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After rigorously training for three years, the ordinary Saitama has gained immense strength which allows him to take out anyone and anything with just one punch. He decides to put his new skill to good use by becoming a hero. However, he quickly becomes bored with easily defeating monsters, and wants someone to give him a challenge to bring back the spark of being a hero. Upon bearing witness to Saitama's amazing power, Genos, a cyborg, is determined to become Saitama's apprentice. During this time, Saitama realizes he is neither getting the recognition that he deserves nor known by the people due to him not being a part of the Hero Association. Wanting to boost his reputation, Saitama decides to have Genos register with him, in exchange for taking him in as a pupil. Together, the two begin working their way up toward becoming true heroes, hoping to find strong enemies and earn respect in the process. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Tonari no Young Jump

Jun 14, 2012
315,316 8.73
During the Edo period, Japan is suddenly invaded by alien creatures known as the "Amanto." Despite the samurai's attempts to combat the extraterrestrial menace, the Shogun soon realizes that their efforts are futile and decides to surrender. This marks the beginning of an uneasy agreement between the Shogunate and Amanto, one that results in a countrywide sword ban and the disappearance of the samurai spirit. However, there exists one eccentric individual who wields a wooden sword and refuses to let his samurai status die. Now that his kind are no longer needed, Gintoki Sakata performs various odd jobs around town in order to make ends meet. Joined by his self-proclaimed disciple Shinpachi Shimura, the fearsome alien Kagura, and a giant dog named Sadaharu, they run the business known as Yorozuya, often getting caught up in all sorts of crazy and hilarious shenanigans. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shots: Volume 1: Dandelion Volume 2: Shirokuro (Black and White) Volume 24: 13 Volume 38: Bankara-san ga Tooru

Shounen Jump (Weekly)

Dec 8, 2003
75,848 8.58
Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box, later dubbed by students the "Medaka Box." Medaka encourages students to submit any problem to the box without hesitation and promises to take on any issue from anyone. Since Medaka won the Student Council elections with a staggering 98% of the vote, she ends up as the Council's only member. She asks her childhood friend, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help and he grudgingly agrees, becoming the Student Council's lowest ranking member. Soon Medaka recruits two more people to the Student Council, the former judo club member Akune Kouki as secretary and the current swim club member Kikaijima Mogana, on loan for 300 yen a day, as treasurer. Now the Student Council members spend their days solving the problems submitted through the Medaka Box, whether they be hooligans in clubs where they don't belong, girls who need help writing love letters or people who've lost their pets, gradually earning the respect and admiration of the entire school.

Shounen Jump (Weekly)

May 11, 2009
54,206 7.81
Misfortunes abound in the life of 16-year-old Hayate Ayasaki. Even though he is underage, he spends most of his time working part-time jobs to make money to support his extravagant parents. As if that wasn't hard enough, his parents disappear without a trace one day, leaving him behind with a debt of almost 150 million yen. As a result, he finds himself being chased by debt collectors. Running for his life, he stops in a park, believing that he is safe. Contemplating his jobless future, he decides to kidnap a wealthy child for ransom. And thus, when he sees a rich-looking blonde girl, he attempts to capture her. However, she too is kidnapped before Hayate can even try! Hayate then saves her, and as a reward, he requests a job, and the girl makes him her butler, revealing herself to be the daughter of a wealthy family. Even with a job, his misfortune remains; Hayate will have to go through many nasty predicaments, all the while burdened by his lousy luck. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Shounen Sunday

Oct 6, 2004
28,577 7.89
To everyone else in his magic-dominated world, the young and powerless Mash Vandead is a threat to the gene pool and must be purged. Living secretly in the forest, he spends every day training his body, building muscles strong enough to compete with magic itself! However, upon having his identity exposed and his peaceful life threatened, Mash begins his journey to becoming a "Divine Visionary," a role so powerful that society would have no choice but to accept his existence. And so, in order to maintain his peaceful life, the magicless Mash enrolls in the prestigious Easton Magic Academy, competing against the children of some of the most powerful and elite in the realm. Lacking the very skill needed to survive at Easton, magic, Mash appears to already be at a disadvantage to his fellow classmates. In order to achieve his goals, Mash will have to fight his way through every trial using his fists alone, overcoming magic with muscles, all for the illustrious title of Divine Visionary! [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Shounen Jump (Weekly)

Jan 27, 2020
27,892 7.70
Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiably suicidal, but he’s also the beloved schoolteacher of a class of unique students, each charming in her own way: The stalker. The shut-in. The obsessive-compulsive. The girl who comes to class every day with strange bruises. And Kafuka, the most optimistic girl in the world, who knows that every cloud has a silver lining. For all of them, it’s a special time, when the right teacher can have a lasting positive effect on their lives. But is that teacher Itoshiki, a.k.a. Zetsubou-sensei, who just wants to find the perfect place to die? (Source: Del Ray)

Shounen Magazine (Weekly)

Apr 27, 2005
24,016 8.17
Death Note 13: How to Read - Shinsou is a guidebook which contains the spin-off series Death Note ni Rakugaki 4-koma and the pilot one-shot.

Shounen Jump (Weekly)

Aug 4, 2003
20,008 7.17
Lucky Star's story portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school with a very loose humor tone. The setting is based on the town Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. The main heroine is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and has low grades. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else. The serialization began with the four main characters in their first year of high school: Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the story progresses, they move onto their second and third year. (Source: MU)


Dec 10, 2003
13,007 7.85
Two years after his memorable school trip, Kakeru Kurosawa decides to visit Osaka once again with his former companions. Among this crew are the often-bullied Pizza-tan, the cheerful otaku Keiji Nagaoka, the energetic bookworm Magister Takigawa, and the timid Aya Kitahara—the main source of Kurosawa's troubles during their time in school. The trip is off to a rocky start as Kurosawa is berated by his girlfriend for not inviting her along with the group. Coupled with drama between Keiji and Takigawa and a tense ferris wheel ride shared by Kitahara and Pizza-tan, the gathering quickly becomes more and more uneasy. Though these longtime friends reunited to rekindle their old bonds, the strains in their relationship threaten to end their meeting in total disaster. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
?? ??, 2007
11,387 7.69
Azuma Kazuma isn't terribly clever, but he's got a good heart and great skill—at baking. Since childhood, he's been on a quest to create the perfect bread to represent Japan internationally. Now, he seeks to enter the famous bakery Pantasia, in hopes of reaching his goal. But plots abound... (Source: ANN)

Shounen Sunday

Mar 18, 2002
11,246 7.60
Two high school girls, the short and exceptionally quick to anger Popuko, and the tall and much more calm Pipimi, do insane things and swear like sailors in this absurdist comedy filled with references and meta humor.

Manga Life Win

Aug 29, 2014
11,091 7.80
The Hero has defeated the Demon King, but the Princess he meant to save turned out to be a Prince. NEETdom, here he comes, but a life of relaxation surrounded by anime is a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately, he gets caught up in millennia old legends, curses, and a twisted plot involving multiple Kingdoms and many dragons. Through and through, though, he'll follow a path of whimsy, even if that involves him palling it up with "villains". (Source: MU)

Lezhin Comics Webtoon

Aug 18, 2014
7,389 8.19
A young boy gets saved from drowning by a mermaid but, according to mermaid law, if a human sees a mermaid's true form, both have to be killed. The only solution to the problem is for him to marry her. But can they keep her secret from being found out? (Source: Animewaves)

Gangan Wing

Jul 26, 2002
7,247 7.55
The school comedy story is set in a junior high school and centers on the original manga's characters such as Eren and Mikasa as they battle with Titans. The spin-off incorporates gags while using Shingeki no Kyojin's story and notable scenes as its basis.

Bessatsu Shounen Magazine

Apr 9, 2012
7,073 6.98
Set in 2100 A.D., where video games feel 99% like real life. Follow Feng Lan in her adventure as the first player to play as the opposite sex in the VRMMO "Second Life" to prove to her brother that she can beat the game without using the "female benefits." But after she offends her family in a pvp match and even meets her real life friends and acquaintances in-game, can she continue to keep herself out of trouble by keeping her identity a secret?
Oct 4, 2004
6,919 8.01
Spin-off series that focuses on the strange antics of Team Guy as they work on becoming great ninjas, a job which often requires saving Lee from himself!

Saikyou Jump

Dec 3, 2010
5,580 7.03
When a typical high school student attempts to sprint down a set of stairs to get a glimpse up a girl's skirt, he slips and hits his head. The boy wakes up to find that he now inhabits the body of Yamcha within the world of the manga Dragon Ball. Quickly recalling Yamcha's multiple deaths throughout the series and his status as a joke in the real world, the student must now utilize his extensive knowledge of the manga to avoid suffering the original Yamcha's unfortunate fate. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Shounen Jump+

Dec 12, 2016
5,503 7.04
Kosaki, Chitoge and Marika are bestowed upon powers of a magical girl who shall preserve peace in the world with Kosaki serving as their leader. (Source: Nisekoi WIkia)

Shounen Jump+

Dec 1, 2014
4,298 6.88
Neko Majin is a parody of Dragonball Z by Akira Toriyama. The protagonist Neko Majin fights evil-doers and has a few other Dragonball Z-esque adventures.

Shounen Jump (Weekly)

Apr 27, 1999
4,067 6.71
Palepoli goes beyond the framework of standard four-panel manga and views its structure in new ways. Actually, Furuya knew nothing of conventional manga styles and methods when he started Palepoli. As a result, he created something that bore little similarity to other manga. (Source: MU)


Jul 23, 1994
3,333 6.91
If you thought the SOS Brigade's adventures couldn't get any more've never met Haruhi-chan! Nagato has gone otaku! Asakura is her pint-size prisoner/plaything! Mikuru's so cute she turns into a sheep! You'll find plenty of gags and guffaws as Haruhi dives into the world of four-panel and short comics. (Source: Yen Press)

Shounen Ace

Jul 10, 2007
3,234 7.73
The hit comic Attack on Titan is now a 4-panel comic! Eren and Mikasa and Levi and the Titans shrink down and go wild?! So you, who says, "I love 'Attack!'" And you, who says, "I'm scared of 'Attack!!'" Give our "Spoof" a try! It's now a 4-panel comic that will annihilate the sides of anyone who reads it! (Source: MangaBox)

Manga Box

Dec 4, 2013
2,875 7.08
A series of 4-panel comic strips that touch on the days of Aincrad in a comedic viewpoint.

Dengeki Bunko Magazine

Aug 10, 2010
2,800 7.49
Katsu Kaizou is a very gullible 17 year old high school student, and a believer in science fiction, aliens, ghosts, UFOs, conspiracies, etc. He thinks that everything going on around him is the result of some sort of alien plot to take over the world. Each story is pretty much self-contained and is completely bizarre. Kaizou joins the school's science club, makes new friends, and ends up coming in contact with all sorts of strange things like log people, deadly sushi, pee-blades, scary infections, robot invasions, ghosts, living dolls, and more! Included one-shot: Volume 13: Yuuryou Bukken Chuukai Shimasu (A Brooding, Gloomy Property)

Shounen Sunday

Apr 22, 1998
2,737 7.40
A TYPE-MOON's staff member artist Takenashi Eri has created many side stories published in official anthology comics for the most of the group's projects: Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tooya, Melty Blood, and Fate/stay night—you'll find your favorite characters in various hilarious situations that weren't covered by any of the original products. (Source: MU)
Jul 25, 2002
2,691 7.56
Short Cuts is a manga series by Usamaru Furuya, released in two volumes and originally published in Young Sunday magazine. Each volume contains approximately one hundred 'cuts', short comics which typically span only one or two pages. The primary theme of Short Cuts is Japanese kogal and youth culture, which is tackled with a heavy use of visual jokes, black humor and sex comedy.

Young Sunday (Weekly)

Oct 3, 1996
2,681 7.28
The ghostly Hanako-kun and his mortal assistant, Nene Yashiro, usually have their hands full resolving various supernatural incidents in Kamome Academy, but how do they spend their time when they get a break from all that? Come and watch the characters of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun play games, get sick, change genders, and discover world-shaking secrets during their laid-back after-school hours! (Source: Yen Press)


Feb 22, 2018
2,508 8.04
At Hekiyou Gakuen, where the student council is determined by popularity vote, Ken Sugisaki, the only male member on the council, attempts to enslave his peers.

Dragon Age

Jun 20, 2008
2,339 7.40
A comedy manga following the escapades of Maoko, a strange girl who lives in a laundromat, prone to scaring customers by jumping out on them from the dryer. Each chapter follows Maoko and a variety of other characters who frequent her laundromat, and often revolve around an aspect of life, from Christmas to job hunting to getting a pet and more.

Beans Ace

Jul 8, 2005
2,281 6.30
There was a parallel universe called, Gamindustri. A long time ago, in Gamindustri, a big incident took place. But the conspiracy of the 4 continent's hard driven goddesses, crushed it and brought peace. This is the story of what happened after the goddesses resolved the incident. Based on the PS3 series of games, the games poke fun at several facts and details of the gaming industry; even to the point were character names are affected. For example "Neptune" is a reference to Sega's unreleased "Neptune" console.

Famitsu Comic Clear

Nov 12, 2010
2,087 7.45
The series takes place during Sachiko Shinozaki's birthday and she wants to play a game with the unfortunate students who wounded up in Heavenly Host Elementary School. The characters are forced to participate in a variety of games and do whatever it takes to entertain her.

Famitsu Comic Clear

Sep 14, 2012
2,058 6.66
The story centers around Nyaruko, a formless Cthulhu deity of Chaos (Nyarlathotep) who can take on the shape of a seemingly ordinary silver-haired girl. Mahiro Yasaka is a normal high school boy who is being chased by a fearsome black alien one night, until Nyaruko saves him. She explains that the creatures from H. P. Lovecraft's works are actually races of aliens, and that she has been sent to Earth to protect him from being kidnapped by an alien trafficker. Eventually, Nyaruko and two other Lovecraft-creatures, Cthugha and Hastur, ends up being freeloaders at Mahiro's place. (Source: MU)
Apr 15, 2009
2,046 7.59
The members of the student council of Hekiyou Academy are chosen by a popularity vote. As a result, all the members are cute girls except for Sugizaki Ken, who studied hard to enter the council. This novel is about the endless chatters of the members, full of parodies from various other works such as "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya," "Dragon Ball" etc.
Jan 19, 2008
2,035 7.68
An anthology comic of RWBY by various mangaka.
May 19, 2017
1,969 7.29
Milton, who lives in downtown Chicago, is a hardcore otaku. He admires Japan for producing his favorite manga. Gill spent his time in prison, and now he is a comic shop owner with an attitude in the town. Morimoto, a young yakuza called "Rockstar," is a rising star of the yakuza world in Japan. He is addicted to American TV dramas. One day, Milton wins a chance to go to his dreamland Japan.

Morning Two

Jul ??, 2008
1,928 7.22
The kick-off chapter of the Official Sora no Otoshimono spin-off 4 panel manga. The story revolves around the three Angeloids naming Astrea, Ikaros & Nymph and how they go about their not so ordinary life on earth.

4-koma Nano Ace

Mar 9, 2011
1,918 7.13
It follows the traditional 4koma with non-canon meetings between characters from both universes. The first few comics have mostly .hack//Games humor, but the majority explore the idea of inserting Kite and his friends into the .hack//G.U. storyline. Most of the humor comes from Kite's altered personality or the exaggerated personalities of other characters, mainly Atoli. (Source: dothack.wikia)

.hack//G.U. The World

Mar 26, 2007
1,901 7.27
Marvel raids Shounen Jump+?! The irresponsible hero Deadpool, an extreme outlier even among American comic heroes, is finally serialized! A super collaboration manga that involves both the Avengers and Shounen Jump characters! (Source: Shueisha, translated)

Shounen Jump+

Dec 10, 2020
1,897 7.55
A project to develop new superpowers is underway in Academy City. That project will turn Accelerator into an...?! (Source: Batoto)

Dengeki Daioh

Oct 27, 2015
1,778 7.64
One bright fall day, young Takisawa Noboru transfered to over to Honjakuniku High, arriving an hour after the start of classes as the principal instructed him. Everything seemd to be going fine, until the mildly overzealous hall monitor Jonichi Koichi decides to charge him with tardiness, and administer punishment...see in THIS high school, any argument can be won through sports or combat, leaving Takisawa in a bit of a pinch until the lovely Yukari steps in and saves him from making himself even later than he is. But that's just the start of Takisawa's troubles...the school tough, Ibuki Saburo, has set his sights on both mashing the new meat to a pulp, and winning the hand of Yukari away from any potential the boxing ring! Will Takisawa be able to defeat Ibuki, win the love of Yukari, and still make it to Calculus on time? Of course, it's all in a day's work for a Blazing Transfer Student! (Source: AniDB)

Shounen Sunday

Jul ??, 1983
1,558 7.19
Matsuno household has six naughty and mischievous sons (who are sextuplets), led by the eldest Osomatsu. They were grade schoolers back in the Showa period, but despite of still living in the same old household, the street view as well as the life style of modern day society have changed drastically. (Source: ANN)


Jan 15, 2016
1,534 7.61
Starting up one year after the finale of the first series, the Maruhage Empire is reformed by former emperor Tsuru Tsurulina III into the Neo-Maruhage Empire, where the Hair Hunts resume and a new generation of powerful Hair Hunt generals are created. Bo-bobo, powering the abilities of his "Fist of the Nosehair" into its "True Theory" form, rejoins Beauty and the Hajike allies to take on the renewed Maruhage threat. (Source: ANN)

Shounen Jump (Weekly)

Dec 19, 2005
1,462 7.34
If you thought Evangelion's characters have a tough time in the anime, wait until you see what happens when some of Japan's most unhinged manga artists get their ink-stained hands on them! Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute is an officially authorized one-shot anthology of parody stories assaulting Evangelion from all directions. (Source: Dark Horse Comics) Table of contents: 1, 15, 16. Neon Genesis Revolutionary Legend Evangelion [by Kawata Yushi and Yukito] 2. Drowning in L.C.L. 3. Let's Study with NERV! [by Teri Terio] 4. Neon Genesis Tanakagelion [by Tanaka Keiichi] 5. Misato Katsuragi's The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Report 6, 19. Tony Takezaki's Neon Genesis Evangelion [by Tony Takezaki] 7. Neon Genesis Evandoglion [by Karasawa Nawoki] 8. Mr.Director Anno 9. Shinji and Asuka's Hot Day [by Igarashi Ran] 10. Don't You Dance Like You Want to Win! 11. In Sickness Unto Sudden Death Overtime 12. Eva-san 13. Decisive Battle! Evangelion Online! 14. Angel Fight 17. Eternal Fourteen 18. I Forgave You Long Ago
Apr 3, 2010
1,411 6.80
When the "Parallel Minds" skill meant to enhance Kumoko's thought process goes horribly wrong, the four separate "minds" split off into four different bodies in an unforeseen side effect. With all of them having developed their own peculiar personalities, this soon leads to all kinds of strange and hilarious problems... [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Young Ace UP

Jul 18, 2019
1,405 7.14
4-koma parody of Code Geass featuring Lelouch Lamperouge as a part-time convenience store worker.

4-koma Nano Ace

May 9, 2011
1,368 6.86
Now you too can learn the secrets! This mock-instructional tome is actually a hilarious parody in graphic-novel form of those books which seek to advise one on "how to draw manga". Now even a completely untalented, artistically uninclined novice such as yourself can learn what it takes to properly use a pen, create characters, license ancillary rights for anime and toy manufacturing, and become rich, famous, and sexually potent beyond one's wildest dreams. (Source: MU)

Big Comic Spirits

?? ??, 1989
1,308 7.15
Ganota Utsuki is perfect. Beautiful, well educated and the best employee in her company but she has a deep dark secret. She's obsessed with Gundam and feels she must hide it from everyone. Especially her new male acquaintance who has an intense hatred for all things Gundam.

Gundam Ace

Nov 26, 2007
1,303 6.97
Neon Genesis Evangelion's official parody manga.

Young Ace

Oct 4, 2010
1,268 7.08
Novel of the second Gintama movie, written by Oosaki Tomohito, the same author of Ginpachi-sensei. What would have happened if the Shiroyasha never existed? Edo is thrown to chaos by a mysterious cause. Sakata Gintoki, now lives in a world where the future has changed, without him. What has happened to the Yorozuya? Gintoki, who is now a ghost of the past, must once again carry the burden in order to save his friends. He must finish the biggest job ever, which may be the final job of Yorozuya.
Jul 8, 2013
1,255 7.79
A 4-koma parody spin-off series of Kakegurui, featuring all characters from the series and their everyday life's.

Gangan Joker

Dec 22, 2016
1,212 7.11
4-koma spin-off of Deadman Wonderland.

4-koma Nano Ace

Mar 9, 2011
1,194 6.95
Jesus is about a high profile assassin who plans to fake his own death and lay low to avoid the FBI and all the mafia's hitman. He plans to live his life by using the money he got from drugs he stole from the mafia. Somehow, his plan fails and he couldn't get those drugs because they somehow got concealed in a school's wall, with a super strength blackboard blocking it. He has no choice but to pose as a high school teacher to guard his stash. While he tries to pretend to be an ordinary citizen as much as possible he often gets involved with cases dealing with crimes and criminals. Will his true identity got busted? How long can he tolerate living his life in a normal world?

Shounen Sunday

Sep 22, 1992
1,162 7.24
Another version of the story of the Inspectors and Enforcers from Psycho-Pass, but this time in chibi style! All of the main characters are now in chibi form, and are attending a "Psycho-Pass Academy," which is basically a chibi-fied version of the scenario of the original series. New student Tsunemori and her classmates will use their Dominators to keep their school's peace! (Source: MangaHelpers)

Blade Online

Oct 6, 2014
1,136 7.06
The characters of Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi's Love Stage!! are dropped into various settings parodying other popular manga. Hilarity ensues.
Dec 28, 2014
1,104 7.25
Konata and her friends continue on with their school life adventures in this anthology comic series.

Comp Ace

Sep 26, 2007
1,094 7.30
The manga is a parody of the original Mobile Suit Gundam and features most of its characters in 4-koma strips. In addition, there are several "sub-stories" featured, including Captain Zaku-san, which features anthropomorphic versions of the mobile suits from Mobile Suit Gundam, and Gundam Sousei, which dramatizes the story of the creation of the Gundam franchise and features Yoshiyuki Tomino as well as other staff and cast members. (Source: Wikipedia)

Gundam Ace

Aug ??, 2005
1,081 7.69
Rebecca Miyamoto is a child genius with a PhD from Columbia University, and she is starting as a high school teacher. The students love to tease her from day one, and she doesn't behave much better. Now we follow this class as they strive to get better grades and cope with their new teacher


Oct 18, 2000
1,027 7.23
A bit dumb yet cute girl and a kind-hearted and tolerant girl. Those are the childhood friends of the boy whose peaceful life is turned around after being reborn in another world. Will they be able to survive in another world with only a skill for hitting really hard!? They'll manage somehow...! (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Suiyoubi no Sirius

Aug 15, 2018
1,005 6.47
In the ancient House of Nekogami, sibling rivalry is a game of life and death. The patriarch of the Nekogami family is dead, and his grandson Sukekiyo is the rightful heir. There is just one problem - Sukekiyo is away at war, whereabouts unknown. Only one person can inherit the fortune, and the triplets Yoki, Koto and Kiku aren't going to let Sukekiyo's fiancee, Tamayo, walk off with prize. With a fortune at stake, it's kill or be killed as the Nekogami family goes up against demons, thieves and each other to protect the family... and the cash! (Source: Broccoli Books)

Comi Digi

Oct 8, 2004
940 6.65
1. Shiromuchi 2. Mamamama 3. Kemo Lily JK 4. Akazukin 5. Around Thirty OL ga, Pool de. (In the Pool, OLs Around Thirty) 6. Iraira My Wife (My Irritated Wife) 7. Sexy Kintarou
Dec 30, 2011
916 6.46
(No synopsis yet.)

Dengeki Bunko Magazine

Apr 10, 2010
910 6.98
The story is about ravaging of all girl idol group, Shining Musume., by a sex demon.

Comic Aun

Apr 28, 2001
910 6.91
K' (K-Dash) is a four volume doujinshi compilation released by Kodansha containing oneshots by a number of different authors and artists. The first two issues contained short stories by published mangaka such as CLAMP and Ikumi Mia (amongst others). The first issue was released in December 2002 at Comiket 63, while the second was released in March 2003 to commemorate the opening of the K-Square store. These two issues contained short comedic stories from CLAMP; Tokyo Tower Kankeisha Kakui (characters from Chobits, Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura running into each other in the Tokyo Tower) and Murikuri Holic (Watanuki and Yuuko working at the K-Square store while characters from Murikuri look on) The third and fourth issues consisted primarily of work from doujinshi artists. Synopsis: Ephidel/MAL
Dec 28, 2002
883 6.91
One Piece spin-off starring Chopper.

Saikyou Jump

Dec 3, 2012
880 6.03
Parody spin-off of Yakusoku no Neverland.

Shounen Jump+

Jul 26, 2018
876 6.86
Chacha, a young magical girl who's spells never seem to come out quite right, along with her friends Riiya (a warewolf) and Shiine (a young wizard), have various misadventures.

Ribon Magazine

?? ??, 1991
841 7.35
Spinning off from a joke in the afterword to volume four of Kino no Tabi, the story finds Kino attending a high school with her talking cell phone strap, Hermes. When students start turning into monsters, Kino transforms into a gun toting magical girl, but her efforts are thwarted by the incompetent would be rival hero claiming to be her partner, Shizu.
Jul 10, 2006
838 N/A
A series of single-page, four-panel gag manga that released after each episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime and involved the events of that week's episode.

Shounen Jump+

Apr 7, 2019
821 6.74
Kekkou Kamen is about the misadventures of a student named Mayumi Takahashi who attends a boarding school called Toenail of Satan's Spartan Institute of Higher Education that is run by sexual predators. The teachers are constantly looking for ways to torture or humiliate the students, and from this, the teachers derive sexual satisfaction. Takahashi's only protection is from a mysterious figure known as Kekkou Kamen. Kekkou Kamen herself is a mysterious figure who hides the face but not the body! She fights evil with nudity, and nunchucks. (Source: Wikipedia)

Shounen Jump (Monthly)

Aug 6, 1974
815 6.30
A 4-koma manga based on Infinite Stratos novel series.

Comic Alive

Dec 27, 2010
809 7.17
A 4-koma spin-off of Mirai Nikki.

4-koma Nano Ace

Mar 9, 2011
788 7.03
Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa is a spin-off of the Kaiji series, which follows Tonegawa, the right hand man of Kazutaka Hyoudou, the president of the Teiai Corporation and owner of numerous gambling tournaments. After Hyoudou is getting bored with his life, he orders Tonegawa to organize a so called "game of death" as it is his and his subordinate's job to keep the president in a good mood. Tonegawa must cooperate with his subordinates in order to make the president happy and what follows is a humorous story of his interactions with his subordinates and other characters of the Kaiji series. Included one-shots: Volume 2: 1-nichi Gaishutsuroku Hanchou Volume 5: Tonegawa vs. Hanchou

Comic Days

Jun 20, 2015
701 7.12
Ma*** is a seemlingly ordinary girl who one day meets a tiny maid-creature named Cheko-chan. However, she is not what most anime/manga fans think of as a maid, but instead a strange creature with lots of mysterious and funny behaviors. Soon more friends of Cheko arrive for more and more weird side characters.


Apr 26, 2001
688 7.23
Contains five crossover one-shots with other series. 1. Sousha no Kyuujitsu (Crossover with Golgo 13) 2. Ryoutsu Kankichi VS Lupin III (Crossover with Lupin III) 3. Seigi Choujin Kameari Dai Shuuketsu!! no Maki (Crossover with Kinnikuman) 4. Kochira Namekkusei Dragon Kouenmae Hashutsujo (Crossover with Dragon Ball) 5. Ryoutsu VS Shuuryou Patchi!!: J Gag All Stars Katsushika Dai Soudou!! (Crossover with Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Taizou Mote King Saga, Maison de Penguin)
Sep 15, 2006
643 6.75
Yuji Midorikawa is your typical high school student who has a secret identity: He is Green in the high school battalion unit, Gakusei 5 (G5 for short). G5 is the special unit trained to fight and protect Earth against the invasion of the dreaded Galactic force Gurdark and its sexy queen Mayura. But Green has a problem. He really can't fight, and always ends up hiding behind his other team mates. What ensues is a witty and wild ride as our Imperfect Hero struggles to maintain his reputation as a guardian of earth while keeping up his grade point average in school!

Comic Birz

?? ??, 2003
603 6.88
Hey you! Ugly boy!Are you feeling the pain of being unattractive? Did you get rejected by the girl you like? Did she not even noticed your existence? Well, fear not! Anti Love Sentai is here for you!!! (Source: Aku Tenshi)

Akamaru Jump

Jan 15, 2007
590 6.41
A comical, parody spin-off of Ylva, sister of Thorfinn, main character of Vinland Saga.


Apr 25, 2007
578 N/A
An anthology collection of very short parodies of classic fairy tales and stories, such as Cinderella, Robinson Crusoe, Ali Baba, Snow White and more. (Source: MU)
?? ??, 1981
561 6.33
Three normal girls are tricked into becoming "Valerians". They transform into bunnies to fight the Stress Monsters, a criminal gang.


?? ??, 2004
556 5.81
(No synopsis yet.)

Dengeki G's magazine

Feb 23, 2010
535 N/A
A compilation of non-canon short stories that revolve around the interactions between the members of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Comp Ace

Jan 26, 2017
534 7.11
Special tribute compilation parodying some of the Crows chapters. 1. Kokuchou - Volume 1, Chapter 1 2. Sakura no Shita de... (Beneath the Cherry Blossoms) - Volume 15, Chapter 51 3. Tekagen to ka Shinaindakara - Volume 17, Chapter 60 4. Gyakuten no Hassou - Volume 18, Chapter 63 5-6. Kouchouran - Sono Go no Crows Chapters 2, 3

Shounen Champion (Monthly)

Sep 5, 2009
525 5.94
Despite his short stature and his cowardly personality, Eisaku Yazawa dreams of one day becoming a gang leader of a nation of thugs. As he starts high school, he ends up meeting several delinquents who attend the same school as him. (Source: MU)

Shounen Magazine (Weekly)

Mar 28, 1990
509 N/A
4koma by Nyoro-n Churuya-san creator Eretto. Kagami from Lucky ☆ Star is presented as a super-deformed pig, making daily life difficult, and her friends around her don't make it any easier.

Comp Ace

Jul ??, 2008
491 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Shounen Ace

Nov 25, 2000
488 N/A
This is the Animation Store Manager!! Anizawa Meito is the blazing store manager. He is a fireball who loves animation merchandise at heart. He takes over the dying wish of the former store manager, though still alive, who was attacked by the rival store and becomes a "store manager" of newly opened animation goods specialty store, Animate. The scarlet, "store manager visor" is his trademark. (Source: AniDB)


Dec ??, 2003
487 N/A
The story revolves around the battles between the evil organisation Florsheim and the ally of justice Sunred. The twist is that Sunred (referred to most characters familiar with him as simply 'Red') is a rough-talking, violent and rude hero while the villains of Florsheim (led by General Vamp) are for the most part polite, conscientious and easy-going. Despite this, both sides still stay true to their roles, with Florsheim dedicated to destroying Sunred and taking over the world while Sunred battles against them. Other evil organisations and heroes are also mentioned from time to time. Each episode is divided into various shorts of varying length. Most of the humour comes from the interactions of the characters, especially the main trio of Sunred, his girlfriend Kayoko and General Vamp. Kayoko and Vamp, for example, get along very well and she occasionally consults him about housework or cooking. In contrast, she and Sunred often argue like a long married couple.

Young Gangan

Dec 3, 2004
476 N/A
The Kingdom of Askr has long been in conflict against the Emblian Empire. In hopes of turning the tides, Askr adds a summoner to their ranks, who has the ability to wield the Breidablik—a sacred weapon that can summon legendary heroes from other worlds. As the Order of Heroes faction expands with the arrival of new members, life in Askr has just gotten a lot more exciting! The overwhelming presence of lively personalities and differing backgrounds sweeps away the seriousness of the battlefield and is replaced with humorous incidents. Follow Alfonse, Sharena, and the Order of Heroes as their eventful daily life continues! [Written by MAL Rewrite]
Nov 15, 2017
471 7.33
Different manga artist across Japan joined in this collaboration of 15 mini stories connected to the anime Escaflowne. Most stories in this are humorus, but some are serious. Escaflowne is about a girl, Hitomi, pulled into another world called Gaia, and there she meets a refugee prince named Van. Together with a legendary armor called Escaflowne, they try to put things to right. (Source: ANN)
Jan 8, 1997
454 N/A
1. Fuck-kan CM 2-4, 8 "Musume." no Iru Fuuzoku Building 5-7. Haru yo Koi

Comic Aun

Jun 28, 2007
451 6.84
One day, a tiny girl named Shina appeared inside a roll of toilet paper in the Yamaguchi's residence toilet. She made a stunning impression on a typical middle school student, Nobuo. "What if I use up all of the paper? Would I be able to see her... na... na... naked?!" It's the beginning of a story about love, lust and... a sh*t ton of other adventures! (Source: Wydawnictwo Kotori, translated, edited)

Shounen Magazine (Weekly)

Jan 9, 2013
441 6.26
(No synopsis yet.)


Jun 30, 2015
432 N/A