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Apr 10, 2021
Horimiya (Anime) add
"Hori is toxic" "Hori is a -phobe" "This anime deserves a 1 because of that ONE THING"
Those are the words you hear often if you live past the year of 2020 mostly thanks to Twitter. This take is typically comes from western 'audiences'. Don't listen to those kind of takes for this anime/manga. Those come from close minded individuals who lack the understanding of context and most importantly, understanding that HUMANS ARE COMPLEX AND IMPERFECT PEOPLE. Especially in high school.
If you are of High School age and STILL don't understand that people have different opinions, then you are going to fail in the real ...
Jul 11, 2012
Nichijou (Anime) add
New generation anime sitcom has arrived…
A spiritual successor to two of my favorite anime sketch comedies of all time (Azumanga Daioh and Pani Poni Dash), Nichijou delivers the comedy 110% percent. Based on the manga of the same name, this is a perfect example of how a situational/sketch comedy should be made.

Anyone trying to find some objective story to this will ultimately blow their minds in front of their faces, as there is none. Hence Situational comedy, because its basically a group of people in high school and we’re there to watch the hilarity ensue. Typically things like this center themselves around a few ...
Jul 2, 2012
Negima!? (Anime) add
The Negima series is what I can safely call the benchmark of Harem anime. If you aren’t sure that you’re into the action harem anime sub-genre. I highly recommend that you would watch this series first. It sets the bar for what a good harem anime would be. Equal parts big cast of females with varying characteristics with a strong voice acting cast, sprinkled with a semi-serious plot, caked with large amounts of comedy and slapstick. Bring this together and you can pretty much name any harem anime around.

Why do I say this is a benchmark series? This is the only series I know of ...
May 6, 2010
Keroro Gunsou (Anime) add
Preliminary (350/358 eps)
Well before otaku-queen Konata Izumi's (LuckyStar) sitcom ever aired, there existed a little green alien named Keroro that came down to command and conquer this planet. How he will manage to pull this off even Keroro doesn't even know himself. This is where the viewer comes in. We're all there for the wild ride that is the Keroro Universe. This whole series is told in a sitcom format where almost every episode will end with little to no change to the story. If you don't know if this is a series for you just read the lyrics of the first opening credits:

"March on forward! Let's ...
May 3, 2010
In this 3 episode OVA (it still says its ongoing but there is no release date for the next dvd), the world's prominent figureheads battle it out in a furious high stakes battle of...


Yes in this universe, every figure head is a master Mahjong player and all the worlds politics are dealt by playing a game of mahjong. The first episode is entirely based on the manga while the other 2 episodes are original stories written by creator, Hideki Ohwada. Forget Hetalia Axis Powers, this is how political satire should be.

There are no cute looking bishounen characters running around here. In this anime every figurehead ...
Apr 26, 2010
Summer Wars (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Chalk this movie up as another anime title with an anime-style story. So what the hell is an anime style story? I'm glad you asked
- Everything happens to be conveniently placed around a small group of people.
- The story starts to take one direction, and then ends up being a completely different genre from how it started.
- It turns a semi serious idea and pretty much takes a dump on the whole idea. (much like how Kure-nai did)

Now I don't mind a Pokemon Anime but if its disguised as a slice of life drama where a boy is unexpectedly thrust in the ...
Apr 24, 2010
Seriously, is it that bad to find this show entertaining? One can argue this is a typical slice of life, school, harem anime with typical character types and predictable story and you would not be far off. But, if you don't LIKE watching things like this, why are you watching it in the first place? Akane-iro is geared to the 'veteran' otaku who love specific voice actors or character types, or enjoy when different flags get triggered (like hot springs, school festivals, or costume changes) aka: fanservice. You can only watch so many different slice of life harem comedy titles to realize if you ...
Apr 8, 2010
K-On!! (Anime) add
Preliminary (12/26 eps)
What do you get when you add four cute girlfriends with the desire to form a music band, situational comedy, and every style of moe an otaku can think of? You get K-On! (or kei-on-bu). Just of a group of girls trying to follow their dreams... sounds very cliche' doesn't it? Well it is and this show oozes cliche'. The setting to the sitcom all the way down to the catch phrase onomatopoeia's like kyuun and hyaan. It's very obvious from the start of episode 1, that the story isn't trying to mess with the success of current trends and tries its very best to ...
Apr 7, 2010
Fairy Tail (Anime) add
Preliminary (138/175 eps)
Those that are done raging between anime/manga adaptions feel free to read. Those who still don't understand why books and movies will ever be the same feel free to go away. With that being said, Fairy Tail is easily the best Shounen anime to date! Take this from a non-hardcore shounen fan. Granted, i do enjoy shounen as a casual viewer (despite me seeing over 3000 shounen eps) but I stand by my statement 100%

Sounds a little bit shallow but please let me elaborate. There have been countless shounen anime throughout the decades. Some lasting a few dozen episodes, others spanning 100's of episodes. Ever ...
Mar 17, 2010
I'll admit, I was sort of excited when I found this when I was randomly searching for some good Original Anime Music Videos. Russian rap and Studio 4°C (S4C) animating the video was perfect mix. But as an avid music video watcher in my hey day (when MTV actually showed music videos), one should know that you don't ever take a music video literally or you will lose the game.

Enter, First Squad: The Moment of Truth. I have seen many of S4C's animated shorts recently and have been a fan of most of their work. So to find a full length movie by ...

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