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Nov 4, 2018
Strap yourselves in for an honest review of Kiznaiver!

This relatively new anime seems to be quite controversial in terms of its response from the fandom. Some love it and some hate it. I’ve found that one’s enjoyment of Kiznaiver depends largely on what type of plot you enjoy. I will give my opinion on whether I loved it or hated it and try to justify my reasoning.

Story: 9.35 / 10

The story is an emotional roller-coaster, explored from the perspective of several different characters. Due to these differing perspectives, I got emotionally attached to the characters and the developments were really impactful. The strong point of the read more
Sep 7, 2018
Strap yourselves in for an honest review of Dragon Ball Super!

This long-awaited continuation of the Dragon Ball franchise (following directly from Dragon Ball Z), Dragon Ball Super attempts to bring back our childhood excitement with brand new material from the original creator himself. However, being the follow-up to the extremely popular Dragon Ball Z, Super had big shoes to fill. Now I shall give my opinion on whether or not it did.

Story: 1.0 / 10

Simply put: there is no story. Two arcs are movie retellings, two arcs are generic tournament arcs and the other arc has a story that doesn’t even affect our main cast and read more
Sep 3, 2018
Strap yourselves in for an honest review of One Punch Man!

One Punch Man is the kind of anime that anyone could watch, whether or not they have seen other anime before. I have recommended this to non-anime watchers before and most often, it gets them into liking anime and watching more. Now let’s jump into the meat of this review.

Story: 7.7 / 10

The story of One Punch Man (which I will from now abbreviate as OPM) has but one goal: to be entertaining and comedic. As such, you shouldn’t expect anything mind-blowing. I classify this kind of story read more