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Mar 29, 2022
*no spoiler review*

A post apocalyptic, original looking setting, what can go wrong?
Sure enough, i was hyped for this one.

So, how'd it work out? ... Overall, i'd say, not bad. Some people seem dissatisfied with it for some reason, art and cg, etc. I for one loved it... Well, ALMOST. Where it really went wrong i think is the source material, which was just... A too weak at some points, and definitely started out much better than it ended.

With certainty, i can say the show's start is pretty much a work of art in its execution, the way you're introduced to the world and read more
Mar 27, 2022
*No spoiler review*

That being said, there's nothing to spoil, its an anime about an outgoing gal type cosplaying girl and a semi socially awkward shut in that's not familiar with much of anything because he fell in love with hina dolls as a child and decided to dedicate his life to making them like his grandpa that owns a hina doll shop. And their unlikely meetup and friendship. And cosplaying. All of which you learn in the first episode and opening/ending, so yeah, there's not much there.

It doesn't really go anywhere either, which is probably one of the only two bad things i can read more
Mar 20, 2022
*Spoilers ahead*

86 "part two" picks up exactly where part one had left. And while my opinion on part 1, this part two, and the novels didn't change much, i WILL still repeat my initial reaction to the changes in the end of pat 1 and finding out there's gonna be a part 2 and second novel... "Why?"

Let's sum this middle point up a little more clearly... The FIRST novel, unlike the anime, ends in a flash forward, at the end of the war, with the major (handler) meeting the group in front of the memorial, in a bittersweet happily ever after ending i was rather read more
Mar 4, 2022
*no spoilers ahead*

This will probably call for a slightly different format, as its quite a different show... So here we go.

What IS blood love? ... Comedy mostly, but beyond that, i'd say i have NO clue, which is a problem since there's a LOT there. Now, what's the good? Art quality and animations (minus ep 9 and 10). Music. Overall production quality seems pretty high, surprisingly high even... So then, why the relatively low score? For the first half of the show i'd say i don't know, because this kind of random, stupid, explosive comedy is right up my alley. But the second half makes read more
Feb 12, 2022
*so spoilers*

This one is pretty easy to sum up in just a handful of words... Basically, its what happens when you invest an INSANE production value into something with next to no potential.

First of all, what IS princess connect? Well, apparently some kind of game? Maybe gachcha game or something? Idk. And there's a lot of characters. Idk if you collect them or whatever, but anime wise, it translates to a whole bunch of characters being there, some getting very little screen time as a result.

This also affects the story because it makes it feel very badly structured and the motivations and logic can be read more
Jan 27, 2022
No spoilers ahead.

Have you ever watched a brilliant detective show? Either normal, or gritty, like say CSI Miami? On the other hand, how about something about hilarious and/or idiotic politice in some comedy (say hot fuzz)? Alternatively, how about just a police action movie? I'm sure most have and are aware of how great and interesting each of those can be...

How about slice of life police? Well... I mean there's room there to be interesting too, right? Maybe, but this is definitely not the case!


First, let's break up the elements. Story. It's a slice of life, should I even say there's pretty much nothing read more
Jan 27, 2022
*Spoilers ahead*

This is a show which is rather different than usual. On one hand, at its core, its really not that special. The story is based on real event, except it takes place in an alternate universe/world/reality where the alphabet and names of everything are different, but factually everything is exactly the same as the cold war era. Well, aside vampires (that are also different to normal vampires in most regards). The documentation of soviet cosmonaut training and launch isn't something too exciting, unless you're a space and/or history nut, and isn't handled too well here either, despite the addition of a semi cuudere and read more
Dec 20, 2021
No spoilers ahead

Let me just start and say this was a surprisingly good show.

Next thing i'd probably have to say is - don't let the first episode's excessive fanservice turn your down from watching this show, while not entirely gone, it gets very much toned down later on. And not that i'm against fanservice, but its much better that way, the first episode just made it look weird as heck

So then, what is this show? An odd mix of comedy and horror, with a small yet surprisingly interesting story that comes later on, and some surprisingly wholesome moments that you wouldn't expect nor believe where read more
Dec 20, 2021
No spoilers ahead.

What was Mushoku Tensei, season 1? An overall high budget, and GREAT adaptation of what's actually pretty mediocre base material in all regards aside maybe world building.

What is this season 2 then? A slightly lower budget BAD adaptation of said story. 5.4~ or so as opposed to the previous season 7~/10.

What exactly is the reasoning behind me saying all this? Rushing, cutting, replacements, all done in almost the worst ways possible. All the interesting events and world building? Almost entirely removed. Most the WN's events? Gone. The LN stuff? Either gone or rushed like crazy. Which you may say might be necessary if read more
Sep 24, 2021
*will contain spoilers*

Oof. Another fate, another dollar, eh? Well, here i am for another fate review. I previously said in my heaven's feel review that fate are rather complex, but its a bit of a wrong thing to say, they're only complex because you get a whole lot of stories that aren't revealed fully if at all in the same scenario they're shown in and are instead spread thin over a few seasons to put together in such tidbits the extra work makes it seem hard, much like the 'complex' dark souls plot and characters that only seem so because you have to collect it read more