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May 14, 2020
BNA (Anime) add (All reviews)
Well if it isn't that time again. Spoilers ahead review time.

What makes a show good? In my opinion, its the ability to stand out, catch your attention fast, interest you throughout its course, and leave a lasting memory. What makes it great? If it also leaves some important lesson, idea, or at least motivator with you. Can i call this show good or great? No, i can not.

What are the running themes? Racism? Anti elitism? Everyone can get along? I'm not sure, but probably something along those lines. It doesn't exactly make it clear, nor does it leave you with any sort of conclusion in read more
Jan 3, 2020
Contains spoilers.

Let's start with the final verdict for once... This is a very well made but mediocre piece. Its easy to get hooked into, relate to a lot of the characters, get invested in them and... Ultimately feel IMMENSELY disappointed.

The art is pretty good. The censorship is light, which i always appreciate even if i'm not a fan of gore. The music is decent... But the story. There IS NO STORY. Its a battle royale between people with different powers, backgrounds and lives, who all come out of some kind of clans and HAVE to participate, with the promise that one wish will be granted read more
Jan 2, 2020
Does not contain spoilers

So, as you can see i gave this a rather mediocre score, therefore, let's start with the good, especially since there's not that much of it. Its studio madhouse. That's good i guess. The drawing is their iconic style, which looks great, especially on the main character, although weirdly enough, in this show even that style doesn't seem to be able to fill the picture with anything to stop it from feeling lacking. The design of the cyborgs is pretty neat. Overall picture (but not animation) quality is decent. Sound's good, the opening's great... That's about it really.

What's the rest then? Dreadful. read more
Jan 1, 2020
No spoilers ahead... Now then boys and girls, this one is one odd, odd doughnut, and calls for as odd of a review, so here we go!

The first thing I'll say is that I do recommend watching this, despite giving it just a 6. I would actually rank it 7, as my enjoyment of it was about 7.5/10, but I honestly can't do that as a watcher nor as a critic/analyzer, as the art, sound, animation and drawing style isn't anything outstanding nor special, and the story is pretty...

Weak. That's the word I would use, but not a word that does it justice. You see, read more
Sep 26, 2019
*spoiler free*

As i often do with shows i don't like, i'll start with the positives.

The art is good. The music is decent, and everything feels up to par to modern industry standards. That's about it. Then what about the bad? Well, there's surprisingly not a lot of that too - its slice of life (which doesn't HAVE to be a negative but when its TOO boring it is), there is not a lot of comedy, which would probably save this show, at least for me. The story and characters are very poor - moe blobs that fit standard tropes and don't do anything outstanding...

So what read more
Jun 24, 2019
Spoiler free review

While the setting, art and sound are pretty good, especially for its time, the story and character are very lacking and inconsistent. There are a lot of things that don't fit if you take the whole picture in (although guess that won't get in the way for those who don't remember past events too well while watching, and ESPECIALLY for those that don't binge it on top of that).

Additionally, a few more things that might hurt your experience is a protagonist who's indecisive (with rather weak writing), although he's at least not completely spineless, a rather slow progression, repetitive occurrences and some scenes read more
Jan 2, 2019
Will contain spoilers.

As is often the case nowadays, even a lot of sub par anime still get a good art direction. So along with that, let's cover this positive side first, shall we? The anime is drawn in an unusual, gritty, yet appealing style. The music and atmosphere are pretty good. Buut.. That is all.

Megalo box. What is it? If box is for boxing, what is the 'megalo' part? Well, in this post war universe, that looks like a third world country all over, with the elite living in luxury (as is often the case), megalo is PLOT. Basically, it is a boxing tournament that read more
Dec 20, 2018
*no spoilers ahead*
There's not much that can be said about this show, as there is very little of substance. At the core of it though, this is just another poke at the wide valley of mediocrity. So, here we go, starting off with the good first:

The art, music and voice acting are pretty good (although they REALLY overuse the horror music track). Overall feel is pretty decent too. That is all. Now, the bad.. And there's way more of it BUT... Its still not enough to make the show bad, although definitely enough to not make it good.

Lack of story. This can't be stated hard read more
Mar 22, 2018
*spoilers ahead*

Score - 6.8/10

Violet Evergarden, traveling messenger and professional tear jerker

Now then, the best place to start would be putting aside the story, and going about everything else, since its a very easy thing to do due to being summable in one word: Superb. Good music. Character designs are great. The backgrounds and art looks amazing. Characters are written well, and their interactions feel real and organic. Why the low score then? The story.

From the very start, it sets a false premise, so much so that you could assume this is some kind of retro sci fi. It is not. How come? Well, read more
Jan 29, 2018
Will contain spoilers.

Now then, where to start with this trainwreck? Now don't get me wrong, its not that bad overall, but its extremely immature and badly written, the whole story can be summed up in nearly full detail in one paragraph : "Deaf girl gets transferred into class, gets bullied by kids, and mostly by a kid that doesn't know how he should interact with her. Said kid gets blamed for it, turns from bully to bullied, then grows up completely socially awkward, trying to fix it first by suicide, and then by trying to make it up to the girl. Girl meanwhile blames herself read more