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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Jun 25, 12:33 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de
Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de
Jun 25, 10:51 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Jun 25, 9:44 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
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Jun 2, 2021 8:13 AM
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Dungeon Meshi
Dungeon Meshi
Apr 26, 2021 3:16 PM
Reading 30/? · Scored 7
Yofukashi no Uta
Yofukashi no Uta
Mar 2, 2021 3:45 PM
Dropped 46/? · Scored 6

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DGooseMan May 17, 5:19 AM
Bruh I understood the words, its just that they were completely unnecessary. Most of the words have better alternatives to make ur writing sound more coherent.
DGooseMan May 16, 2:44 AM
cringiest BIO i've ever read.. dude just used every complex word in his vocab just to sound intellectual but it instead just makes u look like an elitist.
LuffyHammock94 May 14, 2:07 AM
No, there are still a lot of episodes with more than one chapter worth of content. They are only adapting 2/3 of a chapter recently because it is too close to the manga. When the anime started the manga was in chapter 109. Now the anime is only 44 chapters behind the manga. No, I agree with you that the animation sucks. The animation has been good for a weekly anime. In recent episodes and arcs, the animation can be compared to seasonal anime. How did it get worse in ep300? That's Enies Lobby which is one of the very best arcs of One Piece. Nah it isn't justified just cause you think the animation or whatnot is bad doesn't mean the majority of people would think of it as bad. No, it doesn't deserve its horrible rank. It's not even horrible, to begin with? It's ranked 67th out of hundreds of thousands of anime. How is that a bad rank?
LuffyHammock94 May 12, 4:31 AM
Nah, most episodes have more than one chapter adapted, sometimes it's mixed with two chapters and it shows from the link you sent. The animation is old it's in the 90s, what do you expect? It's Toei's problem, pacing is the main issue with the anime which I get it. If you don't like the anime then maybe try the manga? It's not something you have to like anyways, you can like what you want. I mean if like Gurren Lagann, etc that's fine. This conversation is pointless now.
LuffyHammock94 May 10, 10:07 AM
If it doesn't have objective value to you that's fine it is your opinion, why continue this pointless argument if we are disagreeing with each other?
LuffyHammock94 May 10, 10:05 AM
Now you are insulting me? The anime does have 1-2 chapters per episode, only sometimes it's a bit slow so it doesn't catch up to the manga. I rather have that than sit through weeks and weeks of fillers or wait an entire year for the next season to be released. That's just me, you can enjoy what you want as you said. How can you be comparing something like this to eating shit on a pavement? Are you ok? Who enjoys doing that? I'm just watching things I enjoy, if you don't like it then don't watch it and don't reply to me anymore. It's really a waste of time arguing with you since you're so dense. Did you really compare Oda's drawings to grade school? If it is grade school level then it wouldn't be the most sold manga of all time but also the second most sold comic of all time. So you think what you said has credibility? Don't decide what is credible or not yourself when you are coming here to talk shit.
LuffyHammock94 May 6, 9:37 AM
Coming back to your point where "no one dies", actually they do die but it's for the sake of the plot as you've mentioned. Characters dying have ramifications for the story as a whole such as Ace and Whitebeard which foreshadows in the future that Luffy will get his revenge on the navy. The villains don't die because it's better for them to see their dream being destroyed and fall into despair which is a greater punishment than death.
LuffyHammock94 May 6, 9:25 AM
What? Punk Hazard was a great arc. There are many other good characters other than the giant kids and Brownbeard as I remembered you've mentioned in your review. I can name a few good examples of great side characters other than the Straw Hat crew but there are too many. In pretty much every island they've been to there are some well written supporting characters. Such as in Wano there are the Nine Red Scabbards, in Whole Cake Island, the children of Big Mom plus the Vinsmokes, the Riku kingdom family like Kyros, Rebecca, and Viola, and Shirahoshi from Fishman Island is the ancient weapon Poseidon. So, a lot of these characters will have future parts to play and I haven't mentioned more important characters like Shanks, Dragon, Garp, Coby, Boa Hancock, etc
LuffyHammock94 May 5, 5:49 AM
that's your opinion which I disagree
LuffyHammock94 May 4, 5:26 AM
Nope, the many characters are one of the main reasons why it's great cause a lot of them played a huge part to the story as a whole.
johnyy067 May 2, 11:08 AM
jesus christ leave this guy alone that one piece review was 7 years ago
Natteboss Apr 24, 6:43 AM
Yo, if you think the pacing in One Piece is bad (like I initially believed as well), try out "One Pace". It's a fan-made project putting all episodes in manga canon without any and all filler. I started to enjoy the show so much more after I switched to it, so if you want to give it a try here's the link :)
Hopefully you'll enjoy it more if you decide to try it
LuffyHammock94 Apr 24, 4:31 AM
if the anime's pacing is bad maybe try the manga then? I still can't believe your review has that many upvotes
LuffyHammock94 Apr 21, 7:39 PM
This MF has zero 10/10 ratings for any anime and also gave such an awful review from One Piece
Varun_Sew Apr 21, 4:49 PM
Oh my god