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Coppelion (Anime) add
[This Review Contains Spoilers]

[Coppelion: The Forgotten Audio Tapes]

(Audio Tape #1)
Location: Outskirts of Tokyo

Aoi [whining and exhausted]: Ibara! How long until we reach the city. I’m getting tired and this bag is heavy.

Taeko [panting]: I agree with Aoi. I’m getting tired. And it looks like the city is roughly 5 miles from here.

Ibara: There’s no time for rest. Let’s move.

[Aoi and Taeko continue to whine and complain, until Ibara could no stand it.]

Ibara [sighing]: Fine. Let’s take a break. But, only this time.

[It was noted that they took an additional two breaks before reaching the city as Aoi and Taeko whined and complained every 2 miles.]
(Audio Tape #2)
Location: Tokyo

Aoi [whining]: Ehhhhhh! Ibara! What that flying object? And why is it flying so close to the buildings?

Ibara: I don’t know what that is, but it looks like a big, black crow. So, it’s a monster crow.

[Taeko uses her eyes’ special ability to identity the flying object.]

Taeko: It’s a B2 Stealth Bomber. It’s a special bomber that doesn’t show up on radar.

Ibara: Whatever. Let’s blow it out of the sky with this Hand Arrow (i.e. a surface to air missile that requires radar and tracking to destroy a flying object).

[Ibara fires off a missile towards the B2 Stealth Bomber. It blows up.]

Taeko: How…how… were you able to blow up that Bomber if it doesn’t show up on radar?

Ibara: I don’t know. But, we destroyed it, so who cares.
(Audio Tape #3)
Location: Tokyo

JGSDF Soldier 1: Why did the Japanese Government create genetically modified schoolgirls with radiation immunity instead of regular adults with radiation immunity?

JGSDF Soldier 2: I don’t know. But, at least, they wear school uniforms and they’re pretty.

JGSDF Soldier 1: I don’t care if they wear school uniforms, I don’t even care if they are pretty. Two of the three are completely useless: Aoi complains and cries all the time, while Taeko stands around either looking dumbfounded or confused. I don’t even understand how they got into JGSDF Special Forces, if all they do is stand around and whine.

JGSDF Soldier 2: Well…I’m not going to question it. Whatever the Japanese Government does, is not my problem.
(Audio Tape #4)
Location: Streets of Tokyo

JGSDF Soldier 3: What?! Stop! Why are point that luger at me?

Ibara: But, this gun is modified to shoot anesthetic bullets, also known as Aether.

JGSDF Soldier 3: But, it’s still a bullet, right? So, it doesn’t matter what type of bullet it is, it’s still a bullet. And bullets kill.

Ibara: Yes, it’s a bullet. But, this bullet has special properties that can save people.

JGSDF Soldier 3 [shocked]: What? I…whatever. The Japanese Government has some strange ideas.
(Audio Tape #5)
Location: Unknown

Aoi: Hey, Ibara. Am I human?

Ibara: Yes, Aoi, for the thousandth time, you are human.

Aoi: But, all I do is whine, cry and complain, but does that really make me human?

Ibara: It’s not only the emotions that make you human, but also your actions like rescuing survivors.

Aoi: But, I haven’t rescued anybody, all I do is get captured, lock myself in storerooms and whine.

Ibara: Well…just continue read more
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Fate/stay night (Anime) add
"In order for virtue to prevail, there must first be an evil defeated." - Kirei Kotomine


Like Shiro Emiya to Kiritsugu, Fate/Stay Night is the red headed step child of the Fate series, without a doubt. Back in 2006, before the acclaimed VN had achieved a monumental amount of success, complete with multiple TV series, movies, and spinoffs; there was one that came before. It was a time when the studio Deen, an industry veteran was experiencing a huge run of success with a trio of titles: Higurashi, Hell Girl, and our very own Fate/Stay Night.

In today's world, FSN has been ragged on for its shonen-ness, immaturity, poor animation, and overall inferiority in both tone and execution to more recent efforts in the Fate universe by ufotable. Is it because it's a truly inferior product, or that it has not withstood the test of public opinion over time like its stablemate Higurashi? Let's find out.

Artwork and Animation: 8

FSN was visually striking from the beginning- the magic runes and swirls of power are well animated, and the various reds, purples, and golds that make up the flow of energy lend an arcane and weighty feel to the action. The action sequences are very flashy, and typically are very fleshed out, though some animations are repeated- it never feels tiring.

The idle animations can be kind of boring, and I can see where some people find the chibi style thrown in (think FMAB) with the humorous elements off-putting in a fairly serious show, but within the framework of the show itself, it works. Beware of the ASS dragon though... the 3D CGI appears once, and you might need an acid eyewash, because you'll think the ass dragon took a steaming lava dump in your eyeballs.

The character animations are what are hit and miss here. Obviously some corners were cut for budget saving measures- When there's no action and the characters are seen from far away, they're typically very low detail, particularly the eyes. A lot of pans and sweeps of a stillframe are also used, in both action and non action sequences.

Sound and Voice Acting: 9

FSN's musical composition was handled by one Kenji Kawai. He might have done work for another little known anime you might have heard of... I don't know... GHOST IN THE SHELL 1995 and Innocence? That's right. Before Yoko Kanno provided her talents, this guy was on the stage. He also did the composition for Higurashi.
The insert/next episode preview song "Unmei no Yoru" is absolutely phenomenal. It's a very fitting song for a medieval inspired fantasy series, complete with a high synth, chimes, strings, bells, a heavenly chorus, and synth drums that give it a very listenable New Age sound, but retaining the epic feel that befits such a series. The 2nd opening song, "Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni" by Sachi Tainaka is also very catchy and mood setting for the show.

"You might not have noticed it, but your brain did."

On the voice acting front, the read more
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Golden Time (Anime) add
Story = 8/10

Engaging, somewhat unpredictable twists and a solid grasp on the situation. The reason this score isn't higher is because of it's not groundbreaking and the fact that some questions regarding the side characters are left open for the viewer to assume what happens to them. Overall, quite good.

Art = 6/10

The art, in my opinion, is this show's weakest point. It's not bad, but it does falter numerous times. I found myself feeling like the production crew had to do budget cuts and they decided it to be in the art department. Even so, I believe they should be commended for choosing the best times to do this, as most of the scenes I was dissatisfied with were not crucial and do not distract the viewer from what the show is trying to portray.

Sound = 7/10

The OST was at times sub-par, but it did go well with the show's tone and they obviously made the effort of having a variety of themes for every occasion. It even surprised me in it's synchronisation with the feeling in the last few episodes. Overall, it could be better, but I was still, quite satisfied with it.
The voice actors did a superb job as well, every breath and stutter was done excellently. The laughter though, a little disappointing.

I should also note that, the first ending was really to my liking, and the second opening was quite bad. This is my own personal opinion though, and as much as I try to be objective about it, I still prefer to let it sit in a different paragraph to make it stand out.

Characters = 8/10

Very good, I'd even go as far to say it's the best I've seen in quite some time. Characters are shown in great detail, and given the exact amount of attention for their importance in the story. Another important note is that they do develop throughout the show, in a way that is unlike most other shows - Their personality. While most other shows present a character and only change their decisions throughout the show, Golden Time shows us how people change, visibly, not only by their actions, but their behaviour and even their body language.

Personal note: I don't know why I can't give it a 10/10 on this part, but it feels like there is something they could have done to make it even better. Regardless, really good characters, and their development throughout the show.

Overall = 9/10

Great, thoroughly enjoyed it. The amount of realism and emotion it shows, coupled with the voice actors' excellent work, makes this show one of the best dramas I've seen so far. It's good traits heavily outweigh the bad and you'll hardly notice them, making you sit back and enjoy the emotional ride from start to finish.

To be honest, it's a 9.5/10 for me, but I just couldn't round it upwards because it felt just a little bit slow for me, 20-22 episodes would have been perfect, and a little more effort in the read more
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
Warning: Review may contain spoilers.

Ok so I would like to start by letting you know that I really enjoy competitive-survival sort of stories and other genres like horror, gore, mystery, romance, ecchi etc at the same time. Mirai Nikki, aka The Future Diary, contains all these elements which I like but then what went wrong? To be honest, everything!

Story - 4/10
The beginning of the story is pretty interesting. The story is about a middle school student named Yukiteru Amano who is a very lonely and boring and has a habit of only observing the daily events that occurs around him. The only thing he has to go home to is his imaginary friends, Dues ex Machina, the "god" of space and time, and his servant, Mur Mur who does nothing and a lot of it. One day, Yukiteru wakes up and finds that his diary entries, had already been written for him. Suddenly, the events in his dairy begin to unfold as they were written. Taking advantage of this, he starts utilizing his "future diary". However, he is soon approached by a pink haired classmate named Yuno Gasai, who somehow knows what Mura Mura looks like, even though she's just a part of Yukiteru's imagination. Yukiteru is appalled by this, and runs off, only to be continually cut off by Yuno, who then explains to him that there are eleven other diary owners that are all trying to kill each other to become "god", as the current one is dying and needs a suitable replacement in one of these diary holders. Yuno also makes it a point to confess her love for Yukiteru, by showing him her future diary, which tells her everything there is to know about Yukiteru, perfect for a stalker, as she has been doing for the past year. Now Yukiteru, with much help from Yuno, must outwit and outfight his enemies that are the other diary holders.
Okay, Interesting. However, soon after few episodes the story becomes very senseless. It's a huge disappointment that this anime has the potential to create a creepy atmosphere (as it did at the end of the 3rd episode). Watching the 26 complete episodes of this anime was a complete torture. I just kept on watching believing that something interesting will happen, at least at the end, but I was disappointed heavily. The show lacks the maturity and depth needed to handle the kind of story it offers. Many questions are left unanswered, some of the writing choices are just plain stupid.

Art - 6/10
For an anime aired in 2011, the art is just fair, nothing amazing. It seems up to standards, but sometimes it just stuck out to me how the animators looked like they got lazy.

Sound - 6/10
Like Art, the sounds are also just fair, nothing amazing. I didn't really liked the OST.

Character - 4/10
The characters in this anime are lame. Some characters look OK, while others are so ridiculous it makes the anime seem/feel less serious than it read more
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Story = 6/10

It feels like it's trying to profit from Sword Art Online's success by using the same theme, to the point that it sometimes feels like stealing. It has it's own charming traits though, which I think are neat but might seem like nothing special to others.

Art = 7/10

It has good art, flowing colors and I'm pretty satisfied. There are a lot of situations where it feels like they're copping out by blurring out scenes that would require some work if they were not, but other than that, it's quite good.

Sound = 7/10

I don't have much to say on this topic. It's good, I have no complaints about it, the only reason it's not higher than a seven is because it doesn't stand out in any way. It's just good.

Characters = 6/10

While it does present each character's personality and backstory with enough details for such a short show, most of the characters are old tropes that have been re-used to the point it's just a matter of making them stand out visually. I must make a note of Hestia's character, as she is the reason why this isn't a 5/10. She's a breath of fresh air in the cluttered scene of shounen where everyone acts as if romantic emotions don't exist. It's nice to see a character bold enough to act on her interests. In all honesty, she's the reason I am willing to watch this anime through.

Enjoyment = 6/10

It's a short, interesting and visually pleasing show. It won't catch you off guard unless you just got into watching anime, so keep that in mind if you're expecting something special.

Overall = 6/10

Despite it's flaws, it's enjoyable, and the fact that it's so short makes it worthwhile. There are interesting moments, and dull moments, but they're balanced out enough to keep you watching. It's not revolutionary, but it's fun.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Oh my poor heart...that's all I can say...LITERALLY!!! TT^TT

This anime really put on the feels for me!!! I was really enjoying this anime due to the beautiful animation, colour, music (especially music) and characters.

There is character growth in the characters throughout this anime which is great because it would be boring if an anime had no character growth...(but sometimes I watch those types of anime so I'm sort of contradicting myself here...)

Ever since the 3rd episode by heartstrings just ripped out of my sockets into a waterfall of tears!!! (inside myself... I shed a little of my tears but not how I described it...) I love how you can (well I can can) relate to this anime because I played piano myself..hehe..

I just got to say that I LOVE the music...I'm not really into classical music but this anime...OH MY GOD!!!! They make it seem so PERFECT and fitting and I just love listening to classical even more now... And the fact that I used to play piano like one of the characters (not saying....) anime is making me want to play piano again...

Overall watch this anime if you want to go through a bucket of tears and feels!!! ^^ ENJOYYY!!!
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First off if you are debating not watching because you haven't seen the original Ruroni Kenshin don't worry you can watch and perfectly understand this without seeing the original. This show is so full of meaning it felt l like when I was watching this there was not a single shot in these ovas that was a waste, that every single one contributed to the story. These ovas do a wonderful job of giving meaningful and believeable character progression to our main characters. The art is obviously a little outdated but the extremely fluid animation helps you get over that if you don't like watching shows with outdated art.I watched the sub and it was extremely good so I reccomend that (don't even know if there is a dub). Lastly, be prepared for some gore in this show but the gore is not what makes this show as dark as it is so be prepared for some deep themes as well.
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Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (Anime) add
Okay, this is my first review >< so please excuse me if it isn't good, btw I will only do reviews on animes that I enjoy. I just finished Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, it was splendid. I loved how the characters progressed like how at the beginning Kawai barley even talked to Usa but as time went on they slowly began to talk more and the love story took air. This anime had a lot of funny moments, which made this a great experience. I specially enjoyed how Kawai got jealous, when Usa's former middle school classmate appeared. For me Shirosaki was one of the most enjoyable characters, he was unique. The art was nice, it was quite colorful and changed depending on the aura of the characters. I didn't really focus on the sound but it gave a massive effect on the anime. All the characters were great, mainly how Usa didn't notice that Kawai was falling for him. The supporting characters were the main reason Usa got closer to her. I must've spoiled a lot. oops. I enjoyed this anime but one thing that ticked me off was that they never actually kissed. I hate when romance animes do this. In conclusion, it was very good.
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so this is my first review , I hope its good enough
story: 10/10

Although the story hasn't gotten that far, the story seems to be going rather well for this short story. It starts with Sarada missing her dad Sasuke Uchiha as she has no recent memory of meeting him as he hasn't visited for over 10 years. Sakura gets ill and Sarada decides to follow Naruto to her father with her best friend Chouchou. Meanwhile some mysterious person is tring to revive the akatsuki and they have sharingans.

The art is like how it was before while the old characters have matured and the younger generation are in the spotlight. Sasuke's new look doesn't suit him too much and you can't help but wonder why Sarada wears the same glassess as Karin.

characters: 10/10
The characters in this manga are surprisingly interesting especially Sarada Uchiha. shes interesting and an overall cool character. Boruto on the other hand seems to be a carbon copy of younger Naruto however we haven't seen much of him so he has room for improvement. Sasuke and Sakura are a disappointment. Sasuke not knowing what his daughter looks like threatens her with a sword and tells her it's not her business. Sakura hasn't matured and is exactly the same as pre-teen sakura; always frowning over Sasuke. Naruto has matured the most and became the 7th hokage. finally Chouchou the girl that provides us comic relief but at the same time annoys us.

If youve gotten this far into the naruto universrse you might as well as continue as this has everything that you loved about the old naruto as well as a strong villain approaching (apparantely a bigger threat than Kaguya but we'll have to wait and see)

conclusion: 10/10
Just read this manga and you won't regret it- unless you hate naruto.
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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (Anime) add
"In 2157, humanity discovered it was not alone in the universe."
-Mass Effect 3 Opening

The Mass Effect series has always been my favourite franchise, I can say that without hesitation. But this movie is probably the worst spin-off that ever spawned of BioWare's titles.
Before the release of ME3 it was already known there was going to be a new squad member called James Vega. "Paragon Lost" tells his story, which I will try to review as neutral as possible, for my inner fanboy is deeply disgusted about pretty much everything in this.
(Minor spoilers ahead!)

Amazing and complex storylines have always been a priority of BioWare. And this continues in the movie. PLayers of ME2 will probably know all the information"revealed".
The characters seem all blunt and get killed one after another. But you couldn't care less. While some deaths in the game series made me shed manly tears I didn't even notice most of the ones featured in the anime. A BioWare production shouldn't be like that.

Brain: "Whoa, that dude just died a horrific death!"
Me: "Sorry, I was busy making remarks about how much of a failure this movie is."

But during the last 15 minutes we finally get to see some character development. Vega is no longer a mere brute, but a brute with a slightly soarer voice and regrets about his actions.

Given the fact that this is a 2012 production I expected more than what I got. Details are spare and everything seems kinda blurry, but the cause of that might be that I found no better version than 360p.
Even though the studio manages to create an atmosphere reflecting major events such as nightmares and sunrises in space. (The latter was pretty much like opening of ME2.)
Other missing details are weapons and lore. The creators seem to being forced into using weapon designs. I will not mention everything that's wrong, simply because the review would be thrice as long.

Major themes from the game OST are used in fitting sequences and create atmosphere.
Another point to point out is that there is no japanese voice acting but a english dub.
Voice actors from the original series do not return, except for Freddie Prinze Jr. (Vega). The cast to reappear would have been Liara T'Soni, Steven Hacket, Admiral Anderson and James Vega.

As the reader may have figured out I did not enjoy this movie at all. There are to many incorrect details that don't fit into the Mass Effect universe. Typical BioWare strenghts do not emerge from the morass of explosions, gunfire and more explosions.

If you are a hardcore Mass Effect fan I advise you NOT to watch this movie. But on the other hand, if you are somebody who likes sci-fi-themed action movies where plot is a minor worry, then this is the right movie for you.
But if you watch the credits and see that EA is behind this, then one can easily see why "Paragon Lost" has become what it is.
I'd rather seen seen a Blasto movie.

Disclaimer: If you find spelling mistakes read more
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Okay so this is for those people reading the reviews and wondering what they should be expecting from this anime.

First off I'll go ahead and say that I really enjoyed it, so this will be a positive review. This anime is the epitome of ecchi comedy. I originally started watching it expecting something semi-serious, but that was blown out of the water.

I expected the opening episode to set the scene, but nope. That was just there for the luls. Throughout the rest of the series I don't think there was an episode where I wasn't crying with laughter at one point because of the high "WTF Factor".

Anyway, to sum up - if you want to enjoy this anime don't expect a good storyline or events/characters/abilities that make any sense whatsoever. This anime should be bad, but I hands-down enjoyed it more than some higher rated animes.
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I want to preface this review by saying I watched this anime thinking that it was a merely an episode zero for a longer anime series and not a prequel to a live action movie and because of that I don’t really hold a bias for it being good or bad depending on how I felt about the movie. So I can only judge the OVA and nothing else. Let’s begin, shall we?

In the terms of the characters, Shiroishi(MC) is the only one that kinda stands out. All the other characters were pretty one dimensional and stayed that way throughout the entirety of the OVA. The bullies were dicks, his friend betrayed him, his parents didn’t seem to care that much about him, his parole officer and love interest(I don’t know what else to call her) just wanted to use him, essentially everyone in the OVA is pretty much a dick to Shiroishi. Shiroishi is the only character that seems to have any development whatsoever when he snaps and turns into a sadistic murder machine who gets off on killing people. So the characters were pretty bland, but Shiroishi does redeem it partially because of his interesting transition and his internal battle with his feelings.

The story is nothing to write home about. If you want to know what it is about, you can go read the synopsis. The story didn’t take any surprising turns and pretty much followed how I thought it was going to play out after I got a read on the mood. From the little research I did on the movie, it looks like the stories do connect with the mobster that Shiroishi is sent to kill. The story was alright at best, didn’t really make me feel anything. Felt like the did some things just for the shock, but I guess that is a major reason why you would watch this OVA though.

The animation seemed pretty normal for the time. It really hasn’t aged that well and the parts where Shiroishi has machine punches or kicks is kind of a disconnect. The art is much worse. All the character designs seem just plain ugly, especially some of the faces that they make. Some the characters in the dojo scene looked like children with the faces of adults, which made for a good laugh. Still, the art is pretty bad. The gore isn’t shown that much and when it is, it’s not that great. If you want to watch an anime for the gore porn, there are better choices than this.

I actually liked the music in this OVA. The use of Shiroishi’s vocal clips in the opening/ending reminded me of the This Is Sparta remixes. The background music did it’s job and added to the scene, it might of been a little overbearing at times.

I would pass this OVA up unless you watched the movie and wanted some backstory or you wanted to see how it compared to the manga. It was bad and just read more
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K: Missing Kings (Anime) add
ARTWORK: K project's art work has always been outstanding! Now that I have waited for K: Missing kings, I extinguished much of my thirst for ARTWORK. The way the designers take care of small things is adorable. I enjoyed watching the fights. The designers have handled the sparkling details very well especially with the Blue clansmen. Every frame is worth keeping as a wallpaper. It is a feast for all anime lovers.

CHARACTER: Character designs were great except Kuroh.. I don't like his girlish character design for a tough samurai style fight. I have seen male characters like this but this is too much. He looked a bit better in the series.

STORY: Though the artwork seems to make the watchers forget other criteria, I finally began to think about the plot after glancing at the reviews here. As the title implies, the story revealed Red King and Silver King. The fight scenes could have been better. After watching some good fights in Akame ga kill (the last episode), Fate-Stay Night & Zero and Zetsuan no Tempest, the desire to watch high class fights is getting increased. The techniques in fight looked moderate. It could have been complex. The remaining cliffhangers will be explained in next movie I guess.

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Toriko (Manga) add
Toriko is one of the best ongoing shonen manga. Many people disregard this series as typical shonen because they think it's just about cooking or have watched the awful anime series.But in reality,this is a top-tier shonen

The driving force behind the series is the immense world building and intense fights.There are rarely any asspull with characters relying on strategy and their immense strength.Unlike the anime,the fights are very gory with limbs flying off and characters not giving a shit pf whatever happens to them.Cool shit happens.The COOKING FESTIVAL arc is one of the best shonen arcs of all time with many people comparing it to the great MARINEFORD arc in One Piece.Although,Cooking Festival was slight better because of the fights

The GOURMET WORLD in Toriko straight up lives up to the hype the author created in the series.With wild beasts being as big as one huge mountain.The readers are always kept at the edge of their seat.

The characters are bit of a let down in the series.I still haven't found myself attached to any of the major characters but that doesn't stop me from loving this series

If you love ONE PIECE or HUNTER x HUNTER, you should definitely give this series a try.This is truly one of the gems of the shonen genre.

PLEASE AVOID THE ANIME,coz TOEIpieceofshit censored a lot of fights and made majors changes in the original story.

Hope you enjoy the greatness that is TORIKO
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5 hours ago
White Album 2nd Season (Anime) add
This is a review for both the first and second season. I admit that the second season did have a more redeeming feel and actual progression in the story. But the overall feeling I get from this anime is that it tried so hard to be everything and failed to be even something.

I get this is based on a Eroge PC Harem Game. But I think that when an anime tries to hard to be exactly like it's adaptation it loses the feel of being an anime.

This anime had so much potential. It had an artistic vibe, great soundtrack, somewhat interesting plot. But what it lacked the most was direction. Sure people would have different preferences when it comes to who will be the chosen girl. But that's where it's aspect of trying to be like it's adaptation comes in. It didn't feel like an anime because it tried to go all over the place.

to summarize it up it had so much for it. It just lacked direction and it's identity as an anime and not as a game.
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Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet (Manga) add
*It's been ages since the last time i write a review so please bear with me lol

As an avid one-shot manga reader. I always crave for a one-shot which will give enjoyment to me. And then i stumbled "Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet"
First i thought it's a typical rom-com manga like Nisek**, well really it is like that, the general scenario is somewhat similar to Nisek**.

Story : 7
The story is simple and plain, two-factions that are rivals and have a grudge on each other is the hindrance to the love of protagonist. Like i say earlier, this is somewhat similar to a certain manga. *cough cough teamtsugumi.

Art : 8
The art is very good, as i read many one-shot there are only few of them with remarkable art. The female protagonist looks cute. I enjoyed staring at each page for atleast 1 minute per page

Character : 7
The character development is not present, well it's because it is a ONE-SHOT . However you can enjoy what they already have.

Enjoyment : 8
Argh... From the start until the end of reading this. I have this little smile in my face. I really enjoyed reading this one because of it's very light to read. I don't need to comprehend any complicated things because the story itself is very light and easy to follow. The Comedy may be cliched but it still manage to put smile on my face. A story like this can shift my mood from depress to happy. I like reading those kind of manga that can make its reader happy.

Overall : 7
Overall it's worth it to read. If you want something short and light with few romance and comedy. You may actually enjoy reading this one-shot.

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Ok my first review, here goes. First off, I would like to say that this anime portrays loners quite well. I am the source on that. Some examples you will find in the anime are: Anything a loner does will be used against him to bring him down, a loner being less noticeable by other people(my friend isn't noticed by anyone, he can swear and the teachers won't notice him, he can pop out of nowhere and he can basically be in stealth all the time),

Story: 9.5/10 The story focuses around a loner with a negative view on life, society and basically the whole world 'Hikigaya Hachiman' is forced by his teacher to join the service club and he slowly builds a harem. I would have loved a bit of romance but apart from that the story was good.

Art: 7/10 Pretty typical art. No complaints

Sound 8/10 Again what you would expect from a normal anime. A quite liked the opening theme though.

Character 10/10 The protagonist is one of my most favorite characters ever in an anime. He says what he is thinking and reminds me of one of my friends.

Enjoyment 9/10 Great anime. I quite liked it. I would recommend to anyone who was(me) or is a loner as they can relate better to the comedy of this anime.

Overall 9/10 In my top 20 Gonna watch the second season later.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
So, i heard a lot about this anime, so i pressed the entire series into last night.
For me it started off with a simple "meh". I already could see how it was going "big thingy is going to make poor army dead and will then be stopped by le young boy". Yea, typical anime stuff, nothing spectacular. Also that he then went back to school was not much shocking either, same as that all his comrades are / become his classmates.

Throughout the next few episodes my opinion grew to an amazing "okay." Overall to many questions have been left unanswered for to long, characters didn't really develop and every time the maincharacter ran away it was super obvious that he will come back anyways.

But then the ending. This anime really pulled off to drop from a "solid" 6 for me to a 3 at max within just two episodes.
All the last few episodes have been a big "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn" and a "fuck this shit, answer all the fucking questions still unanswered!"

So, actually i rate an anime by it's ending and the feelings i am left with after it ends. But here i will actually give it enough credit for ... entertaining.... me an entire night, so i won't completly devistate it with the rating...

And now i am going to bed. Good night.
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8 hours ago
One Outs (Anime) add
One Outs was an overall enjoyable series that was definitely worth the watch. It contained an interesting and rather original premise, and captured my attention from the early episodes. However, it was not without it's flaws.

Story 8/10:
The general concept of the show was great. It was original, enjoyable and entertaining. But there were some aspects of the writing that became somewhat repetitive about halfway through the series. It adopted a "Villain of the week" sort of approach, where each baseball team had some sort of unstoppable player that had to be taken out. There was also no sense of what happens outside of the stadium, and while I know that the series' main purpose is to showcase the psychology of baseball games, it would have been nice to see some of the world that the characters were living in.

Art 9/10:
Standard quality Madhouse animation. A bit basic, but no major flaws or anything. Nothing really much to say, as it is Madhouse.

Sound 9/10:
I loved the OST of this series. Everything fit the scene perfectly, whether there was supposed to be tension, conflict, or just happy times, the music that accompanied the scene was spot on. The opening song as well was really good, something I would listen to for leisure.

Character 8/10:
To me, this is where the series falls a bit short. Don't get me wrong, while the characters were good, entertaining to watch, and made me care about them, they were not as fleshed out as they could be. For instance, we never even find out Tokuchi's back story, and how he became the Japanese DemiGod of baseball. And while I know that the anime only contains half what the original source material did, and that it may not be it's fault due to lack of run time, it still is a detriment to what could have been some of the most interesting characters (Tokuchi in particular) for this sort of genre.

Despite it lacking in certain areas, One Outs really is a fantastic show, that is worthwhile and entertaining. If you liked the psychological mind games of Death Note and Kaiji, then it is almost impossible to not like One Outs
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9 hours ago
Death Parade (Anime) add
Warning: MILD SPOILERS are in this review

Story: 7 : I like this story, personally, I think that this anime Could've been better if it was either Longer or Shorter. But that's not why it got a 7.
First: it gave you the whole plot in right from the beginning.
Second: it gave you the character types that you will be with for the entire series in episode 3
Third: A game in death is not the best story, but it does it well.
Fourth: The idea of giving an Arbiter, Human emotions, is nice, but it doesn't explore it completely, and just leaves you hanging. An extra, 13th episode would be VERY nice.

Art: 10 :You will never find something as atmospherics as this in other anime. It takes the Downsides of a 12 episode running anime e.g. No background animation, low amount of outside background characters, the usually crappy backdrops, CGI, and general things that you will find better in an Anime Movie than an Anime.
First: The setting is in a Bar, a bedroom, a house in the middle of nowhere, a room where pool is played, observation room, and different game rooms. All art is similar, and used equally as much, unlike how other anime does it (90% time in a school, 10% everywhere else).
Second: They found out, or knew how to do CGI bearable. I hate CGI, it clashes with the animation, but not in this anime. The backdrops, the dolls, everything is VERY NICE!
Third: No other people, notice how in most Anime, the streets, the mall, everything is BARREN, No one to be seen, even at crosswalks in the middle of Tokyo. But in a Bar where the customers are the dead, there is no need for the extra people, just the three people inside, two to be judged, on to be judging, with extra person as observation.

Sound: 8 : Everything about the music is completely fitting, other than a few pieces that could've been changed a little to make them sound either less dramatic, or more dramatic to fit the current situation. Other than that, very well done.

Character: 9 :I love Kurokami no Oona, name is a little strange, translates "Woman of Black Hair" The wordplay in this is great, her name also phonetically mean in Japanese Black God's Woman, haha. Decim is also very nice, the last scene where they go to the very last floor is a bit "Could've been a lot better!" like more emotion in the voice, less crying, more trickery, but it was nice.

Enjoyment: 8 : Deep Deep, knowledge so deep, you'd have to be honest to yourself about how much you know about Japanese culture. I personally don't like how one goes to Oblivion, the other gets Reincarnated, meaning only one goes back up. They could've built another 2 elevators for other choices, but I guess budget constraints are totally real. They needed one more episode to show how Decim deals with "Customers" after Kurokami left.

Overall: (7+10+8+8+8)/5 = 8.2 read more
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10 hours ago
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Time travel is an overwhelmingly, infamously difficult concept to build a work of fiction around, as many stories centered around the idea can't help but eventually succumb to a vicious cycle of increasingly-obvious plot holes. You rarely see a work of this sort that's not only able to logically explain its world, characters and conclusions, but also able to make the viewing of such a winding, complex narrative clear, concise and, most importantly, enjoyable. It's just so easy to either fall into the trap of creating a time paradox or to fill your story with so much scientific exposition that the characters and pacing suffer because of it. However, every once in a while a story is created that somehow manages to strike a wonderful balance between storytelling and scientific logic, therefore producing an intelligent, mind-bending thriller with lovable, exceptional characters to attach to along the complex journey. Despite some minor flaws that hold it back from true excellence, Steins;Gate, studio White Fox's 2011 anime adaptation, is once such occasion.

Our story takes place in modern day Akihabara, Japan, focusing on the life of Okabe Rintarou, or, as he would prefer, self-proclaimed mad scientist Hououin Kyouma, an insanely eccentric 18-year-old college student with a flair for the dramatic. He spends his days alongside his childhood friends, the adorable, innocent Shiina Mayuri and the ever-sarcastic Itaru Hashida (Daru, as he's called), as he works to brainstorm new gadgets and gizmos in hopes of defeating what he refers to as "the Organization", a group that may or may not exist and that he believes is always conspiring against him in his various scientific exploits. His main interest, however, has always been the concept of time travel and the adventures of the enigmatic time traveler John Titor, a man who claims to have come from the future but only appears on internet chat forums. This leads him and his friends to meet Makise Kurisu, a 17-year-old prodigy scientist from America who, when giving a lecture at his university, persuasively argues against the concepts of time travel, claiming it to be scientifically impossible. The two argue back-and-forth on the topic for days as they become more acquainted with each other, but all debate gets thrown to the wayside when the unthinkable happens: through the use of a microwave and a cell phone, Okabe and his friends inadvertently discover time travel. Together they work to elaborate on their discoveries while simultaneously attempting to help improve their friends' lives by sending text messages back in time, thereby changing the present for what they assume to be the better.

That's as far as I'm willing to go with a general plot synopsis without giving anything away. If the story seems complex, that's because it is, especially once you add in the other significant supporting characters like the mysterious Moeka Kiryu and, my personal favorite, the energetic Suzuha Amane. However, it's never once unintentionally overwhelming, and that is a testament to one of this show's major strengths: the characters.

You'd be read more
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10 hours ago
Kotonoha no Niwa (Anime) add
Warning: There are some MILD SPOILERS in this review.

I'm going to be Honest, Shinkai Makoto has gone through quite the life to be able to write such a good story. He, at the time of this Movie was 40. This man is a Monster at story telling and Character development.

Story: 9: Through suffering comes beauty. All parts of the story were realistic to the people portrayed on the screen. Like the scene where she takes out the chocolate from her bag, the food and drinks that she consumes are all coping mechanisms for depression, beer and chocolate. Of course only someone who has been through depression would know this.

Art: 10: There are reasons why the movie is only forty-some minutes long, first was probably because any longer, and it wouldn't leave you with the Cliffhanger ending, the second reason was because all of the money was spend on the GLORIOUS animation and those raindrops.

Sound: 9: Every piece of music that is played during every scene reflects on the character's emotions, the current situation, the setting. The only part i thought that didn't fit as well as the others was in the ending scene before the credits because the CG camera zoomed out too far and you couldn't compare the facial expressions of the Characters to the music.

Characters: 9: Shinkai Mikoto, knows what it was like to be a teenager. He also knew what it felt like to be working for the first time. Life is overwhelming. The young man, Akizuki, is just stepping his first steps into becoming an adult. His actions reflect his age, trusting a stranger with his thoughts and feelings, and not asking of anything back. Feeling betrayed at the end because he has realized what he has done.
The woman, Yukino, is an example of the stronger type of woman, trying to get through everything on her own. This doesn't work, of course this is also a reflection of lots of women in Japan, keeping everything bottled up inside when the going gets tough. But in the end she opens up to listen to Akizuki because she is depressed, and needs comfort. She decides to keep her identity a secret to keep him from running away so that she can lean on his shoulder for that comfort that she really needs. Her opening up to herself, being greedy at the very end, instead of letting him go was very well put together.

Enjoyment: 9: I know that LOTS of people watch anime, only some of the people understand truly what is going on on the screen. This story truthfully would be hard to digest for anyone that hasn't been through suffering before, or is just too young to understand the ideas that are in the pictures. A lot of the background information, like a Tankoa, or why thunder is so important, why rain is important, and why it is snowing in the last scene, are also rooted in Japanese Culture, so go research up to read more
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11 hours ago
Death Parade (Anime) add
This review also exist in audio/video-form. Follow link on my profile. If you want the readable version, then here we go!

Yes, the opening is amazing, but we’ll get to that!

Ever heard the saying “A book may change depending on who reads it”? Ideas like that implies that different people can have different responses, feelings and impressions based on the same material. You know, subjectivity and stuff. I think it’s a tough discussion. I mean, on hand, it’s nice to think that everything is subjective, but is art really subjective when 99% of an audience would prefer Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood to, say, Photo Kano? I mean, Fullmetal Alchemist must have done SOMETHING objectively correct to gain the majority.

I personally like the idea that “You can always look at a story from a different angle”. This implies that while a story doesn’t change, it can appear different if viewed from another angle. Have you ever watched a show, not liked it, then someone told you something about the show that made you look at it in a different way? An example for me would be Neon Genesis Evangelion. I definitely had another experience watching it after watching douchebagchocolate’s videos on the topic.

Well, that brings me to Death Parade. Of all the shows I’ve watched in recent years this is the one I feel like I’ve been watching a bit differently than the people I’ve spoken to about it. They say that it’s not showing enough of the universe it’s been presenting, that it neglects the very same spectrum of characters it shows in the opening, and so on. I can’t blame whoever thinks this. Death Parade does deal with some huge themes like the afterlife, so it only makes sense that people would want that theme dived into. I just never thought of that as anything but the setting for at character study. Decims characterstudy.

In Death Parade, the afterlife works as follows: When two people die, they get send into a bar with their memories erased. They meet Decim, a judge, or arbiter, who invites the two to play a game, promising them an explanation after they’re done playing. Throughout the game the two players will be tested physically and mentally, as they have their memories returned to them. After the game, Decim judges whether or not they go to get Reincarnated, or the Void. With Decim is his assistant “the woman without a name”. She has much more emotional attitude as opposed to Decim’s rational.

The series begins in an episodic structure, focusing more or less on the games between whoever has died. They mainly focus on introducing the rules of the universe, but they also progress the plot in the sense, that Decim adapts and learns with every game. We also get to learn about other characters, but that’s not really about expanding the universe, as much as it’s about having something to compare Decim to. The games are very fun to watch, but the meat of read more
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11 hours ago
Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season (Anime) add
"Slow and steady wins the race". Although there is huge criticism on the pacing of this story, the actual message and genre that this show follows is true to its values. Following the events of the first season, the second season does a great job picking up where it left off. The second season focuses more on romance but still being true to the SoL and Drama genres. Here are my reasons why I gave this anime a perfect score:

Story 10/10:
Although the story does drag on and you sometimes feel like what's the point on going on and on about the same issue that the characters are facing, you need to remember that the anime is an adaptation of the manga. Maybe the studio did try to drag it on for the purpose of allowing the manga to catch up, or maybe because they needed a couple of extra episodes to be able to do the 12 episodes that were allocated for this season, but every episode served its purpose on developing each character. There are certain times where I can agree with comments about how "childish", "immature" or "slow" the characters are, but you need to remind yourself that 1) Sawako has never had this type of human interaction before, 2) the pace of the anime is kind of realistic because personally in real life, some misunderstandings and issues don't get solved in a matter of days, even less, a 20 minute episode. This just reminds us that everything in life takes time, and once you are able to figure it out, the time spent going over it was worth it in the end.

Art 10/10
The anime's art is unique. Even though it was made in 2011, its art is and style is very different from contemporary anime. It kind of reminds of me Japanese styled paintings you see in scrolls. You even have glances of Van Gogh art-styled backgrounds, which gives it a nice touch in my opinion. The art also favors the anime and helps set the mood for the characters.

Sound 10/10
I really enjoyed the opening and ending themes of the anime. I usually skip them when I watch anime but I didn't do it for this one. The music is also slow tempo overall which give this "slow" effect to the anime, but as I mentioned before, stays true to the slow drama and slice of life that this anime deserves to be.

Character 10/10
Each character gets their development. There are no lose ends in the story. All main characters are given some type of closure at the end which, although longing for a third season, makes this season have a truly worthy ending. Given that its a romance, slice of life and drama anime, the interactions between characters all have a purpose that develop and move the story further. The characters are true to themselves which made it easy for me to relate to them. If I miss this anime, I would say it would be because read more
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12 hours ago
Plastic Memories (Anime) add
Considering how bad this season is .. this is one of the best !!

I'm not really into romance and drama stuff but this is different, no matter how cold you are, plastic memories will find its way to the center of your feelings .. holding your tears won't be as easy as you think.. but that's not it .. this show has some light comedy and a beautiful new-kind story within its episodes.. the show is not finished yet but i'm really enjoying every episode so far .. with all of its sad, funny and awesome moments.. so even if drama and romance are not your type, you should try this one .. im sure you will like it :)
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Yesterday, 9:29 PM
Strobe Edge (Manga) add
Strobe Edge is the one story I will always end up drifting back to.

To start off, we are handed a typical setting in which there is a shoujo heroine, who is ditzy and childish, and her love interest, who is the school's stoic idol. Typical.

And then something not-so-typical happens when, as we read, all of our (admittedly low) expectations quietly detonate. Left behind is this gem.

I've often seen The Story neglected, given way to tropes and cliches that are much easier to manipulate, as opposed to weaving together something unique and precious to the readers. Strobe Edge does not disappoint. It is NOT handed over to draw-from-a-pile-of-trash 'plot twists' that are stretched so thin they're transparent.

Strobe Edge instead offers something completely different. It offers sweet, subtle turn of events that will gradually wrap fairy fingers around your heart and squeeze. The slice-of-life is strong, but it does not plod through the character's daily life, it flows at this gentle pace that pulls you in piece by piece until you're completely immersed in the character's sugary-yet-believable world of heartbreak and first love.

This is very much a shoujo manga, yet the mangka's art style remains unique amongst others. Ninako's shoujo heroine design in particular stands out. The characters are all distinguishable - even Ninako's group of friends (otherwise, the side characters) are given distinct features that separate them from simply being a faceless, nameless gaggle of girls surrounding the main character. Very sweet and expressive. Flawlessly captures the more subtle exchanges between Ninako and Ren.

This, above all others, is where Strobe Edge excels and truly shines. I cannot shower enough praise. The characters, each of them, the side characters as well as the mc's, rope you into their lives until you're entirely invested. We are given characters who think, who have friends that they care about, who are driven by morals, self interest, love, friendship, happiness, heartbreak. We are given 'characters' who are 'human' in their frankness. And we are given two characters, a boy and a girl, who find themselves becoming incredibly fond of one another, and gradually discovering the truth about love.

(This is a quick review and quite messy! I apologize! But I hope my enthusiasm for the series encourages you to give it a shot! I adore the manga, I figured it would make a good spot to try my first review. Thank you!)
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Yesterday, 9:23 PM
Fate/Zero (Anime) add
First let me talk about the story. The story and the concept is actually really good. Its engaging and has a lot of twists and turns to keep you entertained. But there are some parts of the story that are really dark. For example the Caster character and Caster's Master are killing innocent people, witch I get it, there worst villains in the show so that would be fine, but the fact that there killing children it's just to much to actually enjoy the show while that's going on. But when there not in the show and after they are killed, the show is way better. Now yes it's violent but there's absolutely no problem with that. The problem again is the story is to dark and frankly depressing at some times, if only part of it were that would be fine, but out of the 25 episodes only like five minutes are not depressing or extremely dark. Its great that is a mature show, but it seems like its trying a little to hard at it. But the story does do a really good job of setting up "Fate Stay Night". Giving you some good background into the Holy Grail War and the some of the characters.

Next the way the show looks. The animation is good and the fighting scenes are well done. But the visual's are dull and boring, and again even the visuals of the show are dark.

Next Ill talk about the characters. Now excluding Caster and his Master the characters are not bad. Some are evil, some have good intentions but don't go about them the right way. But the characters are kind of boring, as in there never really exciting and they never stand out, there just there. And you wont believe this but most of the characters are dark too. But at least there not all dark Saber, Rider, Waver, Rin, Rin's Dad, and a few other's are not dark. But a good half are really dark.

In closing I would like to say first off, it's not at all bad if some of the show is dark, or the visuals are dark for some parts, or the characters are dark. Not every part of every show has to be happy. In fact other shows I've seen have dark parts/characters and it adds to the emotions and story of the show. But when there is an overload of it, it really makes the show depressing and kind of boring. I'm sure some of you are reading this thinking "This guy just doesn't like violent and dark shows", but the violence is fine, it wont make you sick or anything and violence in shows is fine. But it's just so dark, and it never lets up. I have started watching "Fate Stay Night" and that show is great because it isn't all dark, there are exciting and likeable characters, and the visuals are nice to look at. So the only reason I would read more
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Yesterday, 9:22 PM
Bleach (Anime) add
Bleach is one of the big three anime (bleach, naruto and one piece) for a reason.

If you care a lot about logic, standard fight rules and stuff like that, bleach is not your cup of tea. Like how in many fights ichigo is crushed by the enemy and instead of working with whatever he has and using a strategy to defeat the nemy, he just gets a new transformation out of nowhere (pretty much like dragon ball z). However, the fights are still pretty enjoyable.

However, if you forget about all that and just watch the fights that are extremely epic accompanied with great animation, you can have the time of your life.

Out of the big three anime, Bleach has a kind of a mature feel to it, you feel like you are watching something much more than your average anime.

There isn't much of a power level system in bleach, like how ichigo defeats a certain person in his shikai (first transformation) and that certain person after just a few weeks or so defeats an enemy that crushed ichigo in his bankai (second transformation which is more than 5 times stronger than shikai). Some flaws in logic like this may irritate you if you care about things like that a lot.

The soundtrack is pretty good and well timed.

The episodes on the other hand are more than fifty percent fillers that at times don't even go with the story. Like, Katekyo Hitman Reborn also had filers but they were timed in such a way that they didn't feel like fillers and were pretty enjoyable. However in bleach, except for the Bount arc, all other fillers just suck. I recommend you skip them. When I rewatched Bleach I skipped the fillers and realized how much better the anime was without all the fillers annoying you for twenty or so episodes per saga. So it all depends on whether you want to watch the fillers for the sake of completing the anime or skip them.

Every anime watcher must watch at least one of the big three anime, Bleach won't be such a bad choice since it is shorter and has already ended (the manga is still going on though).
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Yesterday, 9:10 PM
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (Anime) add
This show is absolutely hilarious if you at all enjoyed the comedy of the original Fullmetal Panic you will enjoy this as well. I reccomend however that you watch the original series before seeing this to get to know this World and the characters but this is not completely necessary. Lastly, if you can appreciate dubs watch the dub it is very well done.
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Yesterday, 8:44 PM
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
To begin with, I hated this show, it followed a basic shounen monster of the week formula. Right up until just before the ending I still hated it. However the ending gave the show a purpose and was quite uplifting, enough so that I don't regret watching it. Overall I gave this show a 6.

Story (2/10):
Mostly it was a monster of the week battle show suffering from invincible protagonists and many anime tropes you still see today.

Art (6/10):
Art was nothing particularly special, just old anime art, however I don't remember disliking it or thinking it was too bland.

Sound (9/10):
With an iconic opening it'd be hard to give it any less than a 9 in sound. The overall music was enjoyable.

Character (5/10):
Characters were not very likable or particularly memorable to me, nothing special here, just average.

Enjoyment (8/10):
I loathed this show up until the last 2 episodes. The ending gave the entire show a purpose I could not overlook and the messages it gave to the viewer were great and uplifting enough for me to say "Neon Genesis Evangelion was worth watching." The ending completely turned around my view of the series, and I ended up giving the show an 8 on my personal anime list.

Overall (6/10):
Overall I'd say this show is worth watching, just don't expect anything special in story or character. This show is more about the message it presents the viewer.
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Yesterday, 8:27 PM
Suki tte Ii na yo. (Manga) add
Before I read this manga, I was familiar with some of the common themes that you will find in most shoujo manga: Shy girl meets popular guy. Shy girl either tries to impress popular guy or popular guy takes a surprising interest in shy girl etc.
While I didn't read that many shoujo manga in the past, I still felt that many of the stories I came across seemed rather formulaic. The characters often seemed like cardboard cutouts and the story followed the same generic concepts over and over again (Pretty much the like the equivalent to your generic shonen manga with your standard "revenge" plot and lame reasons to come across increasingly strong opponents)

Now, this manga felt different from the start. It didn't feel like it had just been put together by a random person, according to a standard formular. Instead, it felt like I was reading the author's autobiography (and some notes by the author suggest that the manga has autobiographical elements). As a result, even though there are obviously some common shoujo themes here, these themes and the story as a whole never feel shallow, but always feel very authentic. Both the characters and the plot have a wonderful depth and emotional sensitivity, which gives the whole thing a great sense of realism.
Furthermore, the author provides the characters with inner monologues that offer a rare amount of wisdom which the characters draw from their experiences.This way, we get to witness the personal growth of several characters and we get to see and understand the causes and motivations of their development, as well as their struggles along the way.
As a result, the story is not just entertaining, but can actually offer a number of insights and encouragements for our own personal growth
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Yesterday, 8:20 PM
Boku no Pico (Anime) add
Boku no Pico is the epitome of perfection... this is the anime every studio is trying to create but fail to do it right. Narcissus was the perfection of human aesthetics, well Boku no Pico is the perfection of anime aesthetic.

You have romance, fitting music, drama and all that you have ever wanted.

I encourage every anime fan to watch and be amazed at the sight of this fine art.

Anime of the year every year.
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Yesterday, 7:56 PM
Bakuman. 3 (Anime) add
NB : I know writing a review before completing an anime is not something to do, but consider this review worth for the two first seasons of bakuman.

One of my greatest reproach to bakuman was the treatment of Nakai-san character : in the the 2nd season he displays one of the coolest epic "i love you i don't care if you don't" scene with the winter writing in front of Aoi-san place. Then he's oust the series with an explanation that does'nt suit his character.
But in this third season the authors actually succeed in making his eviction a plausible character development.

So just for this one fact, hooray for Bakuman season 3. :)
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Yesterday, 7:45 PM
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Anime) add
Though I'm not the BL type i can certainly say for sure that this is a great time killer if anything else. The story can suck in even the straightest guy's once you watch episode 1-2
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Yesterday, 7:18 PM
Gyo (Manga) add
After reading Uzumaki I went on to read this, however it was a huge disappointment.

It starts fun and well, being creepy and giving a mysterious atmosphere, it got me hooked on what was happening, as neither the reader or the characters knew anything about it, but that's it, after the initial beach part, it goes downhill, FAST.

Unlike most of Ito manga, it doesn't have that creepy atmosphere always looming in the background, represented either by the visuals of the characters faces.

The plot that keeps you hooked and the creative monsters/illusions?

None of that is in here.

It's just basically a gore fest, meant to shock you and show off the goriest things possible, I don't find drawings of gore disgusting in any way (it's not real after all), so I got very bored by all this, the plot is dumb and cliché, just another "save your girlfriend" kinda story, the characters are nothing new and badly developed, it's hard to feel for the girlfriend if you don't even care about her you know.

The lore and explanation is just so bad, it's basically a bunch of dead fish that came alive, and the reason for that is UNBELIEVABLY stupid, at least Uzumaki, being weird as it was, was enjoyable and kept you interested, specially since the characters were fun to read and see react to the world, nothing like that here.

Also, Uzumaki had interesting visuals and every chapter was something new, unlike this were the monsters are almost all fish, and not creative, it's easy to get a shark and put some legs on it and call it a monster.

Horror may be hard to read, and boy does it show, the ending is just as bad, but at least it doesn't have any sequel-bait as far as I can remember, so it's ok with me.

Don't read this.
Instead read Uzumaki, or "Amigara's fault" which is made by Ito and is great fun.
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Yesterday, 6:48 PM
Log Horizon (Anime) add
Log Horizon follows in the same path as Sword Art Online in being focused on a popular MMORPG game where thousands of its players find themselves incapable of logging off the game under mysterious circumstances. Unlike SAO though, Log Horizon is a bit more light-hearted in its focus on how players handle their rather unique situation and the serious moments are not as heavy-handed, the latter being the major reason why I never got drawn into Sword Art Online. Mainly focused on enchanter Shiroe and the members of his party, our leads strive to restore stability and order to the game as many players are abuse their unique predicament for personal gain to enforce their will on weaker players, steal items and player-killing.

The series does a rather great job tackling the normal behavior of players participating in an MMORPG with novices, veterans and rule-breakers. This can involve anything from helping novice players, making friends, actively participating in game activity or actively abusing the unique circumstances of the game. Regular MMORPG activity such as special events, forming guilds, gaining game experience and getting rare items is seen and part of regular social activity within the series. Those that form parties even strategize to develop strategies to fend off enemy threats as they either compete against rogue parties or fend against enemy monsters. In addition, logging out of the game isn't the only bizarre thing affecting players and the gaming environment as other bizarre things pop up that get explored which affect how players deal with their present situation.

Gaming isn't the only element addressed within the series either as a good chunk of the anime's plot revolves around Shiroe and his comrades trying to make sense of their current situation in the game and restore order to it. The task isn't an easy one as players are wary of the current gaming environment thanks to guilds and parties reigning control over parts of the game and intimidating other players into joining their ranks or not to put up any resistance. Through extensive knowledge of the game and social interactions between others, Shiroe develops a number of plans throughout the series to deal with rogue guilds, rescuing novice players, dealing with hostilities and bringing some semblance of rules for players to follow that involve some bits of ruthlessness as he exploits unique abilities and game resources to drive off the corrupt elements affecting players within the game.

Beyond Shiroe, we do get introduced to a number of other characters who have their personalities and mentalities explored as to why they participate in the game. While a number of them milk character types typical of MMORPG and rom-com titles, they are still a likeable bunch and the majority of characters get enough fleshing out where you can connect with them as they adjust to events that take place throughout the series. Only issues that come up with the series for me are hit-and-miss attempts at comedy coming from typical anime tropes mostly coming from Akatsuki's read more
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Yesterday, 5:28 PM
Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
This is a romance, but don't expect a happy fairy tale ending. What I love about this movie is how real the romance is. Things don't always work out. The main character learned that he couldn't keep holding on to the past because it was ruining his life, but he learned to move on and focus on the future.
The backgrounds are absolutely stunning in this movie. They look almost real while still looking animated. While the character designs are kind of ordinary and the animation of the characters is not always amazing, I still gave the overall art a 10 out of 10. Although the backgrounds stand out far more than the characters, the lack of detail to the characters allows the characters to be more real and relatable. Like, these characters could represent any real person. That's what I love about this anime. It's a very real representation of real people and relationships, while still having a fantasy aura about it.
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Yesterday, 5:18 PM
Trigun (Anime) add
I'm going to be completely honest here; Trigun is one of the greatest anime of all time. Period. It's a serious good watch for anyone who wants a western, sci-fi, comedy, or drama. Hell, if that's how much ground they cover for tone alone, you know this going to be great.

Story: 10
His name is Vash The Stampede. He is also known as the "Humanoid Typhoon". This guy is wanted across this dust ball known as "Gunsmoke" for a grand whopping total of 60, 000, 000, 000 Double-dollars. (Whatever the f**k a double-dollar is.) So as the appropriate thing to do with a man's bounty so high you can feed your family for life, this dude is swarmed by bounty hunters, rouges, and freaks alike. And really, you can't help but feel sorry for the guy after you learn he's actually a doughnut-loving passifist who just wants to right the wrongs of his past. Of course, the plot kind of starts as an episodic pace, yet we slowly learn of the events of the past and the things haunting him. Until the drastic change of tone halfway into the show. Without spoiling too much, the show becomes incredibly dark and brutal in the second half. Testing your morals and ideals of right and wrong. In the end, Trigun is a story of redemption, and it never tries to stray from that.

Art: 7
I love classic anime animation, but Trigun's is...alright. The character design looks great. From the badass sunglasses and dustercoat Vash is known for, to the stark comparison of the cruel Legato Bluesummers. But the animation is dated. Especially for it's time and today. It's not bad to look at, but it could easily have been better.

Honest to God, this anime has my favorite soundtrack in anime history, and quite possibly the best dub of all time. The soundtrack consists of hard rock, mellow ballads, and saxophones. My personal favorite track is "Could have been worse." A slow mellow track that evolves into a haunting rock ballad. As for the dub, it is in every way a better choice to watch it dubbed rather than subbed. Shoutout to Johnny Yong Bosch, as this was his first anime role ever, and my GOD he has always had talent. Everyone else does an amazing job in their own right, making this show absolutely brilliant to listen to.

Characters: 8
Every main protagonist is extremely well writen, with everyone having their own flaws and advantages and disadvantages. But the reason this one is near flawed is for two reasons. One; Vash is essentially Kenshin. They both act nice and have a no killing law, but they both a violent sad pasts that haunt them to this day. However for Vash it was more accidental, which honestly has me prefer Vash over Kenshin. The other flaw being that Vash goes Angst on infinity in the second half, which I'm not too big a fan of.

Overall: Trigun is just beautiful. If you don't mind the read more
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Yesterday, 5:11 PM
Plastic Nee-san (Anime) add
Plastic Nee-san is a gag anime about 2 minutes long with 12 episodes, making it around 30 minutes long in total. That's it. Not much story, just 3 high school girls with plastic models on their heads who are in a plastic model club doing hilarious things.

Story- I can't rate this because it's not about the story. Story is just 3 high school girls having fun.

Sound(9)- voice acting fits and bgm are well placed.

characters(9)- Unique in lot of ways and memorable characters. From fatty who thinks she is beautiful to cool baseball captain who loves exposing himself while wearing women's underwear are just examples. (Also Okappa best girl).

Enjoyment(10)- Enjoyed every second of it (It's 2 miutes only anyway).

Overall(10)- A job well done. Only sad part being how short it is, it's is crazy, funny and I am looking forward to more if there ever be another season.
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Yesterday, 4:43 PM
Strike the Blood (Anime) add
Strike the Blood? More like Strike The Panties.

As expected, it's a vampire anime, so it was destined to be shit from the start. I don't know why people even consider this abomination "unique", the story is dull like any other harem anime...

There's nothing special about it. This anime actually considered enhancing the background, but it was disappointing that they also spent most of their budget on the fanservice.

ALL of the OPs and EDs are not my type of music. Character sounds? All I heard was moans and a teenage girl saying "No Senpai, this is our fight!"

The MC is bland like any other harem MC who's trying to maintain his harem. Then there's the main heroine (forgot her name)... well she's cliche and a nuisance like any other main heroine. All the other female characters are cliche as well and their thirst for the MC is real. His "friend" was "supposed" to be cool, but failed miserably. The villians are just... they just embarrass this series more than it's already been.

This anime made me want to suicide. It's like the bubonic plague in animated form.
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Yesterday, 4:24 PM
Ore Monogatari!! (Anime) add
I have to admit, reading the overview about it did not grab my attention, and I didn't feel like I would enjoy it or even want to watch it...but after chancing the first episode I couldn't stop watching it until I had completed all the episodes that were out! This is a kind of story that tugged on my heartstrings the same way Kimi ni Todoke had, as the main character is out of the ordinary but lovable, and you can't help but cheer him on. I've laughed out loud and teared up all within the span of 7 episodes...the characters have substance and depth, and the plot is sweet and heartwarming with a lot of added comedy, all in all, I'm glad I gave this a try, and will be anticipating the upcoming episodes.
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Yesterday, 4:17 PM
Kuragehime (Anime) add
I gave this anime a 9, and it's purely based on my enjoyment. This is no masterpiece, and it's not very deep, but the characters were so lovable (and far too relatable) and this anime made me happy. I was smiling like an idiot while watching it, and I didn't feel like there was a dull moment.

That being said, this anime isn't for everyone. It's very light and happy, which isn't something some people will really enjoy. However, I also usually prefer the psychological/horror genre and I was still able to love this anime.

I think the one thing that made me personally enjoy this anime the most was how relatable the characters were. They're all socially awkward nerds, and the main conflicts in the anime comes from them being unable to function properly with other people--especially guys.

A few quick things to note:
-The sound for this anime was nothing special. I would skip the opening a few times and I can't even tell you what the ending sounds like because I never listened to it for more than 10 seconds before moving onto the next episode.
-The art wasn't anything particularly astounding, but it did have its moments. I liked the character design and the drawings of the jellyfish. But the art did serve its purpose by complimenting the anime rather nicely.

That's about it. I would fully recommend this anime to anyone who usually like this genre of anime, to anyone who enjoyed The Wallflower, and I would even encourage a few people who have never seen anything like this to give it a try.
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Yesterday, 3:41 PM
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Tokyo Ghoul is one of those rare supernatural Anime that creates it's own world for you to feel involved in. There is good character development with diversity among each, and a fantastic storyline to go with it; It's a example of doing a lot with a simple theme. The Animation/Art is very good, and the soundtrack is excellent, and matches with the theme very well.

When you read these reviews, PLEASE check to see how much Anime that user has actually watched before giving their review ANY credibility. Quite a few people that are new to Anime have given Tokyo Ghoul (completely undeserved) low ratings.

It's a Great Anime, and you should NOT pass up on it!
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Yesterday, 3:30 PM
Pupa (Anime) add
Well .. where do I even start .. the thing is that there are anime so bad, that you actually find them good.. like Mars of destruction .. what i mean is that some anime are so bad but because of being so bad they are also funny.

This one, Pupa.. is so bad, that it is bad at being bad. Did you get that?

One sentence to resume the anime: Wtf just happened ?

12 eps long, each one with 2 min lenght, i wasn´t expecting for something good .. but this? No this is the SHIT. Let's get started..

Story: 3/10. This shit makes no sense, i mean plot holes, missing parts, stories left behind, anything that you can imagine.

Some few examples..

Yume, since she was born, she had a virus. Well that's okay .. so why the virus only awaked after 14 years or whatever her age is. She only turned into a monster after 14 years.

Her brother, gets infected when Yume bites him. Surprisingly he gets the same powers so why he does not have to deal with the sister's problem (she only can eat humans in order to calm down the monster inside of her), is he special or something?

She was born with all her teeth, clearly normal doctors will find it really weird (it is theorically impossible to born with any kind of teeth). But fuck normality, here they didn´t gave 2 fucks about that.

A secret team of scientists arrests Yume and her brother in order to investigate them. They knew what they were, but still there is no protection at all. They operate an monster with no precaution .. ofc they would get killed.

There is even more of this.

Art: 6/10. Well at least something had to be good. Even though 60% of the show is composed by single frames and the background is almost non-existant, the gore is well made and i actually enjoyed it. WATCH THE UNCENSORED VERSION.. the censured version the only thing that you see, is a black screen.

Sound: 4/10. The opening is acceptable. But the OST .. wow .. you gotta watch the 6th episode with censure. The tracks that they use to ease the anime are so pathetic .. just .. really bad.

Character: 2/10. Well .. what characters? I just didn´t gave 1/10 because we do have a background story not so bad. The characters are at least pathetic. Their reactions, their emotions.. Yume basically says "Oni-chan" throughout the entire show, and her borther only says "Yume", that's all i know about them..

Enjoyment: 2/10. Bad .. really bad. The last episode I was literally with my mouth opened because I just couldn´t understand what i was watching. The overall anime just looks pathetic.

Overall: 2/10. Well, this anime is really bad for sure. But .. i reccomend it. Why you ask? Because i defend that we have to give a chance to great anime , the top anime and read more
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Yesterday, 3:16 PM
Kekkai Sensen (Anime) add
I know I'll get arguments over this, but I'll just lay it out as I see it. It only one episode to peg my weirdness meter. It looked like a "let's see how much absurd stuff we can pack in every minute and I'll bet someone loves it" effort. I may revise this after seeing more episodes but at the moment there's too much other quality stuff showing for me to justify spending any more time with this (IMHO) train-wreck. I don't remember seeing any of the other shows this has been compared to by other reviewers, and based on what I've seen so far, I'm not inclined to look at any of them. In short, your mileage may vary; your plane may explode.
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Yesterday, 3:11 PM
Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan (Anime) add
Supernaturally funny! What a surprise with this anime!!!

When I saw pictures from this anime, I thought nothing much about it, it was just another anime to check out, but from the start it became a memorable one. It 's just one story about the life of four stereotype characters from tales: vampire, werewolf, android and witch, all of them innocent girls but with a ecchi touch, just a little, making things incredibly funny and unusual, trying to living in peace with humans in our mortal world; isn't the biggest plot ever but is so easy to love very quickly these girls from the bottom of your heart as every episode pass by. If you're searching some anime to laugh a lot and not be picky about the style of drawing, give it a shot, you'll not regret it, is a simply anime but at the same time original, good luck!!!
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Yesterday, 2:38 PM
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Anime) add

You know I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that my sense of humor is in any way mature or sophisticated. I don't even know what mature comedy is supposed to be. I laugh at vulgarities, people making fun of everything that is holy to others, jokes so immensely stupid that only a braindead monkey could've thought of them and everything else in that category. I see comedy for what it is supposed to do: Make me fall on the floor laughing and let my whole family be worried about my mental condition. I don't question the means.

Introducing Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. An anime that is the pure embodiment of what pretentious idiots would call „modern kids' entertainment“. If you can't handle „immature“ comedy(which is something that doesn't exist to me) with countless sex jokes and offensive elements then you will hate this show(and even more so me in real life), everyone else will love it. Simple as that, now let me enlighten you about why you will love it.

I'm also not gonna sit here and pretend like there's that much to talk about when it comes to the comedy itself, how could I? I would normally change the title every time I mention it to make it look funnier but in this case the title is making fun of itself more than I ever could.
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is about two fallen Angels called Panty and Stocking who need to slay a number of monsters to be able to return to heaven with Garterbelt, a sadistic and kid-friendly(hehehe) priest, as their advisor. Each episode is a two-parter which is one of many references to american cartoons with the most evident one being the cartoony artstyle. For the most part the show is very episodic with a new somehow perverted monster following the next. All the circumstances and different monsters in each episode build foundations for new ways to build in the various sex jokes and references to american media. Sometimes when the studio feels like flushing money down the toilet there are episodes where the tone gets slightly upgraded to a serious one that involves fighting three major antagonists of which two in particular build an interesting contrast to the main characters since it's hard to tell who the actual villain is.

The sex jokes are not very innovative and the presentation reminds me of the purple dildo in Saints Row 3 – it might be funny that you're beating people up with a purple dildo, but for how long will it be funny? There are 3 things that save the comedy from getting too repetitive though:

1. The offensive exaggeration of some scenes that I could be talking about in detail but instead will let you experience what I'm talking about yourself since telling the punchline of a joke is the spoiler to a comedy show.
2. Panty
3. Stocking

Yes these two characters were the absolute highlight of this show to me. I love their attitudes to read more
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Yesterday, 2:37 PM
Cheburashka Arere? (Anime) add

It is time for another round of "Is this really an anime?!" The show where I review the most questionable entries on MAL's anime list and also try to determine whether or not they should count as anime. Last time we looked at the Transformers Movie from 1986. Today we will be looking at Cheburashka: the anime!


Cheburashka is a popular Russian cartoon character created during the 1960s in the Soviet Union. However, Cheburashka never gained the same international popularity outside the Soviet Bloc countries that the 1960s American cartoons did. Like with automobiles, the Soviets decided to protect domestic products by banning all foreign competition, in this case any cartoons from the West. Which is why Cheburashka is referred to by every Polish person I've ever met as "that fucking stop-motion rat that the Russians forced us to watch!" Despite the fact that Cheburashka is unknown in most countries and absolutely despised in countries like Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic etc, Cheburashka remains extremely popular in Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Armenia, ...and Japan for some reason! For reasons that NO ONE knows, Japan is the only country that isn't a steadfast ally of Russia, yet absolutely loves Cheburashka. As a result, it was only a matter of time until Cheburashka got his own anime. This anime was written, directed, and produced in Russia, but used Japanese animation, voice acting, and music composition. By contrast, the Transformers movie from 1986 only used a Japanese animation studio and EVERYTHING else was American. It is questionable whether or not this is an anime, but it is fair to say it is MUCH closer than the Transformers movie.


Cheburashka is a monkey like creature with giant ears that lived on a tropical island before accidentally falling asleep in a cargo box full of oranges and being shipped to Moscow. Once in the big city, Chiburashka has episodic, 3 minute per episode adventures with his friends. His most commonly recurring friend is the talking crocodile named Gena, who wears a bowler hat, plays the accordion, and often bemoans the fact that one's birthday only comes once a year. Each episode is an independent event and no effort is put into really developing the characters or creating an overarching plot. However, it IS very adorable and was aimed at very small children, so it seems a bit silly to be THAT harsh on it for being what it is.


The art is actually really well done in how it captures the look and feel of the original, even though the original was stop motion animation. This actually still looks and feels like a real Cheburashka cartoon, for which the animation studio deserves some serious credit.


The Japanese voice acting is of course very cutesy and the soundtrack is what you would expect in a show for small children. It isn't exceptionally good, but isn't grating either.


Sometimes ratings have to be relative and take into account the target demographic and primary read more
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Yesterday, 2:29 PM
Sundome (Manga) add
Sundrome is a manga that is harshly judged beacuse of the way the book is. Sundome is a very pervy book there masterbation gaint di** and even a golden shower(R-kelly style) but if you are mature enough you can see that Sundome is a funny book that will make you cry and has a very brilliant story line.
Sundrome main characters are Kurumi Sahana and Hideo Aiba. Hideo is a high school student and is also in a club that is run by former club member that all ready graduated.(The club members must follow one important rule they are not allowed to have sex though their high school life.) Hideo is not very popular because of this club, no girl likes him and he does not like any girl in the school because the dont meet his expectations but then he meets the new student and club member Kurumi. Kurumi is a skinny girl with black short hair and is often not in school.
When Kurumi Sahana and Hideo Aiba are alien in their club room Kurumi make it very clear she will never have sex with him and that's where the story begins.
Though out the story we see many different people and the club takes many trips and we can see that there is somthing going on with Kurumi. While I was reading this I kept a ski g the same 3question does she really like Hideo or not, does she have something going on with that man and what is wrong with Kurumi.
This manga became my favorite manga after I finished it. Its funny romantic beautiful pevry and a real tear jerker this manga is awesome more people need to read this
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Yesterday, 1:47 PM
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
*WARNING* I'll be using some profanity.

I don't think this show's in need of an introduction.

Story: 23/30
Kill la Kill's story is a mixed bag of goodies. I'm not even sure I have within my vocabulary the right words to say exactly what the story of Kill la Kill entails. It's a parody, that's for sure. It utilizes a lot of cliches of the shounen genre, and the show seems self aware of that. You've got the vendetta against a family member's murder trope, the oppressive student council cliche, and you'll be up to your neck in fanservice to the point where you become desensitized to it. Now you might be thinking that a show that regurgitates the same old shit you see in every other action shounen series is automatically a bad show, but I reiterate that Kill la Kill is a PARODY of the shounen genre. At least that's what I see it as. Yeah, it's chock-full of overused cliches, but the show makes these cliches seem so contrived that it's funny. It knows that it's wacky. It knows it's over the top, and that's kind of what makes it a really fun ride.

Characters: 23/30

You can skip this part if you want. I'm not gonna be doing anything other than fanboying over Satsuki. No really, it's better if you just move on. Just go.

Alright, I'm gonna be real here. Without Satsuki the character category would've been around a 18/30. She steals the show in my eyes. Every time you hear her heel stamp the ground and the blindingly bright light appears above the chaos ensuing on the battlefield of Honnouji Academy, Satsuki shows up, and quite literally outshines everyone else. She's cunning, has an iron will, has absolute confidence in her abilities and in her actions, her eyebrow game is on point, she does whatever it takes to reach her goals, has charisma for days, and commands absolute respect of her followers.

Seriously a 10/10 character.

Oh, and yeah, the other characters are okay. Ryuuko gets development and all that good shit. Senketsu is whatever. He didn't really stand out to me. Mako is funny, but I think she's kind of obnoxious at times. The Four Devas are cool together, the Nudists are ok, the villains are good at being evil and stuff.

Art: 12/15
The art is all over the place, which is fitting, because a wild show needs wild art. The character designs are all pretty unique, the designs for the uniforms are all pretty cool, too. The animation is really REALLY inconsistent, and it can be atrocious at times, but the fight scenes are pretty well done most of the time, so it's an okay trade off. What I liked most about the show's art would have to be the background art. Studio Trigger did a really good job of making the show seem really big by making the background art cover a lot of ground.

Sound: 15/15
MY read more
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