good as Highschool DxD.
I can honestly say that i came for the OPPAI and stayed for the plot. :trollface:
Long story short, very enjoyable anime indeed!
If read more
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12 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
Akame ga Kill or Kiru, had the potential to become one of the best anime i had ever watched.
The animation, the fighting, the gore, the ost's, the sound effects, the ecchi and comedy moments were very enjoyable but the plot itself and character killing was a major disappointment.
The main characters die without any type of development whatsoever. This was the major issue i had with this anime.
The last episodes felt really rushed and painful to watch specially the events that occurred in episode 23. This being said, i give this anime a 7/10 overall score given the fact that it was indeed one of read more
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12 hours ago
Nana (Anime) add
Nana is about a young girl name Nana Komatsu who is on her way to a Tokyo to meet her boyfriend. While going to tokyo, on the train station she meets a young girl who shares the same name but everything about her even her personality is different. After they met on the train, they started to become roommates and eventually best friends as the time passes. On both of their journey, Nana Komatsu must learn how to be mature and independent and the other Nana wants to expand her skills with singing in the band to become famous. They both learn about loss and read more
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Today, 8:23 AM
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
This is my first time writing a review. And it means that i'm that interested in this anime! :)

First of all, this anime is really really good! It playa with your feeelings but most of the time it is really dramatic. It can have so much Love and sadness in an episode. Considering that i'm very pick in terms of watching, this anime hooked me with it's story. Overall story 10/10. As far as what i've watched (19eps).

Sound, not really needs to e mentioned because it's really really good tho. All the piano and violin stuffs are good to the ears.

Art, it's read more
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Today, 8:10 AM
The Bride of the Water God (Manga) add
It has been so long that this manga has been on my list ever since I started noticing all the hype about it couple of years ago. And finally due to the lack of proper readings that I can get my hands on at the moment, I decided to finally give it a try. I am writing this here to inform all the people that will read this that I am certainly not a person that writes reviews but the hype about this manhwa irritated me so much that I am writing this hoping that it will help some people somehow.

Art is simply read more
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Today, 7:40 AM
MM! (Anime) add
So unforeseeable is the nature of life. Who would have thought this would be the show I'd write a review for? But here I am. There are some reasons for me doing this. First of all, this show is not well known compared to others in its genre. Secondly, I've finished it in such a short time that I think I just made a new record for myself. (Actually I still think I finished Hentai Ouji quicker but that show was meh). Thirdly, I like the characters in this one.

Well, let's get to the main part while we're on it. Why you may read more
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Today, 7:27 AM
One Piece (Anime) add
Since the last review I wrote was a little overwhelmed by my fan-boying crap, well it was the first one I ever wrote tho, and I decided to be a little more objective about writing a review about One Piece. I, myself, really adore this one, but people mostly underrate it because it has many episodes, or is a little bit old. Anyways, let's begin.

Story - 8/10 - The story is focused about Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who lived in the era known as "The Great Age of Pirates", which was encouraged by the great Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Altho the anime is really read more
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Today, 7:12 AM
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Anime) add
So there’s this thing called Chunibyo. It’s also known as 8th Grade Syndrome and it means living out an alter ego where you believe magic is real, most often occurring around a certain age (hence the 8th Grade part).

Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai! tells the story of a High School freshman named Yuta who has grown out of his Chunibyo phase and wants a normal High School life. Only to have his hopes destroyed when he meets Rikka, a girl in his class who also just moved into the apartment above his and is still a full blown Chunibyo. Through their encounters and Rikka's Chunibyo, read more
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Today, 6:42 AM
Monster (Anime) add
Wow .... I'm still Shocked with the end and the story itself, really very good principle to Anime

Attention possible Spoilers below:

From the beginning I loved, I loved it and start this whole story as he went by, even if it is true that at times it became slow when we changed and watched secondary characters with more minutes on stage but he also understood that after these interfere in any way in the history of our protagonist .. the truth in this serious aspect to mention the unique but not to take it as something very wrong

Going to other aspects of "Characters" were all well read more
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Today, 6:39 AM
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered as one of the most controversial anime, but why is it controversial? That's because it dared to be different, it pushed the boundaries of the medium that most anime wouldn't cross. If you just look at it from the surface, you'd think it's a pretentious anime with annoying characters, but if you delve deeper into it, it's much more than that.

First I'd like to address an issue with the series that many people use against it: the symbolism. To me, if there's one thing that Evangelion did wrong, it would be this. It might have a deeper meaning read more
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Today, 6:36 AM
Kantai Collection: KanColle (Anime) add
To be honest, i didn't expect much from an anime whit a ridiculous plot like Kancolle show's to us, but hey, Kill La Kill had a stupid plot as well but it was still preety enjoyable and fun to watch, unlike this based game uninspired mess.

Story 3/10
10 minutes into this anime and i was already checking my bar to see how long there was left to let that torture end, the plot might be ridiculous yes, but like i mentioned before, you can execute some great ideias whit a non-sense plot, which isn't the case here, the story is just plain boring and it feels read more
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Today, 6:11 AM
Kantai Collection: KanColle (Anime) add
*Will be edited after the show finishes airing

This won't be a massive in-depth analysis of the show or anything. But I hope that I can help you make your decision on whether to watch or not watch this show.

*But before anything: If you've ever played the browser game for Kancolle, just go watch this show. You'll love it (or at least you won't hate it)*

Now onto everyone else.

|| Do you like this kind of stuff? ||

If I told you that Kancolle was a show about girls who have the souls of WW2 Japanese Navy ships, could you honestly say that you liked it?

Despite being based read more
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Today, 5:24 AM
Isshuukan Friends. (Anime) add
Every now and then a show comes along that manages to catch your eye and make you take notice. It’s not another high action fight for humanity or an off the wall club show. Just a show about someone trying to offer friendship. Though with a twist, it becomes much more fun enough story.

Story -
Yūki Hase is a second year high school student who has recently taken notice of a classmate of his named Kaori Fujimiya. One day, he finally proposes friendship to her. However, as she does with every student at the school, she gives him a cold stare and read more
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Today, 5:05 AM
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Well, I'll admit that it's been a while since I tried to sit through this...

Where do I begin? Well, first of all, this anime is ridiculously overrated. I began watching it when a friend of mine was obsessed, and I have to say I was vastly disappointed. I knew that both online and in real life, people were mass-talking about SnK, so I guess I was expected more than what it was giving me.

Story - 3/10
We've all already heard the one about the angry, slightly crazy main male protagonist who has some sort of weird connection to the antagonist/ism in the show, and the protagonist's read more
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Today, 4:34 AM
K-On!! (Anime) add
I often hear K-ON as a senseless waste of time with its lack of development and waste of music, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this anime. Although it may have had a weak introduction with the weak first season, the second definitely makes up for it. You rarely get an anime such as this when it comes to Slice of Life in general, and anime as a whole. "Cute girls doing cute things" has taken a huge boost recently, but it's often a big miss, as they often try to bombard the cuteness and ruin the anime quality as read more
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Today, 4:15 AM
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (Anime) add
Before saying anything about the anime itself let me mention one thing: Good luck getting that opening out of your head. It's been over a year now and I still catch myself humming "I wanna chaos".

Ok let us be clear: If you don't know who Lovecraft is, too bad. You might as well stop reading. If you don't like lolis, too bad, you might as well stop reading. If you don't like references well too f$%^ing bad. Stop reading. Nyaruko-san takes the deities of the Cthulhu mythos and turns them into absolutely adorable lolis with questionable motives and morals. You have Nyarlathotep, turning into read more
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Today, 4:08 AM
Mononoke Hime (Anime) add
I really love Hayao Miyazaki films. Princess Mononoke is probably the darkest one of his films, which as I think makes it that compelling at some point. The great and detailed style of drawing drew me in once again. Just like the great soundtrack, the good pacing and great story telling did.

But there is always one little thing that annoys me: why do especially the main characters in your movies have to look pretty much the same? Why Hayao Miyazaki?
(I know that he is probably doing that on purpose to increase the recognition value of his films, but still I'd fall more in love with read more
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Today, 3:36 AM
The One (Manga) add
"The One" is manhwa that I stopped reading few years ago. I dropped it after few volumes thinking that story is kind of slow. Thanks God I came to my senses :)

Story 8/10
I find this manhwa best point is it's story - even tho it lacks originallity. Story is very well based on real time hardships and life events. Combine that with little bit of shoujo aspects and you get the One. Towards the end the One is becoming more and more realistic and less and less shoujo-like.
I would give 10/10 points if there wasn't an ending. Ending is kind of rushed and even read more
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Today, 3:32 AM
The Friendly Winter (Manga) add
What's amusing with webtoons is that they are fully-colored. It lets you get more immersed into its world than any average manga/manwha out there. Couple it with a good story, pacing and characters and you'll get something similar to this series: a great experience.

Upon reading its synopsis, I got the impression that this will be again a so-so story with a so predictable outcome. I didn't bother reading it until almost a year later. After finishing the first chapter, I regret not starting it sooner. It didn't pluck my heartstrings nor made me scream "kawaii/moe" inside my head.. but it did made me ask the read more
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Today, 3:26 AM
Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
Psycho-Pass is one of the series which is like Monster, the reason why I watched this.

Psycho-Pass is one of the popular names in Mystery genre, which also just fresh from 2013, so expect some new kind of art comparing to the old ones.

Okay lets start reviewing..

Story: 8
For a mystery genre this part is the most significant and important. Any mystery genre that lives just for gore/coolness is a failure for me. A mystery genre must have a good storyline and script, for the viewers must reflect the mysteriousness of the theme. Even though its not recognized as a Mystery, the story and script read more
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Today, 12:56 AM
Barakamon (Anime) add
My first review. Never thougt I would review anything, it's not really my thing but after watching this anime I just want as many people as posible to experience what I did, watching this.

And that is the feeling of being glued to the screen from 1 to 12 feeling extreme joy, satisfaction and interest in every aspect of this anime despite it not having any action, romance, harem, drama or anything that seems to be the selling point nowdays. I still can't point out what exactly this anime does so amazingly well, but whatever it is, it will make you want more.

Story. (Slight spoilers)

The story read more
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Today, 12:06 AM
Akikan! (Anime) add
"What.The.Fuck." ,actually none animes between those I've already seen deserve this expression more then this one.Those three little words will pop in your mind again and again and again during each episode of Akikan.I won't teach you anything ,everyone know that japanese are kind of crazy ,everyone on Internet know that.And if you had some doubt about that fact...Well Akikan is the proof you needed !

Nah really...Cans?...Like...Seriously? Cans transforming into girls? Cans-girls fighting each other in a war for selecting which between aluminium and steel is the best?...As the Dalai-Lama said : "Oh my dayum.".

You know ,I've already watched some really crazy animes and in read more
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Yesterday, 11:55 PM
Chihayafuru 2 (Anime) add
Some increased schizophrenic pacing and frustrating storytelling lead to an experience that is slightly less satisfying than the first season. Another one of those seasons where an additional third could completely redeem and change my opinion of the second. The suspense in this season was almost unbearable but awesome at the same time. A few story elements that were main arcs in the first seemed to get blown over in this season which was a bit disappointing. With all of that said this anime is still very good and really delivers on the action and suspense front. I also found myself really getting into the read more
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Yesterday, 11:50 PM
Chihayafuru (Anime) add
Do you know anything about karuta? Would you like to care about it more than any sport or game you have ever seen? Then Chihayafuru is for you. I wanted a slice of life, I thought I was getting a sports anime, I ended up with a sports slice of life comedy romance anime that completely amazed me. This anime is great, I very much want a third season and while the pacing can be a bit schizophrenic the experience is still unlike anything else I have seen. This is a suspense lovers dream! Give it a go, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. I still read more
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Yesterday, 11:50 PM
Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo (Anime) add
Terrible tsundere and magical mishaps season 3. Have you ever had the feeling where you should have stopped a long time ago but you didn't and came crashing down from your peak? This is that crash.

The story for the first half seems to throw out the window what was learnt in previous seasons and go on its own trail for the good of doing nothing more than adding a new face to the already horrific harem. It does however have an evil working in the background that has been doing so for longer than the viewers realize and only now comes to light. More so read more
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Honestly this movie was pretty badly done could of been much better.Overall it was good but the story was too flat. It basically was revolution we found akito and back o the usual gimmicks.The art and everything was good for a 1990's anime.The characters well same off as the tv series nothing new.For the people who liked the tv series i recommend u watch the movie at your own risk it will leave u just like it left u at the end of the show clueless and wanting more
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Yesterday, 11:46 PM
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (Anime) add
This was the first anime I had ever seen after first reading the entire manga. As a result, I enjoyed it far more than I would have otherwise and now recommend always searching out a well-translated mange before watching an anime whenever possible. Its not like it is here in the West where the movie or show versions are adaptations and highly altered. So far, I have found that anime really strives to bring the manga to life and tell the story as richly and accurately as possible, with frequent nods to story and character elements that can't be covered. This was the case for read more
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Yesterday, 11:43 PM
Black Bullet (Anime) add
Its awesome, go watch it.

Really though this is just high action, heartfelt fun. The sound is HORRIBLE and absolutely laughable at points but its also really good at others, the weakest point in the series by far. The art is good the story is well done and the characters are really wonderful. I highly enjoyed this anime and would love to see more progression with the characters.
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Yesterday, 11:40 PM
Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
I've never wanted to slap a character so badly before, but Kou really needs it. This show is a bit of a mixed bag, you get wonderful characters being idiots to each other in what should really be a beautiful story. Ao Haru Ride sits somewhere between Say I Love You and Kimi ni Todoke. Its darker than Kimi ni Todoke but not quite to the Say I Love You level. Ultimately, its probably a bit more realistic and maybe that's why its harder to take. I think the story went where it needed to, but the missed opportunities of the characters themselves leaves a read more
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Yesterday, 11:35 PM
Another (Anime) add
Ugh. Didn't live up to the hype. If you liked this you might like Deadman Wonderland as well, they are fairly similar but equally hard to watch. Deadman Wonderland was hard to watch because it was brutal, Another was hard to watch because it was a bit of a trainwreck. The art is good, the sound (not music though) was great and highly engaging, but the story... It starts so good and ends, well you'll have to decide on your own. I thought it was an affront to the story and characters, but your mileage will vary. This show suffers a bit from the Akame read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
After reading countless gleaming reviews on this anime I decided to give it a whirl with zero expectations. Maybe I was saving it because it looked to be too far out of my comfort zone, maybe I didn't want something emotional, I don't know but it sure hit home when I watched it. I had just had a lifelong friend I called brother sent to the hospital for heart another country. Then I watched Anohana. I could only take 2 or 3 episodes at a time tops. I never outright sobbed but I was filled with both joy and agony in a way I read more
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Yesterday, 11:24 PM
Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
I am writing this review based on the potential this series has now that the second season is out. My ratings would have been much lower otherwise. The main characters are a bit stoic, and the western-style storytelling leaves a lot to be desired. However, IF, and that's a very big IF, this show takes a better direction in the second season it would redeem the first entirely. On its own merits, the first season is a real bore to get into, then it picks up considerably leading to a potentially unsatisfying conclusion depending on your preference. Approach this one with caution, its great but read more
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Yesterday, 11:22 PM
AKB0048: Next Stage (Anime) add
I feel like this season had much more fan service, which I really hate. It prevents me from recommending shows to people that otherwise would enjoy them a lot. At any rate, the story is still as insane as ever, the characters develop well and its highly satisfying to watch. I feel that the story gets particularly muddled when you have to remember several names of characters: who they represent, who they want to represent, who they should be representing, and ultimately their real name and nicknames. I enjoyed this season as much as the first and highly recommend the series.
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Yesterday, 11:19 PM
AKB0048 (Anime) add
I liked this way more than I should have. The art was fantastic, I found myself having favorite songs very quickly (Beginner anyone?!?!). The story and real band that this is extremely loosely based on is completely insane and thoroughly enjoyable. The character development is excellent and the mashup of genres happening within this show is really a marvel to witness. Its funny, touching, encouraging and really well done, give it a try!
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Yesterday, 10:28 PM
Recorder (Anime) add
I seriously hope that most of Ryu Kato´s short films have not been reviewed at all simply because there is not much to review. If it is because nobody bothers to watch them, it would be pretty sad, because it´s quite imposing how an abstract little work of art is perceived as something amazing by some people, while others simply ask themselves what the hell they just watched.

If you haven´t watched anything like this before, give it a try and see what Ryu Kato does to you. The worst thing that can happen is that you feel like you wasted a few minutes of your read more
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Yesterday, 9:18 PM
Koizora: Setsunai Koimonogatari (Manga) add
I'm writing this review because I literally just finished reading the whole manga and it's one of the most tear jerking manga you will find. The story is so different and so surreal and it's so hard to comprehend the shoes that the main character is trying to withhold. She's suffering daily and daily with the love of her life and simply the life that she has while holding her lover's hand. It's amazing how this one author can make so many tragedies while making it beautiful at the same time.
Reminded me of Bokura ga ita's art. Didn't really bother me.. I read more
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Yesterday, 9:16 PM
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
Humans are complicated. Each one of us is unique. Each one of us is different, so different that to completely understand another person is impossible. The problem is that we want to be understood, and we want to understand. We try to connect but we end up hurting each other. We end up suffering pain, rejection and hatred. Yet we are stubborn, despite all that we still can't bear to be alone, so if we keep searching for a way to fill our empty heats, we might just find love, we might just find happiness.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular read more
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Yesterday, 8:31 PM
Usagi Drop (Anime) add
SPOILERS: Minimal (I can't ruin the experience).

To be Frank, I was skeptical about committing to watching Usagi Drop having read all the manga. Adaptations are great and all, but boy oh boy the source material (original writing) for this almost led me to drop this entirely.

Now, I can safely say I'm glad to have watched this amazing experience.

So how do I describe and score Usagi Drop? Well, this happens to be one of those shows where numbers just won't do, and an in-depth analysis is actually quite frankly overkill since it might lead to some people to never watch this show. Ever. read more
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Yesterday, 7:45 PM
Shitcom (Anime) add

This is a pure work of art.

The amount of emotions, character development and art all packed into 1 minute is completely insane. This is by far the best minute I have ever spent in my life. I truly believe this is a masterpiece, and anybody who hasn't watched this must watch ASAP.

Story: 10/10

Don't let the title fool you, this is a work of art. The title is what brings out the intense comedy and romance. I have never witnessed such an intense joyride of emotions packed into 1 minute. The plot is incredibly original and I'm sure you have seen nothing like it.

Art: 10/10

The read more
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Yesterday, 7:30 PM
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Before I start, I just want to say that the manga is much better; it goes much deeper, and despite the things that are being dragged on It is much more successful in terms of plot twists and character development. I won’t compare the two too much, but I have to say that the time limit and the pointless dramatic scenes are what ruined the series the most.

If you are the type of person that watches anime purely for enjoyment, then by all means go ahead and watch. If you are the type of experimented watcher that analyzes everything, then you probably will be read more
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Yesterday, 7:29 PM
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Anime) add
Oh my, was this anime amazing!
This review will be not only for season one but for season 2 as well since they both are the same main story.
The story is amazing, everything you hear, see or think probably has relevance to the story in some way and also probably has some deep backstory. There is a constant dark tone throughout the entire anime which makes every moment suspenseful and also makes you want to keep watching after an episode is done. Trust me I've watched this anime several times and i still cant stop. Although the dark tone, the writers were able to loosen things read more
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Yesterday, 7:14 PM
Rising x Rydeen (Manga) add
Rising X Rydeen is on the surface, your stereotypical Main character want's to be the best, he's given lame, but somehow powerful(in a way) powers, creates a harem. Probably the main difference about this and other super power genre is that the main character really has a ridiculously stupid power. There are also shortcomings in this manga, when you finish, you'll feel somehow unfulfilled. You'll have more questions than answers which would be fine if the author didn't decide to leave it basically in a cliffhanger situation. Other than that, most of it is somewhat enjoyable.

Story: 6 - It's your common main read more
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Yesterday, 6:46 PM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
Before you read this review, there are two things you should know.

1) It is only going to add fuel to the fire for those who don’t like Clannad: After Story and infuriate those who do. Read at your own risk.
2)This review isn’t telling you to not watch Clannad or After Story. On the contrary; if you have ever considered it, go watch it. Form your own opinion. This is mine.

Still here? Great.

Ill start off with what I did like about it, so that I don’t come across as a jerk right off the bat. Oh and dont worry; Im not going to tell you Clannad: read more
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Yesterday, 6:31 PM
Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
Overall I enjoyed this anime.

The episodes are short, which annoyed me to no end. But they were entertaining, each ending just at the right point to pull me into the next.

I found the story to be quite gripping, while not usually a fan of anything where the female lead is used as someone's chew toy, no pun intended, I found myself gripped by her story. There was very little to the female lead but I connected with her story and her need to know why.

Looking forward to season 2, too see if they can keep the sequel as gripping.
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Yesterday, 6:03 PM
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
SWO is a show that plays with your emotions, when you think everything's awesome and fine, something crazy happens and your actually very scared if everything's going to alright in the end. The show isn't predictable at ALL! Its really the perfect example of an amazing anime, it has Action, Romance, beautiful art, outstanding story, great character design, Very emotional, and just an overall master piece. This show feels like two seasons combined because of the totally crazy change of pace in episode 13. Overall this show brought tears to my eyes and made me crazy in-love with romance anime, but none are like this read more
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Yesterday, 5:45 PM
Cowboy Bebop: Yose Atsume Blues (Anime) add
After watching this special I was simply speech-less.

I was like "How did the producers of Cowboy Bebop manage to cool down before the cancellation of the main anime and make such an unique special episode?" I think this was the special that surprised me the most among all specials I have watched. This because, in my opinion, the producers couldn't have handled the (almost) cancellation of the main anime better. They just thought "Is our anime being cancelled? You know what? We'll just make an episode here starting with "Hey guys, Nothing lasts forever. All things must come to an end. This is the so read more
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Yesterday, 5:36 PM
Samurai Champloo (Anime) add
Samurai Champloo: Where hip hop culture and kickass samurai sword fighting clashes. Not only is that just as cool as it sounds, it is just one of many aspects that makes this show a true masterpiece!

In a nutshell, Samurai Champloo follows a young girl named Fuu, accompanied by swordsmen Mugen and Jin, on a epic journey through Japan´s edo period in search of the samurai who smells of sun flowers. It is basically a road movie that features many things you don´t come across in anime that often.

After i first watched the show in 2007, it topped my all time favourite anime list and read more
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Yesterday, 4:40 PM
Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
There becomes a point in your life where you think, at least for one specific, genre, category, demographic, you name it, your expectations have been met. You come to see as an avid anime fan that if it is Shonen, ESPECIALLY if it runs in Shonen Jump, then it was been done before and will probably be done again. But this time… I’m not sure I can say that anymore. There probably never has been a journey so fulfilling, so empowering and profound as the journey of Hunter x Hunter. This was not an adventure for the characters. This was an adventure for the viewers.


Hunter read more
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Yesterday, 4:36 PM
Tonari no Atashi (Manga) add
Even though i haven't finished the story i find it kinda disappointing. The characters are dumb, i didn't really like them. I couldn't feel close to them. The story is not your "cliché" shojo but it was weird. I couldn't understand why the characters were doing some things, and the creativity was poor, The art was OK.
But it's not so bad and if you like those kind of story it's a good catch.
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Yesterday, 4:36 PM
Shitcom (Anime) add
I seriously don't have words to describe such a shit. Moreover, half of the name already reflects the Anime. Is about shit and it is a crap. I hate people who troll saying that this pathetic "anime" is good. So, I can say that is the only anime which I voted 1. Worst minute of my life. Thanks for reading, but it is the truth about it.
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Yesterday, 4:31 PM
Death Note (Anime) add
Death Note is the first anime that I have ever watched. At the time, I did not consider myself to be a fan of anime in the slightest, and it was my girlfriend that convinced me to give this show a chance. It did not disappoint, and it has changed my view on anime completely.

I will try my best to keep this review spoiler free, not revealing any major plot points, which could ultimately ruin the show for those yet to watch it.

I personally feel that the concept of Death Note is unlike anything I had seen created before, giving a good understanding to read more
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As one concludes Clannad: After Story, they are presented with another "alternate world" OVA (such as the one that ended the first season of the original Clannad anime) in the form of a chapter focused around Kyou Fujibayashi (as well as in turn: Ryou, her younger twin sister).

The episode takes place timewise around the end of the first season of the show (though not given an "exact" episode parallel like the last one with Tomoyo). However, it strangely works better to watch it at the end of the second season and I don't think it would have the same impact if watched read more
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Yesterday, 4:20 PM
Shitcom (Anime) add
Wow. Just wow. I mean, one could take this video as a postmodern view of the relationship between man and woman. Or, you can just watch the video and declare it as nothing but pure and utter, wait for it, shit. Just shit. There is literally no other word to describe this video.

You know, I honestly don't know why I wrote this review at all. I guess I'm just bored. I will give out a warning though. You probably shouldn't watch this while eating or if you're feeling sick.

Actually, better yet, don't watch this at all. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor...
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Yesterday, 4:18 PM
Kimi to Kami Hikouki to. (Manga) add
Kimi to Kami Hikouki to, is a 4-koma by Hazuki, Maccha. A cute, simple, and light-hearted story about two childhood friends, and some paper airplanes.

Like most other 4-komas, this story follows the typical 4-cell format. It’s full of light-hearted jokes, and has a simplistic storyline. Kei, our protagonist of the story, finds himself at odds with himself, as he tries to grasp what his feelings for his childhood friend (the heroine) Rin are. During the story we meet Rin, a shy girl who communicates with the majority of people with paper airplanes. The paper airplanes are a symbolic bond that she shares with Kei, and read more
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Yesterday, 3:33 PM
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Anime) add
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the story of Simon, a hole-digger who has lived his whole life underground. One day, he and his friend (or as they call themselves, "brother") Kamina encounter a giant mecha from the surface, a Gunman, and defeat it with Yoko, a girl who also lives on the surface. The three boys and other allies will go on a quest to save the humans from the tiranny of Lordgenome, the Spiral King who forces men to live underground. This is the story of the first part of the series, but from episode 15 onwards GL changes COMPLETELY and develops in read more
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Yesterday, 3:20 PM
Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add

Story: 8
Art: 10
Sound: 9
Character: 10
Enjoyment/Overall: 10

This show is everything I want in an anime. Stunning visuals, awesome/catchy soundtrack, great story, and some of the most likable and interesting characters to ever appear in anime. Please, Japan, make more shows like this one.


Story: 8
Genres: Action, Adventure, Shonen, Superpower
Themes: Friendship, Aloof/Badass/Mysterious father, Coming-of-Age, Individualism (Natsume Soseki) vs serving the group first, Human nature, Good vs evil

The basic premise of this show is not too different than other shonen fighters. The main character, Gon Freecss, was abandoned by his father who wanted to pursue his own adventures as a hunter rather than raise a kid. Now Gon wants read more
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Yesterday, 2:52 PM
Persona 4 The Animation (Anime) add
Adapting a video game story into any sort of media outlet is much, much harder than adapting, lets say, a manga into an anime. Video games are the most immersive medium of entertainment I feel, because for all intents and purposes, you ARE the main protagonist, and you are living out the story and setting the creators have given you. That being said, the tools used to create these immersive settings for the player, the game mechanics especially, are extremely hard to translate into any other medium, since you are not interacting with the world, just observing.

Quick disclaimer. I have played the game through read more
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Yesterday, 1:47 PM
Death Parade (Anime) add
I'm not here to give you a rating for this anime, or to persuade you to watch it, or to show you a biased view on the 'story' I'm just here to give you the facts, 8 episodes in, while avoiding any spoilers. This will not be your conventional review because I'll simply be taking apart the anime.

Story: Duos, pairs of people who die together end up in the place called Quindecim where they have no memory of what happened before they died or even their actual death.
That's the plot, and there's nothing else to it. read more
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Yesterday, 1:37 PM
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
I've watched this anime several times over, completed the manga and am up-to-date on the current Manga and airing season before deciding to write this. This will be my first review I've ever written but i see Tokyo Ghoul as being something really worth doing this for.

Story- 8/10 - The story is well written and they do a great job taking from the manga, obviously things are gonna get left out or the time of an event may change but nothing to truly ruin or change the original story line. It stays enjoyable through its entirety, Throughout the series it has some very read more
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Yesterday, 1:33 PM
Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
Ao Haru Ride, my second shoujo not that one of the most interesting I've seen so far.
I make a premise before starting this review: being a small boy I have problem with shoujo, I can not "identify" the protagonist as it would do in a shonen, so if you describe it a little differently from my usual reviews for this reason .
Let's start with the plot: not exactly the most original, this boy and this girl in a long time they meet again, and the girl seems to fall in love with him, remembering the good times spent. In 12 episodes the plot failed to read more
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Yesterday, 1:19 PM
Nazo no Kanojo X (Anime) add
A well executed take on high school anime relationship (apart from the drool). This show took me by surprise and im glad.

Character development is this shows shining glory, you really grow to care for the 2 main characters and begin to relate to them. If you're like me and have been frustrated by harem animes and their oblivious male lead, this show will sits and listen to your frustration and offer you tea to make it all better.

There is a sense of maturity hidden in Nazo no, due to the numerous life lessons it provides to the viewer, its that friend who always gives read more
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Yesterday, 1:01 PM
Gundam Build Fighters (Anime) add
"Is this the light of the human heart?!"

Gundam Build Fighters is the kind of anime that most people would be turned off from watching once they read the plot summary. The reason for that is Build Fighters main idea is silly in quite a few ways. It introduces us to a world where Gundam inspired plastic models (or as they're called in the anime, "GunPla") battle for victory in a series of intense action sequences. It's hard to imagine how this could be considered fun, or interesting, but it is quite an incredible surprise and an absolute delight to watch.

Story - 8/10:
Gundam Build Fighters read more
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Yesterday, 1:01 PM
Highschool of the Dead (Anime) add
The ecchi is strong with this one, strong and highly unnecessary given the situation the group is in, its like they think its a booby field trip...The show starts off strong with the zombies making a dramatic and sudden entrance, this would make you think that you're in for walking dead anime, nope and nope.

After episode 1 the fan service invades and doesn't want to leave (much like the zombies, see what i did there). It becomes annoying very quickly and acquires so much that the experience of the zombie survival is washed away only to return when all the boobs are covered in read more
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Yesterday, 12:49 PM
Freezing (Anime) add
What a harem should be. This is quite a satisfying anime with great character development. Unlike most harems this one actual sees a relationship develop between the main characters.

Later on another girl is thrown in to add some hint of lighthearted competition to the relationship but it doesn't sway things off balance in the slightest, in fact it helps improve character development.

The ecchi in Freezing is present 80% in mature serious situations that make this show "mature", that and all the dismemberment....the other 20% reflects the shows take on generic harem boy girl situations but these are executed in a way that makes them read more
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Yesterday, 12:38 PM
Nami (Anime) add
Nami, probably the best anime that was and will be ever made. If you haven´t seen Nami, you haven´t seen good anime yet. Movie so short, yet containg feeling some series could not show in 12 full episodes. The outstanding story full of clever metaphors is accompanied by even more outstanding revolutional animation which transcends the anime itself and becomes a genre of its own. Nami is one of these anime you just have to rewatch and rewatch again because of how beautifull it is. Similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion, the mind-blowing plot-twist will make your head full of thoughts for at least a month, read more
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Yesterday, 11:26 AM
Queen's Blade: Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono (Anime) add
Instead of wasting both your time and mine with a long winded review that is totally unnecessary for this series, I'll save you the trouble by being as blunt as possible. No matter how you dress it, no matter what story is presented, Queen's Blade exist for one purpose and one purpose only.. And that's to simply sell fanservice.

The fanservice serves no context to the show and is only there for otaku pandering. This renders all the characters to be nothing more than over sexualized walking dolls that come in varies forms of fetishes. Nothing can be taken seriously if every fight ends with read more
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Yesterday, 10:39 AM
Nami (Anime) add
No words...can describe what I have just bore witness to. Its a weird integration of stop motion animation and live action filled with a lot of less than subtle sexual themes and motifs involving a nude woman and some fishes. Felt like Terry Gilliam decided to go make a porno with David Lynch. Only Japan could conceive something this bizarre.

Watch it. I know it may be odd for me to recommend something that I gave such a horrendously low score to but its something that just has to be seen to be believed. Don't blame me if you throw up though.
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Yesterday, 10:06 AM
Onegai☆Teacher (Anime) add
Here is a short review from me on this beautiful series called Onegai Sensei.

I would like to start with the story. I say it is a 9. The story is about the romance a person with a disease that puts him into a near dead state for random period of time and an older women who is his teacher and an alien. Quite interesting, isn't it? Although I loved the story, one thing I felt about it was that it could have been a little more detailed. The story is slightly rushed, I would say. It could have been more intriguing is some parts were read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
Yesterday, 9:07 AM
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
This anime is an absolute masterpiece. Everything from the character art and the story, to the plot and the sound, everything in this anime is absolutely magnificent. At first, I avoided watching it because the name didn't seem really interesting to me. Boy, was I wrong, and after a while I decided to watch it.

Story - 10/10 - Let me tell you about the story. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything, or won't name any of the characters(well I maybe will at some point but not constantly). This story got me like:"Man, is this even real?". I think it's the first anime since the Death read more
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Yesterday, 9:01 AM
Otome Youkai Zakuro (Anime) add
Story- The plot wasn't confusing at all. It wasn't cliche, and very original. It did have a few things that were predictable, but only a few. I think that this was a very unique and different anime. The ended was surprisingly different then how I though it would end. There was only one thing I didn't like at the end.

Art- The art really shined in this anime. The character and setting art was average, it was the fighting. The visuals were stunning during a fight scene. There were vivid colors and it flowed nicely. The cherry blossom petals that occasionally showed look beautiful. The read more
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Yesterday, 8:10 AM
Kara no Shoujo (Anime) add
Now if you're watching this, you're most likely watching it because you've heard of the visual novel so let me expell all notions with a brief rhetoric.

"Is this an adequate adaptation of the visual novel, Kara no Shoujo?"

No, no it is not.

Now let's get on to the review for elaboration.
Narrative design (Characters, plot, and overall effectiveness of it)

Kara no Shoujo tries too hard at being two things and ultimately fails at both. It tries too hard at adapting the visual novel and ends up giving no room for the hentai and it tries too hard at being a hentai and ultimately leads to an incompetent read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
Yesterday, 7:57 AM
Jokei Kazoku: Inbou (Anime) add
story: 7/10
It actually has a plot! Even though the development at episode 2 is confusing and messy. It looks like they wanted to make something original in episode 1 (wow, the man actually tries to make the girls enjoy the sex!) but in episode 2 turns out to be mainstream hentai. But I appreciate the effort to try to make something original.

art: 9/10 Beautiful and original art, specially the faces. Good expressions, enough difference between characters.

sound: 9/10 The music is good, I noticed it before thinking about it. I really liked it, it's catchy.

character: 7/10 The characters are more developed (they have emotions, they're not read more
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Yesterday, 7:32 AM
Taneyamagahara no Yoru (Anime) add
Taneyamagahara no Yoru or The night on Taneyamagahara is an anime that I found by accident when I randomly browsing on some blogs. I’m getting interested with it since it is short and animated by studio ghibli; my favorite studio which production mostly gave me interesting experience. I’m giving it a shot and boy; once again the studio gave me that experience. Okay, enough with the history lesson now let’s onto the review.

On the technical side of things. Simply put, The Night on Taneyamagahara is a brilliant piece of arts. Everything is hand-drawn made it looks like a real-life painting. The backgrounds are detailed and read more
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Yesterday, 7:09 AM
Binbougami ga! (Anime) add
Poverty Gods. Gods of Destitution.. Ever heard of them before?
I hadn't. It's ridiculous and you wouldn't think they would be able to actually make a coherent plot that has a moral behind it using them. However, I was positively surprised.

After reading the synopsis I wasn't really excited about starting it and the over the top voice acting and character depiction wasn't that attractive in the first couple of episodes. Give it a chance though and you won't be disappointed.

The ludicrous anime references that vary from Death Note to DBZ will keep you engaged and watching out for the next one. The pacing read more
I found this review Helpful  Not Helpful
Yesterday, 6:15 AM
Claymore (Anime) add
Story: 10
Claymore seems to be something new for me. The reason is because It's not like the other Shounen animes, but the plot Itself is so unusual, and It's so unique and so well-made it's unlikely any anime like this or even close will be remade.

Art: 9
The art/design in the anime seems kinda unusual for the first time, honestly It seemed ugly in the first two episodes. Watching the 3rd episode, I got used to It, and in the middle of It I really liked It. The characters are detailed, and It's the same about the environment. With one word again: "unique".

Sound: 9
I don't read more
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Shion of the Dead (Manga) add
If you've followed Mangabox for a while, either through the app or via the website, you've probably discovered that most their manga are like cheap candy. It's cheap, you know you can get better elsewhere, but hey, it does the job and you get more every week.

Shion of the dead was one of those that I followed with very low expectations. I was pretty sure it would be one of those situation comedy manga that follows a standard gag scheme with little or no surprises. Well then, I started to notice that I actually enjoyed this title. And even better, character development started to read more
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