One Piece

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Alternative Titles

English: One Piece
Synonyms: OP
Japanese: ONE PIECE


Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 20, 1999 to ?
Premiered: Fall 1999
Broadcast: Sundays at 09:30 (JST)
Producers: Fuji TV, TAP, Shueisha
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, Super PowerSuper Power, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.541 (scored by 821911821,911 users)
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Ranked: #882
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Popularity: #31
Members: 1,474,807
Favorites: 141,618
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Feb 28, 2008
Maxine (All reviews)
There are two responses I get, without fail, every time I try to get someone new to watch this show. "I don't like the art style" or "I've seen the dub - NO THANKS." I'm guilty of both of these myself. But if there's one thing I need to stress before even getting started on this review, it's that the 4Kids dub is NOT One Piece. For the love of god, PLEASE do not think it is. If you've suffered the misfortune of seeing some of the 4Kids episodes, just erase them from your mind and start fresh. They read more
Sep 12, 2008
holdenn (All reviews)
One Piece is by far the best shounen anime out there that I have watched.
But not all share the same views as I do, lets remedy that, shall we?

A long time ago, there live a fearsome pirate king who goes by the name of Gold D. Roger. He was able to attain everything. But alas he was captured and sentenced to execution. In the brink of death, he proclaimed that he left the great treasure, One Piece, somewhere in the Grand Line and it is for anyone to claim. This event ignited the Great Pirate Age.

In the world of One Piece, there is such read more
Jan 3, 2015
mkzxwing (All reviews)
Warning: Minor Spoilers

If I were to say anything bad (and I will have to do that as this review is not a positive one) about this anime that would not offend the hardcore fans (and I know there are a lot) is that it's PAINFULLY slow.

Even if you leave the fillers aside, still- the plot itself progresses in such a slow pace that it's rather hard to watch. Now for a younger audience it may not matter that much, but to me as a higher age audience, it matters greatly, after all, out of the 23~ minutes of each episode 3 are spent read more
Aug 24, 2014
Lord_Rutsah (All reviews)
*Contains major spoilers*

Well I'm about to do what most people consider suicide... Talk bad about One Piece...

Following: Full-fledged review and chibi review-version at the end for those who can't read:


To be clear about this: I have seen all movies and all the episodes released until now (ep 658) and while there are tons of things I'd like to talk about, one thing stands above all: One Piece never grew up like other shounen did. Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball and even Fairy Tail have become more mature and improved themselves over the passage of time. One Piece is still the same non-serious, immature nonsense that first read more
Oct 15, 2020
FaxTuaL (All reviews)

One Piece is the single most overrated and sucked off shonen out there and yes FYI I've caught up to One Piece. Let's get into this

The story of One Piss is so corny and cringy , there is absolutely nothing good to look forward to , it's just the predictable shonen goal "I want to be pirate king" , I was facepalming every episode.

There is also no plot progression whatsoever , I was able to skip 9 Arcs and I still know everything that was going on , It's the same shit , Go to an Island , Meet new read more
Dec 13, 2015
Dayasha (All reviews)
Review In short,
I'm Going to keep it real with you all that you would obviously see my score that i gave One Piece.
Well, That is why in my review I'm going to go over these factors as to why this isn't worth your time so that I can save you a life line. So for that You are welcome. (This Applies To Manga Also in case your wandering)

Anyway I have Dropped this series for many reasons alone that I did to where I was watching and Investing my time with this and its pretty simple why that is and why It made sense read more
May 17, 2009
Shami_Fan (All reviews)
In my personal opinion, One Piece is one of those animes that is easy to love and is just as easy to hate. Funnily enough, those who love One Piece love it for exactly the same reasons that others hate it; the extreme characters, zany abilities, and classic artstyle all contribute to both sides. This review's goal is neither to covince you to love One Piece, nor is it the opposite. The review merely expresses my own personal views of the series.

And by the way, this review is based upon the original Japanese version. If you have had the bad luck of viewing the 4Kids read more
Aug 21, 2014
NenuserZodiac (All reviews)
Lets start with the story.

Story. 2/10. The story is about a boy name luffy that wants to go and reach one piece. Him and his crew member will set sail to go anywhere except one piece.

Art. 3/10 The art in one piece is ridiculous stupid looking the characters have weird over exaggerating expression. When they are shouting or just opening their mouth it's so huge it could fit 10 ships in it. Ed edd n eddy has way better art than one piece and that cartoon was made from the 90s that's to show you how bad the art is.

Sound. 7/10 the sound is read more
Apr 17, 2007
davers (All reviews)
One Piece recounts the story of Monkey D Luffy, a young man who wishes to become the Pirate King; and the rest of the crew of the Mugiwara ('Straw Hat') Pirate crew, each of whom join the crew to realise lifelong dreams of their own.

Luffy ate a Devil's Fruit as a child, more accurately the 'Gomu Gomu' fruit (gomu means 'rubber'), thus his body took on the form of rubber, enabling him to stretch and inflate himself at will - though the downside for anybody who eats a Devil's Fruit is that they can no longer swim: something of a disadvantage for a pirate. Luffy read more
Dec 4, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)
One Piece has been running for 15 years now and shows zero signs of slowing down. It is true that there are several anime and manga series that have run for MUCH longer, but that doesn't honestly excuse One Piece for how long it has overstayed it's welcome! One Piece has a diehard fandom and it is by far the highest in average rating out of the big 4 shonens. However, it is actually my LEAST favorite of the big 4. I'm dead serious, I really don't like One Piece and I will explain why.

One Piece reminds me of a line from one of my read more
Mar 24, 2015
ITSGOJIRAAAA (All reviews)

From a scale of "over 9000" to "too damn high", how autistic am I You say?
well judging from watching this garbage I'd say a 9 will suffice for the
after effect.

I like it, but in all honesty its not good.
So To begin my review, Let me start of my experience of watching OnePiIISSWuaaaa!!!!

Please do understand this is not me taking shots at this series in any way, this is just me expressing my views on the show in terms of its merits and failings to see if its as great as fans really suggest this to be.

For a long time you see I've watched read more
Feb 15, 2010
Ranivus (All reviews)
I haven't written a review in almost a year so i might as well start with this

80% of all user made reviews will be positive no matter what. The best way to evaluate anything is to read the negative reviews as well. This is a good rule to go by for anything (games, movies, appliances, etc) With that being said I'm not giving this series a 10.

Quick Review:
- Story (4/10) Its an infinite loop story, shounen boy being the greatest in the world and it follows him in all his wacky adventures.
- Art (6/10) It is indeed read more
Nov 9, 2007
Darkreaper70 (All reviews)
Well my first review, Ill try and make it a good one.

One Piece, well i gotta be honest, I didn't like it at first. I thought that the voices were stupid and that it had really no plot whatsoever. This is all thanks to 4kids making the crappiest dub ever. I stopped watching it after, ep 20 or so, but then i heard to try it again using subs. I thought nah, it might sounds really stupid, but i still tried. After episode 20 or so, I was like "WOW", this is awesome and from then on i was watching it non stop until read more
Jun 29, 2007
mulderman (All reviews)
Ask any person on the internet what their favourite kind of warrior is and you are bound to get one of these 2 answers. Ninja or Pirate. Now we ALL know Ninja\'s are a plenty in anime. But Pirates? Try finding a anime about that!

Eiichiro Oda to the rescue!

The legendary Pirate Gol D Roger. Once acquired everything a pirate could. But before he was executed he told people he hid his treasure \"One Piece\" at the end of the Grand Line. This started the great age of pirates!

One Piece is set in the time of pirates. Even though there are references to real pirates. Bellamy, read more
Jul 3, 2010
RookieBomber (All reviews)
I never write reviews but I think this series deserves it.

NOTE: This is obviously not a bad-ass/cool-mysterious guy on a seemingly complex mission that is trying to mind-fuck you. This is SHOUNEN. Straight-forward and easy to understand for younger viewers and deep enough for the older. This is business as well as entertainment ei: MAINSTREAM.

Sure it has a VERY generic shounen anime base-line but it has a lot more depth to it that only a mature audience can understand. This can't be seen within the first 20 episodes; it's one of those things where you have to grin and bare with. Most likely, your efforts read more
Jan 16, 2015
wildhood (All reviews)
Ah, One Piece. The anime adaptation of the best selling manga in the world. I used to like this show when I first started watching it, but sadly I don't feel the same way about it anymore.

So One Piece is a battle shounen anime, which follows the adventures of one Monkey D. Luffy, who aspires to be the King of the Pirates. He is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, a crew consisting of both men and women, who all play an important role that helps keep the crew going, and they all have their own goals.

Luffy is our typical, dumb shounen hero, who is read more
Dec 24, 2007
linkandluigi (All reviews)
One Piece is honestly the most amazing series I have ever watched or read. The plots are well-written and hold my attention without taking themselves too seriously and adding unnecessary drama that causes me to lose interest. The characters are some of the most endearing, well-developed and likable characters and the art, while not appealing to me at first, took a grand total of TWO episodes to get used to before I found it to be incredibly unique and my favorite anime art style to date.

While this series has serious moments, it never stops being funny. Something important about the humor in read more
Sep 24, 2020
katsucats (All reviews)
Straw Hats. More like straw caricatures. Over 600 episodes in, even after a time skip, and despite momentary spurts of ambition, the whole cast is still overdosing on lead and at least 2 standard deviations below average intelligence. Luffy has clinical ADHD and could not focus on a single thing to save his life -- literally. He constantly blurts out things he shouldn't, have trouble expressing himself beyond first grade vocabulary, and grins and tee-hees at everything. Sanji still gets trapped by every woman he sees. It's a broken record, and what's more insulting is when enemies get persuaded by the feelings of this genuine read more
Nov 11, 2014
filthyfuckinweeb (All reviews)
You know what I really miss? The good ol' days of shonen anime/manga where something could have an outrageously bizarre concept with an equally bizarre universe which can be light in tone and set the stage for some grand adventures to unfold. Nowadays, it seems like most shonen anime and manga try to be all dark and edgy in order to defy those sort of preconceived notions that all shonen anime and manga is light-hearted and/or childish. While that's all fine and dandy, I can't help but feel that we're losing something special in the process of this sort of transition from light-hearted adventures to read more
May 18, 2014
King_Jahard (All reviews)


The story is simple. It's somewhat drowned on most of the time. The fighting is ok and very entertaining to watch at times. On the other hand, the action is terrible compared to other anime. The most stupid thing is how Luffy just randomly pulls power out of nowhere when needed -.-. Let him lose properly, let us see him gain strength, not just randomly give him magic powers in the next episode. Hunter x Hunter is an excellent example of read more