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Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
Yesterday, 12:25 PM
Watching 4/51 · Scored 7
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Yesterday, 12:23 PM
Watching 19/25 · Scored 7
Boku no Hero Academia: Training of the Dead
Boku no Hero Academia: Training of the Dead
Aug 10, 11:45 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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CodeBlazeFate 5 hours ago

You're welcome.
bmoore07 10 hours ago
Don't mention it (still pretty sad about Jojo not winning the poll, though).

I see you're watching BnHA2. You have any general impressions on it so far?
SenpaiJay98 Yesterday, 8:29 PM
Is there any anime you going to watch from Summer?

Right now I'm just letting Summer anime Stack Up, then watch all the ones that are getting good reception and a solid conclusion(instead of a rushed or Go Read the Manga/Light Novel ending)
animeiscool561 Yesterday, 8:26 PM
It seems you're enjoying it so far. Hope it continues. On Martin's story in Monster at this point.

Request accepted!
Uranimesucks Yesterday, 8:12 PM
since u loved the tatami galaxy u should watch the eccentric family
Yuni Yesterday, 8:03 PM
Thanks for accepting <3
CodeBlazeFate Yesterday, 7:34 PM
Have fun with more good music, even if more than half of them come from shows there aren't very good. Glad you still enjoyed those two EDs though.
remember_ Yesterday, 11:27 AM
Hi, i really like some of your reviews

are there any other reviewers you personally like or recommend
bmoore07 Yesterday, 9:38 AM
Thanks for checking out FMA's 2nd ED and I really enjoyed scrolling through your list, Cave.

Btw, I voted for Jojo on your poll. There's so much fantastic content that you would be missing out on by not watching Jojo, from the poses to the OPs and of course the Jojokes. Just to let you know, Johnathan is best Jojo.
Reeei Yesterday, 9:14 AM
seems we have pretty similar taste in ed as well but if i take my top 3 anime ed it may be like this:
1. Champloo ed
2. Bakemonogatari ed
3. Bleach ed (i forgot which one but it was sung by YUI)
well, i prefer to listen to movies ed rather than series idk what proper reasoning behind it, maybe the movies ed more have chill vibes which i love it more. i got some pretty nice recommendation from you, such as that natsuyuki ed thats so refreshing to listen to and some more. i planned to see natsuyuki rendezvous very soon. and eventually my curiousity has been paid xD
TheNerdyGuy Yesterday, 3:16 AM
Oh thanks for accepting it! I'd read your review about an anime (think it was Angel Beats) and it was really good so I read some more of your reviews and even though I realised that we don't share the same opinion about everything, your reviews were still some of the best I've read. So I thought I'd send you a friend request!

Sorry for such a long reply xd
CodeBlazeFate Aug 15, 8:33 PM

I have way too many good EDs to list (SEED Destiny HD Remaster ED 2 Result B version, SEED Destiny EDs 2 and 4, SEED Destiny HD Remaster episode 32 ED, Gundam Unicorn episode 6 ED, Izetta ED, Tales of Zestiria Season 2 ED, Turn A Gundam ED 2, Gundam Thunderbolt Season 2 ED 2 and 3, Musekinin Kanchou Tylor ED, Shirobako ED 2, Steins;Gate ED).
SenpaiJay98 Aug 15, 8:32 PM
I hope we get a Season 3 in Spring 2018, since Studio Bones has enoug manga material to make a 25 Episode anime every Spring anime season...and won't catch up till 2050
animeiscool561 Aug 15, 8:27 PM
Minds think alike! I'll comment on that blog page when I get to reading it.

It's telling when the debate isn't between whether the series is high quality but rather which one does it better.
Regardless of which one you ultimately prefer, both are very exceptional anime, the other benchmark of Shonens besides Hunter X Hunter, which also has two versions. Took me this long to get to Monster but even then that show is a lot less iconic than Fullmetal Alchemist
Have fun with the series, hope you enjoy! Sub, Dub, or alternating?
animeiscool561 Aug 15, 8:16 PM
Nice you did so. I don't typically listen to EDs as much because of how much certain shows with cliffhangers lead you to want to go on to the next episode, but glad you put it together. My phone can't even load past 49 but when not binging Monster or playing Sonic Mania I'll check your link. EDs that always stick in my head are the ERASED one, ALIEz (from Aldnoah.Zero), Magia (from Madoka), Flip Flap (from Flip Flappers), and the 4th Brotherhood ED.

Though speaking of Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm on episode 54 of Monster and Vic Mignogna is playing a bit part as a guy named Gustav. He gives the guy an impression that helps him feel like more than a generic side character. It's when Tenma gets the chance to hold the officers at gunpoint to uncuff him after he turned himself in. I mention this because FMA is known to have a great dub in both versions and Vic's most famous role is that show's main character Edward Elric. When you gonna start that one I'm curious?