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Aug 27, 2015
The recent slew of negative reviews for Neon Genesis Evangelion that exist here is rather irksome to say the least, if only because of the fact that the people writing these reviews more often than not use superficial complaints to justify why they think Evangelion isn't worthy of praise. Let me make one fact perfectly clear: If you think Evangelion isn't worthy of praise because the story is "boring" or "confusing", the characters are "unlikeable" or "annoying," the entire work is "pretentious," or anything of the sort, you are a complete and total moron with shit taste. If you can't handle this little fact, downvote read more
Jun 24, 2015
D.Gray-man plays out like a macabre epic that details the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Tragedy and strife give rise to sinister and horrifying creatures known as Akuma that grow progressively stronger as time goes on, and those who were chosen by God himself to fight against the Akuma also have their own demons to battle against. Over the course of 103 episodes, we follow the story of Allen Walker: an exorcist of the enigmatic Black Order, an organisation dedicated to fighting the Akuma and the struggles that he and his comrades face in their battle against the Millennium Earl, the demented read more
Dec 9, 2014
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
All it took was a small trip to my local anime store that was having a 2-for-1 special for secondhand DVDs for me to come across a series which I'll always hold a special place for in my heart, a programme which was no doubt an emotional roller-coaster that was a harrowing tale of love and loss. Unfortunately, that very programme suffers from a *very* lacklustre beginning. What is this programme you ask? Why it's none other than Clannad: After Story and its lacklustre beginning is this very season.

It's no secret that us Desi folks get pretty damn melodramatic and sentimental at times. We LOVE read more
Dec 6, 2014
Oh look, it's an unpopular opinion! It seems like everyone just likes to rag on Fairy Tail because it's the cool thing to do. I'm not gonna lie, I'm guilty of talking shit about it just as much as everyone else but at the same time... there's no changing the fact that I genuinely did enjoy watching it quite a bit. Is Fairy Tail the worst battle shounen series out there? No. It really isn't. You mean to tell me that in the ENTIRE history of battle shounen anime, Fairy Tail has to be the worst one of them all? Come on... try harder, people! read more
Nov 11, 2014
You know what I really miss? The good ol' days of shonen anime/manga where something could have an outrageously bizarre concept with an equally bizarre universe which can be light in tone and set the stage for some grand adventures to unfold. Nowadays, it seems like most shonen anime and manga try to be all dark and edgy in order to defy those sort of preconceived notions that all shonen anime and manga is light-hearted and/or childish. While that's all fine and dandy, I can't help but feel that we're losing something special in the process of this sort of transition from light-hearted adventures to read more
Nov 6, 2014
People underestimate children and teenagers. When you're a kid, you're a blank slate that can be easily damaged. When you're a teenager, you tend to go through a lot of crap and as you get older, the baggage from when you were a teenager can carry over to your adult life. Yet there's this preconceived notion in our society that children/teenagers are stupid and that the problems that they go through when they're this young are trivial in comparison to the trials and tribulations they'll go through in their adult lives. Fruits Basket is a manga which tells the story of Tohru Honda and her read more
Oct 28, 2014
one of the things i missed most about living in the usa is watching anime on [adult swim] every night. hell, i remember all the times i spent staying up until 3am watching episodes of inuyasha and cowboy bebop when i should've been sleeping because i had class in the morning. but if there's one anime that i remember fondly, it's samurai champloo. i don't want to be "that guy" who says that the ost is what i remember the most, but that's definitely what first comes to mind.

i remember back in 2004/2005 when i was still attending high school and there was this massive read more
Oct 24, 2014
If you've been a fan of anime for any length of time, chances are that you've come across a bunch of shows that people hail as nothing short of masterpieces such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now, whether or not those programmes are perfection is entirely up to interpretation but if there's one programme which has been lauded as as nothing short of a masterpiece ever since its creation, it's Cowboy Bebop. Such a lofty title is not without those who question it, and indeed there are people who happen to dislike Bebop for a variety of reasons. I personally don't think that Bebop is a read more