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Jan 18, 2024
"Iz good"

About all that is needed to sum up the show, definitely recommended, especially if you like zombie stuff, but even if you don't.

But 'good' is not great, so... Here's why it isn't more than another mostly forgettable good-decent show that i evaluate at about 7.2...
First of all the great stuff - production quality. As far as that goes, its basically through the roof, some great stuff all over, from good songs and visuals for op and ed, to consistent quality of animation, even the backgrounds, which is no small feat for zombie stuff since the ruined backgrounds need to be all that more detailed, ...
Dec 22, 2023
Okay so, i guess many people rush to rate this season high because compared to the trainwreck of last season it seems pretty good... But its anything but that! Starting off, i rate this season 4.4/10, and would NOT recommend it to anyone at all.

If you only watched the anime... Its just bad, not as horrible as i rated it, but not great either - tons of new characters appearing seemingly out of nowhere, all sorts of nonsensical stuff going on without any explanations given, and a TON of context missing due to the previous season being basically stolen with how much was cut ...
Sep 24, 2023
So, just like in previous season reviews, i'm putting morality aside, at least for a while, both because presenting different world views and moralities in different worlds and times is something that i think is interesting to explore and shouldn't be avoided, no matter how horrible they may be, and because both the people defending this show, and people criticizing it seem to be dead set on either defending the morality of it all 'because its a different world' and saying the critics are too sensitive, or insist on including said morals and making their negative reviews around those, as opposed to the actual flaws ...
Aug 26, 2023
Shortly and simply put, this is yet another entry in the 'i don't know why konosuba was good so i'll pretend its the writer' series.

Now, i love konosuba, don't get me wrong, both the initial series and the movie. But there's a slight difference between me and most other fans - i read, or rather TRIED to read the novel! And well, this brings me back to my previous point - konosuba, the novel, along with the other artist's works are simply... Not too good. What made the show good then? The staff. About half the jokes appeared out of some changes in writing and ...
Jun 24, 2023
*spoiler free review*

Now, let me start with that i'm a sucker for apocalyptic and post apocalyptic stuff, so both from the description and trailer, i was already nearly sold and going in with high expectations, especially with the visuals looking pretty interesting...

What came of that? The show almost completely betrayed that description and my expectations of it being the said genre! Am i disappointed though? Absolutely not. In fact its one of the very best things i watched in quite a while, even if there's definitely quite a bit of room for improvement, and won't be as interesting and pleasant to watch for many, as ...
Mar 26, 2023
Spoilers ahead...

And well, let me start this off by saying i wouldn't recommend this, not even as a standalone.

First lets start with the elephant in the room... No, not the CGI, the lack of the black cat mascot! ...
Just kidding, but not fully, you already know something's off when that thing's not there anymore aside a hard to spot easter egg or a few.
The CGI. Yes its studio orange, and yes, people love to sing them praise, but i personally found beastars pretty choppy and robotic in many scenes, while decent visually. Similarly, while the land of lustrous was pretty good looking, especially the hair, ...
Feb 17, 2023
Its hard to quickly put into words what i think about this show, but if i would have to do it, i'd say my problem with it, is that it took itself too literally (and seriously).

What do i mean specifically? Well, the part about the body improvement club and other self improvement in general.

More and more shows as of late seem to have been going down this path of trying to search for/preach on some moral and meaning behind them, even ones that have no business of doing so and who's writers have literally no ability to make use of the theme and actually ...
Feb 15, 2023

This is the perfect word to describe my main gripe with this show. Non the less, i would definitely still recommend it.

What do i mean? Well, let's get the usual things out of the way first. Sound, animation, drawing, characters... All that stuff is pretty good, not great but still very pleasant to look at and hear. Directing is decent too.

What's NOT as good is the writing and structure. At first it felt like this show was horribly structured and also had an identity crisis. The first episode seems entirely unrelated to anything and entirely out of whack with the rest of the show, ...
Dec 28, 2022
Renai Flops (Anime) add
What do you get when you cross up SAO, plastic memories... And a shitty dated, and super stereotypical dating simulator? Coupled with fanservice and harem, obviously... Well, i'd say nothing good, and i'd be right, but its not the entire truth.

The premise had me interested, i won't lie... NOT the anime itself, its was frankly dreadful, but the premise. Dreadful isn't the right word here though. It was bad... INTENTIONALLY bad, which doesn't make it less bad, don't get me wrong, but how well it relayed the feeling of 'something is wrong' and made it all look super nonsensical and cliche, driving one to think ...
Dec 27, 2022
Chainsaw Man (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
"First there where chainsaw memes, then there was chainsaw..." -genesis 101xyz (or something)

Well no, technically first was the manga. Well, whatever, point is, I saw a lot of memes around, and praise for the manga, then the anime adaptation hype came, which sure, I found impressive in the pv... And then came the anime itself...

And then, just as it started, it ended. And now I'm here and in awe, not at the show, but at what the heck was all this hype about. The start was fun and promising, okay. The op was stuffed full of famous movie references... Cool I guess? The production value ...

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