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Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report

Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report

Alternative Titles

English: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness
Synonyms: The Private Report on My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
Japanese: さびしすぎてレズ風俗に行きましたレポ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 6
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 17, 2016
Authors: Nagata, Kabi (Story & Art)
Serialization: None


Score: 8.221 (scored by 10801 users)
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Ranked: N/A2
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Popularity: #390
Members: 20,650
Favorites: 1,372


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Nov 5, 2016
Josh (All reviews)
My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness is a memoir written by Kabi Nagata. Her story begins with dropping out of university and ends with a glimmer of hope after a decade of part-time jobs, existential angst, mental illness and sexual frustration. It is mostly a sad story, but told in a way that makes much of it funny and relatable.

Nagata is a deadpan narrator who uses irony and caricature to add humour to her often morbid observations. She doesn't overdo it, though. There are powerful moments of sober reflection and any reader is likely to recognize some of Nagata's thoughts as their own, since the scope read more
Aug 4, 2017
fishpun (All reviews)
So much about this really hit home for me. It's kind of amazing how two people, brought up on opposite sides of the globe, could have an almost identical experience when it comes to identity, sexuality, and mental health... Having said that, I think even if you are straight and/or a man, there's still a lot of enjoyment to be taken from this humble little volume.

First and foremost: though I know many of you will find other means of reading this story (*wink*), I still feel it's worth mentioning for anyone contemplating buying the physical release that Seven Seas did a fantastic job with read more
Sep 11, 2017
OniKunIsGr8 (All reviews)
This piece is a beautiful, non-fiction, autobiographical manga by a woman who must learn how to respect and care for herself, and leave her rut of self-loathing, poor eating habits, crippling anxiety and depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. The crux of all these problems and how she must overcome them is an interaction with a lesbian prostitute.

Story - 9

This woman has lived one goddamned interesting life. While not for everyone - it's possibly the most subjective story I've ever read - it can be truly life-changing if you find yourself able to connect and relate to the writer and her struggles. It captures mental read more
Oct 8, 2017
zlello (All reviews)
Note: I've only read a few manga, but please hear me out.

Even though this manga is titled and was designed to capture the reader with the subject of female homosexuality, it successfully captures two sides of different coins. From the surface, one might assume that the whole manga's subject matter is only about lesbianism and the mental damage that affects the protagonist of this manga. However, the manga makes it so that it tackles the struggle of being a lesbian and the mental luggage that can be carried with it, and the author's witty but striking experience as an adult, surfacing to society and its read more
Nov 24, 2018
serjohn01 (All reviews)
i saw this at first from anime man and then i keep hearing about this manga until i decided to just buy it and give it a go...i heard that the gay social commentary is a big deal in the manga world.so i go in expecting a cry-fest, i loved the pitch, i dig the consept i'm all in!!!

so i start reading it and in the first scene this 28-year old woman is in bed with a female escort and then pauses and starts from her high school life...Why would you spoil the lesbian scene? i didnt like that.

so the book goes on, my biggest read more
Jul 20, 2019
EvilMayDie64 (All reviews)
Autobiographic manga about a woman who has been dealing with depression, mental issues, social anxiety, poor eating habits, peer pressure, the inability to get a full time job and a serious mother complex. Who suddenly founds herself hogging up with a lesbian prostitute out of some sort of twisted desire to replace the whole momcon thing. A pretty interesting premise, right?

Bet you're thinking it's the perfect piece for handwork. I'm sorry to disappoint you (not really), but it's not, you can't get any form of sexual arousal from this manga. None at all. It's an autobiography, in other words, shitty reality. So don't expect read more
Feb 28, 2018
Hedgie (All reviews)
My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

It's splendid when you something as exquisite like this. Stumbling a upon such a unique title and short manga, I decided to give a read. Its flourishing beautiful art style is what attracted my attention in the first place. It looks like a mini web-comic series and perhaps that's where it originated from. Clean and distinct presentation makes this manga look beyond gorgeous, cannot stress enough this Manga looks fantastic and its appeal even though it's so simplistic to look at. The only complain I'd have to art is that the background art is non-existent.

When it comes to the read more
Mar 5, 2018
Moomochi (All reviews)
Out of 100 Nobles watching...
100 were... impressed?

Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report is a fairly short autobiographical work written by a female mangaka that chronicles her wrestle with mental and physical illness, failure to launch, and a late blooming sexuality.

The story definitely kept me turning the pages in a fascinated sort of horror as I eagerly sought to find out how this 28 year old virgin had come to the decision to higher a female prostitute.

I've personally rated this story very highly and scored the characterization and my enjoyment of it as a perfect 10 even though in actuality I can't say the reading read more
Aug 10, 2017
SophieAyase (All reviews)
(copied from my Goodreads review)
Coming in to this, my expectation was essentially "I'll like it, but it won't live up to the hype." Which turned out to be spot on. Even as a lesbian with depression and anxiety - and despite the title, the book deals with mental illness even more heavily than it does queerness - I didn't personally connect to the highly personal, specific story. I recognise, though, that it would be all the more powerful for someone who did have those connections. But it's odd because I've gone through a lot of the things Nagata talks about, like friendlessness and singleness and read more
May 19, 2019
NebbyChan (All reviews)
This series is so relatable for someone who also has anxiety. I feel good that I'm not the only one out there going through something like this. The art is simple but good and I like the coloring. It also tells a relatable story about someone's everyday life after school where most slice of life the main time is in highschool. I know I already said it's relatable but but it isn't like most Yuri where they find there lover right away this book takes a approach that tells people that you don't have to go through highschool with a date, unlike many other manga. read more
Mar 7, 2018
Neimaj (All reviews)
This manga is bizarre. It's strangely relatable, but bizarre in some areas. My lesbian experience with loneliness is a autobiography manga written by Kabi Nagata. The manga is about the struggles in her life, and how she reacts towards them. At the very beginning of the manga, it starts with her at a love hotel with another woman, she then explains how she got into the situation by telling the reader her life story.
The vast majority of the manga takes place in the span of ten years, starting from her high school graduation, at eighteen, to when she starts writing this manga, at twenty-eight. She's read more
Jan 21, 2018
jmsxjrdn (All reviews)
Here's my take after reading the complete 5 chapters of Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report by Kabi Nagata.

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness is like what the title says. It is the story of Kabi Nagata, a college dropout who is lost of what is her purpose in life which eventually lead to her having a lesbian experience with a lesbian prostitute.

This one hits hard for me as some if not most of the struggles of Kabi about her purpose, her journey through depression and eventual acceptance were some of the things I had gone through growing up.

The art would simply be a matter of read more
Jan 18, 2018
pixelpuun (All reviews)
There are one of those mangas that you simply put a 10 because it simply deserves it, nothing more nothing less.
The story talking about depression, about the times that you have nothing to do but the times keeps going (like the videogame Night in the Woods) and how you must simply get a place in life. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I haven't decided yet) I haven't reached that point in life when I have to stop everything what I'm doing and start to reflex about everything. Whatever.

// Simply, this manga is a piece of art, and inspires me to write a manga too
Jun 21, 2019
RightGate (All reviews)
I strongly identify with some things of this manga. Even if its little things they resonated with me strongly.

Even if the conclusions and experiences are different, i also went through an stage of confussion, loneliness and questioning my identity, but no one really captured the feelings i was going through as this author did.

I'm just really happy and thankful to see someone out there being public about this kinds of topics, to know that i'm not alone and i'm not the only one who experienced thoughts like this is truly recomforting :)!

As for the art, it was good, very unfinished look and a really read more
Nov 17, 2018
TheHentaiKing (All reviews)
Just personal scratch.
Advised, possible spoilers.
Opinion & Informal

Art: 6/10
The art was kinda like something you see in a short web comic or some lighthearted introductory guidebook to some skill...like...cartoonish illustrations meant to be a part of a guidebook for dummies. The anatomy and proportions of the characters checked out. The style was a bit simple and a lot of the supporting details in the art were more or less rough shading or fills. The whole color scheme centered on the color pink which was just a nice change from the usual black and white. There weren't any impact shots or showcases of artistic skill. There weren't read more
Dec 19, 2017
Gundroog (All reviews)
I went into this with some bias, expecting another terrible melodrama where author is standing on a soapbox and preaches about their woes and how the world really should be but this turned out to be a thoroughly pleasant experience. It's rare to see these kinds of topics covered in such a genuine, very personal way that you can relate and sympathize with the main character so easily.

Nagata over the course of a decade has to deal with a lot of shit that I think most readers will find relatable to some extent and the more relatable it is the more you'll probably enjoy it. read more
Aug 4, 2018
MaryMcKaylaMcCan (All reviews)
This fucking manga. Well, many people are wrong to call this as "yuri".
"The Private Report on My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness" in really is a autobiographic manga. Doesn't seek to satisfy anyone's fetish with a idealized romance with stereotyped characters (i say it as a yuri fan), just looking to narrate real life experience.
I'm a person who suffered similar things to Nagata: depression, anxiety, generalized phobia, obsesive conducts, etc. And now, after then so much time, can say "i got over it".
what more can I say? I felt identified, i like for this. The history is told in a good way, good history, is read more
Aug 21, 2018
solarpiggeh (All reviews)
I was actually told to choose from an assigned list of comics/manga and read & write an essay about for my final in my Comic/Manga Literature class in college. I ended up choosing this manga and I'm so happy I did.

This manga really hits home for me throughout pretty much the entire book, and makes sense to me and explains a lot of feelings and thoughts I've been having within the past few years.
Not only that, but the story is really personal, which I really appreciated; and the art is really cute and matches the tone of the manga. If you haven't read this yet read more
Sep 15, 2017
Weissmer (All reviews)
It was very good and enjoyable, definitely a read that widens one's view on the different aspects of an individual's situation. The topics and issues she deals with is very common in the world so it is very relatable even to people who have not experienced similar situations because it is still a very understandable situation; especially for empathic people. Overall, based on my analysis on her situation, I have come to an understanding that what she really longs for is probably love! Also, self-confidence.

I found the art was well suited for the topic and story seeing as its non-fictitious, it gave off the simple read more