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Mar 26, 2023
Spoilers ahead...

And well, let me start this off by saying i wouldn't recommend this, not even as a standalone.

First lets start with the elephant in the room... No, not the CGI, the lack of the black cat mascot! ...
Just kidding, but not fully, you already know something's off when that thing's not there anymore aside a hard to spot easter egg or a few.
The CGI. Yes its studio orange, and yes, people love to sing them praise, but i personally found beastars pretty choppy and robotic in many scenes, while decent visually. Similarly, while the land of lustrous was pretty good looking, especially the hair, ...
Feb 17, 2023
Its hard to quickly put into words what i think about this show quickly, but if i would have to do it, i'd say my problem with it, is that it took itself too literally (and seriously).

What do i mean specifically? Well, the part about the body improvement club and other self improvement in general.

More and more shows as of late seem to have been going down this path of trying to search/state some sort of meaning and moral behind them, even ones that have no business of doing so and who's writers have literally no ability to make use of the theme and ...
Feb 15, 2023

This is the perfect word to describe my main gripe with this show. Non the less, i would definitely still recommend it.

What do i mean? Well, let's get the usual things out of the way first. Sound, animation, drawing, characters... All that stuff is pretty good, not great but still very pleasant to look at and hear. Directing is decent too.

What's NOT as good is the writing and structure. At first it felt like this show was horribly structured and also had an identity crisis. The first episode seems entirely unrelated to anything and entirely out of whack with the rest of the show, ...
Dec 28, 2022
Renai Flops (Anime) add
What do you get when you cross up SAO, plastic memories... And a shitty dated, and super stereotypical dating simulator? Coupled with fanservice and harem, obviously... Well, i'd say nothing good, and i'd be right, but its not the entire truth.

The premise had me interested, i won't lie... NOT the anime itself, its was frankly dreadful, but the premise. Dreadful isn't the right word here though. It was bad... INTENTIONALLY bad, which doesn't make it less bad, don't get me wrong, but how well it relayed the feeling of 'something is wrong' and made it all look super nonsensical and cliche, driving one to think ...
Dec 27, 2022
Chainsaw Man (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
"First there where chainsaw memes, then there was chainsaw..." -genesis 101xyz (or something)

Well no, technically first was the manga. Well, whatever, point is, I saw a lot of memes around, and praise for the manga, then the anime adaptation hype came, which sure, I found impressive in the pv... And then came the anime itself...

And then, just as it started, it ended. And now I'm here and in awe, not at the show, but at what the heck was all this hype about. The start was fun and promising, okay. The op was stuffed full of famous movie references... Cool I guess? The production value ...
Dec 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
On the good side - great production and entertainment values, extremely cute and for once NOT AT ALL fanservicy loli catgirl, great fighting choreography.

On the bad side - yet another somewhat generic Isekai rpg story that doesn't really go anywhere and plays out pretty much exactly like all the rest. In its one season it barely scratches the service of any major and interesting plot too, feels like an overstretched prelude, even if its not at all padded to hell like a lot of shows and somewhat interesting and fun stuff definitely happens often... But guess that negative is negated by the fact season 2 ...
Dec 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
A very simple, straightforward and wholesome fantasy (NOT another isekai at least thankfully) story based around a goodie two shoes that suddenly finds out he's overpowered, and goes on to do good deeds, save exotic beauties (because weirdly enough most other women don't need help), get stronger and probably go on to save the world instead of the hero who's a baddie moron and his team of just as stupid and mean, all of them that way with no real reason given.

Good in pretty much every aspect aside its simplicity, childishness and extremely generic ways. Its individual elements (art, production, audio, designs) are are ...
Dec 24, 2022
Well here i was again, in need for some brain off light fun stuff, comedy, ecchi or both... And came across this 'gem'
"Why not i figured"
Well... Not a lot of reasons not to touch this show, but at the same time more than enough to steer clear.

The good? Fun color palette and character design, well stylized art style that's well drawn. Other production elements are all fairly decent too i guess.

Bad? Not a lot either, on paper there's a story, somewhat workable and diverse characters that might even be interesting, potential for a lot of comedy... The latter especially is what drew me in most.

How ...
Oct 2, 2022
Spoiler free review.

So, how do i put this... I'm split, and the show is too.

25 episodes/2 seasons is a lot of time, and i feel the show could do much more with it. Or, on the other hand, do LESS (as in cut half its airtime) for a better result... That probably sounds weird, but its the best way to put it.

The first half of the show is close to being a masterpiece, like, 8.7/10. It focuses a lot on the mystery thriller kind of thing, with some strong horror elements, good action and managing to make you THINK and FEEL while introducing the ...
Sep 29, 2022
"Uh... Well that was weird." - The one good way to put how i feel about this show. But let's go in for a deeper analysis and why i don't think you should watch this.

First of all, let's put aside the whole thing with MC being a 14-yo minor and main girl being a 40 to possibly 90 year old vampire, or even more, exact age wasn't stated, and though that SEEMS to be the range. That's too big of a discussion and loaded topic for a multitude of reasons, plus, these characters are fictional and their stage of mental maturity can be anything the ...

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