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Alternative Titles

Japanese: BEASTARS


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2019 to Dec 26, 2019
Premiered: Fall 2019
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:55 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Orange
Source: Manga
Genres: DramaDrama, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Themes: AnthropomorphicAnthropomorphic, PsychologicalPsychological, SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.881 (scored by 453778453,778 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7452
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #210
Members: 726,816
Favorites: 8,875

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Dec 25, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
Beastars is an anime about prejudices, self-discovery and life under idealistic totalitarian rule where carnivores and herbivores supposedly dwell in harmony, and all of this takes place in a certain school's drama club. Everyone is already acting and then they try and act some more.

**Before we continue, in case you lean to the right side and consider yourself red-pilled, you most likely are at least on some level avoiding this anime like plague. I had my fair share of skepticism before going in, but I conclude this series is not driven by any pre-set political agenda. Social commentary exists, you can take it as read more
Dec 31, 2019
Injenss (All reviews)
I hate this anime. It was doing so good, and then in the final few episodes it just got so stupid and illogical. I do not know why such a logically broken anime has such a high score. Is it because of cute animals? I don't know, but the ending was just frickin' dumb.


The anime started off well and was a bit surprising. I went into this thinking it was a comedy, but it's a drama. There's a little humor, but mostly it's a serious anime that imagines what the relationship between carnivores and herbivores would be if read more
Dec 9, 2019
biliwee (All reviews)
*Have watched 12/12 episodes*

I've read most of the reviews here and I still can't figure out why is everyone giving this anime so high score..
No offense, but the only people who can enjoy this series are probably the furry-fans (If you consider that the characters look a lot like furry mascots) or those who have limited/zero experience in decent/unique movies.

Anyway, let's get right into it.

- Characters (1)
What can I say? The personas are your typical anime characters and the limited kind of qualifications they have are unreasonable and created just for the sake of the story. The three main "heroes" are as such:
1. Legosi read more
Dec 25, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
“Ewww….this animation is gross.” — a naive Krunchyman

Coming into Beastars, I was a bit skeptical. That’s because I saw the 3D animation and immediately thought of Berserk 2016. Granted, the previews for Beastars were enough to convince me otherwise, but I was still leery. It’s not say that 3D aesthetics are terrible in general, but an artistic essence, if you will, seems noticeably absent — as compared to 2D aesthetics — making the 3D visuals seem a bit lifeless. Also, Japanese artists (unlike Western artists), draw 2D characters, which makes the conversion process to 3D look unnatural and wonky. Furthermore, read more
Dec 25, 2019
Inferno792 (All reviews)
In the wild, the food chain dictates that carnivores are at the top. No matter what the herbivores do, they cannot match up to the strength of these creatures meant to feast upon them.

However, if there was a civilized world for animals, would carnivores and herbivores be able to live peacefully? Would a carnivore be able to resist its natural instincts and the temptation of tasting the flesh of others, especially that of a herbivore while being in the same room? Does a lion or a wolf let a deer or a zebra go without tearing it apart?

Well, in the world of Beastars, this happens. read more
Dec 25, 2019
YeeYeeAss (All reviews)
This show is so fucking good. The characters are great and the story is oddly dark.

There are many anime with animal characters like Aggretsuko. But none of those anime inspect the food portion of the world. What do they eat? In this universe Carnivores and Herbivores live in peace. Only problem is that carnivores crave meat but they need to eat the same food as herbivores. Sometimes their carnivore instincts take over and they eat a herbivore. They also have somewhat of a clever solution for this problem and it is THE BLACK MARKET. There you can buy meat. But it will have side effects.

There read more
Dec 31, 2019
MaliTigar (All reviews)
Duo to everyone hyping this anime I decided to check it out. And, oh boy was it bad.


Basicaly revolves around the relationships between carnivores and herbivores, their desires, instincts..etc. It's a nice premise with nice worldbulding but it lacks one major thing. Decent/likeable characters.


It's just atrocious. There is literally nothing more to say. Even tho it was better than average CGI used in anime, it's still bad. Very bad.


Now, like I said before, there is no likeable characters. We have Legoshi, aka soy boy wolf who's more than annoying with all the overthinking he does. Definiton of soy boy. Weak. Afraid of anything. Can't even read more
Dec 26, 2019
-Alucard420 (All reviews)
Spoiler warning: I will speak on certain spoilers about the story, so therefore I would recommend you to watch the show before you read this review. I also would like to encourage the reader to not blindly follow my or anyone else their opinions. I believe that my opinion is neither correct nor incorrect. I apologise in advance for any grammar or vocabulary mistakes as English is not my native language.

After reading some other reviews on MAL, the overall conclusion seems to be that Beastars is one of the best anime’s this season has offered. I dare to disagree with this as Beastars turned out read more
Jan 7, 2020
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Beastars wasn't my very favorite anime of 2019, but it was certainly one of the most memorable. It's the kind of show one would imagine would be divisive but...not really it turns out. Beastars is near universally beloved here on MAL, so I feel like I'm being a complete edgelord by only giving it a 6. This wasn't my intent though! I actually love a lot of things this show did. However, I ended up with mixed feelings overall.

Beastars is adapted from an ongoing manga by Paru Itagaki. She's the daughter of famous mangaka Keisuke Itagaki and started publishing the manga when she was only read more
Jan 10, 2020
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
The dark horse enters the scarlet stage, illuminated by the crimson moon. With mask in hand, he embraces the carmine spotlight. Tied down to two stigmas, he was limited in his audience, but his performance made him shine like few others. The drama, the passion, the presentation, all marvelously shown as he proudly rose beyond almost everything else this year.

This struggle and scenario somewhat mirrors that of Louis, one of Beastars’ greatest characters. He’s a prideful, somewhat prejudicial deer who has put the world on his back. He refuses to be seen as weaker than carnivores simply because he’s a herbivore, so he fights back read more
Dec 25, 2019
Stark700 (All reviews)
Beastars, a show that transcends the logic of nature in the animal kingdom. From a world where social anxiety is the common norm and characters are portrayed as non-humans, we have ourselves a show that is about more than just animals. Living in this time era and adapting like survival of the fittest, Beastars embodies a story of a beast who strives to be who he is but faces against his personal demons in an imperfect world.

Paru Itagaki’s manga identifies itself as a drama and sell it in a complex labyrinth of feelings. Someone such as Legosi adapts a reflective personality, where he spends his read more
Dec 25, 2019
abystoma2 (All reviews)
First things first - Beastars isn't a furry anime. Beastars is a modern fable. Even if you hate furries, you might still perfectly well enjoy this series. Source: me, someone who doesn't like the furry culture at all.

Short version in case you don't want to read the whole review: imagine zootopia, but with with complex characters and plot meant for adult audience.

The longer version:
Beastars is a character-driven drama. And boy are the characters great. Their thoughts, their actions, their interatcions with the world and other characters and the diverse cast of characters with various personalities all together make amazingly believable world. As ironic as it read more
Jun 5, 2020
ReallyPatrice (All reviews)

The lights in the theater breathe back to life and the mobs of slobbering children begin to surge out of their seats, spilling into the exit lanes with reckless abandon. Still sitting betwixt the undulating streams of moviegoers, you stare vacantly at Zootopia's credits as they crawl up the screen, paralyzed in a state of sheer misery. With Kesha's abominable music roaring through the now-empty theater, you slump down into your seat, crushed under the weight of your own dejection. Alone amid the maelstrom of scattered popcorn and nondescript viscera, you wonder if you should just end it all right here and now. In truth, read more
Nov 28, 2019
fury1001fury (All reviews)
I had heard so much about the manga of Beastars but some of my friends said that its a series for a furry fetish person so I concluded that its only great for its fetish component but now as I am watching it its really much more that just a furry fetish or a animal love story but pretty good depiction of the plot it choose to follow.

The protagonist have classic problem of being a odd one out and not be able to fit and loving different things/*species*. I know story seems read more
Jul 12, 2020
mistersunday (All reviews)
“I’m beginning to understand it now, the reason I was born a wolf.” – Legoshi

At its core this anime is relatively simple; however, the way in which the show presents this world of anthropomorphic animals sets up a number of thematic elements that can be interpreted in many different ways, and I think that's the key to good storytelling. Beastars creates a societal structure that's somewhat similar to our own society yet also fundamentally different. As a recently graduated Political Science & Geography student, my interpretation of Beastars and its ties to our own world is as follows:

In our society, biological determinism has deeply negative read more
Dec 7, 2019
Kamyosh (All reviews)
I was hesitant start this series but watching the first 2 minutes of Chibi Reviews video on Beastars I knew I had to give it a go.

If you are scared by the use of CG you should be... but don't worry it definitely threw me off a bit at the start and although it is not perfect the more I watched the more the art style grew on me with it allowing for a new range of motions that I hadn't seen before.

I start watching after ep 9 had been released and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon of watching the story unfold. If you are read more
May 6, 2020
CursedWendigo (All reviews)
Where to start...This anime is...Shitty to say the least. I, as a furry, hated it. I was hoping I'd like it and I was excited to watch it so I could cosplay it but, I was severely disappointed. The story and plot had nothing going for it and it's all very predictable. The art style was trying to be 3D and 2D at the same time and trust me, it wasn't anywhere near good. I didn't feel attachment to any of the main characters (Honestly my girlfriend and I were hoping for Juno to eat Haru). The only good part of it was the beautiful read more
May 4, 2020
Katecof (All reviews)
It's furry fanservice, the romance is cancer, they're the most toxic kind of relationship I've ever seen, one is a carnivorous wolf that has the instinct to eat meat, and the female rabbit is a whore who in the last episodes, she lets herself to be eating... because apparently, that's her instinct. The anime gives you a lot of reasons why this relationship is garbage, and the anime is constantly trying so desperately to make it work, and even worse, it's trying so hard to make you believe this is okay.

The world-building is lazy, the police forces, or any kind of government power, hardly has read more
Dec 25, 2019
Lindle (All reviews)
Beastars setting is that of a world in which anthropomorphic animals, both carnivore and herbivore, live amongst each other in a society closely resembling our own. In that sense, it has essentially the same premise as Disney's Zootopia.

Where Zootopia used its setting as a direct allegory for real-world race relations, however, that metaphor starts to fall apart if you take a moment to consider the implications of it. As such, Zootopia is a movie that uses its premise only for surface-level allegory and aesthetics - it's not something that wants you to think too hard about any of the fucked-up implications of its setting.

I mention read more
Dec 8, 2019
chromaticc_ (All reviews)
Entering into the Fall 2019 season of anime, the majority of anime fans quickly passed Beastars off as an inconsequential show that would only pander to the furry fandom. This idea was only reinforced when it was revealed when the use of CGI would be used in the production of the show. So I, like many others, tuned in to the first couple of episodes to confirm our biases and to ridicule the show for what we thought it would be, only to be pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth the show provided. This pleasant surprise quickly turned into adoration for me at least read more