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Dragon Half (Anime) add
"Funniest anime ever made". When one hears the name Dragon Half, this is normally a claim that isn't too far away. Even though I can't fully say as of yet that I agree; this short OVA does make a strong drive to the title and the funny thing is, it only took two episodes to make its mark. This is actually something to brag about since there are many titles either the same length or much longer that end up as total failures.

Dragon Half is like a well disciplined soldier; it knows exactly what its objective is, and it heads straight for it with intentions on accomplishing the mission. From go, the anime is non stop comedy and never, ever, lets up. The interesting part about the anime is that it doesn't have to rely on sex oriented jokes or an overabundance of fan service to get a good laugh out of the viewer. Although they are used in very low supply, it never had a forced feel to me.

The laughs are provided within the dialogue, character's actions, and the sheer insanity on the screen. Most of these hilarious moments appear out of nowhere and they work most of the time. Those out there whom are big fans of characters shifting into the deformed disproportionate versions of themselves will love this one because it seems to revel in it.

Character development is rather low, but this is the most memorable group of characters I can remember from such a short series. The solid voice acting for both languages do them justice and only helps to provide more laughs. The anime is virtually plotless, with things happening at random only to provide more comedy; but a solid plot clearly wasn't the aim here anyway.

Another aspect of the series that I really enjoyed was the abandoning of certain anime cliches. The series isn't the least bit predictable which adds to the fun factor a great deal. The animation is decent at best; I really didn't notice anything noteworthy. The goofy character designs are top notch for this type of wacky anime, and the soundtrack fits well by meshing perfectly with the silliness. This also applies to the ending theme, which is just as wacky and makes very little sense. The voice acting or should I say overacting, hits the mark every time. Both the sub and dub shined brightly for me and it was pretty much flawless.

Dragon Half to me is a pretty good OVA, but one thing I don't agree with the fans on is the short length. Despite the mindless fun of the series, I think two episodes was enough. This type of insanity for me began to overstay its welcome and a couple of jokes began to grow stale: such as the super deformed bodies. When it comes down to anime comedy for me; one or two seasons can actually damage the show due to many re-used jokes, because eventually they begin to lose their appeal. The read more
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Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
Aldnoah Zero is a futuristic war anime that does a fairly good job of avoiding many of the pitfalls that mecha anime tend to tumble into on a regular basis. In an alternate history, astronauts discover an advanced power left behind by an ancient civilization on the moon. This power allows them to separate themselves from society on Earth and partially terraform Mars, which they make their home. It's not long before war breaks out between the Earth and Mars. 15 years prior to the start of the series, the moon is literally shattered during combat, and somehow the two sides settle into an uneasy peace.

The war is renewed when a visiting Martian princess is attacked by terrorists during a visit to Earth. The forces of Mars descend onto Earth in force. Here's where the series does a great job of not letting the mecha get too far out of whack. The Martians do have some nifty powers in their mechs, but never do they become unexplainably powerful, or lacking any sort of weakness. The earth forces use much less extravagant mechs that are easier to relate to as potentially recognizable military hardware so the conflict isn't entirely alien in nature.

As for the characters, the way the war is setup does allow for a semi-feasible insertion of the stereotypical Japanese high school student cast, war tensions and universal conscription. I did enjoy the way the male lead ends up turning down better equipment as the series moves on, choosing a beat up trainer mech painted neon orange as his ride throughout. It makes the scenario a little more desperate and human.

That said...I don't really like the cast of characters, particularly on the Earth side. Nothing really changes for them. They are constantly on the run and trying to avoid death at every turn. Most of the character development is experienced through the anti-hero(?) a Earthling boy that ends up living among the Martians. From his view you see the inner workings of the Martian society, and it's where the series gets it's somewhat dark, cynical aura from. That said, the series avoids painting either side as innate good or evil, a trap that has easily doomed many a war anime to first level mediocrity. The Earthling hero suffers from a borderline case of “Too badass to relate to” but constantly being outgunned somewhat compensates for this. I would have liked it a lot more if the series showed us a crack in his shell. I liked his calm, matter-of-fact nature, but after awhile I want to know he's still human. As for everyone else, you can take them or leave them. The princess is dragged around by circumstance. So are the rest. I was going to rate this series significantly lower than I ended up doing mainly because of the ending so far. I'm not going to spoil it, but I think it's worth seeing though to the end.
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All You Need Is Kill (Manga) add
If you've read some of my other reviews, you know one concept that interests me is that of immortality. Time looping is another concept I find enthralling. It's almost like being immortal, except you live the same time period over and over again. In some ways, I feel this could be even worse than immortality, since usually the situation that is repeated is an unpleasant one.

Before we dive into the story, I'd like to mention the artwork. It's absolutely top notch. Every panel has a painstaking amount of detail, from the character designs, to the suits, to the environments. Obata Takeshi is responsible for the designs, whom some of you may recognize as the illustrator of Death Note and Bakuman. While I haven't read either of those manga, I can only assume his work is in top form here.

Aside from the time loop aspect, the story isn't that special. I won't spoil anything, but expect a typical sci-fi mecha setting. The time loop is what makes things interesting. The main character slowly learns the rules of the loop, and the reader along with him. If you have a scientific mind, the implications of each rule will leave you fantasizing for at least fifty loops.

An important aspect for a time loop story (especially one where the main character remembers the loop) is how the character(s) adapt. Do they resolve to find a way out? Do they learn to accept it and endure for... well, eternity? Or do they lose their minds? There are so many ways for a character to react. Yet, the one that makes the reader's blood boil the most is when a character strengthens their resolve and soldiers onward (literally).

The main character is many people's definition of "cool", and it works for this setting. Unfortunately, not all characters are created equal. The main character and main heroine get some pretty heavy development, but none of the side characters do. It's understandable considering the nature of the story. Not much can change after all. However, we never even learn much about these characters. They're just faces that pop up every once in awhile. This, for me, was probably the weakest aspect of the manga.

People who don't enjoy gore should avoid this, as the artwork is very... detailed. I'd recommend this for people who like sci-fi or heart pounding action sequences. I enjoyed this manga, and it wasn't that long of a read. If you find yourself with nothing to do, this manga won't leave you asking for your time back (unless you're just selfish, then shame on you).
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The anime felt very rushed compared to the manga. Everyone seems to instantly respond to every action, thus losing much of the impact and emotion between exchanges. Some of the manga parts seemed to be added in just because it was in the manga, except some of the preludes were completely skipped which made it seemed very forced. Overall, I didn't really like this adaptation as it felt more like a summary of the manga than an actual fully fleshed anime.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Story: 7
This comes from the fact that we seem to be missing a few chunks of the story here and there probably due to the episode limitations. The whole searching for witches and yamada's reasons felt very superficial where he does things just because the story needs him as the protagonist, rather than him having actual reasons.

Art 9:
I felt that the art truly reflected the original's, not to mention that I feel it's actually a bit better. Miki (the author/artist) occasionally had some issues with the art, which I didn't notice here.

Sound 8:
Didn't really like the OP or ED songs. The voice selections suited their characters, though maybe the president could have been someone different, not really sure who, but I felt that his voice didn't really suit the character. For BGM, there wasn't much that caught my attention.

Character 6:
Like stated earlier, everything just felt rushed. Their characters don't really feel fleshed out and everything they do don't really coincide with their character because we weren't given enough information beforehand (e.g. Miyamura's sister was actually a secret he wanted to keep but just stated it to everyone without much of an issue). I really felt that they should have adapted less of the manga and do each episode more thoroughly.
--Example 1: Yamada refuses to rejoin the Supernatural Club because he believes they're better off without him, but this isn't actually explained in the anime.
--Example 2; Yamada also runs through a few thoughts before confessing to Shiraishi but this is skipped in the anime for some reason, which makes the confession really random/abrupt.

Enjoyment: 7
It wasn't as enjoyable as the manga as everything happened way too quick without much time for people to really grasp the mood. It really felt like we were just skipping from scene to scene and being fed the main points of each scene.

Overall 7:
First anime I've watched where I've read the manga beforehand, so maybe I'm being a bit harsh. But it was definitely less enjoyable watching the anime than it was reading the manga. There was a real lack of romantic atmosphere between Yamada and Urara kissing. Perhaps even the voice acting was a bit rushed. Overall, I think there really should have been a few moments where each important character could engage in a short thought monologue.
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Owari no Seraph (Anime) add
The main reason I'm giving this show a 6 is because I did enjoy it, even if it's not one of the best shows I've seen. It's good if you're looking for a dramatic shounen series with comedy, fighting, and vampires, but not so good if you're looking for unique plot or character development.

Story - 5

Pretty typical apocalyptic story. I did like how there was an effort to make the humans and the vampires morally ambiguous, and the different designs for the weapons. However, the story was by no means outstanding. There wasn't a consistent tone since part of it took place in a school, and the tone was much more lighthearted than you would expect in a world overrun by vampires and monsters. (I think the scenes at school were my favorite, since they were better than the main plot).

I had a hard time taking things seriously because of all the melodramatic character backstories. At first, I liked how flashbacks were incorporated, but they were quickly overused. I didn't need to be reminded every freaking episode that the main character was a tragic hero, thank you.

The story also moved extremely slowly - I'm pretty sure it could have been condensed to 4 or 5 episodes. And yet, there wasn't much development about the different creatures in the show. Like, what was that mysterious disease that wiped out the human race? How did vampires come to be? And there are demons and monsters too? Where did they come from?

Art - 6

I'm going to be honest, I know practically nothing about art and animation. Still, the art didn't strike me as being particularly good or bad. There were times where the quality was very low, but I think that was just the site I was watching on. As for character designs, there was some creativity and variation. However, some hairstyles - especially for the girls - were strange, elaborate braids and pigtails that didn't make any sense. The outfits were pretty decent and the weapons looked nice.

Sound - 7

I usually don't pay too much attention to the soundtrack while watching. Though, I liked the instrumentals for the opening sequence, and the soudtrack was good.

Character - 6

I liked the characters, I really did. Sure, many were stereotypical and underdeveloped, but that was part of their charm.

Our main character was the usual revenge-obsessed power-hungry anime mc with a tragic backstory. I liked him at first, but his character pretty much stayed the same the entire time. Eventually, he became whiny and borderline obnoxious. Mika, his childhood friend, was more interesting but got much less development. Saotomi, the main female lead, was one of the stronger characters. I like how she was a mix of sarcastic and pleasant. And the blonde girl with pigtails was an obnoxious, whining caricature. I did like some of the side characters, especially Guren and some of the vampire nobles.

Enjoyment - 8

I pretty much marathoned this show, just because I was curious to read more
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Arata Kangatari (Manga) add
For my first review, I choose one of my favorite mangas: Arata Kangatari, or Arata the Legend.

This manga was a surprise. I really didn't expected too much, maybe because it's a little... Unknown. And I discover it by a friend, so, yeah, that was lucky.

The story is basically about a boy, Arata Hinohara, that goes to another world, changing place with another Arata. That sounds like a cliche, right? But Yuu Watase transform the story that "we all alright know" into something really good and enjoyable - thing that I miss in a lot of mangas today. Well, at last this is what I think. I love so much how the story goes, and gets better in every chapter.

The characters are great, but there are some boring ones. Their relationship grows with the time, and it's something nice to see. And, even not having so many attention, Kugura was my favorite, and my bae haha.

The art is good, obvious, and it's impossible not remember Fushigi Yugi.

Yuu Watase create an amazing world, who deserves more attention. I'm saying this because in my country the manga was cancelled in the volume 11, and I will need to import the rest *cries*

I highly recomend Arata Kangatari.

And sorry for any mistake ^^'

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3 hours ago
Death Note (Anime) add
Death Note is a rather enjoyable show, but the second arc wasn't as good. The ending was also rather lack-luster.

The characters were good, and I though I disliked Light Yagami as a person, his character was incredible. The one character I couldn't stand was Soichiro Yagami. I just disliked him. I also disliked Near and Misa.

The animation and sound were good, but the sound is not my style. The openings were fairly good. On the sub vs dub argument, I say dub, it is incredibly casted. Misa gets annoying in the dub though.

The story was interesting, and quite good. That is, until the second arc.

The show itself was really enjoyable,as I have a thing for smart characters. I really liked it, and would recommend it. Though the second arc wasn't as good, I still enjoyed it.
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Nichijou (Anime) add
Before I start with this review, I want to say: this is my first review. Maybe it'll be short for some of you people and probably, the only one I'm going to write. So please bear with me and with my lack of experience when it comes to review things. If there's something you'd like to tell me about the review itself or how wrong I am for not liking such “funny and original piece of art”, then you're free to do it, leaving the comments in my profile.

When a cartoon, show or any form of entertainment tries way too hard to excel in the media or meet people's expectations, a disaster can happen. In my opinion, Nichijou is a disaster of an anime. And I dare to say that I've never seen such failure when it comes to this kind of anime (slice of life, comedy, whatever). It seems that the people behind this cartoon have fallen in a deep well, in despair due to lack of inspiration and to get out of that well, they did the unthinkable. Another way to say it is “they lost their sanity”. Maybe that sums the whole thing up. Nichijou is insane, in the worst and most annoying way possible.

We're all fans of good comedy and of having a laugh sometimes, right? I think the most important thing about comedy, is how the jokes are pulled off. To be more clear, I'm saying that the jokes have to be shown or presented in a clever way, connected to the story and giving them some sense, to fully understand them or enjoy them. That's exactly what Nichijou does wrong.

This cartoon (and maybe many others around there that we don't know about) relies way too much in “randomness”. Random jokes that you wouldn't expect to be shown or that defies the common sense and insults intelligence. When that happens, some people may react with laughs and complete satisfaction, and others, included yours truly, might wonder “What in the world am I going to see next?” Because honestly, there is no such thing as sanity or good manners in Nichijou. Oooh no, there is none. All that there is, is an uncontrollable desire to destroy in the most shameless way possible, all related to good comedy. That's it. It just pukes all over it and throw it to the garbage can and good riddance.

The exaggeration of the common situations happened in the show is one of the things that I hate about it. It gets old and the worst thing of all, is that it never stops. For series this long (26 episodes in total), is truly a torture to watch the whole thing. This should've been 13 or 14 episodes because it really doesn't deserve that much “development”. Development that is non-existent. I can understand that some people might like some of the stuff that happens here and how often they get magnified, but let's face it: for the most part, it read more
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3 hours ago
Hyouka (Anime) add
Hyouka is one of the best slice of life anime. It has this good feeling about it, with a lot of reference to mystery/detective literature.
The characters is the best thing about this anime, they are really like likable.
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4 hours ago
High School DxD BorN (Anime) add
My first REVIEW!!!
Short And Sweet(Mature Readers Only, though I'm not 17 myself)
Everyone reading this review must know about 'Highschool Dxd'. Very Popular-Ecchi-Romance-Supernatural-Action-Highschool Anime.
Talking about the review

Highschool Dxd has a regular ecchi-romance-highschool anime type stroy which most of the people like. It has a mix of normal life expanding to living with a bunch of kawaii girl and sleeping with them. It has the main plot of a boy being a devil who wants to become a harem king(though he has a harem already) and has the power of the 'Red Dragon Emperor'. And well, that concludes it!

It has a fantastic art/graphic quality. The art is stunning whether it comes to detailing the boobs or magical battles. Art might have deserved 10 only if the Balance breaker did not look that bad(I mean not as good as season 1).

The op and ending are amazing, as well as the voice of the actors. The sound shows it magic as it is very crucial to the anime. The sound when Issei touches someone's oppai as well as the sound that is produced clashing of two forces/magic/armor. Absolutely Amazing.

Now moving on,
I really liked the characters but in some places I felt some kind of over reaction. Well it is to be expected in anime but I felt just 'that'.

The story, art, sound, aree good but I didn't enjoyed this show like some other people have. Mainly might be the reason that I am not a fan of harem, but still it was amazing. I really like to see mythology in anime, and fanservice was there too. So if you are a fan of harem then youg might want to watch this season(like, who wouldn't?).

SO that concludes all the points.

A must watch for a fan of
Great Art-Stunning Music-Oppai-Ecchi-Harem-Great Plot/Story-Hot Ladies-Romance-Supernatural-Highschool.
Have Fun Watching..
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Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season (Anime) add
First of all, I will clear things out by saying, that I am a big fan of season 1 & 2 of this anime series. I liked almost everthing about those two anime. Eventhough with such a great prequels the third season felt a bit too repetitive. While watching this anime I felt like I have watched the same things in season one & two. The thing that I loved about the first two seasons was character development which was somewhat missing in season 3. The story is good and it give the whole in depth backstory of all the players. This backstory helps viewer understand why kuroko is so passionate about basketball. Plot of the story is also good which helps the anime to get viewer interested and watch it untill the end. Overall I would say the anime doesn't live upto the expectation that the viewers or I would say I personally had for this anime. In the end, I would say if you are fan of this anime series you should watch it but don't keep your expectations too high.
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Kotonoha no Niwa (Anime) add
I went into this movie knowing all the praise that it gets for it's animation. Besides that fact, I didn't know very much about the story or the characters. So I essentially went in blind. I had also heard a lot about Makoto Shinkai. So it's safe to say I had a certain set of expectations before watching. And I'm glad to say that It did not disappoint.


The story follows a tale of a young boy named Takao as he interacts with a older woman named Yukari at a local park. They encounter each other many times on rainy days; both of them avoiding their daily routines of school and work. They grow closer through their conversations during this time. The story is incredibly simple and it doesn't really have anything too unconventional to offer. But there is one unique aspect that the romance does have: age. Takao is 15 and Yukari is 27. With this age difference there is a social barrier they face. They both know that their relationship is considered taboo and they try to work around that. This gives the romance a feature that not many others have.

But besides the unique aspect of the main characters romantic situation, the progression of the story is one of the movie's weakest elements. There is just not enough time to express the story fully. By the end of the film you'll be left wanting more, but sadly there isn't. The story is not terrible, but as a romance it falls flat at certain points.


The animation is easily the sealing point of this movie. I was recalling my time watching Redline; which I considered to be the best animation I've ever seen. But I can safely say that this movie rivals Redline for that 1# spot.

The realism of the movie made me think I was watching a live action film.
The scenery is bright with a vibrant color palette that makes each scene a pleasure to watch. The attention to detail of the backgrounds and especially the rain is nothing more than astonishing. It is commendable how much effort was put into this short film.


The music is mostly comprised of pianos and ambient noises. I don't feel that most of the background songs are very memorable though. They serve their purpose for the scenes their placed in and not much else after that. The music is not overbearing and the sound effects take center stage to help immerse you in the atmosphere of the scenes. The best song overall was used in the ending scene before the credits. It helped make the scene more emotionally powerful.

The voice acting was suitable. They display emotion when needed and handle dialogue very well. They help make the characters relationship feel more realistic. It was also nice to see Kana Hanazawa playing a more mature rule. Even with more experience in younger characters, she is still able to voice Yukari nicely.


This section is the weakest aspect of the film. Given the short length read more
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Guilty Crown (Anime) add
AWESOME! nothing better
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Devil May Cry (Anime) add
Devil May Cry "Game" to "Anime"

If you have played Devil May Cry game before then surely you won't like this anime. as it has a no story to it just Dante doing missions one after another. at first I was excited to watch it but after finishing the whole anime it turned me down. not to mention Dante's character in this is a bit off.

I'd be fair to the rating of this anime!
so I'm giving it a total 6 score though the story was poor.

But For me, I'd say this anime is good 7/10
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6 hours ago
●REC (Manga) add
This. Doujin. Doe. Came for the loli cover. Stayed for the story.

If you're in the review section to see if you should read it or not, take my word for it and read it. Its not NSFW, but can get suggestive.

But hold on. Don't close the page. Read it.

I don't usually write reviews unless there's only like 1 other review, but for this I'm writing it because its just simply amazing.


And now I'll start my review proper.

The first few pages really depict 'that' kind of doujin, if you're a hormonal person and into that you'll know what I'm talking about. But the plot twist in the middle. Man was it so well executed.

Then you stop and let whatever happened in the previous pages sink in, with all the possible meanings. Then you continue reading and the feel train doesn't stop.

Even at the end with the open ending its open for people to interpret it as they like, which makes discussions about this fun because it can train you to look deep into the panels for any hidden meanings, if you're into that. If you're not then you can believe what you want.

I won't dwell into into the characters because its a 1 chapter doujin because there isn't much to say about them. As for the artwork its simple but sufficient.

Somehow or rather this review makes me feel like I'm shortcoming the manga, but its really really 10/10 quality. S-s-s-s-sugoi
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6 hours ago
Oretama (Manga) add
One of those few ecchi manga that deserves to be read not just for its fanservice, but for its characters.

Condensed verion:

Why you may pick this up:
-Interactions between characters
-Elyse X Kohta
-Interesting setup for plot

Why you may skip this:
-Heavy Fanservice (Arguable)
-Weak ending

Long version:

Story-7: There is actually a story, and it is OK, if somewhat lacking in the ending. MC is (another) useless bum who is hopeless in life. Then, in a freak accident, the Queen of terror becomes sealed inside his... balls. To prevent the end of days, he shall not come. Yes, the story is as weird as the title makes it out. As the story goes on, demons (who all happen to be female, for some reason, and yet this isn't a harem) attempt to seduce MC in an effort to make him release his load and finally have demonkind rule the world. No, you are not going to get an epic 'hero defeats the demon lord and saves the world' plotline from a title like 'My balls', but the story is serviceable, and gives many opportunities for ecchi scenes. Nothing special, if not creative, but it isn't bad either.

Characters-9: This is where, in my honest opinion, the manga really shines. We have the MC, Kohta Satou, the useless bum who destroys the world if he ejaculates, and one of the lesser demons sent to make him do just that, Elyse*. Kohta has a crush on his colleague, Minayo, but being the useless bum he is, he does not have the balls(?) to ask her out. As the story goes on, we see the MC try to hold it in as hordes of demon girls use an array of fetishes to get MC to blow his load and release their queen, while Elyse slowly falls in love with MC, and Kohta begins to make his move on Minayo. The chemistry between Kohta and Elyse is some of the best I have seen in ecchi romances. I genuinely felt the sparks fly between them, and I found myself rooting for Elyse even as Kohta progresses further with Minayo. Its one of the few reasons you may want to pick up this series. Well, that and maybe the ecchi.

*just going to rant about Elyse here. She is one of the most cutest, beloved, and most expressive tsundere pettanko i have seen in a long time. Every time she is with Kohta, there is never a dull moment, from scolding each other, to dates, to her crying when she sees her beloved Kohta enjoying sex with someone else and being unable to do anything about it. Ok, rant end, on with the review.

Art-8: its an ecchi series, so the art is usually good, by default. All the curves are there in the right places, and all the facial expressions complements the action going on. Characters are easily told apart, since all the different demons look like ecchi cosplayers.

Enjoyment-9: I came for the story, and stayed for the characters. I was expecting a typical read more
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6 hours ago
Opus (Manga) add

So, assuming you just ignored that warning, I'll say again that I will be spoiling the ending of Opus fully in order to discuss it, so readers be wary. If you just want a recommendation from me, this is it. Go and buy Opus on Amazon or wherever you can. It's a great read and completely worth your time, especially if you enjoy Kon's other work. The purpose of this review is to give readers some food for thought about the ending, and perhaps change how they felt about it if they were disappointed or unsatisfied.

My experience after finishing Opus mirrored that of finishing Neon Genesis Evangelion. Although both had troubled endings, I found myself satisfied with the result regardless. Both of them also later received an "actual" ending, though the ending to Opus wasn't available until very recently and doesn't undo the ending readers were left with in 1996. What's bound to anger many people is that there is no actual "end" for the characters. Just who is The Masque? Is everything eventually set right in Resonance and Nagai's world? What happens to the characters after Nagai finishes his manga? We'll never truly know, but I personally thought the current ending sent an interesting message about the relationship between author and creation. Much like how Nagai can't finish Resonance, Satoshi Kon was unable to finish Opus, and this comes to an interesting climax when Nagai confronts Kon in manga form. It purposely leaves the narrative to Opus and Resonance incomplete, but it strengthens the message that an author doesn't necessarily have complete control over their work. Although Opus focused more on how an author doesn't have complete control in terms of character and plot progression, the end shows us that sometimes the author doesn't even have control over finishing their own story. Nagai doesn't finish Resonance, Kon doesn't finish Opus, and the two clash over this fact in the final chapter. Although it's still a bit disappointing that we'll never know how Resonance and Opus were originally intended to end, the ending we got was far from a bad one and should hopefully leave the viewer thinking about the relationship between fiction and reality, which is ultimately what Kon originally intended.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (Anime) add
Please actually read. This is a balanced review.

Story: 6
Kid wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and entertain people. He sets off on his task, gaining friends and rivals on the way. It’s so cliché I can’t even critique it for being such. It’s a very slow start, and I was very tempted to drop the series. Perhaps I will reconsider if it picks up.

Art/Animation: 7
Poor “frame rate” at times, but otherwise all right. Art is quite good, and succeeds to differentiate between characters but it is a little inconsistent throughout each episode.

Sound: 8
Decent, but sometimes OST is played out of place. The OST itself is varied and a nice mix of modern and more classical themes. Actual sound effects are effective and generally well-engineered. The first OP is pretty catchy. The seiyuu are quite fitting.

Characters: 5
Yuya Sakaki is a stereotypical pacifist hero archetype, the very antithesis of an interesting main character. His father went missing, and for that he has the viewer’s sympathy, but other than that, he seems to lead the rosy, perfect life every other MC of an anime aimed at children has. He has had little real character development thus far.
Yuzu is a typical stand-in female character, but probably the most interesting character, with flaws and misconceptions. On a side note she practically has a harem already; what?
Sawatari is an egotistical, narcissistic rival with zero depth. There is little to say about him.
Reiji has a nice concept, but poor application. Stoic genius with red hipster glasses and a ridiculous gravity and wind defying scarf. It’s just poor character design.
The kids are just there to react to whatever’s happening. Literally of no consequence as far as I’ve watched.
The dimensional counterparts seem an interesting enough concept, but I need to watch more to make a judgement.

Enjoyment: 5
Duels: 4
Action duelling: This is literally the worst. Turbo duels can be replicated by adding speed counters every turn. Action duels? How is that even practical from a duelling standpoint? The point of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is to accommodate the release of new cards. Completely derails if you can’t simulate a mode of duelling. On an anime standpoint, it literally just offers characters a way to play random cards they didn’t have in their hand.
Pendulum summoning is quite overpowered, offering Yuya and other main duelists with an easy plotcard to defeat unimportant characters and summon large numbers of important cards with little sacrifice.
The addition of other summons is only redeeming factor of the duels. This is what every series should have done, rather than just ignore the previously introduced methods.

Cards: 6
I have serious misgivings about the carnival deck. It’s very immature and more than a little off-putting. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is clearly an attempt at giving the main character a random dragon main card. It doesn’t fit with the rest of Yuya’s deck; at all.
The other decks also seem similarly uninspired. New cards with conveniently appropriate effects are spewed out left, right and centre. Although, I can’t really blame Arc-V here. This read more
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7 hours ago
Shingeki no Kyojin 2nd Season (Anime) add
tis the good anime yes yes
sori my english bad :(
Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro Herro
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This is going to be my first movie ever I will make a review in MAL

Movie review No.1

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion is the 2nd movie which ended the events of the anime series but still make many question if the ending is possible or did the events really happen. So many questions so many mysteries but hey this what make Evangelion stand out among the rest of mecha with human psychology involve.

Plot 10/10
Why would I give this series a 10? if a lot question about the events have no direct explanation? Well the answer is that Eva series make hidden messages and hint's of what will happen in the future which gives intriguing interest. Another factor why the plot is good is that it's open minded about concepts and ideas that media and masses don't want to see or even want to share which make this anime stand out it is not afraid to express it's ideals to the masses even it will be negative or positive this what make creative writing good for it refreshes us with new ideas that we don't usually encounter or even cross which will make us creative and have a new perspective about life. Something that we can think about deeply which will not make us a total idiot overthinking some dialogues. The show make us think in a whole about it meaning we question everything about it. We don't question the small pictures or the big picture but we question the show entirely which make the plot so fun and so intriguing to understand.

Art 10/10
Even I watched this series in the year 2015 where art style are stylish and well colored I should be underestimating it's art but NO! This is 1997 anime movie which have been funded with good production and greatly animated during it's time so I will say that Evangelion art style is very good and well made. The symbolism use by the series to enhance the plot and creative art make the characters appeal their inner emotion to the public which give us better understanding on what's going on the premise of the show. The art made a special purpose in the movie. Artistically creative which make another good score for Evangelion.

Sound 10/10
The sound of movie is life reviving for the sound effects and background music make the movie freshly alive and thrilling. The sound made the events of the movie intense and attentive for you won't get out of your seat just to see what will be going next. The sound greatly supported the movies presentation and it's message about the current scene of the movie earning another admirable praise.

Characters 10/10
This is the strongest point of the series and the movie. The realistic psychology of human emotion and it's struggle in escapism. The state of pretending to accept reality but instead extreme denial about everything and escaping everything that make conflict in our believes, ideas and personal emotion. Eva portrayed this critically which read more
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7 hours ago
Ore Monogatari!! (Anime) add
Disclaimer: the show is still airing, so this review is about the 12 episodes I have seen so far!

And when I thought shoujos couldn´t catch me off guard anymore, comes Ore Monogatari!! makes me a suplex from behind.

The story follows Takeo a high school student that looks like The Mountain from Game of Thrones, that lives a normal student life but being always in the shadow (ha ha ha im so funny) of his dear friend Suna who is always the crush of the girls Takeo likes. In fact all the girls in the world would throw their panties at him. One day Takeo stops a pervert from groping a girl in the subway and she falls in love with him. And then the story start to unfold.
Not giving much away of the plot, this seems like a standart slice of life/shojo right? Well yes and no. It is a standart plot but the way its carried and the characters that are starring it makes the show incredibly fun to watch.

The characters in the show are great, theyre funny, and lovable. Takeo is the loving giant that is always confused about how to do things involving relationships, Suna is that friend that seems cold but always looks after Takeo and Yamato is the diabetically sweet cute moe blob.

The plot is nothing new, in fact being a slice of life type of anime the story is composed of (practically) not connected stories. But every episode is a lot of fun because of the way that the characters approach the stuff that happens in each one. Did I mentioned that this show is sweet? Like "bring the insuline!" sweet? Yeah.

The art is great, standing out from the crowd. The use of color to determine the mood of the characters and more traditional (manga style) pannels to express feelings is really good. And im a sucker for the "style changing" in anime, I mean that the drawing changes from normal to chibi and such, I alway liked that.

Sound designs is nice, the music suits the sweet tone of the anime and a honorable mention to the voice actors that do a really really good job.

Overall, this show I great, its sweet, its funny and sometimes its even sad. If you like comedy/SoL/shojo this anime is a must, youll not go wrong with it.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment (if that is posible on MAL reviews) and if you want to discuss something with me post it on my page.
Novak Out.
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7 hours ago
xxxHOLiC (Anime) add
O melhor anime que ja assisti. Ele explora muito bem a cultura japonesa e ensina sobre seus diversos aspectos. Gostei também das falas sobre equilíbrio e "não interferir nas decisões das pessoas"... Não tenho palavras para explicar o quanto eu amo este anime, a unica coisa que peca é o traço, que poderia ter sido mais trabalhado, porém é um anime antigo então acredito que de para dar um desconto.
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7 hours ago
Gokukoku no Brynhildr (Anime) add
O Anime tinha um grande potencial a julgar pela sinopse. Acabei não gostando muito pois os produtores focaram mais em protagonismo, harém e ecchi do que a história em si, o que foi um erro muito grave. A unica coisa que salva é a segunda intro que foi muito bem feita. Poderia ter tido mais história, menos ecchi, menos gore e menos protagonismo.
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7 hours ago
Shokugeki no Souma (Anime) add
"Dude, there's some drool coming out of your mouth."
"Huh? Oh, yeah."

This is it. The anime where you'll either drool from the mouthwatering food, the well-defined boo-err, bodies(be it female or male) or heck, even both!

Mix that up with a story that's full of excitement and a set of lovable characters that'll make you want to EAT'em up, the resulting package would be SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA.

The story is very simple yet it doesn't fail to amuse. Yukihira Soma, our protagonist, goes to a high-caliber cooking school in order to sharpen his skills in cooking and then aims to come out as the school's no. 1. There, many challenges awaits him that are set as his stepping stones in order to become a better chef. (Shonen stereotype)

For a cooking anime, it delivers very well. The characters use a variety of real cooking methods that are performed by professional chefs(not that I would know). The show is also very informative as it explains the processes in cooking and the science happening in food, which is great for those actually interested in culinary art. Food battles(Shokugeki) are intense and worth watching. The reactions after eating a dish is exaggerated but funny. Each episode will make you crave for more.

The characters in this anime are really something. Each of them has their own unique feature that makes them so easy to remember. Be it the cocky & confident dude, the shy & cowardly girl, the girl with the God Tongue, the meat (cow)girl, the always-butt-naked senpai, or even the bro-duo that we've never seen cook, you'll never be able to forget them. Plus, all of them are lovable, even the minor characters.

Their skills in cooking are really unquestionable. They are given enough backstories that matches to their present cooking skills. Character development is also present here and is executed well.

The art is spectacular. The dishes they make are oozing with life. It makes you want to eat all the dishes they make but then reality slaps you hardly in the face. The cooking scenes are superbly animated. The backgrounds are well-drawn and detailed. Character designs suit each character. The anime IS under ecchi so fans of the genre can live a fulfilling life with the well-drawn boo-er again, bodies the J.C. Staff created.

The soundtrack is also marvelous. Each scene is given a befitting background music. The OP & ED are great and skipping it should never cross the mind. Voice acting was well done and appropriate for each character.

This is a must-watch for everyone that's NOT AGAINST watching ecchi anime. It's fun and enjoyable as it is a cooking anime that's done well.
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7 hours ago
Gangsta. (Anime) add
Disclaimer: this is a preview, the show is now airing and this are just my thoughts of the first episode!

If I had to describe the feel that Gangsta gives me is "oi isnt this black lagoon 2.0?" And it is, and not in a bad way.

The anime is set in a city controlled by various mafias, and the action mainly focuses on two characters: Nick a silent cookie cutted maniac and his companion, Worick. Not giving away too much of the story, as i understood, these two are somewhat neutral forces that work for different people, including the police.
As you can see, the setting is practically the same that in Black Lagoon, a mafia/gangster infested city where a neutral company carry out jobs for money. Does it mean that its a boring copy paste? Nope. The characters are interesting so far and they display some morals even when working on shady stuff, like Rock in BL (huh!?).

The OP is well done, it sets the tone for the anime, sound design is average at most, pretty standard but the soundtrack is really good, going for a jazzy/funky sound that fits very well on the dark tone of the anime.

The art style is nothing great, you´ve seen it before for sure but one thing that I must say is that some shots and scenes are very well "filmed" because there are some camera angles that remind a lot of noir films.

The voice actors do a nice job, nothing spectacular but the show has a good cast on that.

One thing that I like a lot is the openin scene that inmediately puts the viewer in the "mood".

Overall, as far as I´ve seen (and what I think I will in the nex episodes) Gangsta is a great anime for those who want something mature and greedy. Black Lagoon fans will enjoy it for sure.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if I made mistakes, english is not my main language.
Feel free to comment about the review and the anime in general!
Novak Out.
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7 hours ago
Deadman Wonderland (Anime) add
Thought I'd see something really interesting, read synopsis, researched everything on it, and at the end was a total disappointment.

Deadman Wonderland is an anime that no captive anything, the plot is slow, boring and without any appeal to make it interesting, and further accompanied by characters with no charisma and silly Intelligence, and no relevant moments that will make those demanding or those looking for a good squirm with rage when they are watching. At the end of it all is a very weak anime in every way and really does nothing to save this disappointment of falling into the abyss.
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8 hours ago
Dragon Ball Super (Anime) add
i`m sure this is going to be a great series but like we saw in dragon ball z battle of the gods there will be a lot more of a drama aspect added into to. will still will see plenty of action obviously though. hopefully with current animation the fights in the dragon ball series will be looking better than ever!
expected overall score of 8 but hopefully by the end of the series that will be 9
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8 hours ago
Love Live! School Idol Project (Anime) add
Now, I've never been much of a fan for Idol games, and honestly I came into watching the anime due to a friend wanting me to play the iPhone game, and my liking of the outfits.

I never found the appeal of animes like idolm@ster, Aikatsu, K-on, and the like. I've never been that big about slice of life. Out of the three other anime's I mentioned, I tried out K-On and didn't much care for it. And hearing about Love Live at first I just turned a blind eye to it.

But then I watched it. First off what's so great is that the main characters didn't wish to form a group out of a desire to be famous or out of sheer boredom. They did it with a clear goal to save the school (Except for Nico but that's part of Nico's charm) Each character has an individual reason to want to save the school and an individual way that gets them to join the group.

They're not there to just get famous and popular and thats a huge part of why I enjoyed the story and kept along with it. But also... the characters. They've all got refreshing personality to them on top of great design. Nico and Kotori are my personal favorites, mostly because Nico's a huge trope on the typical snobby idol that everyone turns a blind eye too or even make fun of on top of her catchy Nico nico niii. Kotori's one of the few moe blob characters that are so sickeningly sweet that I want to hold forever, and near the end what she had to decide on wrenched my heart.

I think the animation in this anime is superb. I just love the way the characters look in general, something about their anime design is just great to look at, fluid, and precious. It's one of the few anime i've oogled at and muttered to myself "I love how the characters look." That said, I'm not too fond of the style they used in dance sequences, if you've watched the anime you should know what i'm talking about. I hadn't looked into it, but it looks more like game models to me. And if done right that'd be great (Like Show by Rock!!'s mumon sequences) But something about the dance sequences (Barring than the flashes to the anime's usual beautiful animation) It looks a bit lifeless and tacky.

Sound is a mixed bag and I'm sure just like everything songs I dislike others will love. Personally I really loved A-RISE's song, it was really catchy and I could see why they have so many fans. A lot of the inserts for u's on the other hand were really simple and a bit kidlike for the most part. But I believe that was more the anime's way of getting across that, yes, they're amateurs. And their quality does get better over time. (Especially if you play the iphone game, there's a ton of songs done by read more
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8 hours ago
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) (Anime) add
Story: 8/10
The plot is simple and very easy to follow, but there’s never a dull moment. The theme could have been dark and dreary (a point gracefully pointed out in the first opening song), but it’s instead lighthearted and funny, which is a huge advantage for plot progression. The story manages to advance and remain mostly comedic, which makes sitting down and watching it feel neither like a chore nor like a total emersion in brain cell destruction. Lastly, it is inarguably an incredibly original idea that I have yet seen to be attempted by any other series—HOWEVER, I will say that if you’re looking for anything down-to-earth or serious, this doesn’t fit the bill (unless you’re willing to suffer through a good 19 episodes of comedy). Really, if you start to think too much, you also start to realize how weird even the semi-dramatic scenes (and full-blown dramatic ones that appear later in the series) are, and it takes you out of the moment.
Art: 9/10
The art style closely resembles that of Attack on Titan, with thick outlines, distinctive eye styles, various nose shapes, and assorted hair types (with, admittedly, many more unrealistic yet anime-esque colors of hair that help to reflect the difference in genre between the two series).
Note: [Upon a bit of further research, I found out that, in conflict with my prediction, the two were animation through completely different studios—Wit Studio (AoT) and Lerche (AC)]
Character: 10/10
The character development, to my surprise, is taken pretty seriously. Even Koro-sensei, who is meant to be the most mysterious character, has specific personality traits and weaknesses easily discovered by Nagisa’s diligent note-taking.
Sound: 8/10
I give the sound 8/10. I actually picked up on the OST this time, realizing that I would have to include it in this review—but considering that this series was given 22 episodes instead of your average 12, it was neither extremely notable nor really bad. I suppose I couldn’t expect it to have an exceptional soundtrack given that it’s a comedy anime--but I think it could’ve been better, because though certain sounds did reoccur, there was no characteristic background music, just generic music. I will say that I appreciated the difference between the opening of the first 11 episodes and the last 11.
Enjoyment: 9/10
As I mentioned above, it is a pretty light-hearted series, and there wasn’t a point where I got bored of watching. That being said, given that this was mainly comedic anime, while there were times I did laugh, it wasn’t frequently, which is what separates this anime from one I would give a perfect score.
Overall: 9/10
Would watch again. Looking forward to Season 2.
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8 hours ago
Howl no Ugoku Shiro (Anime) add
Visually striking and magnificent trail, this work of Miyazaki master will delight people of all ages with its fantastic history.
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8 hours ago
Kaze Tachinu (Anime) add
The allure of Miyazaki by aircraft is very clear that his last work, which happens to be the most mature and amazing I have ever seen.
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Story: 7
It's not a bad story, but it's not really a great story either. It's kind of like SAO or magi, the main character goes into dungeons to fight monsters, so he can gain experience points and level up. The only difference is that this isn't set in a game, it's set in an actual world. There are a lot of problems with the story though, there are a lot of plot holes, sometimes it forgets what the character's main goal is and the ending was very unsatisfying in my opinion.

Art: 8
It's actually pretty good. The only problem I have with it is that the art style looks a lot like SAO, because that makes it obvious that its trying to be like SAO. As for the character designs, they can be very hit or miss. I liked hestia's design, but some of the other characters just look a bit weird. But overall the art isn't bad.

Sound: 6
I didn't mind the acting at first, but towards the end of the series I got sick of listening to every characters voices. As for the opening and ending, I found them very disappointing. They weren't bad, they were just very forgettable. And just like the voice acting, I got sick of listening to them after a while. I enjoyed the ending more than the opening.

Characters: 6
I wasn't really expecting to see amazing characters from this anime, so I can't really say I was disappointed by the characters, but they still weren't that great. Bell and Lili were the only characters who got any real development. Hestia also got a little development, but apart from that the rest of the characters were pretty bland.

Enjoyment: 6
To be honest I didn't really enjoy this as much as SAO. Even though SAO had majour flaws, it still had one thing that this anime didn't. And that thing was suspense. In SAO there was a lack of plot armour, Kirito and azuna were really the only characters who had any plot armour. Most of the other characters could die. But in this anime, all the characters had plot armour, no one could die, so there fore I didn't really worry about any of the characters in this anime because I knew none of them could die. Also, I got bored of the series after a few episodes. I enjoyed it at first, but as the series went on I just began to care less and less about it after every episode. Also I think it's a tiny bit overrated. Face it, the only reason this has such a high score is because there weren't that many good anime released in spring 2015. If this were released in the early 2000's, it probably wouldn't have gotten such a high score today.

Overall: 7
I still think its worth watching, but there are many better anime out there.
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9 hours ago
Denpa Teki na Kanojo (Anime) add
If you're new comers to mystery, thriller genre anime than this for you, but for others:

The story has a dark tone where high school students were wannabe detectives and solve school mystery/conflict, result of corny characters act way too predictable. Share similarities of main characters' personality and plots within the same genre, not unique but an complication of borrowed interesting ideas/plot from other shows with a bit twist to fool narrow minded reviewers as being fresh.

The visual is good, but the confrontation between characters is way dramatic for detective drama, it is retarted.
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9 hours ago
Clannad Movie (Anime) add
This movie combines Clannad and the Clannad After Story into a film. This movie has a fairly similar art style and some of the voice actors are different from the Anime version. I think this should be watched after you complete the main series. Even though this predates Clannad and Clannad After Story, they have a much better ending and go into way more detail and the plot is way better in my mind. This movie the plot is almost the same but different in that I only cried once. Sound odd when I say it but the Tv version of this show that ran for 46 episodes (again combined clannad and afterstory.) gives you more of a plot and more emotions. Once you finish the emotion train that is clannad then watch this movie. You will find this has some more elements that make it somewhat enjoyable like some comedy. Please if you have not watched clannad please do. But not this version first.
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9 hours ago
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
[Spoiler free review with TL:DR at the bottom]

[Note: Keep in mind, that like any other review, most of this is opinion based. There is no need to hurt over it, just my honest thoughts, and it's not all negative]

Late to the party but better late than never.

I'm one of those people that hold the notion, that just because something is different, that doesn't necessarily translate to better. For something to be unique it has to be different with a positive quality. And what makes and breaks something, is always the execution of 'different'. This is unfortunately not the case with Kill la Kill.

Right off the bat in the first episode, you will be overwhelmed with Kill la Kill's style. If there is one thing that all can agree on, is that the series has it's own style for better or worse. If you watched the famous Gurren Lagan, you will get accustomed quickly to the larger than life approach of Kill la Kill, as some of the staff that worked in TTGL, worked in Kill la Kill. Most notably Imaishi Hiroyuki, the director.

In the following episode I started to like it, as the first episode shocked my expectations more than anything and I wasn't able to digest it well. The story is simple and straight forward. It''s about Matoi Ryuuko, searching for answers for her father's killer, which lead her to Honnouji Academy, the rest you can read in the synopsis so no point in repeating here. The main issue with this storyline is that it's stretched thin for the next 12 or so episodes, with little hints dropped here and there where the show brings it up again. That means for the most part, Ryuuko just spends her time trying to take down, Satsuki. And in order for her to get to Satsuki, she has to go through some henchmen and henchwoman, fodder basically. And I'm really not a fan of monster of the week format.

After that, she faces the elite four. Where in each fight, Ryuuko asspull some power and conjure an ability of Senketsu when she is beaten badly and about to lose. Which might not be a big deal, since the show doesn't take itself all too seriously at this point. But it does make the fights boring and predictable. Since Ryuuko's fight with Satsuki's at episode 3, there really hasn't been any interesting or great fights for those 12 or so episodes. Be it in excitement, intensity, choreography, or animation. If the show somehow was able to keep that quality constant, I would have sung praises for it action wise, which is a big portion of it.

The story main problems are it's simplicity, predictability and it's constant switch from something that want to be taken seriously or something that is just nonsensical that you should take with a grain of salt and lack of skepticism. And I suppose that reflects on the show as whole as KLK can't decide by the second half if read more
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9 hours ago
Green Green (Anime) add
Green Green is the most important ecchi anime, for all the wrong reasons. Don’t be fooled by the pictures that promise you fun times with the occasional peak at tits. Green Green is cruel and mean-spirited. It doesn’t want to, but this is the side-effect of taking sexual shenanigans to their extreme. This is what happens when you’re making a sex comedy and enjoy the limitlessness of animation.

Despite what I and many reviewers write, anime is a really just a lot of lines and colors moving around. The stories are in our heads. It’s like how a novel is just some ink painted in different shapes upon (recycled?) paper. No real people are involved, but it’s surprising how legal action hasn’t taken against the creators. Surely, such sexual harassment shouldn’t be presented in such a care-free and comic way, even if it targets animated characters, right? If not, then the viewer himself was sexually harassed and the viewer is a real person.

This is how watching Green Green feels like for most of its length. Panty shots and the camera finding its way to the girls’ bathroom aren’t its defining feature. Very early in the first episode the fat guy gets off on rubbing his man-boobs. This is what the series revolves around. Everything else is just a side dish.

It’s amusing, but only because it’s hard to take your eyes off it. The show pushes things to the extreme, doing things in the real world would land the idiots in jail if not in a hospital. Key scenes include ‘fishing’ a shirt in front of other boys, basically stripping her and a fat guy jumping on the teacher screaming ‘here we go’. In the real world, we call this an attempted rape.

There is a light-hearted tone to all of this, but it doesn’t fit the events. It gives the impression that it takes what’s going on lightly, which only makes things worse. The three idiots are not bumbling buffons, but creeps. It’s hard to feel anything but contempt and hatred for them. The fat guy sees women as literally a stick with tits on. Tenjin is a pedophile who gets off on eating rice while Sanae is asleep. Metalhead-looking guy is sometimes better. He sometimes serves as an amusing satire of a desperate horny teenager. Mostly, he’s a stalker who goes on and on about love but tries to use brute force.

The creators try sometimes to give them what they deserve, but its at the expense of the viewer. We may not feel very sorry for them when they get humiliated, but here the punishment includes a rape from a bear. Worse, it’s not an implied one. A bush volunteers to prevent it from becoming full-blown porn, but there are enough sounds and moaning so you’ll have a clear image enough in your head.

The characters have nothing resembling depth, but that’s not the problem. They’re comic relief characters, but it’s hard to be funny when all you do is harass. What read more
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9 hours ago
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
I read the manga months before the anime went out. I was glad when I found out that it got an anime adaptation but at the same time I wasn't because most adaptations don't follow the original book or do some enormous changes; this anime didn't let me down.

Story: 9
Humans have become species which are very harmful to the planet. To prevent their growing numbers, parasytes have come to earth, took control of people and after that they kill and eat them too. I don't really understand why but most of them kill their own kind as well (maybe they fight because of food, Idk). This parasyte wasn't able to invade the brain of Shinichi, the main protagonist, but instead grew on his right arm. Not being able to control Shinichi, the two must have extreme coordination when other parasytes try to kill them. Shinichi now having to live as half human and half parasyte is the most interesting thing to see in Kiseijuu aside from the fights and understanding Tamiya Ryouko, atleast for me.
The studio (Madhouse not sure) did an excellent job adapting the original book. Followed the manga and had a great pace.

Art: 8.5
The art has really improved. I didn't appreciate the manga's art but in the anime, I loved it. The fights are terrific, but sometimes the MC not doing a thing, the spotlight is only on Migi. (Although, I don't think I should be complaining about that in art section, my bad) For me, it is really cool, seeing how fast they fight that you won't know who's attacking or defending.
The character design changed in a better way. Shinichi's appearance before the "transformation", having eyeglasses and that hairstyle made him look quieter and more of 'intelligent' type (I prefer him that than the transformation and than how it was in the manga, maybe I'm just in fangirl mode lololol); the main female, murano and a supporting female, Kana, had a better design which made them look cuter and younger. Her personality plus this drastic char design change of Kana even made her more popular than Murano.

Sound: 9
The voice actors did a not outstanding but not terrible performance. I don't have much to say about that. There are only 2 things which left me an impression, how Tamura Ryouko laughed and migi's voice actress, yep actress: Aya Hirano. Maybe it's only me (well ^^") but I wouldn't have guessed that migi has even a female voice actress.
I don't like the op and ed to 'Dat' level but they aren't bad either.
Now the themes. They're fantastic heh. I'll give you a brief description, more like opinion, of my 2 favorites. 1- Next to you, this theme is a not so fast melody and has a melancholic and sad feeling. It's like someone's saying 'I know it's sad and tragic but you have to accept, fight and move on, because that's life'. 2- Migi's theme. A melody of someone full of curiosity wanting to define the mystery of the read more
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"I want something genuine" -HH


Slightly different from the 1st season who more focused to the Volunteer Club to "help" each other. The 2nd season are much more focused to Hachiman's character development and tp the people around him. Depend on audience taste, it can reduce the interest to watch. Imo, it makes the anime much more interesting because, for character who doesn't looked important finally had a development at this season.

"Too much drama"
Sometimes, it can make you happy, sad, angry, make you wanna smash your screen, but first, Welcome to Oregairu where your emotion gone up and down like a roller coaster. Some scene is pretty unpredictable, for example, that scene when Hayato "restore" Hachiman's name after he being abused by his middle "friend". MUCH BROMANCE. The most interesting drama is when Hachiman's resolve a problem by sacrificed himself, causing further conflict. Very interesting to watch.

"Hardly To Understand Dialog"
Oregairu is filled by a dialog who doesn't seem important, maybe the audience who likes a comedy anime can feel bored. But believe me, the dialog, all of them, even who doesn't seem important, are the core of the anime, and maybe you must really pay attention from the 1st episode until the end. The problem is, the dialog are literally spoken, so you really need to use your brain to really understand the story. For example, Haruno who being nice to Yukino and Hachiman, but it can turn to the opposite of it as the story unfolds, and led to speculation. But hey, it's woman, full of code and puzzle.

"The Cliffhanger"
Well, maybe this the most obnoxious part of the anime where the ending, can't be said as ending. It's because the anime doesn't have the material from the LN anymore. So, you need to wait for the Volume 12 release, or just wait for the season 3. But the ending had the plus points like it can make so much speculation i.e "What's the point of this anime?". Why? because, as I said before, the last dialog between Hachiman, Yui, Yukino, not literally spoken. So, don't be confused if a confession can takes a 1/4 episode with a "hardly understand" words.

For those who already watched the 1st season, to watch the 2nd is a MUST. And for those who haven't really watch this anime, whether the 1st or 2nd season, I recommend to watch the 1st season first. Oregairu can offer a really deep story who need to use your brain to understand. If you don't like this sort of anime, with a complex storyline and so much feels, this may not for you. But if you love an anime who have so much drama and so focused the storyline, this is for you.
There is so much lesson from this anime, i.e, "Be a loner, if you lucky, there will be 2 moe girls who fight just for yourself" Btw, ignore that. Even though you hated, hurt yourself, there are still people who care with you, Believe it.
Even read more
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“Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right.”

Emiya Shirou

We are now in the second season of Unlimited Budget Works. Expect spoilers ahead.

I’m not a big fan of this cour (or season as MAL insists). It failed in everything it needed to do. The Caster arc was not really good since Caster was a plain villain. Ilya’s death failed to make at least a little impact on the show (This is why Heaven’s Feel exists). The characters in the show just come and go. Archer vs Shirou and his ideals produced episodes of tedious and repetitive dialogues. The dialogues are overwritten and awkward. Gilgamesh seemed to be a decent final villain. Rin remains a generic tsunderin. The plot is decent enough but it’s characters suffer.

Ufotable has done an exemplary job in its production. We have decent choreographed fights, godtier animation, detailed backgrounds. The VN soundtrack has it’s cameo which I really really like. Aimer’s Brave Shine and Last Stardust are great songs, Brave Shine captures the atmosphere of the show by Aimer’s amazing vocals. Same with Last Stardust. Overall, the OSTs are godtier.

Final Verdict:

Fate/Stay Night is decent at best. It’s not really bad, not necessarily good either. Mediocre plot and characters, godtier OST and animation. It’s a shame actually, Nasuverse is one heck of a fictional universe, I really like Fate’s worldbuilding but it have to suffer from Fate’s story, Kara no Kyoukai is better than Fate. I’m gonna rate this a 6. It’s mediocre but it was pretty enjoyable to the least, and ufotable’s production saved it. So it’s passed

Story - 6/10
Art - 10/10
Sound - 8/10
Character - 3/10
Enjoyment - 7/10
Overall - 6/10
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10 hours ago
Ladies versus Butlers! (Anime) add
I have always believed that no matter how bad the anime is i can always find something made up for it. So i rarely dropped an anime and i dont hate any animes, i just dislike them.

And i think that no matter what gernes you're watching, there's nothing more badass than treating the girls with respect. So im very frustrated to rate an anime this bad for a long long time and it's all because of the main male character.

I dont care if this is a very ecchi anime with lots of fanservices ( naked bodies, bouncing boobs,.. ), i will enjoy it but there comes the main male character who look like a gay always angry for no reasons what so ever. Treating women so bad like it makes him the coolest guy in the world. Finally i found a character i really hate the same like Banri from Golden Time or Kirito...

Well the girls of this anime are pretty typical, stundere, childhood friend, tranfer student,... well it could be an awesome comedy if not for the reason i just stated.

That's all i wanna say.
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10 hours ago
Nichijou (Anime) add
Nichijou has got to be one of the best Slice of Life anime ever. It's not your ordinary Slice of Life because the way they act is so random and dumb and it's a good thing.

There is no story. Rather, it focuses a lot more on their everyday lives. There are two main "everyday lives" on this anime. The first trio are Mio, Yuuko and Mai and the other trio are Hakase, Sakamoto and Nano.

There are a lot of Slice of Life shows that are so boring. However, this anime takes it on a whole new level by making a lot of parts exaggerated and unrealistic which just works a lot. How? The humor of this show. I think it's safe to say that this show has the best comedy. I know, there's Gintama but, I have not watch that show (For how lengthy it is but I will watch that soon). There are indeed some parts on this anime that I didn't get but, most of the parts (Especially Yuuko's parts) are somewhat similar to my life when we get in on these situation. Except, this anime exaggerates it to the point where it looks unrealistic which is even funnier.

The animation of this show is top-notched as expected from Kyoto Animation. Sure, it isn't realistic but the art-style is very unique and it's sparks my eyes on how beautiful the artwork is. The animation fits the show itself. There are just many parts of this show that the animation looks like when they exaggerate a lot of parts like Mio running to get her notebook back. They didn't made it look simple. They made it like this is some sort of action film which, I was very impressed. The soundtrack of this anime is also outstanding. It just fits on every part of the show and the soundtrack aren't even forgettable. The opening theme is also very good. Hyadain did a great job performing both of it's opening themes which I find it surprising that even on the girl's part, it was him who was singing.

For the characters, I do admit that this anime adds so much cast but, I don't think they are forgettable. I can remember so many characters because the anime gives them the chance to shine.

I'll go with the first trio first. Yuuko is an energetic girl though, she's also lazy. She keeps forgetting her assignment and because of that, she copies her assignments from Mio. This is my favorite character of the series because on how I can relate to her a lot in a lot of her situations that she has been through. Mio on the other hand is the opposite. She is hardworking but, what they both have in common is that they are both energetic and cheerful. Mai is the quiet girl but, she is somewhat the troll of the series.

For the other trio we have Hakase Shinomoe. She is a Scientist/Professor who invents a lot of stuff like robot but, read more
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11 hours ago
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Anime) add
I didn't like this anime. it may just be my opinion but they rush into things way to fast. it should have been planned out more and have heart worming moments before what happens or something along those lines??. when u watch it you will understand what I mean but u might like this anime. I sometimes think I expect way to much from an anime :/ that's why I didn't like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien anyway.
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11 hours ago
Toradora! (Anime) add
This review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.
Toradora is often a staple for the Rom/com genre. Considered endearing and full of life. I couldn't disagree more. With the obligatory hyperbole out of the way I may dive in deeper.
Toradora begins on the hope that you would sympathize with the protagonist. Due to the fact that he has unusual eyes, the lead is distrusted and feared by those who don't know him. An attempt to distinguish from the world it seems. However it did little for me. The lead is the dreaded character with just about no character. Dull and selfless. He agrees to help the Female lead even after: she punches him in the school halls, attacks him in a classroom and tries to steal his school bags, then attempts to murder him in his residence. All in the first episode of course. After the assault subsides she explains how tsundere she is and misplaced a love letter in his bag, he goes on a high horse crusade to unite her with object of her affections, who happens to be the lead's best friend. He only agrees however, because our very own Sherlock Holmes learns how he is interested in her own best friend. A rather neat arrangement. Females lead's target, henceforth known as friend 1, spends only token time with his alleged close friend and is a stock and barrel bore. Friend 2 (Friend of Female lead) is the classic happy go lucky joy bringing character, who as usual takes a 180 and becomes the self loathing rut, who only derides herself and refuses all others company. Insert one-sided characters, romance swap, excessive melodrama, and you have the story of Toradora happy birthday. I will say however the model girl is the only dynamic character is was bearable to watch. She is unfortunately regulated to a minor third wheel character near the shows end.

The art was decent enough. I do greatly dislike the design of the female lead however. The Op and outros, while not memorable were decent enough, you could say they were a nice break from the show itself.

All in all I would recommend the show, not because due to any value or enjoyment but because it is a case study for overused tropes native to the rom/com genre. At best an anime to get yourself into anime, a frequent viewer of the genre should be able to point put it's flaws. No counting any nostalgia they may have attached to the show.
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11 hours ago
School Days (Anime) add
STORY: This anime begins as a normal "Teen crush" story. Makoto is in love with Katsura (who we see that has big... uhm, chest) and a friend of his, Sekai, helps him so they can be together as a happy couple, yay. Now this is just the beginning. Later the story changes, but this is one of the problems this anime has, because later, the story starts getting silly. I mean how is it possible that every single girl has a crush on this guy, and what's so special about him? Looks? Maybe it's because I'm a male person that I can't understand female perspective, but if you really look at it, it's just unrealistic. Really unrealistic. This is not the only problem, like there's this part where Makoto starts getting addicted to sex, and apparently allows all girls from high school to use him for pleasure. He even does an orgy, that's how silly it gets. Overall, the story could do well, if it was taken a bit seriously. Other than that, it's silly. 5/10 just for the originality.

ANIMATION: The animation is nothing new, same thing used in most animes. However it does have some impressive moments. There is a one major problem in the animation: repetitive scenes that try to look sexual. The animator thought this would be exciting if he threw some a** shots, shots of breasts, and in the pool episodes, you see a lot of these shots. There are a few scenes which they have nothing to do with the story (The scene where the big breasted girl is in the hot tub and suddenly gets up because of the phone call, only to see her covered nude body. Great). These scenes are probably targeted for those hentai lovers, but I don't find them really impressive, just boring and annoying. Also why do people at the first episode look like mannequins? 5/10 because of those annoying scenes, and that there's nothing new. If there weren't annoying scenes, I'd give it 7

This anime is typically hated and rated by people because of how the anime ending was harsh and not very good and i agree with that but to rate the anime as a whole just based on the ending is not adequate. So i'm giving it an overall 5/6at best.
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11 hours ago
Ore Monogatari!! (Anime) add
Man this anime is so Kawaii and everything about it so good as person who doesn't love much romance anime i really enjoyed this .. I really like how the characters and the romance started within 3 episodes of starting it.

The focus of the series seems to be on the characters' interactions with the main character. There doesn't seem to be much background plot or direction to the story beyond these interactions

I would recommend this series if you want some laughs and kawaii aren't looking for something serious. You would like it even more, if you are into fan service. If you hate harem and romance themes, then you may still want to give it a chance to watch. The series seemed to be made alrigt for the viewers , so I am giving it a 9 overall.

The Opening for the anime is good aswell! which is a really strong trait about the anime and once again the romance between both characters is spot on!
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This is my first time writing a review so I do apologise if I get some things wrong or forget some things.

Now for the actual review. I'll just write this at the start. Unless you've played the game, this movie is not worth it. My reasons are below.

To be honest, I'm probably a big persona fan. Persona 3 was the first game i played in the series and i liked it so much i played it and then directly after that I played it again just because I liked it so much. You can thus imagine my excitement and glee when i found out that Persona 3 had a movie as well. I decided to watch this movie with a friend in hopes of getting him to play the game as well. Boy was I wrong. I'll go through the good bits first.

Art (8). The animation and character design was very well done. The fight scenes were fluid and the characters movement didn't jar with the background at all or feel unnatural. The backgrounds were just as good as it helped create the ambiance that the world wanted to created very well. Apart from that, there's not much else to be said apart from that everything looks very pretty.

Music (8). I've always been a fan of pop and the way Persona 3 mixed jazz and pop was interesting and it's one of the things i find most unique about Persona. The music gave a very cool and chilled feeling that I've come to know and love while the battle music was very upbeat and suave. I'm sure my decision on this was clouded by the fact that I enjoyed the game music as well and given that the music used in the game and the movie was about the same, I would naturally not have a problem with the music here.

Characters (5). Right off the bat, the main character (MC) was very emotionless. I know that it's never easy when there's a transition between a playable game character and any animation they're in but Persona 4 the Animation did a much better job at this by making the MC then much more relate-able from his sense of humour to his weaknesses. It wouldn't be an exaggeration here to say that the MC in the movie feels like a dead fish or more like a puppet with a very bad puppeteer.He barely says anything giving him a very blank persona (pun intended) and even the decisions he makes remind me more of what a machine would say than an actual person.

Enjoyment (3). If I had watched this alone going into the movie as a persona fan, I would have enjoyed it much more. However I went into this movie with a clean slate and my friend and i sat there for what felt like a 3 hour movie when it was only an hour forty. My friend kept yawning and I struggled to keep my eyes open. At the end of read more
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12 hours ago
Nisekoi: (Anime) add
I liked the first season, and I somewhat became disappointed at the 2nd.

The second season was full of high expectations after a successful 1st season, with a lot of anime fans arguing with who the promised girl is, who opens the locket, what team or girl or waifu they represent. It became a fan-seasoned service, and the plot was messed up.

No plot is present except SOME episodes. If you read the manga, you'll probably think "what happened with the second season?!" or something like that. The chapters of the manga are scattered in different episodes. Rally Go Round is one of the best opening themes I've heard so far, and well, other than that, nothing changed in the series.

Although some are disappointed, I enjoyed it, mainly because I'm an avid reader of the manga series. The main topic of the whole series did not play a huge part at the season (the locket and who the promised girl is)... well in some episodes, the locket made an appearance.

To summarize, nothing improved in this season, except the opening theme. I hope the anime bounces back in season 3 since there'll be a lot that will be tackled (a new character, new arcs, and well, an improved storyline).
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Today, 2:44 AM
Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
"Music is nice. You can't lie. You can only admit when something sounds good."

Isn't that so true? Whether or not you like Kyoto Animation, it's hard to deny that Hibike Euphonium sounds amazing.

Hibike sounds alive. I don't know how they pulled it off, but the show sounds so human. You hear as students warm up and tune their instruments together, you hear when the trombone players goof up, you hear the protagonist's tone change as she develops her skills, and when the whole band plays together, it's a real treat. This is great sound design--this is music anime done well.

Besides the music, Hibike looks fantastic too! The attention to detail is especially high with instruments, and with how well the animation syncs with the sound. The combined result of vibrant visuals and lush sound is a truly immersive show.

But what's so cool about this show is that unlike K-on (...which I still guiltily like), this show is a kept promise.
Looking at the poster, you are sold the promise of good orchestral music and cute characters.
And if you came for will not be let down.

But, saying this show is JUST cute girls playing music would be slighting it. The show undersells itself with its moe-looking setup. Hibike tells relatable tales about the struggle of not feeling good enough, shooting for goals that seem out of reach, and of course, relying on friendship and love to power through it all.

But believe me when I say that none of it is cheesy--not everything has to be cynical and brooding like 'Whiplash' to be awe-inspiring like Hibike can be. I would point out specific moments, but you just have to see them...and hear them.

Hibike is a classic example of "short but sweet." The 13-episode length keeps the action rolling and the production value consistent.
As you watch these 13 episodes, you'll be introduced to underdogs you can root for and relate to, as well as geniuses you can admire. You'll follow the steady growth of one determined orchestra band as they reach for the top of their game. And through it all, you'll hear everyone's music, and whether or not you like the soundtrack as much as I did, you won't be wrong--after all, music can't lie.

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The original Little Witch Academia was a highly successful work from the 2013 Young Animator Training Project. It was a film praised for its energetic characters, stellar presentation and for quite simply being an incredibly entertaining movie from start to finish.

Fast forward two years to 2015 and it's finally time to rejoin Akko, Lotte and Suzy in the long-awaited sequel film, titled Mahou Shikake no Parade, or The Enchanted Parade in English. After a consistent spree of misbehavior inside the school, the headmaster gives the trio an assignment to take care of in the upcoming witches' commemoration festival taking place in the local town. In this festival, the villagers throw rotten tomatoes at the witches, half-drown them and perform other cruelties, all under the pretense of reminding themselves of the witch hunts of the Middle Ages and why this tradition must never be implemented again. Akko however thinks this tradition sounds ridiculous and instead decides to put on a fun and lively show she calls the Happy Time Project for the townsfolk in order to make them see how cool and awesome witches are. Of course things never go quite so according to plan as they end up running into all sorts of problems along the way, and they may even have to do their fair share of fighting before everything is said and done…

The main character cast is the same as the first movie, but this time there are also three new witches joining the original trio. There is the resident burglar Amanda O'Neill, the tech addict Constanze Braunschweig Albrechtsberger (say that three times fast) and the habitual food thief Jasmineka Antonenko. All three of them are also tasked with representing the witches in the festival, and thus end up joining hands with Akko and her friends by also participating in her Happy Time Project.

The animation is fast, fluid and lively. It doesn't look spectacularly detailed but it fits the theme of the movie itself like a glove. I especially love when inanimate objects come alive through the usage of magic, then it truly looks like a classical Disney film more than anything else. Actually the entire movie reminds me a bit of Fantasia in that sense. As far as music goes, Little Witch Academia doesn't actually utilize a whole lot of it, but when it actually does use it then it sounds great. The more large-scale scenes and the climax have beautiful orchestral music which highly enriches the overall atmosphere and makes everything feel all the more dramatic.

Despite everything though, as a whole The Enchanted Parade is still a very simplistic creation, but what really makes it shine is quite simply how much fun it is to watch. It makes me feel like a child again, and as a result it manages to consistently make me smile when watching it. Even though it's 53 minutes long, I swear it only feels like half of that. It's just that captivating.

The first Little Witch Academia stands out as one of read more
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Today, 2:10 AM
Triage X (Anime) add
(This has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

When I was in the third grade, I came down with something pretty awful. My eyes burned, head ached, and I was sweating profusely. Plus, I had this terrible cough. I’ll never forget the x-ray I saw that day, with the huge blotch over my lung. The diagnosis came back pneumonia. Now, as a youngling, I had pretty much no idea the gravity of the situation I was in. All I knew was that I had to take this gross liquid because the pill was ginormous. I missed Halloween, too, which was completely unfair. Luckily (as me typing this should be evidence enough) I made it through this ordeal, and I owe it all to the medicine and care I received from both the doctors and my family. Triage X is “similar” in that “doctors” aim to eliminate “sickness,” but this anime is itself a disease in every sense of the word.


Triage follows Arashi Mikami, a boy whose body is half him and half the friend he saved during a deadly explosion. He, Mikoto Kiba, and many others make up a group of people who aim to excise the “lesions” of society to make the world a better place, one visit at a time.

Anime is no stranger to “fan-service.” For those unfamiliar with the term, fan-service is (contextually) when an anime includes scenes or segments for the purpose of pleasing the audience. Normally, the vast majority of fan-service is of the sexual variety, as is the case here with Triage. A misconception that people often have is that all fan-service is automatically bad. Fan-service can be good or bad in the same sense that the narrative, characters, or any other facet of a show can be good or bad. What truly matters is the execution of it. In Triage’s case, the fan-service fails to deliver. It isn’t used as part of the plot, it doesn’t exist to accentuate a particular character or idea, and it certainly doesn’t come off as tasteful. Instead, the fan-service employed by Triage is overtly forceful, and so blatant that its only purpose is to distract the audience from the rest of the show. Furthermore, the fan-service is wholly lazy; it mostly boils down to a low shot of some woman’s panties or having the camera focus on her chest. There are other methods used – bathing scenes, clothes that are a bit too revealing, etc. – all of which aren’t appealing and instead feel tiresome after witnessing them for the umpteenth time in the same episode, let alone across the full series.

What does lie behind the half-naked women and medically-concerning-sized breasts? It’s hard to say, really, because Triage itself doesn’t know. While the opening synopsis said that the show “followed” Arashi, this only occurs for maybe the first episode or so. Afterwards, the show flits between random plot lines in order to bring about some semblance of worth to the characters doing the doctoring. This would read more
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