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This review is extremely light on spoilers...barely mentioning the basic premise of the anime, which itself is spoiled in the synopsis on the main anime page. This review assumes you have already read it.

Story: 9/10
The plot itself is not particularly groundbreaking. Where most of my admiration from the story comes from is the focus on the political and military aspects of not only the conflicts between Japan and the world within the Gate, but also the political pressure of the rest of the world towards Japan's monopolized control of the Gate. The plot is simple but it is executed with such realistic progression that it feels very refreshing compared to the all-too-common story where we remind ourselves in the back of our heads that the events that unfolded would not have done so in a paralleled real life experience. Everything is very well-researched and carefully considered in terms of the story.

Art: 9/10
I was immediately struck by the simple and effective art style in the very first scene. The colors are sharp and vibrant and the detail in scenery is quite good. Characters appear neither bland nor outlandish (in general; those that are outlandish have a legitimate basis to be as such). All in all, no real criticism of the art. If there is a reason that I did not give the art a 10/10 score, it's just that I feel a 10/10 score is not to be given lightly. Lacking room for criticism doesn't necessarily denote perfection.

Sound: 6/10
Disclaimer: I don't particularly pay attention to the music or sound effects of an anime. Some anime do stand out to me in their music or opening themes; most do not. Gate's did not stand out to me. But I admit that I was not particularly listening for it. As for the voice acting - serviceable? I wasn't particularly impressed but I wasn't disappointed, either. It was good.

Character: 9/10
The cast of characters for Gate is expansive both in its number of characters as well as the depth to each character. With the exception of a couple, it doesn't feel as though many characters were written solely to serve a particular function in the plot (i.e comedic relief, love interest, exposition, etc). Unlike many anime with a wide cast of characters, Gate also finds a reasonable balance of airtime between the main characters and side characters despite there being so many side characters. Nearly every character exhibits some depth. Visually, the characters are easily distinguishable and have their personalities mostly reflected somehow in their appearance.

Enjoyment: 9/10
The politically-inclined story and the personable characters makes for an exciting anime. I think that there is a little bit of everything for everyone. Romance, comedy, fanservice, tragedy, action, guns, magic, dragons, tanks...

Since I mentioned it: there is not very much fanservice, if that turns you off from an anime. It isn't exactly minimal, either, though. It's just enough to titillate the perverted while sparse enough not to try the patience of the prudish.

Overall: 9/10
I was impressed with read more
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Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai or A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist. What a mouth full of a title, and this mouth is full of enjoyment.

Pretty much the general story line is, no dirty, sexual or pornographic items of all variety are removed, and the used of people choice of words and actions to imply these acts would be punished by extreme means. However, there is a group called S.O.X, which is made up of teenagers, whom want this to change and want to teach their classmates how to "combine" and other forbidden topics. This makes the overall story line a bit bland however I do believe this is made up with the amount of dirty and sexual puns that are made throughout the whole series.

The Art and Sound of the series is good, with random stats of information getting placed on screen during a revalant part of the episode or a logo being placed over naughty parts. Soundtrack is good for the background music and the opening and ending themes are suited to the topic of the series.

With the characters, it is your usual group of leader lady, creepy chick and weirdo woman, but with one differences. those who believed Yuno from Future Diaries is screwed in the head, the supporting character named Anna takes that title from her as the most fucked up Yandere character. But this did give a lot of comedic entertainment, I personally wouldn't a woman like that in my life.

The overall enjoyment was great because of the dirty jokes, puns and the bizarre characters that are also in this series, though I wasn't happy with the ending of the series, I do hope there is another season.

Story 6/10
Art 7/10
Sound 7/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 9/10

Overall score of 7/10
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Zankyou no Terror (Anime) add
Sorry in advance for possible orthographic errors.
Minimal (if not, spoiler free)
Zankyou no Terror is an anime that doesnt look as good as it is, when i decided to watch this i was kinda imagining being a cop vs bad guy kinda chase, and well let me just say its more deep, watching this was kinda reflecting how the world is moved at least in my head, the intervention of the US in the Japan problems is what happens to the real world, govern only cares about objective they dont mind killing some ''ants'' that doesnt concern them. The anime itself is possibly on my top 5 ever i mean watching the end of this masterpiece i was speechless and came directly to writing this review. I saw a few people that recommend watching this if u liked Death note but in my opinion this anime is better why so? manly because of the point they stand up, they managed to send a message through an anime which can be really rare tbh, although death note has alot more plot twists this one gets the medal as better anime compared to death note in my opinion.
I was kinda mad while watching it because i only heard of it this too late even if its an anime released like 2 years ago. Anyway, lets go to to the scores now.

Story: 10/10 : Top notch, its a piece that could be made into a book. You dont really expect much at least i didnt but at the last couple of episodes i was amazed and timing was running so fast.

Art 9/10: i cant give it a straight 10 just because there are alot more animes with better art than this one, but the art int his kinda on anime doesnt matter that much to me tho.

Sound 10/10: Regarding the Opening this is the my first time that i dindnt skip the openings, really enjoyable soundtrack and great sound effects, theres only 1 negative thing in the sound matter that is the English pronunciation, and yes i do understand its pretty hard for a japanese to speak english but yeah it was pretty bad they could have done a better job in that part but thats the only mistake in my opinion concerning the sound.

Character 10/10: All characters introduced were really important to the plot even the detective daughter, who was a major part of the history, i cant say much here dont want to spoil too much but the uniqueness in the 2 mcs was really nice they looked like the 2 different sides of the same coin.

Enjoyment 10/10: The show kinda starts slow not in action wise but more like mentally like all animes and shows pretty much you need to watch the more to be engaged with the series, as i said this is basically in my top 5 animes ever watched just because i connected to this show and the message it sends.

Overall 10/10; If read more
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I'll keep this short.

"One Day a Letter Arrives from the Dog Kingdom" is a short, but sweet tale. OVA's are known to have drawbacks being what they are, and this one is no exception. That said, viewers will be happy to know that the beginning, middle, and end of the plot is all there. Though rather simplistic, the message gets through and we are rewarded with a somewhat fulfilling story.

So what's this all about? Well, it's a story of man's best friends, and the un breakable bond between the two. I found the the 11 minutes to be adorable and hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.
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2 hours ago
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
sure i rate everything 10/10 and also i have not judged this anime too quickly after the first ep i was so excited i read all the chapters in the manga even after watching the anime and reading the manga .
This anime follows through the manga in a consistently good pace, the manga art wasn't awesome but its so story made up for it, the anime sets a good pace with beautiful art and also characters.
Everyone who watches anime need to see this anime, it does not have action like lots western like ( i like all) this anime suspense, mystery makes up with no action but rather a sorta normal human person doing what he can to survive
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3 hours ago
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Anime) add
This isn't just the best anime ever, it is one of the greatest tv shows ever made. The other reviews here will attest to that.

But nothings for everyone.

You will completely dislike this anime if:
You want to see something thats only about sex or fighting (or both!)
You do not like watching things with complex themes and rich dialogue
In other words, if youre under 10 years old or you have crappy, shallow as fck tastes!

It will be harder for you to like this anime if:
You prefer newer anime/ like bright eye candy type anime
You think retro anime artstyles are repulsive (shame on you!)
You dont like sci fi
You dont like military shows
You are not interested in things like history and military and political sciences (well that's understandable)
You cant be bothered to watch long running animes

If you like any one of these things, you should watch this anime. If you like two or more of these things, you MUST watch this anime.
You like retro animes
You like sci fis
You like military anime
You like history
You like classical music (and LOGH uses it well!)
You like manly anime men (Or sexy men if you're a girl and you want to ship them, damn you)
You like animes with good plots and expansive universes (More expansive than Star Wars I daresay!)
You like anime with a lot of feels (you will fall in love with most of the characters; and then half of them will die)

So watch this anime today and revel in the fact that everyones tastes in anime will be shippier than yours after you have finished it.
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Don't be fooled by the cute picture of Riko and Momoi on the cover, this is not the fanservice special you were hoping for. Kuroko's Basketball: Can We Do That One More Time? (can I never type this again?) is a thorough companion piece to last season's Tip Off episode. Both are normal length additional episodes included with the season one and two home video releases, and both give more background on the Generation of Miracles. Instead of Kise, this time the episode is centered on Aomine which is inherently more interesting. Kise and Kuroko's relationship was never implied to be particularly important in the series, but Aomine and Kuroko's former friendship was referenced frequently although you never got to see much footage of that time. If you were interested, then now's your chance.

On the other hand, an abridged version of these events would show up in a flashback episode in season three, so whichever one you watch first you're inevitably going to be annoyed by seeing some of the same exact scenes twice. Some of these scenes you may have seen even more than that by now (such as the scene where Kuroko puts a popsicle down Aomine's shirt). Though frustrating, there's no way around this unused footage because the original material in this special episode ultimately makes it worth watching. It's a more substantial elaboration on what is by far one of the show's most important character relationships, so it adds more to the general series plot than Tip Off does regardless of reused scenes. However, though it is more detailed and it's nice to actually see what most of the series only talks about, it won't actually give you any significant new facts on the plot or characters you won't get from the series. Just more of an appreciation for them at best. The animation quality and music selection is the same as the series.

With the recommendation to any curious fans out of the way, the question remaining is when the best time is to watch this special. There isn't really a simple answer here. You can do it as soon as you're introduced to Aomine in order to get the most out of future Aomine scenes in it, or you can wait until the flashback arc in season three where this actually fits in the most smoothly chronologically since it's the same stretch of time. You also get to see how the special and series's unique scenes complete each other. In the special episode, Akashi thinks Kuroko may have a special talent, but it immediately cuts to him already using his unique passes rather than the series which goes into how he develops them. Overall, I'd say once you meet Aomine in the series then the earlier you watch this the more you can get from it, but decide what approach sounds better for you.
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Since I can't be bothered to write a review for all three seasons that currently exist of Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya, which will be shortened to Fate/Kaleid or variations of that for the rest of this review, this will apply to all of them.

Don't let the apathetic attitude from the first paragraph mislead you, I love Fate/Kaleid, to the point where I was unable to watch any other anime until halfway through my 3rd back-to-back rewatch of the show because I just wanted to be watching Fate/Kaleid.

Fate/Kaleid does something that I see so many animes, including the original Fate/Stay Night 2006 adaptation, forget about. They actually show the normal lives of the characters beyond episode 1. I've seen so many TV shows arbitrarily decide that the magical adventure the characters are on is more important and interesting than their normal lives, and while this may be true in some cases, it also undermines the characters' motivations. Who cares if you're fighting to save the world from being destroyed if all we see of the world is the main characters fighting the bad guys? Fate/Kaleid will dedicate episodes to the characters just having a normal day, with a healthy amount of comedy thrown in.

This is something else Fate/Kaleid does well. It's one of the few animes that has legitimately made me laugh. Comedy in anime so often will either fall flat immediately or become overused to the point where it falls flat. Fate/Kaleid does neither, interspersing it where it needs to be and allowing the serious elements their time. It helps that the characters are often so adorable that I want to punch a steak to feel like a man again before I remember that my fists have all the power of a reasonably enthusiastic puppy and I give up entirely.

The show is not without its flaws. Tatsuko is obnoxious more often than funny (though thankfully she's only a recurring character rather than a main character), some of the rules of magic get wonky or nonsensical at times, and season 2 and beyond include some uncomfortable "mana siphoning" instances that make me start to wonder who exactly those scenes were made for.

I still have more to say but I fear this review has gotten too long and is almost entirely just me gushing about how much I like this show. It's probably not for everybody, but I know I sure loved it, which is especially impressive because I thought Fate/Stay Night was rotting trash. In the interest of ending on a light note, Fate/Kaleid is like watching a puppy and a kitten snuggle up together in the fur of a large bunny. It's probably not high art, but it sure does make you happy to watch.
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4 hours ago
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Anime) add
I watched this sequel to Labyrinth of Magic an entire year and a half afterward. Since I already started watching with the dub I had to wait for the Kingdom of magic to be dub, and boy did they take their sweet-ass time.

Anyway, I watched this anime with such a lengthy time span in between the first and this one so I didn't remember all that much of the first when I watched the second. If I remembered I probably would have given it a higher rating maybe? Oh well.

Story: 9/10

Just like the first season it had an excellent story (I guess). What I liked a lot from this season is more character development and the depth and details of the nations and their people. There espesially that of Magnostadt. Who's right? Who's wrong? The world isn't so black and white but some people tend to handle thins in a single-minded way due to the suffering and the challenges they faced in their life. And so the story unfolds further. This season there was a major war and out of that, came the joined forces to prevent the destruction of their world. I have to admit, that a major part of me enjoy this season was the Major that took about 1/3 of the entire season. It was one thing after the other just as war is supposed to be and this had me on the edge of my seat.

Art: 9/10

So many characters in this anime. Entire families. So many colors and ethnicities and personalities need to be portray in the art. I believe they did a great job on in this aspect. The fights, battles and even the portrayal of the Rukh was well done. One of the small details I noted was when a volcano erupted, there was smoke AND lighting discharge along with the lava... real volcanoes have electric discharge like that (yeah I notice that), and I appreciated that little detail lol

Sound: 10/10

My little brother made me realize how awesome the OST for this was! Especially during battle. Intense! The explosions are awesome too, the explosions' sounds are proportional to their sizes (yeah I noticed that)

Character: 8/10

They really make you care for the characters and want to route for them. If one of them would become a traitor it would hurt you to your core especially since you like them so much. As I said before, there are entire families and they each play a role in the anime so there are a LOT of characters. They focus on the right ones when necessary so I give an 8.

Overall I give this anime, just as I did the first season, a 9/10!

Would definitely watch season 1 and 2 again sometime.
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4 hours ago
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV) (Anime) add
The adaptation of the first two parts of Hirohiko Araki's classic manga, which has been ongoing for over thirty years, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a fun and fabulous epic, which sports very unique action sequences and a plot and characters that can truly only be described as 'bizarre'.

Since this show is an adaptation of two different parts of the manga, I'll be dividing certain sections of my review to focus on parts one and two individually, so this review might be a little on the long side. The overall score for both parts is used to judge each category of my review.

Story- 7

Part One of Jojo is often criticized as the worst part of the Jojo series as a whole, and I can honestly see why. It's story is very cliche, with a plot reminiscent of Dracula, and is unfortunately plagued with some bad writing. It also relies a little too much on exposition, which really effects the pacing of the show (though honestly, this is a problem that remains a constant throughout the entirety of Jojo as a whole). Despite these faults, there’s a lot that I feel the story does well. It does a great job of establishing Jonathan Joestar as a tragic protagonist, and establishing Dio Brando as a memorable and relentless antagonist. Yet, it suffers from various plotholes, characters appear that serve no real purpose and die about five minutes after they’re introduced, and the pacing of this part feels very rushed and awkward, almost like it’s in a hurry to finish.

Part Two on the other hand, which is often considered one of the best parts of Jojo, is fantastic and so much fun to watch. The idea to make Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure a generational epic was a brilliant and very interesting idea on Araki’s part. It kept the show feeling fresh, and kept my interest as a viewer. The writing for this part of Jojo improves a lot. The story still suffers a bit from some of Araki’s bad writing habits (a little too much exposition, and the addition of characters that serve no real purpose and are never really seen again, or die almost immediately after they’re introduced) but compared to Part One, it’s still a massive improvement. It’s filled with fantastic characters, and action sequences that are even more elaborate and intense than before.

Art- 8

The art style for both parts is consistent. It’s a great artstyle, one that improves upon Araki’s art circa 1986-1989.

Sound- 8

Both parts have a unique soundtrack, so no music from Part One is reused in Part Two, which further helps distinguish the two parts from one another. Part One mostly consists of a typical orchestral score, one fitting for a setting that takes place in the late 1800s. Part Two’s soundtrack has a lot more variety, with songs that range from being reminiscent of a western film, to songs that are heavily read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Only 5 episodes in, 'Boku Dake ga Inai Machi' is an incredibly compelling mystery and psychological anime. with elements of crime and time travel, the story takes a cliche into its own hands and brings a new feel to this kind of genre previously portrayed by other animes such as 'Steins Gate'.

Each episode is quite packed with content however does not feel rushed. Even though alot happens, everything feels like it's happening with the right amount of time and flow for the audience to really engage what's going on from scene to scene. The first episode is perfect at grabbing your attention straight away and clicking the next episode comes naturally each time. Each episode finishes up nicely with a mystery that makes you want more, which I believe, is when this genre truly succeeds, to keep your audience on their toes. The tone of the story is overall slightly dark however still has many light-hearted, even humorous moments throughout which feels like a breath of fresh air, it is very easy to laugh and worry all within the one episode. The time travel in this anime is done cleverly so that even when the moods are light, there is still an underlying tone of tension since we know what inevitably happens. Unlike other animes, there are no sub plots or branching, the story mainly revolves around our protanganist and I must say, I prefer it this way much more. There are no scenes of meaningless small talk or something to just fill in the plot and pass the time (you know those frustrating moments where the story goes nowhere), every scene and plot device is there for a reason, leading up to something else. This is incredible satisfying as you find yourself glued to every scene instead like with some animes where viewers will just tune out at the meaningless dialogue and tune back in again only when something important happens.

nothing wrong with or special, animations are simple yet detailed. The colours are toned down to fit the atmosphere and come out brilliantly when needed ( if anyone knows what i'm talking about the christmas tree scene). Its not some SAO high class animation but it does the story justice and definitely suits better especially when portraying the grittyness of poverty stricken homes.

I personally like the OP, 'Asian Kung-Fu Generation' has been one of my favourites every since their naruto's OP when i was a kid. The background music do a good job at manipulating the atmosphere, those low drones really help make you feel that tension. One thing I did like is also the absence of music during the scenes of some of the dialogue, it made you pay attention to what they were saying also giving a raw and realistic feel to it. Some animes use alot of setting music which sometimes helps some people again zone out a bit because they can instantly recognise whether the mood is important or not. By read more
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Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
Who knew that English class would actually help me in a Japanese anime?

There is so much subtle character development going on that people who usually watch shallow fighting anime (like me) would think that this sucked.

At first, I only watched this for the art. Yes, it was so amazing that I couldn't watch any anime e.g. Fullmetal Alchemist during the same week, because of the clear overpowering art of this one. 10/10

The story was decent at first; it was pretty generic (some people using teamwork to get a goal). But then, I felt as if I was missing something. I rewatched it, and noticed how all of the character development going on. It was like putting my head under water in a coral reef for the first time. Hint: watch how Kumiko's physical spacing with particular people change over time. It's actually important to the story. And yes, KyoAni has worked to that extent on bringing the story into the animation. 10/10

Music is really catchy, especially the op and the ending. I even have the op band version as my ringtone. The band songs they played are also really good. (did you know that they were made specifically for the anime?) 10/10

Characters are basically the story. This show is way more about the characters than the plot. It's the characters, in fact, which are the plot. And each one of them is developed very well, even the useless-ish Midori. Reina and Kumiko are by far, the best though. 10/10

Verdict: WATCH IT! If you have never seen anime, WATCH IT! If you have seen anime, WATCH IT!
The only people who I do not recommend to watch are those who aren't too interested in literature which requires thinking
e.g. Hunger Games, Sword Art Online don't require too much thinking
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Gintama (Anime) add
Well, you learn a lot by watching this show. For example, we learn how to make haircut, how to swim, how to play RPGs, how to look like a dead fish. Fun things. No for real, not many anime can make you tears of laughters right after making you cry like a baby.

No, I wont write a longer review.

Please stop.

Okay...I can honestly say that nobody can hate this anime after watching 50 episodes. It's like, impossibruuu. At first, it's strange and hard to understand everything...But the characters are so great once you get used to them, you wont stop watching this.
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No Game No Life (Anime) add
There are extremely positive reviews, and there are extremely negative reviews. I find this anime to be very polarizing, but mostly liked.

This is one of the only animes that did not give me much of an impression after I left, though. So I am just going to list my opinions of its pros and cons. I will leave out parts that aren't too good nor too bad.

Non-generic MCs= (genius siblings, one of them being a human
supercomputer and another who can manipulate
emotions really well)
Art= Rated 9. One of the best art I've seen. It's really bright, and it stands
out. I would have rated it 10/10 if it weren't for Hibike! Euphonium.
Story= It could have been 9/10 (I'll talk about weakness in cons), it's really
funny sometimes, filled with great strategic twists and insights about
life/human nature

Steph= I have never been bothered by something in a TV show so much as
this. The way the 3rd protagonist in the anime (not manga) is
treated just gets me upset for some reason. Although it is shown
that she is clearly capable of a lot, she is usually only as fan-service
, a test subject, or a servant.
Story= Story was great. The only thing is the ending. I'm not complaining
that the ending was too open, but that it ended on the wrong note.
If the producers have removed the scene with the elf and her slave, it
would have a much better closure, and focus on the next season.

Other notes:
A ton of ecchi/potential hentai material ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Music is by video game music creators
A lot of references to different things e.g. (Laputia:Castle in the Sky)

Verdict: Watch it. It's really entertaining, and decently memorable. Characters are all pretty interesting and fun. A ton of awesome fan-service going on (I feel as if I'm he only person who read more
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Highschool of the Dead (Anime) add
It's fascinating aka sad to read so many reviews that point out the problems with the sexual objectification of this show while simultaneously being sexist as all get out. Firstly, someone thought the idea for this up and made it into a manga. A bunch of other people then got together to turn it into an anime. These characters didn't walk into your screen and start contorting into crazy boob shenanigans and stupidity. Choices were made by real people to make the fictional characters like this. This isn't a case of lol that woman is an idiot, this is a case of "an actual human being(s) decided to write a woman with boobs so large their jiggle has a sound effect". Because women are all secretly bisexual/lesbians who obsess over men, start molesting each other whenever they need to change clothes and boob jokes are always funny. - someone in the writer's room for this, probably. So yes, the women are stupid, and written to fit stereotypes of irritation and stupidity. But ALL the characters are stupid and irritating. I don't know what's worse, matrix boob, the climax, or the mindcontrolling teacher who makes teenagers have sex with each other while he watches for no apparent reason.

I'm not a fan of zombie stories. This didn't convince me otherwise. It recycles a bunch of tired tropes you'd see in any harem manga/anime, but kicks it up a notch with the ridiculous animation of boobs, crotches, groping, jiggling, orgasms, etc. I don't like the art style. I think the quality of the art is very high, but the look is horrible. It's high quality crap is what I'm saying.

The climax - pun sort of intended - is so ridiculous that even the perverts in my anime club didn't really believe it happened. I mean "I" know that when I want to inspire someone mid-fight I walk around them to stand behind them, wrap an arm around them and grab the boob opposite my elbow in a painfully tight squeeze while shouting in their ear. I don't know how else to explain any of this show except that someone was rejected from writing porn labelled as porn so they wrote this instead and no one apparently said "no", so maybe we should ask who's the REAL monster here?

There's no logic in the science or the physics, even for an anime. No one even talks about the zombies when they talk about this. Why would they? It's very clear what the writers cared about, and it's NOT the zombies. Which says a lot for a zombie show. For the latest in harem gimmicks (e.g., harem in space, harem with magical girls, harem with vampires), it does a pretty terrible job of using it. This is the only series I can imagine where I would actually SUGGEST you just go watch "Kore Wa Zonbie Desu Ka?" instead, if you REALLY want to watch a harem series that involves zombies. Well, A zombie, anyway. Even terrible read more
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Remember the mystery of the first film about Shiny Chariot? Yeah, that's not what we're exploring in this film. Instead, let's talk about poorly handled metaphors for religious prejudice.

It's basically the same as the first one, but with perhaps a larger budget and cast. And more guys. Because a film that is about women, women's relationships and fighting the old stereotype of "evil witch" of course needs more men - I mean bullies, cowards, thugs and probably corrupt government officials - in it. None of whom actually advance the plot. None of the relationships outside the trio from the previous film are explored in any meaningful way, like between previous film's protagonist and primary antagonist, and most of the characters outside the main trio are background characters. The new female characters serve little purpose and we learn little about them. Two of them have little to no speaking lines.

The main problem I had with this was the bullying storyline. I don't know why this is popping up more and more, but we've seen it before: a group of, typically, male children are messing around and decide to pick on some of the main cast. The main cast typically does not retaliate through fighting, but instead tries to cure cruelty with kindness - a noble endeavor. The bullies seem to start to figure out that their victims are good/interesting. And ultimately the bullies just go back to bullying them in the same way. But now the main cast has accepted it with a smile. For no apparent reason other than the storyline has come to an end. The moral being, I suppose, that bullying is incurable, you should just accept it when people decide for one reason or another to assault you, and boys will be boys. You see this elsewhere in incurable street harassers: after going on some journey with the female cast member, they still catcall or harass her, but in a "loving" way, while the female victim chuckles or smiles or shakes her head. Ah, men...

Even outside of the toxic lessons and trope-forming crap, this serves zero purpose in the storyline. The protagonists don't even attempt to deal with the problem in an intelligent manner. Sure, they eventually sort of show that witches are useful people, but they don't find the parents of the kids to explain "hey, your children attacked us without provocation for somewhat prejudicial reasons." They don't go to the authorities or try to see how widespread this prejudice is. They just create a light show and accidentally defeat a giant. And these kids are HORRIBLE. The scene where they steal the thing they steal made me feel SO uncomfortable. Especially because they face NO consequences for it. The ringleader almost gets crushed to death, I guess, but ultimately all they do is the same bullying they did when they were introduced. Which is supposed to be fine, apparently, given that they're primarily at fault for nearly destroying the town and killing countless people???

Not much read more
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Anime) add
I hate Mecha anime.
Luckily, Gurren Lagann is more than just a mecha anime.

- Inspirational
*The show motivates you to reach for something others would say is impossible, if you believe in yourself that's all that matters*

- Lovable characters
*You learn to appreciate characters you thought you hated*

- Development
*It's always fun to watch a nobody become a somebody*

- Mostly good soundtrack
*It has a godly opening theme*

- Good english dub
*I usually don't care about sub or dub but in this case you're better
off with the english dub simply because it's easier to follow and the voices
fit their character well*

- Mecha
*Flashy animations, transformations and explosions.
Not very entertaining in my opinion*

- Narrow minded characters
*Some characters tend to disobey logic and put themselves in bad situations which is okay once but can be annoying if it's a reoccurring event*
(ex. bringing a knife to a gunfight)

- Plot "spirals" out of control
*Spiral king arc ends. Writers need to make second half of series better and more creative to keep momentum. Writers get too creative. Bigger automatically renders as better in their minds. Insert new antagonist.
Initiate space battle arc*

- Asspulls
*The writers create situations so impossible that they have to create an equally impossible solution to that situation*
(ex. antagonist says "haha, I have indestructible forcefield", protagonist says "Oh really? well i just so happen to have indestructible forcefield destroyer!")

- Gurren Lagann episodes 1-15 are worth the watch, most events after that are dreadful.
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8 hours ago
Kantai Collection: KanColle (Anime) add
When you make a show based on a video game, you really gotta do it right and make it the show more attention grabbing then the video game. Kancolle the anime does this well in that it's got more personified versions of the shipgirls that all the players love. The anime also has a great original Opening theme. In fact, the opening is one of the best things about this show.
The references and story within really add to the emotional impact it leaves on the audience. Good Originality is hard to find these days, but it is great in this case, and for this reason it is rated 8/10. Oh, and the actual anime is okay, too, I guess. 3/10.
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This is the first time I'm writing a review of a currently airing show. I'll probably update this when the show's over. It will contain minor spoilers for the first three or so episodes.

Quick rundown for all you lazy fucks:
+Well timed, well executed comedy
+The girls are cute
+Comfy atmosphere
+Good OP and ED songs
-Unoriginal, although originality really shouldn't be a criterion by which we judge our entertainment, since literally every premise ever has been done to death and back by now

KonoSuba is a pretty not-so-fresh take on the "trapped in an MMO" gag that SAO sensationalized back in 2012, except with a comedic twist. It's a light novel adaptation by Studio Deen which I'll admit is a studio whose work I appreciate, so take my bias into account. The story follows our hikikomori protagonist, Kazuma, as he endeavors to battle his way through a fantasy world in order to defeat the demon king. A pretty cliche premise, I know, but it's not in it's originality (or lack thereof) that this show successfully manages to entertain viewers like you and I, but through the well-timed execution of self-aware humor. The way that the characters play off of each other's quirks make for some decent laugh out loud moments, and the overall lighthearted atmosphere of the show only helps to reinforce that.

The characters themselves aren't anything special. Kazuma is your usual teenage virginal hikikomori main character that you've seen a million times. Aqua, the goddess, is your usual ditzy idiot that makes the main character look good. Megumin is kind of like a middle school student with chuunibyou, except she actually has the powers she boasts about, albeit it's not quite as functional as you might think. Dustiness (or Darkness, according to the subs I've been watching) is a knight/crusader girl so far deep on the masochist scale that she's pretty much hopeless. Again, the characters themselves aren't really anything special, but they have great chemistry that makes for some good comedy.

While I won't claim to be a Deen fanboy, I will admit that what work I have seen by them I have appreciated (not counting that one horribly rendered CG dragon thing in Fate/Stay Night. That was a disaster). This show isn't really an exception. I think Deen's done a pretty solid job at creating a lighthearted, comfy atmosphere that envelops all 24 minutes of this show's run time per episode. This is most evident in the animation for the ED. The slow moving people and the sprinkling of windmills in the background with a cutesy song playing as the day passes really gives off a feel-good, inviting vibe that really makes me want to just jump into the world I'm seeing. KonoSuba's definitely earned the comfiest show of the season award.

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for comfy shows like this, hence why I gave the enjoyment factor a 10/10 for this show. What makes an anime enjoyable is entirely a subjective matter. Some people might find watching lolis get abused by read more
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9 hours ago
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
This is my first review on MyAnimeList, so I’ll try to do it as short as possible.
Tokyo Ghoul, a show that became very popular and a lot of people think it’s a masterpiece. Ok, let’s start:

Story: 4/10
At first, the story seemed good. But the problem is that it’s a very badly told story. It has a bad narrative quality and it has the typical forced drama that doesn’t excite anyone. The story doesn't know what to offer in each moment to the viewer.

Art: 7/10
The art is Ok, I liked it. There’s nothing to say about it.

Sound: 7/10
I liked the sound too. Specially the opening theme, I really liked it.

Characters: 3/10
Empty characters without charisma and really bad developed. The introduction of characters is disastrous. Without a good narrative, it’s hard to make a good story. And with bad characters, it’s even harder.

Enjoyment: 5/10
I didn’t enjoy very much this show. It didn’t impress me anytime, I didn’t like the forced drama that tried to excite me. Only a few times the show kept me entertained.

Overall: 5/10
A show that doesn’t entertain, with a bad story and bad characters. Not recommended to anyone.
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9 hours ago
Prince of Stride: Alternative (Anime) add
I know I haven't seen much and it's ongoing so I can't have a solid opinion yet.

There is so much of a hype that my expectations were a bit too high before watching. It seems that most of the hype I've seen are from fujoshis who ship the characters(Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone who likes this anime).

The art is really beautiful, the characters are somewhat interesting, but from what I've watched and heard about it... The plot just isn't as good as it's been made out to be. It doesn't have anything too special about it. I'm never pumped or am anticipating the next episode. It's not horrible in anyway, it's just very average.

The bonds between the characters are heartwarming, I like how they incorporate a good amount of slice of life and sports together. I can go on.

There just wasn't anything that hooked me on this. I've liked a lot of sports anime. Sports anime gets me excited. The running scenes didn't get my adrenaline running. I kinda get the vibe that they don't really know where they're going with this anime.

Yes, this is ongoing so maybe later on it'll become one of my favourites.

I don't think that you shouldn't watch this. It's definitely worth a shot. Go into it with an open mind because maybe you just might like it. It just wasn't for me.

(My grammar is very bad + I'm horrible at reviews. I just wanted to try it out)
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10 hours ago
Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
Story: Let's be straightforward here, the story is nonexistent. The story is completely confusing and doesn't give you insight into anything that is going on. Instead of focusing on Yui trying to figure out on why she was chosen as a sacrificial bride to these vampires, they instead focus on Yui getting constantly assaulted by these douche bag, emo vampires, and them sucking her blood every episode. The story is also completely repetitive and frustrating, as all they focus is Yui getting assaulted by the vampires and that's all and we haven't even gotten into the worst part of the story. The worst part of the story is how Diabolik Lovers completely butcher's the vampire lore. You wanna know how it butcher's the vampire lore: the Vampires can walk in the sun without getting burned, they don't sleep in coffin's, they aren't harmed by religious symbols, and they can eat fucking human food, which completely negates the fact of the Vampires sucking her blood because they don't need it. Hell, Twilight got the fact that they can't eat human food.
Characters: The Character's are complete shit. Yui Komori, our female protagonist, is a complete disgrace to the strong female character archetype. She has no charisma or any personality, and is assaulted constantly by the Vampires without doing anything. The main problem I have with Yui as a character, is that she has no backbone, what so ever. Never in the entire anime, does she stand up for herself, or try to fight their advances off. Hell, she get's a chance in the anime to get out of there when she get's a blade that can kill a Vampire, and like the BlackCriticGuy says "Nothing!, she does nothing!" Next we got the vampires... complete douche bags. I don't understand why girls like these assholes. I can maybe understand because they're hot, but they don't even take off their clothes from what I can remember. The Vampires don't even have that good of a development given to them, and even when they did give development to them I still didn't give a shit.
Art: The art is decent, that's really all to say about. The character's move smoothly and every character was given a unique design. The background's were given detail and while the color was toned down, it did fit the tone of the anime. Considering that the studio for Diabolik Lovers was Zexcs, the animation quality doesn't really surprise me as they are known to give pretty decent animation like Say "I love you" and Omamori Himari.
Sound: There isn't anything noteworthy from the soundtrack what so ever. The background music is played with the same eerie music over and over again and nothing sticks out. Okay, there is one thing that sticks out, the opening. The opening "Mr. Sadistic Night" got me through all the terribleness of Diabolik Lovers and was read more
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Believe it or not, this was actually my first anime ever! (That is, after knowing what anime was...) I've only been watching anime for a little over half a year, but this show was the 1st of many shows that I have watched and will be watching!

I have played all of the Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth games, so thus I agree with one fact: This anime DOES NOT adapt the games well! But is it still enjoyable to watch? Hell yeah!

The super bright colored world of Gamindustri, where most people live in 4 major nations and are protected by adorable girls who turn into sexy girls. Sounds like paradise!

The anime begins with the girls of each nation, known as CPUs or Goddesses, coming together to form a pact, which prohibits the use of military force in regards to their competition for Shares, which is basically like their... popularity points? I guess? Anyways, if you want to know why they would even make a pact (since this obviously implies that they have had some beef in the past), you gotta play the games!

The anime is like a separate story from the games, which is what kind of threw off a lot of people. But once you realize that this anime really doesn't adapt any plot points from the games, and is just merely based off of them, you can start to enjoy the anime as it is!

This anime was really fun to watch! When it comes to characters, the Neptunia franchise is a personal favorite of mine. The characters are all incredibly lovable, and they make fun of a lot of anime and video game tropes. For example, my favorite character from this series, Nepgear, is the shy imouto stereotype, but also with the anime trope of looking older than her elder sister, Neptune. Plutia, my second favorite, has the yandere/yangire stereotype, taken to the extreme! Vert, the boobylicious one, is actually an otaku! Blanc has the hotheaded flat chest stereotype, and Noire is the tsundere. This show is basically a huge bundle of parody. The amount of times Neptune has broken the 4th wall in this franchise basically puts her at Deadpool tier.

If you want to have a good time watching an anime that you don't want to take seriously, and if you are a fan of the Neptunia series, I highly recommend watching this. Just keep in mind that it isn't exactly strictly based on any of the games, just simply the franchise, and you'll enjoy yourself tremendously!

- Super awesome cast of characters! They all so cute!
- Hilarious parody and 4th wall breaking!
- There are actually some... heart touching moments. I know right?
- OP and ED are really catchy!
- The sad ED is really beautiful ;-;
- Voice actors/actresses actually did a great job, and this show also has an amazing dub!
- There is a fan service episode ;)

- Like I explained read more
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High School DxD New (Anime) add
A more fitting title for this show would have been High School TeF—TeF for tits, exposition, and fights. The first word spoken in the first episode is "oppai" (breasts); some stuff is explained; then a long fight scene soon followed. Repeat ad nauseam.

On the plus side, the fanservice was impressively gratuitous and diverse (needed more Souna and less Gasper though), and the artwork was better than average. The boob physics were sometimes animated with unexpected realism, and the perverse attention to pantsu details was commendable; it looked like some girls had a different pair for each episode.

Disappointingly, the lukewarm characterization and story made it difficult to engage with anything. Issei, the main male character, had a personality that volleyed between lusting pervert and nice guy. His shtick, which hadn’t evolved since the first season, quickly went stale. And the girls in Issei’s harem were shallow archetypes with little agency to reach outside of their roles.

These faults could have been overlooked if the story hadn't taken itself so seriously with abrupt asspulls to justify its game-esque action sequences. With the exception of the first and last episodes, the brief attempts at humor often stemmed from corny overreactions and yelling.

High School DxD New had the potential of joining the ranks of Bakemonogatari, Grisaia no Kajitsu, and To Love-Ru as one of the few non-crappy ecchi-harem anime. With less contrived drama and better comedy, it could have been more consistently entertaining.
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10 hours ago
Tonari no Totoro (Anime) add
(This is my first review.)

I've heard about My Neighbor Totoro countless of times. I've seen their merchandise everywhere and I never really got why it was such a favorite. I had only read the synopsis and it sounded bland, so I didn't pick it up.

I decided to watch this movie, finally, when I entered the '2016 Anime Watching Challenge.' I've realized that I made a huge mistake not watching this earlier on in my childhood. When I was a kid, I used to watch Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and there was always so much rage in those shows and it would've been refreshing for me back then if I had watched this movie.

The characters felt so realistic and well done. I've noticed that a lot of people related to Satsuki and I can't say the same since I was an indoors type of girl, but I do share a trait with Satsuki's little sister, Mei. always used to follow my sister everywhere and I'd get overly emotional when I was left out. Everytime I saw her chase after her sister, I'd just chuckle because I remember how much of a brat I was back then. Kanta and his grandmother had to be my favorite characters because they felt so real. Kanta was probably one of the first ever tsunderes in an anime, but it's pretty normal to act like that at that age. His grandmother was so sweet and kind! She reminded me of this caretaker of mine when I was young. The character were definitely the strongest point in this movie.

The art was a masterpiece, considering that this was made in the 80s. The depiciton of nature is stunning and the Totoros' in the movie had adorable designs. It amazes me how well they drew the trees and even the corn fields! I have to give props to the creative genius who thought of making a cat a bus.

The music was relaxing and the opening theme was a cute little tune that might be stuck in my head for a few days. It really reflects on the music of that time. It makes me want to sway like a palm tree (yes that's a simile)

I guess my only problem with this movie was the story, or the lack of one. It makes sense that their wasn't really any depth into it since it's a children's movie, but I wish there could've been more of a plot rather than 'Mei has gone missing, let's find her!'

All in all, it's a great movie to show for all ages. Everything else makes up for the lacking plot and it shouldn't bother you too much. A definite recommendation.
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11 hours ago
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add

Here we have ‘Hai to Gensou no Grimgar’. At first glance, this seems like a high fantasy type of anime, but if you’ve watched the first episode it’s clear that this series falls under the genre we like to call ‘SAO Clones’. Bear with me though, that’s not entirely true. It is obvious that they are trapped in either a game or a world that uses an MMO system. A bit of an overused concept lately, but that’s because of SAO’s success (and it is indeed quite an interesting trope, with a large target audience) and should not determine whether or not an anime is good or not.

After reading the synopsis, it should be clear that it’s not the most unique of concepts. It works, though, and as long as they do well in the character department and don’t shift the main focus to the actual story, it has potential to grow into something fantastic.


As far as character design goes, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Spiky bed hair MC, big strong guy, obnoxious comic relief pervert, reasonable quiet guy, (flat) candid girl and airhead with nice rack. It’s hard to deviate from stereotypes nowadays because almost everything has been before, but these are cookie cutter characters.

Now, character interaction is another thing. I actually really like the chemistry here and I’d like to compare it to one of my favourite movies ever: The Breakfast Club. A film based exclusively on dialogue and character interaction. Not much happens in the movie, and it’s almost completely shot in the same location, but it’s interesting to watch how the different personalities and backgrounds of the characters clash and ultimately mix.
Just like in that film, at least in the first few episodes, not much fighting happens and it is just a whole lot of emotions and dialogue, and I like it. After one of the events in episode 4 it gets quite heavy, not Clannad heavy, but heavy nonetheless. I could really feel their sorrow and despair, even though it’s basically a show that seems more satirical than your average parody channel on YouTube.


It’s more like a slideshow during some sequences rather than a fully animated show. They use quite a unique art style for the backgrounds and surroundings, which are very undetailed, almost sketch-like stills but they fit surprisingly well. I had to get used to it during the first episode but after that I grew fond of it. It’s beautiful in its own way, and don’t let it avert you from watching the show.
The fight scenes are rather basic and don’t feature many fancy visual effects, it looks more like a bunch of idiots swinging around their blades, being completely oblivious to what they’re supposed to be doing. And that’s good. That’s exactly how it should be, because that’s what they are.
There’s also some minor fan service in Yume’s behind and Shihoru’s mammaries, not too much, but it’s definitely noticeable and ‘in your face’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ read more
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11 hours ago
Noragami (Anime) add
Noragami is one of those animes that start off average but ends with you wanting MORE.

Story: Noragami is about a god named Yato who is collecting money to build a shrine by himself. He then gets saved from getting hit by a bus by a girl named Hyori. Hyori dies but not really. Her body sometimes "dies" and only leaves the soul behind. Then they meet a boy named Yukine who is also dead. So the story is really interesting but it had some plot holes.

Art: The art is pretty average but the style that shifted from really dark moments to funny ones was the thing that made the art shine in my opinion.

Sounds: Best opening and OST 'nuff said

Character: The characters were very well developped and their personality really shifted when they were in serious moments.

Overall, I really enjoyed this anime for what it is.
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Honestly, this show is one of the best I have seen if you need something to watch to just make you happy and improve your spirits. It's constantly making you smile/laugh and is highly enjoyable. If you only watch shows for an in depth story though, this show might not be for you.

Story: 5
I give it a lower score here only because there isn't really much of a story. It's just a guy writing manga and having a blast doing stupid shit.

Art: 7
I really liked the art and the grills were all Kawaii/10 so thats good enough for me.

Sound: 7
I thought it was pretty good, but not great. I don't really have issues with sound for most shows, so I don't have much of an opinion on this one. Didn't stand out in a good or bad way.

Character: 9
I really liked basically every character. Harem with many different types of girls, covered most common ones. MC was hilariously perverted. If you don't enjoy perverts, probably not for you.

Enjoyment: 10
Honestly, I was either smiling or laughing for about 80% of this show. Hilarious interactions between the MC and the girls. Has a little romance in it, but nothing serious. Kinda a tease in that aspect.

Overall: 9
I liked the MC, all of the girls, and the idea behind the story. I don't really care about a complicated story, so this simple one was great for me. Comedy was on point and the ecchi wasn't overwhelming, but it was a nice addition. I've watched it twice so far and I enjoyed it equally each time.
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11 hours ago
Musaigen no Phantom World (Anime) add
Oh Boy, where do I even begin with this one? This season's lineup of anime was honestly pretty lackluster when comparing it to last season's. There were about 2 or 3 standouts with several sequels and light novel adaptions sprinkled throughout. Musaigen no Phantom World is one of those shows that, looking back, I probably should've done some preliminary research before diving nose first into something that I ultimately found to be a waste of my time. I'm not usually one to drop shows, this one in particular had the luxury of having one of the best contemporary studios in the business of sakuga. At least it had that going for it, but as it stands, this is probably the most generic series KyoAni's decided to crank out of their seemingly endless pool of funds in years.

Art 9/10
I don't usually start out with discussing the art and animation but since this series (if you couldn't tell) is extremely unbalanced I figured I'd go over an area of this schlock that I can actually praise. I feel like at this point it's become somewhat of a tradition in every review I write to reiterate my caveat of not really caring about animation all that much. To some it's an absolute necessity, which I understand, but for me personally there are other things I worry more about when scouring the vast glossary of shows I could possibly watch next. This show was a bit of a special case. It's not like it was a "planets were aligned" type thing, hell, my choosing to watch this show was for the most part on a whim and for very shallow reasons.

There's a certain degree of quality that the community has come to expect from KyoAni, just the mere mention of them releasing even one series in an entire year is enough to make heads turn. KyoAni is admittedly a studio that I actively follow, and probably for the same reasons everyone else follows them. Most of their shows are distinctive and have a very artistic style going for them. Couple that with some of the most breathtakingly high production values (that are rivaled by few) and you are almost assured an instant following. I fervently believe that when a show has high production values, it can pick up the slack for other areas that are lacking. Unfortunately for this show that just wasn't the case. For KyoAni, Phantom World was par for the course. The overall average for this series was very high which I expected from the beginning.

The few skirmishes that popped up here and there with the several titular phantoms was some nice eye candy as KyoAni got to flaunt their underutilized yet undeniable skill for action. The fluidity of said scenes and bright color palette melded seamlessly along with their famous use of lighting. It was reminiscent of some of their other works like Chunibyo and Kyokai no Kanata.

This is the first (and certainly not the last) read more
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Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
"Psycho-Pass" happens to be the first experience I had with the writing of Gen Urobuchi, otherwise known as the 'Urobutcher'. Infamous for his dark, tragic settings and plot twists or not, you'd have to be a hipster of the highest order to say he doesn't know how to write a good series. Simply put, "Psycho-Pass" is a brilliant sci-fi dystopian anime in the same flavour as classics like "Blade Runner" and is well worth your time.

Story & World (7/10):
The story is set in the year 2113, where Japan is now governed by the Sibyl System. Through hi-tech guns known as Dominators, the state of mind (or Psycho-Pass, hence the title) of an average person is measured in numbers and those that exceed the acceptable limit are deemed threats to society and imprisoned or, in extreme cases, killed. The Public Safety Bureau is the police force in this setting, comprised of Enforcers, people whose Psycho-Pass has exceeded the acceptable level but have been granted permission to go outside to deliver justice, and Inspectors, who supervise the Enforcers and make sure they don't go too far.

The story follows Akane Tsunemori, a rookie Inspector who has just joined the police force. Together with the Enforcer, Shinya Kogami, Akane soon uncovers the plot of an exceptionally dangerous criminal, Shogo Makishima (no, it's not a spoiler, he appears in the very first scene) who is plotting something huge and just so happens to have a history with Kogami. It's up to Akane, Kogami and the rest of the Public Safety Bureau to track down this criminal and bring him to justice.

What the story sorely lacks in is surprises. I was almost always able to see exactly what direction things were going to go in, and what were supposed to be big twists I was able to see half an episode before they happened. There were also some truly ridiculous parts as well, such as Kogami being stopped from shooting a criminal with a Psycho-Pass of over 400, despite the fact that everyone is supposed to obey the system regardless. And, ultimately, all this results in is said criminal getting killed in the exact same episode! The concept of the Sibyl System is also underdeveloped, as we never find out exactly how it came to be. All in all, the story just felt very predictable with the really big twists being few and far between. That being said, for what it is, the story flows fine and it is easy to understand for all of you sci-fi nerds out there but, personally, I would have preferred a few more things you didn't see coming.

Animation (9/10):
Visually, "Psycho-Pass" looks nothing short of impressive. The characters models and environments are incredibly well-drawn and the fanservice is kept to a minimum. However, as someone who doesn't mind a bit of fanservice in his anime, I consider what replaces it to be no better, namely the truly gruesome imagery. Basically, if a criminal's Psycho-Pass gets too high, the Dominator changes from read more
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11 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
It wont be a normal review. I wont be anything. Its just something. Part of me. From me. I dont care about it make me fun of or anyhing else. Why? Because it is about this Anime. This Anime what make me feel like that, and I wont regret it. Never. I wont regret any episode, minutes or seconds of it. I would have regret that if I have missed that. But thanks for the 2016 Anime challenge I have finished it a few minutes ago with full of different kinds of emotions.

I dont care about to wirte spoiler. If you still dont finish it, dont read. If you are so brave and have the nerve to do it, then dont read. Take you ass back to Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and finished it. NOW!

I have decided that I wont write any reviews on MAL cause of my bad english, I thought. As for me it is easier to express myself in my language, and more difficult to do it in english. It is so painful; Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso make me write a review. My first composition...etoo...something. Write it with eyes full suffused with dry and wet tears.
The more interesting things and also such a shocking things that I have been crying since the 13rd episode.

Isnt it absurdity? Do you think I am crazy? Or wil became one soon?

Maybe. But I dont care. I know, If you have something in your chest, you will also intense such that feeling what I did, do and will...ever. Since I will have been on that planet, I will live it over and over again. And feel again. Suffer from that always...

I could believe it. I truly trust to make that end happier. Little hope, as children hope to get their toys; parents hope they could give everything to make their children walking on the right way; teachers hope they could give everything they are capable to. Everybody in the hope of something. As musician hope they can make the audience understand what they would like to give us; what they would like to show us; where they would like to travel us.

I was hoping. Even in the last few secs also. I was so hoping. Even if I know from that day when I was continueing the Anime from the 13rd episode that my wish wont be come true.
Since the first episode I have given from this Anime the creeps. I couldn tell what was it. I was just feel it. And I never dream about that kind of ending. I didnt suspect anythng. Just from today. It began to dawn on me from the 13rd episode.

My tears dry up. I am happy to be an otaku. I am so happy to meet this world, this characters, this feeling. I hope I will never secede from it. I wont let it go. Its my life. Its our life.

Thank you Mangakas, studios, designers, drawers, animation makers... read more
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12 hours ago
Howl no Ugoku Shiro (Anime) add
Studio Ghibli strikes again! I recently reviewed my Neigbor Totoro which was a great film but this movie in my opinion was just off the charts. This film accomplished a magnificent feat all on it's own. It keeps the whimsy and almost unrivaled creativity that this studio is known for and combines it with amazing animation and a cleverly crafted story that can appeal to individuals of all age groups. Like many other Ghibli works, this film was just special. So special in fact that it can be considered one of their best works.

Howl's moving Castle is a fantasy story based off the novel of the same name. It follows a young girl with a mundane and boring life and her attempts to break a curse that turns her I to an old woman with the help of different characters she meets along the way. This was released in 2004 and I viewed this movie in Blu-Ray format which looked freaking outstanding.

One of the first attributes you notice when you first start watching the movie is the art and animation. The art and animation here is some of the best I've come across and the amount of detail put in is appreciated. The backgrounds and scenery of the world in which the characters live in have a hand painted look to then. This makes the backgrounds seamlessly blend in to the rest of the animation but still have it's astounding detail noticed by the viewer.

Computer generated animation is very controversial within the anime community. Usually it does not work out and it detracts from the overall animation due to lack of budget or poor execution. However this movie pulls off CGI well without making it look ugly and allowing it to have a smooth intergration into the regular animation. The CGI images and the hand drawn animation of studio ghibli contrast nicely. The color use here is great and brings the detailed animation and most scenes present to life.

The story in Howl's moving castle is very diverse and creative. On one hand we have a industrial revolution modern European type narrative with world war 2 type fee,inns being given off. On another hand we have a fantasy world filled with magic and a sense of wonder and excitement. These 2 vastly different narrative styles manage to blend together in impressive fashion to create something that is quite a site to behold.

The setting in Howl's moving castle is fantastic. The atmosphere and people living in the world are very unique. The building architecture present portrays the setting perfectly and I really loved the European countryside like atmosphere I got from the setting of the movie. One small issue with the setting is that it isn't built upon enough, for example this looming war while being an important plot point isn't really explained enough for my personal liking.

The characters in Howl's Moving Castle really bring the narrative structure to life. All read more
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12 hours ago
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
Madoka Magica's an interesting anime. It's one of those shows which comes along every now and then (excluding the seasonal hype shows) which tends to split the community: either it's praised as being unparalleled in some way and being revolutionary, or it's considered bad and overrated. I'd fall closer to the latter. (This review contains no spoilers but there are allusions towards certain events.)

Art: 8/10

It's good. Nothing extraordinary, but the creative backgrounds and character clothing is fairly well done. There's also some bits in the show which are animated amazingly well.

Sound: 9/10

In my honest opinion, the soundtrack is the best part of this entire series. A few of the songs--namely Theme of Puella Magi and Inevitabilis--are some of my favourite of any anime score. They convey a sort of deep, eternal bittersweet melancholy and sadness after watching the show which stays (at least with me) even years after having finished it.

Characters: 5/10

The characters' development and interaction is supposed to be the cornerstone of this series (from what I can tell) and this is where I found the series falls short. I can't go into much detail without spoiling anything so I won't, but almost all of the characters either annoyed me or I didn't care for.

I couldn't care less for Homura. She was simply a mysterious know-it-all character until one of the later backstory episodes of the series. Her motivations weren't nearly fleshed out enough--I thought it more of an extremely creepy obsession than anything.

Then there was Madoka who was painfully annoying until the very end. She was, dare I say it, like one of the shounen characters who continuously cried about wanting everyone to get along and no one to get hurt.

Sayaka was all over the place with drastically varying amounts of mental fortitude throughout the series and just... ugh.

Kyoko was hella sick tho.

Story/Overall: 6/10

The idea was interesting, just badly executed. There are parts of Kyubey's reasoning which bother me (albeit that's more because of the physics behind it) and things which I would've liked explained rather than "they happen because of [this]". Much of this series's main appeal comes from the aforementioned "dark and depressing" themes which I couldn't think of as anything more than shock value. It's not all bad though: parts of the soundtrack are beautifully done and the series is worth a watch for those alone.
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Hourou Musuko (Anime) add
Story: 4/10

I wanted to watch this because of the promising premise of the anime delving in transgender issues, which is something one rarely sees, inside of anime and outside of it as well. When this anime was brought to my attention, I was very hopeful. When I watched it, I simply ended up being very disappointed.

While the anime does attempt to show transgender issues and the struggles that people with Gender Dysphoria go through, especially during the critical stage of puberty, it vitally comes shorts of its goal. Instead of really delving into the issues trans people go through, everything is glossed over and watered down.

At points it takes itself seriously and tries to show the issues. At other points it leaves you stretching your head with how confusing the characters are. I understand they are struggling, but the way they presented it was utterly unbelievable to me. I felt that while this anime tried to do a service to transgender individuals, but it only succeeded in making people more confused about it and leaving several horrible, unforgivable misunderstandings about transgender, which I'll get to later in this review.

I think what hurt this anime most was a lack of direction. It didn't know what to do with itself. One episode, they are transgender teens. The next, they are simply cross-dressers. The next it's just your below-par romance / slice-of-life anime where the underlying issue is barely touched on or mentioned at all.

The anime lacked any real depth to it and fell flat when trying to add any depth. Overall, the story wasn't very well done and didn't accurately portray the premise. That said, I don't think that the story was bad per se, I just think it was disappointing and left a lot to be desired. If you want a story with depth about transgender people, this anime isn't it.

Art: 5/10

I'll be honest, I didn't like the art. I also didn't think that the art was appropriate to the tone of the anime - if it even had a tone. At this point, I'm not sure if it did. It was too bright and very...childlike, for lack of a better word. I haven't read the manga, and after watching the anime, I don't intend to, but the style would make sense if this is how the manga looks. Still, the art only left me with a feeling of disconnect. There were also a lot of still shots and many scenes where nothing happened. It just wasn't impressive and instilled nothing in me. The entire look was innocent cuteness, and I feel that did a disservice to the underlying issue of the anime.

Sound: 8/10

This was one of the strong people of the anime. While I didn't like the music, I found the lyrics to be heartwarming and very emotional. In fact the songs at the beginning of the anime and the end of it where the only things to elicit any sort of read more
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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (Anime) add
The series has a calm and kind atmosphere about it. Even in dangerous situations it feels mostly calm somehow. Also I find that it flows well and mostly isn't predictable which makes it very interesting to watch.

Beautiful art style. Fits well with the story.

The music and sound/s are awesome. The character voices fit well.
The opening and ending are beautiful and fit the series very well.

The characters are lovely. Maybe it's unrealistic that they're all so kind and reasonable (and if they're shown unkind and later turn out kind in their core) but I love them.

I love it.

There are few situations that seem unrealistic but overall it's an awesome series/season!
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Iria: Zeiram The Animation (Anime) add
Iria: Zeiram is a rare Gem of an anime. It features some things found in almost no other anime. The world design in particular is very unique. The houses, props, vehicles, and general setting are very unique to this anime, and you don't see anything like that in most other anime. The closest similarities I can think of would be Outlaw Star or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. It definitely stands out in terms of prop and world design.

Story wise, Iria is a unique and classic sci-fi anime. It takes place in a universe where there are many established planets that people live on that each have their own existing culture and customs. Iria is a bounty hunter apprentice, that is searching for answers surrounding the disappearance of her elder brother and mentor. Along the way a creature that is very violent and involved in the disappearance her brother, ends up in the same place as her travels, and she must deal with it, as well as unravel the conspiracy that may be behind the creature in the first place.

One of the things I really like about this story, is it tells the story of a girl who has a submissive, yet sporty personality, and is still strong enough to stand on her own. Iria is a very unique character, and a combination of girly and motherly, as well as quite sporty and capable.

It's definitely a very unique anime and very enjoyable. This was one of the first anime I ever really enjoyed, and at only 6 eps long, it's definitely worth a watch! I kind of think of it like a long movie broken into 6 chapters. It's really good.
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Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
Unless you've been living under a rock in the manga/anime community, you've definitely at least heard of Cowboy Bebop even if you haven't actually seen it. Let's get something clear straight off the bat. This series is very popular. There are people out there who say things like "CB is only popular because it made anime in the West popular" or "There is nothing special about CB at all." First of all, CB was NOT what made anime in the west popular. There were MANY series before it that did, such as Dragonball, Gundam, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc. There are people who discredit this series for no reason. If you don't like it thats perfectly fine, you can like and dislike whatever you want, but don't ignorantly discredit it. One more note, this was a rare case, especially for its time, where there was no manga for the series, it was an original anime. (There will not be any spoilers in this review).

Story. I'm not going to say much to give it away, but basically there are two underlying stories throughout this series, which is one main reason why it kicks so much ass. Jet, a retired cop, decides to become a bounty hunter to make what money he can, all through his ship "Bebop". He recruits Spike, a 27 year old who used to be in a powerful gang. The two of them set off to make money and along the way pick up more crew members. As for the underlying story, all I'll tell you is that it has to do with Spike's past catching up to him.

So what is so good about it? The action is awesome. You like shootouts? Good they have them. You like realistic hand to hand combat? Good, they have that too. You like car chases? How about space ship chases? Drug stings? Long time bitter rivalries? Vast and diverse settings? Intense missions and bounties? Yeah, there's all of those things too.

The character development is great. Even non-main characters get great development. You will grow to feel with the characters and understand them more and more as the series goes on.

Remember earlier when I said that the concept of two story lines makes the show awesome? You know why? NO FILLER. NONE. 26 EPISODES OF AWESOMENESS. Each episode is like its own little world, yet at the same time connecting to one another.

The soundtrack is unreal. The only other series I can think of that has great soundtrack like this is Mushi-shi, although they are drastically different. I just meant that they are both equally good just in their own way. The music is great and perfectly placed.

To wrap things up, the ending is good, there is a lot of philosophy throughout the series, some of which is from Bruce Lee, and it is just all around really good. Oh and one more important thing I should mention, there is no BULLSHIT. What do I mean? No stupid ass Moe, Loli, read more
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Ookami to Koushinryou II (Anime) add
I'll start off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of S&W so was expecting big things. Luckily this season manages to keep everything that was good about the first season whilst ramping up the tension in the plot, I'll leave that vague. The pacing i found to be pretty spot on all the way through, a little rushed at times but not enough to bother me. The Art and Sound really go well together, a good example of mixing soundtrack and setting. The best thing i can say is that due to it's abrupt end i am now motivated to buy the light novels which hasn't happened before with an anime, having said that for those who don't read the season finishes of in a good enough way that it can bring some closure. In a sense it's actually pretty ironic how the show ends, but i'll say no more. Would definitely recommend, one of the better shows like this out there
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Death Note (Anime) add
“Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Even a brief flirtation with power can radically transform a benevolent and selfless individual into a presumptuous egoist. Such tragedy is the very essence of the anime series “Death Note” which devastatingly depicts the malformation of protagonist Light Yagami from a dignified idealist into a haughty murderer. The moral ambiguity of the story encourages the viewer to critique their own ideals of what constitutes good and evil, leading to a thoroughly compelling narrative. This exceptional story is fundamentally centred on how lofty ideals are easily corrupted and the extent to which an individual can be conquered by the pursuit of power. The character of Light Yagami is essentially Shakespearean; just like Hamlet and Macbeth, Light’s fate is ultimately poignant and reflective of human nature. The complexity of the main character and the harrowing journey that he takes underlies an immensely sophisticated plotline and justifies why “Death Note” is rightfully regarded as one of the finest anime series of the last decade.

Whilst the world is abundant in hope and inspiration, it is equally resourceful in crime and injustice; a sort of equilibrium between tranquillity and savagery. “Death Note” depicts a zealous idealist who attempts to radically alter this balance in order to establish a utopia in which crime is eliminated. The central character Light Yagami is a quintessential prodigy who is among the most exceptional students in Japan; he is seen as a hard- working and respectful honour student with decent moral standards. Yet, he is also a bored and frustrated young man who fanatically derides the devastating consequences of criminality on society. When a Shinigami (a being that instigates death) by the name of Ryuk, who also happens to be disentranced in his own world, drops a death note into the human world that Light stumbles upon, the fate of the protagonist is destined for tragedy. A single rule governs the use of the Death Note: “the human whose name is written in this note shall die”. After much introspection and mental conflict, Light decides to become an enforcer of justice who uses the death note to eliminate all criminals in order to usher in a new world in which crime is non-existent and he is worshipped as a deity. Within days the brilliant idealist turns into a supercilious murderer as he kills hundreds of people using the notebook and employs the most ingenious of methods to prevent being caught. Amidst all of this chaos the viewer is left to question the morality of Light’s actions and whether he is indeed passing righteous judgement; this is the seminal and ground-breaking aspect of this series as Light ruthlessly, excessively and narcissistically employs the death note to create a world free of crime. Light’s methods become increasingly Machiavellian and his approach becomes devoid of empathy as he begins to systematically eliminate not just criminals but also anyone who opposes him. One is always left to question whether Light’s read more
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Natsume Yuujinchou (Anime) add
Honestly, I don't really understand why this anime has so many amazing ratings. This isn't the worst anime i've ever seen- no, but I certainly do not think it's anywhere near the best.

Now, let's talk about the story.
One of the things I hated the most about this anime was the fact that it's episodic, and it doesn't work. In my opinion, this only makes it painfully predicable and underdeveloped. Honestly, you've seen the first three episodes you've seen the whole show. A youkai comes. Cool. They want Natsume's help. Oh. They get their help. There's a revelation. Ok. The majority of the episodes follow this structure. And for the first few or so episodes, yes. It's entertaining. Heartwarming even. But I wouldn't expect that to be the whole show. CAN SOMETHING ELSE HAPPEN. CAN THE PLOT PROGRESS. CAN WE STOP THIS CYCLE. It's too simple. It got boring.

And the art/animation...
The art is uninteresting. It's boring. it's simple. Which pretty much matches the story. The story and the art go together. So I guess that's a good thing. It further sets the mood of the anime. It made it more boring for me.

The sooouunnnd...
I hated the soundtrack of this anime. I always skipped the opening, which I almost never do. The sound effects and all that were clear. Voices, clear. So the sound is fine. That soundtrack though. No. But it does do a good job of further setting the over all mood of the anime.

The character development in this anime really lacks. What the hell even is Natsume's personality. He barely has one. The youkai though, they have much better personalities. But just because they're better than Natsume's doesn't mean they're deep or "thought provoking" no. But they are definitely entertaining. The one character I truly did like was Madara. He's a gem, really liked him. It's like they compensated for Natsume's lack of development with Madara's.

If you read what I previously wrote it's pretty obvious I did not enjoy this anime. I watched it to the end to be able to make a full conclusion about it. BUT BOY WAS THAT PAINFUL.

I just think this anime wasn't for me. If you're the type of person that likes to decipher plots, enjoys suspense, twists and turns- this is really not the anime for you. Skip it. If you like more simple, heartwarming type things give this a try. This isn't the kinda anime where you're on the tip of your toes, heads spinning, mind boggling. This is the kinda anime you watch when you're in your room bored, too tired to watch something with a more developed, complex plot.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
This is my first review and English isn’t even my first language, so be gentle with me.
I’ll try to make it as much spoil-free as I can to give you the general idea and clear some things out

First things first, the PLOT. Satoru at first seems like a normal everyday guy in his late twenties. He’s 29 years old, struggling to make a career in the manga industry while working as a pizza boy. BUT, he has a gift called “Revival” which allows him(whether he likes it or not) to go several minutes back in time, to prevent accidents, deaths etc. After a tragic death, he is framed as the culprit of the murder. Revival is then triggered, but he doesn’t go several minutes back before the murder, but MANY years back, when he was in elementary one month before his classmate Kayo went missing. There’s definitely a connection between the murderer in 2006 and the one who murdered Kayo. There’s a lot of mystery, drama and cliffhangers in each episode, to find who is behind those murders and whether he can or cannot save both the victims.

Art: superb. Which isn’t a surprise, as A-1 is the studio behind it. A-1 studio is widely known because of Sword Art Online, which is garbage(no offence) but artwork-wise it’s excellent. Very realistic artwork, detailed and colorfoul when the atmosphere and mood allows it, really lifts the whole anime up. I love especially how the intensity of emotions of each character is drawn and expressed.

Sound: I find the voice acting very high level. Especially the VA of Satoru which is his first time doing this. It isn’t overly dramatic, or very loud as in most anime when you end up with your ears bleeding :p it fits perfect with the atmosphere. I really like the narration as well. The opening song at first seemed quite boring (I love Asian Kung Fu Generation) but in each episode I find myself liking this song more and more. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the ending song.

Characters: as we’re only in the 5th episode of ERASED, I can’t say for sure, but everyone seems really interesting and likeable, even the supporting ones. Many people disliked the fact that this anime shows child abuse, and mentioned that they used this as a shock factor. I definitely disagree. It’s called character development and it’s trying to show why Kayo was a lonely, very quiet child, who used to stay till nightfall at a park alone, because she didn’t want to go home because of her mother. This isn’t a shock factor, it is what binds the whole story together and justifies why Kayo was the child that was abducted and murdered in the first place.

Many people say that ERASED seems very alike with Steins Gate. I disagree. The only common thing is the time travel and a death-murder. In a closer look they’re very different shows. Steins Gate is about science, where Okarin read more
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You know what my big problem with light novel adaptations are? They never have a good story. Okay there's one or two exceptions, but for the most part, when their plots aren't being dumb, they're just non-existent in general. It's always world-building or character-building for its own sake, which is basically showcasing the finest bullets in the world without a gun to actually fire them with. Impressive-looking bullets my friend, but unless you're planning to make the bad guys swallow the damn things, I don't see how they're going to help us here.

Well, impressive may be giving most light novel adaptations too much credit because they generally look like ass on top of their other problems. But to be fair to Beautiful Bones, it does look nice for the most part - even if said niceness is often undercut with choppy direction and awful usage of filters. If this is going to be the norm for all of Studio Troyca's output, then you can add them to the list of fledgling studios that failed to make it big, because it's not a good look. I guess we'll see what happens in their future stuff, but for now, let's focus on Beautiful Bones. From what I remember, there were a bunch of people who were excited about this because it had the mystery label on it, along with word that it looked like Hyouka except not boring. Word of advice my friends. No matter how bad a KyoAni show is, any anime where the phrase "it looks like this KyoAni show except actually good" can be applied to it will always turn out bad. No exception.

And Beautiful Bones is pretty damn bad. It's not just the direction that's choppy, but the storytelling is mismanaged as well. For starters, just like the other Fall mystery show, it begins in medias res so it pretty much assumes you already know who our main duo is and thus we're supposed to find it cute when Sakurako guzzles over bones and solves mysteries with a Deus Ex Machina power because that's who she is. And also like that other Fall mystery show, the characters have no personal stakes in regards to any of the cases besides revealing token bits about Sakurako's past, which I'll get to later, so I'm not really sure why I'm supposed to care about them or the mysteries they're involved in.

I'm not sure if Beautiful Bones is worse than The Perfect Insider, but it's definitely not as fun to take the piss on. They both take their premises seriously whilst being horribly paced and completely lacking in tension, but whilst Perfect Insider couldn't stop banging on about how intelligent it is despite not realizing it was playing with a firework that had been soaked in sewer water, Beautiful Bones is sort of comfortable in its own inanity and proceeds to just go about its life like it's nobody's business, wallowing in mediocrity rather than striving to be anything more. There are read more
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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Anime) add
Oversized weapons, magical sparkles, Eldritch abomination enemies, cute and colorful middleschool age girls, brooding undertones. Sound familiar? Come on… it starts with an M…

This is an assimilation of every popular trope in today’s anime, made to profit off of the success of series before it. Same “dere” characters, same overall plot structure, overwhelmingly similar art style to its obvious “inspiration” (more like rip-off) Madoka Magica… it’s even got the Sailor Moon transformation scenes down to a T.

This series can seemingly do nothing right but tussle with its own severe identity crisis. It borrows so much from so many other things, but offers nothing new or original in return whatsoever. What adds insult to injury is that it isn’t even adapted from anything—it’s an original work. This means not an artist, but a group of writers sat down and thought to themselves, “let’s take everything relevant and hip and mishmash it into a product of the generation! Fans will eat it up.” And, for some reason, they got whatever funding they needed to make it happen. Let that sink in. Just let it sit in your mind; let it ruminate for a while.

Yeah. Hurts, doesn’t it?

Well, what is the story actually about?

Bunch o’ cute little girlies get to become magical heroes (with their own signature Pokemon, no less) and fight beings threatening out existence, and afterwards go back to everyday life, taking part in things like hunting for their dreams, helping out their community, and going to the beach.

The main character (Our own Yuki Yuna) suffers from Shiro Emiya disease and believes in putting others before herself for the sake of what’s right. From this we can conclude that she’s severely retarded. There is no expansion on this archetype of her’s, there is no more depth or exploration into what makes her a living, breathing, human being, she’s just a pink piece of paper.

Then we have Little Ms. Blue, Togo’s. I mean To-Go.
I mean Tougo.
She’s a cripple. Yeah. There’s her defining characteristic. She can’t walk. And she has huge tits. Other than that all we really know is that she’s the sweethearty type of girl that’s total waifubait, an embodiment of what many male watchers want to see in their brushing bride to be.
And around the corner we have Little Miss Yellow, Fuu Inubouzaki. She’s the endearing, motherly type, the one who will cheer you on no matter what happens. She and her sister Itsuki, (Little Miss Green, and a Dandere to the max) both have the absolute token “deceased family, now survive by each other” backstory that is typical in anything ever created ever.

And then we have the bane of my existence, as both an anime fan, and a person altogether. The classic Tsundere, Karin Miyoshi. Just guess what her color is.

See, the biggest problem with these characters is that I had to look up their names. There is nothing about them notable in the slightest except for their color and matching archetype, so their names read more
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (Anime) add
I'm not going to make a habit out of reviewing films that come directly from TV shows but with "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya", I am going to make an exception. For those who found the anime ended rather lightly, "Disappearance" is here to rectify that by delivering what is essentially one big love letter to the fans.

It's around Christmas time, and Haruhi is planning a big celebration for the SOS Brigade. However, after waking up on December 18, Kyon discovers that several things have changed: Taniguchi has caught a nasty cold despite being in great shape the day before, Mikuru and Tsuruya act like he's a complete stranger, Yuki's an ordinary human and, most perplexing of all, Haruhi (and Itsuki, for that matter) have disappeared and no-one seems to have heard of her. Basically, Kyon must face his greatest challenge yet as he tries to figure out what's going on and bring things back to normal.

What I really loved about this film was that it took its time. The pacing was absolutely perfect and things always went smoothly, allowing for me to accept the shock of what was happening without ever getting bored. Considering the film is 2 and 3 quarter hours long, this is very impressive. The music is as fantastic as ever and fits every scene perfectly.

I would definitely not recommend watching this before the series as a lot of things won't make sense if you haven't, or at least won't have the same impact. The real gem of the movie is that it really shows just how far all of the characters have come, particularly Haruhi, Kyon and Yuki. Before I watched this, I wasn't sure if Kyon considered Haruhi a friend or not because he always appeared to be annoyed by her. But, now that she's gone from his life, he feels very lonely and depressed, showing he really does care for her in spite of everything. It's like they always say. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. And now, Kyon is determined to find her again. And you thought Haruhi didn't care for her friends, you'd also be wrong because here she proves it beyond doubt. And brilliantly, just when you thought Yuki was a blank alien without any emotions, after watching this suddenly incredibly minor things she's done in the series make sense and imply emotion. And for those who considered the Endless Eight arc to be tedium incarnate, it's given meaning here by being used as the basis for the events of the film. But I won't go into that. It's best if you just see it for yourself.

By itself, the anime series is an 8.9, but this brings the score up to 9.2. It brilliantly develops all of the characters we've grown to love over the series, gives meaning to one of the most boring arcs in anime and brings things to a satisfactory conclusion while still leaving things open for more. If you've seen and read more
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Anime) add
REEEEBOORN!! Super hax for 20 seconds!!! Impossiburu! The! Strongest! In! The! World!!! But at all other times he's a useless cry-baby that's attractive to the most popular women! Why! I don't know!
Katekyo Hitman REBORN! is an episodic anime about a useless kid named Tsuna (it's not his full name) who gets a home tutor named Reborn. Reborn is a baby. A baby who is the most intelligent, best, and deadliest hitman in the (Italian) Mafia who went to Japan to find a new Mafia boss, Vongola X. He went to Japan to find a new (11 y. o.) Italian mafia boss. Makes sense? This is only the beginning. Every couple of episodes a new character is introduced; all of them better than Tsuna. Because he's a tuna. And tuna is not very successful in life, though it may have more success as a dish. Tsuna has a crush for the most popular girl in his school, and she seems to like him as well, especially after he shows his super hax his home tutor has learnt him. Well, how original is THAT?

The everyday life of Tsuna & co. is doing implausible things while the MC breaks his clothes every couple of minutes for deathperation mode. He seems to have an infinite supply of clothes. And the amount of people that ends up living at his place is ridiculous; but don't worry, momma doesn't care (I wonder if Tsuna's family is rich?). Your reaction to what I have written here will be: 1) Sounds kiinda interesting, or 2) This will be quite boring.
The correct answer is 2.

So, yeah, Katekyo Hitman REBORN! is very boring and should definitely not be ranked that high.

Thanks for reading. Now you may just drop this series.

...Or that's what the first 20 episodes make you think. Do not worry, for after that lame and long introduction finally an interesting arc appears (though it has a length of only 5 eps). Tsuna is still a weakling, but, it becomes a bit more interesting due to what happens. This show is made out of battle arcs, and in between them there always are episodes to relieve the tension, which is not bad. It seems to become the typical shonen, in which you get the usual "become 20x stronger in 3 days", and "beat the strongest, most experienced people even though you have started fighting a couple of weeks ago". Oh well, it's quite fun because there are times at which you think: "I'm sure he's going to win", but then you get a surprise; he does NOT win. Sometimes. Sometimes.

The second arc is quite well done, since it is much more entertaining than the first, despite the before mentioned typical shonen elements. In this arc the powers that everyone has are explained quite convincingly (at least there IS a reason why it works like that). The villains that appear have their reasons to do what they do; it's not that they are doing mad stuff read more
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Samurai Champloo (Anime) add
First when I started watching this on tv, it didn't take my attention because the character designs are really bad in my opinion. I tried to watch this one but the series is awful to watch for me. I like shoujo and shounen too but this one is surely not my style and it will never be.

So that's why I gave 1/10 because for me it is really bad. The story is normal and simple but I didn't enjoy it and forced myself to watch a couple of episodes more before I dropped this one. I don't like this anime because of the ugly character designs and the long story.
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Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
I have been away from the anime scene for a while, wantonly losing myself in such gems as Black Sails, Vikings, and Black List. This probably was not the best choice for my return visit into the vast and imaginative world of anime. I knew what I was getting into before hand so I guess I can't really be too angry, I was just hoping that maybe it wouldn't be as bad as some have said it is.

The animation was stunning and beautiful. The colors used served well to create a creepy and mysterious atmosphere. Each character was painstakingly drawn to have his own attitude and quite honestly was probably the only real personality these poor characters had. Suffice it say that my problem does not lie with the animation itself but with the extremely poor writing.

The characters are extremely boring and nauseatingly unbelievable. It felt like I was watching some weird twisted mixture of 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. The entire anime is just a long drawn out fang rape fantasy shoddily held together by an extremely poor story-line. It constantly hints as you go that there is something more to it than what you are being given only to let you down time and time again all the way to the easily predicted ending. I would not even recommend this anime to people who just want to watch anything that might sate their fang fetish.
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Hataraku Maou-sama! (Anime) add
In one of the funniest what-if scenarios ever, ‘The Devil is a part timer’ takes the old bromide “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings” and turns it on its head by making the devil himself flip burgers at McDonald’s.

Yup, the dark lord himself, serving greasy fries and espousing the cause of blocked arteries and cardiovascular disease; what an evil thing to do, right? (See, what I did there? :P)

Enamoured by the premise of the show, I decided to give it a try and trust me, this show didn’t disappoint.

The story starts relatively straightforward with a standard fantasy world, a dark lord scheming for world domination with a demon army and a hero who is the last hope for humanity. After this depressingly clichéd start, the hero and the Devil arrive on Earth, where their magic fails to work and they are forced to take up low-level jobs to survive. Their adventures (or should I say misadventures) are quite comical and the show is a laugh-riot through and through. That said, the second half felt a bit rushed and the ending was quite mediocre and left quite a few loose ends.

As for the characters themselves, all of them are pretty darn funny. The villain of the story is the dark lord Saturn (Mao-sama) who leaves the path of evil and tries to live life as a normal human. His roommate is the demon general Ashiya who now chops vegetables instead of human heads and works as a homemaker to assist his lord.

The hero of the story is Emilia who works as a call centre employee. She is flummoxed by the change in the dark lord’s behaviour and stalks him to find out his real intentions (she assumes that he plans world domination). The encounters between her and the dark lord are quite humorous.

Other funny characters include Lucifer (yes, that Lucifer) who lives as a freeloader on his master’s money and Chiho-chan who has a crush on the dark lord (What a cliché: girls always fall for the bad guys). All in all, the characters are top-notch.

Considering its short size (13 episodes), humorous characters and wacky storyline, ‘The devil is a part timer’, is the perfect remedy to drive away melancholia.
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Detective Conan (Anime) add
I am still watching Detective Conan. This anime is a gem between some very crap animes that everyone should embrace. If I am honest this is one of the very few animes I like to marathon.

The deductions, cases, puzzles always make me want to see more of this series. I never get bored of this beautiful and intellectual anime. I like to solve the puzzle of each case. This anime deserves to be in the top 50 of best animes all time. Even all the characters are very interesting and funny. Think about Kogouro Mouri the sleeping detective who is really stupid and the professor Agasa who invents all Conan's gadgets like his shoes or his board.

It is a brilliant anime for all ages because of the characters. Even grandmothers and grandfathers can enjoy this.
Every time I watch Detective Conan I enjoy it very much.
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Gakkougurashi! (Anime) add
Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!) is not your average Slice of Life style anime. Following the life of Yuki Takeya, it seems that this would appear to be your average anime of a cheerful girl who enjoys school. However, this is but an illusion. In reality, society and humanity has fallen due to a zombie apocalypse. Four girls have banded together in their school to survive this ongoing nightmare, while trying to maintain their daily lives of being students. As the story progresses, each episode will mess with your thoughts and emotions gradually until the very end where it destroys you. The art is graphic in some scenes, but overall very well made, as is the soundtrack. Each character is given their own ideals and ambitions, while at the same time keeping the similar to one another. Yuki is the playful, cheery girl. Miki is the quiet, stoic type. Yuuri (Rii) is the big sister and caretaker of the group. Kurumi is brave and adventurous, being the group's defender (thank you, Shovel Knight). After each episode, you'll be left with wanting more and more, trembling at the thought of what might happen next. Overall, Gakkougurashi! is a great (9/10) anime that deserves high recognition in being unique while not differentiating too much.
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