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May 10, 2021
*spoilers ahead*

What would i call this, if i had to choose a title? 'Jesus Christ how fucking dysfunctional' or 'power of friendship and love somehow save the world yet again when it shouldn't be able to' or 'this one dude and some nice people save someone when all society failed' the anime. Now, don't get me wrong, its not like love and support from friends and your loved ones isn't a big deal, it is, and not like our world is not a dysfunctional place, because it SURE AS FUCK IS, but let me say this straight - this kind of show (of which i, read more
May 9, 2021
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*Spoilers ahead*

Mecha, drama, sci fi. You can hate them, you can love them. I personally would say i'm more or less indifferent to the mecha genre, overall love sci-fi, and neutral to drama. Overall, when reviewing, i try to be neural as well, and as such, i'm dealing with each show in these genres properly, not based on what i like, though, i do let enjoyment/entertainment value play a factor, because its overall an important thing in all media (for example see 1984, which is a super important book, but its hard and not enjoyable to read due to being written in a really dry read more
May 9, 2021
*Spoilers ahead, only half of the show completed at time of writing, will be updated*

This made a lot of noise, and, it is mostly due to being written by the same guy as Konosuba and Kemono michi. Now, don't slaughter me before you finish reading this paragraph, but... Konosuba wasn't good (7/10 at best, more likely around 6.8~), and Kemono michi was even worse (barely 6 point something /10 (6.2-6.5). And before you kill me - I'm talking about the LN and/or manga here! The anime for Konosuba was pretty great as we know, but that was achieved through the talent of the animators, and read more
Apr 8, 2021
*spoilers ahead*

I'll start with that i was somewhat disappointed by this title, and personally wouldn't really suggest people to watch it, although most seem to have enjoyed it regardless.

As it is in such cases, let's start with the good... The art and sound are ok. No, not good, just ok. ... And that's it.

So, what's the rest? Well, imagine a show that's 4/5 parts Zetsubou sensei, and 1/5 parts usagi drop. Now imagine that both of those are much less good anime, not 7.5-9/10 (depending who you are and how you liked them), but 5-7/10... And you get Kakushigoto. Let's start with the first read more
Mar 23, 2021
*spoilers ahead*

Oof, what a show. Not in the good sense, and not really in the bad sense either... But it IS definitely an UTTER TRAINWRECK. So, first off, let's start with the name - "otherside picnic". For those of you who don't know, 'roadside picnic' is the Russian fictional novel that the video game, mods and book series "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" is loosely based on, and i'm entirely sure that's what the anime and manga's name ties to without even researching. So yeah, the show (and the manga) definitely feels like a love letter to both stalker and 'roadside picnic' in a lot of ways (teleports, gravitational read more
Mar 21, 2021
*Anime, but NOT LN spoilers ahead*

So, its another isekai, woo... Anything special about this one? Well, there's sayings out there that its the 'grandfather of all isekai'... Which is COMPLETELY false, since, not only did the idea exist for a long time in the west (with the oldest example probably being The Blazing World (1666) and among the most widely known Alice in wonderland...), but even actual proper isekai ANIME aired long before Mushoku Tensei was even thought up, let alone written as a novel (digimon adventure (1999), zero no tsukaima (2006)), let alone aired.

A final argument is that it 'defined' the genre, but read more
Mar 11, 2021
**Preliminary, will be completed and updated by the end of the show**

spoilers ahead

*Currently based on 9 episodes*

So, came to see what's all the fuss and crazy scores are about... And... Well... Have to give it a more fair review than the usual 10/10's that are always thrown around here, especially in recent years.

7/10 art, story and characters.

And that says it all really. So far, the most i can give it is 7/10 overall, well maybe somewhere around 7.4. Is it fun to watch? Is it WORTH watching? Yes. Is it entertaining? Somewhat. But is it SPECIAL? STRIKING? Somehow otherwise outstanding? Well, no. The only person read more
Mar 10, 2021
*spoilers ahead*

After watching this, my only thoughts are : "why was it made", and "why did i watch this. So yeah, right away I'll tell you - I DO NOT recommend this to anyone!

The only good things to say about this movie would be - its pretty well drawn, and its very emotional. Everything else is absolutely dreadful. There are a few ways i judge a show - first of all, does it deliver what it came to deliver, and how well does it deliver it? Did it deliver a good or amazing spectacle? Did it relay something important to the viewer they can read more
Mar 2, 2021
*spoilers ahead*

Well then, let's start from this - do i recommend watching this? No, unless there's a second season at some point, if even then.

From that you'd probably realize this isn't too good a show, so then, let's dive into what went wrong, shall we? First of all, Netflix. No, i'm not kidding, while its not a sample of failure/mediocrity per se, the bad outcome is still rather common. There's also the 'Netflix original' stamp that's quite weird frankly - because original would imply THEY made it, not just sponsor an already existing manga/LN. But putting that aside, and the hit and miss nature of read more
Feb 12, 2021
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*Spoilers ahead.*

What brought me here? Lots of internet clips, and always wanting to watch it even before that. What did i expect? Club/student council/normal school slice of life, hopefully with a lot of moe and possibly some story and/or humor to go with it, like Azumanga, seitokai yakuindomo, school rumble... Or at least yuyushiki, Boku wa Tomodachi, even the somehow lower ranked Seitokai no Ichizon or Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!, which where at least entertaining to watch. What did i get? A bit of moe, absolutely no story, nearly no humor. Need i explain further why i found this to be a read more