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noydd Jul 15, 10:16 PM
I'm willing to admit I worded what I wanted to say about the whole expectation subversion thing badly. I didn't really get my point across with it at all. I do believe it is subverting how the underdog can pull out a trump card and turn the tide of the entire match because in Ping Pong's case it doesn't become cliche. It doesn't depend on doing this most of the time. Sometimes, if a match seems to be going in favor of one player, then it will be that way until the very end. With all of this, Ping Pong becomes realistic and surprising.
noydd Jul 15, 12:08 PM
I see it more as an incredible human psyche discovery than a sports anime
noydd Jul 15, 12:04 PM
Anyways in conclusion, everything from the incredible three dimensional characters, to the symbolism and visual metaphors to the incredible striking artstyle, smooth animation and great music (well I think its great at least kek) is what makes Ping Pong a masterpiece to me. Also, i've never gotten more hyped for something more in anime/manga then the final match between Peco and Smile.
noydd Jul 15, 11:38 AM
Also, all of these color based visual metaphors came from the director Masaaki Yuasa, who I believe to be the most brilliant director in all of anime at the moment. (besides for japan sinks but uh lets not worry about that lol) Obviously you can't have a metaphor based around the color purple in the manga, because well its monochrome.
noydd Jul 15, 11:30 AM
First of all if your enjoyment of it is a 1/10 I don't understand why you'd watch it three times unless your a masochist or something... because watching something thats 1/10 enjoyment wise 3 times sounds like literal pain...even if it was to see what most other people see in it. Well anyway, since I have a lot of time on my hands and nothing else to do, I'll talk about the symbolism. In the first episode right at the beginning, you see a god like depiction of a masked winged creature that flies into the air towards the moon alongside a bird. Later, we learn this is a depiction of Peco in relation to Smile. Flight in Ping Pong is a common motif that can represent a number of things, mainly being self achievement, but in the case of Peco where he is depicted with wings it represents the the ability to not only suceed at ping pong, but also as being a hero. This becomes evident alongside the quote 'Not all birds can fly' alongside the later match between Peco and Kazama, where Peco leads dragon out into the air to signify he's been saved from his crippling solitude by Peco's ability to simply have fun white playing ping pong. To understand the mask he is wearing you have to understand one of the main themes of PPTA, revolving around Smile, and if you haven't gotten the full meaning of the quote 'Blood Tastes Like Iron' you'll need this to understand the mask. Blood and iron in the context of Ping Pong directly juxtapose each other, blood is meant to be symbolic of life, compassion and warmth white iron is the opposite, it being cold, missing of life and indifferent. When it comes into context of Peco telling Smile that blood tastes like iron it means that just because everyone thinks of Smile as being cold, shy, like a robot and heartless doesn't mean he has to stay that way. The world is filled with anomolies like this, like blood can taste like iron and just like those anomalies Smile can well, smile despite of his assumed persona. This where I believe the mask ties into this quote, just as the quote says even a hero can appear to be different on the outside but under the mask, there can be something completely different despite of what everyone believes to be true. So, perhaps the mask is trying to link the meaning between Peco's words of advice to Smile with this metaphorical godlike depiction.

Next is a much more subtle touch but I believe that it reflects the characters in a brilliant way. This is the logos on Smile's and Peco's shirts throughout the series. Peco has a star on his shirt while Smile has a moon on his. In a traditional sense a moon and sun are not too far apart, both taking up the same night sky, and being a source of light, but in the case of ping pong the differences make up the meanings. The moon can be seen as a two sided mysterious figure that has both a light and a dark side but regardless always exists while a sun/star can be symbolic of talent and everlasting light. This is obviously a parallel to the developments of both Smile and Peco. While Smile struggles with his assumed personality of being robot like with the ever flip-flopping moon, and Peco's inate ability to shine wherever he goes. Actually, this isn't limited to just Peco and Smile's shirts, you can see them on various objects, such as a bat, and even in the OP.

One visual metaphor relating to the sun is when Peco throws this bat, which has a star symbol on it, into the river, signifying that Peco's light and ambition is no more. There are many visual metaphors like these that it would be almost impossible to talk about them allm, (and to be honest its the only one I remember off of the top of my head kek)

Kazama is depicted as a giant, referencing his raw strength The color purple is used, however, which is very important. In PPTA the color purple is used to represent those respected in the world of ping pong, as both teachers of Peco and Smile wear shirts with some sort of purple shade and the highly influential academy Kazama attends is also largely purple.

Taking this idea of purple, and applying it to the situation, makes for an interesting idea when we see Kazama (whos nickname is Dragon) turn into a giant purple dragon. Dragons are typically associated with Chinese culture, the place where Kong is trying to get back to, and having Kazama transform into a dragon is symbolic of his team who turned their back on them and the idea that he will never reach them ever again. The use of the purple signifies that they're respected in the world of ping pong, and the lack of any purple on Kong represents the idea that he will never get there again.

I'm truly getting carried away now.. i'm sorry xd
noydd Jul 15, 10:32 AM
Damn you've watched it three times? Thats more than me lol
noydd Jul 15, 10:14 AM
I could also talk about the brilliant symbolism Ping Pong has if you want me to
noydd Jul 15, 9:31 AM
With the whole subvertion thing, you're probably right. I haven't seen Kuroko, that loli sports thing, and Keijo so I can't really comment on that but none of those but none of them are listed as psychological so if they have philisophical questions, wow.

Since you haven't seen the show in so long I understand how you wouldn't remember the characters especially if you didn't really care for them while watching.

With art, you say Fate/Zero is an absolute realistic art style, maybe with the backgrounds and scenery, but to be honest I think the characters in PPTA look more like actual people and is more realistic overall even if it is quite striking.
I saw someone linked you the song Ping Pong phase from the OST, and when I first heard that one on its own it actually blew me away, but I guess thats still completely subjective and I love the music overall.

Well, thank you for replying to me.
noydd Jul 15, 12:30 AM
Commenting on your Ping Pong review. I do agree that the premise is basic and is like a standard sports story. But then you say it is one of the poorest executions of it, where is my disagreement starts. It perfectly executes this concept using three dimensional characters, and its subversions of the audience's expectations. I believe Ping Pong executes its ideas perfectly. An example of Ping Pong subverting the audience's expectations is say when two players are up against each other, and one of them has an upper hand during the match. Usually you would think the player with the upper hand would win easily, but you'd be wrong to assume this because one trump card can turn everything around. Subvertions like these are what keep the basic premise from getting stale. Also, the matches are incredible due to the perfect angles, smooth animation, and adrenaline rushing music (which apparently you didn't like, and nothing I can say can probably change that.) Also, to add to how Ping Pong executes its ideas is by asking deep questions that I've yet to see in other sports anime. Questions such as Why do we play ping pong? Do we do it for fun? To pass the time? To win? To just dominate the sport as a whole? This challenges the viewer and is another reason why I consider ping pong to be so great, because it is not just a sports anime it is a psychological one as well.

On to the characters, I agree with Kong. His character is brilliant, fleshed out and realistic. No complaints here. However, you claim Smile's development to be forced. You don't elaborate on this, so I'm curious on why. I see Smile as a brilliant, fleshed out three dimensional character. He starts off as being the exact opposite of Peco and Kong, (those two feeling like they are gods gift to ping pong) instead thinking of himself as a loser only playing Ping Pong to pass the time, which goes back to the philisophical questions I was talking about earlier. It isn't until Smile is pushed beyond his breaking point that he actually starts to become like Kong and Peco. It isn’t until Smile is put in a stressful situation like that of Kong’s that he finally starts to reach into his ego and become more like Kong. And that is the brilliant thing about China and Smile, both of them begin to change when they start to lose or when they are put in a stressful situation, but one of them begins to become the bad-ass while the other starts to become more on the emotional side. They do change, but they change and are still two opposites of the same coin. I was thrilled to see Kong and Smile face off because they had such great dynamics with each other, because of them being polar opposites, but being one in the same aswell. The way characters like this bounce off of each other like this is something I've yet to see done anywhere else in anime/manga.

On to Peco, I found him to be an incredible three dimensional character aswell. Peco is the complete opposite of Smile. He starts off as your regular ping pong talent, born to be the greatest at it. Peco's character arc is unpredictable aswell. He starts with a huge ego, thinking he is god's gift to ping pong. You believe he is the main character of the show, but guess what, he isn't. You see Peco dominating rookie players and it isn't until he gets beaten badly by China and Sakuma, that his character arc takes a turn. After these two big losses, his ego is shattered and starts to become less like Kong and more like the old Smile. We then see Peco going on his journey to regain what he lost, where he starts to actually put effort into becoming good at ping pong, not just relying on his talents alone.

Kong, Peco and Smile are all actually one in the same, but they develop to the point where they are never copies of each other. This comes back to what I said earlier, about the characters bouncing off of each other like I've never seen done in anime/manga before. They all have huge egos at one point, but they all experience this at different times during the narrative. Now I may be asking this late, but you say that Peco's character is the classic shounen development that is abused. You also say it feels like you have seen it all before, but thats the exact opposite of what I thought to be true.

More on the characters, you thought the side characters were just acceptable where I thought them to be brilliant. Kazama for example is one I find to be brilliant. Kazama is highly respected by his own club members and is kind of a local hero. He is the embodiment of the idea of a winner. However, underneath the surface of him being a local hero and champion, he is a regular guy who feels pain like the rest of the main cast. He was born to train, the pressure was so great and overwhelming to the point where he can’t escape from it now, he has to do it because it has become a responsibility instead of a hobby. He is like an addict, no matter how hard he tried, and even if he wanted to, he just cannot escape the addictive nature of training and winning matches.

In the end, what is so good about the thousands of victories, the thousands of medals, the thousands of fans and all the praise, when one cannot love themselves? Of course, Kazama, just like the others, gets his development sooner or later, because every character in Ping Pong does.

When it comes to audiovisuals, considering you gave the art a 1/10, nothing I can say will probably change your mind on this. I adore ping pong's style, it being striking and memorable. I've grown to adore Taiyo Matsumoto (the mangaka)'s art style. I've read other brilliant manga of his such as Sunny and Tekkon Kinkreet, and I can confidently say I love his style, but frankly I understand if you don't like it. I loved the music, I thought it was quite intense and adrenaline rushing. You said the voice acting wasn't very good but I thought it was pretty much perfect for the characters, and like you did I enjoyed Kong speaking in Chinese.

Overall I'm up for a discussion, and its quite clear I have too much time on my hands.
SpRayquaza11 Jul 3, 10:08 AM
I can respect your opinion infact i do get behind most of said Points however its not downright unseeable and doesn't deserve to be right next to boku no pico xD in the ratings section. ......... Hurts there chances of creating a second season and redeeming. Itself
A7MD224 Jul 3, 5:39 AM
You're welcomed! It really is stupid when I see people insults other people, and I'm happy that you presented the minority side of us towards PPTA and that's courage when you know a lot of people are uneducated in their behaviour (aka keyboard warriors). Everybody has their taste on music. Personally, I don't care about OST when scoring an anime (although I really appreciate it when the songs are fire), If the anime is watchable that's all there is to it for me, because if I want to hear music then I just go to YT and listen- but that's just me. I also prejudge an anime, but I give them a chance because most shows have mediocre beginning unless it becomes annoying (ex. sangatsu no lion's MC), fast talking gibberish (ex. The Tatami Galaxy first 2 mins ep.1) or redundant silence (ex. Texhnolyze first ep) then they would get dropped most of the time. I've read your CB's review and I really agree on your points aside from the production part (and the score... but I digress :) ), If I compare CB to modern anime, it shits on most of them-those hand to hand combat where astonishing. Your peer pressure point: I agree a 100%, you would see a lot of people share the same opinion on said anime just to gain likes or so he won't get backlash from the majority of people or vice versa (hate anime because people hate it). When I see a ton of praise to a series, I go in expecting it to be good and few of them really where as good as people claim it to. I'm happy that my reply made you happy and hope more come at you w/positive feedback. Now, I will excuse myself for any grammatical mistakes, because there would be some :)
A7MD224 Jul 1, 1:39 PM
I have watched 4 eps of PPTA, and I agree with your review aside from the music. Everytime on my timeline at twitter I see people claiming it as a masterpiece 10/10 or at least 9/10. I was very curious with these high ratings, so I asked some of them "what do you like about this show?" and they would honestly respond with "everything", and when I respond to them that this reply is "vague reason, either you put sound reason on why it's good or then don't blame people who dislike it" then they don't continue to respond . Or they saying "it hooked me, and it gets progressively better" what/why did it hooked you with *exactly*? IDK.
Samarthhtrivedii May 30, 5:45 AM
oh lmao no problem man I thought you were a teen.
Samarthhtrivedii May 23, 11:46 PM
fair enough, can I get your ig? its tough to chat over here
Samarthhtrivedii May 20, 11:21 PM
nah man ping pong for me is definitely a masterpiece