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Yesterday, 12:20 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 4
Somali to Mori no Kamisama
Somali to Mori no Kamisama
May 10, 2:53 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 4
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
May 8, 10:25 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 3
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Nurarihyon no Mago
Nurarihyon no Mago
Mar 6, 9:08 PM
Completed 218/218 · Scored 4
The Horizon
The Horizon
Feb 1, 10:37 PM
Completed 21/21 · Scored 6
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Feb 1, 12:13 AM
Completed 181/181 · Scored 5

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riddletortov May 11, 7:40 AM
nah, people just value things differently and see things differently
riddletortov May 10, 7:10 AM
yes, and even then people have different ideas what makes good
characterwriting/storywriting/pacing/buildups/fights/dialogue/music/animation/worldbuiiding or if these aspects of a work were good

this should hard to understand given that most of your anime takes are unpolular

riddletortov May 9, 7:07 AM
people have different criteria for what makes a work objectively good or objectively bad,

therefore a work cannot be objective good or objectively bad, because it just an opinion -that the criteria you use make a work objectively good or objectively bad- is good criteria

there are lots of people with criteria for what makes a work objectively good or objectively bad, that are very different from your criteria for what makes a work objectively good or bad.

even then, people have disagreements over whether a work fits a certain criteria or not

riddletortov May 9, 5:45 AM
You claim that your ratings are not your actual taste even though you mention negative and positive aspects of the work.

Aspects of a show are positive or average or negative depending on taste. Just because your opinions are unpopular because you do not like anime in general as much as others, does not mean those opinions of yours are objective fact
riddletortov May 9, 5:34 AM
I personally found the story of Monster to be boring, shallow and nonsensical.
riddletortov May 9, 5:21 AM
A show being good or bad is not an objective fact, it is subjective opinion. Monster being good is not fact, it is just your opinion.
Motion61 May 9, 4:11 AM
Did I do that? My bad, if that's true. Obviously just my opinion.
Motion61 May 7, 3:04 PM
True, I'm just an airhead that only likes fights. Nice try avoiding all my points. Monster & evangelion are not universally liked, you know that?
MonkeyDnatsu May 5, 10:57 AM
I won't lie, I recently graduated the elitist period lol. Now in terms of how I look at anime and how I rate it. I have a criteria list such as backstory and character development etc and that criteria is not for all anime since all genre is different. I wouldn't look at One Punch Man and expect a deep story etc. That would be foolish since it's a parody anime lol.

I think that chapter of One Piece that came out the 1st of April was an April fools prank that Oda used in order to determine what he can get away with and since all the fans loved it then I guess he got through lol.

I really enjoyed season 1 and 2 of MHA but season 3 and 4 like I said got messy. I watch all anime and trust me there are worst anime that SAO but people who don't watch variety of anime wouldn't know this lol. As a matter of fact, there are plenty bad shows that is very enjoyable.
Satan777 May 3, 9:34 AM
Ok I won't forget you for sure 1000% and you can review NGE after completing, although you like it or not, I will wait for you.

I agree with you that "The more you hyped something, the bigger the disappointment," Then should not expect with NGE haahaha

I wish you all the best.
Satan777 May 3, 9:09 AM
Thank you very much for reading my review.I forced to watch it 26 episode too because Many guys hype for it as much as you see.
For Cowboy bebop I think you should not care about plot because It is episodic anime.

If you want to watch NGE you will found that evvveryone is annoying and unrealistic. this is the thing you have to face haha.

You can send me direct message and share-exchange about your anime experience too ^_^
Andrija0069 May 3, 2:59 AM
I think that without fan service scenes this anime wouldnt be as much popular as it is right now, its not like fan service was needed for this anime to work but still everyone started watching it for fan service scenes and yet everyone stayed for their relationship, charachter development, great visuals, great OST and so much more, and even though you can find hate comments pretty much everywhere, you can also find a very postitive feedback about this anime on youtube, reddit, instagram, sites like this one where people talk nothing but good stuff. And thats the case with basically every other anime, there are hatres, people that just dont like it, people that really like it, ones that are not interested, ones that would defend certain anime with their life(lol), and beacause of that you shouldnt listen other people opinions whether its good or not, watch it for yourself and then decide if its good or and whether you would recommend it to someone or not
Andrija0069 May 2, 8:36 AM
i agree totatlly, but thats why this is a bit different from other ecchi and slice of life anime, you said it urself it got very nice animations, their relationships or rather their vibe throught the show the urge to cheer for them to end up together, marin beeing candidate for girl of the season already, gojo boy of the year of course and to achieve popularity in such short notice, they stood up to demon slayer and attack on titan and that alone says it all, so just sit and enyjoy watch it till the end, and i recommend you read manga after that cause i did it already and its 100/10
MonkeyDnatsu May 2, 8:19 AM
Exactly when I was 15 I also thought a lot of the anime were "good" but as soon as I started watching more anime I realised that I was completely wrong lol.

These same guys are actually the reason why anime/manga is so bad now, the studios/mangaka now make series based on hype, pretty colours, symbolism, cry porn and so on. Then it's crazy to think that these same people send death treaths as soon as they dont like how a series ends or is animated etc. I also beelive this to be the number 1 reason why Attack on Titan and Naruto ended up in such a way as it did. Now One Piece is also doing the same shit in terms of writing.

As a matter of fact after seeing so much anime I still really love Sword Art Online lmao, thats like literally one of the worst shows but it's not as bad as everyone say it is. However, thats the very definitely of Your favorite anime is shit lmfao.

I have only ever seen spoilers of Demon Slayer but its clearly just pretty colours, in terms of My Hero, I enjoyed season 1 and 2. However season 3 and 4 are terrible. I understand why people would rate this anime high or love it, but season 3 and 4 misses the mark in terms of everything season 1 and 2 had established.
Andrija0069 May 2, 7:57 AM
Fan Service is there of course and i even think that animators for this anime indeed are doing some Hen*ai, so they know what are they doing with animations, and whether you want to admit it or not, this anime is not about all those thing u said, whole point is that when u put everything together at the end when u see the bigger picture, their friendship, their dreams, their hobbies and so much more its worth every minute of it, true if u dont like it u can stop but if u give it a shot till the end it will satisfy u in every possible way