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Days: 107.9
Mean Score: 4.72
  • Total Entries299
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  • Episodes6,383
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Saikyou Onmyouji no Isekai Tenseiki
Saikyou Onmyouji no Isekai Tenseiki
May 28, 1:24 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 4
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
May 28, 12:18 AM
Watching 21/25 · Scored 5
Mob Psycho 100 III
Mob Psycho 100 III
May 21, 6:17 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Days: 37.1
Mean Score: 5.03
  • Total Entries33
  • Reread1
  • Chapters6,422
  • Volumes727
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21st Century Boys
21st Century Boys
Dec 30, 2022 10:58 AM
Completed 16/16 · Scored 5
20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys
Dec 30, 2022 10:58 AM
Completed 249/249 · Scored 7
Jun 12, 2022 1:23 AM
Completed 94/94 · Scored 5

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AnimePedestrian May 30, 10:14 AM
Well again my opinion was AOT by my standard was a five, ideally I went in looking at another death note situation, as death note to many is considered a masterpiece 10/10, some elites think it worthless, but I watched it and found a fun enjoyable show scored it an 8.

So I went into AOT either looking at another solid fun show or perhaps and even better another home run like HxH or FMAB. Instead I found something found boring. Also I find most the Fate shows at least quality in terms of animation, and enjoyable in all other areas for me subjectively.
AnimePedestrian May 30, 5:51 AM
Cool man, yeah I just didn't like it that's all. If anything seems to me you are stating a fact that fate is below AOT, something I disagree with evident by my scores. But I don't see my scores as anything more than reflective of my subjective thoughts, and opinions.
AnimePedestrian May 29, 1:37 PM
The question on that thread was what anime disappointed you (so me personally) and I said AOT. I found it overall average the story below average, the music good, the characters below average and the animation above average. All an all I scored it a five.

You can like the show, I didn't. I don't see the issue here.

The reason why it was disappointing was because I went in expecting a great show given it massive hype, huge fanbase and rave reviews. So it was disappointing when I found a middling show, and I'm the kind of guy who prioritizes character and story.

I hope this clears my position up.
AnimePedestrian May 29, 1:57 AM
Well perhaps you prefer AOT over most of Fate but I prefer the Fate shows I've seen over what I've watched of AOT. I mean in terms of animation all the Ufotable stuff is way better and far more consistent throughout the shows and the A1 studio stuff isn't much worse.

But the stories are for me a lot better, and the characters more interesting plus death has more meaning that in AOT.
DoravenLajaiks May 26, 4:51 AM
No problem at all. I hope you have fun reading. :D
Meinyaa May 24, 8:25 AM
Your average score is 4.71 so you're not supposed to state your opinion buddy. You're just an average wannabe critic

It's kind of pathetic really.
DoravenLajaiks May 23, 12:28 PM
Thanks, man. And it is always to talk with people and actually get some feedback. Would gladly wait for your feedback. And please take your time, enjoy as much as you can.
Yanderekiss May 22, 10:56 PM
Yeah you're fair. Lol I'm working on my anger issues. Its just enraging. I really wasn't interested in the anime till I saw it all over TikTok and I was just seriously creeped out by the fact there's yet another anime that seems to just want to slip in creep content while already getting so popular. But I'm going to do my best to not rage review in the future lol. Yeah you're totally right about the no game no life comparison that's what it reminded me of too. In hindsight I should have seen it coming with how the synopsis sounded.
DoravenLajaiks May 22, 2:47 AM
Thanks, mate. I actually was trying to get feedback on the web novel that I had been working on a website, and it had become quite the hassle. I actually don't like pushing this idea of reading, to the people, but seeing different variations of ideas in the site, as well as seeing how the fanbase shapes according to what we include, is great feedback and potential for development. I also like chatting with people and seeing what they like about stories, that is why I wanted to tell you about it.

It is like a Shounen story but made into a fantasy light novel (And even though it is finished, it has many grammar mistakes for now :/ We are testing how the story unfolds for the first 15 episodes so that people see how it works out and what is the initial idea.).

I just wanted to hear your opinion about it, and see what would you like in the story, and what potentially could be flagged as "bad".

But if you don't have the time, I would understand. You can just see this as a greeting.

Hope you have a great day.
AnimeJunki3 May 16, 2:49 AM
I get what you are saying, but you have way too many anime below 4 stars. Would you have still watched all those terrible anime, if you didn't have a list like myanimelist?

There are good shows out there, shows that I'm sure you'll enjoy, you just have to stop watching the new seasons of show you hate and try to watch a show you'll end up liking by researching about the show you are about to watch.

I'm sure you can do way more important stuff in your life or watch way better form of entertainment medium other than anime rather than watching terrible anime. That way, probability of you regretting over lost time will be low and you'll have something memorable to remember about the time.
AnimeJunki3 May 14, 3:11 PM
Bro, you really need to stop shows you don't enjoy. Atleast please stop them when the current season you're watching ends. Don't keep on watching the new seasons of show whose previous season you didn't enjoy.

You don't have to watch all content of the series. If you are watching anime as a means to entertainment, then you need to start dropping shows. Otherwise it'll be a chore. Or... are you secretly a masochist who loves to continually watching terrible shows.

For the sake of your own mental health, START DROPPING SHOWS YOU HATE AND DON'T WATCH ALL OF IT'S CONTENT!
Darkressxx May 13, 12:09 PM
I understand where you're coming from. In retrospect, a rating of 1/10 may seem extreme. However, keep in mind that ratings are subjective and based on personal enjoyment and assessment. I agree that even the shows I rate lowly have some redeeming qualities, but I felt that the issues I had with FMAB significantly affected my overall experience.

I wasn't aware of the current "war" between FMAB and Oshi no Ko fans. My review was not intended to participate in or fuel this conflict. I evaluated both shows independently based on their individual merits, not in comparison to each other or as part of any fandom rivalry.

I appreciate your concern about perceived intentional downvoting. It's not fair to any show or its creators. However, I want to reiterate that my ratings were not influenced by such motives. It was my honest assessment of my experience with FMAB.

I agree that no series should be blamed for the behavior of its fans, and I also believe that every show, no matter how popular or acclaimed, is open to criticism.

I hope this clarifies things. I appreciate your engagement, and I'm glad we can discuss our differing views respectfully.
Darkressxx May 13, 9:54 AM
Thank you for your feedback. I can see that my review and rating for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has upset you, and I want to assure you that it was not my intention to offend anyone.

My review was based on my personal viewing experience and was not influenced by the show's popularity or a desire to be controversial. I understand that my opinion differs from the majority, and I respect your right to disagree with my assessment.

As for your comments about my choice of words, I believe it's essential to articulate my thoughts as clearly and thoroughly as possible when writing a review. If my language came off as overly complex or pretentious, I apologize. That was not my intention.

Finally, I want to clarify that I do not believe in downvoting shows for the sake of it, and I certainly did not do that with FMAB. My rating reflected my honest opinion of the show, based on the issues I found with its narrative, character development, and other elements.

I hope we can continue to discuss our differing viewpoints respectfully.
Larafin May 8, 9:06 PM
Fair point on No Game No Life.
I need to go through my scorings again, lol.

But there is a difference though. One is trying to at least have a sense of realism in tone, the other does not.

And it is not just an adult drinking breast milk. It was just the final nail in the coffin for me.
It may as well have been the point that the main character feels salty that she got pregnant.
And I get why the story does this, I already went in knowing the point this show is trying to make. But I just couldn't bother to watch it longer.
Makisani May 8, 6:39 AM
Maybe it is just me but I try to be a little bit selective on what I want to see, depending of what my mood is, It doesn't matter if it's objectively average, also user scores are objectively subjective, 5 for me is low mediocre, and less than a 5 is something I didn't like, if more than half of the anime I watch were mediocre or less for me I would rethink what this hobby is for me.
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