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Sep 29, 2017
This will contain spoilers, obviously.

Made in abyss, the anime. I was pretty pumped for this one, after all, i just happened to pick up and binge the manga a mere few days prior to the anime release, without knowing about it. The manga for this series was superb, even if it did play on the angst and drama a bit too much, and contained some questionable material (mainly underage nudity, although i still find it not too clear how people are more disturbed with this rather than the other themes in this manga such as torture, gore, death, and all the other insanity going on)

Unlike read more
Apr 3, 2017
*Spoilers ahead *

This show seemed to get quite a lot of hype and attention on the internet and anime forums, so i though - "Why not check it out?". And so i did. And oh boy, was i disappointing. Now as with every show, i go in with reasonable low expectations, hoping to be pleasantly surprised later. In this case i sure wasn't.

First, and most important problem - complete lack of originality. Most people gain super powers at some point (boy, have never seen this one!). The protagonist isn't only in the minority who don't have powers, but is also physically weak (underdog? yep, for read more
Apr 1, 2017
*contains spoilers*

I like post apocalyptic settings. I like action. I like wit and creative and critical outlooks on life. I do not like the show however, even though it has all those. Surprising, right?

Now, let's have a glance at how this comes to be? First of all - the story and characters. The story is rather shallow and vague, masking its flaws with volume, passing characters (that die off or are never seen again even if they live), tons of conversation (most of which is pointless and repetitive, to the point a lot of characters could be one and the same), and philosophical questions (that read more
Apr 1, 2017
*spoilers ahead*

If you'd ask me to describe this anime in a few words, this would be one of the more rare cases in where i could do that very efficiently. Those few words would be: "The anime is about letting go, coming to terms, and living on". The show does a beautiful job of relaying those things, as well as their importance.

There's less bad things in this anime than good, so let me start off with those. First of all- the few very obvious plot holes that come to mind when watching this, and that are not addressed :
1- If humans got to the read more
Feb 1, 2017
*May contain spoilers*

"Planetes", "ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ", or "Why i came into space to become a garbage man, and more interesting tales" Is an anime about.. Well, space obviously. Describing it beyond that is rather hard, as even the show itself doesn't seem to know what direction it wants to take. Comedy, yet drama, childish (and sometimes idiotic things), yet mature (tho in most cases the execution is still very childish), action, politics, family and relationships, romance, philosophy.. All those themes come into play, but most of them on a rather shallow level.

Planetes has it all, yet almost nothing in the same time. It would be unjust to read more
Jan 17, 2017
*Spoilers ahead*

So, this review is coming quite late. What's the reason for this? I just couldn't bring myself to get back and watch the last couple of episodes of this garbage for a long time.

Now, i can't bring myself to say it was all bad, no, far from it, the visuals and drawing style was superb (as expected of trigger), the characters where pretty good (the interactions between them where not however), the op and ed (as well as some of the other audio things) where great.. But those things, while important, are kind of an extra, the wrapping on the candy if you will, read more
Jan 13, 2017
This will be a review of all the seasons, including the 14th episode (1 hour special) of the last season

I'll start off with saying this : i recommend this anime pretty much for everyone, i truly conciser it to be one of the best in the genre (whatever genre that is).

Now let's go down to why i consider it great, as well as why it got the score it did (around 8/10)

The "Working!!" series is a really fun and pleasant watch, unlike a lot of other anime there's pretty much never a dull or boring moment, pretty much all the characters are appealing and read more
Sep 24, 2016
*Spoilers ahead*

Now this.. How should i put it... This is by far one of the worst anime i've ever watched. certainly in my top 10 worst list. The only things it has going for it is how it reveals a few very minor details, how well it worked along with the other arc, and that the visuals aren't too bad (They aren't even close to being good though).

Now let's go through what makes this (and every other anime), and then sum up what we have.
1-The plot. It is horrendous. I understand that it was set and there wasn't much room to work with read more
Jul 9, 2016
Berserk (Manga) add (All reviews)
Before i say, or spoil anything, here's my short, spoiler free verdict -
I do recommend this title to everyone, but with one condition - if you are prepared to have another half life 3 in your life, since this manga is pretty much the half life 3 of manga/ anime, as in only god knows when and if we'll ever get to see the ending. 8/10

*contains spoilers, obviously*

Well, my experience with the show and manga was quite the odd one (compared to actual fans) and by that i mean that i literally didn't have any involvement with this title until about a month ago read more
Jun 20, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
*spoilers ahead*

This is a bad anime. Plain and simple. And that is somewhat surprising, considering that most of its elements usually would make it good. Take a second to look at the scores i gave to its different elements - decent story and characters, good animation and sound.. So why does it turn out so bad? Pacing, execution and the lack of impact after arising interest.

After having everything - as in the budget, characters and the story, i think the error of the creators of this show was to leave it and produce it as is. The anime does a good job at starting, grabbing read more