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Rin-sama23 Yesterday, 10:58 AM
but i dont think it's really about being trapped in a game because it seems like the main character isn't trying to leave lol
I hope to see your point of view when u watch it
Rin-sama23 Yesterday, 10:44 AM
maybe i could understand if i knew what their complaints were
Rin-sama23 Jan 20, 3:06 AM
hmm I don't see why they would be polarised because it's not really controversial or has something exceptional, everyone i know who watched it told me it was good, I also think it's pretty good, but nothing special :p I like almost all the characters as well, they have their funny and cute moments even tho the entire show is pretty serious, so I would recommend it
Rin-sama23 Jan 19, 1:42 AM
if you want a good sports anime you should check out haikyuu, it's really good and I don't know anyone who doesn't like it
(I am totally obsessed with it tho lol but that doesn't matter)
as for me I raaaaarely read reviews of others because it pisses me off when someone makes a harsh review on an anime that I love and puts it down for very shallow reasons, incidentally I really hate anime elitists and their supreme opinions
I think every anime can be judged in a different way, characters aren't the most important part, as long as the characters are likable it's fine by me
Rin-sama23 Jan 18, 6:26 AM
Not really, I like all genres and watch all genres
in the past I used to avoid romance and mecha and yaoi and slice of life and sports, but then i realized i was only avoiding them based on prejudgements and that I didn't really check them out, incidentally there was always an anime that could prove me wrong whenever i said i didn't like a genre, so now i ended up liking all of them !
my judgement of anime isnt really objective, i could like and watch an anime solely based on the seiyuu cast so i cant have a proper say in the matter lol
im also not fond of making reviews
the only review i've ever made was one of ousama game and i just HAD to because it was such a terrible anime

what about your favorite genres ? xD
Rin-sama23 Jan 18, 2:10 AM
lmao sorry I just got carried away
and it's probably because you update every single episode you watch, as for me I only update them after I finish them, be it completed anime or ongoing ones, except that for ongoing ones I mark them as "watching" until they end
and me too actually I chose most anime way before they started airing, what do you base your choices on?
I base my choices either if the story seems so appealing or on the voice actor cast lol
Rin-sama23 Jan 17, 9:40 AM
ehh... ;_; how is that ? I just stopped watching completed anime from september till now because I got back to school, and I kept watching 16 ongoing anime in that time (if you take out detective conan then 15 seasonal anime) but in the 8th week I put them on hold so I could focus on exams
but now that I finished exams I finished all the anime that I put on hold from last season and started a few new ones
though I didnt start many of them because I'm following 3 anime from last season (mahoutsukai no yome, sangatsu no lion s2, black clover) which have a second cours, so I thought my schedule will be crowded if I started any more than this xD
what about you ?
Rin-sama23 Jan 17, 8:22 AM
maybe that's the case, I honestly don't have a big idea of what goes on behind the scenes lol
though I love watching voice actors in action, we can only see that in seiyuu events
and I thought risa said she was ready to reprise her work, that was in early august
also, hosoya yoshimasa and fujiwara keiji both took a break to heal from a throat illness (idk if fujiwara keiji is back but hosoyan reprised already) but nobody spoke about them or made any fuss :( fujiwara keiji was even replaced in shingeki no kyojin season 2
Rin-sama23 Jan 16, 11:38 AM
that depends on whether or not they started making episodes past ep 12 before announcement or not
though i think they decided to divide it and delay the last arc because the studio suddenly was in charge of making one punch man season 2 which was originally a madhouse work
Rin-sama23 Jan 15, 1:53 PM
I wonder what will come out of shokugeki no soma though, initially it was going to be a 24 ep season but they suddenly cut it off and aired 12 eps in the fall season and delayed the 12 other eps to the spring season
so i wonder if risa-chan will reprise her role in the new season for the spring
Rin-sama23 Jan 15, 5:32 AM
how foolish, do they think it's easy to just cast away someone with a contract and give the role to someone else just because they got all healthy ?
Rin-sama23 Jan 15, 1:41 AM
but why takahashi rie ? which role did she take instead ? I only know about the role of erina in shokugeki no soma that was given to kanemoto hisako, she did a wonderful job nevertheless
Rin-sama23 Jan 14, 1:06 PM
they don't have to keep their personal lives private, i mean maybe sexual affairs should be kept hidden but they have the right to find love and get married and announce it and be happy to share it with their fans, like look at hollywood stars for example they have all kinds of scandals but no one bats an eye and they never get threatened or hated or stuff
and yes i agree actually a lot of people started hating on namikawa daisuke in the summer after it got out that he had an affair outside his marriage when he was in his late twenties with a girl that was still a teenager
most comments in MAL were hateful and disappointed but i kept supporting him, he's a great actor and great person too
after all his personal life is none of my business
Rin-sama23 Jan 14, 12:29 PM
that's true but don't forget about the seiyuu who are also idols not just singers, that puts a huge strain on their seiyuu work and on their personal lives as well
just yesterday suzuko mimori announced she had a boyfriend, many people burned her pictures and her boyfriend received death threats
Japanese fans are crazy sometimes :p
Rin-sama23 Jan 14, 11:20 AM
nowadays it's hard to establish a rep with seiyuu work alone, that's why many of them look to debut as singers or join a band
also it's almost like seiyuu are starting to gain popularity based on their looks more than their skills, hayashibara megumi said it herself, the industry is really suffering