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Prince of Stride: Alternative

Alternative Titles

English: Prince of Stride: Alternative
Synonyms: PuriSuto
Japanese: プリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2016 to Mar 22, 2016
Premiered: Winter 2016
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers: Media Factory
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Visual novel
Genres: Sports, Drama, School
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.011 (scored by 51,864 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #37352
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #911
Members: 118,033
Favorites: 566


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Feb 10, 2016
Indari (All reviews)
Initially, I started watching because I liked the sleek and colorful aesthetic, and the idea of parkour races sounded cool. I like the first few episodes and thought the races were exciting and nice to look at, with a killer soundtrack. Upon watching the next episodes up the the sixth that has aired I've lost interest, with a super melodramatic plot that makes zero sense, backed up with paper thin characters.

The sport itself does not even take the least amount of effort to make any sense. It is a race based on speed, but people waste time doing flashy parkour moves. Would it not have read more
Mar 22, 2016
MozillaFennekin (All reviews)
There's no real explanation to it, so let's just assume that "alternative" in the title of Prince of Stride implies that you should watch an alternative show.

So, anyone willing to tolerate sports anime thought this would be pretty cool. Running with some parkour elements? Shit, parkour’s awesome, this oughta be good. But instead, we’ve been given a thoughtless, soulless, utterly boring show with no point in watching to completion unless you really, really like sports or writing yaoi fanfics.

Fortunately, Stride conveniently makes all of its fuck-ups clear within the first episode, so this doesn’t require a lot of work. Every major character (with the exception read more
Mar 22, 2016
karlstein12 (All reviews)
Prince of Stride: Alternative was one of the first new Winter show to be announced just as the new year arrived. It was also among the first ones to be aired in the season, much to the build-up that was added to it. With one of the masters in the industry working behind it, i.e. Studio Madhouse, Prince of Stride: Alternative was well worth the hype it had accumulated thus far, but as the season progressed, it quickly started to fade away. Why? Let's look into it in detail.

The show brings no creativity at all to begin with. It has been done countless time in read more
Mar 22, 2016
Stark700 (All reviews)
Prince of Stride, a show based off of an otome game with a bit of sports and competition added in. Advertised as a sports series, yet it’s obvious that the show appeals to the female audience with its cast of pretty boys. What is striding? It’s basically a fictional extreme sport of running similar to that of parkour but with unique obstacles.

Produced by Madhouse studio, the show runs pretty fast on its feet, literally. The first episodes introduces the main characters in standard fashion. Nana Sakurai, the main heroine transfers to Honen Academy and quickly becomes the manager of the Stride club, a club read more
Mar 22, 2016
-Remix- (All reviews)
Introducing Stride: an extreme high-thrilled sport where parkour and endurance running collide together!

The rules of Stride are really simple: you form a team of six people and you compete against one other team. Five of you run across the race course as a relay, avoiding obstacles, and staying on track. The fastest team who crosses the finish line first wins.

It’s definitely a very interesting concept straight from the get-go. So why can’t I rank this show any higher?

Well, for one, whenever you introduce a sport, it is imperative to consider your audience: they have no clue what the sport is about or never read more
Mar 23, 2016
Melody (All reviews)
I see a lot of different reviews for this anime these couple of days, so I thought it would be a nice chance to write my first review on an anime I finished just yesterday.

Prince of Stride is a sports anime based on an otome game, which I can pretty much sum up with just one word: Mediocre.

Story: 4/10
The first couple of episodes are quite interesting, as they introduce us to the characters and the sport, ''Stride'', which can be described as a running race with parkour between two teams, each with five runners and a relationer. That's all, nothing else is ever read more
May 6, 2016
BGdealer (All reviews)
Prince of Stride builds upon the fundamentals of sports anime and brings a more dramatic and innovative approach to the genre. Prince of Stride is revolutionary in a lot of ways and I feel it can convert many who don't watch sports anime to give it a try. SPOILER "FREE!" (it's a free anime joke)

This show goes above and beyond what it would have to do to deserve a great rating for its story. Everyone has a unique story that is connected to at least three other people in the main group of the stride runners. There's not really any backpedaling with flashbacks so it's read more
Mar 23, 2016
SnowSketch (All reviews)
In one paragraph: It was interesting, had some really golden jokes and even the minor characters had personalities. However, there are a lot of plot holes, they skip a lot of the parts that would be interesting to see and the problems they face have a tendency to be really stupid. They don't really get to any solutions, and there was only one time when we actually saw how they trained. All in all, it's not bad. Continue reading for more details.

Story (6): The story begins, like many other sports related anime, with a character introducing themself and explaining that they went to this particular read more
Dec 11, 2016
simsimsucks (All reviews)
Prince of Stride is by no means a masterpiece. It is a light-hearted sports series centred around the world of Stride, a fictional parkour/relay race. While Stride is somewhat different to those common sports seen within the genre, it still fits the mould expected. So what does PoS have to offer?

The story centers around the Honan Academy Stride team, a once elite stride team, which has dwindled after an incident two years prior. Two first years join the team, expecting to find a thriving Stride team, however they are shocked to find the club only has three members. The basis of the story isn't groundbreaking read more
Apr 2, 2016
Nalexie_ (All reviews)
The story is nothing special at all. Typical sports anime. It kept my attention for the most part, so I'll give it credit for that. I felt that it was kind of messy. It was just a little all over the place. Watch it and you'll know what I mean. It was cute. I LOVED the parkour/freerunning moves. That's what made the anime so enjoyable for me.

One of the worst things. The art was beautiful, but I hated how they made the hair translucent. It annoyed the living crap out of me. I HATED how they played the same damn song throughout all the read more
Mar 24, 2016
NoonebutMark (All reviews)
I watched this anime series because of Madhouse animating it and that it is based on an otome game, a genre I'm obsessed. But rather I got a lackluster character art, mediocre OP and ED, and did not see romance between the female lead and the other guys.

It should be stated that being based on a BL (Boy's Love) game is more appropriate for this anime since the only romantic development in this anime where between the guys. The touching of hands were rather dramatic since it is the theme of the show.


If you watched Yowamushi Pedal, the story is like that, wherein the club read more
Mar 22, 2016
psychoalchemist (All reviews)
Nana Sakurai is a first-year student at Honan Academy. She decides to attend the school in hopes of managing the Stride Club. Stride is an extreme sport involving running and navigating obstacles on an uneven course. Nana meets two boys named Takeru Fujiwara and Riku Yagami and convinces them to join the club in efforts to compete in the "End of Summer" tournament. Together, they learn that Stride is about so much more than just running; it's about connecting with each other.

...Or so Madhouse would have me believe!

As someone who has willingly jumped into [and stayed in] sports anime hell over the past read more
Dec 18, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
ALERT! Look up the rules of Stride (the fictional sport in this anime) before you watch this because, otherwise, you're gonna be confused for like the first two episodes.

Well, this is yet another sports anime to add to my list. Can you name a few sports anime? Haikyuu!!, Free!, Kuroko no Basket? Well, have I got good news for you! Nearly ALL of the seiyuus in Prince of Stride: Alternative have been in at least one of those aforementioned sport anime staples.

Also, the ONLY reason that this anime isn't ranked as a 10 is because the storytelling was bit shoddy and the art made everything read more
Sep 23, 2017
PvMDream (All reviews)
*Review may contain minor spoilers*

Story 4/10
A young prodigy joins the Stride school club to re-obtain its old glory.
From here on out they will do training and a few ''matches''

Art 7/10
The art is a little bit on the ''smoother'' style, it is not my cup of tea but it isn't bad either. it stayed consistent throughout the whole anime. There was nothing out of the ordinary or ''unique'' hence only a 7.

Sound 5/10
the voice actors weren't to bad, but they definitely could have done a better job throughout the races and duels they did, I didn't get that exiting feel at the star of a race read more
Mar 24, 2016
YizelTro (All reviews)
What is stride ? Stride is a running sports with parkour. yea... they are running while doing some parkour stuff. tbh, personally, i like the concept of the sports, and even running is one of my fav sports. that is the reason why i got interested in this anime.

For the first episode, first impression, to me, it was a really cool, awsome episode. i really really like the way they start the series. looks awsome and cool to me, and i thought it would become a great series, but......a little bit dissapointment to me.

A story about a guy who in the past has read more
Apr 1, 2016
mejo369 (All reviews)
ummmm lets start with a talk about this sport called S-T-R-I-D-E

So basically its relay running with parkour, the name is pretty dank tbh, like striding sounds so fuken badass and real I thought it was a real sport and i think it fits really well

This sport all about the pace,parkour skills and most important of all "connecting emotions", pretty funny concept gotta say, but why nut? connect emotions = good at stride

lets continue with the norms

Story 7/10: Win this summer tournament called "end of summer(EOS)", simple story, not much to say

Art 8/10: Coooooooool,siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, badddddassssssss, Madhouse(the studio), their overall art are always to the coolside of read more
Jul 3, 2016
ChoocoboYao (All reviews)
I got baited. Hard.

With the sports anime craze that others and I were in from Haiykuu and Kuroko, I was pretty damn excited to learn of one that focused on parkour/free-running.

Then I had my hopes dashed as I watched on.

This is a shitty version of Free, plus I'm not the target audience for this show.

I could see the intended appeals of the show, but Free does it way better.
What I could not see was the free-running or parkour, which was the sport!

We had shots of shadows running in the background, or unimpressive vaults that I've done on the regular. Being someone into free-running, you'd think read more
Mar 28, 2016
Phantomturtle (All reviews)
Now the story is nothing special. It’s basically Yagami Riku and his fellow classmates re-establish the school's "Stride" team and compete in Stride competitions. I got really hyped especially when reaching the end of each race. I would've liked the series more if they did more with Nana Sakurai because I felt she was one of the best character, also I think they should've done a little more with Yujiro because he didn't really do much in the series Overall, it is definitely a fun watch if you are really into sports theme animes. It has lovable characters and has awesome action moments. But read more
Mar 25, 2016
kopczix (All reviews)
This review contains minor spoilers.

After watching "Haikyuu!!" I became so hyped up about sports series that I decided to try "Prince of Stride: Alternative". I can't say I'm disappointed, but compared to aforementioned "Haikyuu!!", "Prince of Stride: Alternative" looks bland and, on the whole - average.

The story is as generic as it could get. It revolves around the new extreme sport called "Stride" which is similiar to parkour. "Stride", however, is not new, neither it is extreme. Sadly, the runners just run, sometimes they jump over some obstacles and somehow, this attracts large crowds and makes runs a big city event.
As with all school clubs read more
Jun 26, 2016
yukinokitsune123 (All reviews)
There was not enough story development in my opinion and I feel like the creators of this anime had so much potential to work with but they either had too little funding or were too lazy and tried to make it as short as possible. Sports anime are not meant to have only 12 episodes and you can clearly see why, since the creators did not allow us enough time to warm up and get to know the characters and the story. I feel like the creators rushed the story line because they were like shoving plot after plot up our throats and not even read more