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EmperorKaido Aug 8, 12:43 AM
Shit taste m8
xiliaw Jun 23, 4:08 PM
you like bullshit ;)
AngryAlchemist May 11, 1:02 PM
Wow. That's got to be one of the worst comments i've ever seen, and i'm not saying that as an Evangelion fan, i'm saying that as a critic. There's been times where people heavily criticized Neon Genesis and I couldn't really defend it because they had great points. And I mean, I haven't seen the series in more than a year, it's not like I'm really looking to defend it. But that argumentation is terrible, it very much speaks from a "I think I know it all" mentality where just by virtue of disliking a series that hipsters enjoy you're automatically correct. No matter how ridiculous your arguments are you aren't self aware to that because in your mind the fact that you're complaining on the grounds of fighting against an overrated series means you've already won. You can really make a good argument for why any show is overrated, bad, or good. It just takes good arguments.

And the fact that you ended it with a sentence that was pretty much "Did you see how awesome those points were? And I just wrote that in a minute. That's just on the top of my head! I can come up with more!" is just LOL. This reminds me of when I first got into anime and I liked Gurren Laggan, HxH, and Cowboy Bebop, but thought they were overrated. Because I just didn't get it, so I made a bunch of shitty arguments against them. Because I couldn't separate the trees from the forest.

I don't want to fight though. I mean i'm not trying to be rude. It's ok not to like NGE
AngryAlchemist May 10, 1:38 PM
"Philosophical and vague stuff" is literally 90% of the show, your analogy makes no sense. The show wasn't trying to comment on religion or "science"(?) that much though, so I can see what you mean, but like, nobody uses religion as a pro for neon genesis. In fact I only hear it as a negative, that i think is overused as an argument too often.

But I wasn't looking for a response really. i was just joking with my original post. I do think it's great, but at this point everyone is so set in stone with their opinions on the show it's not worth talking about imo.
AngryAlchemist May 9, 4:22 PM
its such a good anime bruh, y 5 it?
AngryAlchemist May 6, 10:09 PM
"Neon Genesis Evangelion
May 2, 3:44 AM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 5"

guywholikesanime Mar 15, 8:37 PM
Thank you

I was so bored watching Rainbow that I didn't notice all the bullshit you mention in your review,
link9us Feb 12, 4:41 AM
Also if your a big fan of madhouse, i highly recommend you check out "Metropolis". Its an old 2000 film but its been re-reased in blu-ray now. Its the film that pioneer mad house into what it is today.

Honestly i really enjoy the classic pen and paper method of visuals effects of the 80's. I wish the medium would of taken this direction in visual style and animation but that never happened. CG became the new grounds of technology of which animation is created now. But thats another whole discussion for another time lol
link9us Feb 12, 3:43 AM
Well you said it your self, anime is an art form that some people don't critically analyze so strongly and instead enjoy it for its entertainment value or "enjoyment". Rather the budget or animation is sub-par compared to madhouse studio's or studio IG, etc. There are certain shows that i rate more strongly based on inherent flaws and that sort of thing, but then again there is many series that i rate solely on entertainment value and in some cases that is enough for me. I mean yeah its nice to acome across such shows as Hero no academia or One punch man that has a budget god damn high, it should be considered movie quality. It is a certainly a treat to experience that for sure in the case of like Sword of the stranger, or Samurai X or ReDLINE. Enjoy those moments when you get them but don't expect one piece to have even remotely the same quality as that. I mean your taking bout some of the most famed legendary animators in history, Masao Maruyama, Osamu Dezaki, Rintaro, and Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

Who have all developed there own leading companies of animation and production, especially Rintaro who worked with leiji matsumoto on galaxy express and created Metropolis.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect and i personally think if you spend so much trying to analyze every single flaw in a show, it actually ruins your over all enjoyment. Inuyasha is a shonen series full of all kinds of issues and a pretty generic story, but you can't deny it was damn entertaining, had a fantastic dub, great cast of characters and one of the most interesting manipulative villains. So regardless of what you may think bout the animation or quality, this is something that is subjective depending upon who views it and if they even care bout that sort of thing.

I never try to force my own views and opinions down someone throat, cause that is not right. Alot of people enjoy one piece and they don't really notice alot of these subtle inconsistencies in animation and that is fine. If your a manga reader, its a bit different and from my experience most people that bash series for poor budget or pacing issues, is because there always trying to compare and contrast certain things to the manga. Unless its just absolute atrocious animation like in case of naruto episodes, then its easier to spot. Or if the pacing so unbearably bad, then you can clearly see a difference.

Personally i think TOEI has done a fair considerable job when compared to other studio's like Periot or A1. (Magi season 1) They often use filler material that is relevant to the story and just adds comedic value to it, they also placed them appropriately, even in bleach's case, filler arcs never intermixed with canons story arcs. I never once had any problems with filler in one piece or Dbz, i enjoyed everyone of them accept for maybe the garlic Jr. saga lol.

But i can't tell you how many times i wanted to tear my hair out, watching all the pointless disconnected and irrelevent crap that was in naruto shippuuden.

Anyways were beating around the bush here. I acknowledge that you don't like one piece the series at least so thats ok. Thats fine. I am not trying to defend that any more. This comment is just basically on how ones views or entertainment of a series can be different depending upon individual.
link9us Feb 11, 6:55 PM
I also noticed that you haven't caught up with OP yet. Well i know the dressrosa arc was very intimidating because it was very long drawn out, but you might be happy to see that oda is actually taking the story towards the actual "treasure" the one piece it self is starting to become a bigger part of the plot, as our the yonko so its finally heading towards some form of a resolution. But anyways not to give you the wrong idea's. I think your criticism on the series holds enough credibility due to the hundreds of episodes you have seen. I don't like how people judge the series to early though with out even giving it a chance but you have clearly watched enough to form an unbiased opinion and subjective over all view on the series. Its not big deal, OP is not a show for everyone.

But i am curious what are your specific favorite types of genre's what do you normally like to see in anime? I my self grew up with alot of the classical shows so that was sort of my decade of anime. Mostly the 80's and 90's. Akira was one of my favorite films, a motion picture masterpiece.
link9us Feb 11, 5:57 PM
hmm, i wonder why i couldn't locate it on your list. That was strange. I hear what your saying but honestly it doesn't bother me. its not padding, its not filler, its recapitulation and in most cases the episodes begin on the title anyways. So if anything you just have to fast forward to when they show the title of the episode. You are not obligated to watch the recaps per every episode. I also don't look at is being something that im missing cause essentially your watching the same consistent content, its just changed in the long run over how many minutes hrs or episodes. Sure you may of been able to shave off a good 50 episodes of one piece, if you calculated it that but your mind doesn't really know the difference and if you did skip every recap, its not like it would detract your over all enjoyment. You are still getting the same content regardless.

Now onto the other thing i was discussing. Well one piece uses foreshadowing as a heavy plot device to showcase the story, although obviously i should of picked a better comparison then steins;gate cause there two different genres, but stein;gate in away also tells its plot in the same fashion to some extent, alot of shonens i think really fail at this. Authors often indicate they come up with idea's or new concepts as they progress with the story. But i wouldn't be surprised if oda has like hundreds of pages stashed some where that he scripted the entire story from beginning to end because it always seems like he knows every step of the way what he is doing and what direction the story is going.

There are hundreds of shows that follow this same consistent formula, where you think, "Damn that author really knows what he is doing" no plot elements contradict them selfs and nothing seems illogical the further you continue. IN most cases battle shones amuses me with this because they usually always fail in that regard. It is one of the biggest tropes of shonen series in general. One piece is one of those unique apples, that really manages to do that and be on par with other shorter projects in terms of consistency.

Anyways thats enough of that, i don't want to run this discussion into the ground. You have your views and i have mine, thats fine.

Btw if you enjoy steins;gate you should also check out fantastic children, a very underrated gem, a show surrounded by lots of mystery and it also deals with time travel in some form to.
link9us Feb 10, 3:15 PM
I was going to use steins;gate as an example, but it looks like you haven't seen that one yet, tsk tsk tsk.

Well steins;gate is a VERY different series then battle shonen but the way its written and structured, honestly reminds me of one piece. Although steins;gate is probably what i would consider perfect execution from beginning to end. Like every single solitary dialogue and scene in that show is a piece of a puzzle that culminates into the climatic ending of the story but to be fair, it is a Much shorter seires also and any author has a much better handle on writing a more consistent story. But for some one that has been working on a series for no less then 20 years and ongoing and to be able to sustain that type of consistency throughout is a feat almost unheard of by any author in the manga industry and i think oda should be praised for achieving that.

Not to give you the wrong impression but i am definitely more then just a shonen fan as you can probably guess based off of my profile.

anyways watch steins;gate, seriously :p

If this opening doesn't grab you, nothing will
link9us Feb 10, 3:02 PM
I really don't think you should categorize recaps as a flaw. Almost nearly every series serialized in shonen jump has this and everyone knows that is just the way a weekly series works. One piece and other shonen series are targeted towards a younger demographic, it is aired on a TV network where its pretty much customary for a show to recap on what happened from last weeks episode.

That being said, most of your flaws are specific to the anime only, where as i was more or less comparing and contrasting the authors original work like story, characters, symbolism, world building, foreshadowing, the things that ODA him self excels at.

But on the same token, if you want to compare adaptations, i think naruto's is by far the worst, studio periot has milked the crap out of that series for all its worth, where as Fairy tail and one piece are probably two of the better adaptations with its more appropriately placed fillers and less padding. I think OP still wins in that department though with its no less then 13% filler based off of nearly 800 episodes. Now if you take and put shows like FMAB or hxh into the equation, there even better yet. hxh with 0 fillers and a perfect adaptation created by madhouse studio's.

But most of my criticism was based on the source work, rather then the adaptation. Only in one piece can you get a line of dialogue like this with such deep meaning.

"Who is evil? Who is righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!" This should be something that impresses you as well judging by your like of TTGL.

You look at fairy tail for example, the author has contradicted him self more times then i care to count and he introduces many characters, builds then up, only to throw them away as trash later on. That is one thing i do not like bout the villains of fairy tail. In the case of naruto, imo the story was a alot more manageable but kishimoto fell into a pitfall at the end and the war kind of felt like a clusterfuck of many events all rolled into one to try and give it some form of conclusive ending, but what resulted in that is certain elements of the story being shown like reincarnation or an otherworldly enemy that was never ever forshadowed or a part of the original story to begin with. I don't see these types of mistakes with one piece. The author knows where he is going and hes following through with it at every turn, never contradicting his characters morals or ideals and has a set path in mind for the ending

Anyways i can write up an essay on certain aspects of OP that just blow every other shonen out of the water, but i don't want to bore you and try and argue with you. Everyone has there own subjective opinions and i do respect that. Certainly people that are not necessarily interested in battle shonen, are going to not be as impressed. I mean shonen in general play with very different rules then other series and break many traditions of what is known as Cliche in the anime or manga world. But i have honestly never seen any other battle shonen series with more clever writing and quality then one piece. Even though the over all concept and character driven story is spread a little thin then your more formalic shows like naruto and hxh. The author clearly knows what he is doing and always one step a head of what he's planning to write.
link9us Feb 10, 3:40 AM
I would respect your review of one piece, but you gave fairy tail a higher score. Your review holds no credibility any more lol.

Well ok i don't mean to be an ass hole but anyways, like you i to am a avid fan of classical shows of the 90 and even 80's when the cyberpunk and dystopean cultures were rampant in anime and of course the more organic style of art.

Different strokes different tastes. not everyone loves shonen but i think out of all of the large shonen series, OP has remained probably the most consistent in quality and writing. That is what i solely base my critical analysis on.