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Aug 18, 2017
Attack on Titan has an unfortunate truth surrounding it. Critics and fanboys surmise their opinions, incessantly hurling them at each other in hopes of smothering people into submission. One thing not present enough with this anime is a middle ground. In Season 2 we saw a surprising 12 episodes, a missing producer and a far different plot direction. The question is, did these things work for or against the franchise, and is it still the same old AoT that millions of viewers addictively engulfed several years ago? I feel it’s time to address the elephant in the room and provide a brutally honest review of read more
Aug 9, 2017
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past century, it’s no secret how perverse the Japanese culture can be sometimes, mainly in the medium of anime. Writers and producers litter their animations with heavily endowed females, ecchi harems bordering on hentai and lewd jokes about a ten-year-old’s panties. Anime like High School DXD and Masou Gakuen HXH continue to push the boundary of what is acceptable to show to its viewers, and I’ve been partly responsible at times myself of indulging in this trashy, sexual fanservice. However, with A-1 Studio’s 2017 release of Eromanga Sensei, I’ve officially hit a tipping point in my read more
Aug 2, 2017
“Winning is about trampling over corpses… It's not something beautiful. It's brutal. If you want to make it to the top- Steel yourselves.”

I'll admit I may be one of the only sports fans who doesn't care for baseball. Knowing this, the mention of a baseball-centered anime “One Outs” did anything but grab my attention. However, through many friend recommendations and some quoted similarities to the suspenseful Kaiji series, I was ultimately drawn to it. Does it live up to its ranking inside the top 150 rated anime on all of MAL, or does it drown in its own hype?

The first thing I noticed about One read more
Jun 3, 2017
Knights, clerics, elves, dwarves and dragons occupy some of our biggest inner-nerd imaginations. Some of my fondest memories were playing old school dungeon-crawler video games on the PC, and interacting with this type of fantasy lore. Lord of the Rings, Willow and the Chronicles of Narnia all come to mind when reminiscing of some of my favorite fictional fantasies, and there’s plenty of anime out there that scratch the itch. Legendary anime studio Madhouse attempted to tackle Record of Lodoss War in the early 90’s, a time when fantasy novels and movies were undoubtedly on the rise. It has a palpable Dungeons and Dragons feel, read more
May 11, 2017
For as long as human history goes on, the past will continue to accumulate. History isn’t just records of the past. It’s also proof that civilization has continued to advance to the present. Our present civilization is the result of our past.” -Yang Wenli

You know that really good friend of yours that moved away because their dad got a better job in umpteesquat town? That’s how I feel right now. After finishing the Lord and Savior of anime itself, it’s as though a legitimate part of me was ripped out in front of my eyes. I don’t know how many times I attempted to start read more
Apr 5, 2017
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid- Making Anime Fun Again

Remember when anime was pure, unadulterated fun? Racing home as if on a quest to save a dying loved one, plopping your giddy ass on the sofa and turning on your favorite after-school cartoon? Nowadays, myself included, people get ignorantly pretentious and critical when it comes to anime… most likely due to the accessibility of other’s opinions on the internet (you’re guilty MAL!). But what happened to the days when you could share a bond with another over some good, old fashioned Chinese cartoons? God forbid you meet some dragon t-shirted, fedora wearing pleb that only cares for read more
Mar 31, 2017
Before Youjo Senki even aired, I had preconceived notions about it. Based on its ridiculous main character and overall premise, I was sharpening my literary claws in preparation to critically rip it to shreds in this eventual review. Lollis, reincarnation, magic and the tedious politics of war were all aspects I roll my eyes at individually, so naturally I didn’t have my hopes up very high after the first episode. After concluding the final segment of Youjo Senki, I can say without doubt that my initial impressions couldn’t have been farther from my analysis of the finished product. It’s an anime I wanted to hate, read more
Mar 30, 2017
“Why can’t it be me?”

Love and lust are two terms synonymous with the young and naive but understood by those who’ve experienced both. “Lovesick” teenagers are often impressionable and irrational, driven by an overwhelming cesspool of hormones and emotions. Love is ambiguous at a young age, and can often be a stifling enigma. Lust is an enveloping, instinctive thirst for a partner’s sexual freedom. Although these concepts can be weighty and complicated, experiencing them is part of what makes us human, and are as intense as any incident we’re likely to encounter in our lives. Scum’s Wish is a visceral, raw and uncomfortable approach to read more
Mar 28, 2017
WARNING- Unlike most of my work, this review contains explicit content… reader’s discretion is advised.

For fuck’s sake. I thought I'd do something a little different in this review, and start off with a few haikus that accurately illustrate Hand Shaker’s impact on my well being and emotions.

My eyes are bleeding
Maybe possessed by demons?
No, just Hand Shakers

If a bus hit me
I would be a vegetable
At least no more pain

Hand Shakers is like
Cancer was personified
And is your roommate

There you have it. Sometimes an anime comes along and creates so much buzz amongst the community that you can't help but check it out. The phrase, “how read more
Mar 28, 2017
The concept of a coup de’tat, in which a plot is developed to overthrow a populace’s own government, has been around for centuries. In fact, the history goes back as far as 870 B.C. in which an Israeli commander Zimri killed his own king to commandeer the throne for himself (he later committed suicide due to talks of being overthrown by his own subordinate- karma’s a bitch, eh?). Most recently, our Lord and Savior, Studio Madhouse adapted a little known manga, ACCA, which primarily centers itself around this historical theme. With rather mixed impressions, ACCA attempts to overthrow anime stereotypes with its atypical approach while read more