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Days: 66.5
Mean Score: 7.23
  • Total Entries124
  • Rewatched35
  • Episodes3,997
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Zetsuen no Tempest
Zetsuen no Tempest
11 hours ago
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
Dagashi Kashi
Dagashi Kashi
Today, 10:21 AM
Watching 6/12 · Scored -
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Today, 10:21 AM
Re-watching 10/13 · Scored 9
Manga Stats
Days: 1.4
Mean Score: 8.00
  • Total Entries2
  • Reread0
  • Chapters252
  • Volumes18
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Apr 12, 2:59 AM
Reading 153/229 · Scored -
One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Nov 21, 2018 2:53 AM
Reading 99/? · Scored 8


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Moe_Blob Sep 3, 5:55 AM
i getcha XD

they're both really cute ^^ i think i had mayuri in my favourites at one point too lol Okabe might be my favourite charcter overall, but Mayuri is the cutest imo

i only just noticed that you've over taken me for how many anime you've watch XD
Elden_lieb Sep 3, 2:35 AM
hey, wil jy fight!!?
Moe_Blob Aug 25, 11:45 AM
it's part of the fun of being an anime fan XD

even with her appearance she's like a little Mio, she just doens't stand on her own feet compared to the rest of the band >.>

i see you're rewatching steins; gate too, who's your favourite character from that? ^^
Moe_Blob Aug 19, 12:56 PM
you're a genius! Ui is literally the perfect human being i'll agree, if we were including her i'd put her between yui and mugi maybe. i just love Ritsu's personality and how laid back Yui is, though knowing me having someone like Ui around would be awesome XD

Azsua has some good moments in S2 from what i remember, though she just seems bland compared to the rest of the band. funny enough she was my favourite when i first watched the show, but upon thinking about it she's just not as interesting imo >.>

i love them all i hate having to pick a favourite XD
Moe_Blob Aug 18, 12:17 PM
it's not for everyone, but nothing is. it's quite niche, what with the reference and how slow the pacing is XD


Ritsu is an angel fight me XD
Moe_Blob Aug 18, 10:53 AM
does a bit XD i'm just happy we can come together and do what's right when the time comes ^^

ah, a fellow man of culture XD Tsukasa's on my favourite characters list because i love how adorable she is, though i think my favourites list demands a revision one day XD Konata is my second favourite, she's really cute but as you say really relatable ^^ the show as a whole is a perfect example of otaku culture really. not sure who my least favourite is out of miyuki and kagami, even though i love them all XD

i occasionally rewatch the odd episode, especially when i'm not feeling right ^^ it always cheers me up for some reason, it's just really watchable :)
Moe_Blob Aug 16, 4:28 AM
me too, i love the characters and the writing so much, not to say i don't love K-ON's characters and writing too. i just find Lucky Star an easy to watch show, though i'm not sure why :) who's your favourite Lucky Star character btw? ^^

honestly love Kyoto Animation so much, hope they can get back on their feet one day T-T
Moe_Blob Aug 13, 1:25 PM
there's a balance isn't there, between the fun of being able to affect the world and the fun of watching someone effect the world ya know? ^^

yeah K-ON is good, though i think i'm in the minority when i say i prefer Lucky Star over it slightly XD K-ON is still great tho, i rewatched s1 recently and plan to rewatch s2 too soon :)
Moe_Blob Aug 12, 6:48 AM
i have that problem all the time. heck, to watch K-ON, i have to use a pirating site XD really do hate having to pirate though >.>

i tend to want to play/ watch the original first, especially if the adaptations loose some of the charm. i'm sure playing won't be much different to watching though ^^
Moe_Blob Aug 11, 3:51 AM
i don't really know what the difference is. i don't think it's on netflix or crunchyroll in my region anyway so i don't think i can watch it XD
Moe_Blob Aug 10, 9:11 AM
i still like watching shows weekly, but i can see why you would want to wait XD

no i haven't sorry, i've been meaning to watch/play Clannad for a while. im waiting for the price to drop on the VN on the nintendo switch :)
Moe_Blob Aug 4, 4:57 AM
sorry for the late reply, i was on holiday '^^

Dr. Stone is really intresting so far, it's worth a watch! Karakai Jozuo no Takagi san season 2 is as good as the first, but i'm not watching any other shows this season. I am watching Evangelion on netflix which is as good as everyone makes it out to be ^^

senko-san is a nice, laid back show, and i've seen part of OPM season 1, and it's pretty good too! stunning animation :D
Moe_Blob Jul 13, 1:59 AM
the cost is usually the biggest problem, though my family is pretty well off so that's not a problem for me at the moment '^^ though i'll probably start having to play cheaper games when i start paying for them myself lol

good to hear ^^ btw how're you finding this season so far?
Moe_Blob Jul 2, 9:01 AM
good plan, both are really good romance shows ^^

im skeptical with buying most steam games, as i'm never sure if my laptop can handle them '^^ plus i prefer console games a lot, for no reason besides it's what i'm used to. regardless, i should have a look at it on steam :)

ecchi shows aren't terrible, if they're well made and are more than just fanservice. i do hear it's one of the best, i should look into it one day ^^ after all, we all have our 'guilty pleasure' shows XD
Moe_Blob Jun 29, 2:20 AM
true XD

what's to love ru like? and i still want to play the steins gate game one day, just waiting for the price to drop a bit more. i started watching OPM recently with my mum, but our Internets been broken so i haven't watched an episode in ages XD senko-san's pretty good too, if you're into that kind of show

romcoms... i'd recommend tsurezure children, gamers, and maybe tsuki ga kirei, though that's less a romcom and more of just a romance ^^