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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Have you ever planned to watch an anime with no expectation then it impressed you so much? For me, Kiznaiver is the first anime in that situation.

I read the synopsis of it and found it interesting but thought it would probably be really bad. When I watched the first episode I was impressed and it was interesting. Then I continued and ''Now, this is really good.''

The thing that I liked most about the anime is everything fits the anime nearly perfectly. The art, the music, the characters, everything...

Story: 8/10

So a group of teenagers are connected to each other, and they share the pain for a project. I can't say so much things about the story but it is really interesting. What will happen is actually a mystery and I'm really curious about it. It is kinda slow pacing and I don't know how good the story will be in 12 episodes. This anime is actually based on the characters so about story being interesting is enough. And it's getting more and more interesting.

Art: 9/10

I can't imagine a better art style for this anime. It could be just good for another anime but it gives you the feel like it is created just for this one.

Sound: 10/10

I have to say, the first thing impressed me in the anime is the opening. When I first watched it, the animation and its style made me feel like I was reborning. So, did the music. I wanted the opening to last forever, I wanted it to never end. The ending is awesome, too. For me, they are the second best opening and ending this season.

Characters: 10/10

The characters are probably the most important thing to me (when watching anime), maybe even more important than story and I become so happy when I see the characters are developing. This anime has 8 important characters. They all are seriously MAIN characters. They all have feelings and past, and the anime is based on those. All characters are original and have so different qualities. One of them is even masochist. We saw so much character developments in even 4 episodes and I feel like it is just %10 of it. We know almost nothing about Sonozaki and what happened between her and Agata.

Enjoyment: 10/10

*Starts episode, the opening begins* - 10 second later - *The ending starts*
Seriously I can't figure out how fast it pasts. This anime can be so boring for some people (especially who don't like slow pacing, character-based animes and who like action) but I'm enjoying it a lot. We did not see so much drama for now but I'm sure this anime is going to be so sad. Beside that, it is quite funny.

Overall: 9/10

So, here is my thoughts about it. This is not kind of anime that most of the people can like, but I'm in the team of lovers. Sure it has flaws but I couldn't find out yet :)
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Ajin (Anime) add
For me, Ajin is a good anime: good story, good art and good character creation.

The story of city monsters who are hunted is always an interesting theme, and producers have developed it skillfully to make a dramatic and attractive anime. However, there are many points that I can't understand, or in other words, they sometimes fail to convince me. Before Sato acts, ajin are completely harmless to humanity, and they're not scary. So, why do people loathe them? The background of the ajin is the modern world, so I don't see why people treat them like this just because they are different.

About character, I really like Nagai Kei. He is even one of my favorite anime characters. He is a main character who doesn't have to be a hero, or possess infinite goodness or always worry about others. Selfish, but very smart and not morally loose. He never does anything useless, thinks quickly but carefully and effectively, and completely concentrates on his target. It makes me shiver with excitement when I think how strong he can become. Sato is also not bad, a warlike old man. And government camp has some interesting characters, too. But the supporting characters are too insipid. There are not a lot of details to show their motives, so I feel that they are like inanimate puppets.

Ajin's art is good, too. 3D technology was used to make it. This is a new technology and there aren't a lot of anime which are made by it like Ajin. So, some people feel uncomfortable with it. But I think without this technology, this anime can not be as lively as it is now, especially IBM's illustration.
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Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Anime) add
Oh joy! I get to spend Easter (orthodox holidays) in Germany, where people wouldn't recognize good humor if it hit them in the face... Lets download some comedy anime so that I have something to watch while I'm there. Lets see... A guy who can't lie has to keep a secret about a vampire girl? That sounds hilarious! The only way they could possibly screw it up is if they added completely needless... They added god damned slapstick...

You see people, the point of slapstick comedy is to take hard, painful, boring situations and turn them to funny ones. A cat chasing a mouse for example is mundane, but when you add slapstick to it, it becomes funny. Now in a situation that's already comedic on its own, such as an idiot who can't lie trying to keep a vampire's secret, SLAPSTICK DOESN'T FIT.

So as you can guess, the scenario revolves around a guy who can't lie, who accidentally finds out the girl he likes is in truth a vampire. It is decided that since she got caught she should give up on high-school, but upon hearing this, the protagonist swears to keep her secret, essentially sealing a pact between them. Except the vampire girl is a dumb idiot who friendzones him from the start and the way the series goes it's a wonder she hadn't got discovered already, with her moronic behavior. Along the way things get slightly more complicated when the protagonist's previous crash also turns out to be a weirdo (a chibi alien in this case, operating a human-sized robotic version of herself) and she is also discovered. So basically it is a trio of the alien chick liking the protagonist but the protagonist being oblivious to it, the protagonist liking the vampire but the vampire being oblivious to it, and the vampire trying to support the alien girl hooking up with the protagonist.

In sort, the protagonist forms his own harem full of forced tsunderes or dumb morons. To sum it up, while original, it isn't the most likable of casts, especially since their performances come out really unnatural, because we REALLY NEEDED THE F@CKING SLAPSTICK. What's truly annoying though, is that the anime was clearly written by two joke writers with completely different ideas of what humor is. And the stupid one apparently outranked the smart one. I believe the dialogue below should explain this well:

Writer 1: And just as the main character is in a moral dilemma between lying to his friends and letting his alien love interest have her skirt flipped...

Writer 2: We'll add a chase scene to it!

Writer 1:He... What?

Writer 2: You know, chase scene. Because that's what people think of when you say "good humor". Sylvester an Tweety.

Writer 1: You are a mockery of everything I work for.

Writer 2: Well too f@cking bad, I'm the boss, deal with it.

If this show was written by one idiot I'd just say "good, it's stupid, end of story". But it is clear through all that read more
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Hotarubi no Mori e (Anime) add
Hotarubi no Mori e basically shows a Forbidden Love how just one touch can change everything. Hotaru was able to meet Gin that made her Fall something to always look forward to. However, No matter how close they are there's this one rule that keeps them separate.

The story was Great since i have never encountered this kind of plot before but no matter how the great the movie was there's still something that's lacking. I feel like the director wanted to speed time and not even bother like what happens everytime she visits Gin which led to a 45 minute movie. It would be great if like each encounter was detailed than just realizing one thing and moving to another. The ending was great but it just didn't hit me like it wasn't that emotional since it was all of the sudden. Hotaru could have said some important things to Gin before he vanished but she basically just hugged him which was great but as i said, not that detailed. It could have been greater if it was 1 hour long and much detailed.

Besides the shortage of the time and also how it was to sped up. I really liked how the anime went. So overall i think the anime is pretty good but would be great if they actually added more.
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Kokoro Connect (Anime) add
Heavy spoliers. Read at your own risk.

Mangina of the year manages to get tsundere of the year to fall for him while he is dating kawaii wannabe schizophrenic of the year. Later on, the schizophrenic realizes her mistake and dumps the mangina giving a free road for the tsundere.

Along the side, the most useless character in all of anime history manages to seduce (force?) the man-hating feminist of the year to go out with him. Seriously tho, this guy was so useless that the feminist went to the mangina for help with her man hating problem.

In order for all these poor "broken" people to understand and get help from the mangina, we have a mysterious entity heartseed play tricks on characters. Coz you know, you cannot solve problems unless a divine entity makes it so.

Moral of the story is have a mangina friend lying around. You never know when you might need his help.
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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. (Anime) add
I wanted to rate it 9 cause of the final disappointment, but i couldn't control myself and still rate it 10.
The leading story is so good, i fell in love with Jun at first sight, i loved her character, too bad someone does not appreciate her.
Male MC is good till a certain point, then become useless.

Great movie tho :'(

PS: the romantic twist was unnecessary, it would have been better the other way around. But it's also more realistic and.... i stop here, cause i want to cry for my shipwrecked ship :'(

PPS: this is my way of reviewing, almost no technical analysis, i just want to tell what i felt about the movie
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Anime) add
"Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!" is a story about a clueless male lead surrounded by bad bitches who'd jump his bones weren't they busy figuring out what's gonna happen next on sesame street. What makes it entertaining is the fact he doesn't realise he just needs to grab them by their skirts and give them the spanking they're asking for and instead plays it cool leading to all too hilarious situations.

The setting is your typical highschool complete with tables and shit. We have the male lead who has the vibes of Atilla the Hun. Attracting girls left and right like a banker in a strip club , our hero sets out to start his highschool life on a good note. It just so happens that one day, his inbuilt pussy magnet attracts an eye patch wearing bish who sets out to capture his dragon (i.e give him a hard on). Soon a plethora of weird bishes appear in Atilla's life waiting for him to give them the what for. Our protagonist is torn between entertaining the child like nature of his harem and tearing through his zipper and giving the chicks what they truly want.

Adventure starts. Hold on to your seat. Atilla gets in trouble as he tries to come to terms with his own childishness and the bishes grow restless of his lack of "hands-on" action. Hilarious shit.

Art is splendid and the gargantuan vision of daydreaming episodes experienced by the girls is a sight to behold. DBZ pales in comparison, no shit talking ( Goku & Frieza 20 episode shit talk fml) just straight up ass kickin boner risin action. No Viagra necessary. You'll be harder than a brick.

Sound is excellent. The music, voice acting - the whole package. Let your senses indulge in this human triumph.

All in all, very entertaining. I was waiting for the male lead to go Bill Cosby on the female cast but we can't get everything we want in life. A spectacular watch nonetheless. If you ever get hit on by a chick who's into some some delusional childish stuff watch this and just bend her over and tell her you need to inspect her nether regions for any suspicious seismic activities.

10 out of 10. Glorious.
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
You know Kaori, it isn't exactly uplifting when you keep quoting Charlie Brown.

This anime is all about the drama. While it starts out as a story about a fallen musical prodigy, it develops into a lot more as the series continues. Sometimes it's a little much, seeing how every character seems to be an emotional wreck, but it never really feels forced. The music aspect is just one of the themes here, which is okay with me, as I am absolutely clueless about playing an instrument. The characters actions are questionable at times, but keep in mind that they are young teenagers, so they aren't exactly the most rational people in the world.

Simply amazing. I can't describe it in any other words. The world of Your Lie in April is so beautiful and full of color that it is able to completely captivate you. Never before have I seen an anime with such visuals and I'm not exaggerating at all. Words don't do it justice. The final episode may have given me an eyegasm.

Being an anime about music (on the surface), it should come as no surprise that the music in it is pretty good as well. I'm not a fan of classical music per se, but I do appreciate it when it's good. There are a lot of pieces played by people like Bach, Chopin or Mozart, so if that's your thing, this is the right place for you. Openings and endings, while being "normal" pop songs, fit the tone of the show very well. The voice acting was pretty nice too, though I missed a truly outstanding performance.

This is the point that may drive some people off. Arima is a person who drowns himself in self-pity and is incapable of imagining other people caring for him. At times this felt a little much. Kaori may be a fun person, but her mental and physical abuse of Arima feels a little awkward, even though we slowly learn why she does what she does (which does not necessarily mean that it was the right thing to do). It's a case of your own interpretation if what she does is out of good intentions towards Arima or just plain selfish. I myself believe that it is the latter, though she THINKS it is the former. The third main character was Tsubaki, who at first was somewhat relateable with her feelings putting her in an uncomfortable spot. The way she decided to handle things however made her absolutely unlikeable to me. While we're at it, I also have to say that Watari is a bro.

Enjoyment is a weird word to describe how much you liked watching such a melodramatic and often times sad anime. Despite how beautiful it was artistically, I had the feeling that nobody was ever really happy here. I try my best not to spoil anything, but the overall feeling this show gave me was that of sadness. Arimas struggles, Kaoris health, Tsubakis unrequited feelings, it all felt sad read more
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This review is Spoiler-free.
Warning : This is my first review. Sorry if it's badly written but I try my best.

I've read the other reviews and I don't understand why the review are so good, but this is my personnal point of view. I've watched 5 episodes so far and I really feel bored while watching this.

Story : 3/10
The story isn't logic from my point of view. Everything goes far too fast and it seems weird for me. The "Objection" are too numerous in a short time. In the court, this is the only thing that is said. Almost. The explanations aren't clear enough compared to the game. The detective work is too fast, it seems that Phoenix goes to the scene of the murder, find a small clue, and leaves whereas in the game, the detective work takes a lot of time.

Art : 9/10
The art is very good. The staff of the anime copied the old graphics of the original game and improved the whole thing. There is abso-posi-lutely nothing to criticize on this matter. Well, maybe the face of Edgeworth while he punches the table is weird, but his face is still funny.

Sound : 6/10
I loved the game songs and the anime contains the old musics... but they were modified and now the musics are less epic, so I feel a bit of disappointment.

Character : 3/10
The characters aren't much developped and everything happens too fast so I can't follow the story much.

Enjoyment : 2/10
No seriously. I don't enjoy this at all. There's no logic, everything happens too fast, and compared to the game, it's really different.

Overall : 4/10
I don't enjoy this, the story and characters are bad, but still the art is good and the sound isn't bad.
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to many boobies
to many ass
Story quite stupid. There is no action at all . A lot of tits and ass . So the episode which to watch "on one hand "
total poorly
[PL ]
Dużo cycków dupek. czyli odcinek wyszedł tak że ogląda się go "na jedną rękę"
Zero akcji. czyli ogółem słabo.
Kurde pisze mi że za krótka recenzja.
Dalej tak pisze
co mam zrobić
pomocy, niech ktoś pomoże
dobra emotikony pomagają
║██║ ♫
║(O)║ ♫
╚══╝ ♫

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Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (Anime) add
At first, I had the impression that this anime was shit but i had to finish it. It did start off a bit bad but when the story goes a bit farther it can actually give u a nice impression. The reviews i've seen here are mostly the ones who didn't even try to finish it. This anime actually points out the action more often and has less of the Harem while the anime being ecchi, it was merely just a few scenes.

I find the other characters annoying honestly like there are those girls who try to hard to get attention from a guy which basically describes the princess (I'm not good at remembering names) while she also acts too innocent around him. The main character is like not that typical boy in an Ecchi/Harem Anime who easily gets a nosebleed or like blushes.

This also has some sense of humor to it which i think is great. So overall, i'd give it a 7 since there are those scenes which are irrelevant to the story.
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I just finished watching Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya which is the second season of the show. I said I would review it and here it is. So are my problems with the characters fixed? Does the second season improve all of the first season’s flaws? Let’s find out!

(If you have not seen the show yet I suggest you do so or at least watch the first season since I will be talking about the ending of the first season)

The second season picks up right at the end of the first season with Yuuichirou fully healed and everyone going back to business as usual. That is until they find out that there is corruption in the army and are sent to Nagoya to take down a huge vampire army. The majority of episodes in this season are about the battle in Nagoya (hence the name) and that is pretty much the main plot of the second season. I would go into more since there are a lot of twists and turns in this season but I am trying not to spoil the story since I highly suggest you watch this show for yourself, although as I said I will try not to spoil anything extremely major to the plot if you are here just to know if the second season is any good. And the answer is yes. The second season is a lot better than the first in terms of overall story progression since a lot of important stuff happens in this season opposed to the first and thanks to the setting and the main plot of this season there are a lot more epic fight scenes which was lacking in the first season. So overall in terms of story this season was a big improvement over the first, although like the first it does end on a cliff-hanger which I hope gets resolved since this is a show that deserves another season or a continuation of some sort. This story needs to be continued and while you could read the manga I still think it deserves another season since if you read the manga you wouldn’t get Hiroyuki Sawano’s epic soundtrack or the awesome voice acting backing it up.

Thankfully this season gets rid of the main problems I had with the characters Yuuichirou and Mikaela. Yuuichirou is still a stubborn and generic shounen anime protagonist but still likable, and his goals aren’t mainly set on revenge but to also protect his new family and fight to defeat the vampires. Mikaela’s problems are fixed as well as he takes the role of a lone wolf, undercover protagonist rather than an anti-hero as he is still set on ‘saving’ Yuuichirou but is also not on the side of the vampires as, even though he is one, he still holds hatred for them which wasn’t really shown from him in the first season. Other than that all of my opinions on the other characters stay the same and read more
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Flying Witch (Anime) add
I didn't expect anything at all from Flying Witch. It looked cute, but that's about it. Well, I was wrong. And I never, ever would ordinarily think of writing a review before a show has fully aired but I can't help it. This show deserves to be the exception to the rule.

Flying Witch is possibly the best iyashikei anime ever made. If you love Aria, Non Non Biyori, and the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVAs, then this is a must-see series. Flying Witch stands out because it makes even Aria look action-packed. Every moment of every episode unfolds naturally and organically; there's a very subtle but unmistakable message that humans (witch or otherwise) are truly inseparable from the earth, plants, wind, and sky. There's no overt conflict, no overly energetic comedy bits, and really no plot. I have no idea how an entire episode dedicated to the coming of spring, taking a few walks, and picking fresh wildflower buds for tempura can be utterly captivating, but that's why Flying Witch is so magical -- and so far almost no actual magic has been used!

One thing that's particularly refreshing is that all the characters, even ones from the magical world, are portrayed in a very realistic manner. Instead of relying on extremely eccentric behavior to drive the story, the show just lets people be themselves. This is particularly important for the character of Chinatsu, a grade-school girl who's the younger cousin of Makoto (the titular witch of the series). It's great to see her reactions because she doesn't act like any of the anime tropes you might expect to encounter, nor is she given any odd quirks to make her more of a stand-out (e.g. Renge from Non Non Biyori). Chinatsu's just a normal kid, and that alone makes her a deeply-appreciated rarity.

Flying Witch is a moment of utter serenity in the frenetic world of anime, and its real magic is in giving its viewers the chance to reflect on the smallest moments in daily life and realize that those can be the most enchanting of all.
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5 hours ago
Double-J (Anime) add
Double-J is a comedic mini-series focusing on cultural heritages; it had an average/good art style and the ED was really catchy and fun, the jokes were hilarious and were superbly executed. The characters were very enjoyable and I really enjoyed the show. On the other hand it is still a mini series, and mini series lack story, though it can be overlooked as Double-J is meant to be funny and does not really require a story. Overall, it really was a good anime. I recommend you watch it if you don't mind wasting two episodes of that anime you're watching as the whole Double-J anime only runs for about 25 minutes(without OP and ED) or so.
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6 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
I admit I don't have a good relationship with Trigger. As much as everyone loves them for creating the much dear apparent masterpiece Kill La Kill, I always found them to be very cliche, over dramatic and over hyped. Trigger first and foremost has always seem to me about appealing to fan service and their series surround that. They're boring and edgy, and it's evident in their newest work.

Kiznaiver has done nothing in the four episodes that have aired. It's not good, it's not interesting and it's very, very boring. You'd think an anime about a cast of kids who have to share their pain would be interesting and the physiological aspects this could bring would make the show amazing.

There's nothing of it, instead we get a boring, bland MC with his stereotypical classmates who do nothing but whine or act really stupid. But the worst character of them all is definitely the mastermind or whatever she actually is, Sonozaki. She's watching over them for no actual reason than an apparent test while being detestable. Don't get me started on our newest addition to the cast completing the seven deadly sins mythos they have going on, which by the way doesn't say anything about the characters. Some episodes are strangely rushed, others are dreadfully slow.

In other words, this anime was created for people who will enjoy the pretty characters and their lousy, mundane interactions. We have that bug girl from Twilight Princess, that guy from Gurren Lagann, the only girl in Free!, generic white haired bishounen, and many other unique characters that truly make the anime what it is.

Now this might derail more into opinion but the animation is ghastly. I don't particularly enjoy watching ten characters who have the same body type and face walk around and run awkwardly. What's with the weird focus on animating embarrassing frames and movements? I'm not a fan of this art style and never will be, but it is probably the only good aspect of the show.

When this anime ends I loathe the fact that people will write segments and reviews saying how intricate it was, at least I expect this from the coming episodes even if the first four literally did nothing.

As typical of most of Trigger's work, it tries to act better and deeper than it seems but it's not. By the end of the day, it's barely scratches the surface of actually even being average.
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InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen (Anime) add
Yay!!! I finished the Final Act!!! *Cries* DAMMIT IT'S OVER! *Clears throat* Um, anyway...

Story: 8

The Final Act was the same story from the original series after all, so I don't know what you want me to say... Just kidding! This series took a total different direction for me when I found out it was only 26 episodes!!! That's way different compared to the other series. It got rid of all of those fillers and decided to zoom by faster than the speed of light, maybe a little overboard. It started out waaay to chaotic for me, the moods changed drastically, and it was hard to adjust to a new setting, topic, feel just like that. Of course, this tones down a bit, and the chaotic this and that all over the place becomes a bit slower. It also kept all of the comedy, emotions, action pack, and tear jerker scenes just like the original, I loved that. Many dislike the ending of the entire thing, and it's understandable if you feel that way, but I thought the ending both had cons and pros, maybe not equally balanced. There are a few plot holes in the conclusion, in fact major ones, but what are you going to do?

Art: 10

It kept the simple art and design from the original, which was great, since they didn't end up screwing someones face up like the movies... But the CGI is beautiful, it's all crystalline, and glossed over, it just looks incredible. They kept the same style too, so it was nice being familiar with the facial expressions and reactions. The battle scenes were nicely done, and so were the backgrounds.

Sound: 10

The opening was great, and it just had this InuYasha vibe too it, a little more modern, but still. I do wish they changed the opening at least once, but the main one was fantastic, and I got no complaints about it. The endings were AWESOME! I personally loved the first one, and the third one, but I know the second one appeals to some people. A nice thing about the Final Act, is that they kept the OST from the original series, WHICH IS SUPERDUPER AWESOME! If you haven't read my review on the original anime adaptation of InuYasha, than I'll let you know, that InuYasha's OST is one of the best ever.

As for the voice acting... well, it was, "different." Quite literally. The main character, Kagome, got a new voice actor, for the dub! For the sub fans, you're lucky this doesn't affect you. But for people like me, this was....weird, at least, for the first while. Her voice acting felt awkward and left out at first, almost like she was her twin sister they needed to replace Kagome at some point during the gap. I thought it would never be the same, but luckily, her voice acting does get less awkward, and fits her character more, maybe it was even better than Moneca Stori. But as for the other voice read more
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
I'll refer to it as Parasyte btw.

Parasyte is an anime that has some really deep meaningful stuff to it if someone were to sit and digest it. Lots of things about what is truly poisoning the world and..who is truly the real parasyte. I'll leave those questions to all of you.

For the show itself I had a good time watching it at Shinichi tries to come to grips with a parasyte occupying his body. Parasytes usually drill into your body without you noticing and eat your brain. Due to Shinichi's luck he managed to stop it from getting to his brain, but he does not have a right arm now. Eventually he calls the arm Migi. The dynamic between the two changes and grows throughout the anime.

The action part is where everyone will focus on as Shinichi and Migi fight against other parasytes using their teamwork. There are other things that are explored like the various other parasytes and their plots that are ongoing. I would discuss more, but there are certain things that go on which is spoiler country on that.

Anime can get pretty gorey, so if your one of those people who doesn't like a bit of blood steer clear. Shinichi has to balance his old life with one he is thrown into due to the parasytes. Love and loss is a theme for poor Shinichi is also.
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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. (Anime) add
I liked it. It was clearly made from the heart, and it moved me. Yes, I cried. It means a lot to me on a personal level.

However, I feel as if this is the type of story that calls for a TV series rather than a two hour movie. Character development was there, but it was minimal. This story and these characters have a lot of potential, and I almost get the feeling that the creators have more to tell us about them, but couldn't do so within the two hour time limit.

Neglecting to explore the background of all four of the main characters makes certain events in the story a little jarring. That's the most I can say without spoiling anything.

In any case, I would rewatch this. The story is sweet, the soundtrack is excellent, and the characters are likable (albeit underdeveloped).
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7 hours ago
Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! (Anime) add
After watching the first two seasons of Yuru Yuri, I was really excited about the third one, and watched it as soon as I finished the second season. The problem turned out to be the show took a very different route, and failed in its purpose.

So the first season established some funny inside jokes and good character description, so it made the show funny and cute, which are a very good combo. The second season continued the things that made the first season a success, but added some relationships to promote the yuri aspect of it, making it all the better. We see relationships form, and progress throughout the season.

However, the third season breaks this trend - it is decided that all the inside jokes should stop, and change the pace of the season completely separate to the first two, making it more slice of life, and less Yuru Yuri.

I definitely see why they did it - they decided to focus on the "yuri" aspect of it, which is definitely welcome. However, adding a few extra yuri scenes doesn't really cut it for me, because we see almost no development of the relationship, and instead get frustrated by the encounters. Because it took the serious route, it lost all of the original Yuru Yuri touch, and it failed at being serious with no character development, which caused the whole season to fail. I forced myself to watch it because I really hoped it got better, but except for one episode, it was really boring.

However, the worst part was Chinatsu. I get that some people might like how she loves her senpai Yui, and she does some crazy things to get her attention. Although I find it cringey, I get that some people like it, and it was pretty chill throughout the whole thing, so I largely wrote it off and continued to enjoy the show. However, I felt like most of the time that was the ONLY thing happening, and by god did it get annoying. We just have this girl getting close to raping Yui and being super cringe about it, and basically ruining everybody's day with it. I mean, I was hoping somebody would beat her up or kick her out or something, but alas, it did not happen.

Although the rest of what I said really added to lowering the rating of this show, the Chinatsu thing was just awful. I was dying of boredom and fury at the end for her even existing. If you didn't really like her, you should never watch this season or you will be very disappointed.

My main reason for writing a review for this show is because it is an absolute DISGRACE this got higher ratings than both previous seasons, because it doesn't compare to the enjoyment of the first two. They were funny, cute, and full of yuri. This was boring, completely threw away the idea of Yuru Yuri, and failed at having any significant impacting yuri. You cannot just read more
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
This action-packed anime has become one of my top 10 favorites within just a few episodes. Let me tell you why you should be watching Nanatsu no Taizai.

Story 9/10- This story is about a group of people that supposedly "betrayed" their homeland. The main girl character, Elizabeth, is one of the princess of Liones. She sets out to seek help from the notorious legendary knights to protect her homeland from the Holy Knights. From the first episode to the last episode, there is nonstop action. So if you don't like action stuff then I don't even know what you're doing here.

Art 10/10- From the ever famous studio A-1 pictures, the art sure is glorious. I've seen most of the A-1 pictures animes and I think this one is by far the best. I like how they drew Meliodas, instead of portraying him as a [spoiler]3,000 year old male[/spoiler], they portrayed him as a kid. And a perverted one at that too.

Sound 10/10- The music is epic!! I can't stop listening to it after I finished watching the whole thing. I just replayed everything over and over. It is beautiful, as expected of Hiroyuki Sawano. I also liked the opening song. I just didn't like the second one.

Character 8/10- Meliodas is a great leader, and he is OP as well. Ban is [spoiler]immortal[/spoiler], I didn't really like him that much at first but he's pretty cool with his killing intent. Him and King don't really get along that much though. King, or King Harlequin, he cares deeply for his friends and his sister. Diane, well, she was jealous of Elizabeth at first because of all the attention Meliodas was giving to her, learned to like and befriend Elizabeth. Gowther was kind of useless tbh, and Merlin didn't show up until towards the end. Merlin was pretty cool though, didn't expect Merlin to be girl. Gilthunder is also pretty cool. And who can forget about the talking pig?? He was so cute and loyal!!!

Enjoyment 10/10- I enjoyed this anime a lot, I am so hyped for a season 2!!! I need to see Escanor.

Overall 9/10- This is a really good anime. If you liked Akame ga Kill! or Akatuski no Yona (haven't seen that one but heard it was like Nanatus no Taizai) then you should definitely watch this. Except imo this was so much better than Akame ga Kill.

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School Days (Anime) add
School Days is a anime I freaking hate. While utters my enjoy it, I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I get that the show was going for what not to do in relationships or what not and I know your not suppose to like the characters, but it still pissed me off.

I am personally not a fan of the genre school days is under, and watching school days definitely did not make me want to see any more anime under the genre. I will go through all this as best as I can

Story- While I get the possible message the anime was trying to tell, the story from what I can tell was just basically Makato (Have my own nickname for him, but it isn't exactly nice) screwing around with a bunch of girls. That was atleast what I got out of it. Plus the story was slow paced and I was bored with it just from two episodes alone. The other episodes basically made me want to scream

Art- The art is okay. Not the best, but definetly not the worst I have seen. I'm alright with the character designs and some of the backgrounds. But it's pretty average to me overall.

Sound- Hit or miss for me. The voice act is just hit or miss for me. I'm alright with it overall, but something about them was just hit or miss. As for the opening and ending themes, they weren't that memorable to me. Those two themes weren't something I got excited for. I skipped them a majority of the time.

Characters- Like I said, we're probably not suppose to like any of the characters but it doesn't help that they don't seem to have any character development. Especially most if not all the girls. Because I majority of me are just there for the MC to mess around with. The only characters I felt sorry for and wasn't get pissed off at was Kotohana (who I honestly feel sympathy) and the girl with short black hair (honestly forgot her name. She was forgettable to me). There was also Setsuna who seemed like the only interesting character to me in the entire anime, but than they ruined that as far as I am concerned
If they were attempting to make me hate the characters, GOOD JOB! You accomplished that people. But my god you could have done some character development in the process instead of basically making them horny for no reason for Makoto (who would also fall under that category of horny and a man whore.

Overall- School Days is one of the worst anime I have seen. Not THE worst for anyone who reads that wrong, but one of the worst. One of my top five worst. This is one of the worst anime I have seen in my entire life. While I get the message it was trying to send, all it was was basically about some dude sleeping with a bunch of chicks from what read more
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime) add
So let me start off by saying that I am not part of the Sailor Moon fandom that started watching this in 1995. I watched this almost 10 years ago, back when I was in grade school. Here I am, almost graduating high school and I STILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW. Every time someone asks me what's my favorite anime, I say "Sailor Moon- I've seen all 200 episodes and all 3 movies, watched the live action, and read both versions of the American release of the manga," with pride.
*I will only be reviewing the first season, not the entire series*

Story 9/10: The first season mostly follows the manga, except for the first few episodes until Ami is introduced. But that is to be expected, since the animators were drawing this back to back with every manga release. But you, the viewer, know that manga and anime are completely different platforms, so the changes they made to the story really helped with the flow.

Art 9/10: It's an early 90s anime, what do you expect? But the art is really good for that time period and watching it now makes Sailor Moon seem like a cool and retro anime. I happen to like the solid colors that are used. I definitely like the way they drew the senshi, making them look a little more mature than other magical girl series like Pretty Cure (which is wayyyy to girly for my taste).

Sound 9/10: I give the best opening theme song award to Sailor Moon! There's no other anime with a better opening song (except for maybe Noragami). The transformation music is hard to skip because it's so catchy.

Character 10/10: The first few episodes establish Usagi's background very well, along with Rei and Ami. While Makoto and Minako are introduced quite later, you still get to connect with them and their backstories.

Enjoyment 10/10: I just love all the laughs I get from Sailor Moon, from both characters and situations. Especially because there are no plot holes, you can enjoy this anime to the fullest. It's pretty obvious that there is going to be romance, but it happens in a cute way that the elevator scene will always, always, always be my favorite.

Overall 10/10: Sailor Moon has a great balance of humor, comedy, and some mystery makes it a fun watch for anybody. Not watching the rest of the series after the 1st season is fine, although if you enjoyed it even a bit, I suggest sticking around until at least the end of the Black Moon Arc.
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
So this anime can be summed up in just one line.
'This is one of the most unique and enjoyable anime you may ever watch.'
This anime don't have fancy music or a lot of dialogues, and for the most part its silent.
Then why is it good? Well it's good because of its unique characters, there is not a single moment in this anime when you may stop smiling.
All characters have completely different personalities which makes this show even more enjoyable.
There are only 4 episodes out as of now and I am really looking forward to see what this show has to offer.
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
Full disclosure, that 9 you see there? It doesn't start there. We'll get there when we get there though.

The Seven Deadly Sins is a medieval fantasy action anime directed by Tensai Okamura. If that name sounds familiar to you, it's because he is the creator of Darker Than Black. It's about a group of criminals who worked for the kingdom of Liones until something happened and they were blamed for a heinous crime against the kingdom. 10 years later, Princess Elizabeth of Liones searches for them in order to stop a coup against the kingdom. If a group of criminals going on a mission that seems impossible sounds familiar as well, it's because it's slightly reminiscent of Suicide Squad. So basically this is a medieval fantasy Suicide Squad directed by the same person who made Darker than Black. Already, this sounds amazing.

What is amazing about the story is how in depth it goes. At the beginning there isn't a lot of information given, but as the episodes continue along we receive more and more information about the characters, the situation they're in, the world they're in, how they think and feel about everything, and we get a bigger understanding of everything that is happening. It gives us so many details about what's happening that we as an audience can truly immerse ourselves into the world. But it's not shoved in our faces or forced in any place. The progression of acquiring information is natural and we learn what we need to learn when we need to learn it. It's not just information dumping whenever we don't have a fight scene. You learn everything with everyone.

What's really cool about this aspect of the story is how they pull off twists and reveals. Because we learn with the characters the twists are pulled off so intricately. It's not just that we learn some big revelation, but we see how it connects with everything else we've learned so far. So it's like we learn the big thing, and then we remember how it connects with another thing, and then another thing, and then so on and so on, and the entire scope of the show changes drastically. It's not just a twist, it's a chain reaction.

The story telling is really neat, but this is also an action anime as well. The action itself is really well put together. It blends the fantastical elements of each character's magical abilities with the good old-fashioned sword fighting and hand to hand combat that you would expect out of a medieval fantasy. Every attack hit well and the sheer impact of it all is felt with each blow. How they handle the combat in a general sense is great as well. Since The Seven Deadly Sins are supposed to have an almost limitless amount of power, creating highly intense action scenes where they have the possibility to lose is rather difficult. They decided to take an Occam's Razor approach to it, and just made the villains they read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
As a starters I'd like to say I entered this series because I remember hearing that it was tear-jerking in a Guilty Crown or Angle Beats kind of way. How woefully misguided those claims were.

Story 7/10: It has a strong start was a strong start, but starts falling on itself around the halfway point or a little earlier. After getting used to the new pacing it quickly devolves into introducing characters and killing them off almost as fast for shock value. It gets to the point that near the end so little character development is given for new characters/bad guys that you barely know their name and maybe their title.

Other animes of similar genres will hold your hands and that's their first mistake since they end up just being cliched because of it. But once they stop holding your hand the story becomes less predictable, in which case Akame ga Kill did rather well in the sense that you never really knew what was going to happen next and filler content felt like it had an actual purpose and not to just fill a time gap between major events.

Art 7/10: It's good when it needs to be and cuts back when it doesn't really matter. Sometimes the deaths are simply too gory to make any sense. Or it makes the characters seem like unrelatable psychopaths. Not to mention this is mostly a problem with the "goodguys".

Sound 6/10: The sound was alright, but sometimes I felt like the sound was... over-exaggerated? I remember hearing the stock "walking on metal" sound in a brief moment that severely put me off. Otherwise you have to just deal with characters yelling hypocritical jibberish and having political arguments over what's right and what's wrong, at blazingly fast speeds sometimes.

Character 7/10: One of the better parts of the Anime is the attempts at character development, at least compared to contemporary short-lived shounens. Where other like shows would decide that having a tragic background was good enough, most of the cast does infact slowly change at least a little by the end of the show. Esdeath was introduced as a complete dominatrix lunatic, but became a fan favourite because she grew to have an actual personality. She single-handedly had the most character development throughout the entirety of the show, yet she was basically the baddest of the bad guys. All the other characters combined couldn't hope to match her character development, and she was an actual good character to develop despite her being what she was.

Enjoyment 7/10: Thoroughly an enjoyable anime and has a very promising start. It follows through well enough but starts to become rather tedious and monotonous around the 75% mark, then onward it starts to decay into a somewhat complacent routine of introducing reasons for action scenes. As a huge upside there as a pretty obvious Harem overtone going on during this show, but there was infact no obvious lead by any of the girls unlike a good portion of other Harems. There read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
Before watching the anime, I actually read the manga and I had no idea it was getting anime! So when I found out I was so excited and I was not disappointed in the least!!

story (8)
Even if there really is no story or plot to follow, that's what makes the anime fun. There so much space to do whatever they want and they pull it off incredibly. Tanaka-kun having something to follow wouldn't make the show as fun as it is now. The comedy is great and the timing is perfect for the jokes, the way it's all played out makes you laugh. It's like a breath of fresh air.

art and animation (9)
The plain character designs and style aren't a bad thing, they actually make the show better. I cant really picture the anime with a much more detailed or serious art style. It's plain and simple. The transitions with Ohta pulling Tanaka along or carrying him are so cute! I really liked how they pulled off the previews, playing them on the tiny phone by a cute Tanaka after the ending. The simplicity is freshing.

Sound (8)
The soundtrack is so calming and fitting to the simpleness and cheery atmosphere, especially with Tanaka's listlessness. The opening and ending are catchy and I love how fitting the opening is. It's perfect because of how calm and relaxing it is. The voice acting fits perfectly too, especially when it comes to Tanaka and Miyano.

Characters (10)
Even with plain character designs, you fall in love with them instantly. It makes perfect sense since they're the ones that drive the show but the different personalities and character types really catch you by surprise. I love literally everyone.

Enjoyment (10)
The anime is so refreshing and it really catches you by surprise if you haven't heard of it. It's cute, funny, and relaxing. It gets the job done and leaves you wanting more of Tanaka and Ohta's adventures.

Overall (9)
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedagure is a relaxing and comedic anime with one of the most adorable casts that leave you feeling incredible after an episode.
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
(this is my first review so please)
*this is a review of the first 4 episodes

story (5)
Although the whole concept of people sharing pain and wounds and being connected seems interesting at first, it honestly fails to present anything just as interesting to top it off. The show's pace is way too slow and it keeps trying to be deep but fails to do so. It's honestly just 'edgy' and boring. The comedy is probably better than the plot itself and the many attempts of shoving or hinting at romance makes you cringe. Dialogue is boring and just throws too much at you without making some sort of meaningful connection.

art and animation (7)
The art and character designs are probably my favorite thing about the show. The use of lighting, certain shots and angles, even colors make me actually want to watch more. The animation is smooth and expresses the mood and atmosphere of the scene itself. You can really see it all shine and come together in the opening and ending sequences.

sound (5)
Honestly the sound isn't memorable as TRIGGER's other shows like Kill la Kill, its opening and ending songs are nice, but don't stick and seem pretty generic to me. The soundtrack is alright but nothing that makes you want to listen to on your free time.

characters (7)
The characters are really the only thing driving this show, with incredible character designs and great but at the same time pretty generic personalities you can't help but enjoy the bits and pieces of the cast just hanging out and talking to each other. But the annoying tsundere type (Chidori) and boring protagonist (Agata) ruin this for me, since these are the character types that are probably the worst for me, especially Chidori.

enjoyment (6)
Even with Kiznaiver's really cringe worthy attempts of being deep, inferior soundtrack, and a story with an interesting plot device that drives you in but when it's actually time to develop it disappoints you, the show itself is pretty enjoyable when you're bored or just looking for something to watch.

overall (5)
There's just too much bad in the show that makes me want to stop but the only thing keeping me from dropping it is my hope that it will actually get better and just the fact that I love TRIGGER's silliness implemented into all their work, whether its through the story itself or the character designs. The whole teen angst thing is played out horribly, which I would actually enjoy if it was done correctly and actually made me feel for the characters instead of annoyed, the dialogue is probably just as boring as the plot and the forced romance between chidori and agata (or tenga), agata and sonozaki, and yuta and maki ruins it for me.

I'd stick to Space Patrol Luluco which is much more silly and enjoyable. Luluco screams out TRIGGER but Kiznaiver feels as if TRIGGER is trying to replicate elements from other studios like SHAFT. I ended up looking forward to seeing read more
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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Anime) add
I watched Wolf Children after hearing praises for it from other reviews, and came in with high expectations, but by the end of the movie I was left feeling disappointed. It is very well put together and has some great animation and background art. The story and characters is where the film let me down, and led to a lack of the emotional punch I had hoped for. I teared up once, but it was otherwise very difficult to feel sad over events in the movie that you can tell are coming from a mile away.
The story is about a single mother struggling to raise two Wolf Children alone, but that's all it is. It is a very conventional and predictable story. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the story, it was relatable and endearing enough to keep me engaged. Only the disappointing ending ruined the second half of the movie, it felt like I was waiting for something that was not delivered once I had finished the movie.
What bugged me the most was the characters. The father is insignificant enough for me to overlook flaws, but the mother character (I have forgotten the names) felt like a person who could not actually exist. She's bright, cheerful and determined to care for her kids, a pretty common mother type character. The problem is that she is the main character of the story and she is only ever a mother. She somehow appears to have no life before her children, no family or friends to trust in difficult times, despite her cheerful nature, and is willing to drop everything for her children. Even after her children leave her there is no sign of her growing as a person or creating any other close relationships with other characters. She has no real interests and is only motivated by her children, causing her to fall flat as the lead character.
Her daughter is the one who decides to live as a human, and that's basically her character arc as she is rather short shifter near the end. She learns to live as a normal human and finds someone who accepts her as a wolf (couldn't see that one coming at all). Her son is the one who decides to live as a wolf because he can't get along with others. The thing that annoyed me most was possibly the decision of the son because (Spoilers) he decides to live as a wolf for the rest of his life, completely abandoning his mother, and the mother is still happy because she's seen him grow up and become an adult. This seemed completely unessecary to me, and made me too upset with the son to feel any sadness while watching him walk away from his mother. He obviously cares for his mother, and she doesn't move anywhere else, so why can't he just live as a wolf and visit his family once in a while as well, not abandon read more
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Kennel Tokorozawa (Anime) add

This long buried hunk of garbage was recommended by a friend. I had never heard of this series until recently and apparently neither has anyone else...because MAL has no reviews available for this series. Until now!


There is a dog with human level intelligence named Rin Tin Tin who lives in a kennel in Japan. So is this going to be a parody of the old Rin Tin Tin TV show from the 1950s? Well...not exactly. This Rin Tin Tin is a degenerate pervert that lusts after the daughter of the Kennel owner. If that wasn't stupid enough, EVERY supporting character urges the daughter to "let nature take its course" and have sex with the dog! This 1991 OVA is a combination between a D-tier Furry fanfiction and a horrendous comedy in which almost none of the jokes land! Rin Tin Tin is voiced by a stand up comedian who was apparently fairly popular in Japan during the early 1990s. I'm not positive if his entirely flat, deadpan delivery is because he is Japan's Bill Murray or if he just REALLY didn't want to be in this anime, but desperately needed the money. He had never been in an anime before and after this he never appeared in one again! The girl though is an industry veteran that also played Yahiko in Rurouni Kenshin. RIP childhood!

So basically we have an uncomfortable and unfunny comedy about an anthropomorphic dog played deadpan by a comedian who doesn't want to be there. This is the anime version of Oh Heavenly Dog with Chevy Chase!!!

The plot just kind of meanders for about 40 minutes and suddenly ends without any real resolution. A perverted teacher is introduced to compete with the perverted dog, but everyone ends up getting bitten by snakes for some reason. The dog assures us that the snakes weren't venomous after he gets bit in the dick and the anime just kind of stops! My head hurts just thinking about this piece of shit!


This anime never received an English dub fortunately. The Japanese version with English subs is available on Youtube. The only other existing dub I could find is oddly enough a Russian dub that was done by 1 person. The Japanese audio is weird not only because it was CLEARLY ripped from VHS, but because the Japanese comedian playing the dog sounds different than everyone else. I think he couldn't be bothered to show up at the studio and recorded his lines on a Sony Walkman from the 1980s. I'm serious...I'm pretty sure that's what happened.


This anime is painfully stupid, but for some reason I didn't feel it deserved a 1 because at least 1 or 2 of the jokes almost warranted a chuckle. I also enjoyed the comedian's deadpan delivery of his catchphrase: "hump hump hump" repeated ad nauseam throughout the series! I have no idea how an anime this terrible has escaped the public's attention, but if you enjoy the worst of the worst, you need to read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
**CONTAINS SPOILERS** (My first review, yay)

Ah, Erased, the anime people pronounced as “unique” and “well written”, with a “good premise.” Now that I have finally watched Erased, do I consider it be overrated? Yes, yes and yes. Do I consider it to one of the worst anime ever? Not really. I mean overall, I did find a lot of things that bugged me. There were parts of it that I did really liked and parts of it that I found really hard to take seriously. If I were to outline this anime, it would be something like this: fascinating start, poor second half. It was easy to see how this anime came up with a high rating out of nowhere on Mal's list when it wasn’t finished since every episode ended with a cliffhanger.

It’s an anime with time travel. Now I usually give a pass to how the actual time travel mechanism works since time travel as a plot device is as hard to work with. (I.E. Steins;Gate) You have to suspend your disbelief for these kinds of things. In Erased's case, it’s never explained. It’s just inexplicably given to this random guy. The time travel power served as a cheap plot device coming up only when convenient. I mean seriously, how the hell does this power work. In the beginning, his powers brought himself back in time several minutes before something happens. Then it just brings him 18 years back in time. Okay? The glaring problem with time travel is that if there aren’t any established rules or limitations, it transforms it into some sort of deus ex machina power that is only convenient to the plot. It also fails as a mystery drama, seeing how the power is never clarified and you could probably deduce who the killer is, which in turn leads to an underwhelming reveal.

Moving onto the characters: the prime issue that brought this series down for me. Satoru isn’t anything groundbreaking, but I still thought his character was okay. He’s the character that is defined completely by his morally virtuous attitude. There is a recurring gag that suggests some pedophilic implications, which left me creeped out at some points. Kayo could’ve been a great character had they done more to show her psyche. She’s constantly abused throughout this anime and instead of going into the psyche of Kayo, the abuse is just there to victimize her through cheap shock factor. In fact, the abuse scenes were so useless, they could’ve been removed and it wouldn’t have impacted the story at all. They could’ve just shown bruises implying she was getting beaten. The main problem with her character is that she isn’t a “real” character. She comes off more as a plot device. Her only purpose in this story is to be used as a human punching bag, so Good guy-kun can come in to save her. She also loses importance in her role after the conflict is solved.

This brings up the shameless problem read more
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Loveless (Anime) add
I've been wanting to do a review of this anime ever since I watched it years ago. My memory might be a flaky but I think I remember enough.

As there are many reviews for this anime I want to focus on its aspect with the manga and why it disappoints me so much.

Loveless isn't your typical shounen-ai, it never was. Imagine my disappointment when I watched this 12 episode anime of an on going manga I love, the disappointment coming from the fact that Loveless was turned into one of those really bad, cheap shounen-ai/yaoi anime. And this is what sells, girls who enjoy watching boys kiss without an actual story. But Loveless isn't two boys kissing, it's a complex physiological story intertwine with mystery and the anime went completely passed that.

The artwork and animation is fine since this is from the person who made the designs for Gundam 00.

If your a fan you've probably watched it. Is it good? It's fun to watch if you're interested in the gay aspect of it but it does not do the manga justice at all. Overall, I truly wish one day this amazing manga receives an adaptation that does it justice.
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
Byousoku 5 Centimeter is the best film I've ever watched.

First off, the story. The synopsis will cover you without spoilers, so all I want to say is that the story is touching, interesting, heartwarming, beautiful and with a bittersweet ending.

Animation is next. I watched this film in an incredibly high quality, and it was clear that the animation in this film had a high budget. The environment throughout was beautiful and amazingly drawn.

Finally is directing. This is directed by Shinkai, so you know top quality, amazing directing is going to occur. And that's not wrong. This film's directing is spot on throughout.

This film contains the song "One More Time, One More Chance" written and performed by Masayoshi Yamazaki originally in 1997, written about his feeling for his girlfriend, who passed away in 1995. This song is incredibly beautiful written with so much emotion put into each version I've heard (1 studio and 2 live), and it fits perfectly with this film, with each line fitting the character's emotions perfectly, and the whole ending sequence is beautiful and REALLY powerful, especially with One More Time, One More Chance's lyrics of reminiscence.
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Alright guys. I know probably know how many times you've seen my username pop up in the "SAO REVIEW." I just wanted to try reviewing this again, making it better each time. Well, here goes nothing.

I give SAO a 9. What?? A 9?? Why 9??

Story 8/10- Wait, hold up. Before you click the "unhelpful" button or skip my review for giving it a 10, please, hear me out. The premise, as everyone knows already, is about some OP guy named Kirito who happened to be trapped in a game called Sword Art Online. To clear the game, you have to clear every floor. What's even better is that if you die in the game, you die in real life. WHOO. Interesting right?? Then you got your beautiful OP Asuna, partnering up with her man Kirito. It smells like a ship. The first episode was amazing, sets up the whole story. Or does it?? Only until episode 14, it seems. I recommend not watching the second half, because that, my friend, is where the garbage starts.

Art 10/10- The art is beautiful though, as expected of something that came from A-1 pictures.

Sound 10/10- These are the bonus points. Kajiura Yuki is the best. No flaws here.

Character 7/10- This is where a lot of people have lots of complaints. Let me start with Kirito. If you don't like OP characters, then you can get out of here. Because Kirito is so badass that he can't die. He's a beta tester, so of course he's going to have more knowledge than every other player in that game. He's also so handsome and friendly that every girl wants him. That sets for Kirito. Then there's Asuna. In the first few episodes, Asuna used to be cool, but then she became a damsel in distress and complete trash when she can't even stand without Kirito. I must admit the romance is kind of cute though. Okay, enough about Asuna. Let's talk about Yui, their AI "daughter." Yui is honestly not needed in this series. Lmao. That's all I have to say. For the villains part, they are trash indeed. The first villain, Heathcliff, has forgotten why he even was the villain. The second villain is just plain horrible.

Enjoyment 9/10- I enjoyed this anime however, despite the flaws they have. I enjoyed it because SAO is meant to be entertaining, and it certainly was.

Overall 9/10- If you don't like harem/romance, then go away. SAO's got lots of harem/romance. If you're going to use your brain and tell your brain that none of this makes sense, then go away. This is only good if you're watching this for the sole purpose of entertainment. You have been warned.
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Gosick (Anime) add
I haven't written a review for a while, and since I just love Gosick so much and I just finished it, I think I would write one.

Story 8/10- First of all, this isn't your typical solve-the-case mystery. If you want a really good mystery as others have said, then this isn't your place to go. There isn't a lot of violence/blood except during the flashbacks of the mystery. Then you got Kujo accompanying Victorique and all that good stuff. Victorique is super smart, and can solve pretty much every case, whereas Kujo is usually just a tag-along kind of guy, though he does protect Victorique when needed.

Art 9/10- The art is pretty good coming from the year of 2011. I don't really have anything else to say to it, but no complaints either.

Sound 10/10- I love the sounds, best with headphones on, as another user recommended. I don't know why they've used the same opening to last 24 episodes, but the opening wasn't bad so it was fine. The ending songs were beautiful, however, especially ending 2. Gotta go listen to it!

Character 10/10- They developed the characters very well. At first I didn't really like Kujo, thinking he was a good-for-nothing guy, but as he develops his friendship with Victorique (and romance) along the way, I thought, "hey maybe he's not so bad after all." Victorique is a smart girl who loves sweets and books, and at first she has a bad attitude and doesn't really have any emotions, but after halfway through the anime, she develops the emotional feelings she's always wanted.

Enjoyment 10/10- I enjoyed this anime a lot, and would rewatch if I want to.

Overall 9/10- If you are still hesitating about watching this great piece of work, then you are missing out. So go watch it now!!
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garzey's wing review:

note: the only reason i gave this a 7/10 was because that was my enjoyment level. the objective score is probably a 3/10.

to put it simply, garzey's wing is bad. it manages to get absolutely everything wrong. the story is wrong, the directing is wrong, the ost is wrong, the characters are wrong and the execution in general is flat out wrong. because it fails so horribly in so many areas, it becomes unintentionally comedic. yes, this is an anime that's so bad, it becomes good.

despite it being so bad, garzey's wing actually takes it's self very seriously. and that's kinda what makes it so funny. it has a certain level of unawareness. it's trying to tell a serious story, but it's obvious that the writers had no idea what they were doing and it just turned into a hilarious, convoluted mess.

so i'll start by talking about the story. garzey's wing is about a man named Chris who gets transported to a fantasy universe where he must help a band of rebels overthrow a corrupt king. the premise sounds simple enough. you'd think that with such a basic concept, it would at least be easy to follow. well you'd be wrong. through out this 3 episode ova, i had absolutely no idea what was going on. you could probably watch this 100 times and you'd still wouldn't be able to follow it properly.

the problem with garzey's wing is that there are to many unexplained plot elements. and the problem is not that it doesn't bother to explain what's going on, it does kinda 'try' to give some explanation as to what's going on, the problem is that it doesn't know how to explain what's going on. most of the dialog is exposition, but none of it really makes any sense. the characters just end up talking nonsense to each other. the confusing plot elements make me wonder, "did the creators of this ova actually know what was going on themselves?" it felt like the story wasn't really planed out properly. I bet that the writes made the story up as they went along. there's no real structure to it, it's just a bunch of random, nearly unrelated scenes spread out across 3 episodes.

well, that's all I have to say about the story, now I'll talk a bit about the animation. the animation actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be. it's not necessarily good, but it's not too bad either. it's about what you'd expect from an anime made in 1996. there's not really much to say about it.

now for the sound. if you're thinking of watching this anime, watch it with the English dub. it has one of the best-worst English dubs ever. the company who dubbed this obviously knew that it wasn't going to do very well, so they just put as little effort as possible into it. and that lack of effort, that sheer lack of emotion is what makes this so funny. read more
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Yesterday, 4:05 PM
Asobi ni Iku yo! (Anime) add
Asobi ni Iku yo, or in know in english as "Cat planet cuties" I will say looks phenomenal, but it immediately failed to disappoint me. The first episode did start off fairly well composed, with good action, and a semi decent plot. So here forth goes my third review.

*There may be spoilers from this point on*

The first problem I immediately had was that Eris was far too playful and secondly Kio far too weak of a male character. The second I had was the stereotype of dogs vs cats, only that it was reversed this time. I did not see the main goal of the dogs since it isn't clearly defined, or it was so poor that I over saw it as just a cat fan service fest since all but one of the feline aliens is a girl, short of a very vague image from the past in a memory of a character that comes later on. Speaking of that character, it was too short of a plot to relate to her, and I found myself wanting to know more of the travels of her rather than the main adventure that was taking place. Thirdly I found the love square to be relatively annoying as well since it comes to /no/ conclusion.

Those being my chief complaints, the story lacked refinement, and the excessive cuteness was a bit of a drain on some parts that could have had a strong emotional impact on the viewer. They should have spent more time on character development rather than large breasted cats, and small ones alike. They also introduced some characters out of no where with little to know explanation as to how they got there which was a bit odd. This considering how hard they tried to make this anime look like a "huge" thing by the credits.

Any who this of course does not mean it was absolutely horrid. It's a good time filler, with good voice acting (dub) and a fairly cute art style that I enjoyed to watch. I would say watch this at your own risk for story, but if you just want to burn time, then go for it.
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Yesterday, 4:03 PM
Mushishi (Anime) add
DaikiClub Bro Time-Saver Review:
(Ironically these are starting to get too long)

BLUF: Mushishi is a work of art. If you're not a 12 year old then you'll like the sound and beautiful imagery. 9/10

Story- If you can call it that. There isn't any overarching plot or purpose; the main character Ginko just kind of walk around and does "Mushi of the week" stuff. But even without a full plot, it is very entertaining and I was excited to see the weekly mushi and plot resolution. 8

Art- It's beautiful. The show describes these abstract beings called mushi and then shows them to you. The entire idea of the show is to let your imagination run wild. It's the most visually appealing show I've seen in a while. 10

Sound- The OP and EP are the same for all 26 episodes.... Good! The EP and OP are really f*cking good and I want to hear them. I watched the Dub and Ginko's voice is very soothing and fit his character. This is also one of the only shows I've seen that actually makes good use of silence and nature sounds. 10

Characters- The same deal as plot. Ginko is kind of this enigmatic journeyman with a mysterious past and I can get behind that. The weekly characters are all somewhat similar: downtrodden, good farm folk. But if it works, it works and it all fit together. The show definitely didn't take any risks in the character department, but it didn't need to because the mushi are the real characters. 8

Enjoyment- If you don't like this show or think it's boring then you need to reevaluate your life. Go back to watching some weird harem wish-fulfillment or predictable battle shonen (*cough* SAO *cough* Bleach). This show doesn't have great effects or "action" but has a masterful use of sound and art. It's just really good. 10

TL;DR Just watch it and appreciate it. You could watch it in a language you don't even know (like Japanese) and still be mesmerized by the visuals and sound. If you don't like it, then go watch Pokemon or something more your pace.
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Yesterday, 3:48 PM
FLCL (Anime) add
Ready to watch a irritating know-it-all douchebag kid growing robots out of his head? FLCL is the name! The total lack of sense and storyline is rather surprising. Like, how the heck did this make it's way to an anime? Totally ridiculous. Catch phrase: "Nothing happens here but the ordinary''. Oh, so growing robots out of your head after getting hit by a guitar and flying 20 meters forward (and not dying) is ordinary?

-Story (2/10):

I don't know whether you can even call this a story. It's like the writer wrote a couple of ideas in his memo and then just mixed them together, making it a totally not-linked, messed up piece of junk. Mr. Kusogaki, I mean, Naota is your typical wanna-be-cool-and-intelligent-and-sound-mature 6th grader. His brother, a pro baseballer moves to America, leaving his girlfriend (??) Mamimi (she's homeless) behind, whom Naota hangs out with afterwards. Then, a crazy woman called Haruha Raharu (or something like that) riding a Vespa hits Naota on his forehead with all her might (with a guitar), causing him to fly from the impact and growing a horn. OK. Btw, this is chapter 1. She ends up living in his house as an ''''''house maid'''''' (don't remember seeing her do anything) and shortly afterwards, Mr. Kusogaki will grow a TV robot out of his head, who turns out to be the all-mighty forgot-his-name and Raharu will smash it for no reason at all and it'll turn into Naota's new house-maid. Anyway. He spawns a couple of robots more out of his head (who are baddies for some reason) and then he'll be able to control the TV robot because 'I'm fabulous'. Well, enough spoilers. In the last chapter he will win from the uber-baddie-robot and Raharu goes away.

-Art (6/10):

Overall bad animation, reminds of Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann, but it's not the worst. That to be said, those South Park scenes were totally unnecesary and not funny. This is an anime, right?!

-Sound (6/10):

Well, at least the sound wasn't too bad. I liked the OST's, but they used them too much for such a short anime.
The voice acting wasn't the best either. Rather disappointing, especially Raharu's voice acting. It didn't feel right, as if the actors were half sleeping of boredom while recording.

-Characters (3/10):

Disappointing, in one word. The only one who experienced a change (apart from the physical change, you know, sprouting out robots from his head) was Naota, and it wasn't such an enormous psycological change, either. The rest had just shallow, easy-predictable and boring personalities.
The only character I liked was the guy with the nori eyebrows. The rest was too plain and not funny at all (is this supposed to be a comedy?), becoming rather annoying very quickly.

-Enjoyment (3/10):

I didn't find any liking to this. It was boring, and even got me annoyed. There's no point for me in watching this again. More like, I shouldnt've wasted my time with this.

-Overall (4/10):

I can't recommend this. I'm not saying this is crap read more
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Yesterday, 3:47 PM
Musaigen no Phantom World (Anime) add
In 2009 a game called Resident Evil 5 was released by Capcom. RE5 was, for the most part, a great game but was ultimately panned by a large portion of the fan base. The game would go on to receive criticism not due to the fact that it was a poor game but because it wasn't as good as its predecessor "Resident Evil 4" and could never live up to the hype and momentum of its "big brother".

Myriad Colors Phantom World is experiencing a similar "big brother" effect. Having been produced by Kyoto Animation, the excellent animation studio responsible for very well respected series such as Clannad, K-On, Kyoukai no Kanata and Free, Phantom World comes out of the gate with an unrealistically high bar to meet.

The truth of the matter is that Phantom World is a fine anime series. The characters aren't anything you haven't seen before but are all lovable and I can confidently say I will remember most of them several months down the road. The plot and story come off as a little dry and recycled from years of "industry standard meta" material but the uniqueness of the main characters power helps add a little bit of fresh air into the dank plot.

The story chugs along at an even pace that may range from "watchable" to "enjoyable" with the last two episodes being the clear highlights of the entire 13 episode span with a villain that is as refreshing as she is "ara ara".

The animation is outstanding, to put it bluntly, meeting the already "above and beyond" standards set by Kyoto. The sound track is another, often over-looked gem. The near constant stream of excellent music helps bring the scenes to life and is nothing but a compliment to the animators at Kyoto.

All in all Myriad Colors Phantom World may not be remembered as the defining anime released under the Kyoto name but it is certainly a fine accomplishment. And that is okay. It is alright for us to enjoy something, even if it isn't "as good" as we would have liked.
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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Anime) add

Well let me just say : I gave it 10/10 but It's not a 10/10 (my rating system is complex and weird..) consider it as a 9.5/10 (:

This movie is not for everyone. You will often hear things like "the movie is boring .. blah blah" , well that's the kicker. The movie indeed moves slowly but the evolution is there. It depends on your type of thing and what you want from a movie.

Many people look at it to the same way they look at shonens for instance, in the description it says "Slice of life" and Slice of life anime are meant to be slow and boring for some (: What I wanna say is that, if you consider yourself a fan of this style, give it a go.

Let's just start with the actual review shall we.

Story: 9/10. It almost made it.. but it didn´t. The story is basically your typical girl that founds her love in life and gives everything for it. Pretty usual. People claim about how "unreal" this is, but I've seen it happening in real life .. many times .. peole giving up on studies and school to raise a family. So that's not the prob. The prob comes afterwords you see, some things felt really weird at some point. There is one special moment right at the beginning where a certain thing (a pretty important one) happens all of a sudden and they it happened was definately not well thought/executed. It's a one time only though as the rest of the movie goes way smoother and much more defined. I can´t go into much detail without spoiling it so bear with it.

The story itself is rather interesting because the fact that Hana, our main character, has to raise 2 children, that happen to be some sort of werewolf makes the story more interesting, at least for me. It makes the normal events .. less normal :)

Art : 10/10. It's not at Ghibli's level (11/10) but it's close. The extreme detail in the backgrounds makes this anime really pleasent to watch. Not only that but the movement and fluidity of the anime are really astonishing. 5 seconds into this movie and I already knew this would have an amazing animation quality, and it did !

Sound : 8/10. Well overall the sound does make it's job, sets up the environment but it's kinda weak. It's there, but you barely notice it. It's a small problem though considering that you will be paying attention to the movie most of the time but there are times when you think to yourself "Damn a good soundtrack would be the nail in the coffin". I did not get too bothered with this, but that's just me ^^

Character: 10/10. For one simple reason : They're interesting. While Hana is our typical super mom, the perfect mother that does everything she can for her children, its still nonetheless a nice character to read more
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Yesterday, 3:10 PM
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Review until episode 4 without spoilers beyond episode 1.

Should you watch it?
Do you like utopian ideas, good visuals and teenager's drama? Then probably yes
Do you dislike long dialogues with no action, emotionless main character, teenager's drama and reactive characters? Then probably no.
In short: mediocre story, poor characters, quite boring but very good visuals.

Story 5
A group of students are kidnapped and forced to participate in an experiment in which they share their pain with the other students. The aim of this experiment is to observe them connect to each other thanks to sharing the same pain and making them complete missions together, then use the data to achieve global peace. While the premise might sound interesting the execution is weak. The pace is slow, the bonding with each other is forced and most of the time the show is immature compared to the premise making it hard to take it seriously.

Character 4
Everyone of the students is a flat character. Some are overly comical others overly dramatic while the MC is emotionless, doesn't feel pain and without a will just like a robot.

Enjoyment 3
Few funny moments, some interesting moments, many slice of life moments and too much boring exposition or pointless stuff.

Overall 4
Not too bad of a show but the contrast between the premise and the execution makes it quite pretentious, the comedy is not that funny, there's no attachment to the character because of how stereotyped they are and I don't care for the visuals that much.

Feel free to share with me your feedback or opinion about this review.

*This is not the final version, parts of the review or some ratings might change according to the new episodes.
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Space☆Dandy 2nd Season (Anime) add
Knowing it was supposedly some sort of ‘‘‘‘‘sequel’‘‘‘‘ to ‘Cowboy Bebop’ (which I loved to bits) I was kinda scared ‘Space Dandy’ wasn’t going to be nearly as good as its predecessor. From what I saw around before starting it, I already knew it was going to be really different visually speaking but also because the tone seemed far more silly and light-hearted. So I just shrugged it off, braced myself and jumped in, ready for dissapointment.

And -I have to admit it- at first I kinda was. There’s no denying the two are completely different, and despite enjoying some references to ‘Cowboy Bedop’ spotted here and there, at times the abyssal difference between the two genuinely made me gringe to the point of thinking ‘why did they have to pollute my memory of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ in this way? Why, Studio Bones, WHY???’.

My only consolation for 2 seasons and 12 episodes had been having fun noticing the different styles in the animation from episode to episode and enjoying the hell out of the visual aspects of some of them (like ep 9, 18 and 21), the unbelievable humor of some of them (ep 4 and 20), the sheer adorableness of ep 5 and 23 or the amaing, un-called for load of serious shit popping up at unexpected times hitting me right in the feels… all of this while getting upset by other episodes that got too stupid, unnecessay or just boring.

So overall, escluding a couple of highly enjoyable moments, I was just not that amused.

I liked the fact that they played so much and so well with different genres (which was one of the features I loved the most in Cowboy Bebop’) but I still considered ‘Space Dandy’ as a random bunch of animated pieces thrown together for the sake of it -which is something I can enjoy if done well (like in this case) but that I don’t really fully appreciate.

But then I got to the last 5 minutes of the last episode…


Considering how my expectations were set, the ending had a reaaally shattering impact on my poor unprepared soul. This has brought storytelling to a whole different level. The plot of ’Cowboy Bebop’’ had just been extremely diluited and greatly character-based, whilst in ‘Space Dandy’ they basically let it all at the end. Despite it being admittedly still rather inconsistent, considering that it just really gives the impression of being a unapologetic mess of random stories with little to no sense of continuity whatsoever, I can only just say one thing to the way the handled it: well done, Bones, you played your cards in the best way possible.

This is a fully deserved 8/10. I didn’t always enjoy everything and I still feel conflicted about a lot of aspects but it was undeniably entertaining, good for a nice laugh once you get into the spirit and even moment of pure aesthetic appreciation (some of the planets were just straight up stunning).

I definitely recomend it if you’re up read more
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Texhnolyze (Anime) add
Texhnolyze is not the type of anime you watch for fun. It's the type of anime that'll have you thinking all along the series (also because many details are not explained) and leave you a bad taste in the mouth. It's the type of anime you can't watch in one go because of it's slow-paced and not consistent enough plot.

-Story (9/10):

The story is what makes Texhnolyze appealing and worth watching. It turns around the young price-fighter Ichise, in an underground city called Lux, who loses an arm and a leg after hitting (who I suppose is) his boss. Limping through the city, with no one to come to his aid, he collapses on a stairway. There, Kamata Eriko (the Doc) finds him and uses him to improve the tecnology of 'texhnolization' and gets his new limbs. Taken under Onishi's (the leader of the Organo, the city's main powerholder) care, he will get involved in a war for the control of the city. Meeting Ran, a girl who can see the possible future, he will get to know his destiny and walk straight to it while he fights for survival.

The problem with this anime is the lack of proper explanation and dialogue. In the first couple of chapters the amount of dialogues can be counted with one hand, and the only explanations you'll get are the couple of flashbacks here and there.

-Art (8/10):

It's the kind of realistic-looking style, which reminds of animes such as Ergo Proxy. The design and colours are very gloomy and 'dry', suiting perfectly to the story. However, it's nothing special.

-Sound (6/10):

With the near to inexistence of BGM and the boring ED, there's not much to say. The sound of the anime itself is very low. It's quite messed up.

-Characters (8/10):

All characters are too superficial: there is no psicological progress whatsoever, and apart from a couple of details, the characters' background is to the biggest part unknown.
However, almost every character's personality was interesting on his own way. For example, you have Yoshii, who appears to be a normal traveler, but turns out to be totally abnormal (further details would be considered spoiler) or Ran, who appears to be just a curious little girl who doesn't talk, but turns out to be of great importance.

-Enjoyment (7/10):

Truth to be said, I didn't really enjoy it. Not mentioning the slow pace of the story, it was a bit too serious and realistic (for example the reactions of the normal people towards Ichise as he stumbles through the city), almost depressing. But it was a great change from the typical mainstream crap and although it wasn't the best, it certainly wasn't the worst.

-Overall (8/10):

Do I recommend this series? Yes and no. This is not the kind of anime that'll raise in popularity, simply because it's no fun. If you're looking for a good time, feel free to skip this one. However, if you're looking for a good story or you want to run away a bit read more
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
NOTE: This is a review of the first four episodes of Kiznaiver. This will be updated as the series progresses.

When I heard Trigger was making a new show, I got incredibly excited. Kill la Kill is one of my favorite shows of all time, and it showed how talented the folks at Trigger were. As such, I went into Kiznaiver with high expectations. While Kiznaiver is not as good as Kill la Kill in my opinion, I still think it is a unique, interesting, well animated show. Before I say anything further, I want anybody reading this review to know that Kiznaiver is NOT a wacky, goofy, action packed show like Kill la Kill. In fact, the main point of the show is to examine the bonds between people. This is stated many times in the show itself, almost so much it gets tiring. Despite this, the show's premise is very unique. Seven people share the same pain, and are required to complete certain missions with each other, understanding and bonding with each other along the way. The writing is great, especially the dialog and characters. All of the characters have a distinctive personality and compliment each other through their contrasts. The animation is spectacular as well. You can tell it had a bigger budget than Kill la Kill, and that extra money shows just how talented the folks at Trigger. It has a distinctive art style, and the animation is fluid and intricate. The soundtrack is good as well. I don't care much for the ED, but the OP is absolutely amazing. However, despite all of this praise, Kiznaiver does have a couple issues. My biggest problem with it is how... self absorbed it is. It seems to find itself incredibly deep, and constantly tries to harp on it. It's trying to make itself a "2deep4you" show when it really isn't. It has an interesting premise, but it isn't as thought-provoking as it makes itself out to be. My only other complaint is it sometimes feels repetitive. As I mentioned earlier, it constantly repeats similar lines of dialog that say how the whole point of making people share pain is to strengthen bonds between people. It is kind of annoying, and hopefully they won't talk about it as much in future episodes. Despite these complaints, I am still really enjoying Kiznaiver. It may not be as memorable as Kill la Kill, but it is certainly worth a watch.
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge originally wasn't an anime I was planning to watch this season. In fact, I only watched it because I had nothing better to do. It genuinely surprised me by how much I enjoyed it and I'm constantly waiting for the episodes to come out.

Story- 8/10
It seems a bit low but it's not a completely deep plot now is it? Granted the whole premise would be ruined if it was super deep. There isn't really a plot and it's just the daily lives of Tanaka, Ohta and other characters. That's not a bad thing, it's surprisingly fun to watch and it's great that you can sit, relaxed the whole time without having to worry about any big events.
The reason it's an eight would just be because, to call it a storyline or plot would be a bit of an exaggeration. Each episode is different and refreshing. It's a good thing.

Art- 9/10
The art is one of my favourite things. Personally, I feel the designs of the characters look rather plain but I like that, because it makes me feel like they're normal people and the smooth edges on them and duller or brighter colours depending on who they are really is great, it makes you so relaxed.
The background art is oh-so beautiful, it's so shiny and in some parts even realistic. The art is probably a main focus because it sets an atmosphere and there's really no disappointment in it.

Sound- 9/10
The sound fits so well. The opening song is very calming and fitting to the theme of the show. It does the opposite of what many shounen anime openings aim for, which is to get you pumped for the episode, instead it's like it's just trying to calm you down. The ending has a similar effect, but it's a bit more upbeat, as if telling you that now that you've had your relaxation time, it's time to actually do something. Honestly, it really motivates me to do something.
The background music is again, relaxing. It really fits the atmosphere and as there's not really an action-ey stuff it never gets really tense so it fits the relaxed mood very well.

Character- 8/10
The characters aren't bad. They are, in fact, very memorable, this coming from someone who has a terrible memory especially for names. The anime takes time getting you to know the characters.
The characters don't seem to have developed much but that's okay because it's a Slice of Life anime and honestly, in real life people don't constantly get life changing experiences every day.
Instead of development we get to know our characters a bit better, have a deeper insight to their minds. Get memorable quotes and so on.
Also, I haven't read the manga but apparently it's s 4-koma so that would explain again the lack of development. Then again, as this review goes up there's only been four episodes so who knows.

Enjoyment- 10/10
This rating is to be read more
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Another (Anime) add
This is one of the best animes I've seen, even I think it's my anime # 1 Why? What makes it special? the answer is everything, because since starting generates a feeling of surprise because it begins excellently, its plot and story are very well developed, not to mention the mystery from the first chapter grabs you as it always seems to come to pass something, the expectation of things, besides that is not only watch the anime and ready, some things never tell you in the anime, and if you did not notice these things, because you're unobservant or just do not interest much anime, but all the scenes accompanied by a soundtrack you to delve into the history also the tension that these caused, to the point that every time I wanted to see more and more, and definitely should have a 2 season because the creator said he was working on Another 2 along with the interaction of the characters in the problem of the existence or not (I like these thematics) make this one of the best anime of all time in my opinion.
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To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd (Anime) add
Close the door,turn off the lights and grab your lotion,it's time to j*rk off.
Ahh yes To LOVE-Ru,the harem anime that every weeaboo and his dad loves.Why you ask? Well there are a few reasons why,and one of them is:
The anime is sexual,witch means not every anime fan is going to like it.Let's be real,people who don't like this anime are either a girl or gay.
Now let's get right into the review.

Story 5/10
Let's be real this doesn't have a thing called "story".Why? Because it doesn't need one duh.It's a perverted harem anime.Ain't nobody got time for a story.

Art 9/10
It's good i really like the details on the breasts and panties.

Sound 7/10
Meh not bad nor good just ok.

Characters 10/10
Now here is the thing that makes this anime one of my favorites.The thing that make this anime good for me is Momo.God damm i love her character.
A pervy highschool girl who want's to make a harem for you.Yaas dude!!!
There other girl witch i like,for example Kotegawa,Yami and so on...
Ohhh and ofc we can't forget the man,the legend,the nigga who gets all the good good,yeah the one and only Rito.No one give a shit about him,so we're gonna skip him.

Enjoyment 10/10
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Overall rating 9/10
Why? Because i am a guy and as a guy i enjoyed watching this "masterpiece".
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
When the weaboo era had hit the internet around '08 or '09, I believe I was still in middle school time; young, naive, and a hopeless romantic (though I won't deny the fact I probably still am a hopeless romantic now it seems hA). I revered Clannad as of the most subperb, subliminal, greatest thing to ever be created-- like a kiss blown by God himself. I learned all of the piano songs, mentioned any references if I could, drew dango everywhere... and well, you kind of get the picture.

Now after graduating high school, entering into university and being introduced to a plethora of other anime with different genres, I literally have to fight the urge to not punch myself in the face and cringe as to how much I idolized Clannad when I was younger.

(there's a tl;dr at the bottom if you do not want to read my full frustration and anger)

Story and Character: 4

Looking back and taking a long while to reevaluate the anime again, it was filled with sub-par to mediocre devices that dragged an already mediocre storyline from season 1. My cousin urged me to watch it because it was one of the most greatest anime at its time (I had really just wanted to jump on the bandwagon), but to be completely honest, I was already ready to drop the anime the first few episodes by how boring, bland, and slow the plot was (I'm pointing at the Fuuko arc) (although that review should be saved for the first season). And much to its early predecessor, After Story follows the same premise. If I can remember correctly, the arcs within the second season were unmemorable and terribly characterized, living off of the deus ex machina trope to save the day. The plot relies heavily on melodramatic clichés and pathos to appeal to its viewer, and I believe that very same device really creates the misconception of how basic the plot actually is (because the very same thing happened to me when I was younger).

The characters introduced in season one were swept off to a corner basically as the plot focused on Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship and maturation as a couple, family, individuals etc. To be completely honest, Tomoya is probably the only redeeming character of the anime and the most memorable to say the least. I was especially empathetic towards him during the arc with his father. Definite props to the writers for addressing a very real, raw conflict and theme that can be exemplified in every day lives.

Art: 5
THE DANG EYES. WHAT ARE THOSE EYES. Other than that, the artwork was actually pretty good.

Sound: 8
Now this was probably one of the most memorable things of the anime that still resonates with me today; the melody of 'Dango Daikazoku' definitely tugs at my inner laden nostalgia especially. There are many tracks I would definitely relisten to.

Although After Story may be a decent watch, it definitely does not deserve a spot in read more
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Dimension W (Anime) add
This would have been in my top 5 season of anime if it wasnt for the poor storytelling of the first half of the season.

EP 1-6 is a 4.5/10 , EP 7-12 9.5/10

I LOVE the premise of a robot learning how to be a human its my PB and J. Mira is a really cool character and concept but this season did a poor job of using her (hopefully they dig deep in later seasons).

Kyouma was lackluster for me until they started to develop him in the latter of the season in which this dark little caterpillars past blossoms out into a beautiful story.

Art and Sound i gave both 8, they dont seem to be anything special but the fight sound effects where cool and the colorful landscape of the Dimension W world is cool.

Characters 10/10, Soo many Animes try and fit 4+ main characters and develop them into a show im happy with this show for only having 2 and developing atleast 1 of them to my satisfaction.

Enjoyment 8/10, I had to stop watching this because while it was airing because i really didnt like it as much as the other things i was watching, but after binge watching it i felt sucked in and had to finish it as fast as possible.

Overall 7/10, Could have been done better overall but if i were to here something like "we spent most of the money on the Island arc" It would make soo much sense to me
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Pokemon (Anime) add
JillValentine of the most well known, loved series of all time. Many people grew up with it, and many grew out of it. I personally still love this anime to death. Its still a belevold classic series, and my first anime. It will always be one of my favorites. It is a series great for childern. There are people who hate this series and think its stupid and repetitive. Well, so is One Piece, Bleach, Detective Coan, and Naruto. Yes, it still isnt the best, but in my opinion it is lovable and cute.

For those of you who dont know, Pokemon follows the story of Ash Kethum, otherwise known as Satoshi in Japan. He is a 10 year old boy who is on a quest to become a Pokemon master, and catch 'em all. (That didnt work out to well for him). Anyways, Pokemon are mysterious monsters that people catch and train. Ash sleeps late and doesnt get to chose his starter Pokemon. He only gets one choice, Pikachu, a cute mouse like Pokemon that uses electric shocks from its checks as a defensive power basicly. Ash and Pikachu become friends, and they become very close. They travel together, along with other characters with them. Misty, otherwise known as Kasumi in Japan, is a water type Pokemon trainer who is also a gym leader. And Brock, AKA, Takashi, who is a rock tyoe trainer and a gym leader. He wants to become a Pokemon breeder. They travel around Kanto (The region they live in)., The Orange Islands, and the Johto region. Ash collects gym badges in order to go in the Pokemon Leauge. Along the way, he catches new Pokemon, and they fight Team Rocket, the main villians in the anime.

The series is fairly long. 200+. So it will give you a fair amount of time to complete. Most of the episodes are canon, and not filler, so dont think its like Naruto. Most of the episodes are funny, enjoyable, and memorable. You will have a good time watching this anime, because almost all the episode's are funny.

The soundtrack is fine. The original Japanese opening songs are all good, catchy, and memorable. The music itself is catchy, In a good way. You will end up loving the music. The english dub has great opening music too.

The characters are lovable, nothing wrong with them. I personally think that Team Rocket is awesome, and very memorable. I mean, the character development isnt anything like Naruto or anything, but you can tell characters mature.

The series has old art, but its mostly fair. As it goes on, the art becomes better. It may be old, but I love old art, so I do enjoy the old art more then the newer art that appear in the newer episodes.

Overall, I do recommend this for younger childern. It dosnt have anything wrong with it, unless you watch the original japanese version. Some things is a litle mature. For a n me wer read more
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