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Voice Actress Ayahi Takagaki Announces Marriage

by Sakana-san
Aug 24, 6:57 AM | 16 Comments
Voice actress and singer Ayahi Takagaki announced on her blog on Friday that she has gotten married. Her husband is a member of staff who helps with stage productions for Takagaki's performances. Takagaki stated that her husband is a good cook and describes him as someone who is "warm and full of affection and laughter."

Takagaki's notable voice acting roles include Kuro from Ao no Exorcist, Erika Karisawa from Durarara!!, and Rika Shinozaki from Sword Art Online. She is also reprising her role as Chris Yukine from the currently-airing Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV.

Takagaki is also part of the idol group Sphere, with fellow voice actresses Haruka Tomatsu, Minako Kotobuki, and Aki Toyosaki. The group have released 21 singles, six albums, and one compilation CD.

Source: Comic Natalie

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Congrats to her
I wish her the best in her new life with her husband and i hope that their new life will bring them great joy and happiness.

Aug 25, 12:10 PM by Shingster

I don't know who u r but uhhh congratulations

Aug 25, 7:19 AM by Abdulla09

Congratulations! May you have many babies to come!

Aug 25, 12:22 AM by Magito


Aug 24, 9:45 PM by rina3100

OMG congratulations for you marriage Takagaki sama and still love her as Yukine Chris 😍

Aug 24, 5:23 PM by HelaLove

So, Noe finally found her soulmate? My congratulations!

Hoppy said:
Married a member of the stage crew?

That's pretty classic Hollywood and her husband sounds like quite the sweetheart.

It sounds like a good premise for a romantic manga with idol as a love interest.

Aug 24, 4:31 PM by RobertBobert

Whaaa? I've been out of the scene longer than I thought. It's nice of her to mention who her husband is too. Shows that she is confident and comfortable in being with him. Congratulations to Ayahime!

Aug 24, 2:55 PM by Tarotist


Aug 24, 12:39 PM by KIMG

Awww, many happy congrats to her indeed! ^_^ <3

Aug 24, 11:01 AM by Ken39Whistle

Married a member of the stage crew?

That's pretty classic Hollywood and her husband sounds like quite the sweetheart.

Aug 24, 10:18 AM by Hoppy

She is my favourite seiyuu and I miss that times when she had more main roles.

Hope she will be happy in her marriage.

Aug 24, 10:09 AM by Nachtwandler_21

Thank goodness her husband can cook

Aug 24, 9:55 AM by Short_Circut

Congratulations Takagaki and thanks for voicing Chris!

Aug 24, 9:23 AM by AlphaOmegaKnight

Congratulations Ms Takagaki. May you have a happy married life.

Aug 24, 8:51 AM by Haneken2086

Congratulations on your marriage Takagaki-san! 3 of 4 sphere members have now tied the knot.

Aug 24, 8:33 AM by Antagonized

I wish all the happiness of the world for her and her husband! Really good new, really. Her husband is also a very lucky guy.

Aug 24, 7:15 AM by Illyricus

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